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npi Send email
Jul 2, 2020

doughnut balls - not what is advertised

Hi ...I just had some of your new doughnut balls and was very disappointed. I was at the store at about 10 am. When i ordered them it took 5 minutes at the register to work out if they even had them in the store which is strange for a product that is being heavily advertised. I did not get them in a timely manner and had to ask after about 15 minutes if they had my order ready. What I received was a bag of cold doughnut balls with no cinnamon sugar despite the fact that the bag said caution hot item.

I returned them and asked if I could get get heated balls. What I got back was some nuclear hot soggy doughnut balls that had been microwaved and in no way resembled the sugar coated image that had been advertised. When they cooled a little we ate one and it was distasteful ...a soggy ball that in no way resembled the image. I did not complain as I had already sent the item back once. What a pity as I was really looking forward to trying this product. Not sure if it is crappy product or if staff were not preparing the product correctly. just thought I would alert you.
[email protected] Send email
Apr 12, 2020

hygiene during covid-19

The use of gloves does not protect the customer. No one should be visiting you stores. Cross contamination was the worst I have ever seen. Never changing their gloves, moving from counter to different food prep and café areas. The worst of all was touching the inside of the coffee cup during prep. So sick of this store. gave them a second chance after consistently taking 20mins + to make a crispy chicken wrap, often approaching after serving everyone stating there is a wait time and would I like steamed. No resolution from managers.
Mark Simpson Send email
Jan 28, 2020

Cold tastless food

We recently went to the McDonalds in Bourke St in Melbourne and ordered two big Mac meals whilst they where eatable they where cold and very tasteless. I sent feed back to the feed back site on the packaging as we where time pressured and did not have time to speak to the team. The response that I got from Marisa was very poor rather than be appreciative of feed back Marisa used the CCTV to watch every move we made and feed back that she felt or experience was fine as we had eaten the product. At no time had we even looked for any compensation or only thought was to provide feed back on a very ordinary experience. Below is the response from Marisa. I am sure most customers would believe that the CCTV in store is there for the protection of staff and customers not there to spy on the customer and then tell them what McDonalds view of dissatisfaction is. Instead of making a big deal of this we believed the best avenue was just feed back via the site on the packaging based on the response I will not be doing that in the future.

Marisa's from McDonalds feedback

Based on the CCTV footage and the food being consumed within the dining area, I don’t see any attempt to report any issues with your burgers directly with any Crew Member or the Shift Manager.

What I do see is the meals being consumed entirely. No indication of dissatisfaction regarding the burgers.

In future, if you have any issues with any products and you feel they are not to gold standard, then please inform one of my team members and they will assist you in the store on the spot.
Jason Dalton-earls Send email
Aug 25, 2019

