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Jun 17, 2020


on may 5/15/20 quest withdraw monthly payment for my invoice then 5/16/20 withdraw an other payment so i decided to pay it in full so i made payment for the rest but when 5/16 payment went through now i over paid one payment i called and called and called spoke to customer service at least 100 times transferred from one number to an other a lots of run around people and hours and hours on the phone finally so called supervisor answered (saiid gilami) i hop i pronounce it right he told me i will get a refund in one week never got called again was told 2 weeks never got it called again told 3 weeks never got it called again i was told 4 weeks got really really agitated s i decided to complaint to Better Business Bureau i received reply very quick got e-mail from quest that the check will be mailed today i was like wow all the time i been waiting and waiting for nothing. finally got the check 6/15/20 one month after money taken of my bank. (i was like i am glad this is over i was exhausted)
6/16/20 i looked at my statement an other payment was taken here we go again called and called and called hours and hours on the phone a lots documents e-mail to prove the charge finally i was told same thing i was told on the first refund check will be mailed to you (i don't believe it for a moment that a check is on the way) so again contacted BBB again today.
why money not put back where they got it in the first place it was there mistake not mine why do i have to wait for refund and bag for what's mine.
bad enough with this covic 19 and unemployed me and my wife both, i cant go to the bank to close the account as i have health issues and afraid to get covic 19 i cant do it through the phone.
customer service is not existent with quest its the most care less company on the planet never ever again including the DR who send me there.
a story i will tell in social media, friends, co workers, and consumer protection as long as i live never i use quest again.
i am thinking of just getting a lawyer to deal with it.
tired of none sense customer service, phone calls, waiting for nothing, excuses, dump answers,
watch it people do your home work there is other testing sites to get better service.
Jackass32! Send email
May 1, 2020

asked for credit card number

Was hassled on two separate occasions to give them a credit card. I was adamite that I wanted to sign an ABN and pay what Medicare did not cover (I am 86 years old.) I was so upset the first time I got up and walked out without getting tests done. I've had Quest blood work for over 5 years and owe them no money. I reluctantly gave them a card number this week and I signed a Medicare ABN . Please explain why this company wants to keep my credit card "on file". Also, in some states it is illegal to keep a person's credit card "ON FILE". Older citizens are constantly being cautioned about unethical business practices (or scams). This has caused me a great deal of worry. I would really like to have an answer.
eldropshot1 Send email
Mar 19, 2019

Charged full price

225/2019 #190629947, patient: Elaine LaMagna. Ocean Renal Assoc. referring physician, AETNA ins. MEBKGCKS, 2/25/201966503
3/10/2019#191035295.patient Elaine LaMagna Toms River Cariology referring physician AETNA ins. MEBKGCKS 3/10/2019
3/10/2019#191035222 patient Bernard LaMagna " " AETNA oms.MEBKGBKS 3/10/2019

ATTENTION: Mr. Steve Ruscowski, President

Above are invoice dates; DOS are 2/4/19, and 2/18/2019 respectively.

I have addressed this to the President of Quest because I want him to know just how harassed we feel receiving a bill we do not owe. I have looked into it and had a 3 way call about the first invoice the end of February and a 3 way call with Aetna and Quest on 3/28/2019. This call was with Shamesha from Quest and Alliyah from Aetna. The 2/25 charge was for 147.41 and 3/10 charges were for 40.29 and 40.29. I should have been charged 3.28 for these and 9.41 for the 2/25 charge.

Either you guys get your act together, or I have a choice to seek out another lab. We have been going to your lab for a long long time and we are 80 and 85 respectively (Bernard 85). I don't want to have a heart attack when I get the bill every month. I will skip the pro. time this month because I want to get this settled first. I do not know if I am dealing with incompetence or a glitch in your billing system or a miscommunication with Aetna. Nevertheless, I have documented everything and suffice it to say want this settled immediately.


