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MJ Kruger Send email
Jul 27, 2020

kfc falling apart

Drive thru is "offline" and kitchen is not making any food now as they are closing soon... Then they do not load your order on the system ( after I spoke to the owner on the phone, they jump to make food quickly) then they only load the order right before they give it to you, so the system doesn't show how long you are waiting...

Zuziwe Send email
Jan 30, 2020

Angry customer

I am so Angry and Disappointed at the service i got this morning from KFC WEST STREET DURBAN cashier was NTOMBIZETHU i ordered a streetwise two and two rolls for R46.70 she then swiped my card and said it declined and i paid cash after a few seconds i get a notification on my phone saying that money went out taken by KFC, i returned to the cashier and showed her the notification she then shouted for LUNGI "THE MANAGER" instead of the manager a colleague of her came and said the money will get reversed automatically and went away :GUESS MY FOREHEAD WAS WRITTEN STUPID.
Tar Send email
Dec 27, 2019

Charged for food I did not receive

I have placed an online order for KFC on the 13 December at about 7pm, estimated time was about 20/25 mins since we not far. It went on to 2 hours and I thought no man something is up...we checked our order online (tracking) only to realise that our order has been this point I was vivid thinking no sms indication or call. My kids was hungry and my R220 gone. I then thought I'd receive my money the next day at least well it's the 27'th and up
until today I received 1 call from the Tokai branch manager saying he will make sure I'd get my refund but nothing... Customer Service department no use either no calls back to me regarding the matter. At this point I have spent R265.50 airtime plus I lost R220 since I don't have a contact phone

My case number is 524120

This is just pathetic!!!

I am done with KFC
Cecilia15 Send email
Dec 16, 2019

No service

Hazeldean branch Pretoria
I placed an order online waited almost 2 hours the callcentre then told me sorry driver is lost but he will come. Can management please investigate this.
Lameez Send email
Dec 10, 2019

Poor food quality

I lodged a complain with kfc after buying a streetwise 3 and a streetwise 5....after being told the store have no zinger wings#mash gravy# and salt????...and getting home only to discover the chicken is lke rubber and chips is definately old....i had guest at my home from Denmark and they where appalled at rhe quality of wasnt even fir for human consumption...then a few days later the customercare of Kfc contacts me, and tild me they apologize i can let the matter "rest " it will be handled "internally"...oh..."and as a token of our apologies" THEY ARE GIVING ME A STREETWISE 2 FREE....are these ppl for real???? After i spend R150..that i had to deposit in bin... u wana give me a Streetwise 2 ??? ...I will make sure that evry social site#market knows bt ur shit service ..excellence..and ur "coverup schemes" u ppl should really be ashamed of urselves. .the way u rip ppl of ther hard earned money......
Lameez Send email
Dec 9, 2019

Quality of food

KFC kromboom...what a total disgrace...disrespectful, u cultured staff with no client service at all....i ordered a streetwise 5 and a streetwise 3...all the chicken was so dry as well S the chips...not even fit for a dog to eat...i am appaled at the quality of food that they represent to ther clients....u keep on opening a store in u forget to educate ur staff..u make use of cheap labour... open fewer stores, send ur staff for proper training in client service excellence...
nadinepillay Send email
Oct 11, 2019


The email below was sent to "[email protected]" and "[email protected]" on 07.10.2019 to which I have had no response.

"To whom it may concern

Thank you for the opportunity to express my absolute disappointment with the service I received from the KFC outlet on Marine Drive in Blouberg, Western Cape.

I placed an order online and used the check-in facility at 8:11pm before I made my way to the store. Upon arrival I noticed my name on the digital board under items being prepared. After about 15 minutes when there appeared to be no movement and other customers had come and gone with their food already, I asked my son to go to the counter to enquire as to when our food would be ready. The restaurant at this time was empty. Three staff members walked by the counter and ignored my son. We being the only two customers in the store didn’t trigger any sort of action from them at all.

When I myself went to the counter, I received the following responses:

1. When I asked when I could expect my food to be ready as my name had been standing on the board by that time over 30 minutes – “Eish.”
2. They said that the online ordering system did not allow them to view what I had ordered and therefore my order would not be prepared until I confirmed what I’d ordered. I must therefore ask… WHAT is the purpose of all that rigmarole of ordering online and checking in when it does NOTHING to make a purchase more convenient?
3. When I asked why my son had not been attended to - They didn’t see my son standing at the counter.
4. When I asked how to go about cancelling the order (because by that time there was no way I was accepting food being prepared by the staff there) – They said that I would have to cancel online.
5. When I asked how to cancel online because I couldn’t find the option – They said that they don’t know how the online thing works.
6. When I asked about getting a refund from the store – They said that they couldn’t refund me because I’d placed the order online.

I asked them to contact someone who could help and never saw that lady again. At some point about 10 minutes after that, the male manager came out to show me a whatsapp conversation he had been having with someone who advised that I would have to contact someone else. I was beyond aggravated that I had to spend more money making calls, having driven to the store, then being out of pocket and STILL no food.

There was no urgency about them despite the fact that my boy and I had by that time been waiting for food almost an hour from when we placed our order.

