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Consumer complaints and reviews about HERTZ ITALIANA SPA ROMA

mimma Send email
Jun 23, 2020

traffic ticket

I rented a car from hertz in Italy in august 2017 and in the months of October 2017 there where 4 charges of 30.50 EUR on my VISA and one charge of 30.5 EUR in the months of January 2018 I did not dispute the charges but now I received a formal Notice And Warning from the lawyer acting on behalf of Nivi S.P.A. special Attorney of the Municipality of CORPO DI POLIZIA MUNICIPALE DI FIRENZE TO PAY 297.45 EUR each violation.
is it possible that hertz pocket the money by not paying the fines?
amalia pacelli Send email
May 6, 2020

addebito sulla mia carta di credito senza giustificazione ne avviso

Ho affidato nel mese di febbraio una vostra vettura presso la vostra filiale di lido di camaiore e purtroppo ho commesso una piccola violazione registrata da un apparecchiatura a posto fisso nel comune di pietrasanta dopodiché la vostra agenzia me la ha notificata dicendo di aspettare l invio del verbale. Io nel frattempo sono andata all estero e al ritorno a Roma , mia residenza, sono dovuta stare in quarantena e oltre alla vostra lettera non ho più ricevuto altre notifiche. Adesso voi mi avete ritirato per mezzo del numero della mia carta di credito, senza neppure avermi dato la briga di avvertirmi, 31 euro, la qual cosa trovo molto scorretta da parte vostra, inoltre al numero customer care non rispondete, ma evidentemente c'e' qualcuno nei vostri uffici che si da la briga di far queste cose.
Spero proprio di non dover più affittare in futuro un'autovettura dalla vostra compagnia e mi aspetto una giustificazione scritta da parte vostra di questo prelievo che mi dovreste rimborsare. Amalia Pacelli
agaeta Send email
Jan 9, 2020

Broke down first day, charged out the wazoo

Rented a 9 passenger van on 12/21/2019 for a one week rental. Engine went out same day they gave it to me. Called roadside assistance, said they couldn't help me until the next day. Left me stranded on the side of the road. Tow driver came following day to tow away van. Never heard from Hertz again. They just left me stranded in a foreign country. No one from roadside assistance could give me any answers, the rental location never answered their phone or returned my voicemail messages. I had the van less than 12 hours out of a one week rental. Imagine my shock, after the left me stranded in another country, to receive an email bill on 12/28 not only charging me for the one week rental, but also hundreds in extra charges for "not returning to pick up location" and not filling with gas- neither of which was possible as it broke down same day and they towed away the next! Still no response, called Hertz billing, said they'd get back with me in 3-5 business days with resolution and refund... haven't heard anything. Have proof of all this, so filed dispute with credit card issuer today. This is blatant theft and fraud.
vmoss Send email
Jan 5, 2020

unauthorized charge

I rented a car from HERTZ ITALIANA SPA ROMA in Firenze in September, and returned it in 2 days without any damage. Just now, I found a charge of $34 added to my card on December 30! I have not authorized the charge, and would like it to be rolled back ASAP, with apologies.
janusz Send email
Dec 6, 2019

No Return of Deposit

Unfortunately, I read this too late after already having rented a car through Hertz ( Dollar ) in Rome.
My account stil remains blocked to the tune of approx 230 Euro.

The car was returned undamaged and I had also bought the premium insurance which I was told would cover any damages incurred by me. The charge for the rental has been booked - which was in any case quite high - yet still the deposit remains blocked on my account.

I am told by that thay have 28 days to respond to their filed complaint fo rme and 28 days to return the money.

After reading this blog, I doubt this will occur. In the end I have paid about 500 EUR to use a car for three days... Yippee !

Does anyone know of a court case impending against them and which one can joint file ?
Cathy Scollo Send email
Nov 25, 2019

Hertz Spa Roma

We are adding to this complaint list. Please consider not using Hertz while in Italy--looks like a well used scam. We also hired our car from Hertz Catania Sicily on 30th of July 2019. The car returned with a full tank and in pristine condition.

