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berta Send email
May 31, 2017

Cascadia Apartment Rentals

Please, save yourself a lot of time and money and NEVER rent from this company. Dealing with the incredibly rude building manager (Eton Street building) can not be described otherwise as a freaking nightmare. Don't expect you'll get your whole security deposit back, they will charge you for everything. Oh, and the Eton building is infested with mice and cockroaches, so once again, NEVER rent from Cascadia apartment rentals!!!
Hating Cascadia apt Send email
Nov 5, 2016

Cascadia Apt. rentals

I agree with all the comments above. My partner and i have lived at 2365 Mclean drive for almost 8 years. We have not moved because we cannot afford another apartment in our neighbourhood that we can afford. In this time we have been through almost as many building managers and Maintenance support staff. The high turnover rate is a sign of the low pay and zero support given to these staff to do their jobs. The only consistency and security in the whole building has been the cleaning lady (Marry). She was the only person who took the time to get to know tenants and cared about their well-being. We've had two floods in our suite, one from the storm drain on our balcony backing up where water seeped into the building from the outside; the other from a burst pipe in the hallway that rained water down through our ceiling. It took them a day to stop the leak, and they did not clean up the mess. It took 5 years to get them to replace a section of wall that was mouldy. Do yourself a favour do not live in any building managed by Nacel Properties or Cacadia Apartments they are the same sleazy company that doesn't give a shit about its tenets or the state of its buildings. PS. Saqib was our manager who was then replaced by Gina , I think they just move managers around when too many people complain. These guys are total slum landlords. We've had mice, cockroaches and mould. Don't give them your money. They try to evict us all the time for stupid reasons. and they come knocking on our door anytime they want with no notice. They seem to pit tenets against each other as evidenced on this message board.
Fuckyounacel Send email
Nov 23, 2015

3615 Victoria Dr

DO NOT LIVE HERE. No matter what you do. The landlord is so annoying hes actually saved as a contact in my phone as "Annoying". When we moved in he called and knocked a million times during late hours and told me I need to answer his texts, like sorry Im not glued to my phone, all because he couldnt wait to get the pet deposit. Now we are moving out and of course wont see our deposit back. This shitty place and shitty landlord and shitty company are one of many we've had to deal with. Rent with Capreit, they are waaay better.
ekp Send email
Sep 5, 2014

Nacel / Cressey / Cascadia

I lived in one of their apartments and it was by far the worst rental experience I've ever had. The only positive was that I was only stuck there for 6 months since the lease was shorter than the typical year (and it was still 6 months too long).

A week after I moved in, I came home to my kitchen crawling with ants. I tried repeatedly to get a hold of the landlords by calling and leaving messages and when they refused to return my call, I started calling Nacel. Still nothing and all the while I'm forced to kill about 50 ants a day crawling all over my counters and floors. After almost a week with none of my calls returned, I left a letter under the landlord's door saying I would be filing a dispute with the Residential Tenancy Branch. They called within a couple of hours but it took them a full two months to have an exterminator deal with the problem. They somehow thought that buying two ant traps in the meantime (which did absolutely nothing about the problem) was sufficient. Approximately 6 weeks after the visit from the exterminator, I noticed another massive ant colony forming behind the heater in my leaving room. It took another 2-3 weeks to have an exterminator in to deal with that problem.

In addition to the ant issue, I came home on numerous occasions to notices that my apartment had been entered due to an "emergency leak." I have never seen evidence of a leak in the apartment and the second time this happened, I called the landlord for more information. She said "I don't know. If the note says there's a leak, then there's a leak. It might be upstairs or downstairs from you." It happened two more times after that, and that's not including all the times they actually gave the required 24-hours notice to enter, for reasons that still aren't entirely clear (e.g. inspections, monthly smoke alarm tests which they claimed were required by law but then randomly stopped doing those tests about 3 months into my tenancy, etc).

The plumbing was terrible: the toilet was always running, the bathroom sink was like a trickle of lukewarm water, and in the 7 minutes I was in the shower every day, I would have to re-adjust the temperature about 10 times.

