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Consumer complaints and reviews about Pogo.com

Pogosupport Send email
Jun 15, 2018

Pogo Billing Department

We are happy to help with the billing problem or games support our website www.pogosupportusa.com
dns52 Send email
May 6, 2018

Billing Fraud

Canceled my subscription May 1st and just happened to be billed on May 1st suddenly for a year. Usually before it is due you are bombarded with emails as a reminder even if you have your credit card info on their site. Fortunately, my credit card company let me know of the charge the same day. I attempted unsuccessfully to contact pogo.com and electronic Arts. There were two phone numbers I found. One answers that it is electronic arts and thanks you for calling then says "we are sorry but this number is no longer valid" WHAT??? Of course we are disconnected. The next number a man with a very heavy accent answered the phone. When I attempted to explain that we had canceled our account and now have been billed for it he says "you have the wrong department and will need to search to find a number for the right department" and before I could say a word he rudely hung up on me! After a lot of searching I found that a lot of people are and were having problems and trouble with this site. I contacted my credit card company to dispute the charge even though it was listed as 'pending'. After explaining it all to them they said they would contact the company and we would have a conference call to discuss it which was fine by me. After 10 mins she came back on the phone and said that she could not find any working numbers for them and that unfortunately it was up to me to contact the seller. We later rec'd an email on the same day from pogo stating that our account had been canceled and would cancel at the end of the subscription which just happens to be May 31st 2019. So in other words, they have no intention of refunding the 40 bux they charged us. Being they are this crooked, I went in and canceled my husbands account also which is up for renewal in August. I then attempted to remove all credit card information from the pages and it is impossible to do so. You can add cards but there is no delete button. So beware. They use to be a reputable outfit but anymore it seems they are ran by a bunch of scammers that make it impossible to contact them.
NONE122 Send email
Apr 20, 2018

Viruses, malware, etc etc etc

I have been playing this so called game site for over 11 years. All of a sudden now there are so many bugs in it that it cuts off in the middle of games, puts viruses on my computer and get this......Now when i try to play on google chrome it says my pc has been infected with pornographic images and information is being stolen from my pc.I ABSOLUTELY HATE POGO... THERE IS NO NUMBER TO CONTACT ANYONE AND THERE IS NO SUPPORT. THESE PEOPLE WANT YOU TO PAY FOR THIS SHITTY SERVICE???? NOT UNLESS I AM ABLE TO POGO SLAP THE SHIT OUT OF THEM....I CANNOT BELIEVE FOR A SITE THAT YOU COULD EASILY SATISFY PEOPLE AND MAKE GREAT MONEY OFF OF YOU DECIDE TO TREAT PEOPLE LIKE SHIT AND INFECT THEIR COMPUTERS!!!!! YOU ALLOW OTHERS TO EASILY HACK INTO YOUR SYSTEM AND DISRUPT OTHER PAYING CUSTOMERS... SHAME ON YOU AND ALL THAT YOU STAND FOR. I HOPE THE ### THAT MAKES 800,000 A YEAR DIE IN HELL A SLOW HARD DEATH AND BE JACKED OF ALL HIS MONEY........
julie4920 Send email
Jan 24, 2018