The attendant confirmed this and told us we had no extra charges to pay.

We see that Hertz has now charged us $50.52 au. on the 11th of November 2019. We will seeking a refund from our card provider.
Buonoed12 Send email
Nov 3, 2019

Hertz Spa Italia ripoff

We rented a van in Florence and returned to Centre City Rome in early October. We returned in pristine condition with a full tank of diesel. I just noticed my statement today to find a surprise $32+ charge from Hertz Italia Spa. WTF. I will not stand for this criminal bullying. I will contact Visa and Hertz where I am a presidents circle member. These dirt bags who are levying these charges must be stomped out. This is a disgusting criminal practice that I and others will not tolerate. Let’s band together. These bullies will be stopped
Buonoed12 Send email
Nov 3, 2019

Hertz spa Italia

I returned our Hertz rental in Rome after picking up in Florence 6 days earlier. We paid all our own tolls and brought back in pristine condition and with a full tank of Diesel. As a surprise we were greeted with a 32+ USD charge on our Visa. I will dispute the charge with Visa as well as Hertz where I am a President Circle member. This criminal bullying must stop by these pikers. I will not stop with this crusade until I am refunded and I stomp out this dirty criminal practice. Let’s join together and close out these thieves!!!!!
SusanC Send email
Oct 23, 2019


Same issue, I rented a car in August from Hertz, returned it to Bologna airport with a full tank and no damage but 2 charges of 30.50euro are charged to my credit card and both processed on the same day.
I have not received any explanination what these charges are for.

Their customer service at Pisa was appalling but this is unbelievable.
Im reporting this to my credit card company and hopefully Hertz will explain what these charges are for, and refund them immediately.

I expect professional service but this appears to be fraudulent.
GDN Send email
Oct 20, 2019


After returning the car with a full tank and no damages (MILAN Central Station) and being told that I don't need to pay anything else I get a charge on my debit card (the car was rented from website rentalcars and everything is already paid there):



Let this collection be explained be HERZ!!!!
rmronald Send email
Oct 20, 2019

excess charge

We have been charged AU$51.12 on 25 Sep extra to car hire paid for in July. Car was returned full of fuel and with no damage. Please explain and/or refund otherwise I will contact Department of Fair Trading.
rmronald Send email
Oct 20, 2019

excess charge

We were charged AU$51.12 on 25 Sep - Hertz Italiana Spa Roma. What is this for please?
Car was returned full of fuel and with no damages.
This will be reported to Department of Consumer Affairs if not resolved and/or refunded.

M Ronald
[email protected]
Gou Send email
Oct 8, 2019

unauthorized charge

Same complaints of most people wrote here. I got a charge of $30.50 from Hertz Italina SPA with no explanation on my VISA card , Please email me with specific details.
JB Russell Send email
Sep 13, 2019

unauthorized charges on credit card

My story is identical to so many others. On July 6th I rented a car from Hertz at the Rome Termini train station for one day. Returned it without damages or road infractions and with a full tank of gas. Two months later Hertz Italiana Spa made two deductions of 30.50€ each from my card with no explanation or justification. I contacted customer service several times and have had on response. This is called theft. Totally unacceptable from anyone much less a brand as well know as Hertz. It's nice to complain, but this has clearly been going on for years and nothing has been done about it.
Nano Send email
Aug 21, 2019

unauthorized charge Rental Agreement n°34/5817555

On June 12, I rented a car at Hertz, Malpensa Airport, Milan.

I returned it in the same place, with a tank full of fuel and without any damage on July 6.
Nor did I receive any infraction in the period I leased the car.

On August 7 I received a charge in my CC for 31,16 EUR and on August 14 a second charge for 31 EUR.
For none of these charges I have received any explanation which forces me to block my CC for fraudulent charges.

The company that performs the charge is Hertz Italiana Spa

Fernando Klein
Stark driver Send email
Aug 4, 2019

Hertz Italian Spa

I rented a car from Hertz at Fiumichino Airport 5/30/19 in Rome and returned it 6/9/19 with full tank of gas and no damages. I did not incur any traffic violations. On 08/02/19, two months later, I get an unauthorized, unexplained charge on my Visa from Hertz Italiana Spa Roma for $33.84. Hertz reservation # J0122807744

Please provide explanation for this charge. I am disputing this with my CC company as well.

