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Alysen Cameron Send email
Apr 18, 2016

812 Craigflower Rd

The landlord, Jeffery Woods, violates every by-law with this house. The basement suite is illegal in every way possible, and a danger to anyone who rents it.

There is no sound barriers, and he has a natural gas line running between the wood fireplace and oil furnace. The furnace is connected to an electrical panel that is so overloaded it's surprising there hasn't been a complete break down. One of the breakers has 9 outlets on it, alone. The others range from two to eight, and this doesn't include the light switches or appliances. The panel is on a concrete wall with a quarter inch space from the wall to the 70-year old hard wood floor.

The panel is also under the bedroom where two toddlers sleep. The parents think having renter's insurance is enough. They won't see how dangerous this could be to their children and two dogs. This panel set a fire that will run along the wires to the furnace and ka-boom.

He's been told by the Township of Esquimalt that he would never have been given a legal status for the basement, as height requirements alone wouldn't meet the standard. The furnace, gas line, fireplace and electrical panel are also violations. So, this basement unit is decommissioned and illegal, but that won't stop him from renting it. He's a true slumlord.

Jeffery Woods also works for Canada Post and will violate anyone's privacy in his capacity as a landlord and postal worker. He doesn't care.
Alysen Cameron Send email
Apr 12, 2016

Nacel Properties Ltd

HeatherJM "I can write with some authority that this is beyond a doubt the worst company to rent from (or work for). I worked for Cressey Development Corp for 3 years as Norm Cressey's assistant (sct'y). He is a foul tempered man who subjects his employees to Dickensian abuse. He adores his high end condo development company (CDC) and uses his slummy property management company (Nacel) as leverage for the (generally) numbered companies he uses to do his developments under.

I put up with 3 years of being yelled at, called names and listened to awful abuse that he heaped onto his property managers and other employees. Screaming, throwing of things and verb abuse were not uncommon."

In 2005 I worked for this company as a Resident Manager. In six months I had nine Property Managers, including Norm Cressey. Within in the first month of my employment my purchase orders were never denied, repairs were completed, tenant relations rectified and I rented five out of 12 vacant units in one building. Norm never yelled at me, he respected me because I listened to his advice, took his idea of horse-trading and used it, kept within a tight budget and watched every penny, and mediated evictions without filing under the RTA. Norm Cressey hates the RTB.

It is too bad Norm is a bad judge of character: he surrounds himself with assholes, mainly women, who encourage his bad behaviour. yells at people because those closest to him encourage it. It's too bad he doesn't have the horse sense to know which employees have his back, and which don't. In 2005 five Coquitlam and Port Coquiitlam townhouse complexes were raided by the RCMP, because the units were over run with grow-ops, porn - including kiddie - studios. On the same day, the man named Kim, resigned as General Manager, and the rumor mill on the same day pegged Kim as gang affiliated. Kim was recommended by someone close to Norm in head office.

So, yes, there are a great many bad apples working and living in Nacel Property buildings. Yes, there are a good people working and renting, too. I say to those good people, call the assholes on the carpet and make sure they know their bullying has come to an end.
Alysen Cameron Send email
Apr 12, 2016

Nacel Properties Ltd

"I can write with some authority that this is beyond a doubt the worst company to rent from (or work for). I worked for Cressey Development Corp for 3 years as Norm Cressey's assistant (sct'y). He is a foul tempered man who subjects his employees to Dickensian abuse. He adores his high end condo development company (CDC) and uses his slummy property management company (Nacel) as leverage for the (generally) numbered companies he uses to do his developments under.

I put up with 3 years of being yelled at, called names and listened to awful abuse that he heaped onto his property managers and other employees. Screaming, throwing of things and verb abuse were not uncommon."
I, too, worked for Nacel as a Resident Manager in Coquitlam, 2005. In six months I had nine different supervisors, including Norm Cressey. Norm never yelled at me, and I always got approvals for repairs far faster than anyone else. Why? Because I listened to him and learned his idea of horse-trading, I did my due diligence and I could dig out the reason something needed replaced by the actions of previous employee. That being said, he yelled at everyone else, refused their Purchase Orders and made life hell for employees.

