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Consumer complaints and reviews about H&R BLOCK CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPARTMENT

dpoundstone Send email
Aug 16, 2018

2016 Taxes

I always do my own taxes and decided that when I retired from the military I better have a professional file that years taxes. I was just audited for the 2016 taxes and have to pay the IRS several thousand dollars. My retirement form was not considered in my taxes. I know its my fault but I came in uniform and gave my retirement W2 to the person accomplishing my taxes. When I met with H&R Block to discuss they said I did not provide the proper forms and have a nice day.

I understand the amount to pay is mine but the penalties or H&R Blocks cost to file the taxes should have been taken in consideration.
R&A Send email
Jul 26, 2018

Taxes not filed

H&R Block did our taxes back in April of 2017 for the 2016 tax year. We got a notice from the IRS in February of 2018 saying we had not filed our 2016 taxes. Block said they were filed, and they would not refile, but instead they gave us a copy of their paperwork for US to send in. In may of 2017, we received another letter telling us that there was a penalty being levied against us for failure to file....$514. Block said they would take care of it...well, here it is the middle of July, and we got yet ANOTHER letter from the IRS. Block had NOT taken care of it....SO...Off to small claims court to get our money back that we paid to them to do our taxes, the cost of the penalty, mileage, cost of filing with the court....I'll never use Block again, and would not suggest them to anyone... Yeah...we're PISSED!!!
Immanuel Daniel Send email
Jul 17, 2018

stuck between CRA and H&R block

It has been 5 months since I filed my 2017 income tax. After which a T4 adjustment for 1 T4 was to be done. H&R block did but never gave me the refund. They said CRA would pay me. Kept calling CRA, the agents would give me lame excuses.

Still waiting. I swear never to go back to H&R block again. If you are wise learn and do it yourself, you know why, you save that service charge but above all, you will have peace of mind.
RobbieMccatchey Send email
Jul 15, 2018

Taxes filed by Julie x willamsHRBlock

She filed 2016 and 2017 W2 together she didn't notice the years were different until I showed her refund of 810.00 became177.00 federal tax I owed 11.00 state she changed my filling status filed taxes without talking to me I got three letters from IRS Only frist one we talked about second 2 not a word from her she filed papers gave me 3 envelopes told me to mail them charged me 100.00 now I get 413.00 back no 11+177+208+100 so what's left for me 0 I think how can she charge me when she made the mistake don't I get the guarantee stand behind our. Work ??Clearly it's her fault From the start she never asked me any questions she don't know who I am. Iam not single am married so pleAse advise me on how to recover my fees and penalty monies from your trusted employee or office Farmers Lane office Santa Rosa Calif Julie x Willams Senior Tax Specialist this is who filed by W2 and messed up my clean tax record Thank you RobbieMcClatchey p o box 4286 Santa Rosa Calif 95402 1707 267 3773 I will be waiting for return letter or email Mcclatchey386@gmail..com Thank you
Spanky Send email
Jul 11, 2018

Incorrect filing

I have used H and R for years with no issues. This year has been a complete failure. I had to complain to local office to get them to review my taxes and resulted in amended filings for both Federal and state. Then got letters from IRS advising I owed more. Sent to another office to review but no one followed up and simply paid the additional $1600 to Federal to avoid penalties.When I called back to resecure my recordS, was told they were overwhelmed and could not keep up. I then wrote a letter to corporate advising what transpired and have gotten no response at all. Should have sent it certified so I know someone actually got it. Now I just received notification letter from state advising I owe them another $6800 vS the $6800 refund I was submitted for. I called and have another app at original office this week to review latest notification. If filing involves capital gains or anything over and above normal filings do not believe anyone has the knowledge to handle. I paid for the peace of mind contract but have absolutely not received anything close to it. Hate to think I will have to secure an attorney to get satisfaction but unless they pay the new amount due I will have no choice.
Cindy Honkanen Send email
Jun 30, 2018

