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Skaranjia Send email
Mar 11, 2021

Very poor service and product

We bought a reclining sofa in 2020 the seat cushion on left side sunk and we could feel the wood after a four month period we asked for a technician after 6 weeks he came in and informed us either Leon’s change and give you a new sofa or we put in new seats and he will send his notes to Leon’s this was in November of 2020i complained that we did not hear from them nobody to date now it is March 2021 and have had no reply Leon’s has very pathetic customer service and are very dis organized
smehta080811 Send email
Aug 13, 2019

Broken and used products

The couch we ordered was Italian Leather which came with pen scratches and black stains on a white couch. We complained 4 times in 2 days, still no reply or response.

The bedroom set came with broken and chipped away pieces of wood. We complained 4 times in 2 days, still no reply or response. We have been waiting on their so-called Technician to come to see it.

Coffee table and end table came all rusted, scratched and bent. They are refusing a refund.

I am so sick and tired of them reading their terms and conditions and not honouring customers at all. We have been sleeping on the floor as we have no bed.

Broken and used products Broken and used products Broken and used products Broken and used products Broken and used products Broken and used products Broken and used products

simmer54 Send email
Aug 1, 2018

Terrible service

Leons service sucks big time and we will never ever order from them again.

We have been waiting since May for a missing part of our bedroom set (rails). We have taken days off to accommodate their stupid delivery times (4-hour windows). The dresser they delivered was damaged. They sent a replacement which was worse than the original. We kept the original for a discount instead of waiting for another dresser. We have taken days off to sign for their deliveries. We asked them (because of all the aggravation they have put us through), to deliver the missing rails (which apparently are now in stock), tomorrow afternoon. They called and said they can only deliver to us in the morning. Unbelievably bad service!!!

We are so angry with this company. We cannot afford to take any more time off to accept their stupid delivery times. WE have spent thousands of dollars at this company but not a cent more. We will never refer them to anyone nor will we give a positive review. Absolutely the worst company we have ever had the displeasure to do business with, but never again!
simmer54 Send email
Aug 1, 2018

Incomplete Delivery

Nothing but headaches with this company!!!! We will never, ever buy anything from this company again. We placed an order for a bedroom set in May and it is still not here. The dresser arrived scratched and marked, up. They delivered a replacement which was in worse shape than the one we had. We ended up keeping the original for a discount instead of waiting for another replacement. We have taken days of work to accept delivery of furniture. My partner took tomorrow afternoon off to wait for delivery and now they tell us that the rails that have been missing from the bedroom set cannot be delivered in the afternoon that they can only be delivered in the morning. We cannot take any more time off work for these jokers.

We are so friggin angry at these people. We have spent thousands of dollars at this place, but no more - not ever!!!!
Domenic aambrosio Send email
May 11, 2018

No Customer service after a purchase

When I walked into the store the service was amazing after I purchased my sofa and having all kinds of issues with it pillows keep getting squashed like as if it was 25 years old so they come back change my cushions before they even called me back took three weeks not even one month after the pillows are exactly like the way they were and the response was that I sleep on my sofa like wow they know that so would never purchased anything from there ever again
HHH Send email
May 8, 2018


I bought two sofa before Christmas, Dec. 2017. At that time, the receipt said that it would be delivered in 4-5 weeks. So we waited for this delivery. After 5 weeks, we called the service, but the store said they couldn't deliver on time because it was a special offer. So, they rearranged the delivery, and said this time would be waiting for another 14-15 weeks until the second week of May. Now, we just called the store, and they delay the delivery again and let me wait for the end of June!!! I WANT TO KNOW WHAT'S GOING ON FOR LEON?! Do you care about customers? IS THERE ANY SUPERVISING OFFICE THAT I CAN CONTACT FOR SOLVING THIS DELIVERY?! I AM SO ANGRY FOR THE SERVICE NOW!
HHH Send email
May 8, 2018

