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Consumer complaints and reviews about Lincare

Max1934 Send email
Jan 14, 2017

No service for 2 years

When I call Lincare, I have to beg, literally beg for service. There is always some ignorant woman who keeps saying in broken English, "I'm sorry but your account have been deactivate." Not deactivated...deactivate. They showed up after 6 months of begging with a mask for the nebulizer that was the size for a toddler. This company needs to be replaced by a company that cares. I've read these posts and Lincare is going to be liable for wrongful death due to the idiots that work in their office. I'm going to call their corporate office tomorrow and report this negligence that will eventually cost them their company!!!!
1grammafat Send email
Jan 10, 2017

Extreme poor customer service

Where do I start....approx 4 months ago I requested a new portable O2 tank mine was cracked and difficult to fill until the day the difficult became not at all...they said THEY were waiting for a shipment to arrive...4 months??
NOT until I called repeatedly and a few cuss words later a new one they PROMISED they would schedule and be there. I waited and waited...and called only to be rolled over to answering center and when I DID reach local office they said I would have to wait till the next day. They PROMISED someone would be there. Got later and later and later.
No call no show. Called corporate. Customer service PROMISED someone would be calling me shortly. 3 hours later after doctor's appointment..NO ONE and I mean NO ONE from Lincare called to follow up.
NOW 4 hours later..I called my medical insurance co to start the process of changing O2 vendors. But, guess what, Lincare has to fax the doctor's orders to the new company. AND the saga continues...going to get this on every social media I can.
rlbuss Send email
Dec 23, 2016

No oxygen for my wife.

My wife was in Denver and the doctor sais she needs oxygen, the hospital gave us one tank for the night and filled out paperwork and sent it to LINCARE to deliver tanks to our house. We drove back home and received no phone calls from Lincare. I went to the local Lincare office and they were closed for the Holidays on fri, sat, sun. Now what is my wife going to do. I have been told that Lincare is the worst company for any help. I hope they enjoyed the Holiday, I will not. I also know nothing will be done about this as the world has a "I DONT CARE ATTITUTE". There time will come.
winreal Send email
Dec 2, 2016


My local office is great - they answer the phone and try to help. The 888-544-2715 f and 988-293-5801 are ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE. The hold time is ridiculoous. Lincare - you need to hire more people.

I tried to correct a bill and waited on hold several different times so long I gave up. I hung on another only to have the phone
disconnect after what seemed like 45 minutes.

Now I am holding again to let them know that I have called 3 times to say do not auto ship me yet every month I get another shipment.

They need to do an overhaul of their customer service as now the shipment department (another time wasting call) told me
that they never received any of the THREE calls I made saying stop auto shipping me.
mountain12 Send email
Nov 18, 2016

delivery of Oxygen /return phone calls

As I am ready complaints above This holds true for Lincare in Brookfield, Wis. I am now up to 15 unreturn phone calls. No manager has EVER called back. Unable to obtain cpap supplies for my Mom even though Dr orders have been sent, complete sleep study sent. Still nothing. Threats to not deliver oxygen. There is no accountability, NO customer service. I have started a medicare complaint.
Rebecca A Brown Send email
Nov 8, 2016

Cannot get Oxogen and cpap

The order person at linncare in lakewood colorado @ 788-0700 sucks at her job she's a bitch to everybody.
I've been trying to get Oxogen and a cpap since September 14th 2016, order was submitted and confirmed, many calls to her, she was very rude, many excuses, sent a new order oct- 2016 confirmed, same excuses many times again blaming it on medicaid, I called medicaid they have never received a request, we had Dr Drieling resubmit order again today 11-7- 2016, she said she did not get it, it was confirmed Dax,

My name is Rebecca A Brown
Linncare office 303-788-0700
Dr lisa Drieling lakewood colo

Please help us
Riley Send email
Nov 4, 2016

Change of cpap settings

The difficulty in obtaining essential supplies when pulmonologists are changed is astounding. His waterchamber remained broken making his cpap machine useless for over 3 weeks. A call to his current pulmonologist was simple, "would you ask Lincare to send a copy from his chart for the original machine?" SIMPLE request, answer "we don't have that and no you can't have what we don't have." Finally, after begging, i obtained it.
NOW the hospitalist has faxed an order for pressure changes and after three phone calls and an hour gone by, "no we don't have it, but will change it when we get the order." All while I watch Phil continue to have several apneic episodes.
Now it's 7pm and no one called to say they did not receive dr. orders. SOoo, I've been lied to, again!
mhuenec1 Send email
Oct 19, 2016

Billing someone who is dead

My father has been deceased since July 4th and despite numerous phone calls and faxed death certificate he is still getting billed for oxygen that he quit using in June as that is when he went into hospice.
SJT Send email
Sep 26, 2016

Cancellation of financial waiver with NO NOTICE

Email Sent to Lincare, Tricare, Optigen and Congress

To CEO, President of Optigen/Lincare,

I am writing you to inform you of not only HORRIBLE customer treatment to Tricare Patients.