Lost and not filed taxes

I brought my taxes to H&R on March 27th 2018. I went back in 4 times over the next 2 months. Each time they couldnt find my taxes. On May 23rd 2018 I finally said to an employee that if my taxes were NOT DONE in 24 hours I was pulling them. The very next day I got a call that my taxes were done. A month later I called CRA to confirm that they recieved my taxes. I was told that they had no records of taxes filed. I called H&R. to find out what happened. They said they filed them. I found out 2 days later that NO they didn't. Now I have to pay a penalty because my taxes were NOT filed. I WILL NEVER USE HR AGAIN. I also think that they should be accountable for this. They should have to pay the interest that I owe the CRA.
Socratic Dialogue Send email
Jun 29, 2018

Tax Return not received

I filed online with Tax Pro. I got the run around for 3-4 days regarding their review and then NOTHING. I have filed a complaint with the IRS and would suggest that everyone do the same. My so called Tax Pro hasn't returned my email, completed my so called review, or anything else. I am requesting that my credit card company stop payment to H&R block for their dis-service. It seems to me that with so many problems with H&R Block, someone should sue these worthless so called Tax Pros. I think they engage in fraud by claiming to review returns and helping people maximize their return and then doing nothing. Their service is less that worthless because we spend out time doing all the work and they do nothing in return.
kristinaswede Send email
Jun 28, 2018


After filling all the documents, i was told my files were being sent to a tax pro for review..it was required due to im self employed and have many expenses..so i paid the 200 and waited. They transferred my account the day before taxes were due to another tax professional and i never heard anything. I then contacted the original one and she said she would request my file back. After that, it has been a nightmare. After weeks of call, no call backs and more repeated calling to supervisors, I have been told my files cannot be found. I must redo all. BEWARE ALL BEFORE YOU USE THEM!!!
kristinaswede Send email
Jun 28, 2018


After completing and paying for the Delux Pro with Professional Review, I sent my taxes off. They were assigned the tax professional as of last year. On the night before irs tax deadline, I was informed they were transferred to another tax professional. I waited and never heard anything. I then reached out to Karen, the original CPA, and she stated she would request back, didnt know why they were transferred and would work on. Since then all I have gotten is the run around and now the answer is WE CANNOT FIND YOUR RETURN...you will need to redo. This after numerous phones calls to HR Block..no return calls from Karen..that is the bottom line. Nothing they can do..so BEWARE of filing all of your info. It took me 3 days..im self employed with many varied expenses. No offer of refund. I requested today and will be redoing. UNACCEPTABLE.
wrischmueller Send email
Jun 27, 2018

Non responsive

We have had our taxes done by H&R Block the last 10 years, unfortunately, we are now receiving request from the other states and H&R Block still has not returned a phone. Made numerous attempts, seeing as supposedly you stand behind your work... last year we had another issue. This is absurd, we have lost out on funds due to no one contacting us back. I will not suggest using H&R Block ever again, and on top of that, after discussing that we were not claiming my son this year, the preparer added him in anyways, so now, and amendment needs to be done and still no phone. I paid $350 because my husband travels for work, and you claim to be the best of the best and back up what you do. I disagree.
rbcaw1508 Send email
Jun 27, 2018

2012 Taxes

We file our taxes through H&R Block with the Peace of Mind every year. Well in 2012 a new rep did our taxes and posted our information on Facebook. I called the store and they had the rep delete the message. The manager then said that she "The Rep" didn't report all of our income. WTF..... Long story short last year we notified H&R block about our case and that the IRS took our taxes. The manager in out local branch said that she will take care of it. Well now that it is June I have another rep in OH going to help. I have sent several emails and called the phone number to find out what is going on. I can't get a hold of her. And when I do it is well i'm waiting on paper work.
nightrn48@yahoo.com Send email
Jun 16, 2018