I think Norm Cressey's biggest failure is that he has surrounded himself with people who are assholes and will do anything to destroy other people's lives, employees to tenants and back again. He capitulates to flattery and is easily manipulated. The year I worked for him five townhouse complexes were raided by the police and shut down because the vast majority of the units were grow-ups, porn studios and kiddie porn included. The General Manager, Kim, resigned the same day and rumor had it this Kim character was a gang associate. Norm Cressey is not a good judge of character. Too bad he doesn't have the horse sense to know which employee has his back.
kennybee212 Send email
Feb 22, 2015

Lived in a Nacel/Cascadia Rental for 4 years

I live in a Nacel owned property, Victoria Gardens, 8655 Oak Street Vancouver, BC it is being overrun with mice!! I know I did not bring them in with me from over 4 years going on 5 years ago. First construction was being down on balconies then I leave my sliding glass balcony door slightly ajar, I then had 2 uninvited rodent guests for 2 weeks!! Took them that long to get an exterminator in!! Well that was 2012! Then in 2013 5 cars including mines are broken into in a supposedly secure underground parkade!! Well the corporate answer was it can happen to anyone!! Well not in a gated parking lot. I asked why do we not have cameras to at least partially discourage thieves?!?! Nacel's response: We have other properties with cameras and cars still are broken into! What a crock of feces!!! I have never lived in a more downtrodden building with such for the most part hardworking people!! The building managers Luda and Lydia are terrible!! They fire the one maintenance man who at least gave two crap with complaints because someone complained about his eating his lunch in the lobby!?!? WTF Now the mice are back!! I heard a squeaking noise in my pantry!! A neighbor has said his apartment was re-invaded 2 months ago!! Maintenance man stated they are coming in through the heating pipes penetrating the walls!! I am getting out as fast as I can!! Starting yesterday!! This is sad, unhealthy and disgusting!! No one, I repeat no one rent from these vile slumlords!! The tenants we are hard working, tax paying people and we are treated worst than if we never paid a cent in taxes or rent!!
Aland Send email
Jan 31, 2015

Nacel properties is finally improving

I am living near commercial Dr. in a Nacel building and find that they have finally started to hire ENGLISH speaking workers that are experienced. I had no water pressure coming from my bathroom shower head for about 4 months. The other maintenance guy would always say "the water pressure wont get higher" which was BS because the pressure was higher when I moved in. My heaters did not work. Now, finally everything works like it used too thanks to new maintenance guy. DONT LET THAT OLD GUY DO ANY MAINTENANCE, HE IS VERY RUDE AND DISHONEST AND THINKS HE KNOWS EVERYTHING!:@
CRESSEYisaCUNT! Send email
Jan 8, 2015

Blue Mountain Apartments 517 Blue Mountain St. Coq.B.C.

This building is a NIGHTMARE! Run down Common areas,broken regulators on common doors that SLAM loudly,Stench of dogs & dog urine in the hallways,loose handrails on stairwells,improper and UNSAFE lighting all around the building entrances.Simply put it is a DUMP! The Manager is a useless immigrant who cannot read english & clearly is a KID who could care less about running/managing this CRAPHOLE! As a result of the shall I say MIS-management this building is complete joke! The tenants for the most part knowing there is no oversight,are obnoxiously loud and annoying.Leaving their dogs to bark incessantly all day at the door while they are gone.LOUD slamming of their sliding doors,annoying music & video game sounds at excessive volume day and night.Drunks roaming the halls,drugs openly used as well as actual sex acts occuring on patios during the summer! The RCMP are at this location several times per week and they actually rammed down one tenants door on Christmay Day no less! It is such an unbelievable place to live that I am counting the days till I move out.Clearly the owners and as a result the Management do not care at all about making this a somewhat DECENT place to live.Owing to this I intend to "hit them where it hurts" during my final month of tenancy.As they have cost me reasonable enjoyment and any peace of mind during my tenancy,I will causing them as much stress and $$$$ as possible.As one with building maintenance experience in my past i know EXACTLY what systems to damage to cause MAXIMUM $$$$$ and will enjoy every moment whilest doing so>FUCK YOU CRESSEY YOU STUPID CUNT!
spida604 Send email
Dec 27, 2014

I am a maintenance worker and I feel bad for ppl who live in my buildings

To: the Managers, Tenants, and Executives of Cressey Developments and Nacel Properties ltd:

I am writing to bring to your attention a serious issue I had in your establishment last week. First off, I deliver my professional services to your company as a maintenance personnel(you are lucky to have me). About a week ago, I was doing maintenance on my main building to find that i was working in a mold induced environment. All of the mold and leaks are covered with a product called KIlllz premium stain blocker ordered from HD Supply. I know this because I became fully in contact with mold fibers that were in behind the KILLZ painted walls. Also, I found some tenants that were complaining that they were having breathing problems and he invited me into his premise to show me and a safety officer of Nacel properties the mold problem. The safety officer, then told the tenants that they would be fully taken care of after he got in contact head office.. And they still haven't heard anything as of yet. I have too much on my plate already to handle things like this on my own and I don't have the protective equipment.

I feel sick to my stomach(literally) when I see children entering the suites of my buildings because of the mold growth in the washrooms that get built up because of not having adequate cfm ratings in bathroom fans as they are suppose to prevent mold and mildew Growth from accumulated moisture in the air. I try to prevent this by cleaning fans and ducts so they run more efficiently and I attempting to order things that I need to make our properties safe( I still don't have a proper rated mask). The problem I am having is when ordering a new Fan, silicone and or anything that will prevent a gut job from happening(ex. buy a new fan $40 to prevent a $500 mold problem), either they are not willing to buy it or it takes forever( Not a efficient system for ordering/ trusting key employees). I have heard everything from " Its the end of the month, budgets are tight", or the classic " theres no one for approval" and the definite NO " we'll send it to head office"(stop with the bs..I work for a multi million dollar company) I know we got a credit line where we can squeeze 100 bucks. Today I am feeling sick from not having the right type of masks by entering a premise that has mold growth. Even though I'm just a maintenance personnel, I have done courses in the business field and I've come to the conclusion that If you're not willing to invest money and safety into the buildings how do you expect to keep revenues up? even tho all your properties are investments that you will tear down eventually and renew. How do you and your children sleep at night knowing your families company is making other people ill? <----- not good business

I am Glad that you guys are trying to re brand your company but theres still some drastic changes that still need to be made. And for tenants entering a new suite PLEASE GET EVERYTHING IN WRITING and get all repairs in WRITING because these guys dont give a shit about you. They only care about the 1st of each month when they come begging for rent(revenue). trust me Ive heard stories from managers that have been working 10 plus years for these companies. Lastly someone from the city was at our property taking tests of potential mold spots so Nacel might have some explaining. I'm just a ant in the company and I just want to make our company grow into the right path where tenants and managers make a mutual understanding.

If someone from Cressey reads this please help our workers and tenants build a better foundation and community because as of yet things aren't working good as your profile managers are telling you they are. "Money wont follow you to the grave" even if you have residual income.


from a concerned worker and human being working for this company

I Have pics too if anyone wants to see

DEC 27th, 2014(RECENT)
Jennn Send email
May 17, 2014

Nacel properties

I lived in a building run by nacel properties and I almost died from the mould. I had to quit my jobs because of health and finally moved out but I still have not completely recovered. I would never rent from them again,not ever!
Jewelliette Send email
May 8, 2014

Nacel Properties

I had to post this after seeing Nacel properties being defended by supposed employees. I have lived in two different Nacel Property locations and each falls under the mess that is being described above and even worse. The first one was a townhouse complex called Wellington Estates. My townhouse was so badly run down that the roof leaked, the building envelope was compromised with cracks, there were rats and even bed bugs. I complained and complained. They handed me a can of Raid for the bed bugs. I moved. I lost everything. As a single parent, it was devastating to have to dispose of furniture because I was afraid of bringing bed bugs with me to my next place.

I moved into Shannon Gardens. Boy was I stupid. They were run by Nacel Properties as well but I originally blamed management at the townhouse complex for all the issues. The apartment block was even worse. The hallways reeked of urine. Those fountains you see running in the pictures...nope. Not even once. The pool was closed for the entire year I was there ... they said they were waiting for parts to make repairs but they seemed to "never come". When we asked for a reduction in rent because the pool was off limits for so long, we were refused. I got trapped in the elevator one night. Finally had to call the fire department to get me out. The list goes on and on. I should have known when on the day of moving in, the toilet started to leak badly. Maintenance came up to the unit, removed the toilet and said they couldn't do repairs today because they didn't have approval for the parts. I ranted and stomped but they stood their ground. We were moving into an apartment with no working toilet. We were finally loaned a key for an empty unit down the hall so we could go to the bathroom. And yes, they with held some of my deposit when I moved to paint. Mind you when I moved in, it hadn't been freshly painted either.