Dissatisfied the Customer Service

I bought two sofa before Christmas, Dec. 2017. At that time, the receipt said that it would be delivered in 4-5 weeks. So we waited for this delivery. After 5 weeks, we called the service, but the store said they couldn't deliver on time because it was a special offer. So, they rearranged the delivery, and said this time would be waiting for another 14-15 weeks until the second week of May. Now, we just called the store, and they delay the delivery again and let me wait for the end of June!!! I WANT TO KNOW WHAT'S GOING ON FOR LEON?! Do you care about customers? IS THERE ANY SUPERVISING OFFICE THAT I CAN CONTACT FOR SOLVING THIS DELIVERY?! I AM SO ANGRY FOR THE SERVICE NOW!
[email protected] Send email
Feb 4, 2018

Very bad product and bad service for exchange

That was my worst experience in shopping
We purchased a sofa from Leon's brand in richmond Hill Toronto, Ontario in Jan/2018, (abou 3 weeks ago),and we asked about the firmness from the sales person and she said it is a firm one and won't hurt your back for 100 percent
after 3 , 4 days the seaters sank down completely when we were sitting for about one hour or more.
After I talked with customer service, and store manager ( 2 ladies) they sent a specialist to check out the issue after about one week,
When the specialist checked it out he approved in our home that it definitely has very bad problem , and is sinking.
The customer service agent, called me the following day and confirmed the specialist's report that seaters sinking fully, they requested 25% stocking fee which I explained that it is manufacturing issue not ours. Again I told the story to the manager, so the customer service wanted me to take one seater to the store and they themselves check it out, that is not professional, the specialist had confirmed sinking before.
That is terrible customer service
Muhammad Naveed Iqbal Send email
Dec 22, 2017


I bought a mattress, chest freezer, coffee table, end table on 22-Nov-2017 from 2070 Dundas St. East. (Order # 11227ETQXGU) I was told at the time of purchase that these will be delivered in 1-2 weeks. I contacted them on 3rd week for delivery and they said one item (Mattress) is not in stock and we can deliver other items. I said ok and they confirmed the delivery on 21-Dec-2017 while freezer will be delivered after 3 weeks. They confirmed that the Driver will call you and will give one hour margin before he arrive. On 21-Dec i receive the call from driver at 9:30 am and told i will arrive in 45 minutes, i told him i am not at home so make it 60 min which i was told earlier. At first he was agreed. Then after 10 minutes he called me again and said i am coming at 10:00, i said you just confirmed me for 10:30 but refused straight away and said my Manager will call you. I did not receive any call and then i call their store and talk to their delivery department. At first she hold me for 15 min to talk with driver and then she told that driver is not arrived back. In the evening i visited the store and i told the complete story to Store Manager. and it looked that no body cares and then i cancelled all my purchases.

I was really shocked because i wait one month for partial delivery and was ready to wait another one month for mattress against 2 week delivery but driver was not ready to extend for just 15 minutes from his time. Whereas i was told that i will be given one hour margin before delivery and i was asking to maintain that, i was not asking to extend time beyond that
Jackeewu Send email
Dec 9, 2017

Dangerous stove & horrible customer service

Purchased a glass top stove a year ago. The stove top seems to be melting 6 months into usage. Contacted Leon and they provided the manufacturer contact as manufacturer should be fixing the problem within one year of purchase. Basically I spent 2 weeks of my time being tossed back and forth between manufacturer and Leon both claiming they don't cover fixing within one year and I should call the other party. I finally got a hold of the store manager on Danforth by name Rohit Sari who said he would help with the situation and all he need is pictures from the damage. Email was sent Nov 12th. Decided to call Rohit for an answer on Dec 6th due to no reply from email. Left my phone number to have him call back. Nothing. Call back again and was informed by him that I would have to deal with the manufacturer at this point after he originally promised he would handle the problems himself. As I continue to remind him the stove issue and what he had promised, all he did was to repeat the same sentence over my voice "repair must be done by manufacturer within in years purchase" x6. He refuse to provide head office phone number. I work in customer service myself and by far this is the worst I've experience of a manager arguing and dying about what they had romised a customer. Horrible communication where as the customer would have to chase for their answer. this is how Leon is promoting their customer service and their brand.
sheyar Send email
Mar 9, 2017

