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Consumer complaints and reviews about NYCHA

Monserratetorres56 Send email
Aug 9, 2022

NYCHA Transfer downside Apt

My name
Monserrate Torres
Queens, NY 11102

I live alone 2-04 astoria blvd Apt 2F in NYCHA ASTORIA HOUSING
I'm having big problem here About my transfer I'm still waiting for 3 years NYCHA to downside me from 2 bedroom Apt into one bed room APARTMENT I'm willing give up my extra bedroom for family who needing it more than me and
I have been calling and posting to NYCHA they still haven't done nothing
Kenli Send email
Feb 16, 2022

NYCHA - noisy neighbors

Neighbors in 65 Pike st apt. 18G have been waking up at 3AM almost every night. The adults and children wake up screaming, throwing and slamming things and they would turn on the tv or radio on blast. It has been happening since December 2021. I have filed 2 complaints with NYCHA but they don’t seem to do anything about it. They live in a 3 bedroom But the noise always comes from the same room. The whole family lives and sleeps in the same room so I can’t help but think they might be subletting the other 2 rooms.
Kenli Send email
Feb 16, 2022

Noise from neighbors

The neighbors in 65 pike st apt. 18G would wake up at 3AM in the morning with both adults and children screaming, slamming and throwing things. Then they would either blast their tv or radio. This lasts for several hours. They’ve been doing this since December 2021. I’ve lost sleep over this. They live in a 3 bedroom apartment but the noise always comes from the same room. It’s like they all live and sleep in the same bedroom. I’ve already filed noise complaints with NYCHA twice but nothing has been done about it.
ronda Send email
Aug 25, 2018

NYCHA and DHCR will hide rent stabilization status from Section 8 tenants

i live in Parkchester South Condominium 1470 East Ave. Apt. 5G owned by Zakir Khan. Zakir Khan was murdered by Taha Mahran broadcast on local television. The NYS Common Retirement Fund and CPC Resources invested into the Parkchester South Condominium under the State of New York Mortgage Agency (SONYMA) master policy 100090 which should've invoked the New York Public Authority Law 2429, and Rent Stabilization Code 2521.1 (e). Rent Stabilization Code 2521.1 (e) doesn't grant condominium exemption from the rent stabilization law. The Condominium went through a mortgage and foreclosure lien where both parties listed additional tenants as occupants of 1470 East Ave. Apt. 5G. NYCHA allowed the rental payments to represent non-Section 8 tenants listed during the mortgage and lien foreclosure to hide my tenancy from the record to prevent the apartment from being recorded as Rent Stabilized. NYCHA attempted to foster my eviction by using HQS- automatic transfer, because Section 8 tenants don't have a private right of action and isn't third party to the HAP contract. Upon Zakir Khan death NYCHA allowed Parkchester South Condominium to stop the rental payments as of 03/2017 without requiring Parkchester South Condominium (PSC) to show their authority to do so under the Condominium Act or the NYCHA HCVP Administrative Plan. It's understood that since PSC continued to collect the rental income from NYCHA after the mortgage and lien forcelosure were discontinued there was an implied in fact contract between Zakr Khan and PSC.

The Mayor and the Governor want to shield the actions of PSC because of the NYS Common Retirement Fund and the expansion of the Metro North Van Nest/ Parkchester line. I'm being stalked by NYPD placed on the Medicaid Recipient Restriction List, denied DHCR "order" that should've accompanied SONYMA master policy 100090 and the rent roll during the mortgage and lien foreclosure, denied the right to file a Source of Income complaint against PSC and Parkchester Preservation for failing to enforce NYC Administrative Code 11-243.

