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lsledge Send email
Oct 6, 2019

Nationstar/Mr. Cooper Fraud

I am doing my own footwork on Nationstar/Mr. Cooper and found out that they do not have a Promissory Note, a document stating that they are the holders of my loan, they are not listed at the Cook County Assessors office as a Servicing company and, they actually went to the assessors office and paid for a copy of my mortgage to fraudulently submit it to the courts stating that they have a security interest. too stupid to see that the actual lender is noted on the mortgage documents, NOT STUPID NATIONSTAR/MR. COOPER. Everyone, do your own footwork to go up against these SICK Nationstar/Mr. Cooper people, they use the suffering of others to make money even if its fraud. Read your Mortgage loan papers to see who actually holds your mortgage documents and Promissory Note, and, who is your actual Lender, these are the people who have standing to take your home. The Servicer of your loan is not always the person who gave money for your home loan, also, check to see if your Mortgage papers has a demand and acceleration clause, if not, no one can demand full payment or send you an "acceleration notice, Bankruptcy attorneys do not look out for your best interest and are waiting for you to default on your bankruptcy if you have filed. If you can afford to, get a Real Estate Agent whom you can trust. I obtain an attorney who appears to be working with Nationstar/Mr. Cooper who is trying to take my home. I am filing a motion on my behalf to the Judge to let her know that the attorneys, on both sides, are hiding Nationstar/Mr.Coopers fraudulent acts. Judges don't know what's going on if no one tells them. Contact your local television stations to do investigations on Nationstar/Mr. Cooper who already has numerous complaints and lawsuits against them, also contact the Consumer financial Protection organizations.
Donna dietrich Send email
Aug 11, 2019


This horrible company. All 9f a sudden in 2018 paid my taxes that I legally have deferred. It was fine since 2014 all of a sudden they started charging me escrow amounts plus then charging me late fees because I refused to pay extra I have never been late this has been going on for a yr and a half they are crooks now threatening foreclosure I'm on a fixed income but pay 5 per cent Int and a good customer. Neither dept knows what the other is doing. I need an Attorney or in a class action.thevstress they are putting me through is beyond fair.
Msawyer Send email
Nov 7, 2018


Has anyone had any luck filling with the state of Texas against Nationstar? I sold the house that was with them and yet they refuse to send me MY escrow check and sent it to the lawyer I had trying to keep the house. The case has been closed over a yr yet they still insist it is not closed since the lawyer won't write them a letter. This has been unbelievable! They have been horrible to work with the whole time I have been stuck with them.
Msawyer Send email
Nov 7, 2018


My mortgage was with Nationstar aka Me. Cooper. We had a lawyer right after Bank of America refused to work with us over one missed payment due to my husband being laid off. Nationstar tried to foreclose on us within no time. The lawyer stunk but we did get to keep the house and case over. Nationstar got the court paperwork but not enough for these wolves. I finally sold the house since the bankers and lawyers ruined my love for it. Now Nationstar sent MY eacrow money to the lawyer who hasn't been involved for over and year and refuse to cut me a check as they insist he is still attached. Any advice here would be welcomed!!!
Foozballer Send email
Oct 9, 2018

Mr Cooper

Hello, I am looking for a lawyer that will go up against Mr. Cooper(AKA NationStar) for the bad practices they are doing against us consumers. I am looking for more people going through the same thing and would like to know of a good lawyer to take on this company and get them away from being a mortgage company. Here is a little what has happened, with them never contacting me.
I have been trying get them to look at my tax bill and adjust to the correct amount, but I never get any response and they keep changing companies for the re-evaluation, so that they don't not get the fault of not correcting my account. Then they will not attach the money that I do pay to the current account and will wait until the whole amount is sent it to apply to payments. I pay 600 a month which is over the normal amount and they say I owe 2300 to make current. They are trying to steal my house again like they did back in 2008-9 when I was going through the Make a Home Affordable Plan, and keep saying they lost my paperwork. Please help I would like to fill a suit against them for the damage they are creating on my credit.
I read alot of the post on here and I went or I am going through the same thing and it is sicking. I work hard for what I get and I pay my bills, but this company just wants to steal your money and make it hard for the americn family to live in harmony. They just want to fill there pockets and don't care who they hurt to get there bonuses. Please contact me with any information on a lawyer(s) to take on this shit company. [email protected] and put "ATTN: Mr Cooper" in the subject line so it goes into the proper folder
Gideon Send email
Aug 12, 2018