Elaine LaMagna
Bernard LaMagna
n2eraj Send email
Dec 13, 2018

Medical Negligence, Unethical behaviour and Misconduct by Dr Malvika

Dear Customer Care

I am a hardcore media professional and Editor with over 30 years of proven competence and experience in print, electronic, web and mobile media.

I would like to formally lodge a complaint against Medical Negligence and Misconduct by Dr Malvika. I would like to know who gave her the authority to deny me an opportunity to speak to her or any other technically qualified professional and ensure that the test that I was going to pay for, served the purpose or not.... I have every right to know if a certain test that I am paying for is effective and useful or not. By denying me this opportunity Dr Malvika has proved that she does not care about the patient's welfare and is only interested in selling them fancy but useless test packages. Does Quest Diagnostics also endorse this corporate philosophy?

As a result of this I have been waiting since last Friday to get the test done. My problem is that I cannot stop the antibiotic that I am presently having without knowing its impact. Even if it is useless I have to live with it because Dr Malika does not bother to speak and address my problem.

Dr Malvika inappropriate and illogical behaviour -- in refusing to talk-- is against the medical ethics which clearly state that a physician shall uphold the dignity and honour of his/her profession. The prime object of the medical profession is to render service to humanity; reward or financial gain is a subordinate consideration. Who-so-ever chooses his profession, assumes the obligation to conduct himself in accordance with its ideals. A physician should be an upright man, instructed in the art of healing. He shall keep himself pure in character and be diligent in caring for the sick; he should be modest, sober, patient, prompt in discharging his duty without anxiety; conducting himself with propriety in his profession and in all the actions of his life.

I am hence compelled to lodge a formal complaint against her high handed and life-threatening behaviour with the Medical Council of India, World Health Organisation (WHO), Union Health Minister, Secretary Health Government of India and Director General Health Services. I would also like to raise the issue with Stephen H. Rusckowski, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, Quest Diagnostics

Apart from this, I would take up the issue in a consumer court and Government of India's consumer grievance portal.

In case I don't get a proper response, I am the admin of International Investors, Consumers & Human Rights Commission (Facebook 1864 members) as well as News & Broadcast Professionals Network (LinkedIn 6989 members). I may also take up the matter with various human rights organisations.

Doctors like her are a stigma on the Nobel medical profession. She should know how to behave with patients. She is not playing a game where she frames all the rules and casually treats matters of life and death. She should be debarred from medical practice and her license to practice should be revoked with immediate effect.

Neeraj Mahajan
Founder CEO & Editor
Taazakhabar News
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Dec 12, 2018

quest diagnostics sending extra bills to credit collectors

After a preventative urine test and preventative physical exam, I am being billed by Quest Diagnostics and a separate bill collector for what should have been a simple urine test covered by Blue Cross for preventative health care and co-pay having been fully met prior to the exam and test- to the tune on several hundred dollars extra for the urine test. Blue Cross told me this company agrees to accept what Blue Cross paid, and I should not have been billed extra by QUEST. Several times a day we receive double ring robo- calls from Harris and Harris re: this bill, threatening tones, letters, other phone calls at night and early morning. I have been told by
the physician office I do not owe extra to QUEST.
jgarcia825 Send email
Aug 13, 2018

Quest Diagnostics

Rude and untrained personnel to begin with. They took my credit card number at the time of my visit to pay for the balance in case my insurance did not pay the full amount. The phlebotomist, Ms. Pauline Lewis could not draw my blood until she poked me twice and wiggled the needle to poke in different directions. On my way home I found out that blood was running down my arm due improper bandaging
Now I receive a bill for the owed amount even though they already have my credit card number to bill my insurance for the balance. In a conversation with Erica this morning, I was told that there is no credit card number on file for me. That I was responsible for making the payment.
"Why do you take patient's credit card numbers at the time of the visit." I asked. "I don't know, I wasn't there." She said. "You'll have to pay for the bill yourself."
That is my complain, rude, untrained and unknowledgeable personnel at this location. (12385 Kingsride Ln.-Houston, TX.)
stopmadness Send email
May 10, 2018

incompetent Staff Members

Quest Diagnostic Lab
P.O. Box 740775
Cincinnati Oh 45274
Complaint Registered by Tom D. Phone Ext 7337
5/2/18 approximately 3:03 PM Eastern
king of Prussia Pa. Billing Office

