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Ado Send email
May 28, 2021



Jim Hoddinott

I got my truck towed to your kanata Ford dealership paid $300 for a tow cause I was informed that it would be 169.75 to find out what the problem is then few hours I got a phone call seeing it would be 1100 dollars to find out what the problem was I was treated unprofessional service manager didn’t seem car I was treated rude called names by the service technician when I went in to have my truck towed to a different automotive spoke to the manager about how I was called names and laughed he told me he wasn’t there nothing he can do from service technician to service very poor customer service unprofessional and dishonest.
markkimmett Send email
Dec 10, 2019

[Resolved] Ford f350 super duty Service dept ,

Hello Mr. Jim Hoddinott;

My name is Mark Kimmett, I purchased a 2011 Ford F350 in June 2019 from Kanata Ford. At the time of purchase, they agreed to install leather heated seats for an extra fee, install 4 new tires and rims from a 2019 platinum F250 Super Duty, commercial safety on the vehicle, undercoat/ line- X rocker and fenders, and full diesel service (changing diesel fuel and air filters, complete) and the vehicle would be ready the following monday. We signed the papers and without further information returned to Kanata Ford on the Monday to pick up our new truck!

Upon arrival the sales associate Chris Tranmar said that everything was a good to go and they were just finishing up the truck and he would be with us shortly. We waited there 3/4 of the day with great hospitality in the cafe. Only to find out that later the truck wouldn't be done that day. My daughter who had taken me down to pick up the truck had already left for home to attend work which was a 2 hour drive. At first I was unclear as to what to do next, they finally offered me a service vehicle to drive home. I waited a few more hours to get the vehicle and got it and headed home back to Bath, Ontario (2 hours away).

Later they said the truck would be done around 10am the next day. The next day we left home around 8 o'clock arrived at Kanata Ford at 10:20am. The truck was parked out front. The rims and tires were not as promised and they had kept the old rims and different tires. through some confusion and explaining what they promised and what they actually did we received the proper rims and tires but they has misplaced the chrome lug nuts for the rims and they were going to be an additional cost for me of 420$. Then they found the proper lug nuts and the leather Katskinz seats were not heated as promised. The Oil change and commercial safety stickers were not on the windshield. I had asked if the safety, oil change and full diesel inspection was completed and they insured me that everything was complete however stickers were not placed?? We had to make another appointment for Kanta Ford to get Katskinz to install the heating elements in the front seats. The following monday, now after 3 days of my vacation leave from work to return for your problems we returned and the heated seats we now installed. these problems stemmed from lack of communication on the service department and Chris Tranmar.

To top off all of the frustration, approximately a month later I was backing my boat in the water and had to put it in 4 wheel drive to come out of the water and of course the 4 wheel drive would not work. i proceeded to get a fellow fisherman that was there at the time to pull me out with his truck. Very Humiliating!!! So i got in contact with Chris Tranmar, he said he would be in touch with the service department and they would be in touch with me. Through all this I have decided to have upgrades done to my 2010 F150 Xlt and allow Kanata Ford to do the work. I had explained my plans and they send a quote would be sent and to look at the 4 Wheel Drive issue when i came down. The ended up quoting me 4 different prices from 3 different people, Johnathon in Sales was one with 2 different quotes. 1 being 1000$ more then i could purchase the line X for from Line X. In frustration, I was going to think about the price and get back to you. Johnathon was going to get the service department to contact me to set up an appointment for the 4 wheel drive issues. THIS NEVER HAPPENED!!!

Time has gone on and we were stranded two sundays ago for 4 hours on the 401 with two horses and a trailer with no 4 wheel drive in a winter blizzard. Texted Chris Tranmar at the time, he offered some support through a friend he was with that was a mechanic of how to fix it on the road, with the wing howling, snow flying, stranded on the 401 i was not about to find an easy fix. we safely returned home after the roads were cleared and the storm had quit. Chris told me that he would get a hold of the service department and find out what is the next step. Never heard from him, contacted the service department through multiple calls with no one returning my calls. Virgil finally returned my call and said Jonathon doe not work here anymore and he would have to talk to Jeff to find out the plan. No one called me back... Got stuck in my own driveway yesterday and lucky i had another 4 wheel drive truck to pull it out with assistance. Two weeks later calling today for the 5th time the secretary says she'll have a manager phone me back ASAP. I thanked her. NOTHING.... Where do we go from here?!?!

I look forward to hearing back from you on this issue. Please do not hesitate to call me at any time. My cell number is ### and my Home number is ###. My email is [email protected] and my home address is ###
timleslie Send email
Jan 6, 2017

Where is my ownership?

