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Consumer complaints and reviews about H&R BLOCK CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPARTMENT

Pamela Schaub Send email
Mar 11, 2017

Knowledge of taxes

We have been dealing with this H& R block at Cheney Washington for 20 years and had good service with Elmer Gibbons. BUT NOW THAT HAS CHANGED. He retired and the older lady that did our taxes seemed like she had no idea how to do taxes for a truck driver and was FAR from friendly. Well after she fumbled around we are getting HALF OF THE REFUND WE HAVE GOTTEN OVER THE PASS TWENTY YEARS! The receptionist was very unfriendly and after our experience today we will NEVER back go to H & R block again!!!!
Chiquita Saphore Send email
Feb 24, 2017

Bad services

I went to H&R block on February 1st 2017 to get my taxes done and I had to call the lady who did them Susan Demastus to find out why I haven't gotten them and she said there was a problem with my one of my w-2 she said that she tried to call me but I never got a phone call from her so I'm still waiting on my taxes I think I should get my $120.95 back that I paid to have them done for her mistake that she made and not calling me
Thank you
Chiquita Saphore
Smcelfresh Send email
Feb 23, 2017

Being screwed because employee didn't do their job right

So I pay an extra $40 for a peace of mind that I do not have... I went to h and r block on the 26th of January 2017 to file my taxes the lady said Ur state should be there in a week... Well two weeks go by and nothing so I call them to ask what was going on the lady never submitted my taxes and then didn't even have the nerve to call me back and let me know what happened... Why do I pay almost $509 already to get my taxes done with y'all and she can't do her job... I mean who does that??? Now here it is the 23rd of Feb and I still haven't received my state nor my federal but everybody else who filed the same time I did originally has already gotten there's... I have been doing business here for over 7 years now and this is the first time this has happened but I won't go back another year... This is rediculous
whocares Send email
Feb 21, 2017

Lack of Information to push a product

Not once was I told that to get my refund through an Emerald Card that I was taking out a loan. This should be clearly explained to the client, before it is pushed down their throat, that it is the best choice for them to get their return. This is my life, my time, my credit, my money. Deceit is not an option, especially from a company that I have done my taxes with since 1976. This WILL be the last time I throw my money away at Block. 40 YEARS AND NO LONGER COUNTING. For the ungodly prices Block charges, you would think they could afford to train their personnel.

P O Box 1012
Gretna, LA 70054
wmn Send email
Feb 19, 2017

$195 for a Simple Tax Return

Last year the Rancho Cordova location charged me $195 for a simple tax return. I am single, no dependents, one job, and go to school. It literally took the guy 20min to do my taxes. This year I used Turbo Tax and not only was it free but I received a greater return. Avoid h&r block at all costs.
graceblovely Send email
Feb 18, 2017


I am a client of HR block for over 5 years now and have never had then steal from me; I acquired an emerald loan from my taxes (as I do every year) and the money was taken back out of my payroll check instead of my income taxes as it is done every year. I called to have the charges put back and to have then recover funds from my taxes and was told that I was out of luck and too bad; reps barely speak English and are very rude. I wish that this could have been a conversation that was had before my account had been gone into. I am no longer a client of HR block and will continue to spread this new via FB and other social media outlets to ensure the lack of honestly and compassion for the clients is known by others
Bobdigi216 Send email
Feb 16, 2017

H&r block They took my state taxes to

I been waiting for state thinking i would get it got it for 12 years without it being touched whether i got fed 1st or state this year when i need it they take i call like its been this long it should have been depositted by now she says they kept it for fees i was under the assumtion that they take their fee for doing the taxes out the federal return seeing that its a hell of alot more money in the fed return and the state wasnt even enough to cover what i owed them for fees on top of it uts dam near 500$ jus for them to do my taxes will b doing my own from now on
vancebethnkk3 Send email
Feb 15, 2017


I have had my taxes done for 10 years or so by HR Block in Camden. I had SARAH do our taxes last year. We did not file last year with them b/c they wanted to charge 262.00. When in the past we have done it with Andy for around 200-250. Last year she would not budge from the 262. When we left my husbands father past away and we never went back and we did end up filing quickly online b/c of everything going on at that time. I went back this year hoping that I would get it back down to 200. I once again agreed to SARAH helping me. She went through everything and this year was 289.00 OUTRAGOUS!!!!! I once again asked her if she could please help with the cost. She was EXTREMLY RUDE and told me she negotiated with me last year and she was NOT doing it this year! She said she worked VERY hard and I didn't do it last year either! I told her this was a short form and it was not very "hard". I am NOT a rude person but I do believe in great customer service and to be treated this way was NOT acceptable!!! I proceeded to ask for her manager. Which Is CHRIS, I could hear her the whole time telling him she helped me last year and tried to negotiate with me and she was NOT doing it this year and he shouldn't either! So he came in already thinking the worst of me. I shook his hand and asked him nicely to please help me. He also said there was nothing he could do and that was that! I have NEVER been treated this way in my entire life! I asked her for the figures she had just given me and she pulled her screen down and told me she would NOT give me the figures she put in for me. CHRIS came back in and told me they were NOT somewhere that does taxes just to "SEE" if I am doing them right on my own! I told him I had been her for 10 yrs and they were both RUDE!!!! I will NOT go back there and I hope this helps someone else who may be thinking about going there! They are NOT even CPA's they take a 2 wk crash course to be able to do your taxes...so you are paying (and I have in the past) for a person just like you and me to do TAXES!!!!
Tatorbig Send email
Feb 14, 2017