Louise New Manager just started

Hi, I went to the Macca's at Goonellabah around 9:10 pm Sunday night about an hour ago. The girl who took my order new I'd ordered 2 pieces of the Pineapple & Coconut bread as well as an egg McMuffin & a raspberry cheesecake. After waiting around 10 minutes which is the longest i've ever waited ever when I was the only customer I called to the girl I'd given the order & paid I called out "I don't care if the bread is frozen".
Upon which I heard a voice call out "We don't sell it frozen", this I realised soon was the new manager I've never seen before. I replied "I've bought it from here 100's of times frozen". She responded "Well you won't be tonight". I said "Why, I've bought it frozen when it wasn't fresh 100's of times". She responded "We aren't allowed to sell it frozen". I again repeated I've bought the bread frozen 100's of times"!!
This manager Louise approached me with quite a hostile attitude to start with for whatever reason & the staff seemed on edge too which i'd never noticed with the normal manager there who's always been helpful & nice. I'm over 60 years old now & this woman in her 40's was so aggressive I was shocked.
Then she told me "You've bought a muffin"! So then I knew she hadn't even bothered to read what i'd ordered before starting her horrid attack. I responded "Isn't there any non-frozen pineapple & coconut bread. The nice girl who served me called out "Yes"! So I said "Well i'll have 2 pieces of that unfrozen bread". She then said "You'd better calm down or i'll refund the money & you'll have nothing"
I responded "You're the one who needs to calm down" "I've never seen you before so it's obviously your 1st night here". Upon which after being there alone now for around 15-17 minutes still not served she refunded the money & said "You're getting nothing tonight".
So she was not only completely rude, overbearing & aggressive but inept as she'd failed to even check my order before assuming I wouldn't know the difference between a muffin & bread as after I'd explained I'd had the bread frozen 100's of times informed me i'd ordered a muffin which told me she hadn't even perused my order to ascertain that I had in fact ordered pineapple & coconut bread as well as the egg McMuffin which has always been sold frozen if there's none unfrozen left.
I find her attitude abhorrent, nasty, dominating, hostile, pedantic & she needs to know that power used wrongly will result in her being disciplined which is why i've brought this new manager's hostile aggression to managerial attention. I for one will walk straight out of there at Goonellabah McDonald's everytime I see her until i've received a formal apology & know this woman will not treat me like a 12 year old naughty boy at 61 again. I'm sure if she'd had the wisdom to read my order before her attack assuming evertime I said bread I meant the egg McMuffin. It's not logical to assume any customer would want a frozen egg McMuffin. This shows a total lack of intelligence & no ability to control her wanting revenge for attacking me wrongfully assuming at 61 I still wouldn't know the difference between bread & a muffin.
My name is Jason Dalton-Earls & I would like an apology from the new manager, Louise. If it was only because the normal manager was sick I don't know, but she does need to learn to control her hostility. Also to do the job properly & get a grip on what she's talking about by checking orders before telling people what can & can't be done & getting it totally mixed up!
Thank you because if she isn't disciplined she will eventually drive off many long term & consistent customers with her power tripping & nasty attitude. Her inept managerial skills need refreshing too!
Stan Bevanda Send email
Aug 10, 2018

creating irresponsible quantities of Plastic rubbish

I bought a happy meal for my son and received the plastic cat glasses "toy" with it. He did not play with it even for a minute. These "toys", and I use the term 'toy' loosely here, because these crappy marketing items are too unimaginative and useless to be of any benefit to children whatsoever. More importantly they are the most irresponsible and wasteful use of plastic I have seen coming from a so called community minded food corporation and I think its environmentally reprehensible for McDonalds to continue to produce such large quantities of this rubbish that is almost 100% destined for landfill or incineration. If we add up all the plastic cups, plates, straws, utensils, and crappy marketing items McDonalds produce it has to make McDonalds one of the biggest contributors to plastic landfill on the planet. Can you answer the following questions:
1. Are these "toy" products recyclable? if so why don't they have the stamp to confirm they are recyclable? If not what the hell is McDonalds doing being such a massive contributor to our plastic rubbish problems?

Look forward to hearing from you
Stan Bevanda
Stan Bevanda Send email
Aug 10, 2018

Plastic rubbish

I bought a happy meal for my son and received the plastic cat glasses "toy" with it. He did not play with it even for a minute. These "toys", and I use the term 'toy' loosely here, because they are too unimaginative and useless to be of any benefit to children whatsoever. More importantly they are the most irresponsible and wasteful use of plastic I have seen coming from a so called community minded food corporation and I think its criminal for McDonalds to continue to produce such large quantities of this rubbish that is almost 100% destined for landfill. Can you answer the following questions:
1. are these toys recyclable? if so why don't they have the stamp to confirm they are recyclable? If not what the hell is McDonalds doing being such a massive contributor to our plastic rubbish problems?
Look forward to hearing from you
Stan Bevanda
Gordon Simon Send email
Jan 26, 2018

given used coffee cup and poorly make cappuccino

I spend about $2500 per year on coffee. Maccas coffee was once my coffee of choice but I repeatedly got poorly made coffee and coffee in cups that had dried coffee stains on the side of the cup, which meant that the cup was not fresh.
Today just confirmed that they have not improved their bad habits. In future I will avoid Maccas and go elsewhere.

