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Jan 24, 2020

Cold old bad service

I live .9 miles away it takes 3 hours and food tastes like it was made when ordered and sat in a delivery bay for 2
5 hours. Terrible service and managers who rather give free food than fix problems. Got that feeling from store manager to area manager. They dont care so I will spend my hard earned money where I am appreciated. I refuse to keep any company in business when I am NOT APPRECIATED. I am not that lazy.
Misty2019 Send email
Nov 27, 2019


Pineville pizza hut is the worst place ever you call and never can get threw to them then the gm they have Dylan Schleagel is the rudest I have ever seen someone and they way he flirts and nasty talk to the other employee Megan is rude right in front of customers and I walked in and they was hiding I front of the restroom kissing and rubbing all over each other that is not a place I would take my children the TVs are always on tap or country music and you have to tell the waitress to please turn it down bc it is very loud
David Daniels Send email
Jan 14, 2019

Rude mangers

My son order pizza at the Thomasville North Carolina store all the time I live out of town so I come in town about every 7 or 8 months and order pizza. Well the last time I was in town back in February 2018 I had a problem with my pizza so I spoke to the manager his name was David Daniels the only reason I remember his name is because he gave me a card with his name any way he was very nice and fixed my order with no problem. Well a month ago I was back in town and order pizza from the Thomasville store I go and picked it up and it was not what I order so I asked to speak to the manager a the lady I was talking to was rude and said I am the manager. I asked if I could speak to mr daniels and she said that Mr daniels didn't work there anymore that he got fired. So she act like she didn't want to help me and I asked for her manager name and phone number. She gave me a number and said that her manager name was Marie but she was going to call her before I do and tell her that I was lieing. Well I called this Marie woman and have not heard back from her if this is how you treat your customers I want be back
John West Send email
Aug 25, 2018

Rude manager

I have been a customer for pizzahut for a while now and the woman in charge of the the store makes me cringe when I come into the place. She has a attitude problem and she treats her employees like idoits. She has mood swings and makes me not even wanna return to the store. Her name is Amber. I think a drug screening is in order. Id hate to drive to another county just to get a pizza but i think that's the only option I have considering I don't want to experience this woman and her horrible service again.
Jlp Send email
Sep 14, 2017

Workers comp- still employed

I was injured at work and forced to go to the urgent care walk-in clinic next to the Pizza Hut. The acting GM and even the district GM were there for my appointment.
All of my paperwork was filled out by the acting GM with wrong phone number for contact for ongoing WC claim. Was also seen in ER several days later, and then again, for follow up at urgent care center (required).
My condition began worsening after continuing to work, so urgent care mandated extreme restrictions and referred me to a specialist. Still waiting for adjuster to contact me about scheduling specialist appointment- now nearly 2 weeks after original injury.
I can no longer work, no position that I am trained for abides by the restrictions and the pain has increased tremendously. Cannot take the narcotics prescribed by ER as they make me sick.
Stoney Thomas Send email
Jun 21, 2017

New Store Manager

Yes I Have a Complaint I have worked at Pizza Hut From ( 8-3-2015 to 5-20-2017 ) and not had a Complaint Customers or anybody else and I worked everyday and sometimes on my days off and I only missed ONE DAY for being SICK and I worked the days when it SNOWED when they didn't have any body else to come in plus managers. And when the new store manager started working at Waynesville NC 28786 she was trying to fined away to get rid of me and one day she ask me what size manager shirt do I wear and then two days later she decided to fire me over what something stupid .She told me about the stock she moved and I moved it back where it was. and she would tell us to talk about it and she would not talk to me about it . ( And now I have lost my Vacation Pay that I was expecting to get and Mege new about it and if you want my name is STONEY THOMAS and I would work for you again but not with the store manager at Waynesville NC 28786. so how many eployees and managers do you have that has worked everyday not missed any.
Telsasyke68 Send email
Jun 5, 2016


I have been to the Pizza Hut in Valdese North Carolina about 4 times now and I've held it back awhile now. There are to employees who are sometimes all over each other their name tags say Amanda and Mar something I did not think it was right for two girls who are dating to be working together it distracts the customers it makes the service poor
jteasley Send email
Sep 9, 2015

nasty hand pizza

My wife and I where disgusted with our visit to this location. An off duty employee in the food prep area wiping his hands on his mouth and nose brought us our pizza. There was no reason to complain to the manger because she was in the back with him having a good conversation. It were so busy having fun that our waitress had to bring our bread sticks out of the oven herself. She kept saying that she was sorry. There wasn't anything she could do because it was the manger. I rrefused to pay or eat the "hand" dirty pizza. I asked the manger for her boss's information. She said that she didn't know that number. Well the neighboring Pizza Hut could!
james day Send email
Jun 24, 2015

sexal behavior going on behind store on hood of white car

I went threw the drive thrue on Tuesday night and there was a tall guy and a nother female empoyer that had blond and black hair kissing all over each other and the female had her hands down his pants and the shirt. Was about off of the girl .my kids ask me what were that were doing I could not answer i wish this problem would be handel proper
csavage Send email
Apr 23, 2015

2 medium 4 topping special for19.98 plus tax

I order 2 medium pizza. I wanted 1 with 1/2 cheese and 1/2 peperoni. The other I wanted 1/2 chicken and 1/2 pineapple. Those are my 4 toppings.

I was told by Michele that I couldn't do that. The computer wouldn't allow it.

I don't understand, 4 toppings half of the amount of each. I told them let the 2 half be 2 topping. I was told that the computer won't allow that.