Customer Service

I have filed my own taxes with HR Block for over 20 years with never a problem. This year when I got to the place where I choose how to get my refund, there is a promotion where if I choose to get my refund on an Emerald Cash Card, I can get an extra 100$. So, OK, that sounds great. So, I wait and wait. I call Block, they say wait some more. I call again, they say wait some more. Now I'm getting nervous because I am in an unsafe situation in my living environment with children and this refund is my way out. So while I am waiting, I go to delete my emails and while flipping through deleting emails I see one titled with Amazon and HR Block. There were 2 emails that have my "Amazon gift card claim numbers" on them. One disappears into the ether, poof! Now this is indeed news to me since I DID NOT choose to put my refund into Amazon gift cards which you can only use on amazon. Far as I know, I can't pay my rent with Amazon gift cards. Now, I am frantic. I call Block. They say basically, too bad, you did it and there was no mistake. I say, there had to have been a mistake, there is NO WAY I would choose this option. We did that back and forth, no help, no empathy, no options, just you are stuck and I swear, I can almost hear the smirking. I ask for the supervisor. I explain my circumstances including that I did not choose gift cards, I chose the Emerald card and a mistake was made. I get back: "We can't help you. You made that choice and you will have to deal with Amazon". So, now I am waiting on Amazon to make a decision if I qualify for the extremely rare occurance to cash out the gift cards. "Probably not" from the wonderful and supportive man named Kyle who tried very hard to help me.
Block absolutely did not care. Everyone else I talked to trying to resolve this was wonderful, even a representative from Turbotax/ Intuit that I was mistakenly referred to spent over an hour trying to find some way to help.
This might be a scam, I don't know. If I made this choice in error, then something is wrong with the Web site. I am not a stupid person and I absolutely know I never would be putting a tax refund into a gift card. The Amazon rep even said he had never seen this done before. So, whatever you do, DON'T use HR Block! Customer service clearly means nothing. Of course I will never use them again.
If anyone out there has a suggestion on how I might get my refund money, please let me know. My family is not safe where we are, but a shelter is not much better and we would lose our dogs in a very cruel way. I am desperate! Thank you.
Ashleighdewolf Send email
Jun 8, 2018

Tax return

I gave my w2 form to have done at the local office on park avenue. A SIMPLE PART TIME JOB W2!!! Nothing I couldn’t have done in 10 minutes on TurboTax on my darn phone app if I wanted too!!! But I trusted H&R Block. And they let me down. Not only was my health insurance forms left OUT, I was also charged for a EZ form when they’re sapposed to be freee and the best part is!. my tax return is now 4 months late, it’s also MISSING ALMOST $1,000 dallors!!! SOOO I got charged for doing my taxes when I shouldn’t have, and I got charged for my taxes not even being done correctly. I’m never in my life going back to H&R Block. And not will my friends or family. I will be taking my business elsewhere.
Foxy236906 Send email
May 30, 2018

Peace of mind

Went into my local H &R Block office to file my taxes, I gave my preparer all my w2s and my w2g form along with my win/loss form, upon the preparer reviewing my w2g and win/loss form I was advised that I did not need to do anything with the2 forms because my losses exceeded my winnings. We finished up my taxes for 2016. Year and I signed all of my forms and signed up once again for peace of mind. 5weeks after I filled my 2018 taxes I received a letter from the IRS claiming I owe 2300.00for2016 tax year for unreported winnings! Went back into my local office to file a peace of mind claim., waited the6weeks to have it denied, filed and a reconderation claim to have that denied as well..
SAMZ328 Send email
May 15, 2018


Went to local office to have return done. My husband passed away 4/7/18, so I was a little late. Anyway, this should have been a simple short form. The preparer was not sure of himself and asked for help several times. My complaint is $287.00. I have never paid that much before even when we did the long form. Please advise. Thank you

Shirley Meindl
mrs.blackburn Send email
May 14, 2018

Can't believe I actually paid for this

First of all, I had a tax issue which was a bit complex. I went in October of 2017 to straighten it out. The associate who assisted me at that time was named Michelle Appelhans. She was wonderful! I found the fee to be acceptable and I was in and out within 20-30 minutes. She was very professional and made me feel welcome to return.

