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LieutenantColonelRetired Send email
Apr 6, 2021

Morgan and Morgan

They blanket the airways with all their supposedly benevolent down home twanged For the People schtick. All pompous empty treacle. Their customer service is nonexistent-absolutely horrible. 15 months in and I have no idea what they are doing with my case or who is handling it. I am resigned to receiving no settlement whatever because these people are absolutely completely over-the-top incompetent. Stay out of their rabbit hole.
PissedConsumer1 Send email
Mar 24, 2021

False Advertising

NOT HELPFUL. They collect info and then do not help at all. Probably a scam.
mariagomezchow1966 Send email
Mar 4, 2021


Morgan and Morgan had me at "For the People"... your TV commercial was convincing enough to give your firm a try when I got rear-ended on 8/19/20.

I could have gone anywhere... you see, I've had car accidents in the past and could have contacted former attorneys. Going forward with my decision to use your company, I ended up with Ms. Abigail Luna, Case Manager.

My experience with Ms. Abigail Luna, has left me with regret in choosing your firm. Most times I felt Ms. Luna "brushed me off"; she didn't have or make the time to call me back and follow through when she said she was going to. From the beginning, she didn't take the time to explain in detail what was going on with my case reason why I kept calling her, sending her texts with the many questions I had.

False Advertising: "Once again, thank you for choosing Morgan & Morgan. We look forward to showing you that our law firm truly is “for the people.”

I would like to show you Ms. Luna's lack of professionalism in some of the texts she sent to me, please see below. In her last text of 12/2/20 she wrote to me "I'm busy". I was appalled by this and immediately called your company's 877 number and spoke to Jessie at the "Client Experience" department, told her about the text Ms. Luna had sent and my frustrations with her. I was assured someone would call me within 24 to 48 hours... I'm still waiting for that call. On 1/28/21 I called again and spoke to Yvette and explained everything and again I was told someone would call me... still waiting for that call.

There seems to be a big problem with your Fort Myers office with long delays in sending settlement checks; I have heard your staff complaining about this ongoing problem but it seems to be "the norm". As long as you get your cut, who cares if the client has to wait unnecessarily.

When I went to the Blue Lagoon office in Miami to pickup settlement check, I was disturbed by the lack of professionalism starting from receptionist to lady who brought the check. This young lady asked me for my driver's license, made a copy of it and handed the check without any explanation letter. Reluctantly, she gave me a copy of the letter which you can read below in attached file. This young lady didn't have the decency to take me to an office and explain why the check was for the amount that it was, what the next step is, what should I look forward to, etc.. The whole transaction was done right at the reception desk. Oh, but I could hear Ms. Luna laughing out loud somewhere in a nearby office but she didn't bother to come out to see me.

When I read this letter, I had no idea that your company policy is to withhold a "delayed cost deposit" which no one explained what the amount of this deposit was. After the text that Ms. Luna sent to me, I felt very uncomfortable talking to her, I didn't want to bother her so I felt I had to go around to find out status of my case. A couple of times I called and spoke to your Orlando office but no one could help me with the case. I told them why I was calling them and not my case manager but weren't interested in passing along the information to a supervisor for further investigation.

As you will guess, I will not recommend your services to anyone at all. My brother got rear-ended badly in November last year; I specifically told him not to use your services and the same with a very good friend of mine who also got into bad car accident this year.

In conclusion your business policies and practices all throughout your company short fall to what you are advertising on TV. Your employees are in dire need of training in how to properly deal with clients and need to be taught how to be professionals. They need to be reminded that without clients you have no business and therefore they would be out of their current jobs. They need to take pride in every little thing they do on behalf of your company. These employees are giving your company a bad name. When I see your TV commercials, you seem to take pride in what you have to offer but obviously there is a huge disconnect to what your staff is delivering.

