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Sweetpea12 Send email
Jan 24, 2016


I have a question. I went to court and the Apartment complex told me that I owe 1,700. I didn't have the money then but I do now. I called the Collection Agency (because it went to collections) and they told me they want 2,850 because that's what I owe. They said that I signed some document but they fail to prove it to me. What should I do? I'm afraid if I pay the court 1,700 I'm still going to have "not paid" on my credit. Can I dispute this?
Look At Yourself Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Harassing Phone Calls

My GOD Holt! You keep acting like an ignorant person. It doesn't matter to me if you are a man or woman, you're STILL clueless and your advice is FULL of holes. Calling me a "nut job" shows how dumb you REALLY are because it's people like you that get sued for stupidity. I KNOW FACTS when it comes to working inside the industry. You apparently don't.

First, when it comes to apartment lease debt most of the time the debt is proven unless the client lost the file which does happen sometimes. In that case the account can't be collected and would have to be removed from the consumers credit report because there is no way of verifying the debt.

Also if the debt is out of statue of limitations (every State is different) than it can't be collected but it will stay on your credit until it falls off after 7 years. If you DO pay even a penny on the account that is SOL then every thing starts over again meaning it will be on your credit for another 7 years and it would be legally allowed to be collected.

Second, the consumer HAS EVERY right to tell the collection agency to go away and try to deal with the original creditor directly. I am not disagreeing with you there. What your pea brain FAILS to realize is that when you do 9 times out of 10 the original creditor in this case the apt complex will send you right back to the CA they hired. So you are lying and don't know what you're talking about. It happened to me several times. Maybe it happens with other types of debt but when it comes to delinquent leases most of the time they (apt complexes) WON'T deal with you unless it's a special circumstance like a mistake made on the bill. AGAIN this does happen but NOT the majority of the time.

Third, a consumer has EVERY right to send the CA in writing to stop contacting them. Psst...the word is spelled "D e s i s t" NOT "D e c i s t". AGAIN I don't disagree with you they have that right BUT you fail to understand when you do that there could be consequences and you risk hurting your credit.

Fourth, yes if you don't want a CA calling you all the time you definitely have the right to send them a "Cease and Desist" letter in writing but ONLY a FOOL would send it regular mail. They could always say they NEVER got it (which has happen to me a couple of times) or the fax could get lost.

The way you do it is through CERTIFIED MAIL because that way you have a signed document from them showing proof they got it, so if they call you that is a violation and they're breaking the law. I helped a neighbor one time with this and sure enough the agencies we send the letter to ended up paying her because they called her after receiving the CERTIFIED C&D letter. Notice Holt how your advice is missing important details?

Finally, remember if you do send these collection agencies a C&D letter they have EVERY right to proceed in anyway legally they can to obtain the money owed. This means you could be sued once their client approves it but then again people like Holt would rather you get sued and pay attorney fees than to do the responsible thing and just pay your bill.

If you don't believe what I am saying then try it. Anyone who owes an apt lease right now go ahead and call the apt complex, (you'll see ESPECIALLY with this company HWI) they (apt complex) will send you right back to them. That is FACT mam, sir whatever, it doesn't matter.

I have seen all types of people get sued for their ignorance and stupidity. Sadly in the end they pay more in court costs and attorney fees above what they originally owed. Why? Because they follow the advice of people like Holt.

It all comes down to READING WHAT YOU SIGNED and STOP making excuses for the decisions you all make. I am NOT saying CA's are innocent either, some sadly have to be shutdown for breaking laws which I DON'T condone and have stated many times on these message boards but that doesn't mean every CA is shady. It still comes down to YOU as a consumer to make sure you have done your due diligence in being responsible and protecting yourself and NOT act like a victim 100% of the time when you know you owe the debt.
Look At Yourself Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Harassing Phone Calls

Just to show you how misleading Holt is on certain things, her quote on her original post was:

"It doesn't matter if the creditor has hired the CA or they bought the debt or whatever the case may be. The FCRA laws give the debtor the right to not deal with a CA in any way shape or form . . . . . . . You have the right to deal with the creditor directly."

Here is some resource info which backs up what I posted unlike Holt who just says anything. Go to this website:

Now if you scroll down a little bit you will see the following statements:

What if a collection agency has bought the debt?

The agency then BECOMES the creditor for most purposes. The debtor will NOT be able to make ANY negotiations with the original creditor. The agency might be technically able to file a lawsuit against the debtor, (although this is not likely.)

However, the Federal Trade Commission has issued a Staff Opinion Letter which indicates that, even if a collection agency has purchased a debt, it is still covered under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act as a "third-party debt collector."

What about the relevant time limits?

The debt does not become some kind of "new" debt just because of being sold. For example, the seven-year credit reporting time limit is still based on the original delinquency date with the original creditor. The statute of limitations for filing lawsuits is also based on that same date. These limits can not be legitimately "reset" by a collection agency that has bought the debt.

HOWEVER, the statute of limitations may possibly be reset if the debtor makes a specific promise to pay, or a partial payment.

Is there any way to make them stop calling?

