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reorepair1014 Send email
Jan 14, 2020

Past due invoices

Our company did work for Safeguard for many years 15 to be exact. As the years went on the charge backs grew larger and more frequent, to the point where every check had a charge back on it. After a reasonable amount of time they slowed down on regular payments as the invoices aged, to the point where we amassed a large balance, and then they dropped us. This is a corrupt organization tied in to Washington, receiving great government contracts to handle the large banks of Fannie and Freddie. Last year alone safeguard made 1.1 BILLION Dollars in profits. They are a Mafia mentally organization by shaking down the little guys, meaning Property Preservation companies. They are the biggest and have the resources and connections to do what they do. BE FORWARNED before you jump in. You will get screwed!!!!!!
eserres80 Send email
Dec 24, 2019


safeguard properties, at one time was the best company to work for in the property preservation business, over the years the banks yanked the reins Robert klien died and the company went to hell. They are now the worst company to work for, give a inch take two and wonder why you don't want to work for them I am now giving up on this career after 20 long years and 100 hour weeks for a company to take advantage of the boots on the ground, Chase wells Fargo Fannie mae are all companies that get rich off of interest and they stick it to the people that make everything happen. they have way to many pensile pushers in the office reviewing pictures with little to no knowledge of how to install a door knob or how to complete a winterization. So honestly unless u are living on a corner begging for a cheeseburger I would look else were ….. This company is out to rip everyone and any one off they can
[email protected] Send email
Jul 20, 2018

Frustration about Safeguard Properties

I will make this short. After many years as a vendor they decided/threatened to raise my discount and did. Of course we have to agree and sign the papers or they'll give the work to someone else. This, after years of changes in their system that cost my field crews more time in the field and updaters more time in the office. I thought we would get a That was a pipe dream! I feel with the constant invoice adjustments that they are just being dishonest so they can collect their bonuses. Yet I have to carry the expensive insurances. Bottome line is I don't think upper management has a clue what it takes to update a job, take photos and label them and doesn't have a real clue what's going on. I am not sure how much more my bank account can take the pounding.
gpass Send email
Jun 12, 2018

Property stolen

In December of 2011 we were 2 months behind on our mortgage. During this time we were renting in Cleveland OH and keeping our belongings in the home in PA.,I visited the property every two weeks like clock work. On Dec 24th 2001 I showed up at the property to find that all of the locks had been changed. the door knobs cutoff, and the back basement window had been broken into. We never received any Intent of Foreclosure, no Breach letter, and never received any information about anyone securing our property. There was a small note "Call your bank" and a sticker with Safeguard Properties on it. I called the bank and never got an explanation as to why our property had been locked up. The mortgage company (PNC Mortgage) then never returned our calls. we tried to get information to help retain our property. Never received a single item. Our property was stolen from us By PNC Mortgage and safeguard properties. They even went as far as to file a claim with our insurance company about the house being robbed. When it was Safeguard Properties that robbed the place. This is theft of property on a large scale. I can see and read all of the complaints about this happening to other people and it makes me SICK. These are criminals. They should go to jail! Our (collective) Rights as home owner's have been violated. Yes, even if you have fallen behind on your mortgage you have the right to your property. A little known fact: Safeguard Properties has been Barred from working in the state of Illinois by their Attorney General. This was in 2012. Look around the Cities of the Northeast and Midwest, large patches of grass where homes used to be. This is theft on a grand scale and millions of people have lost their property to Scumbags like Safeguard Properties.
Enough Send email
Jun 6, 2018

The company that just keeps on taking years later

I worked for Safeguard for 5 years and then they started with all these charge backs. You never won the argument about the charge back and then they started this new procedure of making you go to a property complete repairs and they would determine if you would be paid for it (I have cut grass at a property only and told I was responsible for the mold there even though the PCR was just for the grass cut). At that point I knew I had to get out so I contacted my attorney and we found a loop hole in the contract and I was legally able to stop working for them. That was 3 years ago.
I have to this day received charge back emails form Safeguard even for properties in states I have never been to in my life. I ignored their emails and just filed them.
I was forced to get insurance through their chosen companies and agents and have kept the insurance because once I left Safeguard i worked for smaller companies. Safeguard filed insurance claims for mold against me knowing the insurance does not cover mold. I just received a non-renewal notice for claim activity even though the claims were not paid. I had to look around for other insurance and the price is so astronomical because of the claims filed I can no longer afford the insurance so I will now be out of business.
And best of all I just got an email from a collection agency for all the charge back amounts. Way to ruin my credit too.
If you think you are done with Safeguard BEWARE
PSansW Send email
May 11, 2018