PSC uses its Onssi VMS system to conduct unlawful surveillance, internet tapping, stalking and harassment. They partnered with the tenant in apartment 6G to harass me 24hrs a day 7 days a week, because the primary tenant is an elderly disable woman who's grandson is an unauthorized tenant. I lost my union job at Hunter College and harassed by the college during the mortgage and lien foreclosure on behalf of the sponsor wife Carole Olshan. Disbarred from City employment because I walked across the street by myself and took a 30 min lunch as an intern for the Public Service Corp- OPA department. . PSC has been using car horns , car alarm, sirens, and the metal sheet locate in front of Leroy's, and the maintenance workers to inflict me with constant banging and noise. Delayed medical referrals or no medical referrals, and subpar dental service from NYU Denatal.

Please be aware of NYCHA and DHCR, because the fake affidavits present to the Bronx Supreme Court during the mortgage and lien foreclosure seems to be a common thing . Section 8 tenants weren't protected by Protecting Tenants at the Foreclosure Act from 2009 to 2014.
Nikipets17 Send email
Aug 15, 2018

Nasty Neighbor

I will like to bring an ungoing problem to your attention,as of recently the new neighbour that moved in across the hall from me in apartment 3B have been the most obnoxious,inconsiderate,vail human beings I have ever encountered in my whole 31 years of living.They think this is their private home and have no consideration for myself and other neighbours.I am unclear as to exactly how many people live in this apartment as I have seen many different people in and out,I have also witness about 10 kids at a time playing in the hallway that looked to be all under the age of 10.The kids themselves have no behaviour they are quite rowdy and seem to have no decorum.While they play in the hallway they can be heard from inside my apartment,they bang on my door with their balls,hand etc and when I brought this to the attention of their parents nothing was done.Why should of have to put up with such a disturbance in what is suppose to be the comfort of my own apartment.They play loud music at all hours whenever they feel,they are always in the hallway hanging out and when they are finish smoking,drinking and eating their garbage is being felt in the hallway.They have been a major contribution to the disgusting state the hallway on the 3rd floor.They are clearly in breach of many of NYCHA's rules and regulations eg.1.Conduct or behaviour that presents a danager to the health and safety of neighbours 2.Poor housing keeping 3.Behaviour that is considered to endanger the peaceful occupation of other residents and 4.Smoking. I have also witness the police warning them about this behaviour.I do feel very much unsafe living next to neigbours like this as they have so many people coming and going and the constant strange charactors hanging out in the hallway.This is not the type of enviroment I find adequate or becoming for me to be raising my 11 years old son in.
V.matos1 Send email
Jan 18, 2018

Leaking pipes in the kitchen

I was told yesterday my neighbor in 11e had the washing machine stalled improperly which is causing the leak in the pipes right next to my stove. This has been happening for over a month and nothing is being done to fix it. The pipe is right next to the stove which can cause a gas fire or electrical fire because the outlet is right next to pipe. I'm tired of having to move my stove out of place and unplugging it before I leave my house.
Whydontyouhelpus Send email
Dec 12, 2017

Transfer and quality of life

I reside in NYCHA development in Harlem and have been on the waiting list for two different developments. The quality of life in NYCHA doesn't exist for tenents living in certain environments. It's a shame that if you reside in Harlem you are treated totally different from tenants living in downtown NYCHA. If you're surroundings are not clean, there is constant violence and you're living conditions in your apt isn't suitable it's depressing. The New Generation housing isn't addressing the issues that tenants are having.The shabby jobs look good on the outside but inside the walls are degenerating. Board electoral office members should be obligated to help the tenants that inhabit hardship in these destitute NYCHA developments.
xzavier511 Send email
Nov 7, 2017

NYCHA ,Identity Theft

in October of 2016 i was able to Reveiw my Nycha files and Unannouced to me there are people in my files that i have never met,and as a result of someone's deliberate actions allowed Edith Bailey,Jhirmira Jenkins,and Conroy Hibbert access to our personal information;Now that it has been exposed nycha is denying me a fair hearing why? no agency can deny any client a fair hearing,please keep in mind their awareness of Varnell's mental disability. i have a right to an answer.
Luz Montero Send email
Jun 1, 2017

tossing garbage of windows

I live in 60 Avenue D and park my car in back of 50 Ave D every day I have to clean my car because of the garbage that the resident of 50 Ave D thru out of the windows on Monday night they break my car windshield in two different places is not the first time that I have damage in the car this is the third time. I complaint but they say that they do not have nothing to do with the parking lot. I hope that the administration take action on this situation.It cost me I lot of money to fix my car. try to send picture
pologround Send email
May 31, 2017


