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TINA ANG Send email
Jun 2, 2021


Morning Missy/Sir,

I will like to bring this matter to your attention for this product and want to get a refund.
As you can see from the 3 picture and is not expiry yet but don’t know how come is turn out to be like that.
I bought it at Hougang Mall basement NTUC supermarket on 17 April 2021. The supermarket name is hougang lifestyle.
Can I get a refund from the NTUC supermarket that I purchased from it? I put in the refrigerator all along after I open and consume.
When my daughters want to consume again is not able to. So if next time I still want to buy your other product is it still can be trusted.
The expiry date is not due yet and is on 7 October 2021.
Please look into this matter and feedback to me asap. Do you have this company email address and I try to write to the manufacture company in Singapore but the email bounced back? My email address is [email protected] and handphone is 94366197.



yee chee wah Send email
Dec 1, 2020

Cashier declined to slide Union card

Terminal 46002137
Date 29/11/20 18:45:56
TRANS 006361
Auth code 800199

Cashier told me my purchase was less than 20 dollars. No need for her to slide the grey union card. I asked new rule started that day? I bought from Bukit Timah Plaza, the ntuc wanted this card. I recently bought at Clementi the ntuc also asked for my membership card.
Cashier told me since the first day i got my card, the rule was there. Disbelieved, i asked a cashier on duty for self serve if my union card was useless when purchasing less than 20 at China town point yesterday. She told me it was useful.

I hope all the staff at ntuc was correct. Slide the card for customer. But this cashier at Coronation Plaza ignored the grey card. I presented to her and she did not bother about it. I hope she was wrong, else i was a fool in the past for presenting membership card.

No matter who was correct, some was lying to me. The information i heard was conflicting to each other. Use the membership card or its useless unless buying 20 plus.

Yee Chee Wah
jtanvc Send email
Jun 13, 2020

Online Delivery

I have used NTUC online delivery services for the past 2 years and have found the level of delivery service gotten worse especially over the last few months during the Circuit Breaker period. I have recently placed an online order to be delivered to my home and after many tries I managed to get a delivery slot. As we are currently in CB period, like most Singaporeans I have been working from home since CB started. When it came for me to choose the delivery time slot, I did not make a fuss and took whatever slot was available (these days unlikely any choice of delivery slots as NTUC is experiencing a huge increase in online purchases and deliveries). On the day of delivery I was WFH and was aware of the delivery and was looking out for it to arrive. The delivery slot came and gone and about 15 mins past that I received an email from NTUC customer service advised that the delivery was person arrived at my home and found there were nobody at home. The deliver person then returned the items to the warehouse and the delivered was re-scheduled for another delivery slot. It added that I will be charged an additional re-delivery fee. I call NTUC immediately and spoke with a customer service person. I explained I was at home during the delivery slot and that neither my intercom nor my mobile phone received any rings or call/SMS. I further highlighted I had made more than 30 online purchases in the past and NTUC had made more than 30 deliveries to my home. I also told the customer service person that my address and contact number had not changed and I would not accept this was a mistake on my part. I refused to be charged with the additional delivery fee and demanded NTUC to deliver my purchases as soon as possible. The customer service person re-scheduled the deliver to the next morning and promised the items will be delivered. The next morning I waiting at home for the delivery and after an hour into the delivery slot I noted the delivery has not arrived, I emailed NTUC customer service and explicitly instructed them to tell the delivery person to call my mobile number on arrival and I further provided both my mobile number and delivery address in the email. After that I called the customer service again to check on the delivery status and re-iterated the need for the delivery person to call my mobile number if there is any difficulties in contacting me on arrival. Again, the delivery slot came and gone and again neither my intercom or mobile received any rings or call/SMS. I called NTUC for the third time and they told me the delivery person arrived at my home and found that nobody was at home and left. I was very angry at this point as I had spent the evening prior followed by half a day the next day, waiting for NTUC to deliver my purchases. I wrote another email to NTUC again (4th email) and it has been 3 hours past the delivery slot and I have not heard from NTUC or received any reply to my emails. I searched the internet for NTUC Group CEO Mr Kian Peng Seah email so that I can write to him to tell him hoe bad the level of customer service I had experience with NTUC. But I couldn't find his email but found this complaint board instead. If anyone should read this and happen to know of Mr Kian Peng Seah's email address, please help to forward to him. Hopefully NTUC management will make the necessary effort to improve their customer service to the millions of shoppers in Singapore who deserve nothing less than a quality, reliable and responsible service.
Sinle Send email
Nov 20, 2018

