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Jan 5, 2018

Ripped Off by the Biggest Scammers

Most Recently, I attempted to book a trip for 2018 by the end of 2017 combining my previous points and upcoming points I was advised that 3,000 of my points had been transferred without my consent to avoid me from losing the entire 19,000 points by the end of the year.

The rep was fully made aware that I intended to contact Royal Holiday to secure my travel plans for 2018. I was greeted by an ignorant rep who indicated that no managers were available to assist and that there was nothing to be done. I have been with Royal Holiday for nearly 20 years and have rolled over points for years without experiencing an issue. I am extremely distraught and believe that I was deliberately ripped off by these scammers. I would not recommend anyone to purchase points from Royal Holiday. Good quality hotel selections have greatly diminished over the years and it's based on GREED!



Cafireguy Send email
Nov 21, 2017

Wont return my money from a canceled trip

Are there any attorneys out there that are will to take my case? I have been a member for 10 years and until now have been mostly almost satisfied other than each time we go to a property they feed you booze and try and get you to upgrade. Which we did once and are still making payments on.

However my issue is I booked family a trip with them and due to our resort being placed on the USA state departments do not travel list we canceled the trip (I didn’t tell them that why we canceled) They made me pay $300.00 up front to cancel to reservations so I could get my all-inclusive fees back for our party. That amount totaled $2700.00 for the 6 of us. It’s been 4 months and they won’t return my money. Any help would be appreciated.
Cafireguy Send email
Nov 21, 2017

Won't return my $$ from a canceled trip

Are there any attorneys out there that are will to take my case? I have been a member for 10 years and until now have been mostly almost satisfied other than each time we go to a property they feed you booze and try and get you to upgrade. Which we did once and are still making payments on.
However my issue is I booked family a trip with them and due to our resort being placed on the USA state departments do not travel list we canceled the trip (I didn’t tell them that why we canceled) They made me pay $300.00 up front to cancel to reservations so I could get my all-inclusive fees back for our party. That amount totaled $2700.00 for the 6 of us. It’s been 4 months and they won’t return my money. Any help would be appreciated.
buribe Send email
Oct 27, 2017

Royal Holiday

Does anyone know if there is a current lawsuit against RHC. We paid for years and of course NOTHING they promised was ever delivered. I stop paying yearly dues two years ago but they keep on calling and emailing. I told them to cancel and they can keep my $$ and membership , of course they want more money. Any help would be appreciated!!
rodney roussell Send email
Mar 27, 2017

royal holiday

if the company royal holiday takes our 4000 for there hour of time we took just let us out please
rodney roussell Send email
Mar 27, 2017

royal holiday

and another thing guy that talked us into this nightmare said he would get us out not to call royal holiday not saying royal holiday is wrong sayin the ways there people lie and feed you beer is wrong I'm 57 years old never afford this when I retire
rodney roussell Send email
Mar 27, 2017

royal holiday

think must be some law sign contract when half drunk they feed you more beer
rodney roussell Send email
Mar 27, 2017

royal holiday

its bad when they can get you at a resort where everyone drinking then feed you beer to get you to sign up
bobco33 Send email
Mar 10, 2015

royal holiday

I'm embarrassed to admit, I joined royal holiday in about 2006 on my first real vacation that happened to be in cancun, Mexico. The sales pitch was similar to what I've read from many other fellow complainers. I initially was dead set against joining rhc but after the high pressure sales pitch I began to change my mind. I was told that there would be no additional fee for the all inclusive resort. I asked this specifically because I was on my first vacation at an all inclusive resort and I liked the setup. I knew I would continue to use all inclusive resorts. I was also told that I would be able to somehow book cheap flights through the royal holiday Web site. Our salesman, a bald mexican man named Luis, even went so far as to say we could book round trip from Chicago to cancun for under $100 by using their website. At some point during the several hours I spent in the hot seat I was taken on a tour of the ambassador suite. This was a beautiful room (2 floors if my memory serves me correctly) which was described as the lowest room I would ever get as a member. I was definitely warming up to the membership by now. I had been served 2 or 3 beers over the course of several hours but was never offered any food. After what seems like forever, the royal holiday scam room was getting ready to close down for the evening. I still wasn't sure I wanted to take a leap on this "today only special deal". Committing for 30 years to something that I was obviously not all that confident with didn't feel right. I gained a little more confidence when Louis mentioned that there were several ways I could get out from under this dreamy membership if for some strange reason I didn't like it. He told me that I could easily sell my membership back to royal holiday at any time. He also said that if, after the full balance was paid, I did not like my membership I could simply stop paying the yearly fees and cancel the membership.

