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Ronald Howard Send email
Jun 20, 2020


First, everything was going smoothly to get my wife her own INR for home use. Rep called for delivery and training, but my wife was in hospital, so unit was returned. You would have thought that they would follow up to see when she was released from hospital. So, I took it on myself to contact them to see what could be done to facilitate the second effort to get it delivered and trained on how to use properly use and report the findings back to company. After multiple attempts to find out the status of it, getting the phone runaround, I'm giving up and will see if another possible supplier that actually wants your business. Their customer service just set a new level of the worst possible service ever rendered.
gordonstone Send email
Jun 12, 2020


This is one of the worst implementation's of a device I have ever seen. Why do we even need mdINR? I just need a tester, strips, tubes, and lancets which come in a kit from the manufacture. They are playing games and requesting I do more testing than my Doctor Prescribed yet hoard the supplies like we are children that can only have a few at a time yet the kit in the manual states it comes with 50. Plus it has calibration tests in it something they told me was done at Lincare yet the nurse opened a brand new device at my home? They are rude on the phone and force the manufacture and Lincare to take care of their mess and won't have a human call to talk about it. They need to be shut down and a different model used for home testing that is more like Blood sugar tests. Same with A1C!
[email protected] Send email
Jun 12, 2020

Rude telephone staff

I called to order extra INR testing equipment after a 5 day hospitalization. It was recommended by my doctor that I test every day to insure my INR results stabilize as they were very irregular while hospitalized.
I spoke to a woman named Passion, in your Phoenix (?) office after calling the regular INR reporting number, 800-231-2290. She went out of her way to be rude and insensitive during the call. Warning me that if I tested every day and needed extra equipment after the initial 30 day period, it would cost me . I asked her to send me the extra equipment and told her that there is no mail delivery in our rural town so the Post Office Box number MUST be on the package or our Post Office will return it to the sender.
1. She assured me that all of my equipment was always shipped via UPS or FEDEX to my house address on file. I explained that was not true, since I have received some in the mail in the past (which did have my P.O.Box on them.)
2. I requested that she enter my mailing address on my record with the P.O. Box #. (The shipment she THEN sent me following the call, came to my Post Office, NOT MY HOUSE ADDRESS, and WITHOUT the Box number.) The Postal clerk knows me and was kind enough to put it into my box.
3. Your clerk, Passion, told me she needed me to count the number of poke-devices I had on hand and then she told me she would mail me an order of 12 strips but only 10 poke-devices because they only come in packs of 10! I said the strips were useless without the poke-device and she said she couldn't do anything about that. She did , indeed, send me only 10 poke-devices and 12 strips!
4. On occasion I have had to use 2 poke devices and 2 strips to test as the machine came up error 5.

I recommend that you correct my information on your records to reflect my complete address on every package sent to me: Judy Jaaskelainen, 1420 Second South Street, P.O. Box 1118, Clarkdale AZ 86324-1118.

I also recommend that your clerk, Passion, receive a reprimand and additional training before she is put in a position to talk with any of your clients again. I am a retired Occupational Therapist and I would not have employed such a rude person to interact with my clients nor their families calling my office.
jhuvette Send email
Jun 2, 2020

Can never talk to anyone

After contacting MDINR by telephone multiple times in regards to placing an order for the test strips, which I specified that I only needed strips, not the lancets and blood tubes which are on the permanent order on the MDINR app, which by the way is a joke in itself, after over three WEEKS have still not received my order- and been unable to check my blood because I am housebound and not received my strips! So, INR tells me I will have them that day or the next day every time. So, I call my post office. The post office is sending my strips back because INR has my address as a street instead of road. Big freaking deal, cause this is a small area, but anyway. So, I go into the app to change my address and can not get the option because I have orders pending, which I cant get! I call customer service at INR, which takes all my information and gives me a different number. I call that number and am on hold, with NO OPTION to select callmeback, for 30 minutes til my phone cuts off. So, now I am stuck trying to call INR back and tell them to send me the strips (for the third time now) and send it to a changed address, but I can not get anyone on the phone to change the dang address so that they may resend it to the road instead of the street and that maybe, if I don't DIE first, get my test strips in another week or two! If I could get out of the house or had ANY other option than this clown/joke of a customer service, then I would. All I want to do is change my address and get some strips! Also, still have had to pay the rent on the machine, even though no strips to use with it. Better believe they can get the BILL for the supplies to you in a very timely fashion.
mothersdaughter2 Send email
May 22, 2020