Delayed delivery and huge communication problems within

My husband and I purchased our first home together and were very excited to get the opportunity to buy our furniture from Leons. We purchased over $4000 in furniture and we still needed to purchase more but we thought we would purchase at a later date. We purchased all of our stuff at end of December and our house closing was in March. We placed two orders that day as we needed one sooner as it was going to another location. The sales representative went to another location so when we called to check up on the mattress that was suppose to be delivered in two weeks, no one helped us. Instead they gave us the number to the location that the sales representative had gone. It is not our fault that someone has left but it is their responsibility to ensure that all leons customers that shop at that location have received their products. IT IS CALLED TAKING OWNERSHIP. After numerous calling, we finally got it over 4 weeks later. We were fortunate that we got to price match the rest of our furniture towards end of January when it was save the tax event, so we are suppose to receive just over $500 back, which warning, you only receive on furniture not the tax on the protection for the furniture. They never told us that the refund would not be processed till after delivery, we called back a week later and they said "we cannot refund back the price match until after delivery", which makes no sense as you had to pay upfront so why would we have to wait on getting our own money back. So the customer service rep on the phone said if you come in we will process for you just we can't do it without you, we said okay. We got busy and the visa that we had placed the actual order on was changed, so I called them back and said it won't be the same visa but can we come in and get it processed, they said sure, they placed a note on the account so that if someone checked the day we came in, it would be understandable. My husband went in after work in rush hour, spent half hour to get there and they kept telling him there is no refund as they kept only looking at the mattress invoice. It is common sense for any representative to do their due diligence. DON'T WASTE A CUSTOMERS TIME! CHECK EVERYTHING! My husband was there for an hour dealing with this and nothing was done so he decided to come back. I called right after and the girl on the phone was like oh ya I see the comment on the invoice, we didn't notice it before! The supervisor will do right now, just give me your new card number, gave it! I decided not to speak to manager as I let it go again in good gesture, this was March 2nd, today is March 9th and the refund was never processed. Called them today to find out why after a week I didn't get, she says oh apparently they tired to do on your old visa card but they will do right now if I give them my card number! This was the last straw! When I had called and provided everything and comment was put on invoice why was it still not processed? Why is it that I have to call again? When I asked to speak to manager, I was placed on hold and then transferred and after two rings, the customer rep picked up again and said the manager is on the phone with a customer! Now, it could be possible that she was on the phone with a customer or it could be that she did not want to deal with it as for them this is nothing! For a customer, they have spent money on material and on service. We can get furniture for cheaper from other places but we went to leons for their service and for the fact that we believed we wouldn't have to deal with too much hassle! APPARENTLY we were wrong. BASED ON OUR EXPERIENCE THIS TIME, WE DON'T WANT TO COME TO LEONS AGAIN. If not compensation for what we have gone through, we should at least receive a proper apologize for the hassle we had to go through in just two months!
Julie Ross Send email
Feb 23, 2017

Still waited for a power recliner I ordered January 5,17.

Ordered and paid in full for a power recliner January 5,2017.I was told delivery would be in 4 weeks,I'm still waiting.I have called twice already,first time I was told its on back order and would be delivered the middle of February.I call today and was told because of the snow storm its on back order,I was told I would get a call back today with more details??,no call.When I called today the person answering just said hello,and then said Leon's.I think someone needs to do some investigating to see what's going wrong with Leon's.
lynn Marguerite Send email
Dec 14, 2016

dangerous stove and missing microwave

Samsung slide in range melted side cupboard. Unit too hot when self cleaning to the point of nearly catching fire and not warned about this possibility. Glad i dont have small children because it is a definite burn hazard Had a kenmore previously and it never caused any damage what so ever on the self cleaning setting and definitely not scolding to the touch. Also, ordered an above the range Panasonic inverter microwave which started malfunctioning shortly after purchased, they removed it amost 4 months ago and have not gotten it back since. Cant get a straight answer on when it will be here. It is now the holiday season and we are without a microwave and no resolution to the damage that range did nor a resolution to the range itself. They blame Samsung and Samsung blames them (Leons). Next, they will find a reason to blame the consumer. Should of kept my previous appliances (Sears) that i never had a problem with and had great service from.
mirandahaley Send email
Dec 6, 2016

