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Apr 5, 2021

Paint damage

Today. Mr. Lube, Arbutus at W 12 ave. Attendant decided to rub his greasy fingerprints off my hood with a gritty greasy rag, as I watched in disbelief. His coworker came over to 'help' and rubbed it with another dirty rag, spreading the damage further. Then used a dry (ie: gritty) paper towel to do even more damage. Then they tried to force the plastic engine cover on incorrectly, warping it. They did absolutely no other inspection, like the other franchisees do, and tried to charge me $124. They refused to give me a proper invoice. The attendant then told me to f-off as I drove away. I was later assisted by calling another location to contact head office.
LisaDanielewicz Send email
May 16, 2018

Swindled my son out of money

I had the worst experience at Mr Lube at the Calgary Bow Trail SW location.

I was teaching my 16 year old son how to get his oil changed. When we drove in, I explained to the tenant that we only wanted the standard oil change for $60. Nothing extra today. He said that was no problem, but of course he had to go through all the up sell services they offer.
My son politely said no to everything when I was asked to get out of the passenger side so they could check the cabin air filter. When I was out of ear shot, they had tricked my son in to going with an $20 engine flush, as he didnt know there was an upcharge and the guy said it like it was included. Imagine our surprise with the bill. I asked to have the Manager call me, and over a month later I havent heard a thing. This is the type of behaviour that cost them years of business from not only my family but all my sons new friends that are just getting their licenses. This was a disgusting experience and I cannot recommend more that you reconsider going to another business for service.
tangorah Send email
Dec 15, 2017


Took my 2007 Honda Accord into the Mr. Lube at Speers Rd. and Dorval Dr. in Oakville, Ontario today for an oil change and to have my winter tires put on. Oil change went fine, but when the guy was finished changing the tires on the passenger side he let my car drop roughly (with me in it), then continued onto the other side. When I drove away, my car was reading as though no oil change had been done, and my car was wobbling horribly and pulling badly to the right. I brought it back immediately. They reset the oil reading, (hopefully they actually did the change) but said there was nothing they could do about my car wobbling and pulling (which only started after the change, my car was fine before), so I should drive it across town to another Mr Lube location.
With my car pulling and shaking, I drove to the location they suggested at 234 Hays blvd, where I waited for 5 minutes for anyone to even acknowledge I was there. Eventually some clearly stoned guy named Jazz emerges from the back and gives me a blank stare (no hello, how may I help you, nothing) and I explain the issue. He takes my key, then goes outside for a smoke. Half an hour later, he comes back to me and says that they refuse to look at my car, because it had already been looked at by a different location (THAT SENT ME TO THEM) and that was that.
Macwilliams Send email
May 2, 2017

Never going here again!!

My family has been a customer for over ten years..not sure if they got new management or what but about 2 weeks ago I took one of my cars a Ford Focus in to have an oil change and to have summer tires put on found out they never did the oil change and they did the summer tires so everything seemed OK started driving down the road and they didn't balance them correctly started shaking the s*** out of my car I hopped out to check out what's going on and all of the lug nuts were loose!
Was offered nothing for resolve from them...

Well I thought I'd give them one more try.... shame on me!
I took my 2010 Chevy Camaro in this morning and was having the studs pulled from the tires and they broke one of my lug nut bolts!!! This is my nice car so I take pride in it!
I pay very close attention to it!
contacted staff to try to get them to do something about it and they told me that it was like that before I went there i said bs! They asked me to prove it WTF really? How about some integrity! yesterday I was going to do the labor myself because I had a bad feeling about going to them again and I went through all the lug nuts but my tire iron wasn't the right size so I stopped..

I will never trust wasilla Mr lube with my property or investments ever again!
Sumithk Send email
Dec 28, 2016

Transmission oil

I had gone to Mr.lube to change transmission oil and when my car was ready the same night I started having problems. When I took my car back they said there is nothing they could do. When I broke down they said it was my fault and not theirs when I have a qualified mechanic who confirms that it is in fact their fault and not mine. I have complained over 3 times and they didn't say anything and sent me back. When I took it back they reflushed the oil and sent me back. Now my car doesn't even move and my business is affected due to this and loosing over 1000$ a day. I am loosing my customers and the dealerships cause of this. These guys need to fix it or else I'll have to take matters to the court and make sure everyone knows that they ruined my vehicle.
shahinfaizi Send email
Sep 20, 2016

oil chang

I went to Mr lube at 1900 egl8nton av east for an oil change the guy put me 5w30 engine oil insread of 5w20 . The day after my exas started to have lots of white smokes from behind of car. I went to my mechanic and the guy told me it's not the right oil I returned to Mr lube and the guy told me he can't help me and told me it's carbons bla bla and i usually 5w20 . by the way it's fat guy i guess his name is Jonny with glasses he held not the garage responsible and he thinks he is a manager but he is no one just a employee I will sue Mr lube if they will not repair my car because before I had NO ISSUES with my car. And yeah they also make fun of you.
ryan Ngo Send email
Mar 2, 2016

