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shawnbishop Send email
Aug 2, 2019

worst experiences to buying Samsung

I spent $6000 bought Samsung TV, it was a very expensive model, back at 2016. I recently move, and put "one connect", tv showing black, then called customer service, they can not address my issues, and eventually give me answer to contact their repair center, I called their repair center close to me, without any people talk to you, you only hear better to sent them email, and wait their response, funny, if nobody answer, always is answer machine, why they put phone number as public. then I only can wait, and at sametime, called their customer service again, they transferred to me customer relationship department, this is worst service I ever met, I spent time to explain to them what is wrong with my tv, after, they tell me, ok, i will give you technician contractor contact, and you will response for all technician charge, even without trying to help me to find out problem, just tell me sorry, this is policy, your warranty expired (1 year), then nothing we can help, only ask technician to help you, then you will pay. no other comments.

I just feel so helpless, when you spent money to buy a expensive tv, I really regret to spent money for Samsung, suppose to expect better quality, never buy this brand. not worth, at least never worth to spent money to buy.
JatothVinodkumar Send email
Mar 19, 2018

Confirmation about received mails

Sir I received mail from RBI ...Sir I want to know that it's true or not
My mail id:[email protected]
Details of my complaint,

Our ref: Cub/Hog/Oxd1/2017.
Payment file: RBI/id1033/2011/2018
Dear Beneficiary:
The Foreign Exchange Transfer Department (RBI) hereby brings to your attention the payment of your deposited fund here in the RBI. You were listed as a beneficiary in the recent schedule for payment of the past edition email award incurred by the BRITISH GOVERNMENT, which is yet unclaimed due to some circumstance according to your file record.
Your payment is categorized as: Contract type: Lottery/inheritance/ Undelivered Lottery fund/
Recently on the 1st M 2018 The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Governor, Mr Urjit Patel and Ban Kin-moon Secretary-General of the United Nations met with the Senate Tax Committee on Finance RBI Mumbai/Delhi branch regarding unclaimed funds which have been due for a long run. At the end of the meeting (RBI) Governor, Mr Urjit Patel mandated all unclaimed funds to be released back to the beneficiaries stating that it is an unfair practice to withhold funds in government coffers for one reason or the other. e.g., tax accumulations.

Therefore, we are writing this email to inform you that (£500,000.00GBP) Five Hundred Thousand Pounds will be released to you in your name, as it was
Committed by (RBI) Governor that the Beneficiary is required to send details to claim this funds immediately within (3working days) on receiving this mail.
Fill the form below and send it immediately.
1. Full Names:
2. Residential Address:
3. Mobile Number:
4. Occupation:
5. Sex: __Age:
6. Nationality:
7. Annual Income:
Account Name:
Account Number:
Bank Name And Branch:
8. Marital Status:
9. E-mail id:
10. State/Province :
11. Scan copy of Passport photo/Id Proof:
Important Notice: SEND ALL DETAILS TO THIS EMAIL: [email protected]
Note: Mrs. Norman Mary Is the assigned British Agent (foreigner) to monitor the transfer upon crediting of your account.
Every document including certificate of funds or company brochure will be couriered to your home address immediately after your transfer. This Bank management will proceed after your swift response to this mail for security proposes in your best interest without delay. Your urgent response is highly anticipated.
Important Notice: SEND ALL DETAILS TO THIS EMAIL: [email protected]
Customer services
Mr. Urjit Patel RBI Governor

Confirmation about received mails

xfr_xue Send email
Dec 3, 2017

Horrible customer service, bad quality

I bought new 65" TV, just 5 months, it was broken. Samsung said it was a physical damage , not covered, $1600 was just gone. Called customer service, 30 minutes with the call person, he did on purpose to delay the time, and keep me waiting. Then transferred me , and I waited 20 Minutes , nothing. Called back, spending another 30 minutes, I am very disappointed. How could the tv is so fragile? Cannot be touched? So disappointed by the quality of the TV, will not buy Samsung products again.
Bessie Goumas Send email
Oct 31, 2017

Samsung worst service!!!!!!

WORST SERVICE EVER!!!!! My new fridge (8 months new) broke 6 days ago when finally today a service man came after almost a week. Now they have to order a part from (15 minutes away) and it will take another 3-5 business days. I called Samsung again and they said they could do nothing for me! It will be 2 weeks before my fridge is repaired and they will not replace the fridge! I am so s
disappointed and I will never buy another Samsung product ever again!!!! I posted it on Facebook and will continue to do so on social media and will tell all my friends and family about my horrible experience with Samsung, shame on you!!!!
Sean Britton Send email
Mar 26, 2017

Gas Range

Good day,

I just had the worst customer service experience of my life with Samsung to date. I have a Samsung gas range where the bottom plate on the inside of the stove is peeling up. I am obviously concerned with this getting into food. Samsung reps told me that it was out of warranty and to call a serve center. When I brought up health and safety concerns they discounted me and sent me to another department. After I was done arguing with the next department for 1/2 hour they sent me to the next department that told me the same thing. When I asked about quality control or a quality control department they said that they had none.

