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swild07 Send email
Feb 27, 2019

Registration Papers

Hi there, I also purchased a puppy from Landos Boxers in 2012. I have emailed Linda a couple of times since then & have never received a reply. I just had my female spayed in 2018 so I have sent an email to Linda requesting my registration papers. Yes it was my fault that I did not follow through with getting my girl spayed earlier so that I could get her registration papers. But that being said, I have now done everything to complete my end of the Purchase Agreement. I will be filing a complaint with the CKC. When you are sold a dog on the basis that it will be registered, you expect it to be registered. I am lucky that I did not have any health problems with my girl. She is however more aggressive that I expected.
User925862 Send email
Mar 31, 2012

Sick Puppy

In reading all these post's I've realized that I've been duped aswell by all of Lindas B.S.
I have been very lucky that I haven't had the misfortune of any major medical issues. However shortly after I picked up my (now 3 year old ) girl some
serious dog aggresion issues emerged, and this was with a 4 month old puppy. Now I know that the living environment or my actions couldn't have caused the aggression. It got bad enough that she was almos kicked out of puppy school (really can that even happen) now I have realized that when some one chooses money over proper breeding practices, you get someone like Landos Boxers (Linda). And the CKC papers don't don't even get me started. She refused to return emails, phone calls or any help at all... Buyers beware. You probably won't get you papers, won't get any help, won't even be able to get through to her unless you say "Linda can I give you some money".
My heart goes out to every one that has had an animal from Landos, with the understanding they were getting a healthy, stong and beautiful animal. And ended up with some heartbreak an probably major vet bills aswell.
My suggestion is seek legal action, and take her to a small claims court. Its not hard to prove their is a breach of contract. And as her contract states any breach can you canbe fined for $5000.00. Just so you know it work both ways. One more thing I suggest. File a formal compliant with the Canadian Kennel Club, pay the admin fee, cause you'll eventually get it back after the investigation and Linda has to pay for it.
Then send her an email reminding her that it sucks when you screw someone over, but it always comes back in full circle. The last thing you can do is actually go to her place of business, and voice your concerns in person. Hopefully she will have some people buying an animal at that time. Trust me it works. So don't worry about your email because she doesn't get emails right... And in closing i hope Linda you are reading this and you feel good about all the heartbreak you have caused, simply because your a bad breeder and an even worse business person. So just if you think you mighthavefound a decent, reputable breeder its more like you found a liar, thief and a cheat that runs a puppy mill. Best of luck to anyone who refuses to let Linda "F" you over and takes action!
Yungster Send email
Mar 11, 2012

Sick Puppy

None of these complaints surprise me at all. I also fell for Linda's BS hook, line and sinker. Our puppy also came home with coccidia and round worms. I tried to contact her as the contract states the puppy may be returned within 72hrs if my vet finds it to be unhealthy. Our vet did find the dog to be unhealthy, not only did it have worms but he detected a Grade 3 heart murmur. I do not live close to Landos, if I did I would have driven there and dropped the puppy back off. My emails were ignored, my phone calls were never returned. I now have an almost 1 yr old dog who is not expected to live past the age of 5 and will most likely need to be on heart medication.

Whatever you do stay as far away from this breeder as possible!!! I understand that issues happen but you would think a breeder would stand behind their dogs and honour the health guarantee. Whats the point of having one if you can't get a hold of them?
BaldWookie Send email
Feb 28, 2012

Sick Puppy

My boxer puppy from Lando's had Aortic Stenosis. I was told it was a "puppy murmur" by Linda and that it would go away. At 6 months he began collapsing during walks around the block if he so much as ran more then 10 feet. I took him to the University of Guelph and put him on medication. We were given a life expectancy of 2 years from that point and unfortunately his heart failed 5 months later at 11 months of age. He began to bloat as a result of his heart failing and we had to put him on another medication. We knew it was selfish of us to continue keeping him alive through this and made an appointment to put him down. He passed away two days before that appointment.

Aortic stenosis is a hereditary heart disease. There is alot of information available if you have the attention span to read it. Anyone considering a boxer puppy should educate themselves on heart disease and the proper testing procedures which need to be taken before breeding. Heart disease and hip displasia are AVOIDABLE with the proper testing.

I have been hearing and reading alot of problems over the last few years regarding the boxers coming from Lando's Boxers in Kawartha Lakes, Ontario (not to be confused with the Lando's boxers in the USA). These tragedies, heartaches and suffering that people and dogs have been going through needs to STOP. It is avoidable and irresponsible... period.
Anon1112 Send email
Feb 27, 2012

Sick Puppy

I have the exact same issues with this breeder!!! My little girl has a degenerative joint disorder has had a knee surgery and is going to need a full hind quarter brace in the near future. I have never received papers and I see no point in try at this point... by the time i get them I'm sure that the unfortunate will have already occurred :( she is four now and we are treating her stiffness and arthritis pain with glucosamine and anti inflammatory but you can tell that she is still sore.