- In Sept 2012 I signed a financial waiver form and have not been billed since for customer amount due.

- In Sept 2016 I received a bill for the first time for supplies.

- Customer service reps at your companies, said yes, all waivers have been cancelled and requires yearly re-submissions, and this was at the governments direction. And that I must pay this bill, even if I submit another hardship waiver.

- I explained that was understandable that yearly submissions are now required, and would submit but WOULD NOT pay for this bill, as it is, was, and remains EXCEPTIONALLY poor customer support and service to veterans to drop all waives without notice, or a heads up... then bill them, and get them to pay for any bills that were sent. UNSAT...

I realize that this decision was made at a very high level, and a cost benefit study must have been completed to take on any customer complaints by dropping the boom this way, vice paying the administrative cost of notifying ALL customers on waivers that the rules are changing, please submit new waiver in 30 or 60 days or you will be billed type of approach...

You made a poor decision. I think Tricare, the press and congress will be VERY interested in hearing how you are treating veterans and making business decisions based on cost to your company vice service to veterans.

I will be taking this story to not only just about ever social media outlet, but as far as I can go up the Tricare decision tree, as well as congress, BBB, and all veterans groups.

Very poor decision... and I could tell I was not the only unhappy customer from my conversations with your customer rep, and it will be easy to create a very substantial social network movement to get Tricare to reconsider you company and their continued use of CPAP supplies from your company..many have other options, VA etc..

I told your customer service rep to send another financial waiver form and I would resubmit.. but this is NOT the case.... I do not intend to re-submit.. I turned in one in 2012, and if you will not honor that one, I have no other choice to take this issue to Tricare, Press, Congress, BBB, and all veterans I can find on social networking sites. Just for impact to followers, I will be paying the bills you sent and posting them online.....

By this one move and unfair treatment, you are witnessing the creating of a movement that will have a financial impact on your company, how it is viewed by Veterans, the press, congress and Tricare. One year from now, when you look back and say....how did this happen, how did we get here? Just remember this decision you made....to value the customer bottom line to customer support of veterans...

I look forward to your decision, but my guess is I will hear nothing and you will continue to value profit to customer support. Sometimes it takes irking one person who stands up for whats right... that is me... wrong person, with the time, the proper social networking and technical skills to actually follow through with national movement that will, without question have impact...
JOUTHAM Send email
Sep 21, 2016

lack of response

I have an Easy Pulse POC..the external battery went bad, and I called Chandler to get another one. It's has been very difficult to get someone to talk to...when I leave a message, no one calls back..when I call down, I always get an answering service because everyone is" in a meeting" I need the extra battery for traveling. As of today, I have been waiting almost two weeks for someone to call me. I have called 6 times and was able to talk with someone one time. Lucky for me I have a really good office just down the street from me in Fargo, North Dakota. Someone always answers the phone promptly..always an employee, calls are returned within half an hour. They have been able to give me temporary help. I have contacted another company that can supply me with a new concentrator if I want to. However,. in order to get medicare to pay for it, I would need to terminate my contract with Lincare. I think the Fargo people would help with that. I will be coming to Arizona soon, and if my new battery has not arrived, I intend to request a new POC to replace the one i have. The complete unit incudes an external battery and my external doesn't recharge. Without that battery I do not have a complete unit. If that doesn't work, I will contact medicare and tell them that Lincare is billing them for a unit that isn't completely usable, and that I have tried notifying Lincare and don't get response, so it appears to me that Lincare might be fraudently billing.
pradamary Send email
Sep 7, 2016

