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trent526 Send email
Feb 19, 2020

Kenmore Gas Oven Panel fire

Our Kenmore 911.33464400 caught fire in the electric control panel. This is a 24" oven mounted in the wall. Obvious short in the connections. Flames were visible, had to quickly remove the top panel/cover to obtain access to put fire out. This could have been very bad if we had not caught it quickly

Kenmore Gas Oven Panel fire

medgington Send email
Jan 17, 2019

fire in kenmore gas oven series 790

I was going to bake a birthday cake. Set oven to 350 and let it preheat. While oven was preheating I could smell a strange odor in the kitchen. I open the oven door and a blaze of fire was shooting up from the bottom burner. I try to turn the oven off but the fire became stronger. I poured salt on the fire and this did not help. I thought my whole house was going to burn down. I took a pot of water and poured it on top of the flames. This put the fire out. Now of course the oven nor the broiler works. I am afraid to use my stove. I contacted Kenmore customer support and they have no one available to look at my oven. They told me it was my responsibility to get it fixed. They did not even want the appliance people, I would be contacting, to call them and let them know why the oven started on fire. My stove is the 790 series and only three years old . Kenmore's customer support told me I was the only person who has complained about this oven. This is horrible. My mother who is 73 years old was sleeping in a room next to the kitchen. Luckily I was in the kitchen when the fire started. Kenmore told me this was of no concern to them. Kenmore is allowing seriously faulty appliances into peoples homes, they might as well as send a representative to your house and pour gas all over and start it on fire. Shame on you Kenmore and Sears.
Ellen Morton Send email
Aug 29, 2018

Kenmore Electric Range

My Kenmore electric range blazed up from behind the clock/timer control panel. Fortunately, I had tile behind my stove so there was no damage done except that the stove will NEVER be used again. I turned off the breaker and unplugged the stove. My house smelled like an electric fire for days and I was still shaking long after the blaze was out. This could have been a disaster for sure. I've never had a stove fire and this was traumatic for me and all of my guests who were having dinner with me at the time of the fire. I'm grateful we're alive and the house is still standing. The serial number for the stove is: VF11448548. The model number is: 79092303012.
Ellen Morton Send email
Aug 29, 2018

Kenmore Electric Range

My Kenmore electric range recently caught fire. The fire suddenly blazed up behind the clock/timer control panel, sending the blaze up the wall. thankfully, I had tile on the wall behind the stove, so the damage was minimal, however, it could have caught my house on fire and been deadly. It was one of the scariest things that's happened to me lately. It could have been a disaster.
andon1 Send email
Mar 8, 2018


Burnt L2 (BOTHin/out) kenmore elite/EHP 316577093 control board.

1/4' spade terminals fried the control board fibers to Carbon dust at L2 terminations.
Did away with the bad terminations, And soldered the leads directly to there relay pins.
Oven now works again! Hope other people do not have a fire due to bad terminals.
$195.00 for a new control board plus a new harness WITH the same terminals means another burning L2 episode will happen.!
Delegraph Send email
Jan 11, 2018

Kenmore Elite Control Board Fire

A few nights ago while using the oven and range of our Kenmore Elite Model 790.79383400, flames and acrid smoke sprouted from the back top of the stove. I would later learn this was the area just above the control board, which had started to burn. After disconnecting both electric and gas I would find that one of the main electrical wires had completely melted off the board where it could dangle and possible ground itself against the range's frame. (It is the red wire to the far left in the provided photo). It seemed to me a catastrophic failure and both a fire and electrocution hazard, but as others have reported, Sears had no interest in hearing anything but a replacement parts order or service call request at my expense.

Kenmore Elite Control Board Fire

susandb60 Send email
Dec 8, 2017

Self cleaning

About 10 -20 minutes into the self cleaning mode of our Kenmore range there was smoke billow out of the top that had the most incredibly strong and suffocating chemical smell. I immediately turned it off and tried opening all doors and windows while it was so hard to see and breathe through the dense smoke. I had to keep my mouth and nose covered with a towel, but my eyes burned severly for hours. I have been coughing and hacking eversince, (a month) and I am sure my lungs have been damaged. My husband, daughter and cat were in the home at the time, and they have similar symptoms. Never have I experience anything like this from a self cleaning stove. Please advise. Thank you, Susan Blando
MJFPFF Send email
Oct 10, 2017