The landlord was incredibly rude and unhelpful in all of my dealings with her. I was in my last apartment for over 5 years and never had a single problem. Avoid this company and this place at all costs.
Jennn Send email
May 17, 2014


Renter beware Nacel has changed their name to Cascadia
Geekaalert Send email
Mar 22, 2012

Inexcusable rental management practices!

I worked for Nacel Properties, don't bother calling the media - Global and all the other media outlets have already done reports. You can check the rentals board and see that Nacel is a frequently reported company.
Almost every Property Manager that they hired was as crooked as the company itself, dreaming up extra charges to charge the tenants and asking for cash payments.
Nacel NEVER gives back security deposits without deducting for painting and carpet cleaning (plus anything else they can dream up) but NEVER do the painting or cleaning unless the unit is really bad.
Do yourselves a favor and never move into a Nacel property. If you live in a Nacel property, protect yourself legally.
Your Worst Nightmare Assholes Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Poor Management

Yup, everyting this person has said is true, I have experienced the same myself. Very bad management at this place...The managers are crooks and nothing gets done if need be, they just want your money and that's it.
Your Worst Nightmare Assholes Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Poor Management

Where do i begin? First off i just wanted to say that the manager and assistant manager at 7351 Halifax street are SCUMBAGS and SCAM ARTISTS! They clearly DON'T QUALIFY as managers and should be FIRED DUE TO LACK OF MANAGEMENT SKILLS! WHERE DO THESE ASSHOLES GET OFF THINKING THEY CAN GET AWAY WITH WHAT THEIR DOING??? Seriously how are they licensed??? Or better yet are they??? And if so where did they get their license from, out of a cracker jack box!!! Then there's the maintenance crew OMG WHAT A JOKE THEY ARE!!! One is a crack head and is strung out all the time. These people are a TOTAL JOKE and make what could be a nice place to live in a total nightmare! I moved in this place several years back thinking it was the perfect place to live in being that it was a pet friendly building as said in the ad and a great location. The suite i moved into wasn't in good live in condition, so I brought it to Lidia's attention, Lidia's the manager and not a very good one at that!...The carpet was in bad shape first off, it had burn marks on it and it looked very dirty. It stunk like a combination of mildue, wet dog and cigarette smoke. The walls still had holes in them from the previous tenant, it wasn't painted and she said everything was done which was clearly a lie. I pointed out all that was wrong with the suite and she told me that they would fix it...So i figured if that were the case then why not. I couldn't pass up the opportunity, she seemed nice, sincere and accommodating plus it's a great location, the rent was reasonable and it's animal friendly which can be so hard to find out there unfortunately...When i moved in she gave me a sheet to fill out that entailed all that was wrong with the living conditions. Lidia then told me not to worry about checking things off and told me that they would get around to doing what ever needed to be done when they had time. Silly me i took her word for it in thinking that they would, boy was i wrong. After moving in there, i find out that there is so much wrong with the place. The plumbing situation was horrible, the water in my bath tub and bathroom sink kept backing up. When i asked for the maintenance guy to come and fix it, he said it supposed to be like that and no I'm not joking, tryed with a plunger a few times and that was it, so my sink and bath tub are supposed to be backed up, ya ok? There were stains on the ceiling due to the flooding issues they have in the building, i had the joy of experiencing a flood in my kitchen...One day water started pouring out from the ceiling in the kitchen and there was water every where, the maintenance crew came around to fix it a couple of weeks later, it still leaked. My dishwasher didn't work and would over flow, asked if they could replace it and they said no, the walls never got patched and painted nor did they do anything about the carpet in which should have been removed, nothing got done. They would constantly have the plumbing shut off which really sucked. I got warned to get rid of my pets or id have to move out? My pets are so well behaved, house trained not to mention clean. Like myself i am a cleanaphobe, so where do they get off? That was total b.s cuz in the ad it said PETS OK and I'm a good, clean tenant. All i have to say is bring it!! They tryed to pin one months rent not paid on me when i have paid my rent...Lidia tryed to rip me off for 25$ and came up with the lamest excuse in that i was late on payment for rent when i always have money in my account for them to collect for the rent and have records to prove it...LIKE SERIOUSLY ARE THESE PEOPLE ON CRACK??? What are they thinking??? I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone and it's too bad because it's a really nice area but it's people like this who ruin it for everyone!
B4warned Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Inexcusable rental management practices!

