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Sep 11, 2023

Admissions scam

I was interested in applying to Keiser university for a nursing program. They called me endlessly and I decided to go for a meeting, I felt very uncomfortable and pressured to apply on the spot , while applying I paid a $60 fee. After leaving the university I decided not to continue the admissions process. They continued to call me and i decided to stop answering any calls. 2 months later they sent me a bill for a back ground check , and threatening me to send me to collections if I did not pay. I am not in a financial position to be paying these fees, especially because I paid an admissions fee for applying but did not agree or was notified there would be an additional fee for a back ground check . If I did not continue the admissions process , and I did not turn any transcripts . I should not be liable for them choosing to run a back ground check. Overall I feel very uncomfortable with their continued harassment.
Mtlowry Send email
Aug 16, 2023

Accounting issues

This is the worse college ever. The finance department is run by children. They scam you by adding loans into your amount for tuition which I caught. Then they never charged Florida Prepaid after numerous forms filled out over and over again. This was never resolved. I made payments as they came up and then they over charged my son. They owe us $2300. Again I have filled out forms to get the refund and months have gone by. Still no refund check.
The classes are a joke. The dorms are like sardine boxes. The cram 4 kids in a 2 person room and take away the study place. The sports are also run by kids who know nothing about coaching. I guess only the big donor kids play because it isn’t the ones who are good. Awful college and I want my money.
marie580_ Send email
Sep 9, 2021

Entry is sketchy and I don't trust them

So, I have sent in all, and I do mean ALL of my info, which makes me extremely scared/worried, because that's my personal info being thrown out there. And instead of just asking for your last four digits to your SSN, they want everything and your toothbrush. So, I am told that I didn't pass the exam for entry twice, even when I EXPLAINED the site was faulty through my computer and phone. It lagged and timed out both times. I was unable to answer any of the questions in a timely manner without feeling super rushed because the timer would skip around faster as it lagged and glitched. Then as they told me I would have to wait 60days to take the test again, and pretty much belittled me and my efforts to get into the school. They presumed that I am not smart when my GPA from previous years in a different college was 3.75GPA and my testing scores were high. I have never had to take entry exams "again" for any well established school. This school is an absolute joke, and my private info better be taken off the site and not used to get funding fraudulently, because I have had schools do that. This would lead me to seek a lawyer and rectify the means to this. I don't like throwing that out there, but I have been scammed way too many times by schools and other places of establishments that claimed such nice things, but then just stab you in the back.
Remona Send email
Jan 25, 2018