HOWEVER, returning at the beginning of this year with my husband in tow to file our taxes, we were told it would not be an issue to file jointly (this was our first year doing so). When we sat down, a different associate named Kylynn (not sure of the spelling) was extremely rude. We, my husband and I, are Native American and both work for our tribes in various capacities and have done so for the past decade. The woman first made an issue that we were filing together, leaving and asking her supervisor if it was acceptable we do so. We were confused, nothing said to us when I'd scheduled the appointment this would even be an issue. She repeatedly asked my husband "So, do you even have a job?" "Are you sure you work?" "Did you just have a job last year or are you still employed?" etc. We were taken aback by her repeated attempt to poke holes in his story, as if he were somehow fabricating his entire work history past and present (and who usually goes in and files each year like clockwork with the same H and R Block without issue) and when he'd brought up bringing up his file to answer her questions, she cut him off and said, "Since you decided to file together, I can't do that, it doesn't work like that." Her jabs were rude, at best, but I felt she was not only unprofessional and sloppy, she was also a blatant racist. She was so busy obsessing over my husband and his employment status, she'd nearly forgotten to include vital information. We owed, and when I asked her to explain how, she had to call someone over to interpret the report. If it wasn't for her supervisor picking up on what she'd missed, we would have owed much more. I was disappointed, not necessarily because we owed, but because we were treated like garbage and on top of it all, we weren't sure if the amount was legit. We actually left concerned, worrying she would either accidentally or deliberately make a mistake that would end up costing us in the long run.

I realize this occurrence was a few months ago, but I stumbled upon this forum and felt the overwhelming urge to share my issue and hope someone sees this and avoids this individual at all cost. So basically, it boils down to this unfriendly, unprofessional racist handling our taxes and US HAVING TO PAY FOR BAD SERVICE AND UNCLOAKED RACISM. There were other things, but I won't bore you, I'm sure you get it. At any rate, I never felt very comfortable doing my own taxes, however, this interaction has kicked my need for independence in that arena into high gear. Even if I made a mistake filing on my own, I would find comfort in knowing I would be paying the IRS directly and there would be no middle man involved charging for terrible service and fabricated inconveniences. The both of us work too hard for that nonsense.
lklioness Send email
May 14, 2018

John Loh

This is regarding John Loh in the H & R Block office on Memorial in Houston, Tx. I have been using John for almost 10 years now. WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT THIS YEAR. John could never remember things I would tell him, I even emailed the info so he would get it correct. It cost me $ 300.00 and IRS claims I still have not filed my taxes.

I thought that was John Loh's job. What the heck did I pay $ 300.00 for and did not get any money back.

NOW, I cannot get my tax documents returned by Mr. John Loh. Numerous emails and phone calls and not even a reply.

Never use this old man again.

Buffer Send email
May 1, 2018

2 1/2 month refund not here yet

H&R Block there did my taxes and they haven't told me where my return money is. This is the first time I've had a problem. Like I said before 2 1/2 months and still not here. No letter from IRS. NOTHING I'm 79 and could use the money. I'm single.
sikkman Send email
Apr 25, 2018

Least Professionalism Ever

My son did his taxes this year through TurboTax or something (without asking me) and totally messed them up and my ability to file for "Head of Household" by the way that he filed. He and I went into Block Advisors in Redmond to get it straitened out. We were showing the advisor my son's documents and she asked me something about my return. I did not have the answer and asked her "Since I filed with H&R Block, can you pull it up on your computer?"

She looked at me and said, "Jesus Christ! I should be charging you already." I was stunned. I am a Christian and I had never in my life heard a professional speak like that to me. I told her it wasn't necessary to look anything up, picked up our paperwork and walked out.