Was going to trade in my 2011 Ford Ranger on a lease for one of the F150 you had been talking about in your radio ads. By the time all the talking was finished the lease was about 150 dollars more than your advertised price. No problem, we wanted leather seats. But...just as we were about to sign we were told by "Mike" in a sort of a by the way fashion that we would be accountable for the difference between what the truck was deemed to be worth by them at the end of the lease and what our payments were. Huh? We were advised it was a "different kind of lease" that allowed for such a low promotion. So essentially you are lying on the radio.

No sweat, honest mistake. We killed the deal.

But, IT HAS BEEN A MONTH, SEVERAL UNANSWERED PHONECALLS, SEVERAL NON-RETURNED PHONE CALLS and I have yet to get the ownership of my old truck back.

Every day I call. Every day the receptionist talks as if it is the first time she heard of the situation, and every day I am assured somebody will get back to me. Nobody does.

So please Mr. Hoddinott, could you have someone drop my truck's ownership in the mail at the address I have give many, many, times.

I was thinking about coming back this spring to actually buy a F150. But sheesh, if you guys cannot even handle something as simple as returning my ownership...or returning a is time to look elsewhere.

2011 Ford Ranger that was going to be traded in on a F150 at the beginning of December 2016.
Dragos Ragalie Send email
Jul 17, 2015

Kanata Ford - Avoid it !!!

If you want to buy a Ford avoid Kanata Ford !!!
It the most rude and unprofessional attitude that you could imagine. Went to buy a new Explorer. First, I couldn't speak with any salespersons because there were busy... chatting and laughing between themselves. Finally, after almost one hour, the receptionist was able to send one to me. With a look of a disturbed and annoyed man, he asked me what do I want... I told him and I asked a few questions about the car (one was exposed in the showroom). His first reaction was " did you read the window ticket?" I told him yes and that my questions are not answered over there. He told me to wait..... Which I did for almost 25 min. Then I saw him again in the room. Went to him and his reaction was..."yes?" I said I put some questions... I want to buy a car, can you help me or not? he was not able to answer more or less to any of my questions. And all were related to the car!
I asked him if he can give me price. He sent me on-line to buil&and price!!! Which I did. I came back next day or so, with the build configuration from He went to check with his manage and came back with the price that I already have from the net. When I asked - speaking with a sales man - why would I buy from Kanata Ford instead of other dealer, his answer was: go to other dealer! Which I should have done !!!. That was my first mistake (1). On my way out, since was already 6pm they asked me to go out on the back gate since the front one is already closed. By the way, I has in my car and my wife with my 2 years old son in her car a few meters in front of me. At the gate, an employee let my wife car pass and probably he didn’t see me and he swung the gate (a big metal bar – like 20cm in diameter) to close it. Couldn’t stop far enough and the bar broke my wind shield. The employee (Dave or so… since he didn’t want to say his name) start bagging me to not call the police because they are a dealership and they will fix it since there are no significant damages. Considering that I wanted to buy a new car… I said ok. My second mistake (2). This would have saved me 6-7 useless (in 3 days! – since my phone calls and emails were not answered) visits to Kanata Ford shop trying to get in touch with an Jeff Menderson – Sales Manage and kind of GM and his salesman to
That was Friday. Anyway, Monday back and seat with 2 guys including this Jeff and discussed about the new car and instead of repairing it to trade the damaged car in, at a reasonable price. Tuesday, sent emails, called a few times, no answer. Went over there three time and this Jeff was nowhere to be found. Nobody knew anything about him. And of course, nobody (him or his salesman) knew how to use emails or call back. Wednesday, finally I reached on the phone the salesman. He throw we a number as a price. Of course, I asked him how he reached that number since. His answer was astonishing” I don’t know. This is the number!” Nice, isn’t it?
Thursday went back to speak with this Jeff. And his answered was… “you know, I don’t want to pay anything. I’ll speak with the owner and he will say the same” and he told me that if I go to court, he will put 3 people to say that I was speeding.!!! (in a car dealership parking lot)))) - Can’t wait to hear this in court!
Late evening in the same day (7 days after the incident!) he sent me an email (finally yeeeeee!) where he said – quote: “As our lads were out closing the gates this evening, they noticed damage to the one that was hit by your car!” Beside the fact that he checked the gate 7 days after the incident, my glass window – which was just cracked, did damages to the heavy metal bar))))).
Coming back to the issue, as you said I was waiting for him to speak with his owner (Jim Hoddinott) and to come back to me. Try to guess if he did!
Most probably he didn’t. Because I’m pretty sure that Jim would have been delighted to find out this Jeff Menderson:
- High dedication to the company: after such an incident, he finds out 7 (seven!) days after, that there are damages to the property. And only by someone telling him that. He was not interested to check it immediately? But why would he….
- Exceptional sales techniques: successfully pushing the customers to competition. But this is understandable; it isn’t his company, is it? Why bother… I assume “customer oriented”, “custom retention” and “customer satisfaction” are meaningless words for him. In fact, I found out (from the Ford dealer that I bought my car from and friends) that his team is famous for sending customers to other Ford dealers
- Exquisite managerial skills: converting a minor incident (a few hundred bucks) into a court issue and, extremely public. So… he took the right decision for the company. For a few bucks he blows a 55K deal and he will definitely increase the “visibility” for Kanata Ford dealership.
If you need more info I'll be more than happy to share my experience with anyone. Maybe Jim Hoddinott will read this as well since this Jeff didn't want to provide me his contacts.
Jim7 Send email
Apr 9, 2015