Hilda R Stark
[email protected] Send email
Jun 14, 2019

Hertz Ineptness

Last September I rented a car from Hertz to drive from Venice up and around the Veneto, returning the car in Verona. In December I get an administrative charge of 30.5 Euros on my CC, which Hertz claimed was in regard to a traffic violation. When I got the actual traffic violation it stated the time of the incident, which was prior to me actually having the car! When I prove this to Hertz, they withdrew the administrative charge, but to this date have failed to inform the Italian authorities of their error. I am still working with them and the Italian authorities on this Hertz screw-up. If there is anyone in the Italian authorities anyone can recommend contacting, or in Hertz to get them to correct their error, please advise.

Apparently so many others have fallen prey to Hertz's ineptitude or outright abuse that I will definitely think twice before I ever rent from them again.
wojsur Send email
Jan 30, 2019

Extra charge

I rented a car from Hertz September 2018. I returned the rented car with a full tank, without any damage after 5 days, I get a charge of $31.00 from Hertz Italina SPA with no explanation on my VISA card , nearly 3 months after I returned a car. Please email me with specific details. why did you charge extras 3 montht after?
Dionisia Sambinello Send email
Jan 24, 2019

unauthorized charge

Same complaints of most people wrote here. I rented a car from Hertz September 2018. I returned the rented car with a full tank, without any damage but on January 16, 2019, I get a charge of $30.50 from Hertz Italina SPA with no explanation on my VISA card , nearly 4 months after I returned a car. Please email me with specific details. why did you charge extras 5 month after?
kdem505896 Send email
Jan 4, 2019

unauthorized charge

I had the same experience, with a charge of $34.88 two months after returning home. If it is indeed an Admin fee for turning information over to the police, did anybody on this thread receive traffic violation tickets afterwards, and how much were they for?
kdem505896 Send email
Jan 4, 2019

unauthorised charge

Same as all above. Paid in full in September, was charged $34.88 in November. After further researching on the web, it appears this may be a fee for providing Italian authorities with info to charge for a traffic violation? Did anybody on this thread later receive a traffic violation from Italy?
Also, why isn't Hertz responding to any of these posts?
Gabriella Z Send email
Nov 25, 2018

Hertz Italia Spa

Same exact thing just happened to me. Traveled to Italy in August. Returned August 31 and all checked out with Hertz car. Full tank, no damage, all checked out. We paid all appropriate tolls while there. Now, 3 months later there are 2 charges, a week apart for $34 and change for Hertz Italia Spa. I called my credit card company and having them disputed.

Truly despicable behavior on the part of this company. We actually had so many problems with them while booking our car. Stay away from them. Please continue to write about any resolutions to this.
Oct 16, 2018

Unauthorized Charge

I have the same issue as several of the above mentioned: recently October 2018 - €30.5 was deducted from my Visa, without explanation or warning - 3 months after the car rental July '18. If the above litany of complaints is any indication, and it is - Hertz Italiana SPA (Tiburtina) is running an ongoing SCAM, deducting unauthorized monies from clients months after the rental was complete and the vehicle returned - in our case: with a full tank of gas and inspected and signed off as without defects - This is very disturbing and unfortunate, as we were very happy with all our dealings with Hertz Italiana SPA Tiburtina and would have used their services in the future.


jerearl Send email
Oct 9, 2018

hertz italiana charge

Same thing with us. We visited from USA and rented a car that we returned in Rome. 5 months later...similar charge. luckily my Credit Card company obliged with disputing the charge but someone needs to do something about this company and this shady practice. Hertz has a good reputation here but i'll think twice about using them again.
Damien Wallbank Send email
Oct 8, 2018

Unauthorized credit card charges

I have been charged approximately 30 euros for something by Hertz Italia, I have not received any notification as to what these charges are for, espescially since my car rental was 4 months ago. Please email me with specific details.

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