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svliew Send email
Apr 24, 2021

Saving Account dormant

customer service not contactable through phone, i have sent more than 10emails to customer.service to seek for advise on how to re-activate the account since i am not in malaysia.

the replied from customer service really make me fed up, the issue was communicate since February until now ( April)

1st reply : ask me to go down to the branch when i am back to Malaysia, i am wondering are they understand about COVID-19 limitation

2nd reply: ask me to go down to the local branch in Singapore , i make my way to the local branch but not successful without since the bank was NOT LINK

3rd reply: ask me to provide my details to for verification

4th reply: someone finally called me to told me they are processing my application, and will pass it to the relevant home branch and guaranteed that i will receive a call from the home branch to assist me

5th reply : after 1 week , no one call me . I have sent another email to request for the follow up. The replied was - ask me to provide my details again which i do not understand why

6th reply : they informed me that i could use the QR code to get the q-number and go down to the Malaysia branch

Seriously, is this the so-called CUSTOMER SERVICE PROVIDED , LOST CONFIDENT!

Please assist to solving the issue under reference number : 32953078

RHB2021 Send email
Mar 11, 2021

Refund of BG

Refund of cash margin Bank Guarantee- TCXG911181KUP

We had submitted our original BG to trade centre in Jalan Tun H.S Lee on 3rd Mar 2021 and no one process the refund until today.

It is so hard to call the Centre to get anyone to response to us. Quite ridiculous to get refund on our own cash. It is inefficient at all.

We want a immediate refund on this.

We are contacted by this number.+603 5561 8585

Selvanathan Send email
Sep 12, 2018

Personal loan fully settled on 5/1/2018 but account not update yet

I have paid full payment for my personal loan on 5/1/2018.
I personally call customer service and get the full & final payment amount and settle the payment.
On 7/9/2018 my other Bank called me and informed that my CCRIS show i have personal loan with outstanding of RM7k++. I knew i only apply personal loan with RHB, i called immediately to RBH customer service at 11.50am and talk with Ms Azrin, she informed i still have balance RM3177.81.
I explain and provide the payment detail to her, she told me full payment only can be done at RHB counter & i paid thru Internet Banking therefore they cant take it as full payment. I told her when i call before i make the full payment the staff didnt inform me that i need to go to the counter. Ms Asrin said she cant help in this matter and ask me to walk to any nearest RBH Branch to check.
Im not really happy with the explain given by Ms Azrin so i called again at 12.08pm and talk with Ms Hanani after explain the full story, she said that she cant help me on this matter and ask me to call again.
12.17pm I called agian and insist to talk with the customer service manager but the staff refused to pass the call and said will help to assist me. Spoke with En Taufiq, said will file my complaint and he need 7 working day to check who is the person i talk with b4 i make full payment.
I urge the management to settle this issue immediately and clear my name from CCRIS.
Thank you
derekmc5004 Send email
Jul 23, 2018

Calls to Rhb Customer service unanswered

I believe RHB bank group provides the worse customer services to their customers among all banks in Malaysia as numerous calls to their customer service line 3 92068118 remain unanswered.

Hence, suggest that existing customers should switch to our banks immediately which offer better customer services.

Despite calling for more than half hours to this customer service line not even a call has been answered and the phone kept ringing until it went dead.

Liew wen feng Send email
May 30, 2018

no staff at all

I was called rhb help line since morning till noon more than 28 times call also told me line was busy ? I had urgent thing to solve so totally no staff pick up my call
Liew wen feng Send email
May 30, 2018

No staff

I called more than 25 times even since morning till noon still keep said busy ?? I have urgent issue need to settle now wastes my time to call
nsk Send email
Oct 4, 2017

refused to release my money


The bank refused to release my money after I pay 50k USD. The bank officer Abdul Malik lie to me as he has no integrity. he told me once I pay 50k USD before 5pm. I will get my money in my bank. However, I get none.

How could RHB do such a thing? The Bank don't have integrity ?????

I don't understand by the refundable tax from Malaysia gov. , since it is refundable why make me pay?

I had already pay money clearance and the certh cost me 35k USD, why bank keep asking for money?