Mr. Morgan,I am not expecting apologies, I am past that, what's done it's done; this not your doing personally (or maybe it is). I am not a charity case and all I was looking for from your team is to be treated with dignity and respect. I have taken the time to write this letter to you outlining in detail the disappointing experience, not only with Ms. Luna but everyone I dealt with in your company so that hopefully the right measures are taken and consequently other clients do not go through this nightmare.
Bill Gilchrist Send email
Feb 14, 2021

Morgan & Morgan cast iron pipe.

Now - a another year has passed and the damage increasing daily and M&M has still not resolved the issue.
NOT even close!!! It has now been THREE years since they used their high pressure methods to get me to sign up for their service - Biggest mistake of my life!!!
jelvehmidkiff Send email
Nov 11, 2020

Failure to properly represent

We are extremely disappointed in the service we received from Morgan & Morgan. I wish I had looked at all the complaints recorded in BBB against them before we decided to hire one of their lawyers. You see their gigantic billboards and long ads where they claim they’re “For the People” and then you look at how many years they have been in business and you think to yourself, they must be great. Wrong!
I have no doubt that they may have some good lawyers; however, we got stuck with a rookie who claimed to have 10 years of experience. His initials are F.K. and I don’t advise anyone to hire this man as their lawyer. We posted the issue we were having with a moving company on a lawyer finder website and F.K. responded that he is interested. We spoke on the phone and after explaining the situation, he said he would like to represent us. We provided him with all the paperwork we had, as requested, and he sent the mover’s insurance company a letter. He always gave us hope that we will get the insurance company to pay for the damages the movers caused to our expensive furniture. We believed him and did whatever he asked of us. When the insurance company refused to pay after his first letter to them, he told us to go online and provide him with certain documents and we did so. After he sent a second or maybe the third letter, the insurance company responded that they would pay $2000. We were outraged, because this amount wouldn’t even cover one fourth of the cost to replace our furniture. We spoke to him over the phone and he assured us that this is just a game that all insurance companies play. He indicated that insurance companies come up with arbitrary numbers that don’t mean anything to see if the people accept and he literally told us: “Of course we won’t accept this, this is just a game they’re playing” He told us in subsequent conversations that he wants to try to get the insurance company to pay what they owe us through negotiations rather than take them to court, but if they play hardball and refuse, he would of course take them to court and we will most likely win. Long story short, after some time has passed and the insurance company wouldn’t budge to pay any more than the $2000; one day he calls us and says that we either have to accept the $2000 that the insurance company has offered or he will drop the case. We were shocked and just baffled. He outright refused to take the case further. He gave us an ultimatum to accept the $2000 or be left with zero and without a lawyer. After all this time, after all the time we spent to provide him with the backup he told us he needed, after telling us he will fight for us to get what we deserve, he just dropped us like a dirty rag. He was so incompetent and knew that he screwed up that he said he won’t charge us the 40% fee that he normally charges in other cases. We had no choice but to accept the offer. We would have definitely not been offered anything had we said never mind and hired a new lawyer. The insurance company would have known that this lawyer didn’t do anything and they would have been emboldened to refuse to pay anything. We are so disappointed in Morgan & Morgan and we would like people to take these complaints seriously. Do NOT hire Morgan & Morgan, they may claim to be for the people, but their actions indicate the opposite.
TheTruthNow Send email
Oct 10, 2020


Called at 8 pm for consult. Told to call back if had more info, which I did the following morning only to be told my case was denied. Couldn't tell me why... only "doesn't mean you don't have a case, our firm can't help you", I needed a more specialized firm. WHAT? It's elder abuse, multiple things with pictures to back it up. You claim you have the largest, worldwide firm with 500+ attorneys at your disposal. You are NOT for the people, you are only smoke and mirrors and a big marketing ploy. Stop using the sob story of your brother to suck people in and falsely give them hope, thinking you are on their side. You staff your call center with unqualified newly graduate attorneys from where? Some obscure Caribbean university? I guess you just go after the juicy/easy cases so you can recoup the $5 million malpractice suit against one of your inept lawyers. You are an AWFUL bunch, how do you sleep at night? You rightly deserve all the nasty typical jokes made about lawyers.
TheTruthNow Send email
Oct 10, 2020


