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waitingtohear Send email
Sep 20, 2019

Bombarding me and my city with Useless Mailers Flyers

I can not believe that I am forced to spend time creating this long letter of explanation, because no one who works for your company can figure out how to fix what should be a very simple issue.

I have been stuck in a loop of un-ending mailers for years, due to what your phone operators blaming it on a computer system issue.

No one at your company seems to be willing or able, to handle this very simple request that all other companies I have dealt with, have handled within minutes.

So here is the issue:

I have a tiny Post Office box. Once a week for the past few years I get a flyer that is jammed into this tiny box for a supermarket called: Foods Co.

Issue #1 :

by the time I check my box which is once or twice a month, the box is stuffed with your flyers that take up the needed space for REAL mail I need to receive.

Issue #2 :

THERE ISN'T EVEN A FOODS CO. IN MY TOWN OR MY COUNTY!!! So why I keep getting these useless flyers is unbelievable! They all go right into the trash.

Issue #3:

Whenever I receive junk mail, all I have ever had to do, is go onto a company website or phone them and within a minute, I'm done with the request to have my address removed from mailing list.

But NOT SO with your company!

I have tried 5 times so far. I've tried contacting online, I've called and left voice messages, I finally called and talked to a live operator on two different occasions and both times they gave me the same "I can't do anything about it" line.

Here is what I went through with your company:

I call your phone operator and the first thing they ask for is my membership ID number.

I tell them I DON"T HAVE ONE. I just want my address taken off your mailing list.

They then tell me they can't look me up without an member ID and that I would not be getting these flyers unless I had shopped at a Foods Co.

Now I have to explain to them that I don't ever join memberships at stores and, THERE IS NO FOODS CO. IN MY AREA. I NEVER EVEN HEARD OF THIS STORE NAME BEFORE.

I also tell them, that the flyer I get doesn't even have my name on it. It's just marked as "BoxHolder"

So then I ask, why are you sending out flyers to people's addresses that don't even have a FOODS Co. store in their area???

Not one person can answer this. It seems to me your mailing company is sending flyers out to any address it can find, even when there is NO such store within 100 miles! Every person in the city of Novato gets this flyer and tosses it in the post office garbage bins. What a waste of your money! But no one seems to care at your company about this wasteful tactic that your mailing distributor is doing year after year...

I also ask: if it's marked to "BOXHOLDER" then why are you asking for a member ID to find in your computer system? How can a boxholder have a member ID?

Again, no logic whatsoever to this. You send out flyers to a person who doesn't even live near a FOODS Co. or has a membership. Yet I keep being told nothing can be done since they can't look me up in the system!

How silly is it, when a business can't just take down my address, then turn it over to the mailing distribution dept. you are using. They would then put my address on their "do not mail" list. THAT is all it takes to be done with this simple request.

Every other company i've ever asked to remove me from their mailing list has had NO ISSUE doing this within a one minute phone call or web form.

I have spent 20 minutes on the phone the other day with your operator named Doug, and then he said he had to transfer me. Of course, he dropped my call instead.

GREAT! now I have to start over!

Why can't your company just instruct phone operators to take down addresses that need to be taken off your mailing list and then collect them all at the end of the day or week, and send that list to your mailing distribution dept.?

Why are your operators absolutely dumbfounded as to what they can do, because they are required to have a member ID first?
2525law Send email
Dec 20, 2018

Assistant manager GiGi recording associates

I was told by a Pic that assistant manager Gigi at the Coeur d Alene Idaho store was secretly recording an associate . I was taken back. The Pic said when she got home she realized how unethical it was. Not only is this unethical but treachery, dishonest, not store policy, What kind of person is this, how long has she been doing this. Has she done this to a manager?, who knows. Gigi is a hidden hazard, dangerous, deceptive treacherous, If she could do this to a associate she could easily do it to Management or the CEO of Fred Meyer.
2525law Send email
Dec 20, 2018