This is the most horrible encounter I ever had with the bank.

I demand a official reply from the RHB.

Thank you
Angry User Send email
Jul 28, 2017

Staff at the counter are super lazy

I had been asking to change important personal information over a period of 1 year in vain. They're not even over the phone where I can't physically reach. Their helpline people suck, their counter people also suck. What's left to stick to this bank where customers' money is supposed to be secured? None. There're much better banks in the country.
manokaran Send email
May 9, 2017

Credit Card Scam

Dear sir, Name: manokaran A/L Karuppiah. IC 550602-10-5261.

I the above name received a call from your Bank. (tel. no.03-392068118) @ 2.40pm today.
The persons name is Mr.Wong.

He is asking me to confirm a Credit Card Transaction for RM3000 plus.
Please take note that I never had any Credit Card or any account in RHB bank before.

I have already informed the matter with Mr.Wong and to block the Card immediately.
Please check the status and advise me immediately. Also advice me whether need to make police
report. (my.
Vinay552 Send email
Mar 13, 2017

internet username blocked

The worst ever customer service. Waited for 10 minutes for the call to be answered. Spoke to a lady by the name of farah. extremely rude.(1635hrs / 130320`7) She is talking like uneducated and uncivilized. My problem not solved. She said will get another person to call me. Why RHB recruiting people like this? RHB getting worst than any other banks. RHB has to LEARN basics from CIMB and Maybank
shuenz Send email
Feb 27, 2017

Customer service sucks

I was making an online transaction and the OTP sent to me was so hard to know whether it means capital I or small l. So I accidentally keyed in wrongly for 3 times and it immediately blocked it. Other bank will just block the account for 5 mins or so but RHB is champion, blocked until you call their customer service to reset it. Best thing is they provide the BEST customer service ever. I really curious does the 24 hours hotline means 24hours no people working or picking up phone calls? It make you to wait through 10 mins listening to nonsense ads and after those ads finish just cut your line by saying all staffs are busy pls try again later. Yay, since when within 24 hours in a day your staffs are not busy? Seriously what is the purpose of this customer service? Can't RHB just learn from other banks?
AKing Send email
Dec 8, 2016

Terrible phone service

Jcwagner Send email
Nov 14, 2016

Extremely bad customer service and helpline

I have just registered online banking and would like to retrieve bank statement from 2 weeks ago but was told that the online banking can only generate future bank statements starting from the day of my registration. Both the staff at a branch and helpline operator told me totally contradicting information where they asked me to go to each other to get the bank statements, only to find that both couldn't do anything.

WORST part is the helpline customer service, for FOUR days I called across different time only to wait for nothing. NOBODY PICKED UP. I had to go to a different operator (not handling my issue) to ask about it, only to get no answer.


For your information, CIMB bank can just easily print out any past bank statement at the reception counter in a split second with stamp and signature, FOC, learn from them.
esvaran4545 Send email
Sep 14, 2016


Waiting for 2hours only for doing new debit card.What system you all have some more your RHB staff talk ralf with customers.
I am one of 18years customer of RHB and my loans all under RHB but today I feel very unsatisfy with your system.My self waste one 1/2day leave today because of your bank for replace my card only.

Your staff name Safwan.
Ms Yan Send email
Aug 16, 2016

staff bad service and no Manners

Date 16/08/2016 i'm call to RHB bank Phone:+60 03 92068118 , Start i click number 3 ,after 1, after auto to line customer servive , first one girl pick up the phone call me waiting ,so i wait... ,after one guy take a phone ( 11.00am ) ,ask me again what i'm question ? i ask him Why not ask to take this case up ? i say :''ok, never mind ,i say again .'' ,after i know the staff (guy) don't like talk with me ,the staff directly to the cover off the phone , my god ! the staff directly cut my phone ! what 's the service ? this is a RHB Bank service ? RHB Bank service is like that ? Unfortunately ...too late to ask this employee name ? So we call this one is'' RHB Pest '',After call again ,the staff is one india girl ,i ask about the bank charges ,give me answer is wrong one ,she say don't have any charges ,(account reflex )my boss go to bank ask every month One thousand or less will go RM10.00 charges ,Why the staff india girl let me waiting 5 minutes go to ask another staff ?after come back i get the answer is wrong olso ? Don't know got one SOL eradicating these pests or not? , I think RHB Bank need.
Dear RHB Bank, update your staff work attitude please ..........
Chrisciah Send email
Jul 24, 2016