pogo is rigging my games

I too, loved pogo in the beginning, I have paid for membership for almost 10years, this last year, has been HELL! I am handicapped and have a bad heart, I use to like to wake up and play pogo for a few hours while, all my pills take affect(it would help me to forget the pain I am in). But this last year, none of the games work right, broadway seaball, was my favorite game, it has been totally rigged so I cant play anymore, there are people who use this game to harass, and report others, which ruins the game. I don't understand why pogo rigs the games in the first place, we pay to play these games, second, WHY ARE THE GAMES RIGGED SO THAT IF SOMEONE COMES IN THE ROOM AND REPORTS U AND LEAVES, YOUR GAME GOES TO SLOW MOE AND DOESN'T WORK RIGHT FOR THE REST OF THE DAY, I know this to be a FACT,!!!!! I played this game for over 10years, and was good at it, so all the cheaters found out that they could report u and ruin your game so that is all they do come in see that someone they don't like is in the room and they report them...I wondered why all the good players are gone, this is the reason, also once u get good at the game, pogo RIGGS THE GAME SO U CANT WIN ANYMORE!!!!! All the cheating harassing reporters whine and complain because they can't get a good score so pogo rigged it so no one can get a high score except the pogo spy bots and cheaters!!!TOTALLY UNBELIEVABLE, ALL POGO CARES ABOUT IS THEIR MONEY, TELL ME TO GET ANOTHER ACCOUNT WITH A DIFFERENT NAME, SO PEOPLE WOULD LEAVE ME ALONE, REALLY POGO!!!!First of all I already PAID FOR A MEMBERSHIP WHICH U ARE NOT HONORING, SECOND AS SOON AS U GET ANOTHER ACCOUNT THE CHEATING HARASSING REPORTERS REPORT THAT ACCOUNT,!!! I stopped playing in the room when all the cheating harassing reporters are in there because I am sick of that bs and having my games rigged!!! THEN I TRYED TO TALK TO EA ABOUT THIS PROBLEM AND THAT PISSES POGO OFF SO THE MORE THEY RIGGED MY GAME SO I COULDN'T PLAY. I HAVE REQUESTED MY MONEY BACK FOR ALMOST A YEAR, BECAUSE THERE IS NO REASON TO HAVE A MEMBERSHIP IF POGO IS RIGGING MY GAMES AND I CANT PLAY!!!!!THEY DONT CARE ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS THEY DONT FOLLOW THE RULES, IT IS ILLEGAL TO RIG THE GAMES SO SOME CUSTOMERS CAN'T PLAY WHEN WE PAY TO PLAY THEM, I FILED A REPORT WITH BETTER BUSINESS AND THEY SENT ME A MESSAGE, SAYING THEY GOT NO RESPOSE OUT OF POGO AND THEY WERE STILL INVESTAGATING THEM!!!!! So don't waste your money pogo is rigged and a scam, they don't care about the loyal customers, all they care about is seeing they get as much money out of you that they can!!!Once my membership is up I am gone, and I know about 20other people who say the same thing.
suzeee13136 Send email
Nov 13, 2017

Account ristriction

I have been a loyal pogo member for over 6 years. Last year when I went to renew subscription the amount it said it would be was not the amount taken out of my bank account. I had no idea why there was almost 30.00 extra taken out . I called my bank and they said it was pogo so they asked me if I want to them to do an investigation why so much more was taken. They called the next day saying it was the difference in the currency from US to Canadain. That was fine. Then pogo would not let me use any of my gems . NOw I go to renew it and my account is no active. So you punish a good customer because I wondered why my payment was almost 30.00 dollars more than you said it would be....Of course NOW I am BLOCKED THis make me think 'What kind of crooked people run this business

Good player treated unfairly
tiredofbeingcheated Send email
Nov 4, 2017

loading and cutting out half way through game

Those of us on a limited income pay for this for entertainment but when you can't get the games to download or they cut off in the middle of a game we ask is it worth it? You can't get through to them. Their help line is no help. I'm seriously considering discontinuing this site.
Lisa1125 Send email
Apr 25, 2017


pogo.com is programming games for winners and losers - yet they are charging people yearly subscriptions to a "gaming" website.

No one would pay to join if pogo.com stated "all games are preset".

This is CLEARLY a consumer rip off.

My son is a has a BS specifically in coding and he has looked through pogo coding elements.

They are cheating paying customers who assume that these games are random... they are not.