Horrible to work with. Dishonest and rude. Never work with them ever.
Bonney Send email
May 9, 2018


Safeguard gave my information to a client that eventually came to my house and shot my place up. After they sent us a work order to go and locked the customer out. The customer retaliated and threatened them and they ended up giving my info to the person and here we are! Anyone else out there dealing with the same situation we are
Mrhandymegc Send email
Feb 22, 2018

Non payment


We have Countless times Told you we needed to be on hold as of January 5th. Yet You have continuously given us work when clearly stated we needed to settle some issues we have been having since moving to Maine and Dealing with a continues Harsh weather that we have never experienced in Jersey. Over a foot of show continues to fall for every snow storm that is passing almost weekly. YOU HAVE SET US UP TO FAIL!!!!

You continue to email and speak with us in a degrading manner.

We have gotten approval from you to complete work due to the wording on the work orders we needed clarification. You were wrong and we paid for it. We are out $10,000 For work we have completed and never got paid for that was Submitted.

Never in our 8 years of doing property preservation for nationals have we even encounter anyone so rude and self absorbed as you have been. You have never looked at the work orders when there has been a problem or a question. When there was something that we have done at fault we have taken responsibility for our actions. Not once have you admitted there was an error on safeguards or your part. We have countless times spent hours arguing with you back and fourth Proving to you safeguards policy. And still you don't agree with your own companies policy. Its all the vendors fault. You seriously need to look into who makes money for the company. The vendors in the field.

We will Not be working as a sub for another vendor for Safeguard.
stacypierce Send email
Jan 24, 2018

nonpayment work orders not spelled out correctly

THey constantly send you to properties that they are fully aware of the status. they make verbal agreements then don't follow through. communication is pathetic. always saying not enough pictures or cant tell work is done but photos are always there. been with for a month told them to fly a kite. see ya in court safeguard. also on news and social media. we are coming for these crooks!!!
Phyllis Ganey Send email
Sep 21, 2017

Workers dumped food to rot

House cleaned out and a freezer full of frozen fish that had thrawed due to no power to house was dumped across the street from the house in a vacant lot to rot. Now the nearby homeowners are smelling a God awful stench that is attracting all kinds of flies and rodents!!! Have yet to resolve the problem. Contacted the police and the home office e but nothing has been done. Those workers were paid to haul off the trash and all they did was dump it near the site to not have to fool with it. Very poor management on the company's behalf.
Ken Furia Send email
Jul 16, 2017

Mice infected

House is vacant, address 204 Bank St., Lodi, Ohio 44254. This house is mice infested, the mice are migrating to other homes in the area. I have contact the Medina County Board of Health about 3 weeks ago, still no response. My next step is to contact the State Board of Health and the Attorney General. Since you own the property you need to fumigate the entire house and may also have to fumigate my property as well. The Attorney General may want to handle this.
ksab10 Send email
Jun 26, 2017

Locked out, Home trashed

Safeguard Properties was hired by our mortgage company to secure the home after they assumed our home to be vacant. While in the process of moving out we noticed stickers on both the window and door stating the home was vacant AND our locks had been changed along with a lockbox that was placed on the back door. We tried to contact Safeguard Properties MULTIPLE times to notify them that we were not done removing our belongings from the property and we received no answer what so ever.Things like our songs birth certificate and other important documents were still in his safe hidden in his room which we still needed to grab. Our son went back to see if he could somehow unlock the other lock. He also went to the back door and much to his surprise the lockbox had been left open. Our son was able to get in without damaging our home and he found our home completely TRASHED! All of our outdoor property was thrown around inside of our house. Our grill, lawn mower, chemical bins, gas tanks for the lawn mower thrown all about the living room and kitchen! The wall leading to our basement was ripped off and thrown in the living room. Our son took pictures of all of the damage done to the property. When collecting the rest of our belongings our son noticed multiple items missing from his drawers and room, especially items of value. Everything was thrown around and rummaged through. I am at a lost for words that a company paid to "secure" homes comes through and does this! We are still receiving letters from our mortgage company stating we can still get caught up on payments and our home is not in forclosure yet, why would they do this? Is there anything that can be done?

