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Maryo1956 Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Warning: Must plug into usb Port

I have tried and tried to work with tech support, first they just cut me off. then when i went back in they wouldn't give me a live agent. I am very upset. I have been trying to get this fixed for two weeks.
Eu4ia Send email
Feb 23, 2012


magicJack is Misleading, Does NOT provide the quality of service that it advertises and the customer support is far below the poor perfomance of the device itself!!!

I purchased the *magicJack on the go from a Walmart store and was on my way to majicJack bliss so I thought, What a deal, $39.99 for the hardware and a full years service of unlimited calls in the United States with quality audio and 24/7 Technical support, Now we're talking what people really want, A bargain price for a quality service, How could you pass up a "DEAL" like this?

Well let me tell you WHY you should pass, Firstly the magicJack installs itself and is extremely hard to uninstall for the average user, In fact the magicJack company even wishes you "Good Luck" uninstalling on the bottom of the official uninstal page-, Isn't that polite of them...

Secondly once you have installed the software and plugged in the jack look out...Here comes the advertisements, Wow I didn't see this in the fine print, It won't stop, Constantly telling you how much you can purchase a *majicJack for...Uhmm Hello...I allready did that, You're paid in full Dan Borislow, Can I have my service without all the hype?...NOPE notta chance of that happening, But wait there's refuses to co-operate when you want it off your monitor, POP UP's bother you? Well this is the most annoying POP UP I've ever endured, But hey I want the great calling service that Mr.Borislow promises so maybe I can tollerate the pop ups...OOPs what was I thinking? I wasn't!!! I was tricked like thousands of others right out of my money, Conned, Misled, Scammed, RIPPED OFF!!!

Thirdly, It just isn't going to happen!!!, I just gotta call everyone and let them know that I just made the purchase of a lifetime! I bought a majicJack and it's great, Sorry what ya say? Hello? Can you hear me? Hello?, Hello0o0o0o...Yeah just what I wanted, this thing might not be such a deal after all, but let me try the customers technical support team, surely they can rectify this problem, After all this is the *majicJack, Just let me find that toll free number to contact them...Uhmm What? are you kidding me? THERE IS NO NUMBER!!!However they have this excellent team that I can instantly chat with who will make the magic happen, Fix my broken promises, guide me through the stepes that will make my *majicJack experience a good one, Provide the service that was advertised...I'm just a click away from phone euphoria...Yes Sir Mr. Dan Borislow, You won't let me down, I trust anyone who has his daughter endorse his product...YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF!!! you're watching that bank account get fat and the complaints roll in, still where's the fix? when are you going to make this thing right?...

So after a unproductive drawn out affair with the technical support team giving me the run around... The slap in the face of reallity hits me, The *majicJack is poorly supported, Over praised, Misleading, Not the Quality I was gauranteed, It's annoying, Drops calls or won't even make them, I quit, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!...I'll just ask for my money back, I've only had it 10 days, let me get that support team on here 1 last time... AND HERE"S WHAT I GOT...

Gerald: Hello, how may I help you?

jesse: Hey Gerald I would like to get refunded and send this magic jack back

Gerald: Let me help you with that

Gerald: May i have your email address ?

jesse: great

jesse: [email protected]

Gerald: Thank you.

Gerald: Please wait while I check that for you

8 minutes pass and I finally ask;

jesse: you here?

Gerald: Yes.

Gerald: I am still checking it.

Gerald: May i ask, where did you placed your order ?

jesse: I bought it from walmart, brought it home and hooked it up

jesse: bought it on June 17th

Gerald: Oh okay. Now here is the thing Jesse. Just return it in Walmart and ask for refund. They have their terms and agreement. Rest assured that there are no extra and hidden charges here at our end. :)

Gerald: Is there anything else I may help you with today?

jesse: ok terms and agreement doesn't sound as if I'll get my entire amount returned, how bout' I send it to your company with a copy of my reciept and you send me a check????

Gerald: Sorry. But since you have purchased it there. They are responsible for any return and replacement. Just visit them Jesse.

jesse: O.K. I'm gonna copy and print this conversation on a blog and make a copy to show walmart and I would like a number to call to talk with a supervisor please

Gerald: We do chat support Jesse.

Gerald: I will now transfer you to a supervisor.

Gerald: Thank you for your patience. I will transfer you to a higher level of support. Please hold while I transfer you.

Please wait while I transfer the chat to the best suited site operator.

You are now chatting with 'Ezekiel'

Ezekiel: Hello Jesse.

Ezekiel: Allow me to read your previous chats here in our end.

jesse: hello, It seems I'm getting a run around on getting a refund for the magic Jack, uhmmm why is it that your company will not honor the reurn policy, and I'm being told to take it to the place I purchased it? I am no longer in that area

Ezekiel: Okay, I understand that.

jesse: so it's impossible for me to take it back to that store

Ezekiel: I am sorry to hear that.

Ezekiel: Do you mean that you want to return your magicJack device here in our end?

jesse: yes

Ezekiel: Okay.

