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Pfizer / Tetracycline

United States,
New York

Consumer complaints and reviews about Pfizer / Tetracycline

tamacata Send email
Feb 20, 2017


Born in the 1950's,given tetracycline as a child for ear infections and sore throats. Ridges and staining have affected me. My teeth are a dingy yellow grey. Wish I could get help getting them fixed.
Urmarvellous Send email
Feb 15, 2017

Pfizer Tetracycline

Like others I too was subjected to tetracycline as a child, I could have bought a house with what my teeth have cost me and are still costing memotivated by the haunts of a childs lack of self esteem, the comments of rotten teeth, braces??, you should brush are comments we were exposed to because of greed. By 1964 there would have been enough evidence to question the use of tetracycline. Not good enough. Do the right thing Pfitzer.
JoMo Send email
Feb 9, 2017

Terrible Teeth

I was born 1960 and was a very sickly child many kidney infection, tonsillitis.
I was at the Drs. office a lot. The drug (Tetracycline) was given to me for many times for many things..
It wasn't long and my teeth came in nasty looking and gray. Kids will be kids and my sister and I fought with her making fun of the color of my teeth, so did many kids at school....Saying " Don't you ever brush your teeth?"
I teared up reading the other stories people wrote about...it brought back bad memories.
There are NONE of my school pictures with me smiling.. NASTY LOOKING TEETH.. I didn't want to see my picture hanging on the wall next to my sister's with her beautiful WHITE smile.

I am hoping that something will be done with Pfizer giving me a reason to smile and not care what color my teeth are now...Dark gray and yellow.. soft and chipped.
It isn't something you look forward to this late in life is getting the only WHITE teeth I've ever had - only my will be dentures!!
ktlooney Send email
Jan 14, 2017

Tetracycline staining and root damage

I had tetracycline in 1960, when I was 1 year old, for a kidney infection. I have suffered the rest of my life with the a staining and thin enamel. I have had dozen of cosmetic procedures, cracked teeth, crowns, etc. Now, I it looks like I will either need a root canal or lose my front teeth to some odd root damage from the tetracycline. I wish more dentists really know all the things that can go wrong and how to deal with it, for this issue. I do feel Pfizer should pay for the repair work for this lifetime problem.

Why is Pfizer not paying for this? Why is there no lawsuit for us?
Harriet Hisey Send email
Jan 6, 2017

Stained & Danaged teeth from Tetracycline

This complaint is against Pfizer Company. My daughter was given tetracycline as a baby in 1962. Her teeth came in yellow and stained looking. She has suffered with this cosmetic affects as well as the terrible expense of caps due to soft teeth. Now in her adult years she is experiencing infections due to failing fillings from soft teeth crumbling. implants are the only answer and the expense is prohibitive. Has any lawsuits ever been filed against Pfizer for their negligence in notifying the medical community of the terrible side affects of this drug? Please respond.
Lindee Send email
Dec 30, 2016

Tetra ycline

I want / Pfizer to fix my teeth for. From tetracycline I took in the 50's. Not fair we were guinea pigs for your medicine. Lynda PAyne. 1319 winthorne drive. Nashville tn 37217. 615 512 8883. Although you hungry money hogs will not take care of it.
Ruth1572 Send email
Dec 9, 2016


My teeth are gray and brown and sensitive!! from tetracycline they once where beautiful now ugly and gray and getting darker and darker every month as the years go by nothing i do helps its not fair they should pay i had no say in the drugs i took when i was a child!!!and when i was old enough i was unawhere of the side affects it did on my teeth!! they should pay for my teeth to get replaced i will not stop till they pay! this is how would they feel if it where done to them! and they had to live with gray ugly week teeth!!
heathersplace Send email
Dec 1, 2016

discolored and soft teeth

I was born in 1958 and was given Tetracycline for asthma, my teeth came in soft and discolored and now are crumbling. It is not fair that the Pfizer company does not subsidize at least replacing with dentures as the problem gets worse every year
Skarona98@gmail.com Send email
Nov 7, 2016

Tetracycline stain

I am 60 years old. As a child and had bronchitis yearly and was given tetracycline annually. When my teeth came in they were stained and greyish. This always made me extremely self conscious. Over the years I have spent thousands of dollars bleaching with several "fix" it products to no avail. I had my gums burnt because one of the bleaching techniques required holding a light close to my teeth. I've had trays made several times as well. I even tried bonding, which chipped off in a matter of weeks. I've tried every tooth whiting strip and toothpaste that promised results. Yet nothing works. Can you please take responsibility for my years of being embarrassed and come up with a permanent fix. I hear pros and cons about veneers and a new kit whitening system. I'm tired of paying for things that don't work. I dream of smiling I don't want to have this issue any longer do something please
Thank you
caroll Send email
Nov 6, 2016


