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Consumer complaints and reviews about MORGAN AND MORGAN

jpszipp Send email
Feb 6, 2019


Submitted all the hospital records about a botched hip replacement (bad Hip insert) and what seemed like a slam dunk. I received a call weeks later saying that they were not taking the case but was told that they only take a certain kind of case. Guess they only like the low hanging fruit. M&M are not for the people but are just like every ambulance chaser out there. and they give the profession a bad name. Such a disappointment. Stay away from them.
katiesurrando Send email
Jan 22, 2019

Basically the same problem here

My husband got hurt at work and we had 100s of thousands of dollars in medical bills. Morgan and Morgan took our case and all the files that went with it, and l they did some sort of screening on him and never called us back, never emailed us to inform us more on our court date or anything. And I found out this morning that they have black listed his email, now he cannot email anyone. And they are refusing to return his calls. Needless to say this is not cool! And if we cannot get through to someone soon, I will go over there heads and they will regret crossing us! Because I will report them and place them under full investigation.
lanzapi Send email
Nov 13, 2018

morgan and morgan

I am not going to get into my case bc its pretty much exactly like every poor son of a bee on this board. My question is why/how is this firm still operating? every, single comment about this joke firm is negative and disgusting! what am I missing? a couple days ago I decided to fire, in person ( my so-called attorney who I retained 6 mos ago and still don't don't his/her name)and just like in my dreams (no lie) the high rise building in ft myers that employs 400 attorneys was eerily empty in the middle of the day! I knew in my head before going in that this mirage of a building was only that of a prop! I was right! I drove up there was 2 parking spots in front. both empty. drove to parking garage. about five prop cars parked to the side. in every slot, sign read 'one hour parking only'. when I went inside the massive building, walking down corridors and going in elevators I never saw any sign of life. there was one robot sitting at a desk and took my info. I told her I was resigning their services. she made a call and a lady came down and asked me if the address she had on a piece of paper was mine, I laughed and said you couldnt even spell my street name right! funny cuz that's the only info they asked of me in 6 months! they didn't even ask me why I was firing them! lol, must be par for the course. so then I get a certified letter a couple days letter urging me to get an attorney quick bc of the statute of limitations on my case! really!? I didn't even know my attorneys name, sex or nothing! till the letter! I can tell more but theres no point. steer clear fellow litigants!
isss63 Send email
Sep 14, 2018

They couldn't care less

Called to talk about mom's death due to Amiodarone Toxicity. They asked her age. I said 78. They put me on hold for less than a minute and said they wouldn't take the case. I guess old(er) people aren't important to Morgan and Morgan...no lost wages for them to be able to collect on. Morgan and Morgan ARE NOT for the people and they are not for righting a wrong. They don't care.
minniemousebrenda Send email
Sep 3, 2018

i cant get in touch with them

i filled out the form about class action law suits.my stocco is broken. they called back many times and i called them back many times. i was put on hold forever. They seem to want nothing to do with me. They say they are there 24 hrs a day. one time when I called back i left the phone sit there and 12 hours later Mr. Morgan was still talking. I filled out a class action form about the Yahoo data breach. They are not going to help me. They did not say why.
Gary Leider Send email
Aug 30, 2018

Wrongdoing at Wells Fargo

The following info has been given to Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts and she will be getting involved due to her recent
ongoing complaints with Timothy J. Sloan, CEO of Wells Fargo !

Morgan and Morgan - I have never been a "Wistle Blower," but under the circumstances I feel it necessary to be one at this time - On
August 22nd. at 8:52 AM Est. a Ms. Jennifer Fritzsche of Wells Fargo downgraded AT&T stock suggesting it took on too much when it
took over Time Warner - Where was she three months ago when the whole World new this, but that's not the point I am know letting
Morgan & Morgan know - Sixteen hours prior to her statement on August 21st. right after the closing bell (4PM-5PM) approximately
THREE MILLION shares were initiated by let's just call them unknown people at this time - 90% of the sales were shorting AT&T,
coincidence, I don't think so. I have been in contact with a Mr. Brad Johnson of the St. Louis office of TDAmeritrade, who is working
diligentily with me and through his investigation and if goes to court, can come up with names. I have NOT notified the SEC and feel
at this time, there is no necessity.

