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Consumer complaints and reviews about OCBC BANK

Janey23 Send email
Jun 10, 2017

Credit card

I am terribly upset with OCBC credit cards and would warn anyone with a OCBC card to be careful.

Recently, I encountered an issue where I did not receive my credit card statement but was subsequently sent a statement in the following month with late charges and interest. Thinking it was ridiculous that I had to pay $80 for late charges for a payment of $100 over, I called them to explain the situation and ask if they could waive the late charges. I proceeded to make payment for the outstanding balance immediately.
Even though the contact centre staff told me that I will receive an SMS on the outcome in 5 days, I did not receive it. Called up contact centre again and was told that the earlier request was not submitted and she will resubmit. Finally after a few days, I receive SMS to say that the bank is unable to waive my late charge but will waive my interest charge. Fine. I decided to pay up so that I can have closure to the whole issue, and just take it as a lesson learnt not to hold anymore OCBC cards. After receiving the SMS, I called up the contact centre again to check the outstanding amount as it was not indicated anywhere in the SMS. On the very next day, I went to their Jem branch to pay up and even confirm the amount again with the counter staff. I thought I can finally have closure after cancelling all my dealings with this Bank.

Today, I receive another statement for late charge of $4.46! Amazed by their capabilities to irritate customers. Omg, I am not even appealing for a waiver and all I ask is that they leave me in peace. Once again, I have to call their hotline which is really extremely hot. The staff told that this is another late charge, for what I really cannot understand since I've confirmed the amount so many times with them and even went down in person. They told me they will waive it, and asked me to wait for the next month statement. I demanded for a written reply in the next few days, as who knows, they may decide to charge me even more late charges in the next month.

I saw online that there are many similar complaints from other customers about OCBC demanding late payment charges even though the earlier statement was not received. If you are holding on to a OCBC card, be warned. My spouse has cancelled all OCBC cards after seeing what they had put me through.
liminsingapore Send email
May 17, 2017


OCBC is a dogs' shit bank. They hound you very day for late payment. Very trigger happy to issue lawyer letter, because you pay not them.They dont have heart, they dont help you. They have this mentailty that that is your business. They dont remembered when you are financially ok you paid them thousand dollars of interests. Even you owe them just a mere few hundreds. DONT BANK WITH THEM. DONT BORROW FROM THEM.
Inflexible Send email
Apr 24, 2017

OCBC as a Bank CC service providers

First and foremost, I think the customer service officers (not including the CS managers) have been doing an above average service level jobs during all my encounters. My experiences are more or less same as the fellow forgetful pals here, who has overlook the payment either, we are overseas or the amount is very small to pay or living in different mailing address.

OCBC, however, has very clear policies for waiver. They probably will waive for the first time on late payment. However, the second or third times late payments will be very difficult as OCBC has added in layers of resistance to discourage late payments regardless on how minute the outstanfing amount is.

I have just cancelled 3 cards as of 24 APR 17; OCBC Robinson, 365 and NTUC. The last two cards were given to me in 2016 but I didnt make any transaction thus far.

OCBC had waived off few of my late payments charges in the past. To be honest, the oustanding amount (A) was always very small, between 50 to 200 dollars.

For the last encounter, i was traveling between Jan 17 to Apr 17 to few countries. (I did came back to Singapore between the traveling). And i totally forgotten one 80 plus dollars bill that I charged to OCBC credit card in Jan17. And i only foot this bill in mid March 17 without paying the late charges and interest. I was asked to pay around $160 plus in late payment and interest. The CS officers have tried 3 times to appeal for my late charges and interest. All were rejected till i asked to speak to the CS manager.

For your info, I was told by the CS manager, I will be charged for another month of late payment and interest if the previous 2 month late payment and interest are not paid by 28 April 17. So on the spot, i asked her, I already paid the principal in March, why OCBC still charge more on interest and late payment.

The answer which is true about OCBC values and policies;
CS manager:" Sir, this is our policy. it is in our service agreement when u signed up the card" ------THE TRUTH IS OUT and please read all rules and regulations when u sign up for any card. ( I am mocking here, becos if we were to read all terms and conditions, i think we will not sign up any credit card from any bank). My POINTs are, THE BANKS SHOULD ALWAYS;
1. On a case by case basis, look into at the OA as compared to the late payment charges plus interest that the bank want the consumer to pay. For my case, is about 200% of late payment and interest i have to pay for 2 months. And i don't denial is due to my oversight and forgetfulness.