Please send me the reff number i send money to 21204000154210 2.11am 24july2016..thanks
Chrisciah Send email
Jul 24, 2016


I bank in to 21204000154210 pcm star enterprise i not get reciept n the company not get money..
kellyvong Send email
Jan 27, 2016

service too bad

kindly inform the credit card customer service is too bad...
commonqq Send email
Apr 2, 2014

credit card and customer service

my credit card been double charges by same restaurant at same date. at that time i only look at the waitress swap one time, and i sign one resit only.
I call for customer service ask how and why? she tell me to go back that restaurant, customer service cannot do anything.
SO MEAN i have to go back the restaurant with one resit,and have to print out the credit card statement.
so complicated, If i at oversea also meet this problem, Is that i have to back that country to refund back my money?
Some more i want to raise this report hope that credit card centre can look at this problem,
but she say i have to go bank to fill up the form, customer service calling centre cannot do this report,
So mean i have to stop my work, go to bank to raise this report, then you only will look serious to this problem?
In this technology centery, cannot use internet to raise report or by calling? Not my false but very disturb, why credit card centre cannot respond well?
User419648 Send email
Apr 11, 2012

terrible customer and phone service

I applied for a Tesco-rhb credit card two weeks ago, and this week i received a platinum rhb credit card, which is not what i wanted. I called the rhb service line, which put me in line listening to their ads for more than 10 minutes, after waiting for so long, a message said all operators are busy, please call back later. So i tried another number, and this number is a joke, no message even to acknowledge the presence of the customer, just listening to ads ads and more ads until the message to tell me to call back again! It was getting late and i decided to try the next morning. Next morning is the same thing, wait wait and wait. So i decided the call the local branch no. in ipoh, to my surprise...the lady customer service officer just said...all banks are like that!!! I was so angry and fed up!!
(in fact, ambank service is much better, they call me everytime i make a large transaction on my credit card to verify the transaction, their phone line is much answered much faster too... so now thinking about it... i think i will cancel all my rhb accounts and cards and switch to ambank!!!)
User930121 Send email
Apr 11, 2012

terrible customer and phone service

Last week i made a complain abt some1 taken money from my saving acc which is w/o ATM card. On 28/3, i went to update &withdraw money at Wawasan Ampang RHB, what surprising me is after update my p/book, it shows all funny transaction & balance was not tally too. Complain to RHB, a clerk ask me to go & wait at home coz they need to find out with HQ later & will come back to me but no response.
On 2/4, i & my daughter went to look for the MANAGER, asst. branch mgr attended to me but she knows nothing abt it. (I think there's no morning briefing for RHB bank or they treat this critical case as normal???) REALLY DISPPOINTED!! Then we need to complain again, after showing all the detail to her, she told us need to wait & check with HQ. AGAIN??? Ok fine, When i wish to withdraw money & hope to update my p/book she refused & said there's something wrong with my acc, reject my withdraw & said will come back to me after checking with HQ to find out what was happen.
On 3/4, she called to inform that it was wrongly update in my p/book where some1 using ATM card to withdraw money & cannot detect who & where it was happen. I & my daughter was not satisfied & couldn't accept the reason as it happen in banking business. WHAT A BIG MISTAKE THAT I NEVER HEARD BEFORE. When my daughter question whether my acc is safe to use in future & suspect some1 has misuse my acc, she said will double check with HQ again & come back to me asap. OMG! with such unconfident answer, you all better don't call me lah!?
Already made police report & complain to so call CUSTOMER SERVICE, so upset, totally no response.
RHB should pay more attention of this & attend to your customer complaint immediately!!
For me, these is quite a critical case & i hope RHB should give me a professional answer and apologize letter too to avoid any problems happen in future. I will consider to cancel all my RHB acc & fixed deposit later due to totally "LOST CONFIDENCE WITH U GUYS"

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