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Roxie7 Send email
Sep 7, 2020

No longer wholesome

For as long as I can remember Hallmark was a safe station to watch. This is no longer the case I am disappointed I can no longer watch this station as you have sold out to the distruction of the family friendly viewing to a smaller percentage of viewers.
leroygraunke Send email
Jul 18, 2020

Gay/Lesbian mivies

Very disappointed in Hallmark.The majority of the viewers have enjoyed family friendly, moral movies and shows.However they've now caved to a small group of gay/lesbisan community.It's very sad to see this change.The majority of their viewers either will boycott Hallmark channel, or just won't watch the gay/ lesbian movies.Hallmark will see their viewer numbers drop dramatically.
Marla Kirkland-Martin Send email
Jul 15, 2020

Homosexual content

I just finished watching Love Under the Olive Tree. I am so upset that Hallmark has decided to add homosexuality to their movies. I have always been a dedicated Hallmark watcher. No longer! Hallmark has held to traditional and Christian values and I have been able to watch these movies with my children. I will no longer be able to. You have made a huge mistake and will lose lots of viewers since your main audience are those that hold to these values. You have buckled to a small number of people and started adding hints of homosexuality and I am sure this is just the beginning. You are trying to desensitize viewers to these sinful relationships. I am very disappointed! I have loved Hallmark for keeping their movies clean and I am sickened after watching this movie.
Pjburland Send email
Feb 15, 2020

Movie content

I have been watching Hallmark channel for years and last night you chose to now change your format to include homosexual couples. Your station has always represented family values and stayed out of political talking points. But now I have to walk away from your station as you have now chosen to be political. It saddens my heart but now I need to do what I feel is right for me and my family. I will be deleting all Hallmark movies and will no longer subscribe. When you decide to take politics out of your programming I will come back as a viewer.
Joseph Tunkel Send email
Jan 7, 2020


Not watching any more
young459 Send email
Dec 30, 2019


Just get a separate Hallmark Christmas station. Stopping regular programming for over 2 months, then in July, etc. Ruins anyone returning to Hallmark for regular programming. The truth is we can find this else where year round.
The plots are all the same.
The day they start, I don't even click on either Hallmark station till mid January.
And the fact is - no one Christmas is as happy as Hallmark wants us to believe. How about some true Christmas plots. People don't have things work out, they don't fall in love, they go their separate ways, people are alone on Christmas. Your movies' are never going to happen to anyone. Just start showing, Christmas with tears, not fake joy.
asa31 Send email
Dec 23, 2019

Caving On Not Keeping Wholesome Movies

The complaints here about Hallmark caving in to LGBTQ and abandoning their wholesome format have been put in the wrong place. This is NOT the OFFICIAL and REAL Hallmark Customer Service website. That site is:

Note that "complaintSboard" has an "S" in it.

The website here is without an "S" ("complaintboard").

I expect that Hallmark pays much less attention - and gives less weight - to comments here.
These comments need to go there to there OFFICIAL CUSTOMER SERVICE site.. Many of the comments that are on the REAL Customer Service website are SUPPORTING Hallmark's caving in.
catcan104 Send email
Dec 21, 2019


The real issue here is Hallmark's definition of love and family. Hallmark thinks that they are hurting LGBTQ groups by not supporting the "loving relationship" of these two females in the commercial. What we have to determine is the true defintion of love and family. Our foundation has been built on the sacrifice of Jesus Christ's love for everyone of us 2000 years ago. Whether you believe in this Man or not. This is a love that is true, pure and everlasting. We can love because He first loved us. We all can experience this love if we allow ourselves to submit to His life in our hearts. It's when we have not given ourselves to the life of Jesus that the world's definition of love and families becomes distorted. Loving another woman or loving another man in itself is not wrong, but when loving the same sex in a homosexual way that is truly an abomination! This is not love as defined in the Bible or a marriage, a sacred union between one man and one woman. God's word says so. This world has lost the true meaning of love and family! This world was built on the family nucleus as defined in the Bible. The physical family is the most important building block to human society, it should be nurtured and protected. "A celebration of love" as defined by Mike Chi of Zola is not "of God. There is no other truth. Again, you may believe this or not. It does not change the truth. Mike Perry quotes "helping all people to connect, celebrate traditions and be inspired to capture meaningful moments in their lives. Anything that detracts from this purpose, is not who we are. Very admirable! However, this is a very broad statement and Mike Perry has kept the quote very general as to not offend the assumed LGBTQ group he was really speaking of. Lastly we all have free will, and can choose to make the right choice or the wrong choice. For Mike Perry to go back on his word was the wrong choice. But Christians are commanded not to judge but to "love our neighbor". So we have the right to support or not to support corporations that go against the very heart of our Creator.
J Chailer Send email
Dec 19, 2019

Queer Content

Dear Hallmark

I saw where Helen DeGeneres said wake up it is 2020.

But guess what, this gay activist does not control the TV remotes like the Million Moms do!!!!!!!!!!!!