Called for consultation at 8pm, was told to call back if had any further info. Called the next morning only to be told my case was already denied. Elderly abuse with multiple problems with pictures. Could not be told why it was denied. Was told "doesn't mean you don't have a case, just that our firm can't help you." Needed more specialty than their firm could offer. WHAT? You claim to be the largest, worldwide firm with an arsenal of 500+ attorneys at your disposal. SERIOUSLY? You just staff your call centers with wannabe newly graduated attorneys from where? Some obscure university in the Caribbean? You are just all smoke and mirrors, just one big marketing ploy. No premise to what you actually claim...NOT for the people at all. Sick of your sob story about your brother. Stop using it to suck people in. Looked into the $5 million malpractice against your firm because of one of your inept lawyers. Guess you only go after the juicy/easy cases to recoup your losses.
jdusa20 Send email
Jun 5, 2020

Accepted lawsuit then dropped within 24 hours

I called this law firm expecting them to help me with a case where I slipped, fell and injured myself in a major retail store because of their negligence. They immediately told me they would take my case which made me excited to think that this would be something that wouldn't drag on forever; they also sent me immediately a form to review them which naturally I gave them a very high score because I felt that they were reputable. Well, less than 48 hours later they (after I gave them a high rating) I received an email and a phone call letting me know that they were no longer going to represent me which was very confusing
chimaren Send email
Feb 28, 2020

Morgan & Morgan

This law firm has a website that promises the moon, but is utterly disreputable. I received phone calls from strange people, with phone numbers that were listed as spam calling, and refused to talk to them or provide information over the phone. But then I called Morgan & Morgan at their main number, and found out these strange callers were with them? They couldn't find my information I sent 3 times, and don't even have a credit attorney, when they claims to have civil lawsuit ability for extortionate credit fraud. In short, these people are nuts.
Bill Gilchrist Send email
Jan 20, 2020

Morgan & Morgan service.

My personal experience.
Pressured to sign up immediately upon contact. After signing up - some contact then nothing for months. High turnover of lawyers - I believe I am on my 5th or 6th at present after two years and still no settlement of case. Simple water pipe case. Got four different appraisals of damage because each new one said that they did not know what happened to the prior ones. Damage estimates ranged from $15,000 to $90,000. Last estimate of $52,000 reduced to $29,000 by M&M allowing State Farm to count a $50. piece of pipe as worth $14,000 plus other deductions? That won't begin now to make the needed repairs since continued damage caused by both M&M and State Farm. I even offered to allow State Farm to come and make the repairs - I am not looking to make money off the case - just want things fixed. I had State Farm insurance for over 40 years without one claim and now they want to screw me and M&M is assisting by very poor legal service.
I believe they are in far over their heads as to how many cases they can properly service and that the Florida Bar should be taking a look at their practice.
Would I ever use them again and would I ever suggest anyone using them - Hell No!!!

PS: They had one good lawyer that worked with me for about two weeks before he left the firm - that is two weeks out of two years.
jorgen Send email
Sep 16, 2019


Myteddybear61 Send email
Jul 9, 2019

Morgan & Morgan

You deffinetly do not want this Law Firm. Our Daughter was in a car accident. She was stopped behind a stopped school bus, waiting for it to move on. A 19 Year old child came up over the crest of a hill doing about 65-70 miles an hour. slammed into the back of her injuring her neck and back, car that was in good repair and paid for was totaled First mistake we made was to call Morgan and Morgan. Intake person didnt listen to what was said. kept getting it wrong. told it looked good for our case to get a review (what ever that means). Gave them photos and information. We had to wait to have our questions answered, in the mean time we are being hounded by insurence companys, dont know if we should answer them or not, and still no answeres from Morgan ans Morgan. Finally they called back and got SOME answers. We waited a couple of months and still no call from an attorney. Finally got a call back from an assistant to an assistant saying sorry the lady my daughter was slammed into had also called them and sitted conflict of interest and dropped the case. We have been left with alot of bills. Daughter is still hurt and we had to buy another automobile. She now has perminet injuries and is in alot of pain. Go to a local attorney one you can sit down infront of for a consultation. Dont waist your time with Morgan And Morgan. They should be investigated by the Flridat Bar Association and all other states they practice in. Ther licence should be pulled.
mad mike Send email
Jun 28, 2019