Pfizer should pay! I had Tetracycline staining due to ear infections as a child. I've spent thousands on my teeth! I have so much bone loss as well. It's not right!
queenlori Send email
Sep 29, 2016

Stained Teeth

Born in 1974, my mom was given tetracycline when she was pregnant and as a result, my teeth are horribly stained. Veneers, caps and dentures are crazy expensive. However I just found out about the KORS whiting system for tetracycline damaged teeth. Average price is $700 and takes about 4 weeks. I'm highly considering trying it because of the price. Although I still think PFIZER should be covering the expense.
Olivette Send email
Sep 15, 2016


I was born in 1957 I too was given Tetracycline for a bladder infection as a small child. It has ruined my teeth I'm so self conscious and embarrassed to smile and have been brought to tears at times and feel so miserable. As I was only a child I had no choice in this and I'm sure my mother put her trust in the experts. It will cost a fortune to have my teeth rectified as it is classed as cosmetic! I am surprised no lawyers have noticed this as it has happened to so many people.
bananaman9 Send email
Sep 2, 2016

Pfizer / Tetracycline

Born in 1960, Melbourne Australia, had a terrible time socially with banding and staining from Tetracycline.
Anyone gets a class action going let me know, would love to get my teeth fixed before i die, and any other compensation wouldnt hurt for the decades of torment!
Klang Send email
Aug 30, 2016

Broken and stained Tetracycline teeth

I was given Tetracycline as a young child to combat sore throats, ear infections and even a bladder infection. I was also given Tetracycline as a young adult to combat acne. I am now 54 years old and I have chipped, broken and horribly discolored teeth. This ongoing problem has made it extremely difficult to have a normal social life. I'm afraid to smile and I refuse to have my picture taken. It has destroyed my social life because as soon as I smile people look at me like I am dirty or that I just simply don't care about my teeth and appearance. I care very much! I recently visited my new dentist and was told that it would cost upwards of $5000.00 to just replace my four front top teeth. I have worked very hard my entire adult life but it is financially impossible for me to be able to afford this besides the cost of having all of my other teeth taken care of. This injustice for me and millions like me is ridiculous! Like many other people, I do not want to sue for thousands if not millions of dollars. I just want the opportunity to smile with a healthy mouth. Please do the responsible and ethical thing by providing a fund for people so that we can smile.
Janeepayne Send email
Aug 28, 2016

Pfizer tetracycline

HuMmIngBirD8 Send email
Aug 24, 2016

Tetracycline-stained teeth

As a child, I was constantly sick in the early 60s with strep throat and earaches. It took several years and the doctor used massive doses of Tetracycline until my tonsils were finally removed. Well, I stopped getting sick, but my teeth had turned kind of a grayish/slightly greenish color. I hated taking pictures for school or at family functions. There were actually pictures of me standing with my hands folded across my chest with me frowning. A few years ago, I met a dentist. He immediately told me he knew my general age, because of the color of my teeth! Thanks, Doc. Most people thought that it was smoking or drinking black coffee.

People are so judgemental in today's society where teeth are so white. One practically has to wear sunglasses to look at others smile. It seems like you have a problem, or are lazy/careless if you don't have radioactively-white teeth. I was told whiteners will not work, that I'd have to get veneers or even go so far as caps. I cannot afford to do that. The only thing that is good about my teeth is that fact that they're straight.
Scottsdale1212 Send email
Aug 21, 2016

Tetracycline Class Action Lawsuit

Why hasn't any lawyer picked this up?

After reading these posts veneers are definitely not the way to solve this problem.

The only post I have read, and I have read many, was from someone who got dentures.

Aren't dentures painful and expensive to put in? First ripping out all the teeth!

Please comment on dentures.

Thank you!
Fenderaddict2 Send email
Aug 16, 2016

Tetracycline damage to teeth and bones

I was given tetracycline as a premature baby in 1964. Like others here I suffered from stained and malformed teeth. I have brushed and flossed like crazy just to offset the permanent translucent grey that affects my esteem daily. I have also suffered a lifetime of chronic joint and bone pain which, like my teeth, gets progressively worse with every passing year. Sadly, I have little faith in the drug or law industries to do what's right.
wllmsnamy Send email
Aug 8, 2016

Tetracycline Teeth!