Want do a modification

I have been working on a modification for over a year now. 1st. They turned us down because not enough income 2nd time turned down. 3rd Time said they could not save us a penny on our payment I find that hard to believe. They haven't even tried to help us in away. They could have offered a longer term which should make payment lower! They won't put what we are behind on back of loan which will make our principle balance lower then it should lower payment. Now we have a court date coming up so we can medicate with Mr. Cooper about our mortgage. If they would just do what they print on mortgage statement and help people instead of trying to foreclose on you because their doing what they say. I know their not doing fair. Lending on modifications. Help Now we going to get Lawyer invoked to file Federal Dual tracking law. They just want our home we only owe 124000. 00 on our home and its worth 230 plus. Not a fair company! Help
HeatherM Send email
Jun 4, 2018

this company is a fraud

My brother has been dealing with these idiots for some time now. They have foreclosed on his home with the sale date set for this coming week. They will not give him the payoff amount they are claiming he owes which I'm pretty sure is illegal. Additionally, the last girl he talked to (and there are multiples he has spoke with) said she sees the money there but doesn't know why it hasn't been applied to his loan....Umm, HELLO??? Why are you receiving his mortgage payments and NOT applying them to the the freaking loan they belong to. Mind you they are cashing the checks!!! They simply aren't applying it to his mortgage. This is fraudulent and there needs to be some sort of government intervention. This company is unjustly playing with people's lives.
septangel Send email
Mar 5, 2018


In 2015 I was several months behind on my payments with Nationstar. I asked if they would refi my loan for the total due and any fees and the answer was a big NO. They gave me 10 days to come up with $14,000 to stop foreclosure. I was unable to now 2+ years later the home has been sold (2 months after the foreclosure). I have received nothing from them. My credit report shows that I owe $0.00 to them that the account is closed and remarks is foreclosure redeemed. Not sure what they are doing but I feel like I am in limbo and being screwed.
[email protected]$2 Send email
Jan 15, 2018


After my house was a total loss, I sent Nationstar a check for $25,000.00, but it has not been applied to loan. The loan actually increased. When inquired, the representative gave two different stories about the money. One told me it would be taken off the end of the loan, the other said, it went toward fees, which she promised to send. I have yet to receive it
mvr3636 Send email
Jan 8, 2018

denial of refi

On December of 2017, I refinance my mortgage with Mr. Cooper, now this is not the first time I try refinancing with them, the first time was in 2015. I just got a letter that they denied the refinance because of my credit, I find this a bit perplex being that when I applied the credit was not an issue, I paid on time but when it can to the hazard insurance section of the mortgage process part is when thing change. I explain and provided to them a copy of the insurance from my HOA that defines that in the state of FL the HOA hazard insurance/flood insurance covers the interior walls and electrical. I do not live in a flood zone, so no flood insurance is required. Mr. Emmerson W. Sealy (sr)855-884-8019 ext 63949 left me a message after I provided the HOA hazard ins for my home and the agent he needs to talk too, his answer was, "that he will speak with the manager" . I received the denial on 1/5/2017 as I mention before I try refinancing in 2015 and my credit score was even less than now and when it came to the mortgage insurance they insisted that I get HO 6 insurance when I already pay for it through my HOA, It does not make sense. Is always in the insurance section that they denied the process. I also found out that they were charging for insurance prior to 2014 without my knowledge it was never stated in the statement. They deny my refinance not because of the credit but because they do not understand insurance and want to charge for the extra insurance.
rraygene Send email
Dec 4, 2017

Mortgage Modification Fraud/Schemes

I am a Disabled Veteran caught up n mortgage schemes thur IndyMac Preditory Lending a Failed Bank, reemerging under One West/ Ocwen and now Nationstar who has re-emerged as Mr. Cooper.
These banks took advantgage by denying my requests for assistance during my military forced retirement due to injuries.
They accepted Government Bail-out monies and stole Equity from my home.
Nationstar accepted my request for assistance after Force Task interventions. Also, the changed my contract into some 50 year Loan, increased payments after I was declared unemployable. They also took my compensation payments.
Please Help!!!!
Strutter72 Send email
Sep 26, 2017