Kanata Ford is consistent if nothing else. I inquired about an oil change and their price was much higher than the other Ford dealers in the area. Why would anyone choose this dealership for something that can be had that is equal for less. Their oil change service does not provide anything different that I what I receive at another Ford Dealership. I find their staff are not all the friendly and do not seem to be happy working there. I recently received a sales call from them and I politely told the salesman that I no longer deal with Kanata Ford. True to form the salesperson hang on me while I speaking. No closing comment, just a click. As mentioned, their customer service, if nothing else is consistently...poor.
andrew macleod Send email
Aug 7, 2014

Kanata Ford

To Jim Hoddinott
I took my car into your dealership for a warranty repair, i left it there, and went for breakfast, I then got a call that the stabilisers were shot in the front end, and that the brakes also required renewing in the front, they told me that it was out of warranty that I was over the 60,000 mile warranty on it, the total cost was going to be just ubder $1600. I told your dealership that I would look after getting the brakes done myself. I had also asked them to look at the horn as it was not working, i was told that they did not have a horn in stock and that i would have to come back on Monday to have this repaired. As I was waiting for my car, i went over to CTC store and asked them how much to repair the fron barakes nad they told me for top of the line shoes and rotors it would cost me $325:00 I told them i would be right back when I got my car form the dealership.
When I went to CTC I asked them to look at the horn also, the mechanic there had me go out into the shop and he showed me that the horn was only disconnected, he plugged it in and the horn worked, I feel that I was trying to be ripped off by your dealership, and told them so. Today Wednesday 7th I went back to Kanata Ford to show that my warranty clearly shows that I had a 600,000 warranty on it and it stated this in both your bill of sale and the Ford extended warranty, your finacial services manager Mike hodges told me it was a typo error and it showed have said 60,000kms, I told him that I can only go by what my documents say, and they say 600,000kms, if this was a typo error, why were the documents not screened before given to meat the time of the sale. Furthermore, I did not appreciate Mike Hodges saying to me that he couldn't believe that a man of my age could so blatently lie about this contract and what was said at the time of signing. what Mike Hodges said to me was defamation of charactor, and I don't appreciate this in the least. To conclude, I am out by $582:77, and they are saying that I have no warranty against my Escape, I have no option to take this to court.
Andrew Macleod
DanielSB Send email
Mar 14, 2012

Car doesn't work after multiple repairs!

The sales manager had approved the deal Janker. He had run all the information and made the final decision. The deal was approved. A different sales manager reneged when I arrived to sign the contract. There was an offer, there was acceptance, and the dealership reneged. I understand the process you are describing but you have to understand that we were not at the beginning of the process, we were at the end and the approvals and steps you are describing were behind us. I discussed the matter with another sales person at the dealership and this person had never seen this happen before.
Janker Send email
Mar 14, 2012

Car doesn't work after multiple repairs!

Paul is not far off the mark Daniel. The salesman brings the offer, plus a sign of good faith from the customer, whether it's a check with a deposit or a credit card to the sales manager where the monthly payment options and various pricing options that result are returned after the sales manager enters the information received from the salesman into a CRM (customer relations management) computer program. The result is referred to as "desking" the deal. This is the final step of negotiation process. Some refer to this as all part of the negotiation process, but it is not as this is the final or decision part of the process. The information generated during the desking phase includes payment and pricing options and it usually requires the customer and sales manager sign off on the option chosen. The next step is a purchase and sales agreement or a sales agreement and the actual monetary downpayment is generated. The manager and customer sign this paperwork and then the customer is handed off to the "box" or the finance and insurance office where various add-ons are often sold. The final paperwork is also printed out at this phase. While some may believe that desking is part of the negotiation process, it only occurs once the salesman has a legitimate offer on the vehicle from the customer and is able to hand the sales manage a token of good faith.
DanielSB Send email
Mar 14, 2012

Car doesn't work after multiple repairs!

