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Consumer complaints and reviews about Huntington Bank

user34605 Send email
Mar 20, 2019

Security/Fraud Department

If Huntington Bank refuses to help customers with Zelle transfers that turn into scams (yes, sometimes people you know and trust don't turn out to be honest), why don't they address this in their Security section of their website. In reviewing complaints against them, this seems to be a big one, yet they do nothing to make the consumer aware. They have a huge security page on their website but no one does it warn you against using Zelle, why? Because they make too much money off of it and don't mind that they take advantage of their customers. We have had this same issue with USAA and they took care of it in 2 days, Chase took care of it for my mother instantly. Obviously Huntington is more concerned about their bottom dollar than taking care of a 20 year customer.
Michael M.Simpson Send email
Jan 18, 2019

Automated customer service 800-480-2265

Your customer service number 800-480-2265 software and prompts have changed and DON'T WORK!!!! I've been using this number to keep track of balances, recent account activity including deposits for several years. However today I tried to connect and your software continually malfunctioned. First I was asked if the number that I was calling from should be used to look up my account? I replied YES! and the same request was repeated but my increasing louder YES! was ignored. The question was repeated and this time I hit the number 1. I was then asked for my SS number which I entered from my phone touch tone pad. The number did not take and I was repeatedly asked to enter it one number at a time which I did several times. I called my local branch and was told that I was the third customer today to call with problems on your system. It was suggested that I call the number again and if it still was acting up dial"0". I did this a few times and nothing happened. I have no idea why the system that has worked for years was changed, modified, or updated to the piece of crap that I dealt with today. I was also quite disappointed that you have no customer service number that connects to an actual human being. No customer service is unacceptable.
SThompson Send email
Aug 27, 2018

Poor customer service

I am attempting to assist my 86 year old father (who just got out of the hospital this last week) in closing a 'line of credit account'. This account was with First Merit bank and was bought by Huntington. When this happened my father attempted to close the account (which had a zero balance) but Huntington told him that he could not close it, but it was the same as closing since the balance was zero. Now he can not sell his home because this line of credit holds a lien on the property! He has a balance on the account due to two years of account fees being assessed. The worse part is that when I called Huntington, they told me the quickest way to close this account was by going to the local branch. So I called the local branch on Friday, and the young man was helpful. He looked up the account and gave me an appointment for Saturday morning, and said to show up with my father so they could complete paperwork to close this account. At the appointment the lady told us we would have to pay $120 to close the account because she did not have the authority to waive the fees. She gave us the option of returning on Monday and meeting with the branch manager because he could waive the fees. Even though it meant another trip to the bank for my father (which is very tough on him), we agreed to one more trip in order to get the $120 fee waived, and she said she would advise the branch manager that we would be there on Monday. When my husband took my father on Monday, the branch manager indicated he was unaware of the situation and was basically too busy to deal with it today, but he would look into it and my father could return for yet another visit to the branch later this week.
UNBELIEVEABLE ! It would have only took him five minutes to look up the account and resolve this issue, but he just had excuses!, He had 'money to transfer, employees that had called off' and he was just too busy! SO - my father gets to make yet another third trip to the branch and MAYBE it will be resolved, but maybe not. In the meantime, he can't sell his home because of this $120 balance and the lien it has on his property. I understand that Huntington is not motivated to CLOSE accounts, but believe me, it would have benefited them to assist this elderly gentleman, because I will tell everyone to stay away from HUNTINGTON BANK!
Openup54 Send email
Jul 6, 2018

Poor service

Went to ATM last Friday June 29, my card got stuck in the ATM, it didn’t say out of order or anything, there was 2 tellers in the drive through box, I backed my car back and went too the drive up window, told the teller my card was stuck, she asked for ID gave her my drivers license, she had got the card out and she’s looking at the license ad looking at me she then ask if the name was the same on the card and license, told her yes she shock her head no, I said just give me my card, she disappeared for probably 5 minutes, she then pointed to the bay where you send money through but card was not in it, she also was tapping up money and I was still standing there waiting for my card and drivers license, she was playing with me and I don’t like it, guess I look younger than 54, and I have more than 50.00 in your T account, her name was either Brandy, or Carmelita, manager name is Jacqueline Truitt,
Ggm Send email
Feb 7, 2018

