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terrible company Send email
Oct 14, 2020

They couldn't understand EOB, so they threaten me with IRS and cancel card

I never had issues with any of my flex spending card for the past years until my company switched to this company.
They like harass people with EOB and their web site doesnt work:
They keep sending letters to me to for EOB, which I uploaded to their site, problem is their web site doesn't work properly, I selected eob pdf document from my dental insurance company that I downloaded then click submit, nothing happened, for all 5 documents, only one document did get uploaded and I also got a confirmation message on screen after upload. Rest upload pages just hanging there doing nothing after I clicked on submit.
They never understand EOB so they keep harass you with more detailed EOB:
Once EOB documents uploaded, they don't understand it, of course they don't understand it, the dentist don't charge me exact amount for every visit, dentist will charge me some amount then dentist will get insurance company's payout then charge me for the rest for next visit. I explained to them many times, they just dont understand and keep asking me for more detailed EOB document. They are like zombie's that can't think for themselves and they are driving me crazy.
srmcon Send email
Feb 8, 2020

Lame incompetent interface

Fire the CIO and the CIO that chose them for the provider of Aetna's HSA account. Accenture is the company that offers the health insurance and i'm sure selected this managment for the HSA accounts.
I'm with Kaiser now and no longer Aetna, but it was the same HSA manager.
When Kaiser submits invoices for payment they appear in an antiquated list for me to approve.
One Dr. visit triggered 4 individual bills from labs and offices, imagine a complicated visit.
There is no way for me to consolidate the 4 bills into one for payment to Kaiser.
I have to click 'Pay' on each line item, select to provider (Kaiser dugh...), then the fun begins.
They don't remember previous addresses and since they use non-standard field names, the auto-fill of the browser can't remember any address either.
No way to store common provider address!
Requires me to individually enter each field for the address, every time I need to send payment!! what a waste of time.
Justin76 Send email
Feb 8, 2019

Non payment on HSA account

HSA’s aren’t subject to the approval oversight of FSA’s. Yet this pos company has held my money, claiming the need to check credentials. The wait multiple days before contacting me to raise the issue. All information has been double checked, yet these thieves still have my money. They claim that a $1000 distribution is subject to additional checks? Really, $1000 is “big” money for medical services? Yes, they are thieves and crooks. Shut them down.
bnich008 Send email
Sep 7, 2018

Absolute Criminals

How are all of these complaints going unprosecuted? This company is stealing everyone's money. I've paid $2,200 to them over the course of three years and they won't even let me set up an online account, which is necessary to pay any of my bills. After three years, I have quite a few bills that I need to pay! I finally realized that I had to initiate a request on my own for a PayFlex card in order to create an online account. I used the number on that card to try setting up an account multiple times over the past month. Every single time I go through the multiple page process of setting up an account it tells me at the end "You're unable to create an account at this time." I called PayFlex. I told the woman on the phone right away how mad I was that I've been trying unsuccessfully to create an account for three years. At one point during our conversation, exasperated, I said "I can't spend my money!" This woman, Dee, replied "I'd be happy to spend it for you." It took every once of patience not to scream in her ears at that moment. She told me that her website only works on Internet Explorer. I've now tried that and got an error even earlier in the process than before. She tried to keep me on the phone for five more minutes, telling me all about how I can use my account online or using the mobile app. I told her I need an account first! She asked me if I was on the computer and if I could get on one. She acted like I needed her to walk me through the process like it's my fault it's not working. This company needs to be shut down.
sylviamh Send email
May 9, 2018

Stalling to Rob My Money

Payflex is doing everything in their power to keep my money. I have submitted the same bill, different service dates. They accepted it one time, then randomly did not accept it the next. I have submitted proof of payment for surgery. A detailed bill. An explanation of insurance payment and they still reject it. In the end, they will walk away with my money $388 which is what they want to do. Their customer service gives mixed information. They website barely works. They make it as humanly hard as possible so that they can keep your money. Companies STAY AWAY FROM PAYFLEX. READ THEIR RATINGS. They are crooks at best.
sjanas0993 Send email
Sep 19, 2017

