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Sep 10, 2022

Poor service

I bought Ice cream which cost R22.90 and then the cashier gave me Ice cream that is half of a cup and I tried to complain the lady told me that it's KFC procedure

Poor service

Karyn Send email
Jul 22, 2022

Store opens late every day

This will be the eight time in less than a month that we have gone to this store and every time they are not open more than two hours later than their stipulated opening time of 7 am. Times I've been vary between 9 and 11 am and they're never open and excuse is always that they're still receiving stock. The staff are rude and have a 'no care' attitude and today the last even rolled her eyes at me.
If you've lost 8 orders just from me I shudder to think how many other orders you've lost. On two of these occasions we have used your wattsapp order service and I've wasted my petrol driving all the way there and nothing was even communicated!
Staff are revolting!
mighty Send email
Nov 28, 2021

kentucky meat Quality

date; 28/11/2021
Between 9h30 and 10h i bought 2 streetwise 2 with a mini loaf and 2 streetwise 3 .
The service was quick but after eating eating it i vomid.
the meat was not fresh ,but it had a strange taste.
Bad ,bad.
pepestruwig Send email
Aug 31, 2021


I was absolutely flabbergasted by the fact that KFC's Tuesday specials are no longer available although they advertise it on their website. The staff at KFC Glen Marais was wonderful and very apologetic and I was told that no specials are available on Tuesday anymore when it is month end. They offered me different options but it did not substitute the specials that we as pensioners look forward too. I ended up paying R74,80 for 5 pieces of chicken that was so small that it was an absolute joke. I was so embarrassed serving it to my friend and KFC should be absolutely ashamed of themselves and stop ripping off old people.

I think it is absolutely disgusting that a prestigious company like KFC can allow this to happen. I don't think I have ever been so disappointed because I had such a high opinion of KFC. Not only did they spoil my day but I doubt that I will ever be able to enjoy my KFC like I use to do before.

I sincerely hope that someone at KFC will have the decency to send a reply to my personal e-mail address at pepestr[email protected] and hopefully restore my faith in mankind.

Your kind and urgent attention will be greatly appreciated.

Feudatory Send email
Sep 3, 2020

Covid Positive Staff KFC Colesberg

It has been brought to our attention that an employee at the KFC Colesberg tested Positive for Covid 19. The positive employee and their co-workers on that shift brought it to the attention of their immediate manager. Unfortunately there has been no action by the management and the other workers are in a state of panic. Knowing all the health and safety regulations relating to covid positive employee we know that the positive employee should go for self isolation for 10 days. And the co-workers have to be have to be tested in that period, provided they become symptomatic.

As for the KFC store it has to be temporarily closed and deep cleaned a process that should take no longer than 8 hours depending on agents used for deep cleaning.

We hope KFC address this issue with the utmost haste and necessary discretion...
J Viljoen Send email
Jul 8, 2020

Food not up to date


On Saturday the 4th of July 2020, I went to KFC Cape Gate Lifestyle Centre in Brackenfell. I ordered 2 box meals and 2 cole slaws at the drive thru. When picked up the food, it was only 1 box meal and 2 cole slaws. I had to go in to order another meal. Bad service.

Monday the 6th of July 2020, my husband, at the same KFC, ordered 2 Twisters, Pops and cole slaw. At home when opening the Twisters, it was only 2 small pieces of chicken, about a teaspoon of mayo and the wrap. NO OTHER INGREDIENTS.
For nearly R40.00 it is a total rip off. I drove back and discuss the 2 matters with the manageress. She was not very friendly and just say that they do not have any lettuce. I felt that they can't sell something if they did not have all the ingredients.

She could have refund us or offer a substitute, but did not even try to compromise.

This to me is very bad management and surely I would never recommend any KFC again to anybody.

I am awaiting reply from head office.


Mrs Judith Viljoen
[email protected]

Food not up to date

nadinepillay Send email
Oct 11, 2019


" To whom it may concern

Thank you for the opportunity to express my absolute disappointment with the service I received from the KFC outlet on Marine Drive in Blouberg, Western Cape.

I placed an order online and used the check-in facility at 8:11pm before I made my way to the store. Upon arrival I noticed my name on the digital board under items being prepared. After about 15 minutes when there appeared to be no movement and other customers had come and gone with their food already, I asked my son to go to the counter to enquire as to when our food would be ready. The restaurant at this time was empty. Three staff members walked by the counter and ignored my son. We being the only two customers in the store didn’t trigger any sort of action from them at all.