Sorry but using my Lord as a swear word, doesn't fly with me. Nor would it fly for any Muslims or Buddhists or anybody else. I am still shocked and they will NEVER get my business again.
venusyspence@yahoo.com Send email
Apr 24, 2018

Tax law competency

Last week was a horendous time for me. As usual I waited late to file taxes. I did a walk in and sat down with the same tax preparer that assisted me last year. My taxes are complicated bcuz I am a travel nurse. Which means I spend the majority of the year away from home. I even work in a different state. I made more money.this year and one company issued a 1099. I explained to the taxpreparer that bcuz I need a roof over my head when I am not at my primary residence, the apartment I am staying the cost is tax is deductible. She debated with me back and forth amd stayed that bcuz I made so much money she was using a certain fotm that I could not deduct it when clearly it is a housing expense. I trusted that she was making an expert analysis but it bothered me. She took 3 days total to work on my taxes. She went back and forth disturbing her coworker who would come back and forth trying to help her, and she just appeared to be fiddling her way through. I said to her on the second meeting that I had spoken to my job, that they were willing to validate that I was entitled to housing deduction. Long story longer my taxes have been filed, I feel my tax preparer was negligent at least and incompetent at worse. I talked with the manager and now district manager who are equally incompetent still trying to push what the tax prepare said as true. I've called to complain again and am waiting for call back from upper managememt. These people talk to me with such hostility and belittling communication until I am not confident O am want them to try and fix it. It's like they have made me the enemy. All I wanted was to sit down with someone knowledgeable and file my taxes. Now I have to wait 3 weeks before amending. I paid these people $600 to experience malpractice and disrespect. I just don"t get it.
ThomaPerry Send email
Apr 17, 2018

Case #1478316 H&R Block Software Issue Charges

H&R Block - see attachment for charges

To whom this may concern:

I checked my banking account today and found that I was charged $31.70, then credited $31.70, then charged another $10.55. First of all I did not purchase any of your software online. I purchased the H&R Tax Software from Walmart back in January 2018, paid for at Walmart . I e-filed with the software, not with any online purchase. Why am I being charged and furthermore why do you have my banking account number when I purchased the software from a store not online?

Funny thing is, I called the 800-472-5625 number listed on my bank account (see attached) and after a 35 minute wait, I was told that you had an account on me, for which I never registered the product. Then I asked if you had my bank account information on file and I was told no. So how did I have a registered account and how did you charge my bank account???

I will now have to change my banking account and debit card, because of this. I want an explanation as to how you have my personal information and was able to charge my banking account. I will be reporting this to the Better Business Bureau if I do not see a resolution to this issue. Also your staff at the Tier 2 level was rude and obnoxious!! I wish I had wrote down his name. Basically he told me that if I didn’t like your products then return it to Walmart, negating the fact that your company is the one charging my account and I do not know how you have my personal information.

Case ID# 1478316

Contact Number: 270-312-5573
Email: thoma.l.perry@gmail.com


Thoma L Perry

Case #1478316 H&R Block Software Issue Charges

Aynonmous Send email
Apr 17, 2018

Customer service

Usually I E-file for free. So I do not come here because I don't know how to plug numbers in the correct space. I had to file something differently for a different year so I called and made an appointment over the phone their "automated system" made me an appointment. It text messaged a confirmation text including the phone number and address. I show up to the designated location and the heffer at the front desk tells me I need to drive 10 minutes back down the rd I just drove ten minutes down. In heavy traffic. Um no my text confirmation told me to come to 6241 airline drive. She tells me that I'm at a different address. Meanwhile I used 2 GPS to get here! So I take a card off of her desk and say "your address on this card matches the address on my confirmation text, my appointment is for 5pm" this lady was such a B! Said I needed to be put in as a walk in so here I am 30 min after scheduled appointment. This place sucks!! Duck this place and the dummy at the desk who doesn't even know the address she drove to today to work. SMH
Margo628 Send email
Apr 12, 2018