Horrible Customer Service

Called to order a bariatric wheelchair for patient on 8/15/16 was told 3-5 business days, our patient had to attend a funeral. I found a company that rents wheelchairs and they ordered one for a week. On 8/24 they still had not received their wheelchair, when I called in they appeared as if I had never called before, no documentation etc. Had MD office refax all requested info, patient demographics, wheelchair 22 inch with elevating leg rests prescription, last face to face within 90 days indicating reason for wheelchair, and insurance info. On 8/29/16 pt was in our office attempting feebly at ambulating, I asked where the wheelchair was, still had not received it. Called back spoke to Claire who reports that they need the documentation again, and that they need height and weight of patient. We measured the patient in one of our 22 in chairs and found out that she 61 inches and 306 pounds and that they should order her a 22 inch chair. Today 9/6/16 I called again, they couldn't find the order, then they said they didn't have the proper documentation. I asked why have they not called me back and asked me to send them what they need, that the patient returned her rental after a week and was under the assumption that she would have her own chair. Asked for supervisor waited 17 minutes and was cut of as he answered, called back on the phone for 5 more minutes waiting for Jeff, was told then that he would call me back. Had to make another very important call for another patient was on my cell phone for 45 minutes and still no call back from Jeff. When I called him back and told him that his staff told me 3-5 business days on 8/15 he stated that was not possible. Then I raised my voice and he told me that if I continued to raise my voice he would not help me. I'm the customer. He told me he could see two orders and that they have the chairs in stock but we did not send the right prescription, yet no one attempted to reach me or the patient in almost a month. During the 22 minutes on hold I heard nothing but the superior service, their outstanding reputation, and friendly and highly knowledgable staff, and round the clock care. At this moment I'm awaiting a fax for the exact prescription they need sent. If I get it right back to them they can "possible deliver it to the patient today or maybe tomorrow since they are in the next town" That is the reason I called them in the first place. Wish I had the number to call CMS and report this.
maryem Send email
Sep 1, 2016

Billing practices

Had been receiving INR monitoring and supplies for 3 years at no charge after Medicare. On June 3, 2016 I received a bill for $30.22. When I called to see what it was for, Customer service/bill pay stated that my "Hardship" had expired and that I needed to complete a new form. She said not to pay the bill and that she would mail new form. (I never completed any type of form when I began this monitoring 3 years ago. It was arranged via the phone by my physician.) The "Confidential Finanlcial Worksheet" arrived on 6-10-16, completed it and mailed it back on 6-14-16. On June 26-16 I received a "Past Due" for $30.22. On July 1 I received another bill for $60.44. I called again/spoke to someone who I could not understand, asked for an English speaking Supervisor and was told that "I speak English and will do this for you" - Tried to explain situation, to no use. Hung up and called "another phone number listed on all the paper work I had received - " I am a manager and I will see that a Supervisor calls you back to get this situation taken care of." (As of 9-1-16, NO ONE has EVER called me back about my account). Every month since June I have received new "bills" and have called and left msgs/ I have even FAXED the required information that each new person tells me I should send". Today when I received a "threatening past due notice" and a NEW monthly billing, I was told that all my information was in the system, but that they were way behind and that they would "send an Email to the hardship department to expidite, but you need to pay me $30.22 today to hold this account open; and even if they do approve it, we no longer pay at 100%." When I asked for something in writing explaining that, I was told-"everyone wants something in writing, but we do not do that." No what, I will be contacting my physician and advising NEVER TO USE THIS COMPANY, and to see if he can arrange something else regarding my INR monitoring. THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM, THEY GET INSURANCE MONEY AND WANT MORE FROM THE PATIENT, without any written explanation for any change.
R.Zimmer Send email
Aug 31, 2016


The list of complaints I've seen is leaving the solid impression that this business is operating as a scam to get unjustified monies from both insurance companies and patients. I've been billed monthly $1500. 00 for rent of a Bipap.machine which I've found out can be obtained on the retail market for $800. My insurance is rejecting all claims for the rent and has offered only 30% for supplies- apparently the insurance company views Lincare as overbilling in a fraudulent manner and is therefore rejecting their bill submissions. I can tell you that when I went to the Lincare office what I saw was sweatshop work conditions, desks loaded with paper, junk piled everywhere, loud uncouth employees, phones ringing off the wall without people sitting right next to them answering, and the appearance of complete disorder. The place did not present the feel of a health care outfit at all, but rather a telephone mill like you hear about used for scam operations. I would recommend to any current patient of this company to stop all payments, return all rented equipment to their office personally and inform your insurance company of exactly when and where this is done so they can begin legal action to recover payments made to Lincare from incorrect billing.
birdnhand1 Send email
Aug 9, 2016

