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Gerard Gianoli MD Ear and Balance Institute

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BFjon Send email
May 8, 2022


Dr. Gerard Gianoli is THE PLF SWINDLER. There could have been hundreds of reasons for my dizziness but for The PLF Swindler it was a bilateral PLF. No other doctor except of him agreed with this imaginary diagnosis. He told me that I will not get better without surgery, but I did get better without surgery, and the problem was even not my ears.
RunnergirI Send email
Aug 11, 2021

Dr. Gerard Gianoli

After 5 years of dizziness, I unfortunately ended up at Dr. Gerard Gianoli's office. Thousands of dollars later, he diagnosed me with bilateral Perilymph Fistulas. This seems to be his favorite and most profitable diagnosis. After a couple expensive visits to see him, and all cash-pay testing, I agreed with him to get an otic window repair on the left ear. This was the worst decision of my life, and the day of the surgery is the day my life was forever ruined. I had perfect hearing the day before surgery and zero ear symptoms. Now, I am still plagued by dizziness that was never corrected, but have horrible tinnitus and hearing loss in my left ear. He put tubes in both ears, which I have since had removed. But, for some reason, I now have bilateral plugged ears that feel the need to be cleared nearly 24/7. Dr. Gianoli said this is because I have intracranial hypertension, which he determined with a lumbar puncture, performed just before ear surgery. He prescribed me high dose Diamox for the intracranial hypertension for months. I am not sure what effect this had on my ears and body. My neurologist sent me for another lumbar puncture, 10 months after Gianoli's surgery, and I do not have intracranial hypertension. My pressure is completely normal. He was treating me for something I didn't have in order to disguise and hide his dishonest surgical practices and horrible results. When the repair of the first side did not resolve the dizziness, he encouraged me to "repair" the other ear for over $4500. He completely botched my left ear with surgery. I would never let him near my second ear. My life is torture every day, and I have a hard time socializing with family and friends, due to the symptoms in my left ear and the clogged feeling of both ears. I don't know if he did something to my right ear while I was asleep, if the tubes had a negative effect, or if the high dose Diamox affected the pressure negatively. I wish I could go back to the day before surgery and run away as fast as I can. I would take being dizzy over the horrible things he has done to my ears any day! Do not trust all the positive reviews. He falsely inflates them by asking the patients, myself included, to complete a review on an iPad, right after your appointment. He does this in the beginning, before surgery, when you are happy someone was finally smart enough to find what was wrong with you. He preys on desperate people, who are looking for an answer. Little did I know that he would ruin what I have left of life and take the fun loving wife and mom my husband and kids used to know away from them. Stay away from this evil man, please.
Louisiana40 Send email
Jul 7, 2021


I found out that Dr. G did something terrible to my ear that should not have been done and that cause me all my misery, afterwards he totally abandoned me unless it is to blame my other ear for my misery. I am definitely ANOTHER VICTIM OF HIS PERILYMPH FISTULA MODUS OF OPERANDI. I asked his office if I could share my experience on the Ear and Balance web site to notify other people from possible outcome of this ear surgery but my request was ignored. Can anyone imagine that Amazon would only agree to publish five stars reviews on the products they sell? And if he does not publish these bad experiences, can anyone really trust the positive reviews on his web site? This guy is a total fake, a despicable con artist and what he does, he does without consent.
Dr.G Send email
May 22, 2021

Dr. Hoax

Gerard Gianoli is a doctor from Covington Louisiana: an Internet hoax with a network of hundreds of fake reviews to support his cash business, an operational sociopath, a compulsive liar, he can sell you on anything to separate you from your cash, a great moment to be a con in America.
deb1 Send email
May 2, 2021


I wish I saw the warnings on this web site. This is too late for me but I can just hope that others will read it and get their lives saved. Dr. Gianoli surgery on me was unjustifiable and caused me irreversible and serious body injuries. This creep has no regard for human life, extremely indifference to the value of human life was said about him. This is who he is and the rats are guarding the rats.
T&M Send email
Apr 23, 2021

Tricked & Mutilated

Dr Gianoli is sacrificing healthy organs. Avoid this place like a plague!! Surgery of the round window is an absolute scam!!! My dizziness is worse than before the surgery and the tinnitus is a killer.


