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Shamey62 Send email
Jun 8, 2020

Losing more hair/ more charges

I have been using this product for a three weeks now and my hair is falling out so bad that everyday I am scared to look in the mirror.
I paid 59.95 for a kit and received several other products that never ordered and yesterday I was charged another 64.99. I know they say that you will have some hair loss, but I had no idea I would lose 25% more of my hair in three weeks. I am not sure if it is the shampoo and conditioner, or the regrowth treatment that is causing my hair to fall out, but I will not continue using it. They refuse to give me a refund. What does 30 days to try it mean if you cannot call and stop them from billing you again, or get a refund. I am so upset.
Ohio59 Send email
May 13, 2020


Please be careful, very deceptive practices. You decide to purchase a product and end up with additional products in your cart when you think you are just confirming your order. Then you are sent 90 day auto ship without warning. I had an ALLERGIC reaction that required steroids. When I went to cancel the auto ship I was told OOPS its to late and now I have 210.00 bill coming. There are plenty of other companied out there. STAY AWAY FROM KERANIQUE ONLINE OR QVC---go buy just what you want at Ulta!!
Ohio59 Send email
May 13, 2020

Autoship/ Product

Please be very careful when signing up, the auto ship charges may not be what you agreed to because there are so many pop up windows to buy more. You think you are confirming you order but they are just slipping in extra product and locking you in. I had an allergic reaction to the product but am stuck with 210.00 of auto ship product they are not refunding. They is very little responsibility on the companies part. There are other products available that work with other companies!!
[email protected] Send email
Feb 20, 2019

Don't waste your $

I read another review and it was like reading my own feelings about Keranique Products My hair was silky, shiny, etc. Now it is dry, brittle, my ends are mush even though I trim it regularly. As proof, I was speaking to my mother in law about my hair and she replied that my hair, although was getting a little thinner, it was silky, shiny and very healthy looking. Because of the time frame of our conversation, the wedding pic's and the time frame of my hair going south, it was very obvious that the Keranique Products were the culprit.
[email protected] Send email
Feb 20, 2019

Keranique Products

Don't waste your money!!! I suffered the same results as another reviewer. My hair turned dry, split ends, lack of shine. AND, it doesn't work. I knew my hair was changing, all sorts of ideas came to mind. It wasn't until my mother in law, whom I only 1x or 2x a year told me she was shocked at the change in my hair. Amazingly, she listed everything the other reviewer wrote. Then the reality of the dates occurred to me. Because I had many pic's taken with her (new mother-laws) I was able to track down the time line and sure enough the damage to my hair Coincideantally started with my use of this product line.
Baldy Send email
Nov 30, 2018

Keranique Scam

Nov. 2018 - My hair had been gradually thinning over the last 10 years. But it was healthy in that I had no breakage, no split ends, I had shine and softness to the touch. I called for Keranique. Within the first week of using the shampoo, conditioner, spray serum, and the lifting hair spray, My hair was breaking at the slightlest touch. My hair began to fall out to the point I had to clean the shower drain of hair loss before I could finish a shower. As I walked through my apartment I could feel hair falling on my arms and shoulders. I cleaned my feet of hair that had fallen to the floor. Within days I was nearly bald to the back of my head and excessively thin to the rest of my head. I don't have enough hair on the sides to pull into a ponytail to hide the balding. Now, a month later, my hair is still fragile, breaking and falling out, I've seen no new hair growth.
Keranique representative advised me to continue using the products; "...the product was meant to rid all weak hair, hair that was going to fall out anyway, so new hair could begin to grow." NO WAY! I wanted my money back. They charged me again. The second call tried to get me to continue the product until after January 2019. HA! I wanted my money back. They charged my account another $49.95. Third call - I went nuts on the rep that answered. I was told I'd have my money in 3-5 business days. Still no reimbursement in my account.
They representatives did not tell me what 3 different hair dressers told me. Keranique cannot be taken with blood pressure medicine and other meds.The reps did not admit or deny that fact. The people of Keranique have no integrity, no compassion, no heart. They are scam artists. They are low-down hustlers getting wealthy exploiting those of us who want to keep our "crown of glory", according to the St. James Book of scripture.
This company needs to be shut down and their products need to be analyzed to prove their must be some type of poison ingredient. I tried to include a photo of the back of my head and the sides but the funniest thing happened - my complaint and photo completely disappeared. Today Nov 30, 2018 I will speak with an attorney to bring suite against the company for the damage and hardship they have caused me.
Shelly039 Send email
Jul 11, 2018


