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Mhenderson Send email
Apr 28, 2021

Pharmacy technician attitude

I called in a prescription to the Carrollton Georgia Pharmacy location on Saturday 4/24/2021 they normally send a text when it's ready, I didn't receive a text so I never received a text so I called them and was told it would be ready in about an hour. So I decided to just pick up the prescription the next day. .Which was Sunday 4/25/2021, I got there a little after 12:00 the drive thru was closed so I went inside. Only one customer was in front of me. When I got to the counter I gave the cashier my name and information and the price she gave me was higher than what I normally pay and asked her if this was with my discount, she got an attitude not sure if it was because I asked for my discount, but she was not very nice. Then that changed my attitude with her. I didn't say anything ugly but I was not happy that she was rude. This is not the first time this has happened and I'm not sure if the prices change often but I always have to ask if my Goodrx or Singlecare discount was added. It is always a long wait and sometimes people don't feel well or just leaving the Dr. office and I think their need to be more customer service training to deal with customers. I was not being rude that was what was given me when I had a few questions.
Please can someone speak with the Pharmacy as how they interact with the customers, I always try to be pleasant, becaused I've work with the public before retiring for many yrs and I know how some people can be. I really think more people need to be hired or just speak with them about there attitude towards the customers. It is usually some of the younger cashiers with the attitude.
Thank You
Marion Henderson
maxine Send email
Feb 11, 2021

refill of RX

i have been to my Kroger Pharmancy a total of three times for the same prescription and they say it's not ready
I have also had a problem with them changing my insurance into the computer I had my insurance company United Health Care on the line for 45 minutes with me as I was standing in front with the Pharmancy technician to get my order filled and was only able to get the prescription by using Good Rx because they couldn't get my insurance to change from the old code to the new code for 24 hours or more when a request was summitted to your company. I had to come back then to get the remainder of my Rx upon which they were not all ready at the time which i was given to pick them up, then i returned took the order home and one prescription was missing so i called and explained the technician told me i had one more day and that it was not that it was not ready it was that it was not time so ;my complaint is that i have never waited until i was out of meds before i picked up the refill and i am a senior citizen and she insulted me by she being the tech that answered the phone line did you take it as directed or did you take too many because it will not be available until noon the rudeness is not acceptable
south Lake Forest Mckinney
dallman Send email
Jan 8, 2021

Pharmacy Technician attitude

I have been a long time customer of Kroger stores and their Pharmacy since 1980. Two days ago I called in to refill two of my prescribed medications and was told the store would verify one of my medications with my provider. I waited two days and called the Huntsville, Tx Kroger Pharmacy to ask the status of my order and they replied that it will be ready in 10 minutes. I verified with the Pharmacy that both prescribed medications were for 90 days and was told yes. I arrived at the Kroger store at @ 5:20 pm and went to the Pharmacy department to pick up my medications. I was met by a rather questionable character, wearing clothes that looked like he has been sleeping under the bridge by the river, black converse tennis shoes, high water tan wrinkled jeans, ear lobe spanners and a Pabst Blue Ribbon T-shirt. Not very professional but he seemed helpful at first. I was told that the medications were not ready and I will have to wait. I have waited before for medications, however, I informed him that I had called during the noon hour and verified that the orders were ready to pick up. It is now after 5:30 so I waited. This technician waited on two more people that came after me and did not say anything to me. He finally returned and stated that the prescriptions were only for 30 days. I informed him that my two medication bottles at home were both for 90 days and there is an error somewhere. He stormed back to the area where they fill the medications and was working on them and returned and began arguing with me again. I finally said sir I just need to get my medications today. He said "I am not going to give them to you with your attitude, you will need to come back tomorrow". I said I am not coming back tomorrow and let me talk to your Pharmacist. The young man stormed away from me. Another Pharmacy technician came up to me and helped me and within about a minute completed my requested order without further incident. The young man returned to the counter to help others and I said "Sir I did not mean to make you mad today". His reply was "Well you did". and said a few additional comments that were not warranted. I did not enjoy this entire experience at your Pharmacy today and you may have just lost a long time customer. I would like to speak to someone in Pharmacy Management department regarding this incident. My phone # is 936-577-0659.
welchann Send email
Nov 24, 2020

Slow Service

Unfortunately, I take 12 prescriptions and this pharmacy was my favorite for many years and I chose it over my plans preferred pharmacy and it is also in my favorite grocery store. The head Pharmacist, James, was super efficient and was voted top Pharmacist in our city, now he is gone to another close by pharmacy and another efficient one retired rather than deal with the hassle of trying to keep up filling prescriptions when you guys keep cutting the hours of the techs and they are understaffed, and as a result, we cannot get prescriptions filled on time, go to pick them up at the time we are told, and they are not ready, sometimes 2 days late. Come on you guys in that office making decisions that cause them to be understaffed, you are fast losing customers. I have 3 other pharmacies close by that I plan to have my prescriptions transferred to one of them and it is not Walmart.. Now, I know I won`t make a dent in your profits, but when there are enough unhappy people, it just might. And it is going to make my prescription drug plan happy.
Carolyn Hurst Send email
May 7, 2020