Sick of paying for overpriced poorly made coffee.
Eve Mollitor Send email
Oct 13, 2017


Yesterday 12th October 2017 I went into McDonalds on the corner of Hay Street/William Street Perth and purchased from the Mccafe side a flat white coffee and a slice of coconut and pineapple loaf. The assistant gave me this with a pat of butter in a bag. I sat down to eat this and the loaf was like a piece of brick really hard. Not one for complaining I buttered it and sliced it into two pieces. As I was eating this I thought it was ridiculously hard and lifted the second piece up and dropped it onto the paper bag. It was literally like a brick. I then lifted it up again and looked underneath and to my horror it was all mouldy. I immediately spat out what I had in my mouth and returned it to the counter. The assistant was not perturbed just offering me my money back so I asked to speak to a manager. I then spoke to a young lady named Amrita who apologised and offered me my money back and said she would check the rest of the stock. THIS HORRIFIED MY NO APOLOGY FOR THE MOULD, I AM 73 YEARS OF AGE AND VERY CAREFUL WITH WHAT I PUT IN MY MOUTH. I AM LOOKING AT TAKING THIS FURTHER AS IT IS A VERY WORRYING HEALTH HAZARD. I WENT OFF TO MY APPOINTMENT WITH QUITE A SICKLY FEELING AT THE THOUGHT OF EATING SOME OF THAT. As for your young managers I feel that they may have degrees in whatever subjects but they certainly do not have a degree in life itself. I will certainly not be visiting this site again as I am very upset about this.
I await your reply as I am not leaving it here.
Yours faithfully Eve Mollitor
Toni Apps Send email
Aug 21, 2017


I am visiting from the UK and went into the centre of Perth WA today.

I was so very impressed with the cleanliness of the trains, the buses, the streets.....but then myself 3 more adults and 2 children went into the worst McDonald's I have ever seen...dirty tables and filthy floor, fries and napkins trodden in and half a burger up the corner.,...toilets locked and 'out of order' when we asked for the key...including the disabled loo!!!!!..
Flies all around the overflowing bin and all nearby tables......(the bin was in the back of the restaurant so flies couldn't get back out)....
Unfortunately we had ordered food before sitting down and seeing the state of the place ....or we would have moved on.
To my surprise the food was good and hot and I have no complaints on that score....but... I had to ask for sugar....I was given the last 4 sachets that the guy behind the counter could find.....I have no idea if there were more anywhere.

I visit McDs in the UK at least twice each week...much, much busier eateries than the one I am writing about.. and have never seen one as dirty as this...on the wall in the raised area at the back there is ketchup smeared.....probably by kiddy fingers!! ....yes these things do happen...but are sorted out immediately by good management. Sadly this restaurant lacked any attention to detail that good management should bring.

The McDonalds I am drawing your attention to is situated at

When I am afraid to put a carrier bag down on the floor...then I know there is a health problem.
Thought you may want to know about this....or at least I hope you would.
And I would like to let you know that this is the first complaint I have ever made about McDs....or anywhere else.
I am going home on the 24th of August but should you wish to respond my address is...

Toni Apps
57 Sycamore Close
noname Send email
Sep 7, 2015

spider in the macdonals bag

I went to McDonalds tonight and got a large big mac meal and 2 chicken and cheese burgers and on the inside of the bag was a black spider chilling on the side of the bag I through away the burgers because I didn't want to risk eating stuff that had spiders in it
celica Send email
Oct 31, 2014

No crunchy Noodle for the Third Time

Went to the new Kirkwood store in Gladstone Qld ordered 2 x crunchy noodle salads through the drive through and we were not told till we got the cashier window that they had no noodles again for the third time in the last 2 months . When we received our salads and drove out of the car park we noticed that there was no lids on the salads but they used the base of the salad container as a lid but it wasn't sealed at all, also there was no sesame seed sauce available . We only ever buy the salads from the franchise as it is the healthiest meal available . This is unacceptable for such a big name franchise. Spoke to Shift Supervisor about there being no noodles and all she could say was we had them and they ran out 3 days before. I thought there would be someone checking on the supplies regularly and ordering them before they run out. I would have thought ordering of the salad containers should have lids and bases of the same number not more bases than lids.
ACJohnson Send email
Apr 29, 2014

Inedible Sourdough Rolls

My husband and I were keen to try the new Selections menu - Chicken & Citrus Mayo - but we were immensely disappointed - the rolls were very tough as though they had been previously toasted and reused - we only ate the chicken, the roll was inedible.
This is the second time that we have been let down by this franchise - previously we left as there was no service at the McCafe - the staff just looked at us and turned away. Surely McDonalds have an inspection roster to make sure that all franchises are acceptable and up to standard - Muswellbrook is definitely off our list!!
Taxi Send email
Mar 22, 2014

Service....What service????