2. Be considerate and flexible. In business, naturally we want efficient and effective operations readiness and on time payment by our client (which is we, consumer). But don't be too harsh on your clientele and chase them away. Very likely, it will leave a permenant bad taste in them and they will never return to your bank or take up your services. OCBC, FYI, my first mortage loan was from you. Will I take up your mortgage again, after this incident becos of $160 fime; i think is highly unlikely or impossible. ( you should do the maths, few Hundred thousands to a million dollar mortagage loan comapred to your fine)

3. what I would do differently as a credit card service providers and maybe OCBC policies makers can look into it:

a. understand the financial status of your clients, terminate those u think that will cause bad debt to your bank and preserve those that will contribute to your profit margins. FYI, i am a premium customer for DBS and I am a strong follower for UOB bank. I rejected OCBC bank premier banking services becos OCBC is very rigid in policies and lag of 'human touch'

b. Promote your cards to your cards' holder when u think those clients have spend too little on your card and still need waiver. Think again, why they are doing it. Likely is becos OCBC card no longer appeal to them, inconvenience to use as no easy payment to the OA has been setup, clients have better offer etc. Maybe OCBC has large credit cards base and don't really need to do it right now.

c. For my other two banks CC, I never had any issue with waiver if i overlook to pay on time. However, i had set up Giro deduction already. OCBC has never offer me with an appointment or online session to setup Giro right away. However, your CS have mentioned on how and where to do it. But they just never offer a way to do it right NOW. haha.....

Hope OCBC CC department and policies makers can read and understand. You guys are really rigid, harsh and cold. In addition, few of my ex-colleagues also have mentioned to me and had similiar situation.
biju10101 Send email
Apr 19, 2017

Late charge

I am using 2nos OCBC credit card. One for shopping including fairprice and another one ( robinson card ) only using for donation to sasco senior citizen . For the fairprice card i do the payment correctly and no issue. But for Robinson card , the amout i donate is so small that often i forget to pay intime. Some times i make large payement. So few times ( around 4 different occations) i forget to payback in time. i payed few days after due date. So these 4 times they took late fee charges of S$80 each . I request for wave off and i inform them this is purely for charity purposes. But they simply reject. So i payed a lot. WIll terminate this card soon..
FreshSteve Send email
Mar 17, 2017

OCBC really Sucks, I will never use this bank again

OCBC really sucks, didn't mail me the bill, and charged me late fee and interest charge, it already happened 2 times!!!

Reminding everyone, do not use this bank! I have paid the late fee and interest charge! and cancelled all my services relating to this bank! WORST BANK EVER! I will remind everyone around me not to use this bank!
jacyeo Send email
Mar 14, 2017

OCBC Credit Card

I fully agreed with other writers in the forum. OCBC has a high handed attitude and a loan shark. I appealed for the late payment and interest charged as I did not receive my statement of account to make payment Therefore there was a delay on the payment. My appeals were rejected without any due consideration. Dear Consumers please be warned of the high hand attitude of OCBC. I will never signed a OCBC credit card or any dealing with OCBC.
Veronicax Send email
Mar 3, 2017


I'm a singaporean. I applied for a card in Malaysia under ocbc. I deposited cash into the Malaysian bank so that i can come here and convert the cash and withdraw from the OCBC bank using the malaysian card. But the bank in malaysia or singapore i really dont know is having technical issues and i cant even withdraw my cash. I think they haven't activated the overseas withdrawal function. I even dialled up 72323 to activate the card but its not happening.. Im super angry. Its been a month. I need money and its urgent and this OCBC is giving me problems. When i withdraw it says invalid transaction. When i call up the OCBC malaysia, they say its some technical issues and will do something about it. But it has been a week since i called. And nothing has been done. I need cash by today. Please do something about this OCBC! really super angry. Thank you.
Madhav Send email
Feb 24, 2017