Perhaps you should talk to one of your bigger sponsors like Balsam-Hill who will not be getting their message out to all of us who are no longer watching Hallmark channels because of the disgusting commercials.

Remember add money depends on viewership and yours has shrunk considerably!!!!!!!!
William Fricks Send email
Dec 18, 2019

Same sex ads

We have watched Hallmark for years. Your family friendly movies have been a delight. Unfortunately, with your change toward Sex sex ads and movies I can no longer watch your channel. Very disappointing. Seems like this is a financial decision. In any case I am canceling my Hallmark now channel and turning off the Hallmark Channel 62954
Traditional_American_Family2020 Send email
Dec 18, 2019


I can't believe the ONE channel that's SAFE from the LGBTQ agenda, just caved in to them. You state you're for traditional American values and that you're family friendly for viewers of all ages, clearly not! I really hope losing the majoirty of your viewers that have ABSOLUTELY 0% INTEREST in seeing this kind of material is worth it!
H I H Send email
Dec 17, 2019


If Hallmark yields to the lgbtq community then we will stop watching as will many of our friends!
Hallmark is one of the only pure Christian tv programs to watch. Shame on you if you do.
Torie Renee Send email
Dec 17, 2019

Deserting Christian values

Due to your decision to forgo the Christian values the Hallmark trademark originally stood for and has now decided to support the LGBT platform, I will no longer be watching the movie channels and I am cancelling my Hallmark ecards membership. I am disappointed in this decision, but not surprised- it takes people with strong moral fortitude and I find very few businesses have that anymore. Money always wins- it makes me sad for all of you.
Saltyideasforyou Send email
Dec 17, 2019

I’m perfect and so are my children

I just feel like if people aren’t living their life exactly like me they’re going to hell and I don’t want to even think about that let alone see it. I don’t mean to be negative and whiny and hypocritical and self-righteous and judgy and I definitely am not going to waste my productive and moral time complaining about one representation of love, but my children are on the verge of making horrible choices about their sexuality and it’s imperative they do not see two same sex people in love not even for 60 seconds. It could push them over the heaven cliff into hell. But they never would because they are good Christian children and I do not have time to abandon them emotionally and physically and financially anyway even if they were to be persuaded to choose hell. But I will. Because god is good. And so am I. And there is nothing more atrocious going on in the world than your commercial. Not starving children, rape, murder, genocide, religious persecution. NOTHING IS WORSE.
Ashley Allen Send email
Dec 17, 2019


Please Hallmark I beg of you to stop putting anything controversial on your channel. Hallmark was one of the few channels I watched and now I feel like I can no longer support a channel that so openly opposes what I stand for. Are there no conservatives on your team fighting for our viewpoint? I could be wrong but I bet the majority of your audience are conservative females. I wonder what Candace Cameron Bure will think of all this. I was so heartbroken and disappointed by your decision. Please stick to your original policies. If you don't I guarantee you will lose many viewers. I am praying for you.
Tom345 Send email
Dec 17, 2019

Failure to Uphold Values

William J Abbott
Crown Media

Dear Sir

I like many other deep fans of the Hallmark Channel are very disappointed in the stance you have taken.
You have caved in to the 1% of people who, quite frankly, do not even watch or are interested in Hallmark's movies and programs. You have given disproportionate credence to the 1% who dominate social media and forgotten the vast majority of your audience who look to Hallmark for family-oriented, non leftist pressurized programs. Not only is this blatant cowardice, but it is business stupidity and suicide.

This decision will only come back to bite you. In this day and age where giant companies fall and can be wiped out in an instanct, your lack of wisdom and careful reflection on your true audience has started your downhill slide.

I, like many other Hallmark fans will begin by cancelling our subscriptions. The Hallmark brand was built on the values and beliefs of wholesome family entertainment which are held by most American families. These have been distorted in the Social Media by those who diverge from these values and claim that they are held by most Americans. In your fearful attempt to avoid political controversy you have forgotten these values and beliefs which are entrenched in your brand, a brand that has now been tarnished by your failure to uphold them.

A company survives on its customers--a lesson that you seem to have forgotten by cowtowing to the 1% rabble who is so disproportionately represented on social media. Look only for the value of your brand now to decline as those like myself had turned to your channel as one of the last bastions of true family morality.

It is time for those entrepreneurs who have the courage, fortitude and resources to face down the leftist rabble to pick up where Hallmark has failed. Perhaps a reader of this commentary.
J Chailer Send email
Dec 16, 2019


Fourth time to try to submit this - you obviously do not want negative comments!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was relieved when I read in the Sunday paper that the ZOLA adds had been dropped. Then today I saw that Crown-Media had caved to the LGBT ( a group that makes up a very small percent of the US population).

My family watches very little regular broadcasting because of the horrible content. We watched the Hallmark channels because of the conservative nature of the programming.

When I saw the ZOLA commercial I immediately turned to the History channel. I will not return to the Hallmark channels until I am assured that my family will not again be subjected to such disgusting content in the show or from your advertisers.