Here's an interesting story about Kanata Ford. I visited the dealership and expressed interest in a vehicle. I negotiated a price with the salesperson and sales manager, placed a deposit on the unit I purchased, and returned to work. I returned after work to finalize the agreement that had been made earlier and the sales person explained that he had some bad news for me. The monthly payment that we had agreed upon was no longer available but the vehicle could be purchased for a monthly payment that was approximately 40% higher. The "sold" sign was proudly displayed in the window with my name on it to give you an idea of how far into the sales process we were (an agreement had been reached). I kept this sign to validate my story if necessary. I obviously challenged the salesperson and the sales manager as anyone else would have done and I was asked to leave the dealership as a result of this challenge. A dealership that does not honour its agreements and that does not respect the rule of law is not a dealership that anyone should consider transacting with, period. I spent many years working for Ford Motor Company and my father dedicated his life to the company as an executive. The company has always been a great source of pride for our family and I was quite saddened to leave a Ford dealership under these circumstances. I will always be loyal to the Ford brand due to my close ties to the company but I will never attempt to purchase another vehicle from this establishment because it is simply too risky. If the dealer principal should happen to read this message, he would probably be interested in learning that he lost two sales that day. My brother accompanied me to the dealership and took a liking to a black Ford Ranger 4x4 that he had full intentions of purchasing until we were asked to leave by the sales manager. He didn't have time to obtain the quote he had requested before we were asked to leave. Because of my close ties to the Ford Motor Company, I am able to recommend some very reliable Ford dealerships who work hard at meeting the needs of their customers. If you require such a recommendation, please send me your email address and I will gladly share my information with you.
Paul Vance Send email
Mar 14, 2012

Car doesn't work after multiple repairs!

2 Daniel - the payment you had agred upon was before you were run through and denied that price by the financing company. It is not the dealership's fault, it is your less than perfect credit score's fault.
DanielSB Send email
Mar 14, 2012

Car doesn't work after multiple repairs!

I am not sure who you are Paul but the company that would have financed this deal is Ford Credit Canada. This transaction had not yet reached the point where a credit application was submitted and evaluated because I had yet to complete a credit application. I also have contacts at the Ford Credit Service center in Edmonton Alberta who can validate this. If any potential clients of Kanata Ford are hesitant to accept my feedback as a result of Paul's post, I would be happy to provide any information required to disprove what Paul has just posted, whoever Paul might be. The dealership is required to take certain steps when submitting a credit application and the financing company must also follow protocol that leaves an auditable paper trail. The absence of certain source documents serves as the evidence that the transaction that I experienced and described above never reached the point where my credit was analyzed. Regardless, I can produce a credit report that shows a perfect score and I will share this if required to prevent other buyers from being victimized. Again buyers, please be careful.
Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Car doesn't work after multiple repairs!

I purchased a 2005 Ford Escape from Kanata Ford not even two weeks ago. They have had the car for repairs 5 days already. It gets returned to me (after I go pick it up from them of course) and still doesn't work. I have had two tows and missed countless work hours, sat at the side of roads and generally been frustrated.

The service team works on their own hours and schedule. They never offer to bring anything to you so I spend my lunch hours running around picking up cars. When I bought the car, the sales guy lost the second set of keys. I had to call and remind him to find them the next week, and you guessed it - I had to go and pick them up.

I wouldn't recommend Ford, and especially Kanata Ford to anyone. If I could trade the car back in to get away from them I would.
Tina1234 Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Car doesn't work after multiple repairs!

I'm afraid nothing has changed.

I've recently dropped off my 05 Focus ZX3 for servicing breaks/pads/leak on the driver’s side floor/exhaust etc.
The total bill came up to 1, 465.32 only to find that a few days later my driver side floor board is soaked yet again.
It's extremely frustrating paying that amount only to return the car a few days later to have it serviced again.
I was charged > 1 1/2 of labor for that specific leak. I've very curious to know what was done during this time?! obviously nothing was fixed.

Very frustrating, waste of time and huge inconvenience returning to get the same item fixed.

I also won’t recommend Kanata Ford to anyone either
Jim Hoddinott Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Car doesn't work after multiple repairs!

Owner of Focus ZX3
I'm Jim Hoddinott the Owner of Kanata Ford.
Please contact Jamie Bolton, Service Manager, tomorrow.
We will repair the water leak at NO CHARGE. Plus the original charge to repair that leak will be refunded 100% for the inconvenience.
We have 30 FREE Service Loaner Cars, ( we don't even charge you for the gas you use) we will have one available for you ofcourse.
Sorry for your inconvenience.
Jim Hoddinott

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