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brightmusic Send email
Mar 31, 2021

Customer Service

Really disappointed in Hallmark’s customer service this year. When I would have a problem in the past the customer service representatives were so nice and helpful and went over and beyond to make me feel like a valued customer. The 3 times I called in this year concerning my account, Hallmark made excuses for their errors and said that there is nothing they can do about it even though in the past they would correct it right away. I had points deducted from my account for a certificate that Hallmark said they issued. When I told the customer service supervisor that I did not receive a certificate the supervisor said “it is on its way” even though there was no record of it on my account. This inquiry took place about a month ago and as of to date I still have not received it. The supervisor did not correct the problem or help me in anyway. Hallmark needs to improve their customer service and make their customers feel valued like they did in the past.
Coondog Send email
Feb 6, 2021


Hallmark fired Lori Laughlin because of her college involvement yet they permit Catherine Bell to be on their network with all her nude pictures and explicit sex online. What an example for our young ones.
Hallmark2020 Send email
Dec 29, 2020

Why are you giving in

We have become big fans of Hallmark Christmas movies over the last few years so the need to now incorporate homosexual lifestayles as the “norm” that is being seen in practically every 2020 Christmas movie is disappointing. It seems Hallmark leadership/producers have bought into the lie that this is the norm now and the large percentage of the population is pursuing this lifestyle. This loud and persistent group is quite small (less than 5%) and I would question if they even watch your programming. As a result of leadership giving in to this form of thuggery you have disenfranchised the majority of your watchers who turned to Hallmark for wholesome family friendly shows and movies instead of all the dark and vulgar programming seen on most other networks. I like many of your viewers who have raised complaints on this site will be turning off Hallmark as well if this crap continues.
Christmas feel-good Send email
Dec 13, 2020

Gay movies

If you want a gay channel, there’s one out there for you. We don’t. And yet you’re forcing it on us. Well we don’t have to buy your product.

The one place we can go to in every part of media from movies to sitcoms to commercials end is Hallmark and lifetime, the feel good place where there’s nothing political, until now.
Stick with that Buffay package of clean lifetime and Hallmark movies on this network. There Hass to be a network for everybody, right? So keep this one for us.
Jurneesma Send email
Dec 10, 2020


I am very disheartened to see homosexuality on the hallmark channel. It used to be a channel that our whole family could watch together. We have young children who do not need to be exposed to this stuff. We absolutely loved to watch the harvest movies going right into Christmas movies. This channel should not be about putting on relationships that are not natural. It is very confusing to little children especially so. Mark my words people will start to sue over this. First it’s tv commercials with gays kissing now it’s also in Christmas movies!!! My young children do not need to see this. The Lifetime channel, logo etc all show these things. It’s not like the gay community doesn’t have its own networks. Stop capitulating to the minority and let us Christian heterosexuals with families enjoy a network where we don’t have to worry if some gay thing or another will be coming on to corrupt our innocent children’s minds!!
Watching for My Comments to Appear Send email
Dec 4, 2020

Gay Movies

Reading the complaint of Dumpling 22 is almost hilarious. Just because Heterosexual people do not want to watch lesbian and gay intimacy does not make them homophobic. Almost 90% of Hollywood and Television caters to the lesbian and gay community. Heterosexual people have the right to choose not to watch homosexual interactions and that does not make them homophobic. Hallmark used to be a "space" to not have to encounter homosexual intimacy and intercourse. Just because viewers that made Hallmark great are now disheartened means that Hallmark has chosen not to honor that request any longer. Hallmark has joined the popular and eliminated being a "space". Dumpling 22 has to learn that not everyone prefers watching homosexual intimacy. Gays have the right to engage as they choose. Heterosexual people also have the same right to chose heterosexual lifestyle and can choose to watch it heterosexual intimacy. There ought to be an equal number of choices in stations but the reality is there are not. Gays are all over the place FORCING AND DEMANDING their need for acceptance. Current list for the new President is REMOVING ALL RELIGIOUS FREEDOM. Acceptance by FORCE is disgusting as Hallmark has caved to. I will be waiting to see if my comments are posted on this complaint board---#Cancel Culture.
John Davis Send email
Dec 4, 2020

You finally caved to a select few!