I am again furious just thinking about the blatant lack of customer service, no apology, no empathy… nothing! The way that we were treated is disgraceful and either an indictment of the standard you accept from your franchisees, or, if it has never been brought to your attention before, just general practice at that store.

I am out of pocket R156.80, my boy didn’t get his KFC (the once-a-month treat that I can afford), and I’m left with such a bitter taste for a brand that we have always loved.

Please advise what I need to do to at least recover my money."
Tsepiso mokone Send email
Sep 3, 2019

Incorrect Order and Slow Service

I went to KFC Craighall earlier today to buy food for at work. Firstly I had to request that we be given attention because some of us are going to work. Secondly I finally open my food at work to eat and I find that my order is incorrect. I ordered Streetwise 3 and 4 Zinger wings. The wings were ok but instead of Streetwise 3, I got Streetwise 2. Worst of all because they are across the street I try to call them before they close at 22:00pm so we can sort this matter, no response and I called about 8 times. No response and by tomorrow morning it will be too late.

I have a;ready paid for my meal and I expect 3 pieces not 2 and I am not assisted. This is why people find KFC so frustrating. I need this matter sorted.

Tsepiso Mokone
[email protected] Send email
Mar 6, 2019

Delivery system

They delivery system sucks I placed an order around 6pm it's now 9pm still no delivery ,they dont bother call to update i have to constantly call them and ask how far is the order
louisebenson Send email
Aug 22, 2018

Unresponsive & Defiant

Below is an email I sent to KFC customer service 7 days ago. I have not yet had a response.
I have also posted this on their Facebook page and there has been not acknowledgment 24hrs later.

Case Number: CAS-390667-Q6X6C8
Ref: 384351

"On Tuesday (24/07/18), at approx 6.00pm I purchased a Streetwise 5 meal at KFC Ottery Sasol Branch.

As you will find in the report of my complaint to the customer care line, I Discovered a plastic packet crumpled up inside the Large chips container, covered up by a few chips.
The packet is clearly marked as a POPS package, therefore it is obvious that this was deliberate as this package should have been chucked in a bin and no where near clean food serving packaging.
On discovering this, I called the outlet, only for the phone to be lifted off the receiver and put down again without any answer.

The following day, I received a call from the store Manager, Malika.
I received an apology but in the same breath was told very sarcasticly that this was "odd"! No further explanation of how it might have happened or a suggestion of investigating it was offered, she simply asked if she if she could replace the meal, which I feel is more convenient for her than me, as I had to make an extra effort to complete the meal that evening (making chips from scratch).
I refused the replacement meal as I do not want to consume food from this outlet as I been put off by what had occurred. I requested a meal voucher instead.
She (Malika) then stated that she would have to get permission from head office to authorize a voucher. She stated that she would get back to me within 3 day.

Yesterday I received a call from customer care, asking if the issue has been resolved, I said "no an I would like feed back in this regard."
Today I receive a SMS voucher valued at a mere R30. What a slap in the face when the meal I purchased was R80 and never mind compensation for the inconvenience caused.

I would appreciate more feedback in this regard please. I still have the plastic packet in my possession should anyone care to look further into this! Its absolutely disgusting that no one actually care about the crux of the matter here.

I'm expecting a speedy response as I've already waited long enough to have this sorted."

Unresponsive & Defiant

SM_11 Send email
May 3, 2018

Poor Quality Food

I'd been to the KFC in Musgrave Centre, Durban earlier today (2018.05.03) after about 2-3 since my last visit. I ordered an AM Twister with a Cappuccino; and even though the attending server mentioned that they were out of eggs (and out of chicken for a chicken & mayo sandwich) - service was pleasant and efficient. Unfortunately, after receiving my food I immediately noticed that the quality had severely diminished since I'd last been there. The portion size was a minimum of 20% smaller than it had been previously, and the cappuccino was extremely watery and tasted quite unpleasant. Although I understood that there would be no egg, the filling contained a meager strip of hashborwn, while the rest was filled with - what i assumed was - tomato sauce and mayo. This made the overall taste really sour. In the past there was a choice to have chicken strips - an adequate portion would be added along with fresh tomato slices.. Furthermore, this time, the proportion of tortilla wrap was much greater than actual filling making the texture 'chewy'. This had once been a very affordable, filling and enjoyable snack; now it is extremely unlikely that I would purchase a breakfast meal from any outlet again. Please consider improving the quality of your wraps, if not, it would be better that you remove them completely to avoid us (the public) the inconvenience of dealing with it.
Thank you

Poor Quality Food Poor Quality Food

[email protected] Send email
Apr 5, 2018

Chewed bubblegum mixed with pieces of meat in my drink

KFC-Armitage Road in Pietermaritzburg,

I am contacting you in order to express my concerns and to raise a formal complaint as the food served was unsafe to eat on February 13th, 2018.