PayFlex Is The Worst

I echo all the previous complaints listed here, with an exclamation point!! It seems every time a submit a legitimate claim, it gets rejected. When I submit receipts from the service provider, they tell me they need an explanation of benefits received from insurance provider. I call the insurance provider (in this case dental) and they tell me they are required to submit to medical insurance provider first, which will get rejected. This whole process takes weeks or months. In the meantime, I get almost daily messages from PayFlex that my claim needs URGENT ATTENTION and that my account will be frozen if I don't provide the documentation, which I can't get. As others have said, THIS IS MY MONEY!!! Why should I have to spend all this time and be hounded, just to release MY MONEY!!! This is an ongoing issue and I feel my hands are tied because my employer uses AETNA, which apparently owns PayFlex, and thus I am required to use them.
lizzientexas Send email
Aug 2, 2017

crappy website

I would fire the CIO over the web development they have done! Worst site ever, I had no issues going from an API link from Aetna. Now I have to create a new account as I no longer have Aetna. Well your enotify has my user id, password, and security question with just plain garbage in it

so since my last 4 digits of SS# is attached to this account I can never create a new user account or even log in...

[email protected]
12:49 PM (1 hour ago)

to me

We recently received a request for your username for

Your username is: a7ec9d64-9c51-496e-a864-xxxxxx (just in case...) WHAT THE HELL IS THIS? I NEVER CREATED A USER ID LIKE THIS!!!!!!

If you didn't request this information, call us at 1-844-PAYFLEX.

Thank You,
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Darelian Send email
Feb 7, 2017


This has to be the worst FAS administrator organization on the planet;

1. Phone lines always overloaded.

2. Customer Service reps always complaining about how their system is so slow and taking forever to do the simplest tasks.

3. Repeated requests for verification of FSA expenses that are obviously covered by IRS guidelines including my wife's ObGyn, my sons dentist, a hospital surgical copay, etc.

4. No obvious way to upload EOBs to satisfy these ridiculous requests for verification .. Turns out you have to file another claim

5. Suspension of FSA card when you can't get verification to them quick enough... Every other FSA administrator organization would ask for verification and if not received, issue the appropriate IRS documentation requiring tax to be paid...

Clearly an organization not investing in people, processes or technology and with no interest in customer satisfaction.
DaleF Send email
Jan 12, 2017

Incompetence & poor systems

Using pretax dollars is not worth my time and aggravation of using PayFlex.
PayFlex, congrats! You make the DMV look like the Gods of efficiency & processing.

This company is an evil combination of; an incompetent IT help desk & an Insurance company that is on the verge of insolvency. Don't plan on actually getting resolution to any issues, but plan on wasting many hours of your time only then to have your claim denied and funds frozen. The ability to shut down debit cards and freeze your funds is what makes this company so sleezy. On the plus side the service reps have all been nice and they do try to help. However since they are under trained and are given little authority or real time access to correct issues. What this leads to is an outcome driven by a horrible system that does not come close to matching the outcome the service rep has verbally shared. Be warned, you will spend hours chasing down issues created by PayFlex... the inconvenience of PayFlex is not worth the benefit of using Pretax dollars.
poligllo31 Send email
Nov 24, 2016

Wrong accounts

Wrong account being withdrawn from to another account. They won't do anything about it.
Payflexsucks Send email
Jul 20, 2016


I had the misfortune of working for a company that uses Payflex. These guys are crooks and out right scam artists. I have submitted detailed bills via mail & via uploading to their websites to no avail.. I have spent 7 hours arguing over one claim and they keep saying hat the bills were not received despite scanning, emailing sending by courier. I made the mistake of setting aside $1800 for this year. They deduct the funds from my pay but will not let me use the funds. They blocked the debit card so I cannot use it to pay hospital bills or pay for subscriptions. If I submit claims via web or mail they are automatically denied and I am forced to send the same receipts & bills to no avail. Calls to their customer DISERVICE phone line are just another sense of frustration.

This is my money let me use to pay medical bills! !!!

Everyone - DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. Take the money you would normally have deducted from your pay stub and deposit in the bank. That way you will at least have access to the funds.