Late Payment fee - OCBC

I have been using OCBC Plus card from 2008 and have regularly using for my shopping needs and paying it on the due date. Two times due to overseas travel I was not able to make on the due date and made the payment immediately on my return this also is due to the reason that I receive harcopy invoices through post. First time when I had requested for waiver of late fee they acknolwdeged it and during my second overseas travel they charged late payment fee and had requested them to waive since I was overseas and also agreed to go for GIRO and infact did have the GIRO approved.....inspite of me doing all this they still held on to the decision saying "We stand by our decision"...I would have requested for waiver of this atleast five times and saying that to the customer service officer that GIRO is already approved and no more issues on late payment but still they did not heed to my request.
All I can say is that OCBC is losing genuine customers. Now that I have cancelled GIRO payment that I had done and also the plus card.

Now I have been receiving invoices for the payment of late payment's late payment...this is ridiculous and wanted to raise this up with the concerned forum
1234567 Send email
Feb 22, 2017

OCBC is worst than Loan Shark

I email OCBC months ago to arrange payment going to default due to reduce income. but they ignore. No reply. then when I was really unable to pay. They call my office every day to ask for payment. They really hound me, threaten lawsuit. I still try to make payment, But I need to eat to earn to pay them, They simply dont care. They just hound me daily calling my office. What if I lost my job. STUPID ASS HOLE.
tejiri123 Send email
Feb 14, 2017


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BrandonSg Send email
Feb 10, 2017

OCBC Credit Card: Putting Customer at RIsk

I called OCBC to report a lost supplementary card at 7:30pm on 9th Feb 2016. To my horror, I was informed 2 transactions has taken place for $3,550 and $77,517.96 between 2pm and 3:30pm. I was further informed that nothing can be done as OCBC needs to wait for the merchant to post the transaction 7 days later. I asked why did they not call me for validation and was told it is not a normal practice. This is very different from other bank credit cards.

I felt uneasy and called again today, 10th Feb, spoke to another representative and request that OCBC should contact the merchant and inform them to stop any payments going out since it is early days. The response was, only the rep I spoke to last evening can help and there is nothing they can do. I asked what if she is on leave and was informed, then she will check when she is back and I just have to wait because nothing can be done. I asked the rep why did OCBC not call me when such a big amount was charged and my transaction records have always been low for the last 11 years and was told, it should have been a call. When I requested to speak to the manager, I was put on hold for 10 minutes again (not the first time) and the rep returned and repeated what he said 15 minutes ago - 'We cannot do anything for you now. Just wait for our call"

In the current environment of fraud and stringent anti-money laundering laws, I do question if OCBC's is up to speed in putting in place adequate protocols to prevent frauds and unlawful activities causing harm to its customers. I was even told worse case, I have to pay for it, which is absurd.
0rion Send email
Feb 2, 2017

OCBC Late Payment Fee and Interest

Looks like I am goin to be the next victim to be punished with a late payment fee for paying my $30+ bill by AXS on due date thru AXS. Received my statement of $30+ accompanied by a $80 late payment and several $? Interest. Called in and was verified tat I hav made payment on time but unfortunately payment through AXS will complete its transaction the next day so OCBC will consider it as a late payment. After explaining, i was told to wait for waiver request sms and was rejected with a not so welcoming phrase: "...we are sorry this is not what you are hoping for, but we stand by our decision." Called in again to clarify and was direct to another dept and went thru the whole identity verification process again and to my annoyance, with immediate rephrasing verbally: "...Sorry we stand by our decision!" ... I was like wat? ... I was then told it was clearly stated in the statement tat payment thru AXS wil takes another day blah blah ... I just find it very strange for OCBC spending money & resources to put up road shows and popup stalls to promote their credit card and yet allows such incident to piss off their paying customer ... well they are not going to loose just 1 customer because my whole family and extended families will not be using OCBC. P.S. The irony was i hav received an sms during Dec, informing I hav been waived 2 yrs annual fees eventhough i hav not requested for it . When shared with my colleagues, I was shocked that most of them had gone thru tis ill feeling process and victimised by tis late payment fee. Too bad Wifey and I hav been a frequent user of tis card at Robinson ... so its Adios to OCBC & Robbie to me....
sandinas Send email
Jan 30, 2017

Security breach and late payment

Dear OCBC,

I refer to my ex-OCBC Robinsons Card 4524-1907-0619-5938. As you may retrieve from your internal records, this is a replacement card for an older card (which I do not have records of the old card number anymore).

