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Robert Horkins Send email
Nov 16, 2020

Rude Behavior

Today, as many times before, I gathered up many and took them to my local Goodwill collection point.I also wanted to keep my distance from others because of covid and my age 78, I put my 4 bags inside the Goodwill collection point fenced area, with expectations that one of the 2 attendants would put them into their collection trailer, which has a doorway height of at least 5 feet hi- -which a cannot left to. I was promptly told "If you leave that there it will be put into the trash"! I said I cannot lift that high and I want to keep my distance as well. . They ignored me. So I was forced to sling all my stuff up on their trailer. My shoulder aches right now and I am very angry at what I just experienced. When I drove away, they did not say thanks just gave me a dirty look.
Sweetness74 Send email
Jul 23, 2020

Mistreatment of employees and customers

There is a store manger at this store that is over the top rude to customers and she is also rude to employees.
she screams at you to the top of her lungs at you and the employees. It was my 1ST time and last time shopping there.
someone needs to look into that place omg that was the worst store I've ever been in she needs to be removed from there .
bwbesh Send email
Feb 10, 2020

Refused my donation

I have donated and shopped at Goodwill for many years, but I am done with them! I had some really nice Christmas decoration to donate so I took them to the Goodwill (10600 US Highway 441, Leesburg, FL 34788). They refused to take them! They weren’t even nice about it either.
I have also noticed lately that their prices have gone up, I mean come on you are making 100% profit on everything you sell! Not only that, they also ask you for round up and give them even more! Talk about being greedy!
I will not donate or buy any more from Goodwill! There are too many other thrift stores that would appreciate having any donations
zyxmnop901 Send email
Jun 13, 2019

Non refundable items---No returns

Bought another pair of steel toe boots from Goodwill. My last pair were in my safety bag with hardhat, rain slicker, and safety vest. In october of 2018 I got sick, got out of Big Truck in Rockwall,TX. I went to Baylor Scott & White on 10/09 and was diagnosed with cancer. I've been struggling ever since. My steel toe boots and my safety bag stayed in the truck in Rockwall. The lease operator kept them or, I meant stold them. Been report to Rockwall Police.

No refund on items purchased from Goodwill. I went to a Goodwill store with money, cash, and if I needed a refund, the only option Goodwill offers is put money on an in-store credit. Well, I went to Goodwill with money to spend but that will be the last time. I may go in to window shop but no buying. What's good for the gander is good for the goose.
wylarma Send email
Feb 8, 2019

shill bidding

there is shill bidding going on goodwill is breaking the law and should be shut down it's a shame this company is so greedy when everything they sell they get for free I have bid on some things online auction some items would go up so high i would stop biding and when auction was over that same item would be back up for auction again a day or two later..that's shill bid goodwill your breaking the law !!!! your so greedy for stuff you don't even pay for ....needs to stop
Barbjackley Send email
Sep 28, 2018

A man throwing my mothers stuff in boxes

My sisters and I had three car loads of items to donate of our mothers she had passed away so there was glass items vases and variety of stuff and the guy taking the items was throwing them in the boxes we told him they were breakable well he didn't care and still threw the items. Very rude and ignorant! We were at the Monroeville Good Will in Pennsylvaina. We were very upset by the way he handled the items.
Bentio Send email
Jun 5, 2018

Customer Service

I went to the Cartersville Georgia store to purchase an item. I ask when would the item be available to purchase and the response I got was around 3:00 p.m. , so I said I would be back to pick up the item. When I returned the item couldn't be found! After talking with a few employees, I was told that the item wasn't worth selling. So the employee said that the manager told him to throw it in the dumpster. Let me say first, that the chair wasn't worth letting my neighbor cat sleep on. I just needed a part off the chair and I was going to trash the remaining parts! Ignorant, low life liars that work there. I will never set foot in that filthy place again. Maybe some company can donate some customer service training to the goodwill store.
Flais Send email
Aug 25, 2017