they settled my cafse without permission

Well all there adds say they will go up against big insurance companies but they let them mandate the amount. When I wanted to fight the insurance company they settled the case. If I were you I think twice before signing papers with them because when you do your stuck. this is just a $ game to them settle quick and get paid sign more,for more adds its like a drive thru for attorneys .for the money
Rosa Akers Send email
May 14, 2019

Auto accident

My granddaughter was driving 3 of my great grandkids to school April 18 when a car pulled out directly in front of her and she had no time to stop. They had to be cut out of the car then life delighted to Tampa with very serious injuries. They are 11, 8, 6. The oldest ,Lillie, almost lost her leg from metal forced into car from the front. They will all live with these injuries the rest of their lives. Can you imagine a little boy with autism who runs from the time he gets up till bed time now has to lay in a body cast and neck brace 24/7. My granddaughter Chelsea got a call this morning from Morgan and Morgan saying they were dropping her case. I guess so much for families. They don't care. We always thought they were such good people and would do everything to help especially for the little ones. What if that was their grandkids laying in the hospital, what if they had to have further surgeries. My granddaughter was driving my son's car, so now they are all without transportation. What a joke Morgan and Morgan
lfclinton Send email
May 1, 2019

Federal Workman's Comp

I lost my job with the DOD after I was separated from the Reserves because of a knee injury. Medically my knee is covered by Workman's Comp, but I have still yet to collect compensation. I contacted Morgan and Morgan and they cant do anything for me. I guess they are afraid of the military. My opinion is that they couldn't litigate crap. I wouldn't hire them if they were the last attorneys on the planed. For the People...Bull!
Duely Pissed Send email
Apr 20, 2019

Poor Representation

This Law firm is a farce, they truly are not for the people, unless it's a huge settlement. I hired them thinking they were a reputable firm and as time went by I found out just the opposite. My suit was against a workers comp insurance company for an injury I received while working. Not one time did I ever speak to the Attorney that was supposed to be handling my case. Instead I was always referred to a personal assistant who I don't even know was qualified to be handling my case let alone doing the legal work and discussing with the Insurance companies legal staff. When it came down to the bottom line this female assistant called me to say I had 2 options and it was in my best interest to settle the matter, or continue the course of action I was on and no monitory reward would be offered or forth coming. After getting into a very heated argument with said assistant and wondering who the HELL Morgan and Morgan was representing, and the fact that I was going thru money I had no chance of recovering, I gave in and settled reluctantly.
I would no more recommend Morgan and Morgan to even my worst enemy! For the people is a crock of SH--!
livelaughlove67 Send email
Apr 13, 2019

Denial of Representation

Today was the 4th time over the last 5 years or so that I have called them to handle my case. They have denied me 4 times. Denial's included a car accident, rental fraud, electrical issues and illegal water practices where I live. They are full of crap when they say they will handle any case big or small! To boot they will not give me a reason why they won't take my case (she said they are not allowed to divulge that information). Here's the kicker....they are representing my neighbor for the SAME EXACT issue that I called for. This firm is ridiculous and they lie to no end. I am contacting the BBB and reporting them. My advice...Don't bother with them. It's not worth it!
livelaughlove67 Send email
Apr 12, 2019