Needless to say, nearly every single thing this parasite said to me turned out to be a lie. I used royal holiday twice in the 2 years after I joined. I paid off my full balance (I think it was somewhere around $13,000) and decided there was just no way to make sense of it financially anymore. Unfortunately, as it turns out, quitting isn't an option. I talked to royal holiday on a few occasions and expressed my desire to cancel my membership. To my dismay, I was informed that this was not an option. I have not paid my yearly dues now for a few years now and in the last month I received a letter from a collection agency looking to collect my back dues with penalties. I don't know much about this kind d of law but I do know that royal holiday is fraudulent at best. If anyone has any advice on what I can do to protect my credit score please let me know. CLASS ACTION SUIT. .......COUNT ME IN!!!
limomangus Send email
Nov 18, 2014

Royal Hoilday

I also have belonged to Royal Holiday since 2006 .I want out after being in Cancun twice during hurricanes .Water flooded my kids room all we got was a room switch to cheaper rooms .This was at the Park Royal Hotel .We had up graded and was lied to .I now have 70,000 points all paid for .I want out ,out ,out .I don`t want to pay the yearly membership fees .Which are now $1,115 .00 .We haven`t gone there since the last hurricane .My wife tried to use the points for Cape Cod ,They gave her a cheap motel are you kidding me . Tried to get a room in Manhattan forget about it .I have received letters no good .I told them you can have the points .They refused .I was contacted by a real estate dealer .He will take it on for $698 lol .I can`t even give it away .I contacted DFC a charity donation firm .They don`t even want it .They will send your name to collections agency , when you refuse to pay membership fees ..If there is a class action count me in .I just want out of a stupid mistake that will cost me for 30 years .I feel like I`m doing time .
need to sue Send email
Jul 1, 2014

class action suit

I want in on group lawsuit please.
Preach Send email
May 28, 2014

Evicted from the Bahamas

I am one of the victims that Royal Holiday is trying collect maintenance fees and they no longer provide services in the Nassau Bahamas because they lost there contract for failure to pay there contract to the Wyndham and the Comfort Suites. They are demanding payments and offering me other locations. I have for the last 25 years used this timeshare exclusively for Nassau Bahamas. They waited approximately 8 days to inform me that a graduation action trip I planned for my 6 months in advanced daughter was cancelled and they were trying to find another hotel. I did not know after purchasing two first class tickets with airline where I was going. They are downright nasty. They will not give an answer or a resolution to the problem happing in the Bahamas, They want to assess late fees or or report me to the credit bureau. I am not going to take the scrap. I will fight them back. They have provide crummy service for the last 8 years and want us to pay maintenance fee for what? They tried to tell me the contract states they have a right to discontinue service at any location;however, they did not discontinue the were evicted for non payment to the Nassau Properties. Let's give them a hell of a fight and join the First Class Action Law Suit.
mbruce Send email
Mar 18, 2014

Nightmare with Royal Holiday Club

I, too, bought a membership with Royal Holiday in 2003 and paid cash for 20,000 points and still pay membership fees and other fees Royal Holiday come up with. The first 2 years RHC did not let me use it. The 3 year I tried I was told that they did not have 5 or 7 consecutive days but they had 3 consecutive days in Mexico, I did not want to go that far for only 3 days and 2 nights so I didn't get to use it for 4 or 5 years. I have only used my membership with Royal Holiday 2 times because Royal Holiday Reps made it so difficult to book reservations I gave up because it became a nightmare. I need someone to help me get out of this nightmare so if there is a Class Action Lawsuit, please include me.
BAWMMS Send email
Apr 11, 2013




Dear Member:

Also you can pay your Annual fee online

Go to

Please take advantage of this opportunity to voluntarily settle your account and prevent this information from being reported to the credit bureaus, call us before this Monday 15 of April.

In reviewing your account, it has been determined that we have been unsuccessful with our attempts to reach an agreement with you concerning your past due account with Royal Holiday Club. We have not received an agreement for payment or a signed agreement for a change of terms, so be advised as is mentioned in the club operating rules:


A. Budget and Assessment of Club Fees

Member shall fully and effectively indemnify the Management Company for all costs incurred (including all reasonable attorney’s fees), in connection with the collection of any outstanding monies due by Member.