impossible "on hold" times

After reading so many other customers' complaints about being on hold and no one ever answering the call, I FINALLY was able to speak to a real Customer Service agent. After adequately answering my initial question, I then brought up the point that the phone number given on the manual that came with the testing device placed me on hold for almost an hour. I kept choosing option #3, which was to speak with a Customer Service agent. The person who finally answered then told me that this number was only for reporting a result or ordering supplies, and NOT for speaking with Customer Service. He then gave me this number 888-975-2139 to call for Customer Service. Again, I was on hold for 45 minutes but eventually an agent answered and I was able to get my question resolved. I told her about the useless phone number and she said that was an old number, and associated with a third party service for reporting results and ordering supplies. I emphatically told her that shomeone needs to change the menu associated with that number 800-877-4910. I hope that this helps someone else avoid the extreme frustration that I have gone through.
Sarah Hitch Send email
Jan 27, 2020

Fraud mdinr

Has anyone had ANY success or feedback from MDnir when you filed your complaint? Interest in joining together?
David B Lucas Send email
Feb 19, 2019

MDinr/Lincare and their app

Worst company I have ever dealt with. Just received my coagu chek last Monday. Local nurse/trainer was great! Submitted my test results with the app and everything was great. Tried to send in my results today (one week later) and it would not send from app. Turns out they never billed me for initial training session and since I didn't pay they canceled the service. I called and could hardly understand the rep. My wife called back and who ever she got was very rude, although she did give us our account number so I could go online and pay the app still won't transmit my results.
Memere Send email
Feb 2, 2019

Reordering supplies

The app works fine when recording my INR and submitting results to my doctor. However reordering supplies is a joke on the app and on the phone. I was down to one trip to test my INR. I was told order them when down to 3. The app said too early to order. It asks if I need strips to test, to which I answer yes. I verify my address, but a new order is never placed. Did this 3 weeks in a row. My last strip I get an error. I call customer service and ask them to overnight my order 1/28. They place an order, I get a tracking #. It was not overnighted. Tracking number states USPS is awaiting the pacakage . I call customer service. They said it was Sent out. I call the post office. Order never recieved. I call customer service, explain that the order was never recieved. They said it is a post office problem, call them. Ask if they would overnight strips if I pay out of pocket. I have Medicare. Not possible I am told, 2 boxes were Sent (12 strips) and I CANNOT receive any more supplies for 9 weeks, since I test weekly. I said the order was lost in my opinion. Not our problem, we Sent the order so your issue is with the post office. So now what???????? maybe they are hoping I hemorrhage, or get a blood clot or embolism.
After hours on the phone with 4 different reasons finally admitted that there was wondering issue with the app. But still no strips to test......
Bojac Send email
Oct 31, 2018

Strips for testing

My husband has been using your company for several years and I his wife has been doing the testing—last month we got a letter stating our strips were reading incorrectly. I called & asked for more strips which were never sent. I explained that I was having surgery & would be unable to take him for testing & his Dr was in the midst of changing to private practice & would be closed for two months. I explained my situation to them and they were very rude to me & told nothing was wrong with my strips, if nothing was wrong with them why was the letter sent out. However after weekly conversations they finally told me if they sent strips they would be the same bad lot number. I had surgery & was able to finally get another dr to test my husband, to be told his pt/imr was out the roof on the verge of dangerously high. I called today & of course their notes of conversations are completely opposite of what was actually said, they indicated I stated I was taking him to a dr office which is a ballfaced lie. I will never use your monitoring service agai & will try my best to spread the word that because of your reluctance to send me new strips almost caused my husbands life! You should be very proud of your company’s ethics!! And the rude people you have working are certainly a case, God help a poor soul that has no one to fight for them!
[email protected] Send email
May 22, 2018