Chairs not delivered

Ordered 2 power recliners from Leons in October, told they would be delivered in 2 weeks. Every week I follow up and still no chairs!!
They have no idea where their product is or when I will be delivered, This is very poor customer service, we just want our chairs we paid for over 6 weeks ago.
Gary43 Send email
Nov 1, 2016


Absolutely disgraceful management by the highly reputable company. Purchased a brand new dishwasher and two weeks later after being given the runaround by Leon's, Samsung and totem apliance repairs still waiting on part.

Pathetic management
Dmndrose Send email
Sep 18, 2016

Leon's furniture

The big sale they had on for Saturday and Sunday door crashes I was there at 10:20 this morning they told me couch that was on sale sold out. They were lined up out door that's bull if that many people were there they still would have been there paying the place wasn't busy at all. The company advertise products they really don't have or only have one or two. They should be ashamed if there selfs. But there lost here I went to buy couch plus the plus was whole kitchen too, but because of way I was treated I took my business elsewhere.They lost out in over 7.000.00 I spent elsewhere. All because of there bull. And manger there is as phoney as they come. I will never recommend Leon's to anyone unless you want to be ripped off . Totally disgusted with Leon's
Angry34332 Send email
Jun 15, 2016

1 Less Customer

email: [email protected]

I am a regular Leon’s customer. I am writing to you today to express my dissatisfaction with Leon’s - Hamilton – 1599 Stone Church Road. For the past year - I have been going through a lot of stress with Leon’s – Hamilton, Ontario. It all started in 2015; I purchased the 6-pc wave dining room set, which I absolutely love. However, upon delivery, I was only provided 5 pc instead of 6pc. Thankfully, my wife noticed; and brought it to my attention. I called the Leon’s store on Stone Church, and they rectified the issue, and provided me with an instore rebate. I was satisfied, and disregarded the mishap.
On June 9th, 2016 I purchased Maytag refrigerator from the same store. My current refrigerator malfunctioned, and the compressor completely stopped working. I was extremely delighted with the customer service provided by the salesman. He was informative, polite, and professional. He assured me I would have the new refrigerator June 14th – which I did. I was initially upset at the long wait; due to finding alternative methods to cool my 15 month old’s milk/food. However, I made adjustments, and it worked out.
On June 14th the delivery was made. However, the Maytag refrigerator delivered was missing a leg at the front of the fridge. I noticed and quickly called customer support. However, I was told I would not receive an exchange until another few days. I am extremely upset with the inconsistency with this store. As a Commercial Banker for several years – there is no room for inconsistency. I would lose my book of corporate clients if I continued to make mistakes.
I am writing Leon’s to notify that you have lost a customer. I do not understand - how on each purchase I make, I am always required to return items. I understand Leon’s is a big company, and human error inevitable – it seems to be a re-occurring issue. Now I am required to wait additional days for a new refrigerator; and find alternative methods to keeping my 15-month old food cool.
I may be one client to you; and I may not matter. However, I am hoping this does not happen to other customers.


gonecode6 Send email
Jun 2, 2016

Leon's breach of Contract

I am writing to complain about Leon's on line web store and breach of contract with a purchase by MasterCard.

I purchased a sofa and love seat on May 11 2016 with my MasterCard on line by way of Leon's website. It was a total of 1353.74 which was taxes and including $50.00 to deliver furniture.

The very next day, the sofa comes on sale and I called to ask if i could be compensated for the sale price as less than 12 hours had passed since my purchase. They were reluctant to do anything other than cancel the order. Which they finally agreed was silly, as I had stated and they agreed they would credit me the difference on my card. The new total would be $1205.71 with $50.00 for delivery included. Three weeks later and I still have not be refunded.