GIgi secretly recording associates conversation

I was told by a Pic that on Dec 19th 2018 at the Coeur d Alene Idaho Fred Meyer store. Assistant Manager Gigi was observed recording an associate. I was taken back , the Pic says that once she went home and thought about it , it was wrong. It should be looked into, it is unethical, treachery, betrayal not store policy, deceiving, dishonest . what does that say about a person that does that, because she want to. If she would do that to an associate , she could clearly do that to the CEO of the Company.
beverlyslater Send email
Nov 26, 2018

Kroger- Roach Leg In Pineapple Tidbits

I Beverly Slater purchased a package of Pineapple Tidbits 5/27/18 while eating happen to see roach leg in container. I sent pictures then I was inform to send roach leg to Pacific Coast Producers/Travelers the leg broke while putting in container to send to them to view so I still have piece of the leg. Pamela Mee call me and said it look like a stem of product to them I did inform her it look like a piece of insect leg to me and inform her they need to get another viewer because I am sueing for $20 Hundred Thousand Dollars for having bug in what I purchased and most likely ate some.

I am trying to reach whom I need to speak with to solve the issue.

Beverly Slater
119 Alfred Drive
Vicksburg, Ms. 39180
[email protected]

Kroger- Roach Leg In Pineapple Tidbits Kroger- Roach Leg In Pineapple Tidbits

myrnamccaffery Send email
Aug 27, 2018

discontinuing plastic bags

Kroger has announced they will be discontinuing plastic bags at checkout. We use these plastic bags for trash can liners. Now we will have to buy plastic trash can liners. So the environmental impact remains the same. This policy change increases Kroger profits but does nothing to help the environment!
cherya837 Send email
Jul 25, 2018

Kroger Pharmacy

I picked up medicine for my mom who suffers from dementia. Upon getting home,one of the medications were not in the bag. I called back and they told me I signed for it and picked it up. Yes, I signed because the slips are given to you at the drive thru before you actually receive the medicine. They told me they could put in for another refill, but the insurance wouldn't cover it. Really??? My mom can't afford to buy the medicine out of pocket! Kroger pharmacy is too busy and under staffed. When they make a mistake, the customer suffers. I am going to transfer my mom's prescriptions to another pharmacy. They are so cold and insensitive when they speak with you!
lollypop123 Send email
Feb 24, 2018

Fred Meyer

I am a regular customer at this Shoreline Fred Meyer in Seattle, that I goto, and it seems that they are getting rid of the apparel department and doing some kind of remodel, I heard that the other Fred Meyers in Washington state are not getting remodels, at all and they are not getting rid of their apparel department, and it seems that it is not fair, because a lot of people at this shoreline fred meyer are going to lose their job, as soon as possible, they are trying to get rid of certain people in apparel, because they can't stand them, and the don't like their work ethics, which is unfair, so if this store has to go through a big remodel so do all the Fred Meyer stores in washington state as well, because that is not fair, that the company has to pick on this one certain store for no reason at all, can't they just leave things the way they have been! Thank you for listening to my complaint and concern, I am really worried about the people who work their and who will lose their job as well!
bj3 Send email
Dec 24, 2017

Bad flour

I purchased a bag of self rising enriched flour.I made fried cornbread using the flour and cornmeal.The cornbread sunk to the bottom of fryer and stayed there.It was as hard as a brick.I checked out both items and found the cornmeal to be fine,but the flour never did rise no matter what I used it for.I even tried to make gravy with it,but it tasted awful and I threw it away.Wasted so much time.The It was a five pound bag Code #111085415.Too costly in gas to return it.I think this should be checked out and possibly removed from the shelves.I will never again purchase the kroger brand of flour.I love to shop Kroger,but this was a bad experience.
beegee6 Send email
Nov 5, 2017


On three occasions I have had to return to your store due to purchasing food that should not be on your shelves. Last item Kraft cheese prepackaged, outdate date Aug 17, 2017. I purchased around 10/28/17.
I have had ground chuck turn brown the next morning after purchase as well as chuck Roast. I have returned both these items.

I realize it is difficult to catch every outdated item. However, this is a new issue I have not encountered before and has happened several shopping trips in a row. I can't buy outdated food so if this continues you will lose me as a customer. Not to mention the inconvenience of having to return to your store.