I've lived in 2931 8th avenue for 18 months wishing these 18 I've experience flooding/leaking roughly 8 - 10 times already. Last night i was noticed that 6b had a flood by the FDNY i created my ticket because water was going from the pipes and ceiling. MY bathroom ceiling is craving in. Water dripping from fusebox. I call the management office I've been placed on hold all 10 times that i've called since 8:30 till i hang up because no picks up after placing on hold I called the borough of manhattan told me they are fine the issue at hand. which is false because no one has come to my apartment I have a 1 year old and 7 year old I just had surgery on my foot. The hallway outside my apartment is a waterfall. Flooding coming from my walls, outside my apartment water is almost covering my sneakers.

You guys need to seriously transfer my kids and I like asap i shouldn't have to submit 4 transfer papers I feel as though they have not done anything with the transfer papers why am i in a 1 bedroom with two of my sons!!

the assistant supervisor stated after finally answering the phone and i state to her Ms Simms I have water coming down my wall where the fuse box is and its starting, she chuckled. she seriously had the nerve to laugh and say well than why are you still home? Because i just had foot surgery that you're aware about. And just last time when i had to check into a hotel you stated that was my decision and it costed me because how are the workers suppose to fi the problem. just called the borough on her. again!
Drzindia151 Send email
Dec 29, 2016

Nycha closes tickets without coming to repair

Maintenance closes tickets without even coming to check the issue. I have to take off work for them to come and they never arrive. I complain and it falls on deaf ears.

Nycha closes tickets without coming to repair Nycha closes tickets without coming to repair

TheLadyVal1 Send email
Dec 29, 2016

Pest control/ Need plaster

In May 2015 I moved into Astoria Houses. I paid a pest control tech to clear my apartment of pests commonly known to dwell in public housing managed by NYCHA. I lived in an NYCHA building in Staten Island since 2010 and never had some pest problem. August 2016 I requested repairs for a hole in the wall that began as chipped paint but became a mouse hole. In just 1 night I caught 5 mice by placing a mouse trap directly beneath the hole. Several times I called maintenance for pest control which accomplished nothing. At first the work order was closed with no visit. Then when the maintenance man finally came and sprayed, it seems he brought roaches with him. I've spent at least $500 of my own money to buy traps and poison and pay for professional pest control since August. When I spoke to the call center I was told that February 1st was the soonest someone would be able to plaster and close the hole. I explained to call center representative and to housing management that waiting 6 months was unacceptable especially since I am still nursing my newborn who was 6 months old at the time. I recently found out that the housing assistant that was supposed to be helping me expedite my repair request no long works for NYCHA or relocated. Every night I make sure the apartment is clean to discourage mice from being comfortable especially in my kitchen but every morning there are mouse trails of poop on my stove. The 1 hole is now 5 holes leading from the kitchen to the bathroom. My apartment is literally crumbling around me and my 3 children. I'm saving to move but it's hard because I still have to pay this rent. NYCHA is a disgusting, unethical prison. I am trapped and surrounded by pests and it seems that the only thing I can do is wait.