My family and I moved in this past May 2011, after meeting some of our neighbours, we found out that they had very little if any respect for Nacel Properties, Cressi or the landlords of our complex, which I quickly realized why. We did take things easy and didn't worry about too many things until my requests for repairs would take up to 3 times until something was finally taken care of. We also had flooding/leaking issues, as the basement of our t/h would flood when it rained, and the kitchen would also flood from the roof, this would go through the kitchen cupboard, making it's way to the floor. The food would then need to be throw out. There were water marks behind the stove and the wall began to blister. The basement would have a musty smell after it would flood, eventually the lingering smell remained. The washing machine was not working properly, causing me to due laundry at the laundromat or wash the clothing anywhere from 2-4 times, soaking them first. The first repairman that came to look at the machine, came without tools, and told me that I needed to be using hotter water and higher level of water. He did nothing to figure out the issue. The second time he arrived, was also pretty much a waste of time. By the third complaint, I received a new machine, in the meantime, I was putting out extra costs for my utility bills, laundry supplies and laundromat fees. We have caught 2 rats on our own. The gutters desperately needed cleaning, as we had a waterfall at our front door, this took a couple of requests before this taken care of. One of my neighbours told me it took her almost 4 years before anything was done with her requests for repairs. I didn't want to have a fire in our wood burning fireplace, as there are so many trees, and had to request the trees be trimmed enough to be able to have a fire. The bathroom leaked down into the basement. The bathroom lights would sometimes turn on other times not, sometimes you could turn on the fan light and then the light would come on, I was told there was nothing that could be done about that. When you turn on/off the main bathroom light, our computer, on the other side of the house would make a noise, We had decided that we would remain living in the house, deal with the issues, keep on putting in requests for repairs for a few more months, only to wind up getting an eviction notice. Nacel Properties, is certainly just looking to add to their bank accounts, they are not their for their tenants. Now I understand the comment from one of our neighbours, when they told me that they were having a difficult time keeping tenants...
Marie361975 Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Refund of Damage Deposit

i just got an eviction notice on my door because people have been complaining that i have been leaving my garbage in the hallway! well i assure u that i haven't been doing that! i am a clean person and have never in my life ever got treated this way! I phone the manager at maple place towers and said what the hell was this??? and he said he didn't know and he is still going to give me two months probation and a warning! he also said that they went through my garbage and looked at my mail. can they do that????? is that legal??? this isn't the first time this has happened and i am sick of being treated like a criminal or a fool! I am married and i don't tolerate this behavior... I think we will be moving out very very soon...

Nacel Properties (maple place towers are criminals themselves)
Dirk Rosendaal Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Refund of Damage Deposit

After moving out of Maple Place Towers in April 2010, the landlord keep the damage deposit of $500.00 claiming that he did not get 30 days notice. They did receive written notice 30 days prior to moving out but it appears that they may have lost it or got confused when another tenant in another building with the same apartment number that was also moving out the same day.

In order to get back the damage deposit a complaint was filed with the RTB (Residential Tenancy Board) of BC. A hearing took place in early September 2010. The Board ruled that the landlord was in error in keeping the damage deposit and on September 30, 2010 issues an ordered to Nacel Properties to pay back the damage deposit, associated bank costs, plus a penalty equal the the damage deposit totaling $1, 082.00. The appeal period expired, and Nacel was served with a copy of the Order as well and a letter requesting payment with instruction to make the payment by November 25, 2010 as well as to where it was to be deliver as set out in the RTB rules.

On November 30, 2010 a representative of Nacel advised that they would not be appealing the ruling and would be paying the money as ordered. However, the owner of the property was away and they would be seeing him Monday Dec 6, 2010 to get a cheque and have it signed.