Nationstar mortgage/ Mr. Cooper

Create your own letters. Send a separate letter for each one of the numbered items. Save a copy of each letter for
yourself. Each letter should only contain one request. Send the letters in the order listed. You can spread them out
over a couple of weeks or send then all on the same day, but they must be in separate envelopes and each one sent by
certified mail. Do not include the line number when you prepare your letters.
There should be 5 different letters, sent separately, certified mail. Number them each and the envelope.
Mortgage Company name and the special address

(Look for a special "Qualified Written Request" address or a “Notice of Error” address on the back of your monthly
statement. If this special address is not listed, use the Customer Service or Correspondence address. Do not use the
payment address.)

Request for Information: List the address of the house and your mortgage account number. List your name
and list the last four digits of your Social Security number like this xxx-xx-1234.
Dear Sir or Madam:
This is a request for information. Please communicate with me in writing and provide
me with the following information.
1. Please send me an itemized payoff statement.
2. Please send me an itemized statement of the amount needed to reinstate my mortgage
3. Please provide me with the name and address of the current owner of my mortgage
loan, the master servicer of my mortgage loan and the current servicer of my mortgage
loan as required by RESPA and TILA.
4. Please send me an exact reproduction of the mortgage loan transaction history
for my loan from January 1, _____(fill in the year you got the loan) to December 30, 2016.
It should include my current mortgage balance and a record of all of the payments
you have received, the assessment of late charges, and the record of any corporate
advances for fees or charges, including but not limited to, property inspection fees,
broker price opinion fees, legal fees, escrow fees, processing fees, technology fees,
or any other collateral charges. If the loan history includes codes, please attach a
complete list of all the codes and the definitions of the codes in plain English so I
can understand them.
5. Please send me a copy of the Note for the mortgage loan you have on my property.
Very truly yours,
Sign your name. A husband and wife should both sign.
Add your mailing address here if it is different from your home address.
They have to respond with the exact info. Any attorney will have you do this to review the info they have. Keep responding to the Notice of Error, keep sending the letters, 1-5, then send copies of these to CFPB,
bmacon1 Send email
Sep 16, 2017

Violation of Fair Credit Reporting Act

Nationstar Mortgage is a dishonest, uncaring, predator. Their reputation is so poor that they changed their name to MR. COOPER. They are notorious for incorrectly reporting or failing to report your payment history. This caused my credit score to be lowered and has caused problems with me seeking a home loan. Contacting them doesn't help because they don't care how they treat their customers. So they won't bother to correct the errors they make. They just changed the name but the company is the same low rated predator. The only recourse is to hire an attorney to sue them to get your credit report corrected. Where are the government overseers when citizens need them to protect them from dishonest businesses? Suing Nationstar AKA MR. COOPER
thornton Send email
Aug 10, 2017

Mortgage Escrow

Effective November 1 2015, my previous mortgage company OCWEN sold my mortgage to Nationstar mortgage. There has been nothing but problems since day one. The two latest problems are the most serious.

1. On July 5, 2017, I received notice from Nationstar that they sent $10,054.20 to Bullhead City Az. sewer improvement district for delinquent taxes. I called the Bullhead City Finance office and was told there was no money owed to them. I called them again today (August 9,2017) and they told me they never received the $10,054.20, and if they had it would be returned to Nationstar as no money was owed. Nationstar says they haven't received anything back. Every time I call them they tell me it's being investigated.
I have requested documentation from Nationstar, but they either will not or cannot provide it. I have now received notice from Nationstar that effective Ocober 1 2017, my monthly house payment is going from $394.52 to $1165.36 to make-up the escrow shortage for the money that was never owed and is now missing.

