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Mabeth Send email
Nov 29, 2021


I paid parking fee for 4 hours on a Saturday night ( 20th November 2021) at 8:10pm, received a text confirmation immediately and paid parking fee will last until the next day 21st November 2021 at 8:11am. Same night, 20th November at 8:39pm i received a violation parking fine. its so clear that i had paid and still mawaqif put a fine on me. There's no sense that i had paid the parking as I always do, and in return i still get the fine. Money and time is totally wasted even, i dont have money in the world! I had tried to call them thru their customer service that same night and even instructed me to file an appeal via whatsapp which I did but still MY APPEAL WAS REJECTED, I filed for an appeal one last time and they did not respond even. It's so easy for them to just put fine and will not care even that person paid, they will not even try to remove or waive off the charge otherwise they let you suffer and end up we don't have any choice but to pay for it cause if we don't, car license will not be renewed. This is not even the first time they had done on me, several times already and I suffered. Hope mawaqif is so happy for what they are doing to us, and i pray that God will bless them even they are doing unfair and unjust.


BKS89974 Send email
Jul 15, 2021

Resident parking permit renewal

I have tried to renew my residents parking permit online since 5 days and if we click renew resident permit it shows My Permit and click active button as Permit number or Actions it shows Request Details and will see only BACK button.
I have tried to contact many numbers got from internet, but no response or some only recorded voice, cannot ask anything.
I have checked google map and went 4 locations in Abu Dhabi, when reach there and check with nearby shops, they says they were here one year back but no more.
In a developed country like UAE which give more importance to IT and Smart Living, some one need to look into this seriously.
MAWAQIF is same as they are operating how the service was 30 years back, but still it was not complicated like this.
No offices in real but many offices with location available in Internet.
No contact number to talk to customer service
As of now they are active only in Penalties and there is no consideration of even 1 minute.
Please some one authorized search in google about Mawaqif.
cyrodsolpico Send email
Jun 27, 2021

Lapsing the duration" even without exceeding 10mins

Mawaqif issued fine to me saying "Lapsing the duration" even without exceeding 10mins. grace period yet (see attached photo). Abu Dhabi parking rules says "Mawaqif offers a 10-minute grace period for vehicles that are parked illegally. "

If I'm wrong please enlighten me and I will accept the fine, however, if I'm right, kindly help me and rectify this matter.

Best regards,

Lapsing the duration" even without exceeding 10mins

Donalea Send email
Jun 7, 2021

Parking Penalty which is whole day parking I paid

I got parking penalty today which is I already paid for the whole day.. how possible?? It is unacceptable penalty .. attached here is the reciept penalty

Parking Penalty which is whole day parking I paid

Jun 6, 2021

Wrong Mawaqif Fine

Good day
I recieved a fine from mawaqif but I paid mawaqif for 24 hours already . Kindly recheck if there is any misunderstanding.
Kindly rectify it as well.
Thank You

Wrong Mawaqif Fine Wrong Mawaqif Fine

maggreat Send email
May 28, 2021

Wrong Parking Ticket

Wrong parking ticket date 27-5-2027

1st parking paid up to 10:39pm

At 10:25pm parking extended upto 11:39pm

Got parking violation ticket date 27/5/2021 at 22:49:43 (10:49pm)

It means I go violation parking ticket during the parking paid.

Evidence is attached.
Kindly waive off it.

Mohamed Azim

Wrong Parking Ticket Wrong Parking Ticket

maggreat Send email
May 28, 2021

Wrong Parking

First parking upto 10:39pm

At 10:25
Parking Extended upto 11:39pm

Got Parking violation Ticket date 27/5/2021 at 22:49:43 (10:49pm)

It mean I got violation parking ticket during the parking paid time.

Evidence doc are attached.

