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SamD22 Send email
Apr 2, 2021

Dr G

Dr G is detached from all the harm he caused to his patients, his brain consumed by alcohol, his only Hippocratic Oath pertains to his bank account. If anyone thinks that this real estate developer in Covington knows anything better about your ear than Hopkins it is only because he is a total con and he will manipulate you and scare you to death with dozens of emails that he will send to you with fake conditions that you do not have, every single word that is coming out of his mouth is a lie.
000 Send email
Mar 15, 2021

A corrupted liar crook

MY right side mid fossa went horribly wrong. He did a very poor job and has messed up my face and muscles that control my right eye. My right jaw took over 3 years before I could open it fully and it not pull my face really bad and cause my jaw to hurt at the connection to the jaw. I asked many questions and spoke out about how I did not like Round Window Plugging and that I did not fill that I had a PLF or fistula. I live around many mountains and elevation changes. The Diamox he puts everyone one for ever longs period of time some still one after 8yrs gave me very bad kidney stones. I had 5 in one year. So he gave me a very skilled botch spinal tap leak after I asked these questions and spoke out against plugging the RW's. He can mess you up and will play his cards on getting away with it. He is detached and should lose his license to practice medicine. My right side bone cement repair of the skull was very poor and he made it so I will fill pain for the rest of my life. He is a very corrupt lying man. After my spinal tap leak he gave me I laid flat for over 1 month but it would not heal back. So I went and got an epidural blood patch. This helped the massive headaches but caused me to go into RHP that put a lot of pressure on the RW plugging in both ears. First time Gianoli called me and did not charge me the $135.00 for 15 minutes to tell me not to take any of the Diamox I was put on from him to pull down the RHP. My first blood patch was locally so they did not understand what RHP was. And I not knowing truly what it was other than I kept having pressure go up and up. I did what he said and did not take the Diamox and in return after 3 weeks of RHP it popped both RW occlusions-plugging bilaterally. Now I have a worse problem from Dr. Wacko Gianoli sabotaging me on 3 different occasions. He is a crook and a liar. After my RW's both popped from RHP from him telling me not to take anything to pull down the pressure I went back to him 1.3yrs later. Did his testing had to have a friend drive me down there. He did not fill out any short term disability paperwork so I had to cash in a 401k early to live off. He passed me on all the test when I could not function nor stay on his machines. He took my $2800.00 and said you are okay right now. I said the CT shows the RW are open with no plugging material in them anymore. He said the CT are not accurate. I said they can tell if the superior canal has a small 1mm hole in them so I think they are right. He lied again. He is a sick man.. That's my report for he tells all his patients with SSCD that they have a fistula. Fistula brings him more money and people have to come back to get the fistula check if they think it has popped, weaken, or dislodged. He is crook running a big money operation. Don't challenge him or call him out or he will mess you up. I was nice how I ask him questions before but I know how he operates now. And one more thing. If you ever have back to back surgeries by Gianoli half of your skull will become bone cement. This stuff is pretty tough but if it ever cracks from head injury later it can become infected and then they will have to go in and take it all out. I could not find out how much he used nor how big are the holes he put in my skull. He put 4 holes in my skull and then reconstructed both sides of my head skull with HA bone cement. When I asked questions he did not want to answer he copped an attitude and then said no one has ever asked me these questions as a smoke screen. Then said you need to see a psychiatrist. This was to cover him so he can smear you up later. Watch out! this guy is slick as a snake. He messed me up bad and then dropped me after he got all my money.
Disgusting G Send email
Feb 19, 2021

Disgusted from this Dr

Before the surgery, he was great. After operation, got the rush treatment and brushed off, left with major life altering problems from a surgery that should have been avoided.
NOLA Send email
Feb 15, 2021

Dishonest Dangerous Careless Reckless

People. Don't trust this doctor. He is dishonest, dangerous, careless, and eager to perform invasive unnecessary surgeries. I trusted him despite getting 4 other opinions informing me not to go through a surgery he recommended and consequently lost my hearing caused by the surgery he performed on me. Red flag to warn the naive people, "hundreds" of positive reviews.
GG Medical Scammer Send email
Feb 12, 2021

Medical scammer

Don't believe to any magic surgeries that cured dizziness even if you read hundreds or thousands of miraculous blurry reviews. My surgery with Dr. Gerard Gianoli was nothing but an ear butchery that ended up in a series of life devastating neurological disasters and that condemned my life into an existence of sheer misery, after which Dr. Gianoli disappeared into thin air.
Damaged Send email
Mar 21, 2020

Lying crook

Lucky the people who were saved from Dr. Gianoli. He messed up my right ear so badly. He is a lying crook because I never had a PL Fistula in my ear and no doctor can fix his butchery because legit neuro-otologists don’t do PLF surgeries and they cannot fix irreversible damage from non-legit surgeries. In Germany these type of doctors satisfied their racism and perversity. Gianoli is satisfying his greed and perversity and the State of Louisiana allows this white collar institutional crime.
Rick34 Send email
Mar 15, 2020


dr Gianoli is a dangerous con doctor and he is doing surgeries based on idiosyncratic beliefs that are contradicted by science and reality. He perfected his lies to the point he cannot tell what is real from what he is imagining. Like with many others of his patients he dissected my ear for no reason just for me to end up with permanent hearing loss, vestibular deficiency and a permanent tinnitus. How broken is the American healthcare system that it allows doctors to cause such fatal body harm and injuries to patients.
Samd Send email
Feb 20, 2020

Lying and scamming people!

Dr Gerard Gianoli is very good at what he does, lying and scamming people! Seems like the majority of patients get the same disgnoses of plf and he wants to perform surgery. Of course in the beginning he makes it seems like surgery is the last options and it can be managed with lifestyle change, then medicine....when that doesnt work then he will lead you to believe surgery is the only option. After he said surgery was last option I decided to get another opinion, now 8 month after seeing a new team of doctors that I never had what Gianoli claimed I did. I am being treated for vestibular migraines and have had zero dizziness. I now have my life back! When under the care of Dr Gianoli I couldn't drive, couldn't take care of my kids; barely myself. Being late 20s, I was ready to give up and after reading about his botched surgeries I am happy I was not another victim.
Dr Gianoli forwarded my records to new doctor and no where in my records did he ever mention the diagnosis of plf or that he was urging me to have surgery. Seems to be what he did with many patients.
A Hoax Send email
May 15, 2019

Doctor hoax

Dr. Gianoli: A doctor that can sell you on anything you don't have, a great moment to be a con in America, an operational sociopath, a compulsive liar, the only thing this guy is good at is separating the optimistic believers from their cash.

Doctor hoax

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