A little recap of the history – in late October 2016 my old Robinsons Card security was compromised. I noticed it over 2 days and called OCBC customer service immediately as soon as I received notification of an unauthorized major transaction. To my horror, the card was indeed compromised over two/three days with a string of unauthorized transactions. The card was cancelled immediately during the call and a new card was issued thereafter. The date of cancellation coincide with the payment due date. My usual practice is to authorize telegraphic transfer of payment two or three (if due date falls on a non-working day) days before due date. As a result of the card cancellation, payment could not get through. Very honestly, I wasn’t aware of the failed payment. Neither was there any reminder from OCBC Customer Service Officers whom I speak to regarding the late payment. I was liaising frequently over the two weeks regarding the dispute unauthorized transactions but none of them actually reminded me of the late payment.

The next time I became aware of it was a month later when I received an alert from OCBC. I requested for a waiver for reversal but was rejected. This is very disappointing for a few reasons:
1) This episode of late payment arose as a result of my credit card being compromised. This has been the second time this has happened to my OCBC credit card – the first being in 2013 when I was stationed overseas and had not used my card for a long period. 3 years later, the same had happened to an even greater extent over two/three days without any alert. I hold credit cards across a few banks and I have never faced any similar problem with other banks, I don’t use Robinsons Card frequently for overseas/online transactions so why is my OCBC Robinsons Card so susceptible to fraud than my other cards?? Is there anything more than this like lapses in the internal controls and risk management? As a customer, I am very aware and concern since this happened more often than other banks I am dealing with.

2) I have been a loyal customer of OCBC Robinsons Card for the past 6 years. I believe I had been meeting minimum spending every year to have been granted annual fee waiver year after year without making a request. For this, I am grateful to OCBC for the loyalty recognition. For that, when I genuinely make a late payment, I voluntarily paid for the late charges and relevant interest without making request. For your info, I do the same to my other credit cards. The loyalty with OCBC continues even though I failed to receive physical statement for a few times over the years and again it always happened to OCBC only. To some extent, I wonder if it is related to the internal control lapses mentioned earlier though different in nature.

3) The reason for rejecting my waiver was that I was granted a waiver in August 2016 (if my memory serves me well, it should be due to the change into e-statement and it either slipped my mind or happened without my knowledge) and as a result this time was rejected. I am very upset with such a reason. Why this even happened was because of a security breach of the bank. The policy was so rigid that the bank failed to overlook the other factors surrounding this matter.

My last conversation with your Customer Officer was quite a heated one. I felt sorry to the Officer as I understand it wasn’t her decision. So I decided to bring this up separately. I have since then cancelled my OCBC Robinsons account which I have held for six years. I have recently opened a new joint account with my domestic helper and for the first reason quoted above, I may consider switching bank since I have no allegiance with OCBC following the issue with credit card.

Would be grateful if you can let me have a conclusion of this matter as soon as possible. The card may have been cancelled but I do not wish to have any further dispute over the outstanding. An amiable closure will be grateful.
Thank you.
AlexFoo Send email
Jan 25, 2017

OCBC Forever unable to terminate Credit card.

I had a very bad experience with OCBC credit card.

2 years+ ago, I was conned by a sales person who approached me at one of the NTUC entrance. End up I signed up OCBC 365 card as well as cheque book and current account which I didn't request for.

Upon received the card and cheque book. I felt cheated and decided to cancel my credit card as well as my current account. However, this does not end my nightmare until recently Nov 2016. I received an annual fees charges to my 365 OCBC card which was terminated 2 years ago. I dont care it and early Dec, I received a late charges to my annual fees. This is so ridiculous and I made immediate action to go down to OCBC at Waterway Point Branch. I approach the counter and tell them I'm not going to pay for any annual fees and late charges. The officer gave me a form to fill up and tell me everything is settled.

To my surprise, I received another late charges letter on early Jan 2017 again. This is so frustrated that cause me to go down to the branch again. I was shocked that I was told by the officer that no record found of my termination status which I visited on early Dec.