Mohamed Azim
[email protected]

Wrong Parking Wrong Parking

maggreat Send email
May 28, 2021

Wrong Parking Fine

First Parking: Paid parking upto 10:39pm

At 10:25 : Parking extended up to 11:39pm

Got parking violation Ticket date 27/5/2021 at 22:49:43 (10:49pm)

I got violation ticket during parking I paid. Evidence is attached.

Kindly Review the violation ticket and waive off.

Thanking you.
Mohamed Azim
[email protected]

Wrong Parking Fine Wrong Parking Fine

Shan Raza Send email
May 11, 2021

Wrong Mawafiq Fine


The Manager

Mawaqif Center Abu Dhabi

Dear Sir/Madam,

I received the attached Parking Violation Ticket with PVT Number 1516737110 with reason stating as "Parking the vehicle in Government Reserved place " on 9/5/21 but the ground I parked in didn't have any board or sign mentioning that its a government reserved place. I also have the Parking ticket with full payment mentioning that it expires on 10/5/21. I request you to kindly re-check the Mawaqif fine which was wrongly imposed to my vehicle with plate number 82499

[email protected]

Wrong Mawafiq Fine

sam21 Send email
Dec 24, 2020

recieving a parking ticket at 9.02 pm as i was walking to clear off my car.

I was so annoyed with the ticket inspector who was so desperate to achieve his target. parked my car in resident parking by 8.06, had a token valid till 9.06, and was walking from the restaurant at 8.58,parking inspector fines me 9.02... as i am walking are u guys so desperate ?? this was absolutely arrogant and i consider it to be a thief.
it was totally unfair and i pray to God with anguish that some one answers such kind of cheats.
Dear Mawaqif, the purpose of the fining ,i believe ,is to avoid people from mis-using parking lots, but your department is seeing a public service as a revenue stream and generating revenue in very unfair manner. your inspectors are very arrogant and and i am defenetly paying this fine with a lot of pain, i hope the unfair guy gets to answer such unfairness in someway. shame!!
Mabeth Send email
Nov 18, 2020

Unreasonable fine and no consideration

I had parked my car, in hazzard as i really need to buy errands, and when i went there , its congestion and full.of cars. I parked in parralel and not leading any congestions. I just went for 10 mins and went oit i already had fine for AED 500. I had talked to the guy who issued me ticket and complain why there's no consideration taken even for just waiting atleast 20 mins before issuing ticket.. pandemic still, and why no consideration for humanity sake. I went there for an errands and will not planning to park my car for long. Everywhere here needs to pay.. but atleast give some consideration..

Unreasonable fine and no consideration

Fathoom Send email
Oct 21, 2020

Humanity over fine #pandemic #coronavirus

People are starving to death. We middle class are struggling to fulfill the basic needs in this pandemic. How are we going to afford all the mawaqif fine thats given heartlessly for non-violence cases.
Atleast during this tough situation a little humanity should be shown toward the helpless people.
zaid ilahi Send email
Sep 2, 2020

unhappy with mawaqif service


my name is syed zaid from Abu Dhabi. i have compliant against mawaqif online recharge service. i was trying to recharge my mawaqif account of 50 AED. i have process it correctly my money has been deducted from my account but my mawaqif account showing balance is 0 then i tried second time same thing happen when i call customer service they said they have some issue with service. they said it will take 6-7 days to get the balance. next again i call customer service they said now online change service is working fine i can recharge it now i tried this time also same thing happens. then again i call customer service they said u can get ticket from machine i said i dont have 15 coins. and on most of the parking machine our debit cards are not working.
mawaqif is very bad service online service is also not working their machines also not working and all the time we can see ticket checker are roaming around for fines who will be responsible for this.
ramil c lorca Send email
Jul 24, 2020

Parking ticket

sir/madam my car closevan dampa restuarant plate:white E27256 always i paying ticket 24hr.i parking on 22/07/20 time:13:58 24hr. expired on 23/07/20 time13:58 the guy issued violation 22/07/20 time17:42:36 PVT number1515943591 the inspector AD0940 sir/madam always i paying every day 24hr. so please cancelation my ticket violation thank you so much
jacobjose1966 Send email
Jul 14, 2020

mawaqif fine 1515908920


I have have valid resident permit no.RP0112808 at W-13/01 area

But my vehicle was towed up on 14-July-2020 from the same area I was not having place for parking in my residence area.