Insanely high fee

I had my taxes done by the local H&R Block office and was charged $230! It literally took the person doing my taxes about five minutes because a 1040 EZ or the current equivalent of that can be used to complete my return. I don’t own any property, I rent, there was no itemization involved etc. I would have filed them myself online but thought there may be a little more involved this year because of a couple of issues (which turned out not to factor into the equation at all). I was compelled to make an appointment when I saw an ad for a $50 discount if you made an appointment between the hours of 7:00-9:00 am, which I did. Having had the same office do them last year (again thinking they may be more involved than usual after having sold property that I was the trustee on the year before), I thought this year’s fee would be $50 off of that, NO, it was DOUBLE last year’s fee, which I thought was outrageous at $115.00 because no additional forms were needed. Had I known upfront it would be $230 (oh and mind you that was AFTER the $50 “discount,” I never would have had them done. When I questioned why it cost $230 I was told a different form had to be used because I have an HSA account and it was more complicated. I’m just blown away by that. Needless to say I will never have my taxes done at H&R Block ever again!! I am extremely disappointed!
Stormtrooper4110 Send email
Apr 11, 2018

Poor Customer Service

On April 10, 2018 my wife called the H&R Block office at 655 Harmon Loop Road Ste 104 Dededo Guam. for a Tax Consultant. My wife Investor at Edward Jones Investing from Ohio inform my wife by mail pertaining to the investment stocks. My wife inherit the stock investment from her late Uncle in 2014. The Edward Jones advisor inform my wife that $2000.00 interest from the stocks would be taken out every year and given to my wife either direct deposit or check. Now Edward Jones informed my wife, that she needs a tax consultant this year because of policy change. Purpose of the tax consultant is to advise my wife how much money she can take out from the stocks before being penalize on taxes. My wife contacted the H&R Block in Dededo. Got in touch with a Helen at 09;40 am in the morning, unable to assist my wife because they were busy, but will call back as soon as possible. Called again at 11;30 am a Elizabeth answer the phone, same status unable to assist my wife, but will call back as soon as possible. Called again at 4;30 pm got in touch with a Arthur Murphy same thing unable to assist my with wife, but will call back as soon as possible, Finally called again at 7;00 pm Elizabeth answer the phone. My wife told Elizabeth that she needs a tax consultant on stock investment on how much money she can take out before being tax. Elizabeth told my wife that the H&R Block here on Guam can't do it because it is out of state. We contacted Edward Jones Investment, and they say a different story, They say that H&R Block should be able to do it because H&R Block specialize in Taxes. We left the contact information to H&R Block Dededo to Edward and Jones Investment so they call them up about the issue.
My Major complaint on H&R Block is making the customer waiting for a long time especially never receiving a return call. I called the 1-800 to H&R Block to file a complaint and they hang up on me. I have be a loyal customer to H&R Block for over 20 years and this is the type of service I get.

Armando P. Borgonia
drdancm Send email
Apr 10, 2018

Huge BUG in 2017 Premium Program

H&R Block 2017 Premium + Elite + State
Fed version 8401, WDPA-002017-00000001

Program inputs additional 1099-B data, after correct input that has been checked by multiple people for accuracy including my accountant.
I have spent over 3 hours on the phone and live chat tried everything that H&R Support has suggested and it has all failed. I have applied the 4-10-2018 update, but that has not made any difference.

Deleting the extra material wipes out all of my 1099-B input. Inputting it all creates the same problem - the program puts in stuff on its own.

I cannot file my return knowing there is an error !!!

Nor can I speak to any real high level tech support people. I was given a case # 147-3059, but the second support person could not find it and she could not give me a new one because she simply passed me onto live chat -which took 10 minutes to setup and ended up disconnecting me after saying I would be connected to elevated to tech support. Then there was a search for another agent which eventually failed.

I cannot recommend H&R block after having used it for 8-10 years and I will be sure to let everyone know about my frustration with H&R software and company support.

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    be careful. When i left my employer I was sent a form for...
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    I have been getting calls from these "people"...
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