They do this for money. That is it.
tagate Send email
Apr 15, 2021

Stay away!

Stay away from Dr. G hands! He botched my surgery and I had to have my entire inner ear bone rebuilt. Poor surgical skills and after the surgery I saw the true him, abrasive personality, lousy bedside manner, does not want to be challenged or have his diagnosis and treatment questioned.
Mike31 Send email
Mar 23, 2021

Dr. G is doctor scam

Crime doctor will tell you that you have abnormal ear test results, don’t believe him, he is a con. Then he will give you diuretics to aggravate your condition. You will suffer even more from the the side effects of the medication, and then he will drag you to surgery. He will do a lumbar puncture on you and will tell you that your intracranial pressure is too high, don’t believe him he is a con. After the surgery you will feel even worse than before, and Crime doctor will load you with diuretics again. You will come back to his office and he will tell you that you need surgery again. Don’t believe him, he is a con. You will do another surgery and you will need a walker to be able to stand straight. Every time you come back, he will break another piece of your body and you will come back to pay him more. You will end up crippled with no hearing and for the rest of your life you will hear his voice screaming into your skull in form of a deadly tinnitus that he will give you as a small thank you present. You will read in his web site hundreds of reviews, five stars, don’t believe him, he is a con.
Disgusting G Send email
Feb 19, 2021

Disgusted from dr g

Before the surgery, he was great. After operation, got the rush treatment and brushed off, left with major life altering problems from a surgery that should have been avoided.
Gerardthecon Send email
Feb 7, 2021

A con man, a cheat

A lot of money and tests only to be misdiagnosed. I was diagnosed with perilymph fistulas, but when I saw another surgeon who specialized in this condition he said he saw no evidence at all that I had one!

Doctor G made me so scared. And If I had followed through with treatment my life would have been ruined! I am doing much better now.

When I looked online, I am far from the only one. Do a deep google search before going to EBI.
Bernard1 Send email
Jan 25, 2021

The Ear and Balance Scammers

If Gianoli was an eye surgeon he would have left me blind, if Gianoli would have been an oncologist he would have injected me with cancer cells, but Gianoli is an ear doctor so he took away my hearing and he took away my balance and he gave me a tinnitus in return, he made me hostage of his office because I came back and paid him for more testing, I paid him for more surgery and his lawless income never stopped. Gianoli understood the perks of his all cash practice in Louisiana, he could kill his patients and bear no consequences. "It’s like, incredible."
Public Alert Send email
Nov 15, 2020

Dr. Wacko Gianoli

Gianoli is a lying crook and tells people they have a fistula of the round window when they do not. Does this for money and then later when that fails he wants 10k plus 3k for testing. Straight up lying crook. Dr. Wacko Gianoli.
Beware of his fake reviews on paid sites.
Geo50 Send email
Oct 21, 2020

con artist

I saw Dr. Gianoli five times and every time he gave me a new misdiagnosis. He insisted my vertigo that kicked in immediately after his surgical procedure had to do with the other ear. What an unlikely calamity. Really? On the same day of the surgery? When I told him about the pain in my ear, he told me there wasn't any pain in my ear. One thing is for certain: this doctor who brags on his expertise serves probably two lords, one of them is mammon. The Lord of Greed. Beware of anyone who claims to be "an expert." Most experts in any industry will NEVER claim it. They may show it to you, but you won't hear them or others claiming it. In many cases, when someone claims he or she is an expert, he or she is a con artist who is trying to cajole you into taking his or word without any outside verification. When in doubt, step back and doubt. Studies show there are more sociopathic doctors than previously suspected and one of their gaslighting tactics is the good ole "I'm an expert" claim.
xxx35 Send email
Oct 9, 2020