Blind sided

Hello my name is Remona Walcott and I currently attend Keiser University Online. When I first joined Keiser everyone was extremely nice and helpful. I had one issue during my course of schooling and from there I realized that I am basically on my own when it comes to getting any problems rectify and that's absolutely fine. After my 4th or 5th class I went from getting updates such as emails or calls to getting none at all. All of the "I will be here to walk you through if you ever need anything" was out of the door. But that's common, I've been the one making the calls and emails making sure that I'm not blind-sided by anything and sadly I was. In November I received refund check just before thanksgiving. I called Brad in admissions and asked him basically how was I looking? I knew that I was passing and I wanted to make sure that everything was going to be in order prior to me starting my clinicals. He told me everything is fine however I won't be starting my clinicals in January because they've already picked all the students for that start date I would be starting in May. Which startled me because when I sat down with my sister and Brad it was always a start date of January. But I didn't fuss I proceeded to ask him about my other options such as changing schools so that I can start earlier in which he wasn't really helpful with but I understand he wants me to stay with Keiser and that's fine. Then in December I got a call from Jennifer Borrows about needing to take over a class because I got a C and I needed at least a B to get into the nursing program which I was very  edgy bout. Because I took this class in September and I spoke with Brad in November. Why didn't Brad tell me that I didn't score high enough to get into the nursing program? Which made me question if he even looked at my grades when I called. I was frustrated but I got over it pretty quickly because he did tell me clinicals start in May so I could get in this class, pass it and get it out of the way. While speaking with Jennifer I inquired about financial aide. She told me after I submitted my grade forgiveness paperwork she will contact whomever in financial aide and we will get everything taken care of prior to starting class on January 8th. I checked my email and noticed I never received the grade forgiveness contract so I called the school January 3rd and spoke with Jennifer Borrows she said she had more than one email address for me that's why I didn't get it. However I am active on both email addresses and never received anything. She then told me she would send it right away and I just need to fill it out and send it back. As soon as I got the contract I printed it, signed it and faxed it back to the school. I called to ensure she got it she said yes she has to turn it in and everything should be good. I then inquired about financial aide and she told me if financial aide needs any additional information or signatures from me they would contact me. Her response did not sit well with me but this her profession so I trusted her. I emailed her to see if all the paperwork was set and she said I'm all set. I inquired again about financial aide and I got no response. January 8th was the starting date for my class I got an email from my instructor stating that she missed me in class today and to please let the school know if I am dropping the class. I called my instructor immediately and she told me that she is an on campus class. I apologized and told her I am an online student and I will get it all straightened out. I called the school and they switched me immediately I again inquired about financial aid and the lady told me everything checks out on her end. I said can I please speak to someone in financial aid? She said if I would like I can make an appointment but as of right now she sees no issues. I scheduled an appointment to see someone and there is where I was told I have to return the money that was given to me. Now I understand I added a class and this is the procedure BUT if Bras had looked at my grades in NOVEMBER when I called him the money would still be in my account and I would have handed it right back then and there. If I had a chance to meet with financial aide prior to starting this class I would have had the option to sit out a semester or do what ever that would have been cost efficient to me. I did not have that choice, I feel like I was tricked and my only option is to get a private loan which means more debt or pay monthly which I can not afford. I am writing to you to see if something can be done. I believe preparation is the key to anything that you do and I was not properly prepared or advised of what adding a new class would do to me financially before starting. I feel betrayed and blind sided and I really don't want this to happen to anyone else. I am now blocked from my online course and unable to continue because of this situation. Can you help me please? Again my name is Remona Walcott
carolinedarls Send email
Nov 30, 2017


Roxy9911 Send email
Apr 19, 2017


I recently dropped out of keiser due to an illness in my family. My mother has stage four liver cirrhosis from a blood transfusion (contracted Hep C) and my father was just diagnosed with cancer. OBVIOUSLY I HAVE MORE IMPORTANT THINGS TO WORRY ABOUT. I dropped out my second month into the program. This school told me that I was okay, I wouldn't be charged any more than I already have been. $18,000.00. This is money I will NEVER get back, nor will I have a degree from it. A week after I dropped, I get a call that I owe them another $3,000.00 for dropping out. I WAS TOLD I WAS FINE. Anyway, I called and said I was filing a suit, and she told me that there is no proof that I was verbally that that, therefore, I do not have a case. They told me "good luck with that." My father was there with me, he heard it too. However, now there is nothing i can do. My credit has been reported, and it dropped 25 points due to these fees. This place is a scam. I got charged for $4000 in books, I DIDN'T EVEN OPEN YET still in wrappers, and they won't take them back. WHAT A JOKE!!!!
Jazzyb95 Send email
Jan 3, 2017


They took all of my Florida prepaid fund to start with and now they say I can't get my transcripts because I owe an additional 1500.00...The so called teachers there are not teachers at all. I realized this towards the middle of my classes. I got straight A's regardless. The last class before I was to start the program I got a C...two points away from a Brandon. The teacher said I hadn't turned in an assignment when I know I did. I went to the Dean several times and nothing was done. They told me I had to take the class again and I refused and dropped out of the school to go back to BC. So now they will not give me my transcripts until I pay the 1500.00 in which they will not tell me what that is for. I need help with this and now that they stole all of my prepaid I have to find another way to pay for school...
amclack67 Send email
Sep 9, 2016