Denial of Representation

Today was the 4th time over the last 5 years or so that I have called them to handle my case. They have denied me 4 times. Denial's included a car accident, rental fraud, electrical issues and illegal water practices where I live. They are full of crap when they say they will handle any case big or small! To boot they will not give me a reason why they won't take my case (she said they are not allowed to divulge that information). Here's the kicker....they are representing my neighbor for the SAME EXACT issue that I called for. This firm is ridiculous and they lie to no end. I am contacting the BBB and reporting them. My advice...Don't bother with them. It's not worth it!
ANN PALMER Send email
Mar 30, 2019


I SPENT A LOT OF TIME EXPLAINING THE COVER UP AND MISREPRENSTATION OF A MOBILE HOME SOLD TO ME BY COOK CORP, Owner of numerous Mobile Home parks in FL and other states - a huge corp. no doubt. Rotten floors along with many other things had been cosmetically barely covered up to make the sale to me, within 6 weeks or so the floor begins rising unevenly, cracking as well as other problems, obviously COOKCORP had the name of the installer and asked they connect him to fix the floors.. THE delays BEGAN!! Gullible me believe seemingly "kind" chat with Justin Cook - months past, nothing ever was done, I paid $7,000 + over $3,500 fixing it up - FINALLY, JUSTING COOK OFFERED $5,000 TO BUY IT BACK -- less than HALF what I had in it!! About that time people answered my ads for the house for sale - so I hoped I could SELL it for a fair price, I am a SINGLE SENIOR WOMAN and for me to guy another, I need at least $10,000 even that might not buy one! NO COOPERATION FROM COOK - months passed with me trying to get it sold... I began to realize the potential buyers were SEEING THE PROBLEMS event though I tried to cover them up with throw rugs, made some repairs myself. HOPELESS SET IN, I had been under so much STRESS FROM ONTHS, BEGAN GETTING HELP FROM MY DOCTOR for STRESS, DEPRESSION, ETC. also body reacting to it! Finally, contacted JUSTIN COOK AND SAID I WOULD ACCEPT THEIR (LOUSY) $5,000, but he began him, hawing around, FINALLY REFUSED TO PAY ANYTHING! FINALLY, I WROTE A 2 PAGE LETTER, TOOK IT TO MORGAN & MORGAIN IN DELAND BEGGING FOR HELP!! THE RECPETION LET ME KNOW IN ON UNCERTAIN WORDS THEY WOULD NOT READ NOR ACCEPT IT. THEY ONLY TAKE CASES THEY CAN SUE THE INSURANCE COMPANIES!! --- UHHH... A CORP THE SIZE OF COOK INVESTMENTS HAVE NO INSURANCE???? I DON' THINK SO!!! JUST DISAPPOINTED OVER WHAT MORGAN AND MORGAN THEMSELVES TO BE ON TV ADS!!!
Eugene T Dickinson Send email
Mar 29, 2019


I saw an advertisement by Mike Morgan on Workers Compensation that was exceptional and made me want an attorney like that for my Workers Comp case. Oh, I DID hire Morgan and Morgan for my case after rupturing discs in my back and a failed spinal fusion breaking up a fight at school. However, the ad is a complete fabrication and comical of actuality in my case. I have attempted to get a sensible or any response over the 12 years. They thought "the rest of my life" was worth less than $50,000 with no benefits and loss of ability to earn a living. That was 2007 that my attorney took easy money and discarded me and family as Morgan and Morgan and Henry Mowry human detritus into financial ruin. I trusted my attorney and he did not give honesty and integrity to defend me against the giant of the school system. I was forced to retire and take Social Security at 62 years old taking a huge hit in pension and SS. They cost me and my family a realistic quality of life in old age; 24/7 pain and neuropathy, PTSD, bankrupt, refinancing the house rather than lose it and to pay bills over the years, 4 times. This exacerbated my wife's heart condition to quadruple bypass. Huge ongoing medical bills for back and associated pain never ending treatments is all I got from Morgan. I was left crippled and Morgan and Mowry did not tell me the truth, but I am. I pray for you John Morgan and the evil you have done to me and my family. I have tried to get your attention, I have the documents and you ignore me having used me and my back to boost yourself. Shame on you and your cartel.
patriciawinfrey123 Send email
Feb 22, 2019