I sincerely hope that you will take this case - I think it's a no brainer - Please let me know as soon as possible - my email and tel.#'s
are as follows:- [email protected] - 727-807-5754 and 727-420-0797
BrendaMartinez510 Send email
Aug 24, 2018


Retained them while living in NY for my SS disability hearing, during the long waiting period I lost my home and had to relocate to NC. When I called them to notify of address change I was told my case manager had been changed. Just got a call from them today that my hearing determination was unfavorable. I have lupus, fibromyalgia and herniated disc. Along with debilitating side effects from medications. To say I’m disappointed is the very least, don’t know what to do now. After almost 2 years of waiting and being reassured I had a good chance I have nothing to show for it. During all that time I heard from them 2-3 times, can’t help but feel they didn’t care or tried their best.
bantam Send email
Jul 25, 2018

failure to do there job

after 3 yrs of promises these jokes didn't even fight for my fiancée james martin was the attorney useless as they come wouldn't return phone calls or emails DONOT RECOMMEND THESE PEOPLE TO THE LOCAL DOG CATCHER USELESS AS CAN BE
Jamesthomas1 Send email
Jun 26, 2018

wronful discharge

I would like to give you my email address so you can reply to me. I left a complaint yesterday about by discharge after 20 years but forgot to give you a way to get in touch with me, if you decide to answer my complaint. It is [email protected] - I hope to hear from you.
Jamesthomas Send email
Jun 25, 2018

wrongful discharge

I lost my job of 20 years back on Aug. 28, 2015. I call your office for advise and before I could even go into details, I was cut short stating that you don't do cases like that. Since then I have lost all of my credits cards because I couldn't pay them anymore and now I am getting sued. I paid on them as long as my money held out and now all I have is my Social Security checks to pay necessity bills and that is every 4th Wednesday and some months, 5 weeks. I have $8 in the bank today and if you had taken my case back when I first called, maybe none of this would have happened. I have no money now for a lawyer nor did I have it then but I think we could have won the lawsuit case on this Corporate office. I have written documents proving how I was treated, which was very bad by my supervisor.
I thank you and would expect a reply as soon as possible. I need help. You are for the people,, right?
Karen card Send email
May 8, 2018


Very disappointed in the way they handled case and the do not work for the people. I am so angry. They took the case almost 2 years ago we gave them the info they requested only to find out the as attorney no longer was employed there and was assigned s new attorney who requested we resupply him with info. We received a letter in about 2 weeks later dropping our case no reason given. The attorney said due to time restraints we needed to get another attorney the o represent us. Why did your company assure us multiple times we had a case and what happened to the information we supplied to your firm? Maybe Morgan and .Morgan has gotten too big for their own good. Can I get some answers from somebody?
ejoeb1 Send email
Apr 25, 2018

Equifax Breach

I signed up with Morgan & Morgan to enter a class action suit against the Equifax Security Breach. Where all my personal information was hacked. They sent me paper work which I promptly filed out and returned. Now I receive unwanted phone calls from attorney offices all over the country. My phone number was stolen also though. This firm has really drop the ball on this class action case. I don't believe they are reputable.
dcook Send email
Apr 25, 2018

For the People?

Please do not advertise For the People. When your not. If I was a woman or a minority you would have probably taken my case. I have many issues, but when a company steals your insurance premiums and does not pay the provider resulting in my insurance being cancelled, that I know can not be justice for the people. No need to contact back you gave me your answer. Thank you for your time and have a pleasant day.
Cross123 Send email
Apr 24, 2018