Also you frequently are out of specific items...your stock personnel should note these items are selling out and perhaps you need to increase supply to meet the demand.
Snowstorm123 Send email
Nov 4, 2017

Too much going on at Fred Meyer

I work at thus Fred Meyer in shoreline, Washington, and it seems that everybody is being treated unfairly by director, assistants, and store and assistant and P.I.Cs, these people don't care, they just want certain people to do their jobs for them, and they make their associates work with other associates to make them quit and to cause fights and to use an associate as a guinea pig and they send there associates to talk to the hr and assistant store manager and to treat them like they are a a school kid and they have to go to the principals office. These managers, assistant managers and store director and store assistant are getting bonus's and the rest of the associates get nothing, and they don't care! Nobody knows what they are doing at this doors and nobody cares and they keep making a certain associate to everything in apparel and make them uncomfortable, and they dump a lady who is on heavy medication everyday, and this person has to deal with hearing gossip and also they start rumors that their spouses are foo,I got around and they Aldo say that the young ladies in apparel are fooling around with everyone and sleeping around and partying and not doing there job at this store, and they keep, cutting the full time workers job and they keep giving the part timers more hours and that us not fair, and it seems that the cultural council is being really unfair and bias and they play favoritism towards certain people, and it seems that they keep mixing up certain people in the apparel department! They also make sure that certain associates ar having lunch with the people they can't stand and majestic sure that they do this to certain people a lot, and in apparel they keep shuffling and bouncing people around and it seems that only one person does the cleaning in the department that hey ate supposed to do, and nobody else does they judge want yo gang out with their work friends and gossip and party and that us not fair! It also seems that the assistant managers are very pushy and they don't care. Also at this store the associates that work at the customer Arvid desk and the cashiers are very rude to everyone in the store, and it seems that they take away certain people's jobs that belong to certain associates! It seems that who ever the M.O.D is they never seem to help out in the deli! It sends that they have to make sure a certain associate deals with all of the shoplifters and that is not fair, and there are too many at this location and it is scary and they also do drugs in our restrooms, there is not enough security or loss prevention because of certain money issues going on at this store! It really seems way too quiet in the store at night, so they need to cut hours and let people go early. It seems that they never leave certain people alone, they keep picking on them or never give them their space and they make sure they are followed to make sure that they leave and quit their job, so this is discrimination and there us a lot of this going on too! Someone keeps calling the union store rep and she has been hanging out a lot at this store and asking personal questions! So something needs to be done and everyone who works at this store should be treated fairly!
Crosby Send email
Oct 12, 2017

Bait and switch

I'm so tired of Kroger not having the products at the price advertised in their weekly ad. Ask someone in the store about the item and you get a I don't know anything about the ad I never look at them. Then you are directed to another item at a much higher price. Some one needs to investigate. Maybe one of the news stations. The latest being catfish at 1.99 a lb. in a fifteen lb bag. Manger of meat dept doesn't know a thing, even though I showed him the ad. They did have plenty of catfish at a higher price.
BadMeat1946 Send email
May 14, 2017

Fat on chicken

Paid for chicken that supposingly the fat was removed. I left one piece as it was found to show fat---I removed it from other pieces. This means part my purchase was for fat that should have been removed. The other package I bought was ruined. Included photo of sticker for ruined chicken and a pic of fat on the other chicken. No more Sanderson Farm chicken for me---twice lately the chicken was bad. Thank you!

Fat on chicken Fat on chicken

ricecakes Send email
Mar 7, 2017


I purchased $129.00 worth of allergy medication because I didn't know all that was needed for my family. Three days later, I attempted to return $32.00 worth of the meds (unopened) and with the receipt. The Kroger customer service person repeatedly told me they can't accept returns of ANY medication, that I could only exchange for another medication. NOW, KROGER (hear me and hear me now), I WILL NEVER, EVER PATRONIZE YOUR STORES AGAIN! I've been sick and tired of Kroger for many years now because you PUSH your Private Selection crap and hardly ever have other name brand options BUT if you's marked up 200-300%...ridiculous! Your policy says one thing and none of your stores are honoring your said policy! GOODBYE Kroger and HELLO Publix and WalMart !!!!!!!!!
DARLEENDS Send email
Nov 25, 2016