Locked out, Home trashed Locked out, Home trashed Locked out, Home trashed Locked out, Home trashed

BTownsend168 Send email
Jun 22, 2017

Stolen Property & Fradulent Billing

This company was hired by my mortgage company to "protect their interest" to date I've seen double billing because the charges are being passed down to me from the mortgage company, they have stolen property from the house, put property in the house that doesn't belong to me and left these items there after I spoke to someone at the company and told him, that these items don't belong to me. To date these items are still sitting in the living room, stolen items like a bed, brand new boxed tiles, ceiling fan, and god knows what else they've rummaged through looking for what they can take, but their litigation department swears up and down it wasn't Safeguard's inspectors and they have "so called proof". If there is a class action lawsuit in the making; please contact me.
Stevehos333 Send email
May 6, 2017

Stolen property

We moved out of our home and were going to gut it and try to rent it while working with the bank. Found a note on the door stating it was vacant. Immediately called them and told them it was not vacant and was going to get it set for rental. Came back two days later to cut lawn and found both tractors gone and anything of value missing. Doors also locked.

What can be done?

[email protected]
Bbad2 Send email
May 5, 2017

Keeping Safeguard Properties Honest

I have learned how to deal with Safeguard Properties's cuts of invoices and chargebacks. I now contact the Broker via email and let them know what was actually paid by Safeguard Properties for work completed. I urge them to demand a refund for any overcharges. I figure that if I'm not going to be compensated for my work then Safeguard is not going to be paid for that work either. I urge all vendors to do the same. Let's keep Safeguard Properties honest!
PQSPP Send email
Apr 27, 2017


Do not invest your time or money with this company you will regret it trust me. It's a money grab you invest money in properties in hopes you'll get paid from safeguard and you won't because your pictures aren't good enough or you input it wrong in they're special system , it's a ripoff
57man Send email
Apr 24, 2017


we worked for them for about sixteen years and it kept getting worst when son-n-law took over as lead man. do work and they will always find a way for a charge back. The stole thousands of dollars from us by doing charge backs or not paying for completed work. Sorry company to work for and they will NEVER stand up up for the vendor. Their QC worker are cheats and liars! Stay away from them.
ronnie b Send email
Feb 13, 2017


Safeguard properties is by far the biggest thieves. I was a vendor for 9 years and I must have payed hundreds of thousands of dollars in back charges for no reason. I have asked to see the invoice for any of their claims and not once have I been provided anything. they have no loyalty to any of their vendors. I believe they should be investigated by the feds for a several issues. safeguard properties should not be allowed to tell you that you have to use their choice of insurance carrier but they do. I think in my opinion they should be at the very least closed down and even have charges against them.. DO NOT BECOME A VENDOR FOR THEM YOU WILL REGRET IT.
Newbie_60089 Send email
Jan 31, 2017

Strange statements by Safeguard

Hi everyone

I am a newbie trying to decide if working for Safeguard Properties is worth it.

I was contacted by Safeguard recruiter today and she asked me if I will be willing to conduct home inspections in my area.

The pay was kind of low ($4 to $6 per inspection), but she re-assured me that Safeguard will keep me busy and I will make great money on the volume (1,000+ inspections per month, according to her).

I was still not convinced, and then she stated that there is more to the inspectors job than just pay per inspection.

Safeguard recruiter stated that inspectors are allowed to have any property from the abandoned/vacant homes. Furniture, electronics, appliances - anything is a fair game as long as the property is abandoned or vacant.

This statement did not sit well with me.

Is this common?

Is anyone here heard of this rule about inspectors taking things from vacant/abandoned homes?

I really need the money, but at the same time I do not want to be in any kind of trouble.

Any input is greatly appreciated.