Andrea McKeon and Greg berry

I have a case regarding my foot injury of accident. I was scheduled to oath with my lawyer April 26th 2018, I went to foot doctor Mr Mark Bornstein, after Bornstiein seen me and schedule for MRI the next day they drop my case out of discrimination. My name is ciara Ross and my contact 321 362 1894
bethtimms Send email
Mar 21, 2018

waste of time

What a joke! I have a malpractice case. I called the #law number, no call back. 2 weeks went by, went online filled out form. nearly a week passes finally, a call! Well, they take the information, (continually interrupted me), then put me on hold so they could "evaluate" came back and said "we're not saying you don't have a case - I would contact another lawyer"...for the people? My butt! Ambulance chasers and only want easy cases. Stay away, not worth it
markieT Send email
Feb 22, 2018

Morgan and Morgan

I offered this firm a very easy case to win, where they would have earned at least $50,000 in fees. Their case intake workers initially told me they would take the case and I should have all my documentation ready for them within the coming two weeks as they would contact me then to procced with the case. Never heard snother word from anyone at Morgan and Morgan by either mail or telephone. Followed up weeks later with another call to them, and they then said that they never told me what their first representative told me, but would send my inquiry to the right department for follow up. Again, not a peep heard back from Morgan and Morgan, by phone or by mail. One would think that a reputable firm would at least acknowledge their clients with some kind of dignified reply. And, one would be correct in this case if they were thinking about a good reputation.
sorryiusedthem Send email
Feb 21, 2018

Beware of this firm

Beware of hiring this firm to represent you. They don't return phone calls or emails, they have very rude people working for them and they act more like they are representing those you have a case against.
It has been 13 months and my auto accident has still not been settled. I am stuck with lost wages, having to replace my car and major medical bills which they tell me is not the responsibility of the person who hit me and was at fault.
They will be making a good amount off my case and for what? I have done more than half of the leg work.
Run, don't walk away from this firm.
[email protected] Send email
Dec 27, 2017

Uncaring & incompetent

I would like to say thank you to the to big for your own good company. Do too your lack of knowledge of your own company and the people in it, my daughter has come out way on top. We sought legal guidance & knowledge to help our daughter with getting SS. She has lupus, Epstien Bar with Cronic Fatigue & Rumatowed Arthritis. YOU changed lawyers on us 4 times. We only found this out because she would call to update you on a new doctor. We would ask to talk with an actual MORGAN, only to be sent to a complaint department, which was only there to tell you what you wanted to hear! So we want you to know that she has been approved and will start receiving SS in January 2018. Her back pay goes back to March of 2014. So thanks to your company for getting so big that unless you are looking at a MULTIMILLION DOLLAR settlement, you get pushed off on one of there " YOUR NOT WORTH OUR TIME " flunkies that really don't care at all about you. THANK GOODNESS we saw the light and FIRED them. Finally to end, we have a lot more money than if you would have done your job. And it is Garenteed that we will bad mouth your company every chance we get !!!!!!!!!!
joycemathews Send email
Dec 22, 2017

Ill-responsible and down right rude and unprofessional

Morgan and Morgan Law Firm in Florida…What a bunch of rude and unprofessional people. I called Morgan and Morgan back in 2016 to help me complete the forms I needed to send to SSD. After going through a screening process to determine if Morgan and Morgan would accept my disability case, I was send forms to complete and send back to M&M. I returned the forms right away and thought that everything was going great until I received a letter a few months ago, which is now the end of 2017, telling me to complete the very same forms I did back in 2016. When I call Morgan and Morgan to ask why I am being sent the same form over a year later to complete I was told by Romona in a very rude manner that either I complete the forms or Morgan and Morgan would not represent me. I tried to explain to Romona that I have copies of the forms that I originally sent back in 2016 and the forms that were sent are the same exact forms. She was totally rude and unprofessional. At that point I made up my mind to retain another lawyer. First, this law firm is located in Orlando and I live in Jacksonville so any contact has to be done by telephone, which I didn’t know their SSD office was in Orlando. I called the Jacksonville office! Secondly, you can’t even talk directly with your attorney. You have to talk to some ill-mannered case manager who was very rude and unprofessional and lost my original paperwork. I currently have retained another attorney, who by the way is here in Jacksonville and has helped me with the SSD process and answered all of my questions concern the process. Far more than what I got from Morgan and Morgan! Now Morgan and Morgan wants to collect on a dollar amount for basically doing nothing at all. I had to complete the forms and send the completed forms back to Morgan and Morgan. But I found out after making a couple of phone calls how to handle that situation. I would tell anyone that needs an attorney to NOT hire Morgan and Morgan. In my opinion they are just ripped people off and don’t care about their clients…It's all about the money with them.
charlotteyount Send email
Dec 6, 2017

Horrible employees...

