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chuckh Send email
Oct 14, 2020

They blame their bad service on COVID restrictions

Every other delivery by any other courier arrives on time, but Purolator is always at least 1 week late or more and the constantly blame Covid 19 for their shotty service. Absurd and complete bs
ele Send email
Oct 30, 2019


Sorry but I wont miss another day at work, i cant afford that, I depend of my salary, that is why I been talking with your people since last week and we agree the day and approximate time you will be at my place, i email, chat and call several times, but the supervisor and the customer service where unable to solvent a simple problem, they want me to wait another day, means miss another day at work, do you have any idea how much money that is for me?
And take my attention that
1.- your delivery people don't leave any note advising they try to deliver a package, I found that they suppose to be at my place because on Friday when the pack wasn't at my place I track the package on internet and I found that they leave a note. NOTE that I never found.

2.- and one of your customer service told me that the package can't be delivery because my street is one way and there is not parking, if you google the address, you will see the big lie your people is giving to me, there is two ways street and delivery parking available.

3.- the lady at Mount Hope facility told me that the truck can't come back to my place because the package is too big, ( so the package is 53. pounds weight and is a box that I was able to put on my little Honda.

4.- On Saturday when I call to the number 1-888-744-7123, the Chinese accent guy who answer my call told me that the package can't be delivery on Monday because the facility at Mount Hope doesn't work on weekends so I will has to wait until Tuesday to get my package back, so we agree, he suppose to take note and passed it to the facility and now they are telling me that they when on Monday????

So I only see not help and frustration. I don't want the package back, I can't be skipping work to wait for the delivery, at the end the mattress cost me more than double if I have to count the time off I had to take.
So I already call Amazon and send in writing the request to cancel my purchase and give my money back.
[email protected] Send email
May 17, 2019

Lack of Delivery

I live in the city limits of Houston BC. Purolator delivers to the golf course and Morgan Subdivision which are both past my house. He actually drives right past my driveway to get to those places but he will not deliver to my home. I filed a complaint with Purolator and they told me that my house was not on their route. I am not sure what that is supposed to mean? That lazy driver will drive right by my home but then says I am not on his route. What a pathetic company.
storm Send email
May 26, 2018

cant find my apartment

I have ordered from them multiple times. I live in a small apartment with 3 doors, each having 6 apartments. i have ordered from them maybe 10 times now, every single time they try they just drop it off at donalds with "incorrect adress" when other deliveries go perfectly fine pizza, order in, fedex, etc. All work fine but purlator. Ive even sat outside one day just waiting on our balcony watching and never see them show up and never see the truck
ALE Send email
May 10, 2018

Driver attempt to unlock front door

On April 24/18, a Purolator driver delivered an expected package (tracking information below). At same time, our house guest noticed someone at out front door pressing the combination lock buttons. Assuming it was a family member entering she simply waited. But after a second and third (unsuccessful) attempt she feared it was an intruder. She immediately went to the window and saw a Purolator driver leaving the property and enter his truck. The attempt of opening the combination lock is an illegal attempt to enter our home and request that Purolator investigate and, if possible, provide an explanation.

Tracking # 331390726395
TM Send email
Jan 11, 2018

Very Poor delivery

What a shitty delivery service. My package showed up in my town on January 3 we did have a snow day on the original delivery date so it got pushed back I understand that completely since then it has been on the truck twice and has been five delivery “business” days. I have going on line and did a live chat twice both times they assured me it would be delivered the next day. Those days have come and gone so I called them again today no the trucks are out further daily deliveries in my package is not on any of them how does it get on the truck and then be thrown back into the warehouse before it’s delivered and replaced with new packages. They keep claiming that it’s a weather delay I think they’re forgetting I live in the town where my packages and I am aware of the weather and with the exception of the original delivery day the weather has been great. I have contacted the seller from Amazon and requested my money back hopefully he will discontinue using their service I know I never will again if I get the option.
purolatordriverssuck Send email
Oct 7, 2017


Purolator has the worst lazy drivers!!!

I took time to stay home for a very important package today, the driver did not even ring the bell, he just put a note on the door for me to pick up the package before a long weekend at 6 PM and drive to the pick up location!!!!!!!!!

The lazy driver just put the note and left!

This is unacceptable, I am calling Purolator and raise a ticket complaint against the driver (ask for his route number which is the driver number).

I am also calling DELL to complain and for them to NEVER use Purolator or DELLwill never see an order for computing equipment for my business EVER!!!!!

Fire these lazy drivers!!!!
Hyacin Send email
Aug 1, 2017


Are they overbooking their trucks like airlines do flights now??