Date of delivery was set for May 31st.
About a week later my bank CIBC calls and states my credit card has been compromised and I should cut it up as CIBC has cancelled it. It seemed someone had compromised my card. How or when, the bank was investigating and working on and stated not to worry, I was covered.
I was told all vaild transactions would still go through including refunds.
I am still waiting for the credit from Leons of $148.03 . It never showed up and this is 3 weeks later, June 1st 2016.
Fast forward to May 31st and delivery day.
The Leon's driver calls my home and says they are on the way. When they show up, they ask for the credit card I used to buy the furniture, which I didn't have anymore as I tried to explain to him what happened.
The delivery driver stated their policy was if I could not produce the credit card I paid with on-line, they would not leave the furniture. He even called the delivery Manager and confirmed.." No credit card, no delivery" . Even though I had tons of ID and explained, my card was stolen and I offered to show the bank email and any Id they required. They repeated, they "MUST" see the card. This is when they breached their contract and declined to leave the furniture and left. They stated they would cancel my order and refund me the money with-in 7 days as per their contract.
However when I phoned to find out how much they were giving me as they failed to refund me the sale price as yet. I was shocked to find out they have not only charged me the Delivery Fee of $50.00 but will only refund on the promised sale price they said I was given, which I still to this day have not received credit for.
Leon's customer service say they will refund me $1149.00 for the order and that is all. I am out $204.00 for no fault of my own.
Ordering on-line means nobody calls me back, nobody knows what is going on and everyone refuses to admit error. Leon's also fails to see their policy states the obvious as written on my order ...Quote "For online orders, an imprint of the credit card(s) used to place the order along with a signature and photo ID of the cardholder, may be required prior to the delivery." It says may be, not will be ! Exceptions and common sense have to have a place in business somewhere, but they refused to even talk about it unless I could produce the credit card ! I finally said, great, give me my money back but they cannot figure out how they have wronged me.
They kept $204.00 after cancelling their contract with me and nobody can say why ?
How can this be legal ?
195957 Send email
May 1, 2016

damage stove

I bought appilances at leon's the stove was damage but the manager agree too discount $150.00 of the stove that was almost 3 months a ago still waiting on the discount to b applied to my account last time we talk he said terminals were down like really terminals down 3 months and payment would b applied right away that was a week ago still waiting very very poor customer service so come Dave at leon's step up and do what u promise and show some customer service
Bad furniture Send email
Mar 12, 2016

Bad quality furniture+bad warranty on the same product

We purchased a bonded leather sofa and a love seat a few years ago from Leon's furniture store.
Not even a year after the purchased there were tears and rips between the seats on the sofa.And I have to say that it has not even been a year old sofa,and we are very good at taking care of our things.
Since we purchased the warranty on a product for 5 years from another company,we had contacted them about the rips and tears.
They somehow sent a technician and he barely masked the problem,but we did not complain.
After again some time the tears and ripps showed on the same spots and even further on the sofa..We were assured that we still have a product waranty for another three years and called the same again about the exactly the same problem.
This time they did I not even want to discuss anything,but just brushed us off saying that this kind of ripps and tears are not covered with the product warranty we purchased to have a peace of mind!Unbealivable is it not?
We called Leon's and talked to the menagerie of the store,of course he wanted to protect his best interests and just again brushed us off saying 'he will do the best he can'...and never called us back...
Very professional indeed!
When we divided to go for new furniture which we paid $2,600.-we expected something new,and durable as it is the cost of it too.
But we guess if we went on limiting and bought used once we would make a way better deal than this was.
At least we would get what you pay.
We definitely will never purchased anything from any of the Leon's or tier franchise stores again...Lets see who is going to win here.
Darren 72 Send email
Feb 22, 2016

Wrongful information

only Reason we Bought Samsung product as we ask the sale person if they Service and they told us They did so that was a lie if we where told the truth we would of never bought samsung product the store manager are not helpful at all
capergirl Send email
Nov 19, 2015