Rude cashier

I was at NTUC Buangkok outlet with my daughter on 18 Nov 2018 (Sunday) at about 10.57pm when it was not crowded at all. What surprised me was the cashier's (Tan Kim Chu, I got her name from the receipt that I kept) attitude though there was no long queue behind me. She tried to pack my purchases (vege, fish cakes, heavy carrots, 3 bottles of mineral water and even a tray of fragile eggs) into one plastic bag. When I requested that she could put in another plastic bag, she almost shouted that she could charge me for extra bag, so I told her that I didn't mind paying 10 or 20 cents for extra bag since I did not come with any shopping bag but she kept nagging about my request until my daughter realized and told me that she was rather rude when we never even retaliate. So I told my daughter not to mind but to give in and show respect to her since she is an elderly. When she heard me telling my daughter that, she raised her voice and shouted at me "YOU ARE ALSO NOT YOUNG WHAT, ALSO OLD WHAT, YOU THINK YOU VERY YOUNG MEH!!!" Honestly I was very very shocked at her reaction, why did she scold me for teaching my daughter to show her respect? In the first place who is she to lecture us (customers) in public like that? I have my rights as to how I teach my daughter especially when I was telling her the right thing to do? Well this Tan Kim Chu gave me the impression that she was either forced to work for NTUC or she was really really a very frustrated individual with her life. I do sincerely hope that NTUC Fairprice would do something about this frustrated and unhappy cashier.
Karmatothose Send email
Oct 11, 2018

Bully by thier Ntuc staff

What if he/she family been treated like a dog!! We just need to earn a living and dont deserve this way. My father as a supplier delivery always saw some of those Storekeeper acting like a king/queen. Never give respect to other and making problem to delivery men. Scold ...voice out ....showing bad nood face throw face to delivery man. We just need to earn a living not treated like a dog!! Ntuc fairprice Teach your staff how to give some respect and kindness to people.
Btengsg Send email
Apr 29, 2018

Sharp edges in packaging food stuff at NTUC Fairprice

I have many finger cuts from buying fresh meat and fruits at NTUC Fairprice. The plastic packaging is very sharp and just a touch on the sharp edge is enough to draw blood. Even though I have written to NTUC before, all they did was round off the edges. Even so it did not help at all. Take a plastic bag and put one of these packs of pork, fruit in and you will find the cuts in the plastic bag too making the bag totally useless. I find NTUC does not act well on feedback and I have given up because after some time things just go back to the same sorry state
PierTay Send email
Apr 24, 2018

Jasmin Idala

All these years from 2009 to present at Kang Kar Mall 24hour NTUC fairprice, I made my purchases usually at late nights or near dawn hours. Hence this abovementioned cashier Jasmin Idala had always been good in her service and attitude. However this is not the case since late last year that I will chosed to wait at other counters instead of hers as there are others in queue. When she finished serving her queuing customers while I am still queuing at another counter, she would raise her voice across lanes loudly to get me move to hers. I understand she would like to help me to shorten waiting time but as most of the times I have had unloaded all my stuffs onto the current cashier's table (which usually is alot as I am a heavy spender in NTUC Fairprice all these years) - not only did she looked displeased whenever I refused to go over as she commanded, tonight she picked a quarrel with me by accusing me the customer of claiming her to be jealous to me being nicer to another staff just because I was telling the other cashier that I do not like the way Jasmin had packed my bottles of juices into free insulated bags by the bottled juices companies Without asking me the customer if I want it this way and conveniently omitted the plastic bag, wetting the gifted bottled juice insulated bags and inconveniencing me.

I do not visit her counter due to above cases and for heavy bottles of soft drinks that would usually break single plastic bag which in the usual practice almost all cashiers will put double bags for 2 or 3 big bottled soft drinks yet this Jasmin would cut down on just one bag to contain my bottled drinks of 2 each time (which she in the past years had placed double bags for 2 big bottled drinks yet now changed to one and I had to tell her I need 2 as these plastic bags are too thin to a fault that they break easily and especially for eggs, they are easily slashed broken too)

Perhaps it was misunderstood by another cashier whom related whatever I was not pleased about the packing method, this Jasmin Idala simply was raising her voice ar me loudly and aggressively accusing me the customer of telling her off.

It broke my patience when she started arguing with me and showed me ugly faces with arguements of her own....I DO NOT THINK this is the correct customer service NTUC Fairprice should be employing.

She was adamantly insisting that I accused her which I did not as I avoided her so as to not have her taking things into her own hands and pack heavy stuffs with single bag that breaks halfway on my way back - this is rhe Main reason. Not the accusation she accused me of which she had mistaken.

So I asked her is it my fault then that even if I really misunderstood her? She was not happy and continued raising her voice at me that other customers ar staring.

Customer service oriented? She is not.

I had informed her openly that I will not visit her counter during late nights even if she is the only cashier at Kang Kar Mall and she loudly replied thank you. Rude. Insolent and such audacity towards the customer.

If she continues to be at NTUC Fairprice, such insolence will be widespread then. Please check the cctvs at the entrance.
Apr 19, 2018

A dont care attitude from customer service

Dear Team,

I dont like complaining, however the attitude of the customer service staff from the collection point was a attitude of i dont care and not my problem. Why i ask well firstly i spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars in your supermarket every week and i buy around 400 Milks a year and around 600 cartons plus for Marigold Juice, and much more shopping.

I purchased two milks in where i have been collecting your bowls, now the section was advertising the bowls still so i brought extra to have this promotion. after talking to a nice checkout lady being helpful and very chatty coming to the customer service really put me off totally. I asked for the promotion with the bowl thinking which one i would get next., however she gave me a pink bag hi lo and i asked why this than what you are advertising with the milks she said that it take it. she looked me up and down as i was a piece of meat, then talked to someone one else as didn't care about my questions or reasons, i said excuse me why you not talking to me and continued talking to the other person being rude.