Small print.......turkey packaging stated FULLY COOKED and requred 2.50-3.00 hours to heat in oven...FALSE ADVERTISING

See complaint on previous complaint submitted! Here is the form in question.......
DARLEENDS Send email
Nov 25, 2016


KROGERS YOU ARE TERRIBLE.......YOU TOOK FROM THIS OLDER COUPLE....... the wife ordered the food over the internet as she has MS and her eyesight is not all that great so I am believing that Kroger and knew exactly what they were doing and banking on the fact that no one would really look at the fine print we just want all your hard earned money but we're going to put it in small print that your box will be cold and you will have to heat up the food items for $50.00........that's a hell of a lot of money that food should be piping hot in that box for me to take out of their people hello THEY TOOK THAT $50.00 AND GAVE THEM HEAT UP THEMSELVES FOOD USE UP THE OLD DOMINION POWER RESOURCES ON TOP OF HAVING TO PAY UP FRONT FOR THIS COLD FOOD PANTRY BOX OF FOOD EMBARRASSING THEYNSHOULD MOT HAVE CHARGED THEM A DIME.......SHE NEVER SAW THIS FORM LISTED ON HERE BECAUSE SHE ORDERED IT OVER THE PHONE AND THEY NEVER DISCLOSED THE SMALL PRINT TO HER BECAUSE THEY WANTED THE SALE OF THE TURKEY WAS STILL IN ITS PACKAGING WITH FULLY COOKED ON THE PACKAGING..........THE DIRECTIONS 2.50 HOURS HEAT UP IF THE BIRD WAS THAWED...........THAT BIRD WAS NOT ACTUALLY COOKED..........I HATE PEOPLE WHO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF PEOPLE LIKE THAT.......THIS WAS VERY POOR ON SO MANY LEVELS........
shaen mersfelder Send email
Sep 22, 2016

Pharmacist excuses for administrating flu shots

My partner and I have visited the Kroger store in Cumming Georgia (Bethelview location) on two different occasions and were told by the head Pharmasist that we would have to wait for 30 minutes to get our flu shot. We understood that and came back to the pharmacy after the 30 minutes and were told that again. There were no other people waiting in line for the shot. The second time on a different day, we were told that we would have to wait 30 minutes until all the perscriptions were filled before he could administer the shot. Again there were no other people waiting to have a shot. We do most of our shopping at this Kroger and generally most of the employees that work there, are very helpful and kind. Cannot say the same about your lead Pharmasist. When the person I was with, mentioned to him that "apparently he did not want to administer the shot" he merely stated that there was nothing he could do about that and that we would have to wait in line until all calls for perscriptions were filled. That could have taken all day. Needless to say, we will go elsewhere to have our flu shot. Maybe this particular store should have appointments taken instead of advertising "walk-in" so it does not waste anyone's time. Just disappointed in the service and attitude of your employee that we never got!!
Mary Swaim Send email
Aug 14, 2016

kroger pharmacy

I have used Kroger Pharmacy from the day it open 20 years ago. I have had minor issues before --like not having my full prescription and having to come back, but today was the last straw. I take a special type of insulin and I have to have it filled every 4 weeks and I aways call it in early so I want run out because they never have it. It is Humulin RU-500 and I realize that I am the only person that they have that uses it (or so the druggist tells me). So I called in a refill on my prescription and the automated telephone called and told me it was ready for pick -up. I go today to pick it up and no Insulin, not only was there no fill on my insulin they did not have any insulin at the pharmacy; not only did they not have any in the pharmacy , I had been standing in line for sometime and instead of the assistant offer to wait on me next --she told the woman behind me to come on up. Well that did not go over well at all and I ask her ----(the assistant can you not see me here in line. She said well I guess I can help you next.) So she ask what I wanted and I told her I had a call in prescription and that is when the druggist stepped in, to let me know that they did not have it and they would not be ordering until Tuesday of the following week, I told him I go a call telling me it was ready, he said no you did not and I am not going to argue with you about it, He then stated you are the only one who takes this much insulin and this type and I said well if I am the only customer why don't you put in on a 4 week order. He got ugly and said I did not know what I was talking about; that some one had put the note in that they call and told me thay did not have it, why just not order it. Apparently the people at Kroger Pharmacy do not realize that insulin is a life and death drug. If I could sue them for stupity I would
Reese Send email
Apr 27, 2016

Bad service, bad meat, bad... bad... bad...