Morgan and Morgan.....A Horrible company. They do not look out or properly defend their clients. One of their legal secretaries...Memory Cook...is a mental nutcase!. What a complete idiot. This woman is discussing legal cases (violating the law) and abuses drugs and alcohol! Why do you think she lost her nursing license!!! This company needs to be more observant of who they employ. She's robbing them blind and setting a horrible example for the company.
zetaba Send email
Dec 5, 2017

My Case was Dropped!

I spoke to a clerk from M&M, who took my info about my case. About 2 years ago my small dog and I suffered an assault by a loose pit bull. We sustained injuries and my dog needed hospital treatment and I had to see my Dr. for injuries and trauma received from the assault. Well, they offered to take my case and I continued to submit paperwork as per updates to the case. About a week before the trail Morgan and Morgan gave me a call telling me they were dropping my case leaving me stranded ....... I believe the other party got to the lawyers with a payoff. Did I mention this took place in SW Fl better know as {BOSS HOG TERRITORY]
sfcroberts Send email
Nov 21, 2017

Incompetent case managers

I hired Morgan & Morgan to assist with my SSD claim. It was denied the first time around. I was sent a M&M document for my mental health doctor to complete, which he did. The RECON was denied even though the M&M document stated I was unable to work IAW my psychiatrist. The document questions did not align with the 20 Code of Federal Regulation requirements (CFR), but never the less it stated I was "inability to work", along with meeting all of the requirements in 20 CFR, 404, Part 404, Sub-part P, Appendix 1, 12.15 A. Medical documentation of all of the following & B. Extreme limitation of one, or marked limitation of two, of the following areas of mental functioning. My case manager did not even know what 20 CFR was!!!! How can you be a case manager and not know the regulation that governs the very cases you are managing. I asked to speak with a lawyer and got a supervisor that gave me the run around. I am still not sure he knows what 20 CFR is. I did get a return call, but still have not spoken with my lawyer. How is it possible that a law firm can do business without you being able to speak with a lawyer? I know their busy, but come on, train your staff. Unacceptable, would not recommend this organization to anyone.
Kenisra Send email
Nov 21, 2017

Wasted my time

Involved in route 91 shooting. Gave them info to build their other cases around but after a month of not filing, they dumped my case to persue others. Now I have to start all over as a 100% disabled Marine from Orlando. Get your shit together. If this is how you treat hometown guys from Orlando; everything you stand for is simply about the money.
Its not even the attorneys fault, he didn't even know until I did. Bad communication!
Business101.07 Send email
Nov 20, 2017

They Will not fight for YOU.

They are deceiving and will not fight for YOU. Your concerns are not addressed. They choose to make their own decisions for you. Take my advice do research on lawyers. DO NOT CHOOSE MORGAN & MORGAN IT WILL BE THE BIGGEST REGRET.
japrice718 Send email
Nov 14, 2017


My husband injured himself on the job a few years back. Continued to work and help make money to pay bills. After years of wear and tear doctors are telling him he can’t keep going like this. He has trouble getting up and down out of bed. Can barely walk and drive. And has been going thru this cycle for 22 months trying to get some kind of disability due to his physical in capabilities. After 22mths going thru this process we have moved and still went thru with case per legal counsel and is now being told we have to change districts and cancel the hearing we finally got that supposed to occur in less than 2months!!!! After 3 didn’t counsel members have been assigned to our case we are being told this devastating news!?!!!??? We wanna speak to someone of seniority! We can’t just cancel the damn court date after 2 years!!!!

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