Now i have worked in Tesco's as a store manage and i wouldn't accept this attitude and would now with the company i own in Singapore selling Yachts of value in the millions of $$$ so respect and something of better service would go a long way.

I have decided to return downstairs where everyone is helpful and charming.
if you wish to write back please email me on [email protected]

Simon Wood
Sales & Marketing Director
Gilian Send email
Aug 7, 2014


NTUC - No Trouble Until Claim. I can't believe I have to wait ONE month to get approval for a UTAP claim of a miserable $250 and another ONE month for the cheque to process (which I wonder is there only one staff in the entire organisation doing the job) and another ONE month for the cheque to post to me. I am totally amazed. I shall see when will I ever or will I ever actually get reimbursed....
Rachel Lee Send email
Jan 5, 2013

Contemptuous and rude service

I’m a regular patron of NTUC Fairprice, Punggol Drive. On last Sunday, 30 Dec, I went shopping at the branch at around 8AM as usual. However, unlike most occasions in which I was given courteous and helpful service, I encountered a very humiliating incident, which made me greatly disappointed with and appalled by the service of May Tran, the cashier. This was what happened.

At the end of my shopping, I went to the bread section. I was browsing the breads and noticed that May Tran was chatting happily with the delivery man from Gardenia, while serving other customers. Then, she raised her voice and said “这里的人很会选面包。好想选老婆一样.” (The people here are expert at selecting bread, as though they are looking for a wife.) I turned around and noticed the two of them giving me a contemptuous glance. After taking a look of Sunshine Enriched Softmeal Bread, I went up to her to pay up. Noticing that I realized they were talking about me, she did not look at me as she was punching the cash register.

I’m writing this complaint letter as I felt that she made an insulting insinuation about my character. I am a loyal patron of the NTUC Fairprice franchise. Her attitude towards what she thought was a poor woman who was unable to pay for a loaf of bread was totally unprofessional, malicious, and uncalled for. In fact, there was an earlier incident in which she gave me a rude reply when I asked if there were carrots on sale. She told me in a rude manner to “go look for the ‘Ah Soh’ over there.” I then remarked quite innocently that I didn’t have time to go through the trouble of looking for someone and queuing up all over again. When I went outside to have a look at the merchandise displayed outside, after paying up, I then heard he parroting my remark to another customer. I did not want to make a sense and chose to walk away. However, judging from my account, I have no doubt that she also treats other customers the same way.

The intention of this complaint is simply to raise my doubt about NTUC Fairprice’s claim of a service-culture amongst staff. Although this (and my earlier experience being served by May Tran) may be an isolated incident, I see that there is a discrepancy between your Service from the Heart motto and actual service (see FairPrice chief executive Seah Kian Peng’s interview on I’m afraid that if staff like May Tran (be her a temp or permanent employee) continues to persist in her contemptuous attitude towards ordinary folks like me, it can never be a pleasant experience shopping at NTUC branch in Punggol drive. Now, I feel very stressed when I shop at the Punggol drive branch, hoping that I will not have to run into her. I really hope my case can be addressed, and not ignored, by the management, as this is my right as a customer.
Kyris Koh Send email
Jun 12, 2012

Rude Cashier

On 8th June 2012, at about 6pm, I was at the checkout counter and the woman behind me asked me to let her pay first but as her tone of voice was very rude and harsh, I politely declined. The cashier (Lee Hui Ting) who was serving me then said sarcastically, 'Auntie, don't be like this'. I was appalled by her rude behaviour. I told her that she had no rights to call me names and why do I have to give way to the person behind me? She should instead tell the person behind me to queue up and wait patiently. After telling her off, the cashier glared at me throughout the time she was scanning my purchases. When she's done, I gave her a $50 note for my purchase of $40.60, instead of giving me 1 piece of $5, 2 pieces of $2 and 2 20cents coins, she gave me 4 pieces of $2, 2 50cents coins, 2 10cents coins and 4 5cents coins. As she pass the change to me, she shouted 'thank you, old auntie'. I was furious, how could a service staff humiliate the customer in public like this? I kept my cool as I didn't want to cause a scene so I went to the office to lodge a complaint. I've spoke to the chief cashier (Kitty Keh) who said that she'll talk to the manager and give me an answer but I've yet to receive an answer from anyone. On the day this incident happened, Kitty told me that the manager in charge Mr Tan Chin Chye will be off for the weekend and said that on Monday (11/06/12), he will call me. Monday comes and another chief cashier (Magdalene Tong) called me and said that the manager just SMSed her that he'll be on leave and that he'll call me on Tuesday instead which is today (12/06/12). I gave them the benefit of doubt but as I'm typing this complaint, I've yet to receive any phone calls, text or email. It seems like NTUC Fairprice Hougang Mall management are not keen to give their customers a fair answer and chose to avoid rather than to solve. I hope that the management will give me a good answer on how are they going to handle this impolite and rude staff who humiliates customers in public.

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