This time I'm smart enough to tell them terminate my card for the 3rd times again and demand a copy for my record. It was dated 6th Jan 2017. On 12th January 2017 I received an unpleasant letter from OCBC "We regret that we must close your account because you did not make payment for 2 months" What the hell is that? I was blamed for OCBC internal mistake???

This horror story has yet to be ended. Today I open up my mailbox and I saw another OCBC letter dated 20th Jan 2017 to demand for the settlement of the fees... this is never ending...

*Aside to above, I have not received my kids baby bonus account statement for the past few years. I informed them to resend and yet, after 2 months passed and I still waiting for it.

Please tell me where can I approach to end my this nightmare? If I can give rate to OCBC service, I will give negative points!
Danielpoh Send email
Jan 17, 2017

OCBC late charge.

I had always been a OCBC support for the pass before nov 2016.

But recently I am very pissed out with Ocbc.
I miss my bill by a few day late charge on 5 card accounts. And OCBC told m can't waive my late card. Do you know how much money?

I make a choice to cancel some of my cards, so that i wouldn't want that to happen again.

2nd month some how become e-statement , didn't received letter. Call and they told me to check internet banking. Late charge again. Requested and they not waving

This month ocbc call using " private number " and stated that my 360 card still got outstanding , since nov over due. ( what the hell ).
I had cancel 360 on november, no paper bill given, internet banking can't see. Call and they said need go find the e-statement. I using I pad cant see and they told me need use desktop version.

I am going back to see and paid the principle tonight. And if can't waive the late charge for this again. I am going to CASE and newsapaper!

dd293 Send email
Jan 12, 2017


To Whom It May Concerned

I am disappointed at the services provided by your bank. Last Dec, I called to request for waiver of overdue charge due to the fact that I just came back from overseas and due to the fact abnormal practice that your bank issued 2 statements instead of 1 statement like other banks. The 2 statements came in different timing which made customers thought that they have paid all the outstanding bill after the 1st bill being paid. The excuse of the card is issued by the mall itself is inexcusable. I ended up being ‘victimised’ to pay the late charges fees by your bank’s failure to improve the system to combine 2 cards’ billing statement into one statement.

Nevertheless, in order not to be victimised again for future usage, I decided to terminate the OCBC card. With the loss of confidence, I am also going to terminate my account with OCBC. I guess losing customers is not as great cost to your bank instead of cost of combining statements.
Niji78 Send email
Dec 21, 2016


I had a similar bad experience with OCBC regarding the late payment fee and interest charge. I paid on due date and Statement reflected that i paid on due date too. To the ocbc system, it was late as i paid via e-axs. On contrary, statement shows the exact date when i paid via e-axs, which is the due date. Technically i was not wrong, but i was being penalised for "late payment ". Called up the bank and they gave me plentiful of " i see where you coming from, i understand " .. " i will write a special note to the manager to waive this off" - empty promises! Received an sms for the 3rd time to tell me that it was disapproved! 😠 no wonder that the queue to talk to the agent was so gorgeous long, at least 30 mins of wait!
Annoying ocbc Send email
Nov 30, 2016

Repeated Late Charge

OCBC Bank services are very bad recently.
Was billed for late charges when payment was made on due date. Reason from them was they can viewed from their that I made the payment and they have yet to received amount as it takes 2 days to reach them.
Send in request for waiver, they called back 3 weeks later and insist and demanded for payment.
Fine, upon payment they send another bill for another late charge because I did not put within their stipulated time.
They are supposed to get back to us with 3-5 days but it took them 3 weeks, reason that they have a sharp increase in the number of emails received.
NO more OCBC from today onwards.
YVONNECHAU00 Send email
Nov 28, 2016


I ALSO made the payment on time, as per the due date mentioned in statement. I had late charge, when I call and ask the customer service, they told if pay through UOB we have to pay 3 days in advance. Like that I paid monthly spending for few months. When trying to call the customer service it takes more than 1 hour to get the line. The customer service also very rude (Andy Kwah).

Who is having that much time to wait for customer service, final answer also have to pay in advance if we are paying through UOB.

I am holding many cards, but I am having very bad experience and cancelled my card. There are lot of banks are there to provide more better and good service than this.