When I started with your company many years ago, I was told that everything was covered by my Medicare. I lost my supplemental insurance last January. Then I come to find out you were billing them too. Got new insurance this Jan.!

today May 22, 2018 I received a nasty letter stating that I owe $413.20 and if I don't pay it they will send it to a collection agency. My medicare has been paying them every month. Also they keep sending me strips just about every week. I only test once a week. I called and told them I had so many strips I did not know what to do with them all. I am so far ahead I probably wont need anymore for a year!

I have never received a bill from your company in all the years I have been with you! Why am I receiving one now??? You need to fix your phone system! I have called and called and can;t get a live person to talk to. I have waited on hols for at least an hour every time I have tried to call.

I will not pay this bill. And if I continue to be harrassed I WILL report you to Medicare!! This letter states that you have been trying to reach me regarding my account. THAT IS A LIE!!! I have never once been contacted by you!

It seems someone better get their act together there. From what I have read here from others you have real problems on your hands! A reply to this message would be greatly appreciated!

Sincerely Yours,

Leigh A. Eckert
541 Furnace Hills Pike Lot 13
Lititz, PA 17543
Acct# 706-6269
Sherri Todd Send email
Apr 26, 2018

MDINR Billing

I have just received a bill for $568.88 (due upon receipt) and insurance pending of $613.80! I was told I would only be billed $14.85 per month and that my BCBS insurance had been PREAPPROVED and not to worry about payment. I now have been calling for 3 days so many different 800#'s but automatically placed on hold and no one ever answers. I decided to talk to my heart Dr office yesterday about this and they are going to try and see what they can do. This machine only costs $545.00 on line but "only ships to medical facility" but they are billing BCBS/me $280.00 per month rent!!.
JoeP Send email
Apr 3, 2018


Company will not provide me the address to return equipment and cancel service. This borders on medical fraud.
lucitt Send email
Jan 24, 2018

re order

this is the worst company to get thru too, they sent me the wrong strips 2 times and told me to throw them away what a waste of money I sometimes have to test 2 times a week was told they send 6 no matter how many times your Dr.tells you to test you can get one complementary 6 pack after that if too soon its $57.00 for 6 if I have to test 2 times a week I will go to blood lab for second test I have CHF you can get 50 for $190.00 on a medical site.
lucitt Send email
Jan 23, 2018

re order

This is the worst company to try and work with they sent someone out who knew nothing about the machine then to make matters worse sent 2 orders with the wrong strips told me to throw them away what a waste.. My Dr wants me to at times test 2 times a week I have CHF and a valve they tell me they send 6 strips for once a week testing and you can get one courtesy pack sent then if its too soon they want $57.00 for strips you can get 50 for $190.00 on line . I may just do my second test at the hospital not giving them money
Laflaca123 Send email
Oct 24, 2017

Bad management

The office in new windsor ny is very disorganized and they over work employees. The manager gives opportunities to the employees who do not work hard enough. The pay is ridiculous..everyone gets paid the same hard work and easy work. You have to gossip and be a brown noser to the center manager in that location in order to be a sales rep .. some rules apply to certain people and some dont . When corporate visits the manager acts nice to us and when they leave she is back to her rude non chalant ways... its not a professional atmosphere for those who are serious about the company. The company has so much potential and the manager needs to grow up and stop favouritism. She is a bully to those that are working and for the other employees that slack she is afraid to say something. It is a joke to work there and the only reason is the manager.
RemyH Send email
Oct 5, 2017

Charged Insurance

I was told in June that I was covered 100% by my insurance due to me having a mechanical valve, i.e. having to take Warfin for the rest of my life meaning having to have my blood checked monthly possibly weekly.