When I myself went to the counter, I received the following responses:

1. When I asked when I could expect my food to be ready as my name had been standing on the board by that time over 30 minutes – “Eish.”
2. They said that the online ordering system did not allow them to view what I had ordered and therefore my order would not be prepared until I confirmed what I’d ordered. I must therefore ask… WHAT is the purpose of all that rigmarole of ordering online and checking in when it does NOTHING to make a purchase more convenient?
3. When I asked why my son had not been attended to - They didn’t see my son standing at the counter.
4. When I asked how to go about cancelling the order (because by that time there was no way I was accepting food being prepared by the staff there) – They said that I would have to cancel online.
5. When I asked how to cancel online because I couldn’t find the option – They said that they don’t know how the online thing works.
6. When I asked about getting a refund from the store – They said that they couldn’t refund me because I’d placed the order online.

I asked them to contact someone who could help and never saw that lady again. At some point about 10 minutes after that, the male manager came out to show me a whatsapp conversation he had been having with someone who advised that I would have to contact someone else. I was beyond aggravated that I had to spend more money making calls, having driven to the store, then being out of pocket and STILL no food.

There was no urgency about them despite the fact that my boy and I had by that time been waiting for food almost an hour from when we placed our order.

I am again furious just thinking about the blatant lack of customer service, no apology, no empathy… nothing! The way that we were treated is disgraceful and either an indictment of the standard you accept from your franchisees, or, if it has never been brought to your attention before, just general practice at that store.

I am out of pocket R156.80, my boy didn’t get his KFC (the once-a-month treat that I can afford), and I’m left with such a bitter taste for a brand that we have always loved.

Please advise what I need to do to at least recover my money."

THE ABOVE EMAIL WAS SENT AND DELIVERED TO "[email protected]" and "[email protected]" ON 07.10.2019 AND TO DATE I HAVE HAD NO RESPONSE. PATHETIC!
Tsepiso mokone Send email
Sep 3, 2019

Incorrect Order and Slow Service

I went to KFC Craig hall earlier today to buy food for at work. Firstly I had to request that we be given attention because some of us are going to work. Secondly I finally open my food at work to eat and I find that my order is incorrect. I ordered Streetwise 3 and 4 Zinger wings. The wings were ok but instead of Streetwise 3, I got Streetwise 2. Worst of all because they are across the street I try to call them before they close at 22:00pm so we can sort this matter, no response and I called about 8 times. No response and by tomorrow morning it will be too late.

I have a;ready paid for my meal and I expect 3 pieces not 2 and I am not assisted. This is why people find KFC so frustrating. I need this matter sorted

Tsepiso Mokone
Kgmogapi Send email
Feb 11, 2019

Poor Service from Westgate mall Manager

I ordered three meals two them was streetwise mix. I was even served by the Store Manger who was so rude and incompetent and didn't know what he was doing. He packed my order and when I got home after driving 7km my wife opened the order and realized that there was no meat in the order only zinger wingz. We then drove back and explained to him what has just happened he just said there's nothing he can do and we must not act like were never made any mistakes in our lives we just need to appreciate that he packed our meat back in the paperback.
Kgmogapi Send email
Feb 11, 2019

Poor Service from Westgate mall Manager

good Day,

what a terrible service I have ever had, especially from the so called Store Manager from Westgate Mall branch. I doubt that guy has ever went for management training, if KFC wants to keep their customers I suggest they take these complaints serious.
Zandyy Masuku Send email
Dec 23, 2018

Store is very very Dirty

Good day

I was very disappointed to dine in a dirty restaurant like this one....for hygienic perposes customers are really not taken care of. This store has a very high volume of customers but the least they can do is make sure that they clean up after every customer as a token of appreciation. I ddnt even enjoy my food because I was disgusted, what came into my mind at that present time it that whan the store is this dirty, how does the kitchen look like, mybe the chicken is all over the floor n the oil.....mmmmhhh I dont think Ill even go to that place anymore, Ill ruther go to the KFC in town because there we are given the best service. And I really think KFC is taking advantage of people who live in townships because in town you get the best service.

Zandile Masuku

Store is very very Dirty Store is very very Dirty Store is very very Dirty

very pissed off customer Send email
Nov 28, 2018

Only get half the order

Not once, not twice not even three times. I had stop counting every time KFC does not give me what I pay for!

Order mash and gravy and you just receive gravy - NO MASH. Try to call them their line always busy. This is insane! If your staff do not know how to do their work and are not willing to change rather close down please!