Krogers Pharmacy

On the 5th & 6th I contacted MEDICARE & ANTHEM BLUE CROSS AND BLUE SHIELD about a new prescription that I could take & pay for. They BOTH came up with (LEVEMIR FLEXTOUCH 100UNIT/ML ) they said it would come in a box of (5) pins & the cost at Krogers Pharmacy would be $42.00. they said I have no deductible or co-pay, so I said great. That I would have to call the Doctor & have her call it in so I did. Then later that day on the 6th I went in to pick it up. They charged ME $ 42.00, I paid it & left. When I got back home I OPENED the BAG and there was ONLY ( 2) tubes in the bag . I was so pissed off but I never called them back. I decided I should file a COMPLAINT . They owe me (3) more tubes and I want them now. I am going to file a COMPLAINT with MY MEDICARE & BLUECROSS & BLUE SHIELD. This has to STOP screwing the clients out of their MEDICINE. My name is CAROLYN HURST 810 HANDSCHUMAKER RD. MARIETTA, OHIO 45750 / Email is# [email protected] / phone number 740-374-8308 I do exspect to hear some thing back. THANK YOU
tom kish Send email
Sep 11, 2019

Kroger Pharmacy

I have a catastrophic illness that requires a lot of medication. Last year is was around 250,000. and you would think for that kind of money this pharmacy would want to fill these prescriptions for me. I have great difficulty in getting my medicine on time. This last month Cindy sent the refill to my old doctor even after I told her many times of the new doctors information. My last order was missing a very important prescription and she lied about sending the script to my correct doctor and importantly she sent out my order without this prescription and never let me know and never said anything I was left to research and find out what she did this time. Its now the middle of the month and i have not received my medication. I called this morning and the manager would not come to the phone. Her name is Terla Arciga. This pharmacy has been horrible "Kroger" bought out the old pharmacy I used to go to and so I was atomically their customer. I had amazing service from the old pharmacy and now its Kroger and life is hell because of them. When i cant get my medicine and am forced to go through the process of finding a new pharmacy and get all new prescriptions from my doctor and then find a great pharmacy like the old one before this one. This pharmacy constantly will send out needles the wrong size that leave me bleeding and this is an assault on my health. The person who is on my account should be fired. I even lost it and yelled at her for her constantly lying. That ruined my day, who likes to fight for fairness and their medicine. I have decided I will keep filing documents and keep going up the chain of command here including sending my story to the NYT news paper and any radio and editorial I can get to help me expose this incredible story. The pharmacy could correct this by just having a stock of what we get every month. They believe they save money by not stocking medicine and so it makes the customer have to go to the pharmacy many times to get their monthly order or it traps a person in their home many days a month waiting for the delivery. If my hardship is not interesting to you, then educating the population on why they must go many times in a month to get they're monthly order will bring some understanding and maybe congress or our state representatives can stop this putting the customer "last" to an end. This pharmacy location is at 6240 Wilshire blvd. Los Angeles ca. 90048 and the phone number is 800-806-0020
Bigbad Send email
Jul 11, 2019

Pharmacy out of meds?

How does a pharmacy run out of supplies to fill a prescription? I took in my Doctor written prescription a few days before they was supposed to be REFILLED only to be told <AFTER 2-3 DAYS> that they was out of my medication. It is the 5th or 6th time this has happened to me in the last year. Somehow they do NOT have enough inventory to fulfill a prescription after days of having the paperwork? Do they NOT keep track of how many and of what prescriptions they have in stock? Do they NOT know when or how to order more medications in for stock? It is like Sub way running out of bread.
WorldofHurt Send email
Jun 27, 2019