Late fees accumulation

Apparently they charge late fees in a sliding schedule. When they took over First Merit they also change account numbers on all accounts so my auto payments were all rejected w a no account number error. So once I finally found out all my payments were applied for the previous months setting me behind monthly for months. Each time they charge a $25.00, next time it's $50 then $75, $100, $125 and so on. Never disclosing the fees like that in the statements. When I finally caught in to their screwing me they said it gets added to end of loan so doesn't show on statement. Is that even legal wtf! Crooks.
macass50 Send email
Dec 28, 2017


Whenever I go online, I have to get a phone call or email with a security code to get into my account. This is ridiculous. I was told how to avoid this but it still happens when I clear my cache out of my computer. You should give your customers the choice if they want to do this or not. I have complained to everyone. When my checks are all used up I will be going to another bank. This is ridiculous.
bnk1252 Send email
Dec 15, 2017


I have banked with Huntington for more than 30 years and have enjoyed banking with them until the past couple of years. The bank located on Northland Blvd, Cincinnati, OH 45244 is REALLY bad. They are not friendly and they continually mix up my account with my sisters account who has my name on hers because she is a widow and I am her closest relative. This last time they made an error they put her deposit into my account. And when I called to let them know they became very defensive and blamed my sister for not writing down her account number for the clerk - who didn't ask for it. My sister had asked for a deposit slip for that purpose but was told Huntington went 'green' and did not use deposit slips anymore. I, however, can still get them at the other locations I use. Regardless, IF they need the account number then they should provide a slip of paper of some kind to write it on. Really frustrating and ridiculous. And of course there was no apology. I will be taking my business elsewhere.
Deanne Frohlich Send email
Sep 27, 2017

Poor manager

My experience was with the north Barrington branch. My advice is find another bank. The tellers are polite. The Bank manager disregarded court orders to uphold power of attorney orders from Cook County Illinois. Instead, the manger took into her hands to close accounts. Funds were dispersed to a documented ward of the court. This disregard caused additional attorney fees. Not only account issues, but also they opened a charge card for someone that was known to them to have cognitive disability. This account took longer that it should have to close. Now they are still charging fees for late charges on an account that should have never been opened. The manager did not return phone calls. This banking situation was very poor.
pisces68 Send email
Sep 13, 2017


I haven't had Huntington too long. Previously, I was with our Credit Union for 29 until they closed our branch and they are in another state. I have had maybe 2 over drafts within those years. I have had more than that here within a year of service. Today just got my goat. Monday, I checked my account and it read -$43.00 over drawn which I ignored. WHY? Usually the next day I have another amount which in this case was $78.00. I transferred funds from another account, Monday, just to be sure. $324.55. Which, after I a charge of $62.00, left me with $17.00. The deposit should have made it $341.55. SURPRISE!! SURPRISE!! It is now reading $200.10. There were over drafts. FROM WHERE. The only reason I get them had to do with incorrect balances on my accounts. It had gotten so bad I keep a note book listing EVERYTHING from deposits to withdrawals of any kind. Friday, I had a positive amount, Monday a negative. Tuesday, it was positive. I use the account based on what my account reads. either on my mobile phone or computer. I do not even know what or how I was overdraft!! I just know I am $141.45 short and do not know how!! Each overdraft happened this way. I check my account before I spend anything. Overdraft today. plus amount the next day. I do not get it.
Tracyp Send email
Apr 15, 2017

Previous First Merit customer

Was with First Merit for over 25 years and not one issue. Since the merger I have had nothing but issues. Besides the extremely long wait times to talk to someone on the phone, i get different answers every time I do finally get to talk to an actual person. For example, I have 2 checking and 1 savings account. Received 1 debit card and after waiting on hold for over 2 hours to find out where my other card was, I was told it's in the mail. A week later when I still didn't receive it I called again to wait on hold for roughly 45 minutes to be told they didn't have the right address, which makes absolutely no sense, so they said they fixed that and my card would be in the mail. Over a week later and still no card, I call once again. This time I was told I don't have the card because I never ordered one!!! Ultimately I finally received the card within a week after that last call. Then my direct deposit paycheck never made it to my account. Huntington claimed we did not have to change our account numbers for direct deposits or auto pay from out accounts but this turned out to be not true. Half of my auto pays worked..and when my place of employment wired my check onto my account, Huntington charged ME $15 for this transaction! Yesterday I had to call these idiots again due to wanting to pay off my credit card through them. I was told they could not do this over the phone and i would have to go to a branch. Once at the branch I was told that I have to call that dreaded 800 number to do that. After a minor meltdown they ended up calling the 800 number themselves and managed to take care of that for me..but when I got back home to check that everything went smoothly, those morons once again screwed up and pulled the payment from my daughter's account...and they even had my license! Most incompetent business I have EVER had to deal with and I am extremely disappointed and uncomfortable with them handling my money and bills. Currently I am trying to mentally heal from this whole nightmare and am looking into other banks. And Todd the call center manager was no help at all and extremely rude. His favorite line is.."I can't answer that " when I kept asking how all these mistakes are possible. It's unfortunate Huntington that you took a opportunity with this merger and flushed it down the toilet and disappointed thousands.
Dianne S Send email
Mar 31, 2017