This is also managements fault - you did not make sure your staff knows their work!

KFC is useless, unprofessional!
henkbisschoff Send email
Nov 11, 2018

Charged wrongly

Modimolle kfc coke machine was broken. they said we must pay extra for the buddy cokes . we said we don't want to pay more. they said it is ok we can get it for free but then wee received a deduction from our bank account for 5 variety meals and for the 5 buddy cokes. they are dishonest. they didn't give a slip because they said it is free but then charged us for it. we got the bank's deduction customer care didn't really want to help. says we must go back to store. they all are dishonest.
henkbisschoff Send email
Nov 11, 2018

Charged wrongly

The coke machine was broken. we said we want 5 variety boxes u we don't want to pay more for buddy coke. The manager said it is fine it is on the house we can go but then they charged us for the 5 variety boxes and R5 extra per meal. That is dishonest. They didn't give a slip because they said it is ok but then we got a deduction from our bank account. Can't believe you get such dishonest people.
henkbisschoff Send email
Nov 11, 2018

Charged nore

I have ordered 5 variety boxes. Their coke machien is broekn they said we must pay more for the buddy cokes. we said we don't want to pay more. they then said it is fine we can go it's on the house. what they did is charge me the 5 variaty boxes and for the buddy cokes after they said they won't charge us. that is dishonest. we didn't even get a slip. but it did go off our bank account.
Leonp Send email
Oct 4, 2018

Special not offered on Tuesday

I went to the Galleria mall KFC on Tuesday the 2 nd of October. I asked for the special that they have been running for on a Tuesday u get 6 pieces of chicken for R 65 as I heard it on the radio the very same day. When I went to the kfc at the Galleria south coast the teller said that they do not run the special.i then spoke to the manager who stated that he was instructed to not supply the special as it is month end and will only be doing it on the following Tuesday. I then requested him to call the owner or the head office to ask why they have given such instructions as I felt this was false advertising. The manager said that I must call KFC and ask or lay a complaint. I then told him that I travelled from Durban as it was on the way to Scottburgh and specifically stopped there because of the special that they were running. He then just walked away and was not in any way helpful. He also stated that KFC in Durban would also not offer the special as this was part of my argument that I would not have travelled to Galleria if I knew this. I want to know what is going on as th the radio and tv adverts do not stipulate selected stores or dates it clearly stars Tuesday. The owner of the Galleria is robbing people by not giving the customer what KFC advertises as they would have to supply a lot more chicken at a reduced price especially seeing it was month end and the store was quite the Galleria not part of KFC if they are they should stick to KFC policy and not lie to their customers.I have been a long time supporter of KFC and if I do not get an answer I will definitely stop my support to them and will continue with my negative publicity against your mail address is [email protected]
Minette Send email
Sep 26, 2018

Service and wrong order

This is the third time we buy from KFC Brits next to spur. We asked for wicked zinger box meal and asked them to make sure that there are a zinger patty and zinger sauce on the burger. The first two times they give us the zinger box meal without zinger sauce and patty we went to confront them and they just say that is the right stuff.
About an hour ago I we order it again and we got the regular box meal with no zinger wings no sauce and no zinger patty. After we asked them again to make sure about the sauce and patty.

We wont buy from any kfc in brits again
Ntombi01 Send email
Jun 5, 2018

Dishonesty and Theft

My complaint is about the competition KFC is currently running where a customer is asked to sms their till slip to enter. Firstly, it is misleading because no where in the till slip does it say that you would have to enter 3 times in order to be eligible to win a prize. I sms'ed the first two times and there were no issues. However, when i sms'ed the third time, which is where I'm supposed to be told whether I won or not, I get a message saying "Oops we don't know what happened. We are looking into the issue. I just got an automated response from Lavin stating that sometimes the network Provider has issues and my question is why didn't my network provider have issues the first 2 times I sms'ed? This response is highly unacceptable and shows that Lavin thinks I'm stupid or something. This matter will not be resolved until I get an answer as to why you are misleading and being dishonest toward the customer.
MichealLudick Send email
May 3, 2018

Poor service and refusal to refund

Just received the worst service at KFC Kuruman. At 15:50 I was at the drive through buying hot wings. The transaction went through on my bank account. The person assisting says it did not. We retried the transaction a few times.

After it was unsuccessful the manager came to me and was rude. I told her therefore I want my money back and she refused to give it back. She said I must come with a bank statement. And this bank statement will cost more money than what is owed.