Talked to a very RUDE individual named Tom at the Menomonie Wi office I was looking for information on how much it would be to process my return...needless to say they will not be getting any business from me.
Susannel Send email
Feb 13, 2017

Took my stat refund

My state funded before my federal. H&R block took my state that should have been funded to me today. The fees we're more than my state. I called their 1 800 number and was told they never heard of block taking a persons state refund for their fees. My federal was approved. I won't use them again and I am a long time customer. I really needed that money but apparently they must think the IRS won't send me my federal refund. So, block has lost another customer. The rep from emerald just kept reading from a script and that showed a lack of communication. Thanks so much for hijacking my state refund.
concerned61@yahoo.com Send email
Feb 5, 2017


DATE OF BIRTH 12/10/1975
amarieb410 Send email
Jan 23, 2017

HR Block Tax Preparation Gone Wrong

I have been an avid and trusting HR Block customer for over 20 years. The level of service and 'Peace of Mind" services provide me a sense of security that HR Block employed top-notch tax preparers – that would eventually dissipate.

After over 20+ years with HR Block I had to select a new tax preparer approximate 2+ years ago because my original tax preparer retired. 2015 is when my problems began.

1. During the 2015 tax season, on two separate occasions two HR Block tax preparers working together while I was sitting in their office calculated two different amounts I owed and both were exorbitant amounts and this was just for federal taxes. Of course I knew they were wrong, and asked that they reassess the filing, they did but came up with a different, lower, but still exorbitant amounts, of which I questioned again.

To summarize my HR Block Tax Preparer told me that she would continue to review my taxes up until the filing date of 15 April, that she would not file them electronically and instructed me not to mail them or send in any payment. I followed her instructions. I stayed in contact and called several times to obtain a status. After several calls, she returned my call and shared that she could not find any issues and that was the amount I owed. At that time I took it upon myself to speak with an independent tax expert, within minutes, he confirmed my suspicions that HRBlock doubled my disposition of property. Further investigation revealed that it was done the year before as well. I shared this information with my HR Block preparer, she reviewed her work and confirmed that the error for both 2014 and 2015. Wow!!!

You would think that they would be more than happy to apply the "Peace of Mind" for both years, which is a a nominal cost to them ($300 to $400), especially since I was a long standing customer with no issues in the past. That was not the case, HR Block applied it for one year but would not apply it to the previous year even-though I followed all of their instructions. There reasoning is that the problem was caught before the 2015 was filed – not the case – HR Block Rep electronically file the original and I followed her instructions to mail the original and corrected packages together.

HR Block ignored one of the main factors (of which I brought to their attention more than once) – that I had to seek independent services to identify the problem. The endless calls to HR Block seeking their assistance, following up to obtain a status, taking time off from work to visit their office - all unacceptable. The ironic thing about it, is that I really did not care about receiving the $300 to $400 "Peace of Mind" money, HR Block totally missed the bull’s-eye on there moral obligation. As a customer I trusted their guidance and direction for yeras. I followed their directions to the letter for the past 20+ years. I can no longer trust them, its to much of a gamble and very expensive.
Jessann773 Send email
May 27, 2016

filed taxes wrong

I filed my taxes with a women in Schaumburg il, The women who prepare my taxes charged me 600 to file and made me do the math on my own taxes.. She entered wrong information on my return and submitted even though I did not give her the numbers she entered. She tool 21/2 hours to file my taxes. If this was not the last day to file I would have walked out. She did nothing to assist me. I felt uncomfortable and felt like she did not even treat me like a human or a customer. I have always completed my taxes at HNR Block, but now I know they are okay with fraud I will never step foot in one of the stores again.
Gmonica923 Send email
May 4, 2016


I already completed my taxes and got my return via Turbo Tax. I went into H&R at Philadelphia Mills Mall simply for one remaining document that I didn't know how to fill out -- City of Philadelphia School Income Tax. One woman came up to me telling me to multiply etc my dividends etc. If I had any idea what that meant, I would not have waited almost an hour to be seen. I told the woman that I would wait until she had time to further help me. Another woman says the same thing to me. I asked her if she could help me fill it out as I did not even have a pen to write down what she was saying. She looked applauded and demanded payment for her help as if I was there for a free pass. I assured her that I had money and that of course would pay, then was so disgusted that I even had to do that, that I left. Thanks H&R block for being so rude when I was nothing but patient.
Mendenhall Send email
May 2, 2016