You wouldn't believe the special allowances we make for her.. we build 1/2 step decks for her and are installing ramps... gets plush everything to sit on and is rarely asked to make extra movements... we do physio with her more than we play and seeing that our other two boxers are very active and are played with ALL THE TIME its not for lack of willingness. It is breaking my heart that she is now getting to the point where she plays a little with the other dogs and or me and then she is down for hours or even days because of pain... and every day I question her quality of life and wonder if I am doing the right thing :(
Beeabee Send email
Feb 27, 2012

Sick Puppy

My friend and I had litter mates from Landos. We had nothing but problems trying to get CKC registration. I finally got mine after a written complaint to CKC which was the first I had heard from her and she couldn't understand why I complained. This was over a year after the dog was neutered.My friend sent in the spay certificate plus e-mailed a copy and she kept saying she never received them. Again ages to get papers.Also her dog had heart problems almost right from the start and they spent a lot of money and time at the vets. Finally at under3 yrs of age the dog finally had to be put down as she was having multiple episodes a day. Not even 3 yrs at this point. Took many calls and messages to Landos to get her money refunded but absolutely no concern for the dog and what the owners had gone through. Her brother started getting sick within a few weeks of his sister having passed away and he went down hill so fast and lost 10 lb in about 2 weeks.Wouldn't eat or drink or even get up any more. Very sad. Again Landos really did not care. When I had him finally put down I asked the vet if she wanted to do a necropsy on him it was OK with me. She did and it was cancer on the thymus. So 2 litter mates gone under 3 yrs of age. I realize I can not hold Landos responsible for cancer but it seems her breeding stock has multiple health issues and she should not be allowed to continue. Also her business practices are very shady.
Boxer_lover Send email
Feb 27, 2012

Sick Puppy

I saw that she was on that show and was absolutely amazed and disgusted!!! It wasnt even filmed at her house!!! BaldWookie, please tell your story. This is the only way others will know. I never want anyone to go through what we are going through. It does not surprise me that 2 other people have already commented on this complaint. I just wonder how many more victims are out there?
Boxer_lover Send email
Feb 27, 2012

Sick Puppy

I thought I did all the right research in looking for a reputable breeder. One can never tell from just a website so I went to see her in person. The owner comes across very pleasent and answered all my questions. I was told the dogs were health tested, yet I was never shown any copies of documentation. Now I know I should have asked!!!
We picked up our puppy at 7 weeks of age and took him home. We were told that the puppy might have some diarrhea due to stress which all made sense to me so I didnt panic when that night the puppy had liquid poo's. We took him into our vet the next day and told them about the stool issue. Our vet immediately ran a stool sample and it came back positive for coccidia. I emailed the breeder as the contract stated you are recieving a happy, healthy puppy and it was apparent I was not. I realize that coccidia is easily treatable but I wanted to make the breeder aware that the rest of the litter will most likely be affected. My email was never returned.
Our puppy was treated and recovered beautifully. At a year of age we had our dog neutered as per our contract. I emailed a copy of the neuter certificate and even mailed a hardcopy to her home. After 2 months I had not heard from Landos so I sent a 2nd and 3rd email asking when to expect my CKC papers. I also tried to follow up with multiple phone calls, no one ever picked up the phone or returned my messages. I ended up calling the CKC 6 mths later and had to get them involved. FINALLY I got my papers. Now fast forward 2 years later. We started noticing that our 2.5 yr old dog was very stiff when he woke up and he was having issues with stairs and such. At first we thought he pulled a muscle so the vet put him on some pain meds and anti-inflammatories. He just wasnt getting any better and it seemed to be both of his legs. We ended up having x-rays done and sent off to the USA to be read. It came back as being hip dysplasia. Again we tried to contact the breeder as we had a 3 yr health guarantee on our dog for hips and heart. They never returnd any of the multiple emails or countless phone calls. BIG SURPRISE!!! We opted for surgery and had both hips repaired, thank god we had pet insurance. Our dog is now almost 4 and we just got more horrible news, as if what we have gone through wasn't enough. Last week our dog was playing in the backyard with his ball and just fell over. Tests have revealed he has Cardiomyopathy. There is no point in contacting his breeder again, his health guarantee is over with and she never responded to his hip issues. All I can do is warn as many people as possible about this breeder. Since dealing with Landos I have met several people with their own personal horror story. Hip and heart issues seem to be a common thing. They claim they guarantee hips and heart but good luck getting a hold of them.
Loislane1 Send email
Feb 27, 2012

Sick Puppy

LOL, that is so funny as I have a dog like this .very simular, heart problems before 1 year of age, , , 4 years old now had hip problems as well, , and NO PAPERS !!! I have heard this more then 10 times especially the no papers issue !! there are a few owners that are going to the CKC to complain or try to get their papers them selves, this women should not pretend to have papers for her pups if she does not!!! lots of scammers out there dont let her show on pick a puppy change your mind, that company should of did their research !!!

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