You should take note that OCBC is not the only bank in Singapore. I will NEVER use OCBC in the future.
annabel Send email
Nov 25, 2016


In October, I received the credit card statement and on it stated due date 24th October 2016. However on 23rd October, I had made the payment via my bank. Yet, I was charge a late fee. I called in to request for a waiver as it was stated on my statement that this has been processed on 23rd. I called in several times, each time I waited more than 45 mins through the hotline and I gave up, eventually I used the phone option to request for fee waiver. I waited for days and I got a rejection SMS. FINE. I tried to waive again and this time NO SMS was sent to me at all. How long do you need me to wait?

I had waited and waited and I almost miss my payment for my November statement. So I called in on Thursday and spoke to the phone operator called Devan. He told me that on that day I will receive another SMS on the outcome. NO SMS was received yesterday and I had to rush to the OCBC outlet after work. Empty promise. To be frank, Devan was not very friendly. Who ends the call with a bye and not thank you for calling…. It was such a hassle and it is very disappointing that OCBC has such client servicing standards. This is my first time using OCBC, applying for Frank and 365 together and I even had the intention of switching my salary account to you.

I had made payment across like this before and had never encountered any problem. Hence I would never have thought that by processing a payment on the 23rd, the bank will receive it on 25th. And this is unfair because on my statement it was shown 23rd as the transaction date and to me I thought that hits was the some bank error.

It was an error on my part but I had made efforts to try and contact to ask what is happening. Yet all I got was to WAIT and WAIT and WAIT. I asked for waiver 4 times. It is not as if I default payment for MANY DAYS or MONTHS. You have to understand where I am coming from, without the intention of defaulting payment. I had been genuine with you yet you treat customer like trash.

OCBC, you are such a disappointment to begin with.
JLK Send email
Nov 24, 2016

OCBC Late Charge

I also encountered the same issue, make payment on the due date through AXS, and OCBC charge me for late payment + interest! and was struggled to call their customer service hotline, it took more than 30 minutes to pick up my call and the late payment waiver is rejected.
Who will read the fine prints to know that AXS takes 2 days to clear the bill!?
OCBC bank is ridiculous. I have terminated all their cards and not going to use any of their cards anymore.
Malathi Send email
Nov 15, 2016

OCBC Late Charge

I made the payment on time, as per the due date mentioned in statement. I had late charge, when I call and ask the customer service, they told if pay through AXS we have to pay 2 days in advance. Like that I paid monthly $80 for few months. When trying to call the customer service it takes more than 1 hour to get the line. The customer service also very rude.

Who is having that much time to wait for customer service, final answer also have to pay in advance if we are paying through AXS.

I am holding many cards, but I am having very bad experience and cancelled my card. There are lot of banks are there to provide more better and good service than this.

You should take note that OCBC is not the only bank in Singapore. I will NEVER use OCBC in the future.
Ocbcisshit Send email
Nov 2, 2016


It's a mistake to bank with a bank that does not respond to its customers. Hence, i should not have bank or invest with OCBC, they never respond. If they are sluggish with responding to customers, how can you expect them to be nimble to respond to markets? Good luck if you can get through to the customer service!

The bank is also a rip off.. they charge me $80 late service charge and I was late for only 2 days for a bill that is only $200!? And I have banked with them for 20 years!? Gosh, they are really rubbish.
tan swee tee Send email
Oct 7, 2016

never believe what the staff told you

I feel that i was cheated by ocbc. i have a foreign currency one year deposit in ocbc bank, when i chose ocbc as the staff told me there is no commission charge upon maturity as long as inform bank 2 days in advance. so i went to the bank in advance to inform them and again to check whether got commission charged, get the answer is no any charges. the day i went to collect cheque, they charge commission. after some argument , they agree waive half of the commission but i told them i could not accept as this is not what your staff promised, the lady said she could not make decision so need to check with the boss and will call back, but till now i did not get any reply nor explanation. what happen with this bank, may be the business is too good, i guess!

i also heard a lot bad experience with ocbc from my friends. too bad!
Mllee Send email
Sep 21, 2016


Wow wow..i have waited for 1 hour and finally the phone seems to be transferred..then came the technical fault and they hanged me up!! Super pissed..they have rejeceted my waiver for annual fee and im calling up to cancel the card..

Ocbc, i cant get through to your customer officer so please treat this as a form to cancel my card...my credit card last 4 digit is xxx1776.

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