To explain in more detail On the 13th of February 2018 at 7h46 I bought a crunch burger and cream soda in a cup from a drive through on my way to work. Because I am a field worker, I eat on the road. Because I had a busy day on that day, I only consumed the drink. On the following morning, while tidying up the car to prepare for work I discover a stinking something in the cup of the drink i already had. I excuse my from the appointments of the day and head to KFC in question to lay a compliant. I spoke to a manageress who in a very relaxed manner opened the cup, took the 'stuff' and said it looked like a piece of meat. I responded to say what is a piece of meat doing in my drink. She took the cup and the reciept I had on my hand, left and never came back. The other manager comes, start explaining that maybe its Coca cola. Then I asked to speak to the regional manager, he was called and we spoke on the phone because apparently he was in durban. He explained that the Coca cola rep will come and fetch what was found in the drink and take it to the lab. I kept on following up with the regional manager until i recieved a call from Coca cola on the 26th of February 2018 to give a verbal report of the specimen analysis, which revealed that what was found in the drink was actually chewed bubblegum mixed with pieces of meat. I requested a written report and he said I will get it via KFC. I also logged the case on the 14/2/18 with KFC and allocted case number CAS-351562-H0XW3, of which I receieved an email on 2 March 2018 to say this case has been resolved. When I enquired from the regional manager he said that I said the drink was consumed by my child ( I can forward the whole email). The complaint I sent was both verbal and in writing, I then asked him to tell me when did I say the drink was consumed by my child, he has never responded until today.

I am still awaiting KFC's action to resolve the issue of what was found in the drink, knowing that I consumed the drink with somebody else's saliva exposing me to all the diseases that are transmitted through bodily fluids. I am not sure what the regional manager is insinuating when he says initially i said my child drank the cool drink, kindly investigate that further, looking at the email i sent on the 14th of February, the telephonic conversation between myself and him, and also the footage can assist of the day I went to the restaurant to lay a complaint

Your assistance is this regard will be highly appreciated.

To resolve this issue I would like you to To investigate further on how it happened that I was sold a drink with chewing bubblegum and resolve the issue accordingly

To investigate on how my complaint was handled by the regional manager and KFC.

I consider this a very serious issue which has caused me an unnecessary amount of aggravation.

Yours faithfully

Zama Mkhize
Dellie75 Send email
Mar 1, 2018

Poor food

On 22 February I went through the drive-thru at KFC Queens Corner, Pretoria. I ordered a Streetwise 2, Zinger Burger, Boxmaster, Twister and 4 Zinger wings. The lettuce on the twister and boxmaster was so soggy, like it had been sitting there for a while - not in the least bit fresh. I opened the zinger wings to find a piece of chicken instead. The zinger burger was fed to the dogs as the chicken was so dry and tough that we couldn't eat it.

Poor service and quality of food.
Was very disappointed and will not visit that branch again.
gemashego Send email
Jan 10, 2018

Voucher used Fraudelently

I claimed my R100.00 KFC ebucks voucher from FNB and went to KFC Lenasia South. The Manager by the name of Lucky said he was unable to use the voucher as it crashed. I went to Ennerdale KFC and when I used the voucher I was told it was invalid. I contacted FNB and they send me proof that the voucher was used at Dobsonville and I stay miles away from Soweto. I wrote to KFC Customer care and was assisted by the lady named Amanda and she has not responded to me since I wrote and spoke to her on the 22nd December 2017. I would like KFC to refund my R100 voucher and also find out who used the voucher fraudelently.
gemashego Send email
Jan 10, 2018

Voucher used Fraudelently

I claimed my R100 KFC ebucks voucher from FNB and wanted to buy KFC and was told by the Manager named Lucky from Lenasia South Outlet that they were unable to use the wiki code given to me. I went to Ennerdale KFC outlet and to my surprise was told that the voucher is invalid. I reported the matter to FNB and they confirmed that the voucher was used in Dobsonville of which I stay miles away from Dobsonville and do not even know the place. I wrote to KFC and spoke to a lady called Amanda from KFC customer care and till today I have not received any response from her or my voucher. I am so inconvenienced and all I need now is for KFC to reverse y R100 voucher and deal with whoever received the goods using my voucher.
MBruce1973 Send email
Dec 5, 2017


We bought food from the drive trhrough in Nigel KFC, on 05/12/2017 @ 02:03 (14:03). I am a huge fan of KFC, specially the Pops & Hawaiin burger. Not today, the pops were only pieces of dry crisps, not fresh at all. either it was old or an uncollected order which was reheated to re-sell???, We went back to exchange it for fresh ones, where the man who served us asked me if this was better. When we left i started eating, only to find this batch was just as bad. I did not finish the pops and started to eat my burger. Needless to say, this was just as hoorrible! Their food is up to s... and old. I will not be eating KFC for a while, i am very disgusted and upset, what a waste of money that was.
0718646167 Send email
Oct 14, 2017

Wrong Food

I bought a KFC pap 2 and was giving 2 dry wings with pap at KFC Sunny Park mall
Nobuhle Send email
Feb 7, 2017

burger off

Bought a burger (reg meal) the bun wasn't in good shape,tasted as if they had given me a meal which had been already made hours ago,chips too didn't taste great the only thing that seemed to be right was the cold drink...really disappointed,first meal from KFC that I didn't enjoy

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