Wrong oil filter

Today I change engine oil and filter and find out Mr Lube used the wrong size for the BMW
Here is a picture that I took look at the old and new oil filter see it for yourself

Wrong  oil filter

ltgcg1 Send email
Jul 8, 2015

Useless checks and upselling

Mr. Lube insists on trying to sell me unnecessary services from their unqualified technicians. All under the guise of free courtesy checks. Previously they told me I needed a new battery for $150. Mechanics from 2 other places said no, the battery was fine. The other day I asked for only the oil and filter change. Rather than just accept that they asked me why and when I insisted, they proceeded to not only do other checks, but tried to sell me additional transmission 'services'. With this business model and their unwillingness to cooperate with the customer I'm staying away from them.from now on.
bradm4040 Send email
Sep 25, 2014

damaged my car

So I had an oil change at mr Lube 9120 Westminster Hwy and I thought everything went well as normal however they forgot to put the oil cap on and a few days later I noticed a burning smell and quickly found the issue and returned to store to have them clean it up and replace cap and they told me that they filled the oil up at no charge and about 2 weeks later I also got my rad flushed and once again they told me everything was good so a few weeks after that I hear some weird sound and found that my oil was very low and had to add 3.5 l and this caused major damage to my engine I now know I should be checking their work to make sure but isn’t that what I pay them for ?

After returning to me lube and talking to the manager and I explained what happen and he told me that my car burns oil and it was everything else but not them I replied with ok let’s do a test we can do an oil change and wait the same mileage which was 6000 km approx. and see if the oil is noticeably low since my card doesn’t leak which was a big no from him and he offered me 50% off on my next oil change

Since then I have filed a 6000 dollar claim in small claims court and going to slam them on social media
ac086 Send email
Jul 16, 2014

Mr. Lube

I went in for a tire repair and quoted $40 and if the tire is not repairable then the inspection is $15. The manager comes back and said the tire is very close to the edge but he will fix it for me. He then push for transmission oil change etc. I finally agreed for an air filter for $34.99 which cost around $20. The final bill is $15 for tire inspection, $40 for tire repair and 34.99 for air filter. Plus taxes the finally is $101 for a tire repair and an air filter with a part number doesn't match the correct stock number ! Would you go back to Mr. lube ever again ?
Brent Babcock Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Damage to my car

l went to Mr Lube and allowed them to change and flush my transmission fluid. Big mistake as the next day my transmission was slipping badly. l went back to them and they told me to go to Canadian Tire and buy some "no slip". l went to a transmission place for their opinion and they said only a fool would flush out a transmission.
Thedudeman1 Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Damage to my car

i am 18 and work at mr.lube in Edmonton. all i can say is our boss tells us we need to sell products or we are fired we also need to get customers emails and other bullshit. Most people just want a straight oil change and it makes it hard for me to sell stuff making me get in shit. Mr.lube is a corrupt pile of shit stay away. At the end of each night every emplyee is evaluated on their sales, we do not recieve commision but still we are told to shove products at the customer. hope this explains the crappy service
Generalx5 Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Damage to my car

Hey guys, I drive a 3 year old Acura MDX. I've only been to mr lube once, and I have to say I am disappointed. After going there and making a few round of opinions from my buddies, truth be told they have some pretty bad practices. A buddy told me his friend quit working at mr lube because they would pruposely damage cars that go through their shop.
My story was like this.

I had an oil change mid day. All went well got coffee and sat in my seat and waited. Drove home and had dinner and went out later that night. Had about 20 km of driving and then squiky sounds came from the front left turn buckle. This was not something with the brakes. The squeaky sound was cyclical as the wheel turned, and was made louder when I turn left. So I tested neutral and glide and it still squeaked. This never happens before... But after the oil change this problem has since been with the car till now... Almost 6 months later. Now thinking back, I could swear it was something they had done... After hearing about these complaints. So i don't know wha I could do... Im almost at my next maintenance reminder so what should I do? Could it be a wheel bearing or something? Cut the rubber boot or something? I don't know guys...