I started using Keranique about 5 months ago. Did not get any hair growth on the sides nor bang area, which was my problem of hair loss.
After 5 month's of use i had developed scabs exactly where i was administering the Keranique, my hair is braking to the point of which i have lost a significant amount of hair. Plus gained a significant amount of facial hair on my right check.
When i shower, the drain cup is filled with my hair. Cant towel dry my hair, cant put a comb in my hair in fear of losing more. I spoke with Keranique and they did admit that if you stop using the product you will lose whatever growth i did get, which was nothing except facial hair. This product is a scam and im going to investigate.
Yourwelcome Send email
May 23, 2018


I wish I'd looked this up earlier.
I fell for the free sample trial against my gut instinct. After not liking the product I tried to return it and was charged for more products with additional odd payments removed from my bank account. After 3 months and receiving another batch I paid to return everything and have not been refunded anything.
They neglected to respond to emails and their Australian 1800 number is mostly 'unavailable'.
I am sad that I got duped but even sadder that these guys are still allowed to run a company.
Delma Visser Send email
Jan 17, 2018


I ordered a “free” trial od Keranique and
was only to pay the postage however I was charged $104-50 for it and was sent another lot which I did not authorise and charged $106-50. I rang and cancelled this and sent it back at the cost to me of $16 postage. I am absolutely disgusted with the company and only trusted it because it was acclaimed by The Shark Tank. It is however a complete scam and what’s more my hair is still falling out. My scalp is peeling and clumps of my hair is coming out. Instead of making my hair thicker, it has significantly made my hair VERY thin. The only way to stop this scam is to cancel one’s credit card and obtain a new one as they WILL NOT refund their unlawful withdrawals from one’s credit card
Tfinn Send email
Jan 15, 2018


It made me sick. I was feeling tired and couldn’t sleep at night. I ended up with bad headaches, high blood pressure, chest pain and itchy scalp. I also noticed facial hair growth which I never had before. I stopped using immediately.

Stay away from this product.
annoyed customer Send email
Dec 30, 2017

Keranique Hair products

To a normal layperson a free trial IS a trial with no conditions attached to the product. If I was in a Supermarket and received a sample packet of dishwashing liquid, the distributor doesn't demand my details and expect me to return a half-used product.
Your advertising at best is totally misleading and at worst is fraudulent. If any further action is taken by your company to gain funds from my account, I will take this matter to the relevant authorities. I also plan to post negative comments about this SCAM on our Facebook page - a free trial is a free trial without any strings attached.
shaynna82 Send email
Oct 7, 2017

Terrible product

I had thick permed hair to my back. Now I have neck length hair as a result of using this product. When I started using the shampoo and conditioner I lost some strands. As I continued to use the product my hair began to mat and break off. I ended up getting the broke ends clipped to their current length... I am very upset!!!
Blessings314 Send email
Feb 4, 2017


I purchased my kit from HSN. Received it on or about January 27, 2017. Used it for the first time on January 30th. I followed the instructions on each bottle. Something horrendous happened after I used the LIFT AND REPAIR SPRAY. My hair instantly looked like a mannequin wig and suddenly the comb stopped unable to move after several strokes. My hair came out in large CLUMPS.I immediately called KERANIQUE and talked with BENNIE AT EXT. 709. I told him what occurred and he asked me what products were in my kit. I gave him the listed items and he immediately confirmed that it was the LIFT AND REPAIR TREATMENT SPRAY. I asked him why would a company sell a defective product? Bonnie talked over me repeatedly not listening to my concerns and trying to sell more items.