2. On June 13, 2017, Nationstar received a bill from Progressive home advantage in the amount of $382 for homeowners insurance. On June 30 2017 I received notice from Progressive that Nationstar had not paid the bill. I called Nationstar and they first claimed they never received it. They put me on hold for ten minutes. They came back on the phone and said they found it and would pay it immediately. On July 13, 2017, Progressive notified me that the insurance was paid. On July 24, 2017, I received notice from Progressive that there was a $10.00 balance. I called Progressive and was told the CHECK FROM NATIONSTAR BOUNCED. Nationstar had since sent a second check, and the $10.00 was a bounced check charge. Progressive contacted Nationstar and they paid the bounced check charge, but had the nerve to take the $10 out of my escrow account even though they had made the mistake.
tthoms Send email
Aug 7, 2017

Thomas Thoms

My mortgage loan was transferred to Nationstar several years for servicing. Two years I became that their insurance escrow department double insured my property. Some previous insurer resubmitted to Nationstar for payment, and although I already had a valid insurance binder in place, they paid it (hence double billing). I have now had 7 different phone calls into Nationstar to discuss the problem, with each party agreeing this looked wrong, all insuring they would resolve it.
Every single party never got back to me with a solution. Several calls into their offices to make contact were not returned.
Now they have upped my monthly payment to reimburse for the second double insurance billing
Jasdeans Send email
Jun 18, 2017

Consumer Financial Protection Agency

Please go here to file a complaint against NationStar:

It works!
msjules Send email
Jun 17, 2017

foreclosed while in shortsell status

long story short I had a buyer for a short sell and nationstar foreclosed on me without notice. In equator or anything. They even put a lock on my door, but they had to remove it. That was 4 years ago and I still get angry thinking about it. If there is a class action suit against them I have all my documentation. Please contact me [email protected]
ricky15 Send email
Jun 15, 2017

loan mod, and missing name on loan

for over 3 years and over 100 different people fighting for a loan mod. and to get the co- borrowers name on all material pretainting to nationstar no luck, always some thing missing or never received, get the run all the time i need help getting fustrated my wife is disabled and getting sick over we are being handled by NATIONSTAR MORTGAGE please help
jeansan Send email
Jun 7, 2017


I originally took out a home equity loan for 60,000.00 in August of 2006 with a 15 year term repayment. I had financial problems along the way which then I was forced to file a chap 13 bankruptcy in 2015 to stop the foreclosure and Nationstar did like an in house modification and now the loan is 106,000.00 for a 40 year term and I have no access to that account nor do I get a statement because I'm currently in bankruptcy. The house is not even worth but maybe 90,000.00 and i'm not currently working and I called Nationstar to get a loan modification and they said they would send the paperwork in the mail. I'm waiting on it and by the way I'm paying every month my nationstar loan payment which they said i'm three months behind and I'm also making monthly payments to my trustee on my chap 13 bankruptcy payment plan so I need help this company is a complete fraud and I demand an audit on all of my loan documents and payments and all correspondence. I want answers and I want to know how in the hell did they come up with that kind of scam and in viewing all of the complaints about Nationstar how in the hell can they be in business and keep screwing people. This needs to stop and I cannot lose this home that I grew up in as a child. It is my elderly mother's house she is 73 years old and not in the best of health and I would like to see my Mom sleep comfortably knowing that this house will not be foreclosed on and I need to get this rectified to its original terms ASAP.

Jeanette Sanchez 210 842 2005
violagryta Send email
May 24, 2017

Corporate Advance - stilling money

My mortgage was sold by Bank of America to Nation Star and the problems start right away. First they refuse to sent me a statement. For 4 years I have to request history of the payment to see what is going on on my account. And the money disappears left and right. I always pay on time so they can not charge me late fees but they put the money in the miscellanea account instead to apply it to the principals.
Some money goes to account fee $19-$22 a month. And the best is a Corporate Advance account. Some months they take $200.00 from my account to put it this account. The end result is that less money goes towards the principals now then 2 years ago even if the loan amount is smaller. To contact them is almost impassable . The only reply to the e-mail is generic that they will look into it and this is the end.
I would love to participate in class action against this company.
Paladin Send email
Apr 18, 2017


Nationstar sent me an email, claiming that citimortgage had

Re: Transfer of Mortgage from Citibank

Dear __________,,

I have great news. Your mortgage with Citibank, Account No. ___________, for the property located at _________, has been transferred to Nationstar. This transfer is in effect as of 4/17/2017.


I replied: "Really?"

