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Murray62 Send email
Nov 7, 2023

Nike Air Max smell

Got new Nike Air Max slightly wet, they now have a chemical smell coming from them similar to Cats urine, nearly £200 wasted, they are unwearable even after being washed and dried out several times
TWING422 Send email
Sep 27, 2023


I have a pair of Nike Air Max that I bought in March for $130. Had no issue with them. Was raining out about 2 wks ago & I wore the sneakers & they got slightly wet. Mostly my right foot. I then noticed a cat urine smell but I don't have cats. I noticed this smell on 2 pairs of my son's Nike Bryce Harper cleats as well. I thought the first pair was from my brother's house when my son stayed there after a baseball game he had. Figured his car pee'd on them but everything I did to get the smell out, did nothing & only seemed to make it worse. The second pair started smelling & I thought maybe he stepped in car urine after a game one day which was a rainy day but playoff game so they continued on & cat urine smell came a few days later. Now I've had it happen with my sneakers & I know for sure there is no possible way to have gotten cat urine on them. I've tried baking soda, cat urine remover, etc just in case & nothing works on the shoe. It's so strong I smell it while I'm driving. I could smell my son's feet while he's standing next to me. It's embarrassing to smell like cat urine when I don't own a cat. I spent $130 on mine & $60 on both pairs for my son. So $250 that I now have to throw in the trash because I can no longer wear shoes that reek of cat pee. I'm going to contact someone to see if I can get a refund or new pairs because I saw New Balance had the same issue & they sent out new sneakers to multiple people on their forums. This is absolutely ridiculous to have to deal with something like this!!!
wolvy Send email
Oct 22, 2022

Stink! NIke Jordan 1 Mids

My son bought some Air Jordan 1 Mids 2 months ago, brand new from the Nike store. The smell from these shoes is so bad that they are literally stinking up our 4000 sq. ft. house. I can't stand to sit next to him in the car. I plan to get a refund asap! It's so unacceptable to use materials like these in shoes at this cost and not to mention the reputation of Nike. I will keep posting this all over the webbernet. Nike Air Jordan 1's = GROSS!
Lilchewy Send email
Oct 7, 2020

Nike air max smells like cat pee

I paid $120 for a pair of nike air max. I've only had them for less then 2 months. They stink so bad of cat pee. I can smell it as I'm working. And it smells the while house up. Even though I've tried getting smell out. I would like a refund or store credit.
D.Martin Send email
Feb 12, 2020

Chemical Order and Stain

My Nike Zooms (Women's) are just over a year old and in great shape - no wear and tear. But, one of the shoes reeks so bad - like a pungent chemical fish smell - that it has to be double-bagged. We tried washing in cold water and then again in very hot water, but the smell has only increased and part of the shoe has turned a yellowish color. The shoe smells so bad, that they can't even be donated. It is definitely not a foot smell! Nike won't consider looking at them since they've been washed, but the fact that they've been washed and have only gotten worse, to me, proves there is a chemical issue with the parts of the shoe. Nike fan up till now. Lesson learned.
Sabrinafloyd Send email
Jan 25, 2019

Smelly nikes

Hello, last year my husband purchased me a pair of Nike vapor Max . They feel really great on my feet. I have one major problem with them. The odor that comes from them are really bad. I wore them with socks and without socks, it didn’t matter the Oder is really bad. For $190. They shouldn’t smell like that. What can you do for me!
Sabrinafloyd Send email
Jan 25, 2019

Smells really bad

Hello , I bought the Nike vapor Max I paid $190 for my them. They really smell bad, almost as though I didn’t wash my feet. I paid too much money to them. For them to smell like they do . Any suggestions ? Is that the way all your nikes smell ?
KarmaVixen Send email
Sep 21, 2018

Can you smell that smell?

I wish I read this thread before wasting my money on these flip flops.. anyone have any idea how to get the horrendous smell out? I’d hate to just throw them away but I can’t handle the smell anymore 🤢🤮😷
Karen2100 Send email
Sep 4, 2018

Nike Cushion Flip Flops

Omg my flip flops smell like dead animal. I couldn’t believe that a sandle could smell that bad. I had my sister smell them to confirm that they were rank and she put her nose deep into the flip flop and took a big ole whiff and she almost vomited. She said they smell like someone with extremely bad body odor .......DISGUSTING ! ! Thanks Nike for such a well made product ! NOT ! ! I would attach a picture of the sandles, but, I threw them in my sisters recycle bin. Now, she is going to have to deal with the smell when she opens the lid on the container.
stinkypeat Send email
Aug 21, 2018

Nike Flip Flops Foul Smell After Getting Wet

I had to throw away my Nike flip flops after they got wet. The smell was so foul. At first I couldn't figure out what the horrendous smell was in my was worse than a dead animal smell. I wonder if it isn't the foam padding rather than the rubber that generates the smell after getting wet. Has anyone found another brand that doesn't have a smell once wet???????
stinkypeat Send email
Aug 21, 2018

