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Mar 15, 2023

Child wasn’t returned to her mother

On 6/16/21 my daughter called mdcpd because her baby was being held hostage away from her nobody was home but when his mother found out the police went to her daughter house and left her house also her and her son went and had a affidavit notarize saying he gave her custody that didn’t come from the court he can’t give her custody because he doesn’t have custody to give his mom because fl law states if you weren’t married the mother is the legal parent and they wasn’t married and he’s not on the birth certificate that fake affidavit is dated 6/16/21 same day my daughter called the police his mom couldn’t wait to send my daughter that fake document I told my daughter that was fake they can’t do nothing without my daughter or her signature then on 6/17/21 his mom took the baby to the pediatrician lying saying she has custody Dr Jose Fernandez office in cutler bay fl called my daughter my daughter told them no she doesn’t have custody she left because on 5/25/21 my daughter wrote a note put in her kids file saying only her or me can bring the kids to the doctor on 6/25/21 my daughter called mdcpd again and I was there my daughter had all original documents they had no documents the police had the nerve to tell us the last one with the baby keeps the baby that’s a big lie my Goddaughter told the police when her son father took him without her consent she called the police showed the birth certificate they told him he had 24 hrs to return her son to her but they didn’t do that for my daughter they was told not to get my granddaughter because the state of fl has a personal vendetta against me due to a lawsuit from 2018 which they can’t do and is illegal I told them that young man said if me and my daughter come try and get the baby he will shoot us the police said we’ll shoot back and put on their bullet proof vest then they lied to the police said his mom or my granddaughter wasn’t home then the police told us they got a call of shots fired so we could leave if they really got a call of shots fired they would have flew out the complex her husband came outside talking to the police this matter has nothing to do with him after we left his mom and my granddaughter came outside the police told them everything we said and told them to go to family court because there was no open family case on 6/16/21 or on 6/25/21 so the police in hot water they didn’t do their jobs I also contacted her rent office twice letting them know the police was called on their tenant for holding my granddaughter hostage away from her mother I was told the manger would call me back both times she never did because she showed them that fake affidavit to villa capri in homestead fl town homes we went on 10/27/21 to the court my daughter disagreed and submitted her Answer by the form of a three page letter in that letter she let them know that her baby was being held hostage away from her and that he has a bad temper and has committed domestic violence towards her on numerous occasions and he was just getting off probation in ga and had to attend anger management classes for domestic violence against his ex wife and has a recent restraining order now from his current ex girlfriend for domestic violence they sopose to check his background and he can’t be given custody due to his repeated acts of domestic violence my granddaughter safety at risk he needs supervise visitation my daughter hasn’t seen her baby since 2021 which is kidnapping and fl taking a part in it and all involved getting sued period my daughter shouldn’t have to call no attorney or pay to have her baby return to her they don’t have custody never did that’s the easy way out for him and fl and we was told that answered letter on 10/27/21 was going straight to the the judge could’ve because the judge should have made them return my granddaughter until the hearing no protocol has been followed then last week I was checking the clerk of courts the case was showing blank off several devices so I use a computer on 3/3/23 it showed because I checked every day since 2021 never had a problem and they didn’t say anything was wrong with their website I even had other people look it up blank as long as there is a open case we should be able to see it in the system I checked again today now it’s showing but she got a letter saying a hearing via zoom on 4/25/23 at 1:00p.m and a link via email but in clerk of courts it’s showing the court room the hearing is in person they wanted my daughter to miss the hearing so she can’t tell the judge about fl lies and corruption and show all evidence of domestic violence by his hands I knew they was up to no good blocking the case in the system I tried to upload pictures they say it’s to large even after I crop them but I posted them via twitter and fb because I always post proof
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Nov 2, 2022