Holding VA Funds for Veterans

This is utterly ridiculous. This school has been giving my BF the runaround and it is getting worse. HE IS A VETERAN!!!!! He gets his VA backed education paid for. He is one class away from his AS degree and we are having issues getting FA to send him his money. We started out about a month ago when the FA Supervisor (what a JOKE!!!) said that he would have to come in to repackage his loan. He made an appointment for 9 days out because the excuse given was that they were busy handling 200 new students coming in for the fall semester (God help them)! We couldn't understand why we needed to repackage when he was already approved for the 2016-2017 FAFSA and had our proof. We made contact the next week (before his appointment) and checked with the usual lady in FA he speaks with. She told him that he didn't need to be repackaged until December. That was a relief because this was going on during the Summer/Fall break so we knew, AS WE HAVE ALWAYS DONE, that the first Monday after the class began we could request a stipend check be sent for the monthly allotment. He is unemployed at this moment and we LIVE on those borrowed funds. Yes, he has his tuition paid for but we had to take out Federal Loans in order to survive just so he could get an education until he finds work. Monday comes and we request a check, in writing via email, to be processed and sent. We heard nothing so on Wednesday (this is the day the Keiser will tell you that they do the check run) we called our campus only to find out that it was not processed and the reason we were given was that the online professor had not updated the attendance. We checked with her and in she said that was BS. We get on the phone and speak to a Dean and complained about how can they treat veteran's in this fashion? The man was nice and said that shouldn't have happened so he walked through it to try and get it resolved. A week ago Monday we were explicitly told that the check would be cut and sent that week. "Great", we said and asked them to mail it to us (Broward County to Orange County, Florida). We should have expected a check in the mail yesterday if mailed out by the latest on Thursday of last week. When the mail arrived last night there was no check. Panicking now! My BF got on the phone and called corporate. They have no record of any funds being cut (we were promised it would be and we received a check amount that was going to be sent the prior week). We now our trying to find out why we can't get HIS rightfully due money. People who may read this please beware of this school and others like it. Traditional colleges have NO PROBLEM receiving VA Funds (GI Bill) and Federal Loan monies and disburse it all to the students. This company is jacking us around. We are in a pickle because he has started his last class for his AS and cannot drop. All we want is the funds that are due us. Funds that WE will HAVE to pay the government back . People these are not free funds these are loans that we count on to live while attempting to garner an education. Why is it that these people are like mindless robots and their only function is to collect money and piss people off? Give my BF, a 10 year veteran, his freaking loan money that you people are keeping from him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
FoofoosMom Send email
Aug 30, 2016

"Financial aid scam"

They would not pull you out of a class because of financial aid. Th may "block" you from getting into a class but that would be for you benefit not theirs. The reason they would block you from a class temporarily would be so that you would contact financial aid and get things settled so that you do not start a class without funding that you, yourself would end up having to pay for.
FoofoosMom Send email
Aug 30, 2016

I have never had a problem with this school

I have been attending lieder university for 4 semesters now. I am earning an AS degree in legal studies. During the first semester, I failed two classes and they did put me on academic probation. But they also worked with me and encouraged me to keep going. I was on it four two semesters and during those semesters, my advisor and dean kept in touch with me and encouraged me to keep going and that I was doing good. If you do not put in the work and maintain at least a 2.00 Gpa (that was specified during enrollment and the student signs a paper) then yes, you will be asked to leave. Keiser university does not have private funding (that I amware of) so all of the complaints against financial aid or federal funding, HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH KIESER UNIVERSITY. They are separate etities. I feel very lucky to have federal funding so I can attended college and I did have a past due account with Keiser because I started attending school without financial aid. And guess what, they worked with me then too!! I paid when I could and they hooked me up with alternative loans to cover the rest. I know that if I want a job after college, I need to focus on what Keiser is teaching me and do well during a job interview and not give up after the first time I am turned down from a job. If you want it bad enough, work hard for it and stop blaming the professors and deans that are there to help you.
Fred B Send email
Mar 23, 2016

Keiser University

Attended psychology PhD program. Courses got worse and worse, first courses used textbooks that were OK, core courses have no texts, disorganized and incomplete, "lecture" videos selected at random from YouTube, lots of disengaged (and some abusive) "profs." My advice is to stay out of this program, or any Keiser program, especially if you have a background in the topic of study, as they have few entrance requirements, and your classmates may not know a thing about the subject material, even upon graduation. Thus, the degree may not be worth much, even if Keiser charges an arm and a leg for it. Ethics board at Keiser U is not operating, anti-plagiarism software no longer being used, just a matter of time before school loses accreditation. Waste of time and money.
Saved1 Send email
Mar 14, 2014


I have tried several times to contact financial aid about my scholarship money I got the runaround several times I just spoke with the director of financial aid she advised to me that my money would be here then she never buys me it would be here the following month I waited and waited for about 3-4 months and I still did not get my money I talked to the bursar office and she advised me that my money would be mailed to me to this day I am waiting and it has been over 2 weeks I know this is a scam to school and they just want your money I cannot wait to get out of this place I advise no one to go here.
User924154 Send email
Mar 27, 2012


Called to tell me that they did not have my transcripts a month before starting my core program when in fact I did upon enrolling.