I too was given tetracycline as a small child in 1969 for pneumonia. I have experienced the worst kind of embarrassment and humiliations throughout my entire life. Being made fun of, bullied, laughed at, passed up on job offers, never able to smile. I was always the only one not able to laugh and smile for pictures or celebrations. I feel cheated out of a lifetime of happiness and nothing can replace that, there is no monetary value that could replace the 45 plus years of embarrassment, unhappiness, depression, sadness, crying, hurt, and the money we have spent to no avail. My teeth are horrible, and have begun to literally falling apart in my mouth despite brushing, flossing, dental visits, teeth whitening, etc. Pfizer needs to be held accountable for this medicine that they created and sold to the American public through prescribing doctors!
good51 Send email
Jul 17, 2016

Tetracycline ruined my teeth

I was born in 1961. I constantly had ear aches/infections and at one point I had tonsillitis and strep throat at the same time. I was given tetracycline many times and now as a 55-year-old I have terribly discolored teeth. Even my dentist knew what it was at my last appointment. I have tried everything over the years to whiten my teeth and couldn't understand why nothing worked. It's hard to take photos with friends and family because I don't want to show my grey teeth. I think that this company should be held accountable especially since they KNEW what the medication could and would do to children's teeth. 412-335-8878 . They made millions over the years and us, as a group, have spent millions trying to fix the teeth they destroyed!
Emike10 Send email
Jul 8, 2016

Lifetime of Blackish/Dark Gray/WEAK Teeth-No Enamel

I'm 47. I was given Tetracycline as a 6-week old baby because they discovered I was allergic to Penicillin. Long story short, my permanent teeth are awful. I've had several dentists tell me that I have the worst tetracycline staining that they have ever seen. I tried verneers, teeth were so dark that they showed through. I've had crowns for the top four, best fix affordable, but the teeth are so weak, eventually they broke off. I've had probably more than 10 root canals due to lack of enamel on my teeth to protect them, brush and floss all you want, it doesn't stop the breaking off of sections of teeth nor does it stop cavities. The only answer is implants and Pfizer should have to pay for them. I've probably spent 200 hours in dentist chairs and the embarrassment as a kid is something I don't talk about, don't want to recall that. Please tell me that there is a valid class-action suit out there!! 918.859.2691- my cell #. Also, for the hecklers out there, I'm educated, employed, and I do pretty well for myself and family. You have no idea the pain and sacrifice and hard-ass busting work I've put in to get here, but the expense of implants is just too high, always another family bill to pay, I've sacrificed for literally thirty years, but now my teeth are to the point that something has to be done if I want to avoid dentures!

Please tell me that there's a suit! Or tell me who I can help and support starting one!!
Cstewart Send email
Jun 29, 2016

Tetracycline stained and damaged teeth

I could copy and paste 99% of the previous posts, as the lifetime of problems with my teeth are exactly as previously described. Born in 1965, heavy doses of tetracycline before age 2, to treat asthma, permanent teeth damaged, 2 sets of caps/crowns across top front, and just today had another root canal and will be getting another new crown. My dental insurance doesn't even cover 1/2 the cost. Good thing I can make payments to my dentist. However, the payment should be made by Pfizer for a complete reconstruction of ALL of my teeth. I will be consulting an attorney. I'm tired of the pain and suffering my whole life because Pfizer chose to keep the side effects of tetracycline a secret. Shame on Pfizer! Own up to your drug company's mistake.
akrhonda Send email
Jun 27, 2016

FREE tetracycline!

Myself along with many of my peers grew up with grey or discolored teeth (some more fragile than others) because the US government distributed tetracycline to our low income community. Consequently, anyone treated for an infection of any kind (real or suspected) was prescribed tetracycline from our free government funded clinic from the 60s well into the 70s. Of course doctors knew of the staining affect during the later period of distribution but we should just be grateful for the freebie, right? Apparently we didn't deserve to know of the side affects.

Around 1984, many of the affected (then in our late teens) received veneers, paid for by someone (I was young and didn't ask questions). The procedure, probably in it's early stages, was terrible. Maybe we were just their guinea pigs to perfect their product.

About 6 years later, through a grant or funding again by someone (naive still, didn't question from who) I was called back to have the veneers evaluated. I ultimately got two damaged veneers replaced after suffering through another 2 wk uncomfortable procedure.

Thirty years later my veneers are still attached but have discolored, leaked (which means cavities underneath) and constantly trap food around them which can't be well cleaned (further chances for cavities). They need to be replaced, a procedure I can't afford.

I'm not sure if it would have been better to never have had them put on or not. I definitely agree that the person who developed this drug should be held responsible. Drug companies seem to do whatever they want, as long as they have enough money to share with the right people.
Shannonapeak Send email
Jun 22, 2016

Tetracycline stain

As a very young child with an ear infection, high fever I was given this medication. My parents had no idea that it would destroy my teeth and of course, my self confidence. I am now49, most of my teeth are broken and last estimate was about 20 grand: I have dental insurance but it is considered cosmetic. Any help would be appreciated
Dode Send email
Jun 21, 2016


I am allergic to most antibiotics. Can only take tetracycline. Just went to pharmacy and was told a 10 day supply
Would be $71.00!! Why the jump for an old antibiotic? Being retired and on SS I cannot afford this, but it's the only one I can take.
Who is making a bundle on this research was done years ago, why the price jump? The bacterial infection may
Kill me. It drug makers don't seem to care. I'm anapheleptic and have to be cautious on my meds. How come
Everyone else can get theirs for free? PFizer do you have the answer?

Dee Ryan

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