Ezekiel: Since you purchased your magicJack in Wallmart, you need to return it there since they have a different terms of service than us even if they are one of our resellers and we do have our terms of service as well.


Ezekiel: Please click on the link above for our Terms of Service.

jesse: O.K. so you will not refund me my money then, Is that corect?

Ezekiel: You can find it on the last 2 sentences of Number 2.

Ezekiel: I apologize to say but yes since you did not purchased it online nor throug phone.

jesse: O.K. Thank you for taking my money, giving me a poor product and I will be posting this entire conversation on every blog I can find to deter any future customers from making the same mistake!!! Have a good day sir

So if you're considering purchasing this product, DON'T!!!
Save your money, purchase a YAHOO voice account or buy yourself a decent meal, You could even give the $39.99 to some vagrant for a alcaholic wine binge...BUT DON"T GIVE Mr. Dan Borislow your money, He's allready taken MINE!!!
Tscrook1 Send email
Feb 23, 2012


magicjack will not work with an aircard-their faq section tells you that it might not. I use mine on an acer laptop with a g wireless router, and have no problem whatsoever. Have many friends who swear by it. I doesn't matter if you have a $10, 000 computer, if you are using an aircard, it's probably not going to work well, if at all. The aircard is your weak link.
And even if you have to replace your magicjack eery six months, you're still getting service cheaper than with any other carrier. Maybe I and my friends are just lucky, but I love it! Now watch it break tomorrow.
M Braun Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Fraud and scam

Yeah Terry you may like the product, just wait until they draft your account in error and don't refund...and then, see if you can find out where they are located, who owns it and what phone number you can get from them in order to call them...Michele Braun
Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Fraud and scam

Magic jack is a scam i would not recommend this product i would not put anyone through this *** *** junk and having that little girl lie for them on site shame on you magic ***. They need a law suit on them and especially no phone number for customer support they must not like it either for them to have magic jack and not have phone for c/s whats up with that and there chat clients are not good also they must of just started to school on customer service and still in kindergarten, magic jack you need to be put out of business and a big law suit.
Terry Fox Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Fraud and scam

I purchased a Magicjack at Bestbuy July 2010 and since I set it up it has worked flawlessly, it makes clear good calls (PC & Internet dependent) people have no trouble calling me and the voice mail is great I get an email notification and a recording of the voice mail attached to the email so I get the message right away even if I’m not home, to me this is great product I’ve just taken out another 5 year subscription with them. Good Product
Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Scam and cheating

I ordered this from a TV ad on 5/15/08 which stated that you had 30 days to use it before being charged. I was charged immediately in the amount of $47.90. I finally received the Magic Jack and it does not work on my computer. There is not a telephone number for the company with the package nor is there one provided on their website.

Please advise smb!
Hashbrn Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Scam and cheating

Time for a class action law suit against this company...

I have had MAgic Jack for least 5 years/ if it works it does.
What does not work is the Live Chat support, is Bullshit, waste of time, and these idiots are brain dead.

This thing, overseas, is terrible as-- it "Needs fairly fast internet" for any voice quality.
I use Internationally, only!
So, then calling to USA from travel.
My issues all along is the rotten, BS, horrid, worthless Customer Service of magic jack.
I do not know where they outsource from, but is a total waste of time to get anything done thru live chat.

This company, is hidden so deep, there is not street address, or corportate phone number, ot C/S live number/
Live chat is all, and that is 30 minutes with idiots, who are brain dead and do nothing!

Think soon, other competing 4 G devices will be out, the simple Internet device is limited, andessentially not quality or reliable...
Not worth the cost or annual sub rates for their phone number.
Comedy Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Was very abused by them on live chat

I purchased orig magicjack on internet. at first it worked. then it didn;t . signed up for additional 5yr renewal of service. asked for refund. they promised to send me free replacement. when it didn;t come i asked why they said order was cancelled. I replied amd now cannot communicate by email as I am barred. There is no customer phone number or business address. I say they cannot reactivate 5 yr renewal on somehing that doesn';t work. Was very abused by them on live chat. Have info verifying this.
Dan Borislow Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Was very abused by them on live chat

get a netTALK they have live tech support, customer service
Dan Borislow Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Was very abused by them on live chat

magic jack is the biggest scam in the world
Peter Brockman Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Was very abused by them on live chat

Abused on live chat?? Oh, wonder you can't afford real phone service.
Somebody Send email
Feb 23, 2012

I purchased this product and the audio is horrible

I purchased this product and the audio is HORRIBLE... No one could hear me only could hear every other syllable I was speaking. I am so frustrated with this product, would never recommend it to any one. The only assistance I could get was for them to tell me that I needed a better internet connection and I have a wireless modem. BOOOOOO!!!
Whythelongfaces Send email
Feb 23, 2012

I purchased this product and the audio is horrible

Magic jack runs off of YOUR internet connection through YOUR computer. It is only as good as YOUR connection and computer. So...what are you using for internet? When I had DSL it was shaky at best. When I use it now with cable it is great. And $20 per YEAR, if it only works one time a month it is still cheaper than regular phone service.

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