I have been involved in one of their program for 9 months and made honor roll. I did my general Ed online, then started my core that following year in 2012. averaging C . Was never told that I needed to maintain a C average to be able to continue on in the course until the first day of Core (meanwhile already in the program for 6 months already) Never told about a test the first day. Now into my third core class taking Kines. I missed a C by 3 points. They kicked me out of the program missing a C by 3 points. Asked if there was an academic probation...Nope Teachers where not willing to help, they where into helping themselves in your pockets. On the note of the teachers. They are not certified teacher at all. They are people that are in the field with out a teaching that who you want to learn from.. They don't know how to have you understand the material. Now I am stuck in a place where I don't like the school I think that they lied to me to get me there. When it came down to transferring credits other UN they would not take the credits earned. Keiser stated it was not accredited school ... ( months of hard work down the drain ) Keiser also would not take A& P that I took at another school because it was not related to their program. How else can you relate the body parts to a particular program. ... This school is a joke and I would not refer this school to no one not even a dead dog!
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Mar 25, 2012

Unauthorized billing!

My fiance signed up for Keiser College. They said that they walked him through the entire admissions, registration, financial aid, etc processes. When it came closer for school to start, we found that he could only get loans totaling the tuition. He was actually turned down for 2 different general student loans normally used to cover living expenses (we still haven't been able to find out why). We weren't sure if we could afford it, but tried to make a go of it. We found that he simply couldn't work full time and go to school full time. After he finished his first class (I think this was one month into his first semester) he tried to withdraw. They told him that there is no withdrawal and that he would be charged for an entire semester. My finance called his lender, who said they would be happy to reverse everything (likely he'd still have to pay the origination fees) but Keiser won't give them the money back. I'd never heard of a school doing this so he's tried talking to everyone up to the Provost. Keiser had no interest in making sure he could afford to go to school. They worked with him until he'd garnered enough loans to cover their expenses, then they handed him some websites and walked away. Can they do this? Hold his loans hostage and charge the $14, 000 after only one class? I haven't been able to find anything on their site with any numbers-even on tuition estimates or withdrawal policies!!!
Amanda832 Send email
Mar 25, 2012

Unauthorized billing!

I finsihed my AA in CJ and started my AS in forensics and now I am some what forced to finish there because they used up almost all of my undergrad student loan money so when I go to do my BA I don't know how I will pay for it
Raffy Send email
Mar 22, 2012

misleading students!

I have to seriously object to what these institutions are doing to students today, both the schools and the medical facilities and there lying wife signed up for the medical assistant classes at Keiser U in know medical assistant the position that is sweeping the country right now!..."yeah right!!!" she completed this course with top honors a 3.8 GPA finish with flying this point we believed like many that we were on our way...oh boy to our wife leaves her job of couse... because they require you to take there externship for two FREE month's, now like many out there believe if you prove yourself somehow and you do everything correct you will be hired on the spot by theses clinics or hospital..well don't you believe it, the first clinic my wife was sent to was one in winter park privately owned, they took my wife in and practically told her they may have a position, but as the training went by my wife noticed they weren't teaching her much and current employees were threaten by her presence there thinking she was there to take there job or wife called keiser they said ok finish there then we will send you somewhere else...when she finished there, she was literally interviewed by a doctor on Alafaya trail next to UCF...he told the school he had positions my wife goes we are excited he saids she was a fast learner bla..bla..bla...he was going to teach her everything in his clinic well the month went by and when the wifey finished the doctor told her...that he was not that busy and that he can call her to come in sometime...this was a shock...i mean where is the protection for students...doctors are clearly lying to schools to get free labored help in there clinics, and schools are not exposing these schools and saying to them please don't waste our time if your not going to properly teach and seriously offer a job to at least one of our graduates...
someone is benefiting from this fiasco, the school the doctors etc...not the student!...there are medical assistance out there working in walmarts, and other places other than M.A. this is dangerous, many can forget what they have done and really make mistakes in the field...but that's not all...the Medical facilities with all there wisdom and support...throw ads saying they want M.A.'s with degrees, certification which the schools gives you 4 months after you've completed your extership if they don't screw up and leave you out the list like they did my wife recently, but anyway some of these clinics are asking two, and now three years of experience...because they know that the gov't is going mad crazy and giving hundreds of minorities loans for this field by the boat want to get in on the action...not if they can help it...these vo-tech schools are suppose to study the markets...offering what is hot and staying away with what is not...M.A.'s is NOT!...but they continue to issue loans at record pace to students knowing real well they have old students not being hired in the field especially with six other colleges offering the the same classes with large amounts of students...i mean the jobs are not me that is fraudulant and one should have to graduate from a school with high honors to be rejected and told they have no experience...and be stuck with a loan of $25 grand or more and un-employed, the school must protect old and new students from these lying doctors and private clinics, and bust there asses to assist in getting jobs for there students, instead of loans to study a dead end field not grabbing there half of the gov't check and leave you out there to burn by yourself, they tell her keep sending resumes, resumes, after resumes...but still nothing only the next group of M.A.'s going to the same doctors who tell the school send me more students please we need more free slaves..."i mean"... more potential keiser what a waste of time and money that was!...Keiser please step up and help these students and stop wasting there time!
Auroraivy Send email
Mar 22, 2012