24 hour grace

Huntington screwed me up by not honoring 24 hour grace. I have banked with them for close to 30 years. I occasionally used the 24 hour grace the day before my check is deposited. When it denied my card at the gas station I was 2 hours from home. And had to wait 1 1/2 for the bank to open just for them to tell me they couldn't help me. I am getting another account at another bank and closing this account.
Bmash Send email
Mar 2, 2017

Huntington 24 grace

Customer over 6 years, before 24 grace. 24 grace does not work at huntington. it is a scam. Large amounts, small amounts, checks or debit they have NEVER covered ANY amount for ANY ITEM and returned every one for large fees. I'm told they dont cover returned items but yet they are the ones who decide to return the items! Then I'm told you have to have the funds in the account to use 24 grace?! Then why the F would I need 24 grace if the funds were in the account?! Jeremy from the call center told me today that I should cancel my accounts!? After a branch manager begged me to start using the accounts again. LOL! Huntington is a joke!
ButterBee Send email
Feb 10, 2017

huntington bank

They will not let you close an overdrawn account they literally will tell you that you cant close the account and they just keep charging you every week. They are slow, the whole reason my account was overdrawn was because they failed to notify me in a timely manner and the online system is slow as well. Since i have been there , there has been nothing but headache. they work against you not with you . my suggestion is to stay away from this bank , they are terrible. I am going tomorrow and closing the account, i dont have time for leeching.
wendilou92 Send email
Dec 21, 2016

24-hour grace fraud

The whole reason we moved to Huntington Bank was to take advantage of their 24-hour grace period to clear up overdrafts. Our first 6 months with the bank we had a couple O/Ds and made a deposit within the 24-hour timeframe, and thus had no O/D fees, which rocked. Well, the bank has since decided to return our items instead of over drafting the account. And guess what, there is no grace period for returned items. Just a $37.50 fee. It's completely at the bank's discretion to choose whether to O/D the account or return items. Of course, they don't tell you that when you're signing up for an account. They just tout the benefits of the 24-hour grace without providing details about the caveats that allow them to charge $37.50 return fees, based merely on their whim. I feel like I was lured into a fraudulent scam by choosing to bank with Huntington. I mean, I hate O/D fees, which is why their 24-hour grace was so appealing. But it's hardly real. I mean, maybe if you're lucky. And they feel like it. At least other banks are upfront about their process and fees for returning and O/Ding items. So just know that if you bank with Huntington and think you have 24-hour O/D protection.... well, you might. But you might not. And they won't tell you til the fee hits your account.
Jayvice Send email
Nov 3, 2016

Overdraft fees

Terrible bank, not enough time or space to list everything wrong with this bank. I'll be closing my account t in the a.m.
Jessebestworks Send email
Oct 28, 2016

Debit card fraud

I recently had my debit card hacked and purchases were made on it from out of state. In order to slow the process of paying me back, they require you fill out and fax a 2 page detail of the fraud in paper. You cannot scan and email you must go into a branch. From there it goes to their research team where they say it can take 90 days until they come to a desicion! Putting the burden on the customer to cover fraud is unacceptable and no other repeatable company or bank has this poor of a policy. Do not bank with them!
rosalyn maue Send email
Dec 22, 2015

name change/mortgage payments

I have have been buying my house since 1994. I have only been late once with the mortgage payment. I am a single mother who was widowed over twenty years ago. So, I have made every single payment by myself raising five kids alone. However, even with that said, I still get phone calls reminding me my payment is due. Seriously!!! I find it insulting, because if you looked at my payment record you would see I only have had to pay late fees once,ever! Computer generated phone calls are not personal. Not to mention, where is the faith in Huntington in me. I have proven I pay on time. Also, I did remarry back in 2009 for 5 months. The man tried to kill me.So I put him in jail and divorced him before the end of 2009. He had never made a house payment and had no rights to the home. I brought in divorce papers which got passed on, then misplaced at some point because my name was once again changed back to that horrible mans name. However, through no fault of mine I have to bring divorce papers back in again because Huntington once again has no faith in me, even though I was not the one who made a mistake in losing paperwork concerning really being divorced. I have lost faith in Huntington. For me personally I like to think that a mutual trust to some degree should be established after 20+ years of doing business. I don't feel that at this point. Very disappointed. I have worked 50-60 hours a week for over ten years now to maintain my own home by myself. I would appreciate some respect.
Katherinemccabe Send email
Nov 13, 2015