These people posting and defending Nacel? I swear they must be family of the owners. Only an idiot wouldn't see what the rest of us saw and smelled....not to mention being eaten alive by bed bugs. Never in my adult life did I ever think I would be so vehement about something like this but I truly and absolutely HATE Nacel Properites
peter jones Send email
Apr 2, 2014

nacel properties

i have worked for nacel properties and lived in one of their apt for 6 years and i have to say that the company has always treated me fairly and although the building i live in is old, they maintain it quite well but of course there is always glitches believe me i know as i do maintenance for several other buildings and sometimes it is hard to get to the bottom of problems like intermittent leaks etc. but i can assure you that i take great pride in my work as do most employees for this company.
so please remember we at nacel are striving for the best possible service we can offer thank you for your time
sund2 Send email
Feb 5, 2014

Nacel Property is a SCAM!

Nacel Properties is a SCAM!!!! DONT EVER TRUST WHAT THEY TELL YOU! i was promised many things to be fixed in the house but none were done. After we cleaned , we were still charged over $200 on my damage deposit for cleaning and cleaning supply. Lidia was the landlord and she works for Nacel properties. She is THE WORST in customer service and her attitude is disgusting. I complained to her supervisor but i guess they are friends or relatives so noting happened and the supervisor stop returing my calls.

-Floor rotten damage in bathroom
-piss on the ground
-heater on the main floor dont work
-bunch of light bulbs burned out
-Garbage in front of my lawn
-creep caretaker always looking through the window to see my GF( We were going to call the cops)
-Wood burning fire place is disgusting and dont work
-Closet doors dont close
-house smelled like a dieing cat
-the walls were yellow.

We were promised all these things would be taken care of but none was. She threaten me to go to court ever sentence that comes out of her mouth, even though we paid and ended our lease on time with no damage to the place. After this experince, i want to make it a goal so no one would have to go through this BS!!!! Please help share so this company would see it needs CHANGES. I will post this on every single social media and blogs until the issue is resolved.
saveyourdramaforyourmama Send email
Jan 2, 2014

Nacel Properties Ltd

oops, put down 2013, when in fact 2012.
saveyourdramaforyourmama Send email
Jan 2, 2014

Nacel Properties Ltd.

There are always two sides to a story. I agree, some managers are not qualified, but to bash a whole company is wrong. I have worked for the company close to four years and have made so many improvements with the help of Cressey and the property management team My hard work paid off, because now i have nice tenants and clean buildings. I feel i have to say something because people get upset and blog stuff they don't really know anything about. I remember running accross a complaint that Nacel were so dumb because they locked the fire escape. Attached to this comment was a picture showing this so called fire escape with a lock on it. Apparantly the city said that was illegal. Well, it was in fact a roof hatch, and it was locked so that not every Tom, Dick or Harry could go on the roof. So you see, if you were to read that you would think 'wow, what a bunch of idiots to lock a fire escape." So you see there is always two sides to the story. I am sure some people have had issues, and all companies do, but as I said earlier, you shouldn't bash a whole company for one or two managers that are not right for the job. Nacel is making their place on the map, and deserve to do so.I can't help but notice someone put these up here trying to hurt Nacel, perhaps because they lost in RTB or genuinely had a very bad experience.
I do have to notice that all these complaints are posted on the same day February 23rd 2013. Hmmm, makes you wonder how all these can be posted on the same day! Most of theses posts are from five years ago from other websites, and many improvements had been made!!!
Nacel is not a bad company to rent from or to work for. Both sides needs to work together to make a harmonious living environment.
Just my two cents worth :)
HeatherJM Send email
Feb 7, 2013

Nacel Properties Ltd.