I paid Dhs 875 and take back my car.

Kindly help.


Jacob jose Kurian

Mob 050 828 6354
Jibin jose Send email
Jun 10, 2020

Unreasonable parking ticket

Respected sir/madam

I am a taxi driver from National taxi company Al Ain.I have been fined by a mawaqif inspector on 3rd June 2020 for stopping the car in proper parking and is mentioned that "parking vehicle in the places where parking is not allowed".I stopped my taxi for helping my customer to get her luggage from her flat to taxi (as per her request) and it was just less than 5minutes.The location was right behind the backside of
Bank of Baroda in mainstreet Al Ain.SoI kindly request you to revoke the fine imposed on me as it was a genuine case of supporting the passengers carrying luggages.

I'm attaching my fine ticket number for your kind perusal.
Ticket number-1515892817
Car number-AA8698
Expecting a favourable reply from your side

Thanking you
Nazeer muhammad Send email
Mar 25, 2020

On the way madina zayad shopping mall abu dhabi

Dear sir
I am Driver madina zayad shopping mall back side my front two car already stoped mawaqif inspector coming back side and given me fine without ticket after one day fine coming this is wrong no any volition way given fine kindly given me any prof my volition thanks
Nazeer muhammad
Car number AD 4774

On the way madina zayad shopping mall abu dhabi

Changhun Send email
Feb 27, 2020

Unreasonable Parking fine

My car was parking for a while in front of my house.
Because I had to remove some stuffs from my parking lot in my house.
But I received ticket.
This is unfair.
Please, give me the answer.
[email protected]

Unreasonable Parking fine

SKuttappan Send email
Nov 18, 2019

Unreasonable Fine


The Manager

Mawaqif Center Abu Dhabi

Dear Sir/Madam,

I received the attached Parking Violation Ticket with PVT Number 1515394668 with reason stating as "Parking the vehicle in Government Reserved place " on 15/11/19 but the ground I parked in didn't have any board or sign mentioning that its a government reserved place. I also have the Parking ticket with full payment mentioning that it expires on 16/11/19. I request you to kindly re-check the Mawaqif fine which was wrongly imposed to my vehicle with plate number 95862.

Sreejith Kuttappan
[email protected]

Unreasonable Fine

alyaateeq Send email
Aug 24, 2019

unreasonable fine

i the morning i was waiting for the Valet Parking employee to come at 9:01 for the one day surgery center (ACDS) my mother have an procedure
Mawaqif officer in Abu Dhabigave me signal to move , by signal I told him i am waiting for the valet parking employee
then he threatened me by signal again that he will give a fine if i dont move
by signal again i told him that i am waiting for the valet parking employees,
I wasnt blocking any enterance , i was next to the valet parking office
by 9:05 he gave me the fine related to blocking and parking in the side walks, and i wasnt parking , i was waiting in the car for the valet parking employees which he came later

the Mawaqif officer didnt communicate with me or didnt act reasonable , i was waiting a valet parking employee which related to the surgery medical center
communication skills and customer service skill and humanity and compassion is also part of every employee skills in any organization

unreasonable fine

jorminporte Send email
Oct 1, 2018

Mawaqif personnel AD12000 - Arrogant & cheating personnel

Subject: Mawaqif personnel AD12000 - Arrogant & cheating personnel

To the Supervisor:

Dear SIr/ Madame,
I have parked my car Toyota Corolla white in this morning at around 11:30am (October 1st, 2018), corner al iqla street behind Ever Fresh supermarket, Delma street area.