Prescription Filling

Doctor gave me a brand new hand written prescription which I took in to Kroger's to have filled along with others Dr. had called in. This Pharmacy has always had an attitude that their policies outweigh the laws & since this was a controlled substance of the weak schedule they still wouldn't fill it for a few days. I said that's fine. I had signed up for their RX savings club or wouldn't have even had to deal with these know nothings. Did some shopping & left. 4 days later when the prescription was supposed to be ready & I was told would be ready, I arrive to find out that their policy is you have to call in to have the prescription filled?? Brand new hand written from 4 days earlier NOT READY because I was supposed to call?? ODD SINCE NO ONE TOLD ME I HAD TO CALL.I said well that's VERY INCONVENIENT for SENIORS especially to have to call first, and then call ONLY ON THE 30TH day to get any refills. Clerk told me this would be the last time they filled this, EVEN THOUGH 2 REFILLS were scheduled. In other words, they were refusing to fill my Doctor's order from now on. I called my Doctor & was told to get the whole prescription BACK in original paper form & take elsewhere. Advised NOT to let them FILL EVEN THE FIRST ONE or I'd have problems since I'd have to deal with them again to get it transferred for the remaining refills. I had the Doctor call them & tell them NOT to fill the prescription at all. I asked for the original, received it, and left Kroger's easily getting it filled elsewhere. Ignorant Pharmacy, petrified of Government, so obviously a sleaze operation. Their "savings" isn't worth their disdain for Senior Citizens.
[email protected] Send email
Jun 6, 2018


I was prescribed a 14 day supply of Eliquis 2.5 for a trip I was taking, some how it was renewed. My husband picked up the medication for me, not knowing what it was. My insurance and myself paid for medication. When my husband came back, I called and spoke to male pharmacist. I explained situation and asked to return unopened bag. he told me I couldn't return it since it left the store. He said my husband was asked if there were any questions.(Again he wasn't aware of medication) He said I was responsible for it and could not return it. he was very abrupt and unfriendly. I called my doctor to see if they could call and find out who would have authorized refill. When they called pharmacy and talked to them, they hung up on them. So I now have a very expensive blood thinner I cant take! As a loyal customer of your store and pharmacy I would appreciate a solution to this problem.
Karen Meadows
[email protected]
Colleen Davis Send email
Jun 12, 2015


Out of my meds all the time. I have to borrow my sister's truck. I have to wait till Saturday now. If I do not get my meds I could die. I have been taking on one of them for 32 to 33 yrs. Same heavy set girl tells me they are out when they are not. She told me to wait 45 minutes and then gave me 20 pills out of 120 with two refills. I have to go back on Saturday and not in the morning. I am really upset with this matter. I had to get my other meds somewhere else because they were out twice in the last 6 months. Sincerely Colleen I am 63 yrs old and I do not like the way I have been treated by one or two of the younger girls because I have to take these meds and I am disabled.. [email protected]
harperbe Send email
Nov 4, 2014

Kroger Pharmacy

Got prescription filled for Trammadol. When I went to use it, there were only 30 pills instead of 40. Talked to manager of pharmacy and she showed me the quantity was circled and initialed so that meant it had been double-counted. In all the years I have gotten prescriptions there, none have ever been circled and initialed before. Interesting that the one missing pills has been the only one. I have been on Oxycodone for several weeks recovering from surgery and none of these had shown being double-checked. She said all she could do was reimburse me for the missing pills, which does me no good. She wasn't even interested in checking the initials, said she would look into it or anything. Seems to me if they had an employee ripping off pills they would want to know about it! I realize this is now a case of my word against the employee so I will pull all my prescriptions from Kroger and go elsewhere. This manager does not have the ability to ensure this pharmacy is run ethically.
Doris Cobb Send email
Mar 15, 2012

Precription filled

I drop My prescriptions off at 4:00 pm on 6/15/09 and they told me it would be 2 1/2 hour wait, they ask me if I wanted to come back and pick it up they said it would be ready at 7:00 pm I said OK we left. We return at 8:00 pm because I know they close at 9:00 pm which I live on the western end of town and this Kroger was on the Southern end of town, I had other med filled there before, I waited in this area for four hour thinking I was going to get my med. when I got there they informed me that they had not filled my Med, what he said to me was I'm sorry it was to many to fill, and we had a load of Med to fill. So what they were telling me was because I had 6 prescription my med was not importance so they filled all the small Med first. This to me is unacceptable. I will go Higher to get this address because I'm with out Med. until I get off work today, I don't get off work until 5:00 am I had to be in at 6:30 and the Pharmacy is not open at that time.
Amado Velasco Send email
Mar 15, 2012

Precription filled

To Customer Complaint Department:

My name is Amado Velasco of Plano, Texas USA and a loyal customer of Groger groceries and pharmacy and I got a complaint regarding my Cialis prescription at Groger pharmacy in Plano Tx store: 03500581. On Feb. 27, I got a Cialis precription for 6 pcs but when I open the container for first time use last night 18 days later, there are only 4 pcs in the container. I went to the store today Mar. 15 and complan and they say their inventory was correct. Bottom line is I paid that prescription for $40+ and got only four tablets. Not acceptable. Hope your company can do about it for little guy like me. Thanks.

Amado Velasco/email address: [email protected]/loyal groger customer

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