Nationstar responded with apologies.
an18608 Send email
Apr 12, 2017

Nationstar Mortgage

Nationstar Mortgage sent me an email stating Citi transferred my mortgage to them. Called them and Lanita answered, in a clam manner she state that Citi Bank transferred it to them as of April 1st and gave me the balance, my address and said there was no more info for the moment. I told her she was a fake. Called Citi and they know nothing about it. Citi was not longer my mortgage company since March and have another servicer, which I called and said the same, they have no idea of why Nationstar is doing that. I am contacting FBI fraud department.
Shoutingoutloud Send email
Mar 4, 2017

Nationstar mortgage

Having a discharged chapter 7 doesn't seem to to matter at all to this company.
My mortgage was sold to them years ago by BOA and like many others I've seen here, they have been nothing but a headache. From wanting to charge me for my auto pay that was free with BOA, to not paying my home owners or taxes, to canceling my insurance taking the partial refund then sending me notice that I was in violation for not having the insurance so now I need to pay them triple the amount monthly that I paid a year..... I asked for refi and was denied I asked for deed in lue and was told I had to apply for modifications first then when I had questions about the papers they would never answer my callls AND started harassing me for payment (against bankruptcy laws), my modification was denied because paperwork was not completed timely. Mind you I had no online access to my account because of the bankruptcy so could only call or deal with mail. I put the house on the market when denied for deed in lue, since they didn't evict me from the bankruptcy and told me this was needed for modification. They told me to have the realtor contact Equator to apply for a short sale but give them the same run around that I've dealt with for years. Now, they are suing me for foreclosure on a home they own from bankruptcy. They never told the courts that my debt was discharged!!! I haven't lived in the home in months now, ever since I gave up trying to work with them so I could afford to keep the home by refi. They largely caused a lot of my financial issues with all the late payments fees from insurance and taxes (I'm a single mom of 2 and every penny makes a difference, but they don't care about anything but taking your money and finding ways to take more even if they caused the issue)... I tried to work with them to sell the home, even had a buyer that if they had talked to the realtor about short sale would have sold for only $2000 less then what was owed. Now, 6 months dealing with all of this, I received the court documents a month ago and this week I get a notification that nationstar sold my mortgage to another company. I don't think this is legal and I'm trying to find out. So does this mean I have to deal with harassment from another company on a discharged mortgage?
This was the first home I ever owned, and Nationstar has left me feeling that I should have never been a home owner. I thought I was doing the right thing for my kids and I and since they took over my mortgage, I can't tell you how many times I've apologized to my kids for not having money to eat more then hot dogs for several days or to be forced to move because I couldn't afford the house and fees, not to mention the health issues the stress has caused me.
lmh4214 Send email
Feb 25, 2017


Received written modification approval reducing my mortgage rate then a decline because my mortgage wasn't past due. Looking at writing to the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau (CFPB) with my complaint. Any complaints you may have, I suggest doing the same. I say that because with enough complaints the CFPB will look into the company, if they aren't already.

Anyone know of any class action lawsuits against them?
sophie63 Send email
Feb 24, 2017

Nationstar Mortgage

First let me say Nationstar is a nitemare to deal with.I lost my job back in 2011 and have been trying to get back on my feet It is not easy with Nationstar when it comes to your home. I will say I asked for a loan mod. and after 6 months or more they gave me one & I made payments on time then fell behind again, I called and they told me I could apply for another one so I did and I explained my husband had went back to work but due to sickness he was laid off. He has a rare illness that has to do with your nervous system so they told me to fill out paper work explaining this which I did. they say I have a dedicated loan specialist which is a joke he never answers or returns calls. Going into almost 9 months i would call and they had no answer.They said they would call and also send me a letter. At the end of December I looked at my acct and low and behold I show I had a payment due of $1402.00 by Jan 1, 2017 never got a letter or heard from anyone so of course the payment was late so they rejected it and now want to foreclose. I asked whom I could speak with about an appeal on this and was told no one. My husband is 71 and is retired and went back to work until he took ill. I am working but I am going to have to probably quit and stay home if he continues to go down hill. Our payment was $ 1192.00 and instead of helping us they went up on us. Is there anything I can do>

Thanks Dorothy

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