My package was put on a truck first thing this morning and went "out for delivery", so I threw away my ENTIRE DAY to wait for this thing, I couldn't get any of the running around done I needed to do, I wouldn't even dare take a shower lest I miss the guy, because then they haul it away to a depot that is like a 45 minute drive for me to get to, and when I get there they give me every hassle they can possibly think of TO KEEP ME FROM MY PACKAGE.

And then after 11.5 hours, the tracking information gets updated with "Receiver Unavailable, delivery scheduled for next business day" ... EXCUSE ME, WHAT? RECEIVER UNAVAILABLE?? I SCREWED UP MY ENTIRE DAY AND COULDN'T EVEN GO GROCERY SHOPPING TO MAKE SURE I WAS AVAILABLE, HOW DARE YOU? I'm sure this is just so it goes back to the sender looking like it is MY fault that it is taking a day longer than they promised for the package to get to me.

I have not one, ever in my life had a good experience with this company. They are the absolute worst, and it is a wonder they are still in business. I swear on all that is holy I am going to start boycotting companies that use them for shipping.
[email protected] Send email
Aug 19, 2016


I ordered a package and shipped it with Puralator. Then they knocked on the door and after two knocks they put a sticker on the door and then I opened the door and I asked for the package and they said I already put the sticker on the door and then left. I tried to file a complaint but they wouldn't let me. Very Poor Customer service and bad drivers
Macguy9 Send email
Jul 6, 2016

The left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing

Ordered a video card from NCIX. Being the Wednesday before a long weekend, I didn't really expect it to get here quickly anyhow. That wasn't the reason for my anger.

NCIX shipped it, and the tracking number showed it was at the Toronto depot, same day. So far so good, right?

Don't be naive. This is Purolator, the company that makes a living from being pseudo-competent. It wasn't a good sign, it was a masterfully orchestrated attempt at inspiring false hope, something they are excellent at.

The package showed an expected delivery date of two days later, which I knew couldn't be right, so I called and SURPRISE! It was wrong. They said the package would not be there on Friday, but in fact the following Monday.

Monday arrives. I check their horrible tracking system and it STILL shows the package in Toronto. The same one that was supposed to be on my doorstep today. Must be an error, right?

Again, don't be naive. This is Purolator.

I call customer service and wait on hold (I shit you not, I timed it) 47 minutes. When I finally get through, I get what might be the most apathetic human on planet Earth. He couldn't give a shit, because making the shit would be too much effort in the first place. This person was a black hole, sucking in and destroying all shit-giving within a 10 light-year radius.

After giving him my tracking number he says the package won't arrive until Wednesday. When I ask him why the last person said it would arrive today, he said they must have been mistaken. "It's four business days, not four calendar days." I ask him if that isn't the sort of thing they should tell the customer and he says (again, can't make this up) "I can't control other people. What's done is done. Your package should arrive Wednesday. Do you have any other questions?"

I told him yeah. I took today off to be home to receive the shipment. If it arrives on wednesday, I will be at work. Can you please redirect it to my work?

He flat out refused and said they had to make a delivery attempt to my house first after which they could redirect somewhere else, but I would have to call in after the attempt.

"So," I asked him, "To be clear, even though you have two days advance notice, You won't change the destination until your driver makes a failed attempt first?"


"I don't blame you, but doesn't that seem stupid? Wasting time and fuel intentionally on a botched delivery attempt?"


"Do you have any other questions?"


I can honestly say, I will never, ever, use them again. I will pay triple their rates if need be in order to avoid them. They can kiss the fattest part of my ass.
Barb2121 Send email
Sep 17, 2015

Not delivered

It says on the order "unsuccessful delivery attempt", The driver did NOT leave the parcel in the office or left the note he/she was here. I was at home and waited for this parcel. Called the purolator and they refused to deliver it today.
Everybody complains about your service.You should be out of business!!!
Swagster Send email
Feb 23, 2012


i agree with this 100%!! i ordered clothes online and i kept on getting this fucked up "address correction " thing. i called -__- they didn't have my buzz number i gave it to them. they apparently came again and didn't have it like honestly you either have problems writing something down or your fucked up