Last evening, around four o’clock, I went to my local Kroger store on Hwy 62 & Allison Lane in Jeffersonville, IN. I went in to purchase the makings of a spaghetti dinner for my family and, as I always do, I selected a roast from the cabinet and had the butcher grind it fresh. This time, my selection was a beautiful eye of round roast, around three pounds and no slabs of fat on it. Truly, there was probably less than one percent fat on the entire piece of meat.
Now, it has been my experience that the meats I get from Kroger’s butcher department are enticingly bright red with just the barest hint of meat fat… not even enough to wet the bottom of the skillet. And, after struggling to two years to lose 95 pounds of excess weight, that’s just the way I want it. That, in fact, is exactly why I began getting my beef custom ground. And I have never had a problem with that… until now.
After handing over this dark red, luscious looking eye of round roast to a butcher for grinding, it came back to me looking anemic, a pale pink with spots of fat evident throughout. Well, maybe I’m just imagining things, I told myself and went ahead and purchased the meat and took it home. When a bit of that meat went into the skillet, imagine my… not surprise but outright anger… at finding, not just fat liberally lining the bottom of the pan, but water! Pools of grease were swimming in a puddle of water! It appeared that my roast was not ground but someone merely exchanged that piece of meat for a bunch of fat-filled low-grade ground meat. And, remember, I paid for 3+ pounds of grain fed eye of round. Of course, I could not monitor the handling of my request because, unlike Meijer’s or Sam’s Club or WalMart, Kroger’s butcher shop is hidden behind closed doors so no one can see what is actually being done.
Furious, I immediately called the store and spoke to the MOD, a young man (and I stress young) named Jason who seemed to have a hard time grasping the high points of my complaint – like, I did not buy the meat pre-ground so no, it was not mis-labeled (I would never buy anything looking like this pile of feces regardless of how it was labeled at any rate!); and, I could not bring the package back to the store that night because I was already preparing a portion of it for my family’s dinner. (He had recommended that I bring back what was in the skillet! Really????? And, several times during our conversation I pointed out that I was in the middle of preparing dinner and was not about to make another trip to the store even if I COULD bring back what was in the skillet. I would, however, bring the remainder back the next day.
This morning, my son returned the remainder of this excrement and received $5.75 in refund on a purchase for which I paid $11.87 after a Kroger Card discount. This represented a refund for the weight returned based on the amount I was charged, thus charging me for better than 98% lean eye of round when all I got was what looked like 50/50 fat! At this point, I believe I should have received a FULL refund for the entire meat purchase. What I got was not what I paid for.
Needless to say I am extremely disappointed and still quite angry over this. I have always believed you treat people with dignity, respect, and honor regardless of the situation. That is NOT how I feel I was treated. Thankfully, with a Meijer’s store right across the street, I don’t have to shop at Kroger. And I feel fairly confident that I will not… ever again, if this is the way you run your business!
And I still feel you owe me the remainder of the purchase price on the swill I was sold instead of what I was paying for.
Bad service... bad quality meat... apparently bad hiring practices. You are not the only game in town!
And... on another subject... you underpay most of your staff. This bespeaks a total lack of integrity on your part. When are you going to step up to the plate and do what's right? Treat your customers and your employees with integrity and respect. (I'd be happy to go to WalMart and buy you a dictionary so you can learn what those words mean.)
frannie ryan Send email
Apr 27, 2016