I think you will lose more viewership from conservatives, Christians and family people than you will gain from such disgusting content!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
brightmusic Send email
Dec 16, 2019

Disappointed on your Zola ad reversal

I was very disappointed that Hallmark reversed their decision on showing the Zola commercial. This would have never been an issue if Hallmark would have stuck to their original platform and never aired it to begin with. The reason your channel has been successful in the past is because it was different from any other station. By changing your viewing material makes this channel no different than any other channel and does not give you a competitive edge. I hope Hallmark changes their decision and views on this topic in the future.
SherryHarelson Send email
Dec 16, 2019

Featuring same sex couples

One reason I have always watched the Hallmark channel is because it is a clean family friendly channel. I will quit watching this channel if they promote same sex relationships! If you feel you must support same sex relationships I suggest you give them their own channel. There are X-rated channels for X-rated movies. You need to have a channel for same sex couples instead of forcing this lifestyle on a conservative audience!
What are you thinking!!!!!
Repent America Send email
Dec 16, 2019

What’s wrong being family-friendly?

Once again, another formerly respectable company has caved to the secular crowd that is trying (and succeeding) in destroying America.
What is next Hallmark - a gay Joseph, lesbian Mary, and baby Jesus who grows up to be bi-sexual? How about pornography? That is a great family value too, correct?
I don’t believe in discrimination against anyone. Defending Jude’s-Christian precepts is nothing to apologize for and it is certainly not discriminatory. How is it that the secular crowd which champions tolerance has no respect for anyone who believe in orthodox Judeo-Christian views?
Boycott Hallmark and all of the other corporations led by cowardly executives who respect only the dollar.
silvertogold Send email
Dec 16, 2019

clean Television - stop with the gay programming

My sentiments are shared by the majority on this board....

I have enjoyed the Hallmark Chanel for the programming content over the years which did NOT include LGBT / Homosexuality / same sex relationships...etc.

The culture and morality of yesterday is deeply threatened by the tolerance and dare I say encouragement of the extremist minority that will do anything and everything to change the landscape in their favor.

Please do not bow to this behavior. With todays extraordinary accessibility to various communication portals (internet, messaging, television, radio, satellite radio, etc), there are plenty of outlets for this type of content. So why would you (Hallmark) take a tried and true format and ruin it by caving to the very few. All your doing is pushing your long term customer base away.

Hollywood has been infiltrated by the LGBT (and sympathizer) community and as such, is destroying television programming.
It is very difficult to find programming that is clean (no foul language, no political bashing, no gay content, etc) - you WERE one of the few remaining channels we could go to.

PLEASE stay strong and continue to provide the content that made you the channel you are (were).
DennisL Send email
Dec 16, 2019

Stop catering to vocal minority

I am thrilled to see Hallmark not buckle under the so-called politically correct social pressure of the beyond-crazy radical anarchists who ascribe to society’s moral decay, and call it “progress”. Far from it, and the otherwise-silent majority needs to get loud and put these wackos back in their place. I’m just fine with whatever someone does in their own lives, but I will not tolerate the perverse and immoral becoming mainstream when my kids are involved. They love watching Hallmark, and I love that Hallmark is a bastion against these deviants. OBTW, for the folks quoting chapter and verse...did you have to look those up? Bet so, as anyone using the Bible to defend the LGBQEIEIO agenda is seriously lacking in faith or understanding. Try reading Leviticus 18/22 and 20/13...let me know how that goes for you.
Truenice Send email
Dec 16, 2019


I love the Hallmark movies and I am ..... wait for it .... I am a LESBIAN oh no!!!!
I like wholesome and good, I go to work in a school... and come home to my kids. Stop trying to make others out to be bad people with comprised values. People are people, good and bad across every community.
It makes me sick that you are hiding behind “morality” as a way to hate on others and the people they love.
Live your life, you are no better! If you don’t like something- turn the channel!!!
ursula4983 Send email
Dec 15, 2019

Pulling of ad

I vehemently denounce your decision to pull the lesbian ad. You bowed to a hate group and it is disgusting. No more Hallmark channel, Christmas cards, ornaments or any purchase associated with Hallmark. Trust me, Facebook will be in fire with protests!
sdbhm65 Send email
Dec 12, 2019

Promotion of homosexuality

My granddaughter and I have been watching the Cookie Matchup on Hallmark Drama. We love these type of shows, but have found it hard to watch the ones on Food Network due to inappropriate commercials and openly gay contestants. I chose this show thinking we would be safe from having that lifestyle crammed down our throat. Wrong! On the finale, one baker was talking about what he and his boyfriend will do with the money if he wins. What happened to Christian, family programming? Hallmark Channels were the only ones I felt safe having on at any time. Now, you are airing commercials with lesbians kissing, openly gay contestants on baking shows and I understand you may start showing movies with gay characters. Are you a Christian based, family programming company or are you not? Take a stand or lose millions of viewers!!! So, so disappointed in you!

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