Well you finally did it! Hallmark has been one of our favorite stations for good family programing. We have enjoyed your heart felt programing for years and during Christmas season it is uplifting... You finally have caved to the homosexual community and have destroyed your wholesome family programing. It is sad that you are now catering to a very few select who want to force their agenda on the majority! You may say we must be a homofob or homosexual hater and we say we love all people regardless of their race, color or sexual orientation. However It is clear that God made only two sexes, Male and Female and it is also clear that Homosexual activity is very perverted and not natural at all. So we will are called to love all people but we are also called to not embrace or condone homosexual activity. We must pray for them as they are so clearly misguided. After years of watching Hallmark we will no longer no watch Hallmark until you listens to the majority of your constituents and cancel homosexual programing.
Reogirl Send email
Dec 2, 2020

gay couple

stopped looking forward to Hallmark when it started mixing every couple up because I can see where you are heading, You are listening to the loud mouths of not showing enough diversity- even though there are literally black channels they can watch and you’re now showing gay couple! bye bye for good! I’m no longer a Hallmark cheerleader! used to pay extra for your channel- how stupid I was!
Paul CArr Send email
Nov 27, 2020


Although I do not think any morality complaints with be taken seriously by you I still feel the need need to express my views. We have been greatly disappointed with your insistence to start pushing the gay agenda. You have built your reputation and overall business enterprises through family values. Now you have thrown out your foundation. We feel the integrity of Hallmark and the value we thought Hallmark had for the family has been broken. You may want to reconsider the amoral path you have selected. Who knows what other 'slippery slope' positions you will make in the future.

I am also upset with Candace Cameron Bure for promoting the movies that support and condone gay issues. I really thought she had a better moral compass. A disgrace!
DEA Send email
Nov 26, 2020


My family has totally openly supported Hallmark for years. After seeing a movie with some favorite actor/actress attending a movie of a gay wedding I refused to watch it. Things were quiet for a while. Then of all types of movies, a Christmas movie openly supporting two men in a gay relationship.
I profess to be a Christian and can no longer support this organization. I’m not compromising my commitment to Christ to look the other way.
Hallmark, you’ve made your decision. I’ve made mine. I’ve enjoyed Hallmark, but you’re just like the Democrats. Compromise to the left. I doubt you pockets are deep enough when America stands up for good moral movies.
danjewett Send email
Nov 16, 2020

LGBT promotion

Hallmark has become one of our few and favorite go to stations. We have seen the LGBT pressure showing up in ads. Now we see it is being incorporated into your story lines. Frankly we find it offensive and are incredibly disappointed you have chosen to succumb to this pressure and promotion. Please reconsider and remove from your story lines and advertising. While we have enjoyed your network so much and found it so free of offensive material this is very disappointing.
Roxie7 Send email
Sep 7, 2020

No longer wholesome

For as long as I can remember Hallmark was a safe station to watch. This is no longer the case I am disappointed I can no longer watch this station as you have sold out to the distruction of the family friendly viewing to a smaller percentage of viewers.
leroygraunke Send email
Jul 18, 2020

Gay/Lesbian mivies

Very disappointed in Hallmark.The majority of the viewers have enjoyed family friendly, moral movies and shows.However they've now caved to a small group of gay/lesbisan community.It's very sad to see this change.The majority of their viewers either will boycott Hallmark channel, or just won't watch the gay/ lesbian movies.Hallmark will see their viewer numbers drop dramatically.
Marla Kirkland-Martin Send email
Jul 15, 2020

Homosexual content

I just finished watching Love Under the Olive Tree. I am so upset that Hallmark has decided to add homosexuality to their movies. I have always been a dedicated Hallmark watcher. No longer! Hallmark has held to traditional and Christian values and I have been able to watch these movies with my children. I will no longer be able to. You have made a huge mistake and will lose lots of viewers since your main audience are those that hold to these values. You have buckled to a small number of people and started adding hints of homosexuality and I am sure this is just the beginning. You are trying to desensitize viewers to these sinful relationships. I am very disappointed! I have loved Hallmark for keeping their movies clean and I am sickened after watching this movie.
Pjburland Send email
Feb 15, 2020

Movie content

I have been watching Hallmark channel for years and last night you chose to now change your format to include homosexual couples. Your station has always represented family values and stayed out of political talking points. But now I have to walk away from your station as you have now chosen to be political. It saddens my heart but now I need to do what I feel is right for me and my family. I will be deleting all Hallmark movies and will no longer subscribe. When you decide to take politics out of your programming I will come back as a viewer.
Joseph Tunkel Send email
Jan 7, 2020


Not watching any more
young459 Send email
Dec 30, 2019


Just get a separate Hallmark Christmas station. Stopping regular programming for over 2 months, then in July, etc. Ruins anyone returning to Hallmark for regular programming. The truth is we can find this else where year round.
The plots are all the same.
The day they start, I don't even click on either Hallmark station till mid January.
And the fact is - no one Christmas is as happy as Hallmark wants us to believe. How about some true Christmas plots. People don't have things work out, they don't fall in love, they go their separate ways, people are alone on Christmas. Your movies' are never going to happen to anyone. Just start showing, Christmas with tears, not fake joy.
asa31 Send email
Dec 23, 2019

Caving On Not Keeping Wholesome Movies

The complaints here about Hallmark caving in to LGBTQ and abandoning their wholesome format have been put in the wrong place. This is NOT the OFFICIAL and REAL Hallmark Customer Service website. That site is:

Note that "complaintSboard" has an "S" in it.