Bad management

At the outlet store on prairie st they save the best furniture for a guy that has a furniture business and sell the worst to the public that is just not right.
Marlenemcevers Send email
Jun 28, 2017


First off I would like to start concerning your outrageous ridiculous prices you charge for the junk that you sell. I have found broken glass items that should never have been on your shelves in the first place that you are selling 2 to 3 times more than Walmart sells the same item for. You are not supposed to take the original price off the item if it is on there, but you do. Sometimes you will find it still on the item and you are selling that item 2 times more than originally priced by whatever store it came from. I donated a floor vase which I had bought at Ross and cost me 13.99.You turned around and were selling it for 24.95. I told the manager about it and he took it to the sorting room and that's the l saw that. I'm sure it went to another store.
As for pets that come into the stores. We do have a service dog law that no one seems to care about. The last time I was in your store there were 3 dogs in there that were not service animals. When is Goodwill going to realize this is unacceptable. Why do we have rules when no one adheres to them especially the store itself. Maybe someone has to get sick from a customers pet and sue Goodwill because you didn't follow federal rules.
Whenever I donate items now I take them to a business that helps the community, not gouges them.I do not buy from Goodwill anymore either.
Perhaps you should change you name to Badwill instead of Goodwill.
mike1225 Send email
Jan 28, 2017

mis treating employees

goodwill treats the workers like crap the dm at the Bellevue location told all the employee that goodwill hires disabled and less then perfect people so if you didn't want to work hit the unemployment line I was shocked am a lead there ive spoke up several times to help the employees now ive been suspened the manger told a worker that if she didn't get faster she was going to write her up the Bellevue in Nashville is the worst about treating the workers very bad PLEASE help me help these workers and do something about the mangers at this loction
DanaJohnson Send email
Mar 1, 2016

Goodwill Industries of the Chesapeake

My husband was wrongful fired for missing too much work, but has provided medical forms for each absense. With me, his wife, being 36 weeks pregnant with a high-risk pregnancy and also having a daughter who is chronically ill with repeat episodes of pnemonia and other illnesses I had to go on maternity leave 5 weeks earlier than scheduled. Now that Goodwill has decided to "let my husband go", we will not know how to maintain our monthly bill obligations. The supervisors and upper management of this particular store location should be evaluated for wrongful decisions and also for unprofessionalism in the workplace. Corporate should seek to get involved before a lawsuit ensues.
otis walker Send email
Dec 22, 2015

goodwill ind contracting co hudson human resources

Hudson Human resources is owned and operated by Emad Omar. Mr. Omar will not pay his job developers their commissions when the clients reach their milestones. Mr. Omar started a large argument with Mr. Otis Walker over paying Mr. Walker on his commissions. When Mr. Walker asked about his commissions Mr. Omar stated that the check he was giving him would be the last check he will receive from Hudson Human Resources and that he would call the police on Mr. Walker if he didn't leave the building and that he would not be paying for any future commissions completed by Mr. Walker. Companies like this makes Goodwill Ind. look very bad and causes disturbances that do not need to be. The Goodwill Ind. location that Mr. Omar is in is 25 Elm Pl Brooklyn NY. Something should be done to rectify this situation before Mr. Walker sends a complaint to the Goodwill Ind. corporate offices and HRA.
42mecjwillie Send email
Jun 8, 2015

Trowing glass and new items in containers

I love the idea of Goodwill helping people who cant afford to spend a lot money. I was sickened when I took items in and was met by man that didn't care about what he was doing with the items I brought. I returned misc items and glass items and new cooking appliance which it told him and to be careful with them. He removed them from car and proceeded to throw them into a bin. I heard glass breakage and said why weren't you careful and he just grumbled and walked back into store. If this is how things are treated and broked why should he give them to you to sell for affordable priced. Im very upset and will look for other placed to go or give away personally. Please clear this up so others can benefit.
fayeraye100 Send email
May 17, 2015