If the manager would have done this in a nice tone I would have understood but she was rude. I find this highly unacceptable.

Micheal Ludick
[email protected]
DaGodfather Send email
Apr 21, 2018

Terrible food


I purchased a family treat 8piece this evening and we had this for supper. On our surprise the chips that came with the meal were cold and stale, the small pops tasted like they been repeatedly fried for the past 2 days or so and were tasteless, the chicken was dry and tasteless, you could swear that I didn't buy this meal from KFC didn't even wanna taste the zinger wings, gravy and mash that came along . All this had to go in the bin and I had to go buy chips and bread.

Note that I tried calling the store but there was no answer and this this the first this happenes as I always buy meals from this KFC but today I don't know what had happened .

Disappointed customer

079 210 7169
Chk 4800
Order no: 800
Apr 21 '18 18:47
Marlene Thaver Send email
Mar 29, 2018

Poor,rude service

To whom it may concern
I am terribly upset. I had called KFC delivery service on Tuesday and was mortified at the disgusting attitude of the lady that answered. She had taken my order and when she was done, my son who was on the other line told me that his dad wanted something else so I proceeded to tell the lady to cancel my present order as I want to change it. Then everything went quite on the other end of the line and I had to keep prompting the lady to chat and let me know whats going on . When I told her that whenever she is taking an order ,she must keep the communication going with the customer so we know that she is still on the line . She replied in the rudest of tones, that if she put the phone down I would know it. I told her the call is being recorded and she just didn’t care
So I asked her what was her name and she point blank refused to tell me. she kept ignoring my question every time I asked her …. The reason I wanted her name was so when I lodged a complaint , I will know who I was dealing with … Now THIS is what really ticked me off when she eventually puts the phone aside and left me literally hanging on the phone while she and another colleague went on moaning and complaining on the other end. This really pissed me off. After some time of just hanging, I had to end up cutting the call and due to there being no electricity and my twelve year od son was so hungry ,I phoned the other delivery number to place an order or else I would not have ordered from you guys.
Its sad that these ladies can get away with this. The poor service, lack of respect and stinking attitudes . I buy my KFC at Bayview Chatsworth and at the Chatsworth centre and it’s the same story.
Poor customer service , the ladies at the tills move at snails pace, will chat with their colleagues while you left waiting , they are rude, walk around all slouched and work with such a poor demeanor and attitude, They have no drive, no smile on their faces , no welcoming attitude.
I work for a company that makes cooperate wear and for us customer service and customer is of paramount importance.
KFC is delicious no doubt , but with staff of this calibre , it leaves you with a bitter after taste !
Kindly address this … the numbers I called were 031 4011883 , 031 4007874
pranesh Send email
Dec 8, 2017


Hi ,I have been at KFC Phoenix plaza last night whereby I had asked for the 8 piece meal and requested that I want 4 different pieces as usual as I order and been given all the time
So the cashier then tells me to wait for the manager and when the manager arrives at the drive threw I get told with attitude that I cannot have this request I then explain him I always get this and again he advised I cannot , So I paid and went to the next window to collect my order the lady named Zama gave me attitude saying there is your order and take it so I then take it and while opening it to check my order she had my child’s ice cream and then she started saying take your ice cream I said I am checking my food she then take back the ice cream and doesn’t pitch up back I then hooted over and over until she comes back and I said please give my ice cream which then she did

Bottom line the service I got was horrible and why didn’t I get what I wanted on my request all other days was good to please a customer ?

I will not buy from that branch again it was the worst I ever seen or expected from the staff that worked on the 07.12.2017 I assume it was the night shift staff
ashleydean Send email
Nov 8, 2017

Terrible food

I purchased 4 x crunch burger meals yesterday evening from KFC RD Naidu in Sydenham. Three of the meals were eaten in store but the fourth one that was taken home, the chicken was hard like a rock. we had to throw it away.
Really disappointed with the service I received. Staff needs to be trained on how to prepare fresh meals

Chk 10016
order 115
carmenn Send email
Aug 25, 2017

Poor poor service

The teller was useless. They made countless mistakes while taking ages to take our order. we waited for 45 minutes for our food and its supposed to be a FAST food resturant!!!
Will never go there again!
Wake up KFC we dont pay for this garbage!
Dawie els Send email
Jun 10, 2017


This is the 3rd time I order my food from the first window and when I get to the 2nd window half the order is not there just to find out the person taking the order dit not load everything causing me to go stand in the line again to order the mistake that happens!
I'm very upset with the service!

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