I have a photo of the products and my hair to pursue a case against KERANIQUE.

I have to pay to return the item and wait 2 billing cycles before I get my refund. This site be against the law.
Nurse hattie Send email
Feb 17, 2016

Keranique business practices

One cust service man told me I would be receiving 2 more kits because I had signed up for it. I told them no I want to cancel. He said he would cancel. Now they have taken another payment out of my bank acct & the bank charges me $34 overdraft fee. I have to close my act and open one in another bank because this guy lied. I was told by the 2nd cust serv man I was getting no more kids yet try still intent to charge me another $79.99.
Sandra Jackson Send email
Jan 14, 2016


Keranique took out all my hair. I had to cut all my hair off. I called the company & told them they sent me more of it which I didn't use. My hair still is not growing right from using this product.
Carrie20441 Send email
Dec 22, 2015

Scam.. makes your hair fallm out..needsnto be sued

They never give you the full detaols about how much you're actually paying... it makes your hair fall out to the point of having to get plugs, extensions or in my case a monontop top piece hair piece i went comletely bald on the crown area of my head and now have scabs as well on the top of my head.. I have pics to prove as well. And have had several dr appts as well... this company needs a class action lawsuit.. plz attorneys feel free to contact me @ [email protected]
Thank You
HateKeranique Send email
Nov 22, 2015

Unauthorized, unethical charges

I ordered the product last summer and used it, but ended up in the ER with irregular heart beat after a couple weeks or so of use. The irregular heart rhythm went away after I stopped using the minoxidil, but came back when I tried using it again at a later date. I would never use that again. I had never had an irregular heart rate before that and it has since almost resolved due to other measures I have taken. The ER visit cost me $221.04.
I had ordered the product as a onetime thing, but after 4 months another kit came in the mail. I had never agreed to a second shipment or any kind of auto shipment agreement. They said I had to ship it back at my own expense and the representative on the phone advised me to get confirmation of delivery which I did, but this cost me another $22.45 in addition to the $7.95 the company would not refund for shipping the product to me. This came to a total of $30.40 I had to pay, to say nothing of the extra hassle and time it cost me.
The Keranique company did refund the cost of the product minus their shipping charges, however. Yet the representative, without saying so directly, intimated that if I did not mail the product back with delivery confirmation (which cost me extra), they would deny getting it, and use it as an excuse not to refund anything. I would never do business with them again, and would love to see a class action lawsuit against them.
Also, irritatingly, the representative kept trying to sell me more of their products when I called to object to the unauthorized delivery of the product. Really annoying! I would never do business with them again, and would advise anyone else to steer clear of this unethical company.
agaur31784 Send email
Sep 24, 2015

Keranique Scam

The other reviews I see are from 2012. It's 2015 now and I am shocked to see that the same company is still in business doing scams. The same happened with me. They said it's only the shipping that I need to pay and it's a free trial. Later, after over a month, they charged me $79.95

I never wanted it in the first place. They also tried to sell me a bunch of other products and wanted my credit card number to confirm but I never gave them that again. Still, I am losing my money and this fraud company is still in business even after YEARS OF DOING SCAMS.
baldnunhappy Send email
Mar 5, 2015


I ordered the product as the trail on February 7, 2015. MArch 5, 2015 I have bald spots and major hair breakage and damage. When I called the company March 5, 2015 and I explained the situation also seeking instructions on how to return the unused product. The customer service rep told me that it was actually working. I replied that I was trying to stop my thinning hair not look like I have mange. I cancelled my credit card to prevent them from taking money. Oh by the way, they NEVER gave me the instructions to return their fraudulent product. A CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT NEEDS TO BE PRESUED .
ruth pennebaker Send email
Oct 13, 2014


I immediately canceled my order and received a cancellation number, but monthly charges have repeatedly occurred on my credit card. Have sent email to these creeps and tried to call their now-defunct number. Sue them! -- Ruth Pennebaker

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