Tax problem

Got my taxes done and now I have to go back in. Got a letter from IRS wanting more information. Everything I had I took in when I filed my taxes. As much as you charge there shouldn't be any errors. railroader2@hotmail.com
Randy FIsher Send email
Apr 13, 2016

Double Charged for Service

Was very satisfied with taxes. But I noticed I was double charged for services. I got Federal e-filed free but had to pay state e-file. The charge plus tax was $21.45 / that was fine but after looking at my on line banking I was charged twice, once on April 10th, then again on April 11th.
I would hope you would see the error and I can expect credit back as fast as I was charged.

Randy Fisher
kruiz248 Send email
Apr 3, 2016

updating downloaded programs

i have used this program from h r block every year for years. i inserted cd i received in mail in january 2016. tried to file one claim, kept getting alert that i couldnt efile until update done. updated 7 times, tried everything suggested on your website, finally calling customer service. 2 hours later it was determined cd must be bad, so they sent me link with activation code, worked ok for first return. 2nd return done few weeks later got same update message, went thru same thing by myself before calling customer service, this call last only 3 hours resulted in being sent 3 links to redownload an updated program. two links didnt work, third did. filed next returns ok. today i was preparing final return and getting the same frigging message. i tried seven times to update and I WOULD RATHER PLUNGE MYSELF IN BOILING WAX than have to call your worthless customer service and go thru worthless steps. your last rep was right, the program has been flawed in the update process and many customer having problems. i have a Dell xps with Windows 7. i have disabled anything that would prevent the download from taking. in fact its not the download, its the installation that wont take. AND I AM SO OVER THIS. next year i will go to Turbo Tax etc before i ever trust your company again.
ro-sh@sbcglobal.net Send email
Mar 20, 2016

Unable to get customer service

I have been trying to down load my tax for 2015 for 8 hours and cannot get anyone at H&R Block to respond. My information was not downloaded but I have gotten 2 activations ode and they have tken my credit information at least 2 times. which I'll get charged twice for no information
cheryl434@att.net Send email
Feb 22, 2016

Federal & State Taxes Were not Filed by the H & R Block

This complaint involves my husband and I's 2014 tax returns which we are still dealing with. We learned in June of 2015 that our state taxes had not been filed with the state of Louisiana. It should have been filed electronically. We received a letter in the mail from the IRS on Friday, February 19, 2016, informing us that our Federal taxes were not filed either. It should have filed electronically. The problem started in March of 2015 when we took our taxes to be prepared by H & R Block, owner Doyle Fillastre. After not hearing from them and April 15, 2015 was fast approaching, my husband went to see them. There were calls made prior to him paying them a visit. When he got there, they told him that they had fired the girl who had been working with us and she had taken our paperwork out of the office and to her home along with other's paperwork. We were appalled that our private information was not in a secure environment. They informed us that they would probably have to get the law involved to retrieve our papers. I received a voice message from Michelle, the office manager, on April 20, 2015 at 5:59 p.m. stating that our paperwork had been recovered. I still have that voice message. So therefore as you can see our taxes were being filed late. I have lost a lot of sleep knowing this and that there would be penalties and having to deal with the IRS. We sat down with Michelle in their office on May 6, 2015 and were lead to believe that our taxes had been filed. We owed Federal taxes; which I mailed them a check on May 6 when I got home in the amount of $3429.00. That is how we found out that our taxes have not been filed. They have our money but no paperwork. We had to mail in our paperwork to them. We finally received our state taxes the last week of December 2015. I believe Mr. Fillastre deliberately did not file our taxes because we did not want to pay the full price for the preparation. I also stated that I wanted them to pay any penalties that we might incur. We paid $100 (which I would like a reimbursement since we have gone through so much with these people). I also spent $6.45 to mail out paper to the state. And I definitely want Mr. Fillastre to pay any penalties if the Federal government sends us a letter. Thank you for your time. Cheryl Morales
carla Send email
Feb 11, 2016

Outrageous Fees and Constant Interuptions

I will Never use or recommend H & R Block. For more than two hours, the agent who was supposed to be working with me, kept being interrupted by a coworker. Apparently he kept some sort of meter running as he looked up tax information because he was that inexperienced. I'm a writer, and have some deductions, but otherwise my taxes are not that complicated and the information was easy enough to enter on his computer. In the end, he charged me $534. I wanted to just walk out. Perhaps I should have. But I am furious and will tell everyone I meet to steer clear of this company.
This fee is represents two weeks pay for me.
I asked for a discount, some understanding. Nothing. Take it or leave it. In the end, I paid with a credit card, took all my printed tax papers and KNOW I will do my own taxes next year.