". . . . . . . the consumer can just send a third-party collection agency a written notice (preferably citing the FDCPA), ordering them to stop the collection letters and calls, and the agency is legally obligated to comply. The only permissible contact thereafter is to notify the debtor of specific "remedies, " like legal action, but usually the collectors won't even bother. (Note: HWI DOES)

If the creditor hasn't yet made a decision on whether or not to file a lawsuit, then that decision may be made at this point, rather than being delayed.

After a "cease and desist" notice from the consumer, the debt may then be returned to the original creditor, passed on to another third-party agency, or simply filed away, depending on the circumstances. The agency may STILL report the account to the credit bureaus.
Look At Yourself Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Harassing Phone Calls

Here is more information on sending a cease and desist and what the ramifications are of sending one.

Scroll down a little and you will see the following statement:

"When A Cease And Desist Letter Is Not Appropriate"?

If a debt collector is sending you a bill and its an accurate bill, your cease and desist letter probably WON'T do much. Sure, they may leave you alone for a month while they gather evidence of the debt, but chances are pretty good that they haven't gone anywhere.

If the debt is accurate and you do owe it, your best option would be to try and settle the debt for pennies on the dollar and an improved credit rating. Collection agencies are in this business to make a buck, so you'd be surprised how often they DO settle debts for less and promise to remove the item from your credit reports as well. They want money pure and simple.

If you do work with a collector on settling the debt, be sure everything is done in writing and sent certified mail. If you agree to pay the debt and they agree to accept less, then they should have no problem putting it in writing for you. If they refuse, chances are they will not abide by their promise to remove the debt from your credit reports.
Holt77 Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Harassing Phone Calls

Wow, you are truly a nutjob "Look at Yourself" and you don't even take your own advice. You also assume I'm a man, which earlier you should have detected I am not when I mentioned my husband, you moron. You claim that apt complexes have sued your friends. Well, that's perfectly legal and it's their right to do that IF they can prove the debt is owed and get a court judgment against the debtor in small claims court. Afterall, they are the original creditor, as I mentioned. Your rant had nothing to do with a Collection Agency or CA, as you term them. The debtor or consumer has every right to tell the CA where to go and to stop contacting them, so that they can deal with the creditor directly ie; Apt Complex or whatever created the debt. It doesn't matter if the creditor has hired the CA or they bought the debt or whatever the case may be. The FCRA laws give the debtor the right to not deal with a CA in any way shape or form.
So people, if you're reading this and you're being harrassed by any collection agency, read up on your rights through the Fair Credit Reporting Act and tell them to get lost and stop contacting you. Send them something called a Cease and Decist Letter. You have the right to deal with the creditor directly. If you do indeed owe a debt and it can be proven and documented that you owe the debt, then pay the original creditor and not the collection agency. I'm not saying to shirk your legal obligations, but you do not have to deal with collection agencies at all.
Don't listen to idiots like LAY who has no idea what the FCRA offers to consumers.
Have a great day and I hope I've helped lessen your stress a little in dealing with these collectors.
Holt77 Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Harassing Phone Calls

Oh, one more thing. The Cease and Decist letter MUST be sent in writing, either regular mail or FAX. Get the CA to acknowledge they got it. Once they do, they won't contact you any more. If they do, they are in violation and you can sue them for damages. They know this and are careful not to break the law.
Many CA's have lost their business license for breaking this law and it is there to protect consumers. Use it!
Look At Yourself Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Harassing Phone Calls

And in case you don't believe me take a look at this article:
Lberardi63 Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Harassing Phone Calls

I moved from my apartment at Walden Ridge in November of 2009. I followed everything the leasing agents told me to and I left the apartment in exceptional condition. Not a month later I started receiving harassing phone calls from an inconspicuous collection agency every single day since December of 2009. At first I took the call to see what garbage WR gave them and the guy on the phone started to talk to me as if I was scum of the earth and "threatened" me with lawsuits and other scare tactics to get me to pay up. First of all, I do not owe WR a cent. I gave them my notice and I cleaned AND painted the apartment. They didn't want to listen to me and I told them to cease and desist any more harassing phone calls and they will not stop.
Look At Yourself Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Harassing Phone Calls

Mr. Holt:

Why do you continuing talking? You hate collection agencies but yet if it wasn't for those companies we would all pay more for the deadbeats who don't pay.

As for your statements that a debtor could deal with the creditor directly instead of the CA. AGAIN another myth spewed by people like you who hate CA's. Most often then not the original creditor will send you back to the collection agency because they were legally hired to collect for them. I had it happen to me several times.

As for my statements when it comes to being sued those are NOT threats those are FACTS sir. If you refuse to pay some collection agencies and debt purchasers have the right to take you to court and get judgment on you.

Most of HWI's clients do sue their former tenants when they refuse to pay and oh by he way they are NOT my company. I have friends who work there and that is how I know. I had a friend of mine a single mom with three kids get sued by her former apt complex. So unlike you I know for a fact what can be done and what can't. THAT IS NOT A THREAT.

So before you continue on spewing your MYTHS just remember it's people like you who give wrong advice that end up screwing others.

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