False Advertising

Went into the Dundas Mississauga store today for the BLACK FRIDAY SALE 20% off ALL furniture . Picked out a set we LOVED and were ready to wrap up the sale as we were sitting on the furniture the salesman was taking the price tags off the furniture and disappeared . He came back in a short while and instructed us to follow him to the desk he had to " show us something" .
He then began to explain that the price we saw on the furniture was incorrect? He showed us the new price on the internet which was $500 more in total. Oh but good news ,we would get the 20% off that price ,after telling us we would have been getting 20% the old ticketed price. As i understand that is false advertising? Shameful way to do business.Not getting our Sale. When we complained ,and asked to talk to the manager ,he wouldn't even come out to explain the situation, he left that to his sales people.
Coatsj Send email
Mar 4, 2015

Owner of simcoe location

We had purchased a Canadian made sectional couch from Leons Simcoe.
after 1 month of use the couch squeaked and was not properly fitted together and the stiff cushions felt like the couch was already 5 years old
we had a technician come out and showed up an hour early and basically barged in out home and was very unprofessional.
he left his tools all over our new hardwood floor and my 2 year son tripped over and fell on the floor.
his repeatedly smashed the couch into the floor and didn't really care about it.
after a month the couch started doing the same thing.
I contacted the store and we now are 4 months later with now and the couch has not been fixed.
Every time I call I am sidelined to some one else.
I spoke with the owner Brad Shot and he was very unprofessional he told me that they had been trying to contact us for weeks with was not the truth and he was putting the blame on us.
I also had my in-laws purchase product from the Simcoe store and they were over charged on a rug that was suppose to be free in the deal.
He told me that they were not smart enough to understand basic math and he didnt appreciate them blabbing across town that the customer service was so poor.
I will never purchase anything from Brad and The Simcoe Leons store ever again.
If the store owner treats customers like that how does he treat his employees?????????????
Srayapro Send email
Feb 13, 2015

around 3 months of payment item not delivered - Customer support at the store is terrible


We purchased around $10,000 furniture from Leons in the last months of 2014 and on Dec 21 2014. The side table has not been delivered. When we followed up we were told that it is not in stock and would be sent in couple of weeks. This is order number 12214MIAUKX. I have called a few times to the store and there was a lady who picked up the call and said would call me back in an hour which she never did. I called the stores and there was another lady who said we would be receiving in another week. Until now there is no follow call, no information, no apology for the delay. I asked them to connect me to the supervisor to escalate the negligence of the lady who answered my call and they said the supervisor was not available. I spend so much money at Leons and get terrible customer support at the stores which is not at all appreciated. I am surprised that your support staff behave so irresponsible and have no courtesy to provide information and support. Please make sure that the side table that has not been delivered so far is delivered.


outofwork Send email
Oct 23, 2014

poor service no fallow up right hand did not know what the left was doing

my wife purchased a electrical reclining chair for my birthday on october 4th sales man was rigth there for his sale and that was when the customer servic ended. they promissed delivery on the 15 th of october we where informe at noon by sales man that that was not posible due to unforseen problems. it would be deliverd on saturday 18yh my wife and i stayed home all day and wasted the entire day no chair no answere from leons. so my wife calle dmonday and left messeg . no answer i phoned at noon aND HAD A WE CHAT WITH SALES MAN , HE HAD TO CALL BACK AAFTER HE LOOKED UP OURS SALE. HE DID AND THEN SAID HE HAD TO TALK TO THE MANAGERE AND WOULD CALL BACK IN AN HOURS AS THE DELIVERY DRIVER HAD QUIT THE CO. AND THAT WA LAST WEEK ,WYH COULD HE HAVE NOT TOLD US WHEN HE PHONE ON THE 15TH AND LET US WASTE THE DAY . WWELL 1 HOUR LATER HE PHONED AND SAID IT WOULD BE DELIVERED AT 4PM . IT WAS THEY DID NOT COVER THERE SHOES AND IT WAS RAINING OUT .SO WWE HAD TO CLEAN UP THE MESS THEY LEFT AND THE ONE MAN WAS THE STORE MANAGER .HE SAID HE WOULD HAAVE RESPONDED FASTER IF HE HAD KNOW . WWELL WHO IS RUNNIG THIS STORE ON DUNDAS IN MISSISSAUGA THE SALES PEOPL WHO TOOK OUR MONEY

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