At least I didn't have to sell a kidney.
dmtoogood Send email
Feb 7, 2016

Excessive fees; rip off

H&R Block charges outrageous fees for doing very basic tax return. They are saving you money for not having to pay the tax penalty for not having health insurance when you fall under the threshold--there was no tax savings. They don't even do the taxes right. The agent does nit disclose up front what it will cost after all is done and the form is signed.
b00443636 Send email
Feb 5, 2016

unprofessional behavior

I went in to H & R block on February 3 to get my taxes filed. I have used Mrs. Mary Jo Crone for several years now and never had a major complication. Until now that is! My wife and I have two sets of twins, the oldest set being severely disabled. Mrs.Crone is aware of this and how difficult it is for either of us to get away to take care of anything, let alone something that requires our complete and undivided attention. I was informed that my wife needed to come in to sign the paperwork and she would need to physically come to the office. I could not bring it home, get it signed and return it to the office. That is difficult enough, but when we show up we are informed that she has a prior appointment and could we please come back later. I tell her absolutely not! It was hard enough getting the disabled children a sitter once and we were forced to bring the youngest set of girls with us! With a big smile she says well I'm sorry I guess you can go somewhere else if you can't come back! So i asked if my wife could just sign what was needed quickly and we could go? Mrs Crone tells us she hadn't even printed it out yet!WTF!! That was the most unprofessional, inconsiderate behavior from a woman her age I have ever witnessed.

Mr. and Mrs. James Armstrong
Lackawanna, NY 14218
rascal Send email
Jan 22, 2016


I caution all that read this comment----DO NOT USE H & R BLOCK------I was not at all satisfied with my tax return figures and the fee I was charged for my 2015 return. I wrote my check to Dolores West , the franchisee of H & R block located at 139 E. Lake Ave., Celina TN. After giving her my check , I though more about this return & the price I was charged & within minutes of handing her the check I asked her to give me back the check because I was not happy with the return OR the amount I was being charged for the tax return , SHE REFUSED to give me back my check. I have been doing business with H & R Block for 22 years & this is how I am treated?? My wife & I were completely shocked at Dolores West's actions & I am demanding a total refund of my fee paid of $283.00----After doing business with Dolores for 22 years she treated me in this manner & with such a degree of unprofessionalism. I know that her office is not doing well & this is why we were now being treated this way. I found out that many of my neighbors no longer go to this H & R office in Celina, TN .
Everett Wright Send email
Oct 14, 2015

tax filed on line H&R Block

Hi; I Everett Wright) filed tax on line through H&R Block Services online free tax on Feb. 23 2015 and here it is Oct. 14 2015 and still no word, why where are my refunds? I am running out of patients with this matter and trying to get answers, if I don't get an answer on here then maybe it's time for legal action against H&R Block for fraud tax services. eppywright65@yahoo.com is my email, I'm waiting.
JohnGinny Send email
May 3, 2015

exhorbitent cost

John & Ginny Reeg
6190 Thursby Ave
Dallas TX 75252

May 2015
Joann M. Walker, EA
Master Tax Advisor

Mrs. Walker,

My wife and I at first wanted to come in and speak with you concerning our tax preparation you did for us this year but I have decided to simply relay this message instead. We never intend to use H&R BLOCKS’s services again and do not wish to enter your place of business.

Our initial introduction to you was a letter informing you what a negative and disappointing experience it was last year for us dealing with H&R BLOCK tax advisor Mr. Brockman. In addition to being subjected to his curt, offensive manner we were charged $752.25 after he estimated a cost of “around” $500.00.

I also informed you that I had tried the H&R BLOCK online service which I found confusing and was unable to complete. This was after successfully using other online tax services in the past without problems. So, we were out $93.04 before we even spoke with you. Considering all this, and the fact that over the past 20 years there had been numerous times I used your company without complaints or problems, we thought we would try again.

We were absolutely shocked and feel taken advantage of by your bill of $950.25, especially since you had the 2013 (very similar) H&R BLOCK tax records as a reference. We do recognize that our federal tax obligation was reduced this year, and of course that was appreciated, but was also expected after our initial meeting and discussion concerning self-employment issues not considered the prior year by Mr. Brockman. We find paying H&R BLOCK over $1,000.00 for services this year difficult to accept.

We understand that you probably bill clients by forms utilized or by time spent on preparation but, again, this amount seems extraordinarily high... And, it is not just us. Go online and look at the negative responses to H&R BLOCK services. I have this discussed this with friends and found many using private tax specialists. Everyone found what we were billed unbelievable.

I suspect that H&R BLOCK has lost business due to affordable successful online services available and has hiked up their rates to maintain profits.

Thank you
John & Ginny Reeg

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