Someone needs to file a class action against them.
massborn Send email
Apr 12, 2017

error in game

I was playing Pogo Monopoly on 4/11/2017 with Stangary ( top Hat) he auctioned some light blue property and I won the property. He offered me a trade on some of the light blue property and I rejected it and then all of a sudden he has all the light blue properties and now is building. I would like to know how this happen ? and for someone to fix the game and give me back the l lt blues and give him back his money. Thank You Marcella Nesbitt ( massborn is the name I use in the game. You can e mail me at mickjack1@aol.com and please put in subject line answer on complaint for monopoly on pogo hope to hear from you soon Marcella Nesbitt
jhkelly11 Send email
Mar 30, 2017

Lost Gems

I have been a pogo member since 2002 and have enjoyed my online experience until recently. On Saturday, March 25, 2017, I had a total of 37 gems and I wanted to participate in a personal challenge for Big City Adventure and I need more gems. I purchased 500 gems which brought my gem total up to 537.

I then purchased a Day in Big City Adventure. My total gems was reduced to 517 but I was unable to play Big City Adventure. Today I talked with pogo technical staff and got no results. My request was to restore my total gems to 537.

In January, my Pogo Club membership was renewed. At this time my two options are
!. Pogo.com restore my total gems to 537, or
2. Reimburse me for my Pogo Club Membership and the cost of the 500 gems that I purchased on Saturday. After this is done, I will terminate my membership.
virginia57 Send email
Dec 1, 2016

account disabled

I have been a Pogo member since 2008.Pogo received my 39.99 yearly membership fee on Sept.22,2016 through my credit card,However they have closed my account and they state that the payment was not made.since then I have tried and tried to reach for help to resolve this matter,but as of today,they have my money and I have nothing.The number or numbers they give me to call for help,Do Not Work!
sadiesadie Send email
Oct 2, 2016

can't play any games

I have been with Pogo for years. I pay each year for the games and now I can't play any of them. Either they won't load, or they do and I get expelled due to lost internet connection. I can't contact them because they won't let me create a new account or get into my account because they tell me my password is wrong - oh, and when I click to get password help - nothing happens. I am not alone - all the forums are talking about the same thing. We have paid for a subscription that is not being honored by Pogo. This is fraud. What can be done to stop them from duping unsuspecting customers. I will not allow them to auto renew this year. No sense paying for a product I won't be able to get or use.
lighthouse01 Send email
Jun 14, 2016

POGO has lost all the games I have purchased

When I first joined POGP.com it was good. At the time they were associated with Oberon. After Oberon the POGO service has steadily gone down hill. If I am able to reach POGO at all I am on hold for long periods of time, I am transferred to different people. I even have the e-mail from POGO for the purchased conformation. I have the REG. KEY #'s and yet I am told they can't be found, to contact yet another whatever or whomever to handle my problem. I have paid my membership for ten years (yes dummy me) but I will not renew this time around.
I am surprised with so many complaints about POGO something hasn't already been done.
sisko89 Send email
Apr 7, 2016

Moderators Are Rude

If the moderators of Pogo's game forums do not like a topic or post you have made they will delete it. They will delete it without any reason why,no warning what so ever. Pogo made a slots game a weekly challenge,but when you try to play the game you get a message stating that the game is undergoing maintenance. Pogo makes a game a weekly challenge and then put it under maintenance?? I made a post on their games forum stating this and asked why. My post was deleted,so I posted it again and it was deleted again except this time I was told that my post was in violation of forum rules. So I asked why and that post was deleted.No reason as to why and no warning what so ever. That is very rude. I once had a problem with a page loading. I asked for help on the games forum page explaining the problem I was having. Their response was if the page loaded for them it loads for you. That is the level of help they give. Reminds me of a dictatorship.
Indian_Animation Send email
Mar 26, 2016

Clear case of nepotism and corruption.