This letter is a FINAL NOTICE that unless you pay your account promptly, Royal Holiday Club WILL NOW report this past due account to The International Divisions of United Credit Bureau, RED FLAG COLLECTIONS, Trans Union Information Co. and Esperian Credit Data Services and will take further measures to collect this debt. This information is also reported to the Federal Credit Agency in Washington, D.C. and will be available to other agencies including the I.R.S. The delinquent status of your account and your default on the legal contract will be reflected in your credit file. Once placed in your credit file, this will hamper your efforts to obtain credit in the future. Legal action will also be taken to collect the balance due and attach any liquid able assets.

Unless other terms are arranged immediately, your balance due at this moment is for $ 689.00 must be forwarded immediately using your Visa/MasterCard to facilitate payment.

Please call us at 1 800 961 1810.

Thank you for your attention and cooperation regarding this matter. We look forward to settlement at your earliest convenience.
Roy araujo Send email
Jan 30, 2013

Royal Holiday Club

As a member of Royal Holiday I can tell you it is nothing, but a fraud. The size of the room they promise you at signing is never available in ten years I owned. Between maintenance fees and attached fees at time of using the program it's cheaper to go on your own. Fraudulent
sunday249 Send email
Jan 22, 2013


I, too, bought the membership from Royal Holiday at Cancun, Mexico after hours of presentation with all the false promises that lured me into this stupid mistake. Like thosel like me, I looked up info on the internet to re-sell my membership but the price was nearly 1/10 of the price I paid. And the yearly fee is rising like crazy to the point.
Please let me know if there is a class action lawsuit, I would love to join.
My e-mail address is [email protected]

jcv Send email
Jan 16, 2013

Royal Holiday Club class action Lawsuit

I, too, was duped into signing a contract I wish I never had. I haven't used any of the benefits in 1.5 years and was thinking of trying to re-sell the membership, but after finally searching for info on the internet, I learn that all I could get for my membership is about $500 if I ever find a buyer. And then, there are all these complaints that this membership is all fraud, that they do not deliver on their promises. Like others. I fell for their high pressure sales tactics, which, as i've read here rather late, was all lies.
Please let me know if there is a class action lawsuit, I would like to join.
lf2009 Send email
Dec 11, 2012

Royal Holiday

Please help me with this nightmare of a scam from Royal Holiday

I am writing to complain about this company because it uses false, unfair, fraudulent and misleading high-pressure sales tactics to consumers to induce into a contract by false and fraudulent representations. On August 26th my husband and I visited Paradise Island Bahamas. A very friendly woman approached us in the hotel lobby and said she was a Royal Holiday representative and we would get a free lunch and free activities. We said no to them probably 5 times, then it was Hurricane Irene and we had nothing to do so when we were approached and hassled some more and offered "money" to take the "no-pressure" tour we finally agreed. She got us a taxi, paid for it as well and it took us to the Whyndam Resort we found ourselves in a orientation that took hours. The free lunch and activities turn out to be a high pressure sales-pitch. We were told that we could go anywhere in the world whatever we wanted. We were told that membership was an investment that would increase in value. We were told that you could sell your membership and we can make money. We were told that we had today and today only for this prize and all these other wonderful extras. (As I found out you can buy into this scam at anytime on their website) We asked to let us think on it and they said no that it was today and today only if we wanted the free trip to Mexico (which turns out to not be absolutely free). We were told we would leave there with everything we needed to look over and learn more about the membership. They offered discount on air tickets 50% or more which turns out is also not true, you can get better deals through Expedia. They did not say was a it was a contract for 30 years. They did not informed us of the time period in which we can cancel our membership'.just kept offering us more and more added benefits. Our heads were spinning. We had been there for hours. They said we'd get an entire packet before we left that we could look at to make us more comfortable with all they were telling us. We went along with it figured we'd look over the info that night and on the plane. After all was said and done we were asking for our packet and NO you get that mailed to you and that it should be at our doorstep before we even get home. Well a good 45 days later after conversations with Caludia Guttierez the packet was mailed to us. It was upon reviewing that information that we really realized we had been scammed. The places that we would vacation were not the same ones that we saw on the tour. It turns out they are through a different company but we don't have complete access to how many points we need for those trips they just 'think" that we do. They are better resorts in which you must stay an entire week and we only have 10,000 points a year (which we were told would get us 3-4 vacations a year). Through the nasty resorts in the Royal Holiday book it takes 20,000 points to stay anywhere for a week (plus fees). Everything is a lie and a scam. We have asked them to void the contract under false information, not being provided the "packet" to review in a timely manner for us to really make any educated decisions about cancelling the contract. Royal Holiday has completely misrepresented themselves, We want this nightmare to go away. We have not used any of their services to travel other than making some inquiries to make our educated decision that this was not for us. We now receive multiple threatening phone calls a day that they will ruin our credit, report us to the IRS (what do they have to do with it?). What can you do to please help us and make these people STOP? I have asked Claudia for the address to where they are if I need to sue them and let this be solved in court and she only referrers me to the contract and refuses to provide me with any information. I would have to sue Royal Holiday and the said contract is only for "payment" information to a company by the name of Global Associated Services yet it is some company in Arizona (believed to be Concord Services)s who keeps leaving the threatening messages that we need to contact Royal Holiday to straighting out our payment arrangements. Nothing makes sense who is claiming responsibility here? Royal Holiday sends me to the people on the contract which is either Concord Service (out of Arizona) or its Global Associated Services (out Florida) of which they are sending me to the people at Royal Holiday. It's a round robin nightmare. Your experience and help would be much appreciated to put this all to a hault. And on a side note our said contract is not to start of started until until 1/1/2013 which is what appears as our Anniversary Date on the papers we have. So why are we even asked to be making any decisions or payments at this time? And our decision is to void the contract!