One time exception

I would like to appeal, complain and protest the treatment that I received during a routine (Diabetes/Cholesterol)Blood test. Upon research I found Quest Lab located at Omega Drive Newark DE, should have accepted both of both my medical insurances for a blood test ordered by my physician. Upon arrival for my blood test I was made to be confused. I presented a (GEHA) Government Employee Health Associate card and a Aetna Insurance Card. (I am on my wife medical health plan Aetna).

The receptionist stated that I could not use my GEHA medical card in conjunction with my Aetna medical Card because GEHA was my primary insurance and Aetna was my secondary insurance.
Thus I couldn’t use that lab because Quest would only honor my Primary Insurance first, she went on saying that if Aetna was my Primary Insurance it would be accepted, she also stated that Quest lab will not accept (GEHA). After contacting my insurance company and Quest Lab Billing king of Prussia PA, after the incident and receiving the bill this is not a fact GEHA is accepted at Quest Lab. She never ascertained that GEHA was in network at Quest Lab and could be used in conjunction with Aetna. She hastily sent me across the street (approximately ½ miles) to a Lab Corp site. Lab Corp doesn’t take Aetna.
But for her lack of knowledge, I now have an outstanding Lab bill. Remedy: Quest should pay the remaining bill or petition that Aetna be allowed to cover the remaining bill. Let Aetna do what they are supposed to do when patients’ have to struggle and pay for two different insurances. Outstanding bill is $158.00 the receptionist on March 14,2018 was a female of African or Jamaican descent with a moderate accent.

Thank you

Thank you Tom D. Hopefully your efforts will foil my plans on contacting the media, and posting on the web the horrific service, with regrets, I can start a class action lawsuit.
CEO Steve Rusckowski

Consumer [email protected]
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Nov 29, 2017

Quest Website

The website is terrible. Slow. it seldom works. very bad. It asks for identity verify and then it told me I wasn't in the system, even though I logged in. If this doesn't get better I will take my business elsewhere.
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Aug 16, 2017

Quest Fake Rates

My insurance gets an 84% discount on the Quest billed charges.

My daughter got NO DISCOUNT because her insurance did not cover her tests so they are making her pay SIX TIMES the rate for the same tests.

This is unethical, and should be illegal. Shame on you Quest.
JAA11 Send email
Aug 16, 2017

Quest Diagnostics Fake Rates

My insurance gets an 84% discount on the Quest billed charges.

My daughter got NO DISCOUNT because her insurance did not cover her tests so they are making her pay SIX TIMES the rate for the same tests.

This is unethical, and should be illegal. Shame on you Quest.
JAA11 Send email
Aug 16, 2017

Quest Diagnostics Ripoff

My insurance gets an 84% discount on the Quest billed charges.

My daughter got NO DISCOUNT because her insurance did not cover her tests so they are making her pay SIX TIMES the rate for the same tests.

This is unethical, and should be illegal. Shame on you Quest.
Judy Johnson Send email
Jun 7, 2017


During a lapse in my insurance coverage I had 5 tests completed by Quest Diagnostics and was billed $716.02, an outrageous amount. I called to explain I was self paid and sat on hold for 22 minutes only to be told they could not work with me. No wonder our medical insurance is so high with companies like Quest Diagnostics gouging individuals like me and my insurance company.
pollypocketz Send email
Apr 12, 2017

Zika test sample mishandled

I have recently traveled to an area that was in the middle of the Zika epidemic and found out I was pregnant when I returned. My OBGYN ordered a Zika test to be performed at a Quest Diagnostic location since the lab located within my doctors office doesn't perform the test.