Payflex is an insurance company. They do NOT want you to have access to your money. They will keep delaying the payment and at the end of the year when you haven't spent the money they get to keep it! What a scam. Not only are they getting paid a ton by the company you work for, they are collecting interest on your money and they are delaying payment so they get to keep it. These guys are crooks and should be closed
denise puente Send email
Apr 22, 2016

Can't get a claim approved

I have search high and low for some answers concerning pay flex. No one seems to be in charge of these crooks. I submitted claims for hormone replacement in 2015 was denied because in Dec. 2014 I paid my husband bill (to his Cardiologist ) for $91.14. I was told " We need a receipt" I sent it, no response. I sent in my own claims for the hormone replacement Jan 2015 it is now April 2016 I am still in a major disagreement with them. They said " Why are you taking hormone replacement? How long have you been taking the replacement? How long are you going to that the replacement? " Answer " I'm 56, post menopausal, started taking 2 years ago, how long? Who knows".
I ask for a number to someone I can file a complaint with. I was told " we don't have one. You can go online and file a complaint to our manager. Really! Your company is my problem!

What is the governing agent to this HealthHub? Does anyone know?
jklew Send email
Apr 20, 2016

Horrible Service

I submitted a claim for reimbursement which requires a prescription to properly qualify. I provided the prescription and it was still denied. When I called PAYFLEX, the rep stated that I would need a letter of medical necessity ("LMN"). I pointed out that their website information page provides the OPTION of a doctor's prescription OR a LMN however they refused to budge. I then provided PAYFLEX a LMN and they still have not reimbursed me. I am considering taking a position with another company. I will ask them if they use PAYFLEX and if they do, I will let them know I'm turning down the job for that reason...
mmorris Send email
Mar 18, 2016

refusal to pay terrible customer service

I thought it would be a good idea to set up this pay flex account to cover the expenses for my daughters braces pre-tax. I would not recommend anyone using this company. No one you talk to at this company will give you full details on what is needed after they suspend your account. They keep delaying paying you and I'm afraid it will be until the expiration date in which you then lose YOUR money.

One other note Sierrani (that left a comment on this site) sounds like one of the arrogant SOB' s you have to deal with at this company. Where some of her points may be factual, there is no-one I have spoken with at this company capable of explaining all the hoops you have to jump through to get your hard earned money.
Carleen Send email
Feb 20, 2016


After contacting Payflex 5 times regarding incorrect information that they entered on my account, still do not have this issue resolved.
I have asked to speak to a supervisor all 5 times and was told I could not be transferred to one and did not offer any alternatives.
In the meantime, the incompetent employees are taking incorrect amounts out of my account and I cannot get them to correct it.
Who do you have to speak to to get things corrected at Payflex????????? And how to you get in touch with a supervisor???????

Extremely Frustrated!!!!!!!

This company is not capable of doing the job they were hired to do and something needs to be done IMMEDIATELY
[email protected] Send email
Jun 29, 2015

Lack of required level of service

I finally logged on to my 'new' service for Claims Payment. There existed 2 pages of claims that should have been paid. I don't work for PAYFLEX - I am the 'customer'. Why do I have to log in and look up and enter all the addresses of the providers when they obviously had the bill and scanned the information regarding each claim.

Why is the address left blank?

Who said I would enter it for them? No one trained me in their unintuitive system. I am on #3. It has been 45 minutes and I have had to do 2 of them twice and the 3rd got submitted without the city and state. Where is that going to go?

Technology is lacking. Why are they shifting data entry to the customer!