Worst Service of any company

Lincare is hands down the worst company I have ever worked with. Inefficiency and ineptitude in customer service and billing.
rbachone Send email
Jul 23, 2016

dishonest, disorganized but great at insurance fraud

I had been working with my insurance carrier Cigna to get a portable oxygen concentrator prescribed by my doctor it was a more than two year journey dealing with carecentrix ( the only in network option for medical devices ) they ( carecentrix ) finally connected me with Lincare who promised the moon. they would initially hook me up with a stationary concentrator and a temporary portable unit while they ordered me a brand new unit 5 months passed and I heard nothing when I called Lincare to get an update they would call me back -- another month with no call back so I called again and now all of a sudden and out of nowhere they announced they are not contracted to supply portable units. So being extremely frustrated and disappointed again I cancelled the oxygen tanks in July 2015 yet they continued to bill for that service up until today a full year later. In January my insurance company agreed to reimburse me 100% for a portable unit that I could purchase anywhere 3 days from that date I had my brand new unit -- I cancelled all remaining services with Lincare and they came and picked up all equipment on 1/15/2016 yet they continue to commit insurance fraud month after month after month billing for services they no longer supplied -- so here we are more than 6 months with no services yet they have been paid by the insurance company for 6 months of insurance fraud all the folks are Lincare and Carecentrix that I have dealt with are by far the most dishonest and disorganized people I have every dealt with -- run from Lincare -- there are many legitimate options and carecentrix are totally not worth dealing qwith they exist so insurance companies do not have to pay because they are incapable of connecting you to anyone that actually can fulfill your needs
schan654 Send email
Jul 19, 2016


I have been dealing with Lincare for the past year trying to get to a final billing amount for seep apnea equipment. They originally billed my Medicare insurance carrier, United Health Care, for the full amt of the equipment plus billing me a "rental payment" each month. UHC paid their agreed upon amt and I continued paying monthly rent. In Jan I switched to IU Health as my carrier so Lincare billed them the full amount again along with continuing to bill me monthly. Now IU Health has paid their contracted amount and they still say I owe rental payments! My argument is that if my insurance carrier paid in full then I own they equipment and shd not pay rent. They say no that Medicare allows them to charge both for the equipment and rental to the user. How does that make sense? In addition they say that when I changed insurance carriers in Jan they were allowed to rebill for the equipment!! This is nuts they have been paid twice for the equipment and were also paid "rent" by me. I am waiting on a Lincare supervisor to call me back but she was "out of the office" yesterday when I called to complain (again). They also told me that they are allowed, by Medicare, to bill for 13 months of rent which insures them the opportunity to start the billing over again if the customer changes their medical insurance carrier since that's done on a 12 month basis. I would never use Lincare again for any of my medical equipment needs if there is another source available!
ajroberts Send email
Jun 29, 2016

Lincare Corp

I've been a customer of Lincare for the past 2 years, and I am totally fed up with the non-existent customer service. Not one time in two years have they returned a pone call or responded to a request from me. I called over a month ago to let them know I was going to another supplier, and would they please fax my records over to the new company. I was told that they needed a written request for this purpose, so I complied and mailed it that same afternoon.
This morning I called the new company to make arrangements and was told they had received everything from my Doctor's office, but NOTHING from Lincare.
Can someone please tell me how this company is still in business?? While I was on hold with Lincare, I was browsing through the many pages of complaints about them. Each & every complaint carries the same theme of Lies, Fraud, Negligence, and outright laziness of the company. It's like they don't even care that human lives are at stake in their business. Disgraceful !!
Nuttpj Send email
Jun 27, 2016

Customer Service in Richmond, VA

Trying to call the Richmond, VA office is very difficult. Can not get thru today after trying several attempts. I have to call Monday mornings to let them know how many tanks I need for the delivery of that day (which is unpredictable). Most of the time the delivery is made on Monday, but not always. They can never give a window of a time frame for delivery. Sounds like the Richmond, Va office has a new tape on the phone, but again it is almost 10 am and I am unable to get thru to anyone. This will impact my delivery for today. Any assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated.
GuyLetap Send email
Jun 15, 2016

Non Existant Customer Service

I was recommended for a CPACK machine, which was arranged by my doctor thru the Lincare Inc., Once it was approved by insurance, it took them more than few weeks to deliver the machine. When the tech came to deliver the machine he did not had any documents with him but deliver the machine. Then few weeks later he brings the documents and delivers to us.

Now they have started to bill me for Lease on the Machine, where as my insurance has already paid in full this machine. Then they are billing me for 90 days supply that they sent me of wrong size and I had to fight with them to get is changed to correct size.

Now all the supplies the wrong and right both are on the invoice and no one wants to work with me.

When you call their billing department, you get a voice mail and never get an answer. Local office is more or less the same thing.

One time I got lucky to speak to a Manager, she told me she will get back to me in two days, that was on 05/17/2016 at 4.26 PM.