Huntington bank

Assistant branch manager, I am an 60 year old woman going through breast cancer treatments, had a problem with my account ask to speak with a manager....Josh Stros said he was, explained my problem to him he was rude did not want to help he made me feel like a criminal , he threatens me when I ask him for my paper work he said he would mail it to me when he had it in his hand I ask him for a copy again he said he would mail it I returned with I will sit here're replied he will call the chesterfield police... Ok call , he then after calling me names and being very unprofessional he copied the papers ( that he said he would mail) I will no longer deal with hunnington bank and neither will my husband and his account or my 4 adult children as of today we all closed our accounts and went to a credit union
Kendro3 Send email
Nov 2, 2015

24 Hour "Grace"

After all of the touting Huntington has done about its 24-Hour Grace campaign. I was informed today of their ridiculous caveat. Regardless of size and circumstance, they can arbitrarily decide to return instead of overdraft your payment and charge you 37.50 for it with no explanation. I had a monthly life insurance payment of 16.00 that was set to come through and, due to my pay schedule, the money was unavailable. The money was in the account the next morning, but rather than 24-hour grace, I was slapped with a non-refundable return fee. When I call for an explanation, the customer service supervisor advised me, "Well, it's our money so we can do what we want with it." While acknowledging that there is no set criteria for this decision just that "everything is taken into consideration." What has been characterized as a program designed to give people an opportunity to correct these situations without penalty is actually an arbitrary policy that can end up with you screwed and lining their pockets with your return fees.

[email protected]
sfunston Send email
Oct 14, 2015

Check received by Huntington Bank

I received a check from Huntington Bank which there were a lot of issues with this bank,(and I had been with them for over 11 yrs. go figure till a new manager came in) but the letter attached states: We have determined that you are eligible for a refund of certain overdraft fees. My acct. has been closed ACTUALLY BY THEM ALMOST 3 YRS. AGO due to someone stealing our identity & they wouldn't fix it & called us liers so I went to another bank. I still have all the documentation on this matter but I am so curious as to why all of the sudden I am receiving a I FEEL, SLAP IN THE FACE BY THEM? ANYONE WITH THE SAME ISSUE PLEASE LET ME KNOW

[email protected]
BryceS Send email
May 6, 2015

Possible Class Action

See 14CA010574 Read the Appeal at the Ohio Supreme Court's website.

If anything like this has happened to you please let me know as I will be filing a class action suit against Huntington for what they've done to US. Unfair and Deceptive practices are NOT permitted; even by this company that thinks they can get away with anything

[email protected]
mightoneday Send email
Dec 14, 2014

Huntington Bank

Worst bank ever I owe them about 14,000 because of the many fees they like to charge people when I went to the bank to speak with someone about my situation the gentleman I spoke with started crying because he was so ashamed of working there and not being able to even close my account or stop the charges that now are 25 dollars per week unless I make my balance positive in 7 days they will keep charging me... I also tried to discuss several times with him an with customer service over the phone the arrangement of payments but they said I will still get charged $25 per week unless I make it positive in one week... impossible I don't make that much! I never opt in for overdraf protection until after I caught myself overdrawn thinking that it was going to stop it !
Jan 2, 2014

Agents Know Everything, They Cannot be Wrong

They're Customer Service Department, in Michigan while I'm in Ohio, is absolutely horrible. I have never dealt with arrogance and non-compassion like this from a major Corporation's Customer Service Department. I have worked Cystomer Service for 26 years and have not dealt with attitude like this at this level. i'm hoping the Woman I dealt with is training her counterpart in India. It's sooner than later!
lausus Send email
Dec 28, 2013


WORST BANK EVER!!! Offer a 24 hour grace period but do not honor it. They returned a check immediately even though I put the money in THE SAME DAY. The check was short $18. They charged me $37.50 to return the check. I should not have had a problem because of the 24 hour grace which they said doesn't work on checks sometimes. FALSE PUBLICITY!!!! HONOR YOUR POLICIES!!!
User666109 Send email
Apr 8, 2012

overdraft protection - opting in

I opened a new checking account last May at Huntington Bank. I have liked the account and never had any fees, problems, or issues.