I can write with some authority that this is beyond a doubt the worst company to rent from (or work for). I worked for Cressey Development Corp for 3 years as Norm Cressey's assistant (sct'y). He is a foul tempered man who subjects his employees to Dickensian abuse. He adores his high end condo development company (CDC) and uses his slummy property management company (Nacel) as leverage for the (generally) numbered companies he uses to do his developments under.

I put up with 3 years of being yelled at, called names and listened to awful abuse that he heaped onto his property managers and other employees. Screaming, throwing of things and verb abuse were not uncommon.

Now that being said, you may ask "why would you move into one of his buildings then?" . The answer is simple, I has dogs. About 6 years after I quit working for him at Cressey, I ended up marrying a person with two dogs and that's probably the only decent thing about a Nacel building is its a place you can live with your pet.

My then- husband took the vacant resident manager position in the building and we rented to a fairly nice class of people and did out best, but I can tell you that all of the complaints on this and other boards are true. You were advised that repairs were going to be made and they were not, or they were so substandard they may as well not have been, tenants security deposits were NEVER returned without a Residential Tenancy battle, our fire system was inoperable for 6 months until a friend who was a fireman reported it to the City, so much more, the elevator was never working properly, Tenancy applications asked for personal information well outside the realms of the required Acts. So much more I can't even list it.

Finally, Norm had a minion working for him, an awful troll called Kim Hollett that did his bidding, lied in residential tenancy hearings, falsified documentation to take to hearings, etc. He was the talking head of Nacel at the time, reporting directly to Norm. i understand that Mr. Hollett no longer works for Nacel but I would advise any prospective renters to check the management in the company that they are renting from because if Mr. Hollett is still employed in property management, then he is still an amoral human and will not hesitate to rip you off.

A new area manager was hired to replace S, the area manager we reported to. My then husband was fired with no notice given. No big deal, he was a terrible resident manager anyway. However I knew enough at the beginning of our tenancy to have the apartment in MY name and have a clause written in that the apartment was not a manager suite in the event that employment terminated. Despite that clause Kim Hollet, Norm Cressey et al made 13 attempts in 5 months to have us evicted because we knew too much about the operations at Nacel. I obtained a Supreme Court injunction against them to cease and desist and continued to live in the building until I chose to move out.

So to summarize, amoral, scammy, deceptive slumlords.
Angry A Xmas Send email
Feb 23, 2012


I totally agree with the fact that Nacel is a Horrible company! I live at Glendale Apts. on Westview Street in Coquitlam. It is currently 2:26 pm on Friday December 23rd and I just helped an elderly lady who just got out of the hospital after 2 months. I had to help her retrieve all of her memories (old photos, bibles, albums etc.) from soggy boxes on the front lawn because yesterday afternoon they had a moving company come in and throw ALL of her life possessions on the lawn in the rain 2 days before christmas!!! They told her that it was a Bailiff that did it and when I contacted the tenancy branch they told me that a bailiff would never put belongings on the lawn unsecured and they guess that it was an illegal eviction! These people are horrible!
Theirishdish Send email
Feb 23, 2012

poor management

I live in a building in North Vancouver that is infested with ants, and they are not the usual kind of ants, hard to say if the are thief ants or pharaoh ants. They are everywhere!!! I have a toddler and found them on her face at night. They are now in our beds, bathtub, kitchen. They are almost impossible to get rid of and they carry things like ecoli and staff. They bite and have the ability to sting, my body is the proof of that! And ya this prop managment is really slow in getting things done, they for some reason wont clean my carpets I have been living here for 9 months and all they say is it will get done.
Klmb Send email
Feb 23, 2012

bad management and illegal practices

I threw bleach on the mould and complain openly and loudly to whomever will listen... we have gone through yet another live in manager...this latest one lasted less then two weeks.
KE. Send email
Feb 23, 2012


We also live in this building and agree with absolutely everything that F.U has said. The way management treats employees disgusts me on a daily basis! The "secure" parking garage that is included in our rent has been wide open for 3 weeks now. In the last year our car has been broken into 4 times in said "secure" parking and our bikes stolen. The jacuzzi, also included in rent, is under lock and key which you have to get from the Manager who is never in the Office or available by phone. This last week the Garbage Chute was locked up because the fire department told them they had to clean it and fix it; instead they withdrew the service. Three of a list of things that are supposedly included in the rent but are now unavailable without a corresponding rent reduction. We have witnessed many seriously questionable evictions and the number of times the Residential Tenancy Act has been completely blown out of the water and disregarded by these people is ridiculous. Nacel is the worst management company I have experienced in 20 years of being a renter and that is saying a lot!
F.U Send email
Feb 23, 2012