I walked into McDonalds St. Peters, 3.30 PM this afternoon, Sat. the 22nd, undecided exactly what to buy. There were four people behind the counter, the Manager was doing the drive through, the others, teenagers, just standing about talking. Two people were eating in the place, no one was waiting. After checking the menu I decided to have a toasted sandwich from McCafe. I stood there waiting for one of them to come down to the McCafe section to serve me and waited, and waited, and waited. The four of them kept glancing at me and then looking away and talking. No one else came into the shop, I stood there and stood there for about 4 minutes while they looked at me then looked away, still talking! I finally just walked out of the shop, unserved, got into my car and drove down to Harry's Cafe De Wheels and got served immediately.
The service, (what service?) the cleanliness,and the standard of the food have been rapidly going downhill over the last couple of years. This is the straw that has broken the Camel's back for me!!
Bye Bye McDanalds.

Densi Overton
thebourkes Send email
Dec 15, 2012


We have visited this store a number of times, we should know by now. Store has no manager on site, just a few teenagers. Food is cold, fries cup 2 thirds full, dirty floor. Bought plain sundae only 2 thirds full. Took it back and girl argued that was because I didn't want topping. Hardly ever get hot fries, heard another customer complain childrens box only had fries, nothing else.
Also store at Q Super Centre on Bermuda Street, same story, always grubby, flies on tables, cold food, ice in soft serve. Going to Hungry Jacks next time, fed up too with silly order process.
pambrown Send email
Sep 2, 2012

dirty and bad service

Found the restaurant to be very dirty with food all over the floor. The service was very slow with just one person on register while most of the other staff members were walking around talking and playing around. They could see that I was waiting to be served but nobody came to my assistance for at least 5min. The young girl on register was being constantly Interrupted by one of the staff members that had finished work and was putting in his own order while myself and one other customer waited. Only one register was on. I have found that since the new owners have taken over the quality of service and Hygiene to be bad. I will not be going back there again.
Thanking you Pam Brown
Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Bad Customer Service

Hi i am writing about the service i had at Mcdonalds Coffs Harbour South this afternoon.
I had ordered 1 happy meal with 6 nuggets, 1 medium quarter pounder meal and 1 large cheeseburger meal with a extra cheeseburger we then got to the next counter an ordered another extra cheeseburger.
We then left the drive through and realised that we did not recieve our toy for the happy meal and we had to go back and get the toy my partner was in the franchise getting the toy and i realised we had a cheeseburger in the happy meal and not nuggets and also instead of a small fries i had 6 single chips in the bottom of the box with the paper bag just sitting there on top of the burger so i went in and told them and they gave me the nuggets and the small fries.
Then i went home and realised that we only had one quarter pounder meal which the burger was dry with hardly no sauce and a cheeseburger meal which the fries for that meal were very low the box was half full so we had accually not recieved our 2 extra cheeseburgers we then rang the manager and told him of this poor service and he told us to come get the other cheeseburgers and that was it my partner went and picket them up.
In my opinion it wasnt the poor management of the situatuation because when my partner went out and picket them up the manager seemed very annoyed at his staff for such a terrible mistake so i think it was the staff that were preparing the order that mixed it up so terribly. Also i think that instead of us having to waste petrol coming out again we should have atleast got the cheeseburgers for free we were quite angry that a place could make such a large mistake if it hadnt of been the whole meal been stuffed up we would not of been so angry but they ruined our dinner and for that i will not be returning to that paticular franchise for any meal ever again.
Thankyou for your time and for listening to my complaint.
have a lovely day
Yours Sincerely Jessica Norman
Kingxxx70 Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Bad Customer Service

another place for bad maccas customer service is at north parramatta. looks like its being run by junkies. cant tell the difference between the staff and the ho bos that go there. the staff are rude. they ask customers to open the door and they call customers as if they are calling dogs.

never going there again

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