I thank you in advance for your help in this and hope that you can get these people to stop harassing us.

Leigh Ann Fletcher
SariPa Send email
Mar 17, 2012

Class action lawsuit!

Sorry about little misunderstandings and mistakes in my threads. Ive noticed that somewhere I made those too. I should have checked the text spelling before submitting a comment, but sometimes my fingures go too fast. I have this ten fingure-learned-system, and english is more complicated to write Ive noticed... and I dont get all the words correctly because the lack of my english skill also and dont remember the words..
SariPa Send email
Mar 17, 2012

Class action lawsuit!

Id still like to share some more of my thoughts what I do also believe about the system... this is about thinking loud.

Lets play with the idea that IFG (in this case) is the one 'welcoming' on board new investigators on this holiday club business, and after the investigators make investigations they become sort of owners of these clubs... but they are anonymous to us - the members of the club. And usually members are equal to the club, right? The club is its members. Normally so, but in this case its not that simple. There might be a whole bunch of those investigators in certain club among us in those investigators. But the members are not calculated. The point is that 'they' - the other investigators gain out of this, but we as members of those clubs only lose... and whys that? Because the fact is that many of these clubs used to base on... you know what I talk about...

The point is that 'the club' doenst actually even exist... its only us as members... the investigators come and go, and still the members dont have rights.

Its smart system created out of our money but taken all our rights away. And thats my thoughts to say loud... but its the only explanation for me - why they did this to me. Because otherwise I might have realized... :). No tools is... sometimes very strong tool.
SariPa Send email
Mar 15, 2012

Class action lawsuit!

This - I hope to be the last ;) - comment might be a little crazy one, but I dont need to get tools to understand something... have you guys heard about people who read minds or have other skills to know when people f.e. lie... I knew from the beginning this 'whole thing' to be something else... well. In addition Im just unembloyed - I was the time I bought these points, and I told about it... but it didnt seem to matter to the guy got me into this. Odd, isnt it? A reason why they never gave me any tools when something happened? According to the rules of these clubs generally I dont think they are/were allowed to sell these points to me (people like me) in the first place. Im not even married. Isnt that amazing what they do?

But to be honest I obviously had money..., but its not the point... the point is that I knew they were not doing honest business by doing it. I still was 'a normal member' till... Wanted to know why I believed in my soul by buying this - well I began to know. I mind about he deeper meaning of this all happened to me. I mind about the truth about the whole business... roots. Its a smart system created I know, but when a business bases on lying itse never ethical.. or when all the information given in public bases on the lack on information instead giving it or false information what that tells to us?

IFG has a lot to explain... 360 degree business... and its all legal by the law? Just like to understand - how they legalize it like that. I might be a simple girl, but... And the memberships are only sold in Caribbean and the laws in our contracts are mentioned to be American, Bahamas, Cayman, Mexican whatsoever... many laws, but not the laws there should be) even when they sell these memberships to europeans there and the company exists in Europe... something else than european laws?

Why to bother not to allow us to take these issues to court in countries we live and they exist (according to contract)? Because... 'they' need security?

Its very complicated to us to take any actions when our tools are taken away, and besides it costs a fortune. they get free money I know, but... why anyone would bother when its too complicated to us anyway and high risk even to lose the case... how to fight IFG f.e. in Bahamas? Or how to fight the whole complicated system in country the companies dont even exist? And even when the travel agency which sold that membership to us might not exist there either? When 'they' know nothing about nothing in this certain country?

For me its very weird business.

Isle of Man and Switzerland. Thats where my RHC is registered. And... of cource Cayman Island (Holiday Clubs ltd), but not foundable registration information there.