Your channel officials have crippled the Indian Animaion Industry due to favourtism and corruption. They are colluding with specific studio and broadcasting only their content which is of such poor qualiy compared to international standard.
These officials at Pogo channel are sabotaging good made in India products and promoting pathetic products for kickbacks.
Animation in India have received a major setback due to this malicious behaviour. Our Prime Minister who is on the forefront of Make in India campaign should seriously take this matter into consideration. Information and broadcasting ministry should intervene.
A bright animation industry will surely put our country in the forefront.
The channel and the government should investigate this matter seriously because it is hurting the Indian Animation Industry.
Genamarie67 Send email
Jan 19, 2016

cannot log out of Pogo

My account will not allow me to log off; Genamarie67. Have been unable to log off for several days. This is on a community computer. Please see if you can do this
lillostangel Send email
Aug 24, 2015


After being a member of pogo for numerous years, it has decided to tell me my id did not exist, after I fixed that issue, it then stated my password was incorrect, changed it, still incorrect, changed it again, it doesn't match ( mind you pogo intentionally would not let me type in my entire password in the first box so of course it kept saying it did not match!!!) I tried to file a complaint, went through all the steps and in the end, it said click on the call me button and a customer service person would call me but the button/link did not exist anywhere on the page!!! Pogo makes it dang near impossible to get ahold of, I still haven't found a way to contact them, when I sent an email they sent it back! The only way I was able to get in was to make a two word password. I am tired of pogo and am ready to move on. There definitely needs to be a class action lawsuit against them!
dgbrady92 Send email
Dec 8, 2014

Free Tokens

Why was it on Sunday January 11th 2014, Sunday tokens were not given?
woozykawasaki665 Send email
Oct 8, 2014

monopley slots

pogo.com is a joke a con and cheehs you can not win you say your games are win or lose wot a joke you can not win anser the q
EccentricGambler Send email
Jul 18, 2014


This is the last straw! I did NOT violate anything! HOW DARE YOU! Thanks for showing and proving your POGO ignorance, stupidity and incompetence. I DON'T NEED YOU! I am the PAYING costumer that helps keep you in a job and provide food and shelter for your family. NEVER FORGET THAT!

I had just contacted EA/Pogo yesterday with gaming issues and glitches that you incompetent technicians can't fix or figure out, plus Pogo is the biggest CHEATER of all, with their predetermined hands and predetermined winners. You are all a JOKE and DISGUSTING, LAZY, ARROGANT, INCOMPETENT and REPUGNANT CLOWNS.

This is how POORLY run companies go OUT of business. It's happened many times before and it will happen again. When you are to big for your own britches you will always fall and fail.





Dissatisfied Ex Paying Costumer

--------------- Original Message ---------------
From: ea_admin
Subject: Message from EA Online Support
To: EccentricGambler
Sent: Wed 7/16/14 03:55 AM Pacific

Dear eccentricgambler,

We are contacting you to notify you that we have found your Pogo account to be in violation of our Terms of Service.

After completing an investigation of your Account, we have identified the following violation:

Harassment - Generally inappropriate: "!!@*>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>"

It is our goal to make the ga@&&=$!xperience as safe, secure and enjoyable as possible for all of our players. However If you continue to violate our Terms of Service it may result in a suspension or ultimately a permanent account closure depending on the severity of the situation. To help avoid this, please take some time to read and familiarize yourself with our Terms of Service which can be found here:

If you feel you have received this warning in error, please contact us at Accountdisputes@EA.com

We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

Yours sincerely,

PJM Send email
Jun 23, 2014


Pogo continues to post claims of how much money a person has won in a game and the date it was won and they do it dailey and often. However, in all the years I've played, I have never found anyone to admits to actually winning any money, nor does anyone know of anyone who has. There must be some kind of accountability on this matter. There must be some agency who oversees this type of thing, either by auditing their books, verifying their tax returns, something. I personally don't believe they ever give away one thin dime in money. Maybe a baseball cap or a T shirt from time to time but no real money. How does one go about getting proof of their claims assuming they are not the scam I suspect?
sucessladyplayer Send email
Jun 19, 2014

cannot get into paid games

I have been with club pogo @39.99 a year for 8 years . Now I can only get pogo free games. I have tried everything to get into my paid account but to no avail.
creativeone Send email
May 16, 2014