Dont fall for this place

Ask yourself why insurance isn’t accepted? And why the focus is on ‘rare’ controversial diagnoses?
They hand out expensive treatments and controversial dx’es like candy.
Go some place reputable.
dave15 Send email
Aug 13, 2020

Master scammer

If you're okay with your doctor telling you the pain you’re experiencing in the same ear you just had surgery couldn’t be caused by the surgery and therefore not their problem then chose this guy. I will not recommend Gianoli to anyone, even my enemies.
Fred45 Send email
Apr 29, 2020

Hard-Core Predator

Gianoli is a hard core predator in a lamb skin. Instead of simple medication to control blood pressure he put me on diuretics and aggravated my situation. Once I was doing so bad he told me that only surgery would help me, he cut off my ear, and now its misery without balance, partial hearing and a throbbing tinnitus . Other ENT doctors from Tulane University could not find any reason to justify Dr. Gianoli's ear surgery. When a doctor deprives you from your most important sense for no reason that is a hard core predator.
Gianoli's Victim Send email
Mar 21, 2020

Lying crook

Gianoli messed up my right ear so badly. He is a lying crook because I never had a PL Fistula in my ear, and no doctor can fix his butchery because no neuro-otologist can fix irreversible damage from a non-legit surgery. In Germany these type of doctors satisfied their racism and perversity. Gianoli is satisfying his greed and perversity and the State of Louisiana allows this white collar institutional crime.
SamD123 Send email
Feb 19, 2020

Gerard Gionoli

Dr Gerard Gionoli is very good at what he does, lying and scamming people! Seems like the majority of patients get the same disgnoses of pdf and he wants to perform surgery. Of course in the beginning he makes it seems like surgery is the last options and it can be managed with lifestyle change, then medicine....when that doesnt work then he will lead you to believe surgery is the only option. After he said surgery was last option I decided to get another opinion, now 8 month after seeing a new team of doctors that I never had what Gionoli claimed I did. I am being treated for vestibular migraines and have had zero dizziness. I now have my life back! When under the care of Dr Gionoli I couldn't drive, couldn't take care of my kids; barely myself. Being late 20s, I was ready to give up and after reading about his botched surgeries I am happy I was not another victim.
Dr Gionoli forwarded my records to new doctor and no where in my records did he ever mention the diagnosis of pdf or that he was urging me to have surgery. Seems to be what he did with many patients.
Harvey Send email
Jan 30, 2020

Gerard Gianoli MD Ear and Balance Institute

Dr. Gerard Gianoli represents the most bestial of all criminals, a low-life human being in shape of a doctor who uses his medical license to catch in his net the most vulnerable people looking for medical help. Worse than a criminal who may spare your life for the money, this vile doctor wants it all, your money and your life. A loathsome physician who flourished on the fertile soil of Louisiana, where there is no judge and there is no law to protect the victims from a free market delinquent medical system. Supported by his wrong doer collaborators, Kacie Harvey, Andrea, all equally with blood on their hands, because they know the truth about his criminal surgeries, but they are there for the ride as well.
jk10 Send email
Jan 17, 2020

Worse than before

Dr. Gianoli is a one-size fits all doctor. He completely misdiagnosed my problems and because of it I have been in much worse shape than when I first went to him. He takes terrible notes and he was not at all receptive to learning that he was not correct. As a result of his treatment, and the drugs he prescribed, I have terrible tinnitus due to his surgery. It has taken me a long time to get back to where I was (which was uncomfortable enough) before I saw him. I would recommend seeing other doctors who have experience with head trauma if you have balance problems and you have had head injuries, as there are reasons other than the inner ears that can cause inequilibrium.
usename Send email
Nov 8, 2019