Stinky Nike Flip Flop After Getting Wet

Had the same experience with foul smell after the flip flops got wet. I had to throw them out. I tried another brand and had the same problem. I think it may be the foam padding in these things and not the rubber. Any suggestions for a "sweeter smelling" flip flop?
fishingmstr Send email
Aug 1, 2018

Smelly Nike flip flops

The Nike flip flops smell so bad after getting them wet, very disappointed that I wasted my money on them.
Tdubbleyou Send email
Feb 4, 2018

Smelly Flip Flops

Nike flip flops are the only sandals that make my feet stink. Horribly. Why Nike?
Tdubbleyou Send email
Feb 4, 2018

Smelly Flip Flops

Nike flip flops are the only sandals that make my feet stink. Horribly. Why Nike?
lsimpson80s Send email
Sep 21, 2017

Nike Flip Flops Smell

These flip flops smell like a bums nut sack. Nike fail.
Cherylcarl Send email
Sep 14, 2017

Comfort sandels

I have 4 pair. The thong strap broke on 2, a hole in the big toe area on the 3ed. The 4th I only have worn twice. I had a 5th pair tgat got wet and I returned, smell included.

What b is the problem here ? Costly to replace. I thought Nike had good products.
children Send email
Jul 30, 2017

The smell and mold

I work with children and need to have some support due to being on my feet all day.
I have purchased 5 pair of the comfort sandals in various colors because I feel they offer more support then a regular flip flop.
Due to working with children all year round I wear them in the summer. Even if I am careful(as much as you can be when children are having fun and exploring) they get a little wet and cannot get rid of the mold and horrific smell.
There should be a warning label on these sandals that they cannot be exposed to any water or swetty fe
SusanM Send email
Jul 20, 2017

Stinky flip flops

Well - I have little to add to the looooong list of complaints about funky smell after getting them wet. It's so disgusting!! I've also tried many ways to wash including a bleach soak. I'm done. They have been my favorites for many years but I am tired of replacing them due to the stink.

So - I propose we consumers turn this icomplaint board nto a place for new flip flop suggestions.

Please has anyone found a better flip flop? One with comparable support and cushioning??

Thanks all.
Shellemondon Send email
Jun 25, 2017

Nike comfort bed flip flops

I have had several pairs of these flip flops over the years and it is always the same. Get them even a little bit wet and they smell horrible. I always thought it was my feet, but decided to Google and see if anyone had a solution and found all these comments. They are so comfortable, but i have bought my last pair.
BADSHOE2 Send email
Nov 30, 2016

Nike "cat piss" Sandals

Bought the black comfort sandals, wore them in the shower after a workout. I thought the locker room had a stray cat running around. The smell worsened after a couple of weeks. Threw them in the back of my jeep, instead of on my feet. Now my gym bag and jeep smell like a feral cats pee room. It smells so bad the local cats think my jeep is a giant male cat. Must be, they smell the pee. Sent a letter to the CEO of NIKE, awaiting a reply, At $35.00 retail? I want a refund. Keep the smelly sandals. Mr. Nike should take a pair to bed with him and see how long his wife stays with him. First the Chinese stick it to us with the wall board, now the shoes, they don't need nukes just piss on us, the smell will do us all in.
christin Send email
Oct 7, 2016

nike black flip flops

Seriously these flips stink like rotted, yeasty, sweaty balls after getting wet. Washed them twice and soaked in downey, yet still smell like yeasty but sack.
Leonmarg Send email
Sep 28, 2016

Comfort Flip Flops

These flip flops smell so bad that I thought we had dead mice in the walls. Why would I suspect that the cat urine/vomit smell was coming off my flip flops! Finally realized where smell was coming from and still couldn't believe it til reading others complaints! Hope to get my money back!
Chrissy5 Send email
Aug 21, 2016

Nike flip flops

I'm a huge Nike fan and repeatedly purchase the nice, comfy flip flops even after repeatedly accidentally getting them wet. After they get wet they are absolutely disgusting! This is my final Nike flip flop purchase! I'm still a fan, don't get me wrong but onto a different brand of comfy flip flops !
Anathshaw Send email
Aug 15, 2016

Nike flip flops stink after getting wet

Second day pair of Nike flip flops I bought that stink after they have gotten wet. I thought that the first pair may have been just a fluke. Surely Nike wouldn't have flip flops that stink after getting wet, that is the whole point in having flip flops. So my husband bought me another pair and sure enough the minute they got a little wet they have a terrible odor. It is so bad that other people can smell it when you are wearing them. Now they are un-wearable. I AM very disappointed as Nike has been my go to shoe company for many years. What can I do to save these shoes.
ebuechler3 Send email
Aug 15, 2016

Smelly flip flops

I bought a pair of Nike comfort flip flops a few weeks ago. They got wet and now have a terrible smell I can't get rid of!!!!!

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