As of today 06/14/20146 4.00 pm no one had got back to me, I called and spoke to them and I was told that she never promised anything to any one off the bet, without hearing my side. When I expressed my displeasure, she came on line and told me that she will disconnect the line since I was abusive to the staff.

I do not know where one can go to get help. They have a tool to report you to credit agency, who the consumer have on their side??

My one penny advice, since I have burnt my fingers, to stay away from all this and see if we can buy this machines outright.
sellinr1952 Send email
Jun 14, 2016

Incorrect billing of equipment

My Mother Passed on 3-6-16 and Lincare was notified on 3-7-16 to pick up the bed and wheel chair. They re-billed me the next month. I called and spoke with Loreen, then the next month Nikki, then the next month Denise.....They said that it was a mistake and would remove the billing and offered their condolences.....Now here it is June and I just received another bill.....If i was not taking care of my mothers finances this would have been paid with out receiving the services.....

I have just read the numerous complaints and have to now believe the only avenue is to call the Better Business Bureau to make them stop this illegal billing service for nothing rendered......
johnnyknight Send email
May 26, 2016

Non existant Customer Service

DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS SHADY COMPANY!! Especially if your health depends on it. They are not there to help you. The staff on site is only there for BILLING INSURANCE COMPANIES. There is no therapist available to call and speak to, (always "in the field") and no one calls you back. Once I got my CPAP equipment, I was on my own. There was never anybody available to answer questions about problems I was having with my machine. For 4 months, I couldn't even get replacement filters for my machine, which were supposed to be sent to me automatically every month. When I complained, they didn't even offer any assistance, it's like they were totally used to complaints. If your doctor prescribes this company for CPAP, DEMAND a different one.
Eileen Stultz Send email
May 23, 2016

portable oxigine condenser

I was approved on a portable oxygen condenser .and Lincare has not sent it to me, I AM VERY DISOPPOINTED .They said I would have it by the 14th of May and it is now the 23rd of May, What is the problem,that you can't follow up on orders? It's like you don't care about your patients when they have been approved! I have A LOT OF TRAVELING TO DO MY BROTHER IS VERY SICK AND I HAVE TO LOAD MY TANKS AND HOPE I TAKE ENOUGH.
Thank you for your quick it sucks
Triker Send email
May 14, 2016

traveling on a motorcycle

I called the office and Ottawa Kansas where I have my home concentrators I want to go on a motorcycle trip and go camping I don't know where I'm going to be 2 weeks ahead of time I just go find me a campground and that's where I stay and they don't want to work with me I need a portable probably while I'm gone but all I got was a bad attitudefrom them in the office
Marty Mousse Send email
May 14, 2016

Non-existent Customer Service

after installing my last tube and cannula for oxygen, I contacted Lincare in March of this year and requested new supplies. After about three weeks and no supplies, I called again and was told that the reason for the delay was that my insurance was changing (that actually occurred in December and was virtually a seamless process). I was told the supplies would be sent. After another two weeks I called again and stated my problem and was told they would send out the supplies. When that didn't happen I called again. This time I was told the reason for the delay was that my call went to a roll-over number, and the message did not reach the right person. They said they would get them out to me. Guess what? No supplies. I called yesterday and spoke to Crystal who said the supplies would be here today. Guess what?

This has become some kind of cruel game. If you need oxygen and supplies, go to anyone else in the industry other than these clowns.
cturner Send email
May 3, 2016

Anthem/Lincare Merger

This has been a nightmare, this merger has caused complete chaos.. I haven't received a correct order since September 2015. Every month things are missing, no one returns your call and when they do, you are told lies just to pacify you (I' m being nice) Then when you call back and you give them your name, and forget it they will be on a call for another month. So it gets better, you dare ask to speak to a supervisor ( are you kidding me) Once they realize how they screwed up now the supervisor is on an other call as well. The most important complaint is my child has no trachs and hasn't received her trach since September 2015 and it wasn't the correct amount. To top it off her trach size was changed, submitted all the documentation, months went by no trachs, called in December 2015 to find out were her trachs are, they never submitted the PA or ordered the new trachs. Ok back to the drawing board so I thought. Doctor submitted everything again, new letter of medical necessity, new prescription. Guess what NO TRACHS!!! It now May 2016. Today is May 2, 2016 and get this the supervisor is on another call. Unreal, I am filing a complaint with whoever will listen. You have added so much stress to my life and as a result my daughter is sick from not having her trach changed. Maybe we should be compensated.. Sorry excuse for a company no concern for the families you are serving who need YOU. Thanks for nothing. You need to get this Albany office together. Try hiring people and stop trying to save money to hurt the people you serve. Carrie Turner , Troy, NY

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