As a paying pogo member I am disgusted with the lack of action from pogo in regard to players stalking other players in the cribbage rooms. I have reported one particular player for better than a year and a half and nothing has been done to prevent this player from their continuous stalking. User is entering a cribbage room with TWO(2) user names: Winatcrib and greatbigreddogg.
This player has learned how to manipulate the computer. Here's what they do....they enter a table..when stalked player denies this player a game the stalker continues entering the same table where denied. This goes on for hours. With this player using two names this inconveniences two victims at the same time. Though I'm aware attention is what this pathetic person is seeking and though I'm aware name change is possible, why should the stalked players become pogo victims. Perhaps if a tape of such stalking were to be shown on YOUTUBE, both the stalker and pogo will get their acts together and take responsibilities for their actions. In the case of pogo their lack of action/s.
drnshar Send email
Dec 18, 2012

Customers Defraud in Club Pogo

I have been a member of Club Pogo since February 2003. In the past two years I have had more problems accessing games and being constantly told to download something new to my computer that only lands up messing up my whole computer system. Many of my friends have lost service altogether yet they are paying members. I would really like to join a class action suit against pogo, if anyone knows of one let me know please. I have no doubt we would win. I've had enough of what should be fun turned into a nightmare.
Duckies Send email
Aug 28, 2012

Unable to use aol to play games on Pogo.com

I am so frustrated with my inability to get into games in Pogo. I paid 39.99 every year to be able to relax and play games on Pogo. They have made it impossible for me, and thousands of other aol members, to be able to play their games. I've been
a Club Pogo member for approximately 9 years. They refuse to fix this problem and, as a result, are defrauding all of us who
use aol as our browser. We cannot use what they have sold us. I have 2 Club Pogo accounts, so it is double fraud for me.
Can we get together and sue Pogo now?
ihateregisteringjusttoreply Send email
Jun 28, 2012


Defrauding Customers:
by Accepting Subscription fees for Exclusive Games & No Ad Games & Refusing Refunds
despite the fact that:
1. Changed game formats and the new embedded flash games will not load at all for many of their customers
2. Even if you get the games to load, they don't work right, freeze up, boot you, have to constantly refresh, etc.
3. They know that the games are not working for many of their paying customers and alternate between denial and excuses.
4. Issues have been ongoing for more than 6 months, yet club members pay monthly or yearly subscription fees to play.
5. Privacy issues with the new games
6. Overcharging numerous customers
7. Making it next to impossible to reach customer support
8. Ads surround the new embedded game formats despite the fact that club members joined, in part, to be 'ad-free'

So basically EA/Pogo.com is continuing to accept and collect subscription fees for a service (exclusive games and ad-free games) that they can no longer provide because most of their new embedded games will not load for NUMEROUS customers, and there are ads despite the fact that they're supposed to be 'ad-free'.

They refuse refunds and alternate between denial of the problems and claims that they're 'working on it'. They've even posted on their own forums that there are so many valid complaints from legitimate players about the new embedded flash games not working right that the complaints from customers who are not getting what they paid for are 'overtaking their forums' so they will delete any post made about the games not working!

Yet they've been 'working on it' for at least six months now, and still the games do not work.

There are numerous threats of a class action lawsuit for fraud and many customers who are filing complaints with the state attorney general, with the Better Business Bureau, and with the FTC because people are tired of being defrauded when they paid money in good faith for a service that EA/Pogo is not providing.

Define fraud:
$40 a year Pogo.com subscription fees x NUMEROUS customers who've been defrauded for at least the past six months with no end in sight because the games do not work right, will not load, freeze up, and are surrounded by ads, not to mention the privacy issues when they were displaying players email addresses with certain browsers.

Can anyone say lawsuit waiting to happen?

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