Has IFG legal business in Cayman Islands as it has f.e. in Switzerland? And why IFG has in my case a contract with so called Holiday Clubs ltd which is located in Cayman? If its legal - fine... but interesting combination, isnt it.

Just writing my thoughs also loud.
SariPa Send email
Mar 3, 2012

Class action lawsuit!

Do you guys know why they do so? Why theres no good service for instance?

Royal Holiday is like anonymous - theres no one in charge. The whole 'company' is built the way they get off the hook if something happens. They avoid all the laws in the world (the way I at least see it by now) by making 'the company structure' as theyve done. IFG is the agent of RHC (according to some information). Royal Holdiay exists as the company, but still the seller of those RHC memberships are not the company RHC - its always another agaent.. and/or the so called owner of RHC. And one more thing - its about shares--- open corporation! Is it legal in the business like this? Well, someone can answer to that - I believe its not...

RHC doesnt give any answers to your questions considering the company if you ask them. I have asked so many times and still they play like they never understood my questions. In other words RHC doenst give any tools... but istead they use all the information you give them... sort of against you - take advange all the info you gave to them, but the lack of information they give in return to you. They dont mind about you---- they dont need to. They can turn things against you. F.e. if you dont get any service and after a while you get so pissed off everything they do to you... they might threaten to sue you for those complaints as a tool against you. Members dont have any rights... Not a one single... and thats the fact. I havent get any tools... I dont seem to have any rigths - not a one single.

If they were litigimate they would have never threaded us like this. They hide the real company information from us, because its basicly a scam... it bases on a lie to us and its a scam in that case any way. Royal Holiday cub is registered in Isle of Man in the address IFG is located. the phonenumber of RHC is FNTC's (part of IFG).

Well... just fast writing again. And I was threatened to be sued for these complaints by RHC. But when people complaint a compnay like this, doenst that prove something at least about the company. Do people lie... do members lie? I dont think so. Nobody would be complaining about a litigimate legal company anyway. Why on earth they would do that?
Nick And Shas Send email
Feb 27, 2012

Class action lawsuit!

please be aware of these 90 minute presentations that are offered in hotels arround the world. They trick you into buying and then tell you that you will get refund only if cancelled within seven days of purchase date less the majority amount of the registration fees. It is a total waste of time and money (you are better off paying the full price of whatever discounts they offer you). do not believe it when they tell you you can sell or rent your credits or they will do it for you it is a big fat lie. The only thing that binds the contract is the promisary note and the rules and regulation act of 1999 (check online for details of Act).
SariPa Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Class action lawsuit!

And... if this trademark is owned by some 'other company' than RHC or RH, then why RHC is marked to be a swiss company according to some information but not owning this trademark? Because at least my papers tell me that all these Royal Holiday Clubs are exactly the same- one trademark... or compnay... whatever... or we have been totally fooled in everything... just fake information full of everywhere And... and... and...this Royal Holiday is just a trademark in other part of world... not a company. Well.. its a club, but who ownes it? RHC Switzerland?:) If theres a company RHC existing.. for my point of view it should own the trademark as well, doesnt it? But instead this RHC Switzerland is marked to be a travel agency. And... how come a travel agent can charge people like this (our cases) in advange? And besides normally travel agencies have websites as well, or Am I totally wrong here? Meaning this Travel Agency Switzerland. I know how they try to get away from being in responsible for anything... but its not a separate company according to our information. And theres a lot conflicts between different information.

So, thats another detail why IFG circulates this... at least my case... all the details which dont fit... theres not RHC existing like this! Im sorry, if I cant explain things like Ive meant to... but trying to my best..

Only this Aruba - Bahamas/Cayman Islands - Mexico combination is more than interesting. A tool. England... Netherlands... And Mexico/America combination... Which I believe MExico is actually America... just a mask - Mexico... A contruction company which is building houses in Mexico is an owner this whole thing. I dont agree - sorry, but I agree only with very little things related this RHC... 'They' screwed over LARGE :)))))

This system is fake - and thats my OPINION.
SariPa Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Class action lawsuit!

And one more thing... those who so called own royal holiday -trademark... well... RHC is a huge business (should be according all the information) in which only those employees salaries go up so high per year. So, can 'a little company' be the real owner of that trademark?

So much conflicts between different 'parties'... different pages... websites... whatever... seems to be a jungle of dishonesty as far as Im considered... you really can find a lot of those 'mistakes', which dont fit in this.

Mexico RHC is just a one little peace of this puzzle not the whole truth...

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