bank of america

I was in the hospital and needed money and I could not leave the hospital. I had money transferred from my savings to my checking. A message came up that I had used my 6 transfers but, I had to because I need things in the hospital. They literally took my 60.00 I had in my savings. this was right at xmas. I could see if the warning would have said that they would take a fee if I go over the 6 transfers. Suppose I had 1500 in my savings I guess they would have took that took that also! Wells Fargo will let you know of possibly having you charged with a fee! I feel like suing bank of America. I am a paycheck to paycheck woman and I tried to fight back but, they did not compromise at all. They just took my money. I have been with them over 15 years and have ever made over 6 transfers! It doesn't count my loyalty to them for my many years of service. I have not went back to work and those 60's would come in handy right not but, instead bank of America is fatter and fatter.
patriciawinfrey123 Send email
Feb 22, 2019

Hip replacement-hip revision

I contacted Morgan and Morgan and told them about my bad hip replacement and why it was bad. Since talking with them I have had a hip revision with aseptic loosening and wired fractured femur. I had heard so much about this law firm from the television but, they are nothing like their advertisements. Is that false advertising? After telling them all that I went through quickly and turned me down. They told me they don't do cases against doctors. My friend came over and told me that M&M took her moms case and sued 2 doctors. Are they prejudice. I will not be praising this law firm! Right now I am praising a doctor at Emory for the great revision he gave me. I have already told people about this great doctor but, I can't say the same got M&M!
jpszipp Send email
Feb 6, 2019


Submitted all the hospital records about a botched hip replacement (bad Hip insert) and what seemed like a slam dunk. I received a call weeks later saying that they were not taking the case but was told that they only take a certain kind of case. Guess they only like the low hanging fruit. M&M are not for the people but are just like every ambulance chaser out there. and they give the profession a bad name. Such a disappointment. Stay away from them.
katiesurrando Send email
Jan 22, 2019

Basically the same problem here

My husband got hurt at work and we had 100s of thousands of dollars in medical bills. Morgan and Morgan took our case and all the files that went with it, and l they did some sort of screening on him and never called us back, never emailed us to inform us more on our court date or anything. And I found out this morning that they have black listed his email, now he cannot email anyone. And they are refusing to return his calls. Needless to say this is not cool! And if we cannot get through to someone soon, I will go over there heads and they will regret crossing us! Because I will report them and place them under full investigation.
lanzapi Send email
Nov 13, 2018

morgan and morgan

I am not going to get into my case bc its pretty much exactly like every poor son of a bee on this board. My question is why/how is this firm still operating? every, single comment about this joke firm is negative and disgusting! what am I missing? a couple days ago I decided to fire, in person ( my so-called attorney who I retained 6 mos ago and still don't don't his/her name)and just like in my dreams (no lie) the high rise building in ft myers that employs 400 attorneys was eerily empty in the middle of the day! I knew in my head before going in that this mirage of a building was only that of a prop! I was right! I drove up there was 2 parking spots in front. both empty. drove to parking garage. about five prop cars parked to the side. in every slot, sign read 'one hour parking only'. when I went inside the massive building, walking down corridors and going in elevators I never saw any sign of life. there was one robot sitting at a desk and took my info. I told her I was resigning their services. she made a call and a lady came down and asked me if the address she had on a piece of paper was mine, I laughed and said you couldnt even spell my street name right! funny cuz that's the only info they asked of me in 6 months! they didn't even ask me why I was firing them! lol, must be par for the course. so then I get a certified letter a couple days letter urging me to get an attorney quick bc of the statute of limitations on my case! really!? I didn't even know my attorneys name, sex or nothing! till the letter! I can tell more but theres no point. steer clear fellow litigants!

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