Pest control/ Need plaster Pest control/ Need plaster Pest control/ Need plaster Pest control/ Need plaster Pest control/ Need plaster

eddieace71 Send email
Dec 6, 2016

neighbors harasment

my name is Eduardo Hernandez I live in parkside houses address is 650 adee ave apt 2a ive been live here almost three years I don't
know one here and they harassing me ive been threaten ive been called names of all kinds and ive complained to management
and they have not done anything and ive called the police and several reports and nothing I don't know what to do anymore
Dawn1262 Send email
Dec 6, 2016

Assistant manager and housing asst

I am having a big issue with my management office. They are rude and very disrepectful. I have been out on disability since July 2016 and my rent has not been reajusted..Ms Rivera keep giving me excuses after excuses. Ithe assistant manager is never there..I received 3 disposes. I live in Sumner housing at 303 Vernon Ave apt 8f in brooklyn. I'm so sick and tired of this place and I don't know who to complain to. I'm at my wits end.. they have me owing 4300.00 for this dump. I work hard and pay my rent on time like I'm suppose to and these city worker will not do there jobs. HELP ME SOMEONE. Someone mention righting a letter to the chairman. What is there address.
Kalert Send email
Nov 16, 2016



There has been no heat or hot water for three weeks in the building. Not just my apartment. During those three weeks my 4 year old was diagnosed with Bronchitis. She has never been diagnosed with that ever! These are frustrating and unfair situations to live under.
L.mendez Send email
May 7, 2016


340 Hudson Walk , I reside with my mother whom I've had two DIR Reports taken out on, when calling NYCHA they refused to help give me a safety transfer out of this apartment and are allowing her to remove me from her lease


lbrown Send email
May 2, 2016

Fire from troublesome tenant

We complained about this guy in 2698 Frederick Douglas Blvd apt 18E for years. He has had fdny kick his door many times in 1 year. View the 311 complaints. He started a grill in his house and nycha knows he does this all throughout the year. Now our clothes are damaged our house is a wreck and our housing person don't know we need a new door. A copy of this is going to channel 7 and 11 one I obtain 311 and fdny reports. We will not wait until someone dies for action.
Housing was going to transfer him but he had to clean up. We'll he cleaned up all right and you have to pay for damages. Oh how ironic but if he was being evicted you wouldn't care how he left an i right. Point blank that was a douche bag move and you put lives of people and kids in jepordy for a govt check every month.

Latinamami69 Send email
May 13, 2014


My name is Mayra orengo I live at 108 26 109 street apt 2a jamaica ny 11433 err r 347 896 2030 fighttin with bed bugs since 2010 now I went to court Apr 2014 n judge said a lot has to be done bedbugs are all over bittin me n family n I dnt think that right we pay to live n u have us living like this if it was some one in ur family would they do that to them please help me 347 8960-9954 home cell 347-896-2030 I gonna go to court nnfight housing n have judge give fine to them lack of work uhh n frontcourt judge order n se if I can sue too cus im spending money on furniture .beds n clothes sheets blankets n again have to throw away n buy more.again they in ever corner I have evidenced n picture... please contact me
Divalee Send email
Aug 6, 2012


I informed the NYCHA of the water damages that have and still is occurring in my bathroom. This has been going on for the past month and yet nothing has been done to rectify the situation. There is a heavy out pour of water coming from the pipe above my toilet. It is coming from the ceiling and the pipe. I went upstairs to inform the tenant above me (13B) of what is happening and she stated "I do have water coming out in my bathroom by my toilet". In addition she stated "I called housing and they gave me an appointment date of July 31st". Now this was on July 12/13 that I spoke with her. How does NYCHA give an appointment date for 2 weeks later for a severe water leak. That is crazy.

Since this time the water continues to leak into my bathroom. It has damaged the bathroom wall unit that I have in my bathroom and my toiletries, etc. that is kept on and inside the bathroom wall unit. I have 15 pictures showing all of the damages. This is the second one that I had to purchase due to this situation. I would like to be reimbursed and the situation rectified immediately. Again, this past weekend it poured water in my bathroom from the pipe and ceiling. I telephoned NYCHA AGAIN to report another problem (Ticket number 25380595). Everything ruined in my bathroom. I had to throw out some of my toiletries that I had for my son and I in the cabinet of the bathroom wall unit. They smelled and had great water damage to them. When I called I was told someone would be here withing 24 hours, that is what they said the last time and no one never showed up. No one never show up to my appointment or on July 31, 2012 to my neighbors given appointment to fix this problem.

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