I have heard about the new legislation where consumers now have to "opt-in" for "overdraft protection" for transactions on their ATM/debit card. I didn’t really know what that meant. I just always figured if you didn’t have the money in your checking account, the transaction would just be declined. Made sense to me. Well I was called last week asking if I wanted to “opt-in” to the overdraft protection which means that I won’t have those “embarrassing situations” when a charge is declined due to no available funds and the “bank is there to protect me” and I have “24 hours to put the money back into my account” to cover any negative balance and I will “never be assessed a fee.”

Well here is what happened. I rarely use this card/checking account but set it up last May because they sent me one of those free $100 offers if I signed up for a new checking account and put money in it every month by direct deposit. So I put in $100 a month and don’t really use this account much.

Last Friday I had a balance in the account of $45.55. Over the weekend I made a few purchases:

$10.00 – entrance fee (for 2) to a bar/club – balance now = $35.55
$7.80 – late night Taco Bell (bad, I know) – balance now = $27.75
$8.59 – gas station, don’t remember what – balance now = $19.16

Now here is where it gets interesting. I went to the drive-thru for beer (yes, we have drive-thrus for beer in Ohio) at Macadoo’s, where I have been going for well over 8 years now for beer. The beer after tax was $6.59. She ran my card and came to me with the little clip board to sign and the receipt showed $65.90. She obviously mis-keyed the transaction amount and added a zero at the end. Now in the old world, this would have just been declined, she would have noticed and then ran it for the correct amount, which would have been approved and brought my balance down to $12.57. But because I now have this amazing protection from the bank, it ran through and made my account negative (pending transactions only, nothing has posted to my account yet – it’s the weekend). I noticed the amount was wrong on the receipt and I told her so she cancelled the transaction and printed me a receipt for the right amount, $6.59.

On Monday I still showed an account balance of $45.55. However I had 5 pending transactions:

Bar/club - $10.00
Taco Bell - $7.80
Speedway - $8.59
Macadoo’s - $65.90
Macadoo’s - $6.59

So on Monday night/Tuesday evening, even though only the four legitimate transactions were presented for payment, they still deducted that $65.90 from my available balance, which I guess is now what they are using to determine if you overdrew your account.

So they took the largest amount first (even though it was a cancelled transaction, I never signed for it, Macadoo’s never presented the amount for payment) and deducted it from my account. So my balance now equals ($45.55 - $65.90 = -$20.35)

So then they charge me $37.50 each for the other 4 transactions totaling $150.00 saying my account was overdrawn when the 4 items were presented for payment, even though ONLY the 4 legitimate charges were – the $65.90 was NOT. They assess these fees on 2/15/11, however if you look at my account ending on 2/14/11 (actual balance – ignoring that pending/incorrect transaction), it shows they paid all 4 VALID transactions and my true/real/posted account balance never went negative. It did not go negative until after they posted the $150 in fees on 2/15/11.

So my question is this… how can a bank say you overdrew your account on a transaction that will never be presented for payment, was never presented for payment, was cancelled by the merchant, and never posted to my account?

Had I never opted in to the “overdraft protection” they would not have allowed my balance to go negative when she accidentally overcharged me and I wouldn’t have been charged $150 on 4 charges totaling around $30. The transaction would have been declined and the merchant would have noticed – keyed in the right amount – end of story.

The overdraft protection is a scam. It is just a way for the banks to now be able to legally assess you fees. Think about this if you are thinking about opting into this service. It is just a way for banks to make money by bypassing the law Obama signed in July, 2010 to protect consumers from this very thing. By now “opting-in” you are really just allowing banks to manipulate your account as best they can to get more money out of you in outrageous fees.

Oh, and about getting those fees back (the erroneous $65.90 did drop off my account and was never presented for payment), the bank is telling me that it is the merchant’s fault and I have to take it up with them. I doubt Macadoo’s is going to give me $150 for an honest mistake/transaction that she did cancel on their credit card machine and they never presented to the bank for payment. It just still (to the bank’s benefit) sat on my account as a pending charge that they used to deduct from my available balance even thought it was never a valid charge so they could say I overdrew my account – which I never did.

Please pass this on so others are aware of what the banks are up to….

Todd Eckstein
Battelle Memorial Institute
Information Management
505 King Avenue
Columbus, Ohio 43201
[email protected]
614-424-7085 ph / 614-458-7085 fax

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