I had the test done on March 23rd and anxiously awaited my next OBGYN appointment, which was today, to find out the results. My doctor stated that he never received the results from Quest, so his PA called Quest to get them. At first, they couldn't locate my results. After an hour, an employee at Quest finally called back saying they located me, but that the sample had been mishandled and the test was never performed. Neither my doctor or myself was notified about the mishandling. My doctor rushed me off to a different lab to have the test repeated which I'm now waiting for the results for.

A month now has passed in my pregnancy.

I don't even know where to go with my complaint, but I wanted to put it out here SOMEWHERE so that this doesn't happen to anyone else. If anyone has any suggestions on where I should go with this (Health Dept? Lawyer?) please feel free to comment.
Geofff Send email
Apr 6, 2017


They lost my results, I guess ? I went for routine lab work and my doctor never received the results, I went to my Quest360 account and there not there. THEY DON'T HAVE PHONE HELP FOR LAB RESULTS !
You must submit a email request for the results............... I submitter 9 request for the results and never heard back from one of them. I called there billing number ( the only service number they have) and was told they cant help me, there is NO ONE you can talk to about the results. What a bunch of bullshi* !
What kind of company has NO CUSTOMER SERVICE ? they truly SUCK at Quest.
cjdt Send email
Aug 9, 2016

Excessive biling

Just got a bill for blood work I did not approve that are 250% more expensive that what is done by other labs. I have no insurance and have to pay this myself. I'm so upset.

This is ridiculous.

Quest Diagnostics is just a money sucking company. Look at the review they get on glassdoor. Their employees are overworked and underpay.
patkat991 Send email
Dec 8, 2014

Bill for unauthorized lab work by Quest Diagnostics

Opened a letter today stating it was a 3rd.notice and is seriously late from Quest Diagnostics, it is a bill for the amount of $1462.08 for lab work that was denied by my insurance, and not authorized by me either.

I still don't even know what the charges are actually for and have not seen any bill previous to this or had any contact with Quest regarding this. The bill is dated for July 14, 2014 by a doctor who is not even practicing anymore.

After contacting Blue Cross/Blue Shield they suggest I submit an appeal along with all documentation stating the lab work was medically necessary, I was also told that the lab work would have needed their prior approval to be covered in the first place, basically, the lab work was not authorized by the insurance company or myself.This seems like some kind of fraudulent scam of billing for service not rendered and hoping the patient will pay just due to the confusing terms on the statements, in any account, due to the amount it will need to be handled by a lawyer, possibly looking into a class action suite due to other patients I have heard complaining of the same issue with Quest Diagnostics and the invisible doctor.
Vasya Send email
Feb 28, 2014

Outrages Costs

For standard T3/T4 tests that cost around $30 at Dynalab, Quest charged me $388.29, after UHC adjustment it still came to $274.10 which is more than 9 times higher the usual cost! Calling Quest was a complete waste of time and only added on to the frustration.
The total bill for this visit was $5,969, and after adjustments $2,530! Shame on you, Quest Labs!
bwiethop Send email
Mar 23, 2013

quest diagnostics

My daughter is away at college and her physician requested some laboratory studies be done and sent her to quest to have the labs performed. Being in a medical practice I am well aware of pass through billing as we do this ourselves in Alabama. Imagine my shock when I saw the charges for the lab tests. Several of these charges are simply outrageous, in Alabama we charge $90 after pass through billing for a vitamin D test but my daughter was charged $223.60, and here in Alabama we charge $50 again after marking up the price ourselves with pass through billing for a complete thyroid panel both free T4 and TSH. Imagine my surprise when quest charged $120.64 for just a TSH. The list goes on including splitting out the cholesterol, HDL and triglyceride levels so they could inflate 3 charges ridiculously instead of just a simple lipid panel. Yes I will pay the bill but I am in the process of switching from Quest to the local hospital Lab for our services whenever possible in our 15 provider practice. I cold not imagine getting this bill as a no insurance patient, to say it is ridiculous is an understatement. How much does quest need to mark up the bill??? a vitamin D costs about <20 dollars to run and charge 223? what percentage mark up is that???? 1000 percent??
Suzy78 Send email
Mar 21, 2012