On 1/15/2020 i was in a car accident in miramar,fl i called the police let that young man use my phone to call his family i also txt his cousin the location of the accident he was from the country dubi he didnt have no fl license or insurance or license from his country miramar police said it was my fault a bunch of lies didnt give him not one ticket & i didnt get a ticket either so yall know it wasnt my fault i even called my insurance company and reported it because i knew they was up to no good because fl has a personal vendetta towards me due to a lawsuit in 2018 from a former employer that company is ran by the state of fl im not the first & i want be the last to sue them.all fl did is created a chain reactions of lawsuits being filed against them police and other companies they have & had discriminating towards me and my family.on 8/28/2019 i was leaving princeton post office five mintues later i hear police siren so i look out my rear view mirror to lights flashing and him speeding like a bat out of hell so i pulled over to move out his way only to find out he was coming for me like i did something wrong so i ask why am i being stop because thats our constitutional right. i was told by officer muniz to hold up pump my brakes and slow down he was so hostile i was told ima take them tickets and do whatever i want pay them or take it to court.and i did the judge called my name and dismiss it. only thing i was guilty of not having my license because i switch my purse he saw i had license in the system he still gave me a ticket thats discrimination world .example from my accident i told yall 1/15/2020 miramar didnt give him not one ticket for no license or insurance .when he approach my car he wasnt wearing shades came back brought my tickets he had on shades because he know i was recording he said i ran a stop sign but mumbled the location.i told him i know this about the state of fl and i posted it to social media they would removed it i would repost .he was a miami dade police officer that wear the brown 2019 miramar police came to my relative house 6:30 a.m lying saying they received a call from the house from a (786) number nobody called everyone was sleep until they rang the bell & woke us up he couldnt say the nature of the callers emergency and me and my kids number start with a (786) my relative number start with (954) he didnt know the whole number they tracked my phone their and saw my car at the house i could go where i want when i want and im suing everyone invloved .i also caught them on three occasions watching the house parked by the neighbors house in regular cars they saw me .pulled off i saw the yellow state of fl tag.thats stalking and on 6/16/21 my daughter called miami dade police because her babby was being held hostage from her he not on the birthcertificate and they not married. fl law says if you werent married the mother is the legal parent they was not married.the nxt day on 6/17/21 his mom took my granddaughter to her pediatrician lying saing she has custody and dont the doctor office called my daughter because she put a letter in their files saying that only me and her could bring the kids my daughter told them no she doesnt have custody she left.on 6/25/21 my daughter called mdcpd again this time i was their she had all the documents the police told us the last one with the baby keeps the baby what a bunch of lies they were told not to get her baby from them it wasnt no dna taken my daughter was not there & all three of them have to get their mouths swab they told us his mom and my granddaughter wasnt there the police told us they just got a call of shots fired and we should leave the two lady officers left but the two male officers the first to on the scene didnt leave you would think they would fly outta there but didnt after we left his mom camed out and the police told her what we said my granddaughter was there the police told them to go to family court like i said they told them not to get my daughters baby to her thinking thats going to stop me from suing them but its not the state of fl taken part in my granddaughter being held hostage illegally i call her rent office let them know twice i was told the manger would call she never did she showed them same fake documents to her rent office her son doesn't have custody to give her he was in ga for three yrs on probation couldnt leave he was up there when my daughter had the babby we found out on 10/7/22 when my daughter change her kids doctor that my granddaughter doctor was already change on her birthday 3/24/22 without my daughters consent i was called on 3/14/22 by Dr Jose Fernandez office in cutler bay fl saying my granddaughter needed her 4yr shots 6 months after she turned 4 only reason they called me because my other grandbaby needed her shots and they was going behind my daughters back still. letting his mom bring the baby Hippa was violated the doctor office had removed my daughters paperwork from the medical file to try and cover up for fl and that my daughter was called by them on 6/17/22 the day after she called the police in on 5/5/21 i. claimed my weeks for my fl unemployment i tried loggin on 5/6/21 twice couldn't get thru so i called. found out my pin and payment method was changed and fake bank account with bankcorp bank in Delaware fl my payment method always was the debit card i told her i didnt change anything but claim my weeks she told me they would call after the investigation i never got that call she made me changed from that fake bank account back to my way2go debit card tring to make it seem like i did it i was told i had to verify my identity again i been verified thats why i had been getting my payments but i did again on 5/26/21 with idme i called them for two months all i got was lies and excuses and they kept my account licked until my benefits expired this yr 2022 they didnt wanna investigate because it was a inside job i contacted the I inspector general, the Federal trade commission, department of justice, Open state attorney, FBI i never received any follow up or call backs i filed complaints with each of them.on5/27/21 my phone was tracked illegally and i was followed by the miami dade county police on the behalf of fl to intimated me because they didn't wanna investigate they didnt get on the metro rail train with me and wasnt on there when i got on when they tracked my phone they got on they same exact train as me when i spotted them i started recording them i posted it on several social media they remove it i post it back they even removed the option on fb for me to upload videos and audio to hide their lies and corruption they even been tampering with our devices removing stuff to hide their corruption which is just helping me fl has a penial code for that so fl state and government workers could keep breaking fl laws thats why i post all their lies and corruption since 2019

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