All I know is not to go to Mr. Lube again. Stick with a reputable place and trying it out may be more costly than you expect. Dot be like me and try it out.
Bob246 Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Damage to my car

You know that saying " if it's not on the computer screen they haven't a clue" well this definatly applies to mr lube and they still manage to screw up. I've been f**ked with at the brampton hwy 10 location, spent over $600 buying shit that "needed" replacing HEH sure the NO THANK you applies but when they show you gunk on your differential drain bolt ( probably was scraped up off the shop floor) you really don't have a choice. I had my serpintine belt replaced which was put on THE WRONG WAY omg I can't tell you how frustrated I was finding this out after 2000k driven I then noticed that the PVC valve I was billed for never got put in ( it's still the stock ford motorcar black PVC valve) I mean WHAT THE F*8$! Im absolutely done with them my car along with my 3 family members cars won't see another inexperienced mr lube AGAIN! What a god d*m joke

I have yet to verify but if I find out tomorrow that the oil filter is stock or wasn't changed I'm going to hit the roof...

Speedy auto focuses on Need not Greed which is why I've reluctantly made the switch

Stay. The. Hell. Away. From. Mr.Lube! <--inexperience meets idiocy at its finest folks
That being said I've come to the conclusion that I was f**ked with due to the fact that my mustang is nicer than anything those pimpled faced monkeys will ever own .
The Ignorance Never Dies Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Damage to my car

It really makes me SAD to sit here and see all of you bashing Mr. Lube.
Do you not have lives to attend to ?

First of all, If I were to sit here and list off ALL of the BAD experiences I have had in ANY kind of service environment, I would take up this ENTIRE forum. Not to mention the simple fact that EVERY franchisee runs their shop/restaurant/store differently. Do your homework before you start pointing fingers at an ENTIRE corporation.
The girls at Tim's made my coffee wrong today.. Am I going to sit here and blame the WHOLE chain that is Tim Hortons !? No. Because maybe the franchisee who owns that particular store isn't as customer-oriented as he should be. Unfortunately, in this day and age, that's how it goes sometimes !

SHIT HAPPENS, it's called LIFE.
Sometimes, GOOD things happen to BAD people and sometimes BAD things happen to GOOD people.

Secondly, I feel the need to point out that I have had my past two oil changes at Mr. Lube and have had not a SINGLE issue.
Furthermore, when I went to Economy Lube earlier on this year, they racked me up from a $19.99 oil change (all I said was "no, thank you, !!!) to a total bill of $425.00 !
While some of you may have visited a Mr. Lube that you felt was "too pushy, " or "all about the ticket, " there are PLENTY of other lube
shops that do FAR worse than they do. Mr. Lube has only ever pointed out to me what is a necessity to have done, and I have NEVER
had an issue with them. Nor have I had a problem when I have simply said "no, thank you, " to the upper deck tech serving me. If you're too shy to say "no, thank you, " then you're never going to be able to have your car serviced. EVERYWHERE pushes for the up sell because that's how ANY company makes extra money. Clothing stores try to convince you to buy "a nice sweater, " to go with your new jeans, restaurants try to talk you into dessert or a coffee after your meal .. WAKE UP, people.. Almost EVERY company tries to up sell because that's where they make their extra profit.

So PLEASE stop bashing an ENTIRE company, and take into consideration that every Mr. Lube IS owned by a DIFFERENT person, who very well might run their ship differently ! I know for a fact that the 3 brothers who own and operate the Cambridge, Kitchener and Guelph locations are phenomenal men who truly take their customers seriously. I have personally witnessed 2 of the 3 brothers helping a customer with an issue, and PAYING for the repairs when a trainee messed something up.

However, if you're really that unsatisfied with your service, here are three key things to remember:
1) Pick up a couple books on your vehicle or vehicles in general (your owner's manual would be a GREAT place to start !),
2) Read the books,
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Feb 23, 2012

Damage to my car

I went to Mr Lube for an oil change for my girfriend's car. During the oil change they recommended that my serpentine belt be replaced. I looked at the belt myself and found no cracking or anything so I turned down the belt replacement. The next day my girlfriend tried to start the car and it wouldn't turn over. She had it towed to a garage and the mechanic told her that the battery terminal was broken inside the battery (how this could be done during a routine check I don't know). He also checked the belt and said it was fine. I called Mr Lube to complain and they said if I didn't like their service then I shouldn't come back, and then hung up on me. Since then I have been to Jiffy Lube three times and they haven't yet recommended replacing the serpentine belt. This was the Main St Vancouver location of Mr. Lube and they suck.

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