Possible Balance Billing

Sorry, but my attorney said they are balance billing me. Also, do you know what my insurance companies entail. I have been balance billed before and know all to well what it is. I just needed my attorney to veirify it. I paid my deductible&#039;s and co-pays so they have no reason to further bill me.
Suzy78 Send email
Mar 20, 2012

Possible Balance Billing

On Septemeber 1, 2011, I went to Quest Diagnostics as my physician wanted some laboratroy test done. I went in handed her the physician order. An order I could not understand of what test were going to be done. The technician hardly said a work to me. We did not speak about what was being done as I was so ill that I just wanted to get the labs done and go home. She drew the labs and send me on my way. Weeks later I received a report from Medicare of what was paid. Quest Diagnostics accepted my insurance payment. Although my insurance would not pay for two of the tests ordered by my physician. Their reason being that they said the 2 labs were unecessary labs. I am hoping that someone can please help me with this matter. Even though Quest accepted my insurance and Quest is now hauting me for more money isn't this balance billing? They want to charge me $500.00 for these 2 labs. I thought once they accepted a person's insurance they cannot bill me for more money. Also, I was never informed my Quest when I went for the labs that there were going to be additional charges. Can someone please help me. I have a debt collector on my back. I have excellent credit and I am low-income. Quest is now trying to ruin my credit rating by sending this bill to a debt collector. I keep thinking should I just pay the bill and then some say that I shouldn't as I was not informed and Quest accepted my insurance in this case. Hope someone can help me, please.
Mkstitch Send email
Mar 20, 2012

Possible Balance Billing

When you go to ANY medical professional, you are responsible for the work being done. They will bill you insurance but you must pay anything the insurance will not cover. I think your complaint should be with your doctor if he/she ordered work that was not needed.
Quest Sucks Send email
Feb 23, 2012

fraudulent billing

Obviously the people who replied work for Quest, those money sucking bastards.
Incredulousinboyntonbeach Send email
Feb 23, 2012

fraudulent billing

For a YEAR, I had a running battle with Quest Diagnostics regarding billing for a set of laboratory tests requested by one of my physicians. When the sent the bill to Blue Cross Blue Shield for reimbursement, Quest used a diagnostic code that was different from what the doctor used on the requesting prescription, AND also they requested the reimbursement in the category of "medical care" instead of "diagnostic pathology." As a result, of course, BCBS denied the claim and Quest sent me a bill for$626.80, which is more than six times the "usual and customary" cost for that set of tests. For a while I went round and round with Quest, then I contacted BCBS and was told that the claim would be paid if Quest resubmitted with appropriate codes. I contacted Quest with this information, but they resubmitted the bill again with the same old codes they had used previously. Finally I contacted my physician and asked her office to intervene on my behalf. It took multiple interventions on my physician's part, including formal appeals to BCBS, before BCBS finally paid the claim. The "allowable amount" turned out to be $98.11, of which I was supposed to be responsible for 10% co-pay and BCBS paid the remaining $88.33 directly to Quest. Elapsed time: one full year. Interestingly, I have not yet received a corrected billing from Quest. I sent them payment along with a copy of BCBS's Explanation of Benefits. We'll see what happens. I don't trust these folks.
Rolfing Send email
Feb 23, 2012

fraudulent billing

You attitude and comments are rude and baseless. You know nothing about the claim and do not work in the billing department. Identify yourself you Moron!

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