As of Dec 8, 2010 no payment has been received from Nacel. They have not returned numerous calls to them and have provide no explanation as to why they have not paid the money owing. The next step is filing a claim against them in Small Claims Court which will incur more costs.
Justeast Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Residence at 423 E. 10th. Ave.

"She cleaned the building of all bad tenant"

Yeah... I lived in an a Nacel apartment. Saqib was the manager and was awesome but they for some reason replaced him with Gina when he was doing just fine and everybody loved him. Eviction notices were handed out to anyone who seemed to be "bad" (like playing music a bit loud during the DAY when NO ONE complained except Gina; they were basically handed out to anyone she didn't like). I overheard one tenant talking to someone working for Gina (her husband?) saying that he can't be given an eviction notice for no reason. We received an eviction notice (which we had reversed) because our neighbours across the hall apparently complained about us playing loud music. First of all you can't even hear loud music from another suite across the hall when in your own apartment. Second, we talked to them and asked if we had ever been too noisy and if they complained and they said no; they also played music as loud as us as well as our neighbours beside us and above us who we were on good terms with.

Also received another eviction notice for not paying rent on time when in fact I did pay for it on time. The notice was for someone else in an apartment in ANOTHER BUILDING.

"Isabella2008, i dont know where you live but you must be one of those pot smoking neighbors we have."
annoyed1222 I don't think so, it's all the nice pot smoking neighbours she was trying to evict!

Anyways, 2 months after Gina became the building manager we gave notice. A woman who came to check out the suite asked me about the building so I told her the truth: much nicer apartments can be found for the same price if not a bit cheaper plus Gina is not a good building manager. She didn't move in.

We moved out within 3 months of her starting and got just over half of our deposit back. We're in a much more relaxed and cheaper living situation plus I'm able to put over $1000 a month to pay off debt and put into savings.
Graveley1436 Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Residence at 423 E. 10th. Ave.

burnedx2, I didn't make a long winded statement on the 10th June, you may want to edit your post.
Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Residence at 423 E. 10th. Ave.

I moved into this building in the summer time and out less than 6 months later. The day I was moving in water started leaking through the walls in the kitchen. The landlord never properly addressed the situation stating it was a pipe that burst and that was it. Nothing in the suite was looked at to determine the amount of mold the property contained. The second day in the building I met a young father who was dumping all of his belonging and quite aggrivated at having bed bugs in his new apartment. His wife and young daughter were also at risk. The apartment was not properly cleaned or they would have known this. He had to destroy most belongings. This is not the only reported case of bed bugs in this apartment building. I arrived home on several occasions to find the front door unlocked. It remained in this condition for the entire 6 months I lived there. Meanwhile suites were being broken into and the Landlord, Gina did nothing to address this with the tenants. Needless to say this is not a friendly building to live in. Mail is stolen and urine in the elevators. Drugs are rampant in the building. How these people stay in business accepting tenant such as these I'll never know. I was convinced to go on a Direct Withdrawl system of paying the rent which was fine until the Landlord didn't properly cancel the request at the bank. I wound up paying a months rent there and therefore bouncing my rent check at my currect residence. I took 10 days for them to return my money in the form of a check. I was originally told the funds would just be returned to my account by the Landlord. She gave me the run around for a week and said they would pay none of my incured costs. Save yourself some heart-ache and don't move into this building at 423 East 10th Ave. in Vancouver, B.C. and do not rent in a building without checking the or any building "maintained" by Nacel Properties Ltd.
Graveley1436 Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Inexcusable rental management practices!

Ijustneed... Definitely re-think and don't do it! You only have to put Nacel into google to find it all.
Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Inexcusable rental management practices!

In mid August, 2007 I signed a one year lease effective September 1, 2007 with Westland Townhomes, a property owned and managed by Nacel Properties Ltd. I was asked if I could hold off moving in till the 2nd or 3rd so that the carpets could be cleaned and the unit painted. I was fortunate in that I was able to hold off taking occupancy and was willing to do so. Much to my chagrin, I was advised on day of move in (September 5th, 2007) that the unit had not been painted and that the painters would not be able to paint the unit for several days. As most children, mine were eager to set up their rooms and get settled, as such I chose not to have the unit painted because of the disruption it would cause in the long run, and since they had 5 full days to do so, I was not willing to put my family in further disruption than they were already in with the move.