I was still inside the car from that moment and i was counting my coins(change) of 15aed to insert into the ticket parking machine, this is the amount of parking for 24hours. The ticket parking machine is 5cars away from my car.

By the time i was inserting my money into the machine, i came back to my car and i saw a Mawaqif personnel which is taking details of my plate number or i dont know if he has taken a picture of my car. I approach him and asked his name but refuse to give, i just saw his number employee plate AD12000.

I said to him that i just went out from my car 1 minute back and buy a paid parking ticket and i asked him, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" he did not answer me. instead he said "JUST GO AWAY, i will call police",, he touch my hand two times and again said "GO, GO AWAY"..

Please examine your personnel due to this incident happen to this ARROGANT MAWAQIF PERSONNEL AD12000.
And i would like to place a formal complain to the authorities of MAWAQIF, in such case why he touch me and sending me away.
I would like to receive a phone call from your superior and confirm if this complain is taking some actions.

Sincerely Yours,

Jormin Porte

Mawaqif personnel AD12000 - Arrogant & cheating personnel

Shybu Paramby Send email
May 28, 2018

WRONG FINE 1513628047


The Manager

Mawaqif Center Abu Dhabi

Dear Sir/Madam,

Kindly requesting your attention to re-check Mawaqif fine ref # 1513628047 which was wrongly imposed to my car plate number # AD35172 (10th category) colour : black Corolla.

Several times I call to toll free number to inform about the wrong fine but they told me visit to direct Mawaqif office, accordingly today I visited to Mawaqif office but picture was not yet uploaded in system due to that they couldn't check, hence kindly collect the pictures from the concerned officer and rectify the mistake.



Fine No. 1513628047
Fines Year 2018
Date 24-05-2018
Time 01:32:43 AM
fines Type Absent
mansooraje Send email
May 28, 2018

Customer care

I tried to contact Mawaqif customer care to unblock my existing online account, There is no one responding to our calls. Very bad service at all.
RFalkovich Send email
May 8, 2018


I stay in a villa behind Burjeel Hospital and parking is free infront of the villa until 12 midnight. Last night, I transferred my car to a Standard Parking slot at exactly 11:30PM, wherein it is free parking from 12 midnight to 8:00AM. The rate for 1 hour parking on a Standard Parking slot is 2 dhs, and there is NO existing rate for 30 minutes parking, The morning after, I discovered a ticket on my car with Time Observed 11:32PM and Ticket Issued 11:42PM. I believe we are supposed to have 15 minutes allowance before issuing a ticket, and Isn't it considered free parking already with 18 minutes remaining till midnight? For humanitarian reasons, kindly reconsider cancelling this ticket, please.


nasirmawaqif Send email
May 5, 2018

wrong parking fine and no respond on complain

I am resident in TCA sector E15/C19 and since last one month Parking problem is worst here but Mawaqif dosnt care
I have called Abu Dhabi Govt call center call 800555 and make complain about it 2 time but no respond till date

i am paying resident permit fees 800 and daily 24 hour ticket for 15 AED for my office Location even though if i am coming after 10 PM in night there is no parking. many time it take 2-3 hours to find parking. many time i have park my car more than 1-1.5 KM away from apartment in different area its making me Sick of Parking.

Thursday night i came 11 PM and again no parking and i tried 1-1.5 hours after that i park my car in different sector where construction going on no sign of "NO PARKING" and any board it was 12:20 AM and next day i am surprise with traffic fine of 500 AED (1513550555)
its not violation of parking its look like intentionally blocked 100 parking due to construction and let the people suffer for parking and pay the fine.
your officer are not good to check without resident permit cars in sector because there is no parking for resident .
kindly look in this matter and check the picture of car parking.

Do visit Sector E15 after 10 PM and see how people are suffering for parking and getting frustrated.
i stopped doing outing with family Due to Parking Problem in our area if getting delay while returning home we need suffer for this mismanagement

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