It is cheaper to shop in a regular store. goodwill prices are ridiculous! especially since all the merchandise is donated.
Elegantstyle Send email
Apr 12, 2015

Rude, Loud, Employees

I walked in the store 15 minutes before closing... The "OPEN" sign was still on & flashing. As soon as I opened the door I was met by an unkempt, female employee... "We're closing soon", she yelled at me. I know, I'll only be a minute, I said. "I just want to check on something". I wasn't there to "shop". I was only there to look for a specific item. Even still, I heard the rude employee talking to the other female employee, "we have to lock the door so nobody else comes in", etc... I was there 3 minutes & she screamed at me again, "we have to close"! I looked at my iPhone as I was thrown out of the store, it was 5:57pm!
I'm a stylist & we are not allowed to turn down any customer, right up until the minute we close! Much less, harass customers, yell at them, lock the doors, etc...
I know these poor people who work at goodwill are supposed to be unable to get a job anywhere else, so you would think they'd have a smile on their poor, pitiful faces. Because isn't that the point, that they have a job they normally couldn't?!
And, another thing I've heard the public complaining about... The price increases at all the goodwill stores. I, myself, I'm not bothered by that. The items I look for are only found at vintage/thrift stores... But, if the employees keep up this hideous behavior the affect will definitely start showing on the store's gross income. Just a thought... Maybe you could offer your employees more classes on how to behave in a public setting & interpersonal relationships.
justwrong Send email
Oct 3, 2014

Shabby store conditions Overpriced Not Non Profit

This Goodwill store started out as a well arranged store. Organized and a pleasant shopping experience. It is now the joke of the retail community in our small town. Dollar store items marked higher with the original sticker still on the merchandise. Used shoes put in a locked case with ridiculous prices. The store has a bad odor.. Overcrowded with stock. Shelves jumbled so merchandise fall on the floor. Can't navigate the aisles. Many locals are no longer donating as they see the high prices put on the donated items. Which I might add sit in the store contributing to the clutter until weeks go by and the prices are lowered to what should have been the original price. Goodwill management in this store needs to have a retail management course.
halfdollar48 Send email
Apr 25, 2014

Rude and uncaring empolyees

I had not learned that Goodwill had reached such a distinguished heights as a non-profit organization.....Apparently they now pick and choose who they will take donations from,appointments made and not kept,rude and uncaring employees,general disdain for the customer donating. As a former assistant manager for the Chattanooga Community Kitchen;one of the largest non-profits in Chattanooga,it was surprising to me how far this non-profit has fallen...I know when our donators called we always were courteous and attentive on the phone, and appointments were made for pick up,they were met with generosity.I guess that's what happens when a organization gets to big. Sorry to say this but will donate to Teen Challenge or another non-profit within the city before I give a thought to Goodwill again.......So sad.
mac garcia Send email
Mar 8, 2014

no restrooms

This Goodwill Store is located at 2424 Oddie Blvd #C in Sparks, NV. I have asked to use the restroom as I have a bladder condition. I have been told that they do not have a public restroom. They also tell me that I would have to go across the parking lot to the Mcdonalds to use their restroom. By that time I wound up having an "accident". I went back to the Goodwill Store and complained to the manager and he said that he could not help me. I told him that I was going to complain to the Corporate Office and he told me to leave the store which I did.

I would like for the Corporate Office to get involved as the customers are using the fitting rooms as restrooms. It is totally disgusting when you go to try on an item of clothing and you see and smell urine and feces in the dressing room. If Goodwill Corporate reads this, Please fix this problem!!!!!!!!!!!!
jeffery dunning Send email
Nov 18, 2012