One September 7th, 2007, we suffered our first flood. About 7pm that evening my son stepped into about 3 inches of water. Where the leak came from was unknown except that it "appeared" to come from the upstairs bathroom, as reported by the resident maintenance person, who also tried to imply that the flood was a result of someone not being "careful while taking a shower". Strange thing with that is that no one had taken a shower at the time of the flood or anytime that day. Nothing further was done, and the promise for a new stove never came to pass.

On December 4th, 2007 at about 10pm I noticed a strong smell of something burning. The closer to the stairwell I got the stronger the odor. When I reached to top of the stairs (where the furnace closet is situated) the odor was so strong that I began choking. I quickly ran down the stairs, turned off the thermostat, went next door to the resident manager, reported what I had observed and requested that she come to take a look... she never did!

On the morning of December 5th, 2007 I turned on the thermostat and didn't hear the tell tale click that the furnace had started. I went up to the furnace, the pilot light was on, there was no reason that I could see why it wouldn't turn on. I contact Terasen Gas and asked for their advice, they suggested that I contact the property management as there was no apparent reason on their end as to why the furnace would not start. I did so and over the course of the next 2 days (left with no heat in the dead of winter) the maintenance person finally repaired the furnace. As it turns out the filter had not been changed in over a year according to his records, as a result it caught fire, burning through the transformer and several other components. My quick forethought of shutting off the thermostat prevented further damage not only to the furnace but to my residence and perhaps the three adjacent residences. I finally had heat on December 7th, 2007. I should also note here that the gas fireplace also failed to work during this time. All that was done to get it to work, was a couple of hits with a screwdriver across the burner.

On February 1st, 2008, we were hit with a second flood, a hot water pipe under the front hall had burst. This was immediately reported. As this occurred in the evening, nothing could be done till the next morning. Once again the resident maintenance person came in to "assess the situation". A plumber was called in and after several hours of jack-hammering, the pipe was eventually fixed. However, I was once again left with a horrendous amount of laundry to do (towels used to soak up the water and clothing that had been soaked by the water filling the main floor bathroom (where the laundry machines are also housed) and cleanup following the repairs (floors and walls to wash). At this time I requested to be moved to another unit, I was asked to reconsider, I did so reluctantly (hind sight, that was not a bright thing to do).

At 2 am on February 29th, 2008, I was woken with the sound of running water. When I got up to investigate, I stepped solidly into about 6" of ice cold water, with a urine odor. I ran upstairs only to step into another 6" of water in the upper hall way and the bathroom fully covered in water that was bubbling out from under the toilet. The toilet, which had been reported prior to this, failed to stop flushing yet again. I hit the flush handle and eventually the water stopped running, however the odor in the bathroom, hall way and throughout the main floor (kitchen, hallway, livingroom) was evident that it was from the toilet (septic). The water had poured through my cupboards, into light fixtures, through the ceiling, down walls, onto my furniture, into my appliances on the counter, literally everywhere. I lost untold amounts of food as a result, in addition to the cost of clean up which I bore in order to salvage what I could salvage of my belongings and clothing, etc. I have to wonder now if the first "unknown origin" flood of September 7th, 2007 and this last flood are related.

Since this flood, I have requested to be moved to another unit, withheld the rent for March, as a means of recouping my costs (cleaning and increased utility). I have been told that I will not be permitted to move to another unit until the rent for March is paid in full, and on March 15th, 2008 was served with a 10 day eviction notice.

Nacel Properties Ltd. is a poor excuse for a residential management company that fails consistently to provide safe and healthy rental units, be they apartments or townhouses... Lord knows what the properties they sell are like, from my own research, they're not to be touched either. Beware of renting from Nacel Properties Ltd. They treat good tenants like garbage!

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