Dr. Gianoli is a surgeon and that is the only method he uses to resolve health problems - no other alternative. I did not accept this, even though I was almost convinced to have my middle ear explored and filled with grafting he wanted to harvest from my head to supposedly fill a hole that he could even not see in the CT. I'm glad I did not listen to him. I have since found ENT's who manage my care, 4 months later I was healthy- and kept my ear untouched by his knife. I would recommend to explore all options.
gyun Send email
Jul 29, 2019

Beware of his inflated ratings

I am five years out of surgery for superior canal dehiscence, and I can tell you definitively that Dr. Gianioli was incorrect in his diagnosis, and I never should have listened when he insisted to operate on my left ear. I have partial hearing loss in my left ear that is permanent. I advise everyone to get atleast 3 consults from different doctors. The doctors at both the University of Washington and Swedish Hospital in Seatr told me that they do not think I had SCDS and asked me to reconsider before flying to Louisiana to drop tens of thousands of dollars. Dr. Gianoli doesnt even take insurance so I am still trying to pay off debt. Furthermore, they hand you an ipad add ask you to rate them after just the initial consult instead of after the actual surgery so beware of his inflated ratings. Please seek out 3 consults and do not blindly believe in what Dr. Gianoli says.
Register Send email
Jun 29, 2019

gerard gianoli the ear and balance institute

in everybodywiki, the free wiki where everybody can reinvent their own biography, gerard gianoli claims that he performed 400 superior canal dehiscense surgeries when in reality he might have done a couple of dozen of these experimental procedures with extremely regrettable consequences for me and many others. gianoli lost his credentials at north oaks hospital and he is not allowed to perform his surgeries there anymore.
ytrty Send email
Feb 10, 2019

Dr Gerard Gianoli Dishonest Doctor

Dr. Gianoli tends to diagnose most of his patients with PLF - perilymphatic fistula. PLFs are extremely rare, and yet somehow every person who comes to his office with some form of dizziness gets this rare diagnosis. Many of his tests are not covered by insurance and surprise, Dr. Gianoli is treating PLFs with surgery. It's a scam.
There were two flags with Dr. Gianoli: first, he pushed so hard for the surgery, as to say I will lose my hearing if I were to opt against it. I did not have the surgery and did not lose my hearing. Among the battery of inner ear tests I had, most were negative except one showed that there was an irregularity (and why should I believe even that?) but nothing conclusive and in no way related to a PLF. Still, Dr.Gianoli pushed hard for surgery. Second, when I got a copy of my medical records from Dr. Gianoli to transfer to another doctor, there was no mention of a possible PLF or Dr. Gianoli insistence that I have surgery. In the event that someone is confused as to why a doctor would not put his recommendation and his diagnosis in his notes, it's because Dr. Gianoli is covering his ass. Should he ever be reviewed by the inept Medical Board of Examiners of Louisiana, featuring top most corrupted state in the US, he will be exposing himself to the disproportionate number of patients that he diagnosed with the same problem and were recommended to have the same surgery. So, by not referring to his insistent to have surgery, he evades detection should he ever be reviewed. Dr. Gianoli is an unethical doctor. Do not go to him. Had Dr. Gianoli at least written that PLF was a possibility or that surgery was an option, I would think Dr. Gianoli is an incompetent doctor. But he is worse: Dr. Gianoli is also a dangerous unethical con cutting into people, recommending them surgeries that they probably don't need.
Unless PLF is the most under diagnosed medical problem in the otolaryngologic world and it isn't, there should not be dozens of PLF surgeries. Gerard Gianoli is an unethical and dishonest doctor. Don't go to him and if you do, don't be surprised if you are diagnosed with a PLF and don't say you weren't warned.
No Ear and No Balance Send email
Dec 23, 2018


Dr. Gerard Gianoli, a surgeon so bad it was criminal. Gerard Gianoli and Christopher Duntsch, both morally alike doctors, with surgical outcomes so outlandishly poor, Gianoli still not prosecuted in Louisiana for harming patients. Why does it take so long for the systems that are supposed to police problem doctors to stop him from harming patients?

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