unsafe conditions and mental challenged abuse

I was hired in to goodwill in south Terre haute to work at recycle and donation drop off center on my first week i had a truck put vehicle in drive and almost got my foot ran over i went to my supervisor Dan Davis on occasions stressing its unsafe out there when we unload vehicles i suggested supervisor Davis vehicles need to shut engines off before we unload to prevent any accidents,his reply and other supervisor named Don both aware of this there remark was we cant tell them that because my job was to satisfy customers if they was told to shut off vehicles it might chase off customers and me and others working the donation center have seen so many close calls of employees about ran over and on june 6 2012 employee was coming to a car who put vehicle in park popped the trunk and when employee went to get items from her trunk this 91 yr old woman put car in reverse and woman was told what she did and was made aware she hurt employee so goodwill took hurt employee to ambucare and sent right back to work with no more then 40pound restrictions after several returns back to there workman comp doctor employee got worse so they sent him to physical therapy which therapists at terre haute physical therapy on south 7th was made aware from employee that the pain in lower back was getting worse not better then on the last visit back to ambucare follow up appointment DR Kirkman wanted to put employee back to work with no more light duty employee ask if a second opinion could be done so doctor kirkman told him to go to his pain management doctor for second opinion where emg showed damage in his left foot s-1 and s-2 due to back of car in reverse hit employee and tried to push away to avoid being crushed by car behind i was told that goodwill would call and make police report driver drove off after knowing she hit and hurt employee now since workman comp doctor told employee he could have second opinion the workman carrier wont pay the bills besides all the danger in back they still wont even ask customers to shut off car before being unloaded they rather sacrifice a handicapped making 7.25 an hour then lose a customer,female supervisor minnie only boss with any safety concerns but they wont even listen to her 91 yr old woman was tracked down by my boss minnie and she got plate number as she took off they have cameras out there but when was asked for a copy office people told me it must been done in a blind spot not only is it unsafe to work at the way the men bosses pick on and constantly yell at challenged employees this is why im going to check into whistleblower law but past records show incidents in donation center has been unsafe way before i got there the men bosses are abusive ask employees Bruce belinda and community has several complaints for the same and all people who work in back part at the recycle center and donation drop off point,this needs addressed legally and morally needs supervisor changes asap and safety measures they been told at least once a week.
User927335 Send email
Apr 4, 2012

False Image Perpetuated

Even if you have not noticed
excessive rise in prices than Goodwill.
These are reaching levels of stores with new prductos.
Kiwani Awape Send email
Mar 25, 2012

False Image Perpetuated

Dear Anon: People in general are prone to whine about the work place. I am not a young person, and worked for goodwill for several years. I was horrified by the treatment of employees. Regular employees have no advocate within the company. You are abosolutely right.
Anon Send email
Mar 25, 2012

False Image Perpetuated

Goodwill is the worst place to work. I tend to take complaints about workplaces with a grain of salt, since it's the most whiny people who are the loudest, but it really is the worst place. Never work for this company. Never.
Kiwani Awape Send email
Mar 15, 2012

False Image Perpetuated

goodwill has the public completely fooled. They retain their :non-profit" status by remaining "privately owned". Their mission statement is a lie. Thier main goal is to maintain massive growth and profits on the backs of underpaid employees and through the ignorance of the public. Their success is from totally from donations from the public, and monetary donations (250, 000.00 or more) from companies like walmart. most of what is donated by the public is "baled" or simply thrown away. A very small percentage is actually sold in stores. Better items are "auctioned" on line.
Management is corrupt and is encouraged to treat all employees like they are thieves from the time they are employed. Most employees are paid minimum wage, with never a raise in pay, unless required by law. (this is not told to employees when they are hired)
Nunya2 Send email
Mar 15, 2012

False Image Perpetuated

Over the years, I have contributed thousands of dollars to this "charitable" organization. NEVER AGAIN. Through no fault of my own, when my personal circumstances took a nosedive, I turned to Goodwill for help in locating a job. Although I contacted them on 3 occasions, I never received even the common courtesy of a reply. After reading the complaints on this board, looks like I'm better off, but I hate to seem them profit from a false image of a caring, charitable organization that helps people. Not!

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