Jtmuz Send email
Mar 7, 2012

Refusal to pay after submitting appropreciate docs

My experience has been absolutely HORRIBLE with PayFlex.
Hparsons Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Refusal to pay after submitting appropreciate docs

Sierrani and Ronald Bertswarth - your information may be correct, but your generalization that those of us complaining are "being a fool", "not submitting the correct documentation", and that our "complaints are with the IRS and not PayFlex" are incorrect (as generalizations typically are). I received two documents asking for an itemized receipt for orthotic inserts for which I paid with my PayFlex card. The reason for denial was "Personal use - Need cost difference", which was simply not the case. We faxed in the detailed receipt as requested, but I still felt uneasy that they were threatening to deactivate my card, so I called them. After getting some incorrect information from the first person I spoke with (she told me to purchase another insert over the counter, submit that, and I would be approved for the difference), I finally got someone who I thought was giving me correct information. The supervisor I spoke with stated that the original claim was probably denied because someone thought it was shoes instead of inserts (because of the price). She instructed me to write on the receipt that it was for inserts, and reassured me several times, that this would take care of the problem and my card would not be deactivated. I did so (they admit they have the document) and a month later I got a deactivation notice. A call this time finally got the information that I must provide a letter of medical necessity. My complaint with PayFlex is not that I must submit that letter, but that they never told me that. Three letters from PayFlex, none of them mentioned the letter of medical necessity. Neither of the two people I initially spoke with on the phone (rep and supervisor) mentioned a letter of medical necessity, doing EXACTLY as the supervisor told me still resulted in my card being deactivated (with no additional notice). PayFlex's documentation claims that I "failed to respond" to their repeated letters, which is patently false. They even have the response, and acknowledge that they do.

I DO agree that simply emptying out my account is futile; however, detailing the information to my HR department and registering a complaint about the poor service is not. I recommend anyone having similar problems with PayFlex make sure their employer's HR department is aware of the problems. That's the ultimate customer to PayFlex, and that's the only way to get their attention.
DavisFAMILY Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Refusal to pay after submitting appropreciate docs

We have had the samolde problem with Payflex. We have turned in document after document, only for them to request more. Not only that, but we paid close to $1000 into it this year to cover midwife expenses, only to be told we have to pay for these services before we are reembersed. So, now we paid the midwife and subefitsmitted the receipt only to be told we need yet another document "Explination of Bennefits" that basically says that our primary insurance doesn't provide midwife services. The only insurance I'm receiving is that this Flex-Plan business is a SCSM. The reason I got this insurance is to make sure that we were covered during the pregnancy that our primary insurance didn't cover. So far, we haven't been reembersed anything. Not even what was paid into it. Everyone has seemed to have been paid but us. Not quite the outcome we were expecting. This experience has been a waist of time and resources.
Sierrani Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Refusal to pay after submitting appropreciate docs

Everyone on here complaining needs to re-read exactaly what Ronald Bertswarth posted before you blow up and realize it's you being a fool and not submitting the correct documentation. Here are some key things to remember: 1. If the bill does not show a service, date of service, billed amount and provider - you will not get reimbursed. 2. If you bill shows estimates or billed to insurance - you will not get reimbursed. As for your card getting shut off for failing to send the proper documentation when you were notified multiple times 1. Per IRS guidelines the card will get deactivated until proper documentation is received. 2. You have noone to blame but yourself for failing to do anything about it when you received the notices and/or followed up to see if you submitted the correct information.

Also, saying your going to "empty out your account", as if to cause harm to your FSA administrator not only sounds very childish, but is indeed not doing any harm to the FSA administrator at all since they technically do not "hold" your funds, your employer does. You may think your FSA administrator is out to keep your money, but the sad reality is that they are actually there helping you, if you were to be reimbursed for the things you are whining about, you would be whining more when you get nailed with a hefty IRS penalty when audited for claiming expenses that you can not validate.
Pam Schlutt Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Refusal to pay after submitting appropreciate docs

I have a complaint that I want to submit to the government agency that manages the Flex insurance carriers, but do not know who to contact.

My complaint is with PayFlex Systems USA, Inc. I have submitted a stack of receipts and co-pay charges from my doctors office, with legitimate letter head, and PayFlex has refused to pay. Now I can understand refusing to pay from the charge receipts, since they can be from anywhere, but the receipts I sent listed date of service, what service was for, my co-pay charge, and the amount billed to insurance. That is a legitimate receipt; at least, it has been the accepted form of receipt from Flex insurance companies in the last 10 years. Has a law changed? Has anyone else noticed that it has become harder and harder to get the money you contribute to Flex to get it out?

An inquiring mind would like to know.
Pam Schlutt

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