Inside Glass to Oven Door shattered

My stove is only 4 years old. The other night we heard glass breaking. Did not know what it was - we had used oven about 20 minutes prior. Opened oven door and the inside glass had completely shattered. No reason for this to happen at all. Always use mitt to insert and pull out of oven. Unbelievable. Could not believe this - pay all that money for a stove and it just shatters for no reason. So I do research and understand this is happening all over the country. I should receive a replacement door.
causelm Send email
Jun 19, 2017

Kenmore oven control board caught fire

Turned oven on, heard loud popping noise coming from behind the oven control panel then smoke and fire. Shut off from breaker and unplugged stove. Sears Kenmore model 790.94102703.
Ginny01 Send email
Apr 5, 2017

Sears kenmore range

Had a fire behind one of the stovetop burners that melted the knob
Jmcfarland4000 Send email
Feb 3, 2017


Ours sears 790 series gas oven made by fridgidare has had 2 control boards for sure possible a third I am not sure about the third one and a igniter replaced in lee then 3 years . After cooking dinner eating it and cleaning up the oven which was turned off started to give off a noxious electrical type smell . Touched the oven walls they were cool looked around noticed a small wisp of smoke and unplugged the stove.within 10 minutes the has was reely filled with strong odors even with the windows open and the range fan and ceeling fan on. We called the fire dept and they arrived extremely quick. The used a tool to pinpoint the hot spot and it was under the top. They had to pry up the top to get access to the area right above the oven box. The insulation was shouldering bright red
The removed the effected area and took out side to it out checked again and another spot had started to smolder . They had to remove the oven from the house and flood with chenicalmto keep it from reigniting. I looks like we dodged a bull it with this piece of crap. He we waited a little longer or had we left the house or not promptly called the fire dept the whole house could have burned down. Of course sears declined to replace it . The excuse is that it was urepairable as a lot of the damage was called from the firemen. so apparently the want you to pull your burning stove out on the front lawn grab a few chairs and watch in burn compleatly
Then call the repairman and they might replace it. For those who have received not satisfaction there is a class action law suit forming just look on line and join up it is free. Sears should sell a safe product . And honor their overpriced fraudulent warrentys
mikey66 Send email
Nov 2, 2016

kenmore oven

Oven intermittently bursts into flame for no apparent reason. Manually cleaned oven and found no residue. Oven starts to emit black smoke and bursts into flame. Happens at no specific temp. Afraid to use self clean mode. Doesn't happen all the time nut frequently enough that we can't use the oven unless someone keeps and eye on it. Oven is less than 3 years old and have only used it infrequently.
Junk oven Send email
Aug 2, 2016

Kenmore Elite Oven

Oven caught fire while in preheat convection mode. Thank God wife and I were home! Impressive smoke and shower of sparks coming out the back. It is not the quality our parents had! This event could have been very bad!
pboedy Send email
Jul 13, 2016

Kenmore Oven

My oven (Kenmore model 665.95824) almost started house on fire. Without notice broiler started burning red hot without being turned on. Only way I could shut it off was to unplug or shut off at the breaker. Sounds like this should have been recalled long ago by all of the same type of complaints on-line. Called Sears and all they could do was send out a technician at my expense. I guess I will have to purchase a new oven since I can't trust this one anymore. It will not be a Kenmore! Oven purchased December 19, 2000.
Tom Romaine Send email
Jun 15, 2016

Spontaneous Combustion

Range caught fire on own on 6/13/16 at junction block between power cord and internal range wiring. Model number is 790.94193310 purchased 4/13/14. Quick unplugging saved our house; an unwitnessed fire would have been a disaster. So far Sears store owner, customer service, repairs, and customer relations are only offering paid repairs.
Mofit Send email
Feb 4, 2016

Oven control caught fire.

My wife and I were in the middle of cooking my son his birthday day when the control panel on the stove started arcing and flashing. Smoke and flange started to roll out the top of the unit and I had to shut the breaker off and pull the stove out. The stove is only four years old. Model 970.
Roborrison Send email
Dec 29, 2015

Oven controls caught fire

While I was cooking some French fries in my oven and I heard a loud buzzing noise coming from my control panel for the oven and then flames started coming out of the top of the stove plus heavy black smoke. My stove is a 790. Series Kenmore stove which seems to be one of the many bad units. I have also had problems with my kitchenaid dish washer and the problem with it seems to be moisture getting in the control panel on the top of the door. Where the crap did all of the great reliable companies go fricken China has ruined everything that was good.
Bkupmstr Send email
Dec 12, 2015

Kenmore electric stove catches fire

we used the oven on Thanksgiving and it shutdown in the middle of cooking because it overheated.
Instructions set yo reset and retry

2 weeks later wee turn the oven on to bake and during pre-heat Flames shoot out of the back of the stove
v.pilling Send email
Nov 30, 2015

Don't Burn Your House Down

Nov. 24, oven baking coil, bottom of oven caught fire. A popping noise was heard and then the fire. This is a Kenmore Elite appliance 790. After several attempts to speak with someone at Sears that has authority and power to intervene, I got no where! Approximately, 5 years ago, I had to replace my Kenmore Elite Microwave because that too caught fire. The day that the microwave was reparied the repair man tested the microwave and that to caught fire. This took several months to resolve.