My insurance is getting charged for Specialty Doctors Office Visits for when I call in my INR results, crazy $ amount.

This company does not return calls, emails etc. I just want the machine out of my house and I can go back to a Lab to have it done wait about an hour and pay nothing, yes the machine was nice and convenient but not with this company, very poor.
Stuart Hufner Send email
Sep 18, 2017

Phone wait times

Have been a customer for 8 years, and have always had a 15-20 minute wait time when ordering materials. Lately, however, I have to wait over 30 minutes to talk to a representative. Can you imagine how irritating it is to hear your automatic recording every 30 seconds saying ..."we will be back in a moment" over and over for over 30 minutes when I know it is not going to happen.

Today, I called to order materials in addition to strips, and had to wait 51 minutes. Is this what you call customer service?? Is there a more direct line I can call to get replacement materials that you will immediately bill me. Blood clots are a serious business, and your materials are necessary to monitor my INR readings. I wish you would take your business more seriously and improve your telephone system.
Buckmccarty Send email
Sep 14, 2017

Order support

Have been on hold attempting to get test strips 3 times today for a total of 60+ minutes. Have not heard a human during this entire time
Folks can spell support but the meaning escapes them. Anyone suggest a good inr service provider? Oh, I forgot I also tried, service company numbers. All busy or sent to hold. Do not believe that my PCP recommend them, one strike on him!
[email protected] Send email
Jul 24, 2017


I was very unsatisfied because I was being charged for things that I didn't think I owed. I asked them to come pick-up their stuff as I wouldn't do business with that kind of company. They promised to call me to arrange a pick up time.

Instead, they showed up un-announced when I wasn't there. They persuaded my 70 year old wife to let them into the house. I have a drawer full of many medical things (which did include, among many others ) their stuff. My wife professed having no idea what stuff was their's and what was mine. They opened the drawer and pawed through everything. My wife knows they took back stuff, but has no idea what they took. They did not leave any kind of list of what they took. I don't think this was a crime, but I think it was close.

Upon calling the company I received 1 polite response. The final callas anything but polite or professional in my opinion.
gshiff Send email
Apr 29, 2017

we cancelled them last year and now all of a sudden they sent us a bill

We cancelled their service back in November (because they are not in-network for our insurance) and asked them repeatedly to pick up the testing meter. Instead they kept calling us asking why we haven't been calling in our results, and each time we remind them that we cancelled their service and to please take back the testing machine. Now, 5 months later and they send us a bill of over $637 saying they havn't received a payment with in the past 30 days. Hello! We cancelled you over 5 months ago! What a moronic company that has inept customer service!!!!
Nana4_2 Send email
Nov 12, 2016


I was told by the nurse rep and office manager of a DME company this product was covered by Medicare. They lied. So did MDINR. This company only filed my Medicare twice. They only billed these two months because I stated I was returning the machine because they were not billing my MC. I was sent a monthly bill and paid the bill. They stated this was the part Medicare was not covering. When I received my Medicare EOB that is when I realized they were not filling on my Medicare. The two times they billed Medicare the EOB stated I owed nothing. Even though I had been paying the monthly bill prior to realizing they were not billing my Medicare. My Medicare was secondary. I returned the machine and numerous extra supplies. Monthly the sent a bottle of test strips. Each bottle had 10 test strips. You only use 4 per month. The sent hundreds of needles per month. Not counting the boxes of alcohol preps delivered monthly too. On 3 different occasions I was told I had a $0 balance related to their billing error. They stated they were sending a check for my over payment. I never got the check. Now mind you, they never billed Medicare for the remainder. Now it's past time to bill Medicare. They have now hired an attorney to collect their money. They have reported this bill to the credit bureau. The office manager has been told I owe nothing. However, they will not return the call to them. This is a fraudulent company. What they are doing is Medicare Fraud. I have reported them. No one will help me. Attorneys want money to represent me. This company also has the rudest customer service I have ever dealt with. Please do not use this company.

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