over charge

first of all I'm on social security and get one check a month .So I shop once a month .I went into the Kroger at Kuykendahl &Louetta in Spring. I purchased dog food 50 pounds was 16.99 with my Kroger card was charged twice for dog food got home as I was in hurry who isn"t these days .Had been thinking price was high for what I purchased so I looked at my receipt sure enough was charged twice.Called store it was 10:30pm told them what happened and they advised me to come into the store next morning . which I did explained my self what had happened and was given I thought a complete refund went to my truck looked at receipt to find they refunded me on food key not taxable which dog food is taxable went back in store and showed them the mistake the young man showed his manager the manager said so what is the big deal 1.40 . Easy for you to say as you don't have to scrimp and save every penny I have to tell you ive been going to ALDI and they have fresher meat and produce there and ive compared prices and by golly they are going to be my new market my husband agrees and we have put out on facebook things that you might not like as I see it ive given Kroger 26 years to clean up their act and I am tired of giving chance after chance to prove it not sorry i'm leaving.
Flaugh95 Send email
Oct 29, 2015


I've applied recently to the krogers, it was Scott's. I just receive you automated email saying how I'm not fit for the position. That's extreamly funny because I worked in retail for over two years, and I have two and half years of cluster service! Yet you can't give me an opportunity to explain and even interview because you would rather send an email to avoid wasting your time, honestly that's rude, how I see it in this world everyone deserves a chance to prove themselves but I guess you don't see it this way. I'm appalled.
diannak Send email
Jun 19, 2015

money order /1900 east victory dr

purchased a money order from another Kroger store. first of all I purchase order to pay my bills. so I wanted to cash to money order to paid for items that I pocked up. she told me I have pay 3.00 to cash da money order I put money order in my daughter name like I sometime do. point to all deals I was never charge for cashin money order I paid for. I purchase up to 300.00 to 490.00 in money order. so my question is why is policy difference on being charge for money order in certain store. why? I was very upset. your customer cashier was alright. I guess she was just doing her job. thx u [email protected]
diannak Send email
Jun 19, 2015

purchase money order from another kroger

I when to Kroger on 1900 east victory drive to cash a money order I purchase @ another Kroger store, I was very upset that cashier charge me 3.00 to cash da money order. I purchase money order all the time. like I told cashier this is first time I have to pay. this is only Kroger I ever when to. I want to know why I have

have pay, I was very upset in store/ so what is your policy on cashin money order. do you have pay at certain Kroger store? like I said this is first Kroger that charge me for cashin money. the cashier was was alright . thank u
need a reply: [email protected]
scottie6319 Send email
Apr 18, 2015

Traning & knowledge & customer service

First let me say that I have been a Kroger customer for many years I moved from Smyrna, Tn. to Murfreesboro, tn. a few years ago and have began shopping at the Kroger store at 2949 Old Fort Parkway Murfreesboro, Tn. 37128. Most of the store employees are nice and helpful; some spend more time socializing with each other than working. But my real problem began with African American pharmacist that gave me incorrect information that caused a great deal of problems not only with filling my prescription, but also with my doctor’s office. I brought my prescription in paper form to the above named Kroger’s to be filled. My prescription was written TID as directed which means in medical Latin terms “ter in die” which is traditionally used in prescriptions to specify the frequency with which medicines should be taken, three times a day!!! The pharmacist was rude and I uninform in her job telling me that TID could mean two times a day or three times a day and would not fill my prescription; she also told my doctor’s office the same wrong information. So I went to the Kroger store manager and I told the store manager that my doctor’s office said that the pharmacist was wrong and uninformed of what the term TID meant. The store manager went with back to the pharmacy with me and the pharmacist told the manager the same wrong information she gave my doctor’s office and me, and refused to fill my much needed prescription.This is by far one of the worst expertise’s I have ever had as a customer in any store. I feel that if the pharmacist doesn’t have the proper training in her job then she should not be answering questions are filling prescription. And at the least owes me as a customer an apology for being wrong and rude.
Daniel55 Send email
Feb 19, 2015

Did you send me email

If you sent me an email send again
Daniel55 Send email
Feb 19, 2015

Wrong meds given to me

I almost died from wrong meds given to me by pharmacy and six months later hospitalisd again almost died,

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