The recent management that has been hired to this apartment is Unprofessional and is unsuitable canditate for the position. I say this b/c
#1) During a Monthly apartment check, when she first started, she came right into my suite and examined everything, which seem quite invasive. Than told me how clean i was, and how much she loved my suite..a couples months later she evicted my neighbors and took over their suite. Must be nice to evicted pple over false pretences and just to get what you want.
#2) Invading tenants Privacy by listening at there doors!!
#3) She uses tenants, for free labor and than later mistreats them, talks down to them and treats them like dogs. Finds reasons to evicted them
#4) Is always knocking at our door and/or calling our home phone on her convience.
#5) Elevators are constinatly "Out of Order" for days on end ans nothing gets done. We have 100 suites and one elevator
#6) She never in the office to take complaints, the jobs Monday- Friday 9-5pm. She always at home which happens to be on the same floors. it must be nice to be at home and get paid for it.
#7) Broken locks on front doors and other doors
#8) Broken secrutiy gate is left unattended for days on end while peoples cars gwet broken into.
#9) LAck of access into storage
#10) Using same keys for locks on doors.
Klmb Send email
Feb 23, 2012

bad management and illegal practices

our pool on 15th in north van was closed just in time for summer also, black mould seems to be a pre requisite for nacel rental apartments... i threw a liter of bleach on a mouldy leaking storage locker just the other day... and to add to our lovely pets (goldfish and dog) we now have mice!
Klmb Send email
Feb 23, 2012

poor management

What manager? we have lived in the Nacel building at 250 E 15th for more then 365 days... we have met more then 12 new managers who have lasted no more then 5 or 7 days each! and now, to mix with the slum type atmosphere...MICE, RODENTS...VERMIN...AND WHEN BROUGHT UP IN FRONT OF MANAGEMENT AND BUILDING CARETAKER BASICALLY IM TOLD TO HANDLE IT ON MY OWN... nice...well so you know all mice caught are going straight through your mail slot. Thanks.
Bla Send email
Feb 23, 2012

poor management

1585 E.6th The management in the building was horrific the year and a half that I lived there. Some examples include: not properly screening potential tenants, not addressing bug issues, entering tenants apartments when we were not home, not repairing or even maintaining the building- examples ; roof, stove, laundry machines, lobby carpet, the whole gambit. The building is sinking due to having built it on a swamp I was told with a chuckle and that has caused the 90 degree angles in my window to shift and not allow it to open. A year and half later I finally moved due to what appeared to be an earnest disinterest in any solution. The building is over-run with cockroaches ; I was told by Donna(manager) that there were none when I asked before moving in. Over the time I lived there I came to see that everything that came out of her mouth was either self serving or a lie or both. Messages left at head office were never returned.
Patricia Kepler Send email
Feb 23, 2012

bad management and illegal practices

move out monkey
Enoughnow Send email
Feb 23, 2012

bad management and illegal practices

we have had 4 managers since we moved in feb.1st, one that didnt even last a week.We liked the building mostly because the pool for the summer onlt now the health warden closed it! yuck! There is black mold on EVERY window and the balcony door and its now coming through where it was just painted over in the bathroom. I had to have my toilet replaced after many many complaints of it leaking and we had to lay down towels the manager finally listened when I told him it looked like spider webs it was cracked so bad that it would shatter and cause extensive damage to ajoining apts, then we got a new one.And another thing is there is NO FIRE ALARMS in the apartments! I thought that was illegal and its an old wooden building! And every time we have a heavy rain storm I really am scared our roof will collapse, it has in the apt next to mine and across the hall!!I am pretty sure the mold is physically making me sick, I have headaches, dizzyness and nauseau and very tired, my Dr. is taking test next week to find out.I wish I had never moved here...never!
Patricia Kepler Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Ignoring Residential Tenancy Act and ignoring poor living conditions

I guess you are wrong or very picky. I never wait more than 24 for repairs. I understood for my manager that some tenants don't get too much attention because the manager wants to get rid of them. This might be your case

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