Please help me understand.

The store was Pizza Hut Chapel Hill # 005898 109 Estes Dr. (919) 942-7713.

Thank you
Kintaro Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Former Employee

to the guy saying he got demoted and a pay reduction... when you came back from your Mom dying... you need to look at your legal rights if you are being honest with us on this. It is a law Bill Clinton helped get passed. FMLA... means family medical leave act. I believe it state you can take up to 3 months off. BUT!!! You are not guaranteed your old job back. But the job must be comparable in pay. You may have the right to sue.
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Feb 23, 2012

Former Employee

This is an informative letter in response to the Pizza Hut complaints listed on your website. I have worked at three Pizza Huts in NC and here are a few things that consumers in NC area should know. I HAVE NOT eaten Pizza Hut pizza since I quit 5 months ago.

I have tried for months to figure out someway to get the word out because I can't find any help to resolve these issues. I can't help but think what if my child ate a pizza from Pizza Hut while at someone else's house and became deathly ill or worse; very young children and the elderly are more prone to food borne illness than the average adult (learned this one in Servsafe). That's another funny thing, Rage Pizza Huts are paying for Servsafe certification and then completely disregarding what they paid to teach their general managers.

While at the 1st location, we were infested with rats and our District Manager did not take care of the problem until one of our employees and customers called the health department to tell them that there were rats in the dining room and a dead rat in our water heater. The restaurant had continued to wash dishes and serve food on the supposedly "clean dishes". The problem wasn't fixed until we were shut down for two days by the health department. The water heater went out at another time and we were told that we could not close, just wash the dishes in cold water and continue business as usual.

The next place I worked, I trained for my General Manager position. Recurring times I saw 1-2 day old dough go out the door to customers and old veggies being used on the make table and salad bar (hidden in "new" food). If anyone knows anything about dough it starts to grow yeast after a day or so of sitting and smells like alcohol; it can be potentially dangerous if eaten.

As a new General Manager, while looking for new hires, I was told "do not hire deaf people, they are loud and obnoxious." My District Manager even told me to take a 5 lb box of blackened, molded, slimy mushrooms out of my trash can and put them back into the fridge to be used (You'll be glad to know that I threw them away after he left). "We can't afford to throw away food, " were his exact words. He also called me before an inspection and told me not throw away any close to or expired food, just change the expiration date on the container so the health department could not get us.

Subsequently, I had a rough week at my restaurant following a local high school graduation. We had no tables, therefore my waitresses didn't make any tips that week; we were empty, almost every sale was carryout or delivery. At the end of the week I was instructed to delete any supplemental pay that was due to the waitress to ensure that they did not received minimum wage for that week. I refused and quit.

As far as I know, no one has ever taken these matters seriously. The NC Labor board was contacted and I'm assuming blew the entire thing off because I was never contacted after telling my waitresses that I would back them up at every turn and waitresses not receiving their pay is still occurring (I still have relationships with certain Pizza Hut employees that can verify these stories). I can't file a claim with the NC Labor board because it does not regard my pay, and I can't make a claim for someone else that is afraid to lose their job in fear of retaliation. If they would just subpoena Rage Inc.'s records, you can log into their system and pull up every possible thing that happened on a person's time slip or food ticket. On the time slips, it shows what tips were claimed and what they were changed to. It will also tell you who altered the claimed tips. (Basically, GM's, Assistants, and District Managers are logging into the system and claiming that waitresses made more tips than they claimed to avoid paying 6.55 an hour instead of 2.13 an hour. I know wait staff not claiming all or sufficient tips happens occasionally but I know for a fact that my waitresses were being screwed; you can't make tips if no one eats inside your restaurant and order everything to go.)

Rage Pizza Hut will rob your children if they work for them as wait staff; they will be (excuse the term) screwed out of pay due to them, treated with no respect, forced to serve inadequate and unsafe food, and discriminated against. They will also work in unsafe and unsanitary environments.

I have tried what I can, I was just wondering if maybe I could get some help or if you knew anyone that could help bring this nationwide corporation's abusive practices to a halt. If it happens in 3 restaurants in NC, I'm can almost promise you it happens everywhere else. All general managers attend the same meetings in every district, the story is probably the same, just with different faces.
Stop_The_Movement_OF_Rage_Inc Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Former Employee

The District Manager actually threaten me with felony charges if I ever released my proof but what he don't know is he can't there is only a one party consent law in the state of Virginia and I was in all the conversations I have recorded so yes I will be releasing it and I have text messages proving he seen 3 day old dough in the walk in and he didn't do a thing about it because the GM was still there after a month of sending him a certified letter with proof and him finding the dough for himself. When I first started there it started with it being one day old and then as a month went by it got up to as many as 5 days of sitting in the walk in for PAN dough without being thrown out which PAN dough is suppose to be thrown out every night but when I tried throwing it out I got threaten with termination. It started smelling really bad after awhile and looking nasty that is why I started gathering proof I was concerned about the health and safety of the people eating it because even though I was refusing to serve it the GM still had a lot of other employees serving it and that's also why I sent a certified letter with proof to the District Manager because I figured he might do something about it but he didn't do nothing. He wrote her a letter of recommendation as I was told by other employees who still work there so she can take on a job at a corporate pizza hut and he only wrote her the letter of recommendation because if it did get released to the public it would've looked bad with her still there as I was told. All of this happened between May of 2011 and Aug of 2011. So it looks to seem that this kid isn't making up a fib about what happen at his 3 pizza huts that he worked at for Rage because I have class A proof including audio recordings and text messages!

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