misleading students!

I agree with jd007. There isn't a school out there that can promise you a job. If they do THAT is a scam. Especially in this market, which in 2010 existed almost like it does now, though it is hitting a larger number of people.

When applying for any school you need to read the fine print. I am not advocating Keiser in this sense but you can't expect a separate institution to force another institution to hire someone. It doesn't work that way. Most times the externship does NOT equal permanent placement. I do know that Keiser does have a large chunk of their Student Services division specifically set aside to help in job placement.

Bottom line: NO College/University can guarantee a job. Period.
Raz29 Send email
Mar 17, 2012

Read what you sign...

I too am studying law, and if you don't get value for value, the contract is void. Keiser University has a no refund policy if you withdraw from a course. This is similar to the tactics of a used car salesman! If you go to a college fresh out of high school, are you really prepared to meet the used car salesmen and negotiate against him and his years of sales experience? This is ridiculous. We should not allow our children's futures to be wisked away by used car sales tactics. Schools should remain in the public sector and these private "for-profit" schools should take their for-profit butts somewhere else. Or, laws should prevent them from obtaining federal funding unless they have withdraw policies that allow a student a chance to get their money back. Stay away from Keiser and other schools like them because they do not provide you with an education. They sell you a book, give you access to an online program, and you have to teach yourself! Basically, Keiser University is as good as a stuffed shirt when it comes to teaching in their online programs! AVOID THESE SCHOOLS AT ALL COSTS! Take is from a fool who has learned an expensive lesson.
Ripped-off @ Keiser Send email
Mar 16, 2012

Financial Aid

I received a call today from a collection agency FMS that was advising me that Keiser University sent them a bad-debt for me. I last attended their school in November of 2006, almost 3 years ago and no one bothered to tell me I owed them money. This is ridiculous to say the least! I bought a house and a new car since attending their school. Not to mention I got robbed by them with the loans they took out in my name that I still have to pay. And to add to that I owe them $ 1, 849. While this is a good amount of money, the time I wasted at their unaccredited University has no price. This school is a complete and total waste please save anyone you know who is considering this school. If it sounds too good to be true, it is. Not to mention accredited schools are half as much to go to. Save your time and money.
Ahigdon87 Send email
Mar 16, 2012

Financial Aid

MMRMARPT Send email
Feb 27, 2012


I am a former student at Keiser university and towards the end they gave me a really hard time I sighned a form at the beginning of externship stating that i wasnt planning to take any of my gen eds so when i was half way through the extern coordinator calls me stating that i cant take the licensing exam unless I'm an active student at the time i was working at the hospital at night and completing externship during the day (16hours of work total daily) i already completed all the required classes for the licensing exam and yet if i wasn't planning to take my gen eds i wouldnt be allowed to take the licensing exam so the extern coordinator suggested online classes i told her plainly i need time to sleep and i dont think i have the time and she said it didnt matter if i passed or not as long as i was an active student but what she didnt tell me was if i chose to drop out after that class i would owe the school over 4000 for all the classes i chose not to take and now they refuse to release my transcripts untill i pay them in full

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