Trying to make a living Send email
Jan 31, 2017

Ny field services

Never work for this company the owner will screw your out of money say they trained you when the owner don't even leave his office. Be carful they screw you around in every way . The owner is out for him self will pay males and extra dollar compared to females . They need to be put out so real contractors can make a living . Worst company and safe guard backs them to show how great they really are
Mommabear1202 Send email
Dec 27, 2016

Lost home in fire

My home was destroyed in fire i
and we had some belongings outside some of which were from home. A couple weeks went buy my boyfriend had went by the house to see if the garage was ok an what was left of the property there was a man there with a trailor and had loaded everything up outside (picnic table, grill, chairs photo albums, stroller and can't forget to mention my flower pots that had plants in them but dumped all my flowers out, there was along t of other things as well as burnt things) also he was getting ready to change the locks on garage. He told him my our home was being forclosed an he had an order to come there an secure it. He had me come up there and don't tiron he didn't hear a mouth full. This guy working for safeguard was getting ready to take all my belongings to the dump. I made him take what things were still good off that @#$% trailor my home was not getting forclosed i mean we just lost everything an he was there taking the rest. The bastard still got away with my antique vases, propane tank to grill, & cast iron skillets . I'm so disgusted i conet even think straight. No one has evet appologized for any of it either.
Dowhatsright1 Send email
Dec 18, 2016

Under paid, In House retribution

My company performs inspections for Safeguard which is basically piece work, the average inspection pays only $3.00 per house, which pays for a gallon of gas, not your tools nor your time so you are basically working for free, after having to have workman comp, e&o insurance (which they require) from some if highest price insurance company, now you out in your Business insurance and your company is operating in the red.. I took on a zone which was more then an hourplus from my home at which time I had an sub in the area, I contacted Safeguard in October and advised them, I wanted to let the zone go, it's just wasn't cost efficient for us to continue, I would like to add that the dub in the area resigned due to not being paid enough to purchase him a pair of pants.. after speaking with my Vam I assumed it was taken care of, 3 weeks later I was told by my Vam "I thought you were going to hire someone) no that's not what I said, then to be told I needed to put it in writing and give them 30 days unwillingly I agreed, I'm like 12/09/2016 this nightmare would be over, I am still receiving work for the 2 zones that I gave up, in addition due to the work going pass due, my company gas began failing their audits, at first I wanted to help them out until They found someone now the hell with them, their script suck has nothing to do with the property you are inspecting, on contact inspection their have been times when we do not have to ring a door bell or knock, because the home owner is standing outside or in their driveway, so we are told there is no way we could have rang the bell or knocked on the door , we didn't need to the owners were outside, now their nick picking not only because we do a damn good job, we refuse to go back into zone 33 or 34, they owe us over $2000.00 in inspection and I want my money, Safeguards staff is friendly when you first sign up however after that Beware, every time I've made a changed or refused an order, we either fail or barely pass our audits. Now that I know we as contractors and subs are making them millions fact you perform 600 work orders at $3.00 make $1400.00 a month for your company, Safeguard make $27,000
Makemup65 Send email
Oct 16, 2016

Safe Guard Properties

Our company has been taken by these crooked people just like many of you others have spoken of! I feel we can all come together and get a Class Action Lawsuit against them! We work our selves to death only to get charge backs, unfair payment adjustments!!! I am prepared to do the leg work! Just email me and we will get this petition started and hopefully show them they can't keep taking from those that work so bery hard for them! Please email me at: [email protected]
Makemup65 Send email
Oct 16, 2016

Class act law suit!!!

Safe guard has now done to us what they've done to many others!!! I am prepared to do the leg work to get a class act lawsuit against these crooks!!! Please email me and let's work together to get our pay we are rightfully owed!!!
[email protected]
preswizard Send email
Oct 8, 2016

Safeguard Answer

Yes they are crooks but you know something we let it happen. We are the contractors that do the work. We are the skilled professionals. We are not sitting in a cubical making phone calls to get work done. What we need to do is to join together and start a professional contracting service for the banks with realistic time frames and true quality controls. We don't need some kid sitting in a cubical who has never held a hammer in his hand or slipped off a roof or been choked to near death by think black mold dictating how or when or how quickly we need to do this work. That is the problem in this industry there are contractors out there that are doing terrible work just to get to the next job because the pay is so little (on our end) that he has to do volume to survive and then hope he gets paid. Safeguard needs to be stopped. We need to form together and push them out. They can not offer contracting service without contractors......... Who has the balls to do it?

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