Bottome line, I have 4 Sears Elite appliances: Microwave caught fire, Duel Fuel oven caught fire, Frig. ice maker has been repaired twice and right now is not working. The frig oven reairperson told me he would be back because the ice maker breaks down frequently.....he was right. We have also repaired the relay switch in oven as well.

Needlesstosay, our families lives and our home have been in jeoparty 3 times because of fires in Kenmore appliances.

Apparently, Sears Holdings does not take this seriously. They will not do the right thing! I have registered the stove with Comsumer Product Safety Division US Govt. If you have any concerns regarding a Kenmore product, do not hesitate to do the same. Lives could potentially be at stake.
Neal Send email
Jul 23, 2015

Kenmore Supercacity Range

My Kenmore range turns on by itself. Last night, it turned on and my did not notice it. It got so hot that the oven glass shattered. It's unplugged now. No more Kenmore's for me.
Tessie03 Send email
Jan 27, 2015

Fire due to cooktop going on when oven turned on

On Sunday, January 25, we turned our oven on to convection roast to cook some chicken wings. I had a wooden cutting board on top of the cooktop on the quick heating element. About 15 minutes in, I noticed that there was smoke coming from under the wooden cutting board. The quick heating element on the left had turned on automatically and the cutting board had caught on fire. I turned off the oven and the burner turned off.

I then turned the oven back on but on convection bake vs convection roast and the 2 burners on the front went on. I then turned off the oven completely and the 2 burner stayed. We had to turn off the breaker in the basement to turn the oven off.

If I had not been in the room (we live in a 2 story), we would have had a complete disaster in our home.

I called Sears and they said it was out of warranty (bought Sept 2, 2009) and that it would be charged service call.

Other relevant history - in 2010 we had Sears come out because the lights were coming on in the indicators for all burners and we were worried about this. At this time they replaced the control panel and the service tech told us that this was a known problem and we should have it replaced each time it happens. We called Sears again in December 2014 and told them we were having the same lighting issue and was told it was out of warranty and that we would have to pay even though we had already had this panel replaced.

I will never buy a Kenmore product again - I will never step foot in a Sears store again.
Sadie&Ruby Send email
Jun 28, 2014

Sears Kenmore

I have a Sears Kenmore Electric Range Model # 911.93488990 and was cooking dinner a few nights ago. I was just about to open the oven when the thing exploded and I screamed from the shock. After a few minutes I opened it and the whole element was on fire. After calling my Husband in from outside to see, we watched as the fire continued all around and the pieces just fell off. The only way we finally got it to stop was by disconnecting the oven. I've called Kenmore and after being given the runaround to many 800 numbers all they could offer me was the parts department and to order the part. No apologies, nothing else was said. Amazing! I've ordered the part and if it doesn't work, believe me I will send it back. My next oven will NOT be a Kenmore. Their customer service stinks.
KBunker Send email
Mar 12, 2012

Beware! Don't burn your house!

Just happened to us last night. We have a Kenmore Range -Super Capacity model 65595012, purchased in Aug 2003. We were baking french fries in the oven, I turned off the oven, placed the fries back in the oven to stay warm. 10 minutes later, went back to the oven to retrieve the fries, they were burned and smoking... the bottom baking element was still on and red/white hot despite the oven being "off". We tried the off button several times and finally cut the power to the oven with the circuit breaker. From reading the previous complaints, we are lucky we didn't have a fire as well! I have been on the phone with sears and their customer service, as well as emailing the customer service, but not getting anywhere, they call it "normal where and tear"!
Susana G Send email
Feb 27, 2012

Beware! Don't burn your house!

Tonight 2/23/12 our Kenmore Elite Dual Fuel Range (79079383400) caught fire. My husband and I heard strange cracking/popping sounds and saw the clock display was fading out and black smoke was pouring out the back of the unit.
My husband and I got extremely scared since we didn’t know what to do. This problem could have resulted in a serious fire. We have black smoke on our wall.

Could someone please contact with their advise on how to resolve this problem. I bought the stove at Sears and I just emailed them.
[email protected]

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