2012-01-03 01:45 PM Scheduled Delivery Appointment Required via MISSISSAUGA (WEST/OUEST), ON depot
2012-01-03 06:51 AM On vehicle for delivery via MISSISSAUGA (WEST/OUEST), ON depot
2011-12-31 01:22 PM Address Correction Required via MISSISSAUGA (WEST/OUEST), ON depot
2011-12-30 09:43 AM Address Correction Required via MISSISSAUGA (WEST/OUEST), ON depot
2011-12-30 07:11 AM Address Correction Required via MISSISSAUGA (WEST/OUEST), ON depot
2011-12-29 07:43 PM Address Correction Required via MISSISSAUGA (WEST/OUEST), ON depot
2011-12-29 12:43 PM Address Correction Required via MISSISSAUGA (WEST/OUEST), ON depot
2011-12-29 08:11 AM On vehicle for delivery via MISSISSAUGA (WEST/OUEST), ON depot
2011-12-28 05:48 PM Left via TORONTO SORT CTR/CTR TRIE, ON depot
2011-12-28 05:36 PM Shipment In Transit via TORONTO SORT CTR/CTR TRIE, ON depot
2011-12-28 05:35 PM Picked up by Purolator via TORONTO SORT CTR/CTR TRIE, ON depot
JoseSevilla Send email
Feb 23, 2012


Purolator is the best example of how not to run a business. The overpromise but underdeliver. When you complain, they turn the situation on the customer. The customer is always wrong. Their drivers are rude and lazy, don't even make an effort to deliver packages, too lazy or ignorant to find the buzz code of an apartment.

They don't even offer refunds or try and repair broken trust. It is a shame they are a Canadian company as they reflect poorly on service and deliver, which Canadians take seriously.
Jack Pol Send email
Feb 23, 2012


How is this company still in business they are so bad. Rude staff, don't even drop off a note when they attempt to deliver items, they lose items in the branch. Do not use, if you want to get your stuff.
Kylester Send email
Feb 23, 2012


Last time I waited over a month for the laptop im using, right now (Dell FTW) But they have to use purolator? And GROUND!!! Im on the other side of the f-king country! They expect me to wait for my Dell Streak 7 till the 28th!!! F-k that I want my shit the next day! it should have been here yesterday I've asked for air shipping but they still put it on f-king ground shipping and look at this shit what the f-k is this? I wrote (REF-NUM REMOVED!!!)) I dont want anyone knowing it lol srry! like honestly!

2011-10-24 08:31 PM Shipment created with reference : (REF-NUM REMOVED!!!))

Honestly what is that horse shit!

When my laptop was being shipped, the guy said Person not home because we wernt home and kept coming back every hour (We were there the second try so no worrys) And he was very happy about doing his job he was smiling and even said "Have fun with your new laptop!" As he left, Thats good service... (Little fact, Hes on a contract with Purolator hes not actually a Purolator truck!) I really hope its the same guy delivering my Streak 7 he handels the stuff nicely I had someone else bring my Sanyo Camera Xacti CG-10 from dell it has static problems lens jamming everything is broken on it! F-K PUROLATOR!!! (Sometimes)
Feb 23, 2012


Purolator they really sucks. Their drivers are lazy. May be they are not but they are burned with lots of deliveries and pick up, So cannot keep up. (still not my problem) Purolator doesn;t want to hire more people as compared to their work committment. ( still not my problem)

Most often their deliveries are not done and various lies posted on tracking system to make fool out of you. The mistake is put on recipient.

Their regular excuses are : address correction required, customer not available, customer refused package etc. These claims are made by driver in most cases to avoid more work. This is done even before coming to customer's premises.

Just don;t trust purolator, They really suck. Don;t waste your time, money and your important business with them.
Just avoid them ... they are crapiest company I have ever seen in this country..

Not to talk about customer service... mostly your phones will not be picked up or it will be on hold for long. Even if you manage to get them on phone, she or he will repeat same thing what is written on tracking. No help or means to solve problem will ever be suggested by them.

"I don;t know " attitude of customer service is what is making them one of the worst courier service here..

Keep them out of business. They are absolutely jokers. Their seniors hide behind those poor customer service girls and toll free numbers. There is no way and means to even complain and some how fix the situation.

I am totally annoyed with these jokers. wonder how they are even in business????

2009/02/09 14:47 Address Correction Required via MISSISSAUGA (WEST/OUEST), ON depot
2009/02/09 07:04 On vehicle for delivery via MISSISSAUGA (WEST/OUEST), ON depot
2009/02/06 19:30 Shipment In Transit via MISSISSAUGA (WEST/OUEST), ON depot
2009/02/06 11:45 Address Correction Required via MISSISSAUGA (WEST/OUEST), ON depot
2009/02/06 08:01 On vehicle for delivery via MISSISSAUGA (WEST/OUEST), ON depot
2009/02/05 20:11 Left via TORONTO SORT CTR/CTR TRIE, ON depot
2009/02/05 20:04 Shipment In Transit via TORONTO SORT CTR/CTR TRIE, ON depot
2009/02/05 18:10 Shipment In Transit via TORONTO (EAST/EST), ON depot
2009/02/05 15:33 Picked up by Purolator at Front Door

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