The website here is without an "S" ("complaintboard").

I expect that Hallmark pays much less attention - and gives less weight - to comments here.
These comments need to go there to there OFFICIAL CUSTOMER SERVICE site.. Many of the comments that are on the REAL Customer Service website are SUPPORTING Hallmark's caving in.
catcan104 Send email
Dec 21, 2019


The real issue here is Hallmark's definition of love and family. Hallmark thinks that they are hurting LGBTQ groups by not supporting the "loving relationship" of these two females in the commercial. What we have to determine is the true defintion of love and family. Our foundation has been built on the sacrifice of Jesus Christ's love for everyone of us 2000 years ago. Whether you believe in this Man or not. This is a love that is true, pure and everlasting. We can love because He first loved us. We all can experience this love if we allow ourselves to submit to His life in our hearts. It's when we have not given ourselves to the life of Jesus that the world's definition of love and families becomes distorted. Loving another woman or loving another man in itself is not wrong, but when loving the same sex in a homosexual way that is truly an abomination! This is not love as defined in the Bible or a marriage, a sacred union between one man and one woman. God's word says so. This world has lost the true meaning of love and family! This world was built on the family nucleus as defined in the Bible. The physical family is the most important building block to human society, it should be nurtured and protected. "A celebration of love" as defined by Mike Chi of Zola is not "of God. There is no other truth. Again, you may believe this or not. It does not change the truth. Mike Perry quotes "helping all people to connect, celebrate traditions and be inspired to capture meaningful moments in their lives. Anything that detracts from this purpose, is not who we are. Very admirable! However, this is a very broad statement and Mike Perry has kept the quote very general as to not offend the assumed LGBTQ group he was really speaking of. Lastly we all have free will, and can choose to make the right choice or the wrong choice. For Mike Perry to go back on his word was the wrong choice. But Christians are commanded not to judge but to "love our neighbor". So we have the right to support or not to support corporations that go against the very heart of our Creator.
J Chailer Send email
Dec 19, 2019

Queer Content

Dear Hallmark

I saw where Helen DeGeneres said wake up it is 2020.

But guess what, this gay activist does not control the TV remotes like the Million Moms do!!!!!!!!!!!!

Perhaps you should talk to one of your bigger sponsors like Balsam-Hill who will not be getting their message out to all of us who are no longer watching Hallmark channels because of the disgusting commercials.

Remember add money depends on viewership and yours has shrunk considerably!!!!!!!!
William Fricks Send email
Dec 18, 2019

Same sex ads

We have watched Hallmark for years. Your family friendly movies have been a delight. Unfortunately, with your change toward Sex sex ads and movies I can no longer watch your channel. Very disappointing. Seems like this is a financial decision. In any case I am canceling my Hallmark now channel and turning off the Hallmark Channel 62954
Traditional_American_Family2020 Send email
Dec 18, 2019


I can't believe the ONE channel that's SAFE from the LGBTQ agenda, just caved in to them. You state you're for traditional American values and that you're family friendly for viewers of all ages, clearly not! I really hope losing the majoirty of your viewers that have ABSOLUTELY 0% INTEREST in seeing this kind of material is worth it!
H I H Send email
Dec 17, 2019


If Hallmark yields to the lgbtq community then we will stop watching as will many of our friends!
Hallmark is one of the only pure Christian tv programs to watch. Shame on you if you do.
Torie Renee Send email
Dec 17, 2019

Deserting Christian values

Due to your decision to forgo the Christian values the Hallmark trademark originally stood for and has now decided to support the LGBT platform, I will no longer be watching the movie channels and I am cancelling my Hallmark ecards membership. I am disappointed in this decision, but not surprised- it takes people with strong moral fortitude and I find very few businesses have that anymore. Money always wins- it makes me sad for all of you.
Saltyideasforyou Send email
Dec 17, 2019

I’m perfect and so are my children

I just feel like if people aren’t living their life exactly like me they’re going to hell and I don’t want to even think about that let alone see it. I don’t mean to be negative and whiny and hypocritical and self-righteous and judgy and I definitely am not going to waste my productive and moral time complaining about one representation of love, but my children are on the verge of making horrible choices about their sexuality and it’s imperative they do not see two same sex people in love not even for 60 seconds. It could push them over the heaven cliff into hell. But they never would because they are good Christian children and I do not have time to abandon them emotionally and physically and financially anyway even if they were to be persuaded to choose hell. But I will. Because god is good. And so am I. And there is nothing more atrocious going on in the world than your commercial. Not starving children, rape, murder, genocide, religious persecution. NOTHING IS WORSE.

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