After spending over $10k on Samsung appliances and owning 4 Samsung phones and TV's I feel slighted.

How can they not deal with a safety concern? When there batteries on the S7 were exploding they dealt with that?

Never again will they get a dime form me. This brutal customer service is for a part that retails under $100.
kat1973 Send email
Jan 24, 2017

samsung service

I want to complain service done for me by phone.

I call 3 times this morning

The first call at 09h17 ( spent time :29mn) he asked me after to call back because the executif department is busy and i have to deal with this département.

I call back at 10h34 I remained 1h13 and i was tranfered from service to another one. (Mr Francis, Mr Prunel, Mr Tom, Mr Miguel)

Each time i had to explain again the problem and i became nervous and frustrated even i gave my file number.

I already had a file opened : 2156553584

and also a complain number : 3101643770.

People answing : asked me the same questions same details and after spending my time they answer you are not with the good departement i have to transfer you.

I call again at 13h same answer

I call at 17h.15 and the person told me that this the only solution for me. He don't have the right to Transfer me to any body else i insist after 30mn in phone he gave me an email : [email protected]

My procuct is washmachine: WA45H7000AW/A2

This machine had always a troubleshouting and finalley it caused a water damage to my Neighbor when i call they told me that this model is subjet to rappel ( i purchased in 2014) . They offer to repear it or to give me 410$ to purchase a new 410$. in the market the most expensive washer machine are Samsung. So i have to pay at least another 450$ to get new one and also i have to check with a plomber for the water damage.

So i will continuing complain

I m frustrated
Rajesh jadaun Send email
Feb 19, 2016

lost phone

Phone is lost in bus when I come from attending a marriage
saurabh kumar Send email
Sep 2, 2015

selected for award

i have got a mail that i have selected for award of rs 500000 rs and they ask to submit their payment release form .
and earlier i have got the msg to submit their details...
i want to know is that true or not or its just somekind of scam...
my mobile number is 7696343541
Ruth14j5h Send email
Sep 29, 2014

My Samsung Mobile is super!

I purchased a Grand-2 mobile phone of Samsung. This phone is super to operate. I just love Samsung products.
User925631 Send email
Mar 30, 2012


i got my mention cell phone
User925631 Send email
Mar 30, 2012


My name is Akash Arun Avasthi
Add-N-3-j-102, old cidco, Nashik
I loss my smsung galaxy note N7000 IMEI NO-359548040942570 dated 30.03.2012
in Nashik.
Kindly suggest.
Samsung Akhilesh Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Unbelievably bad customer service!

Dear Customer,

Greetings of the day !

Thank you for becoming a patron of Samsung product.

We sincerely regret the inconvenience caused to you. We have forwarded your concern to our department. Our service specialist would get in touch with you shortly.

We appreciate your patience and request you to bear with us till then.

Thanking and assuring you for best services always.

Customer Satisfaction Team
[email protected]
Nilesh Puri Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Unbelievably bad customer service!

I purchased a Samsung Washing Machine WT8505 from More Megastore, Bangalore on 12 Feb 2012. We just started the machine on 13 Feb 2012 after reading the instruction and plugging in the power socket. I got a shock from the machine. The current was all over the machine body. We registered the complaint on the customer service department on the same day i.e. 13 Feb 2012 and got the confirmation that service engineer will be coming on the same day but he didn't turned up on that day. Again today morning I contacted the customer service center and got an assurance that the same will be rectified today, but at last the same result, service engineer contacted in the morning that he will be coming today by 2 pm, I followed up by calling him at 3pm he told he will be coming for sure, but after waiting till now no one turned up. I am feeling just to throw the machine out of my house. Samsung service is pathetic and I won’t suggest anyone to buy this brand anymore. Posting the same to almost all review websites. Nilesh Puri +91-9742188800, Bangalore India
Slasher X Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Unbelievably bad customer service!

Brought a laptop at bestbuy from samsung didn't even last a month the jack had problem.
Cargoil Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Unbelievably bad customer service!

The worst customer service and product I have ever dealt with. Bought a BD player, got it home, didn't work, had to call 8/9 times, told a different story every time, had to go through the entire problem again with each phone call. I was told it would be repaired by the 26th of December, then told they were going to replace it instead, then told they were going to repair again. I am now told they won't have it repaired until the 3/4th of Jan. The right hand doesn't know what the left is doing. The story keeps changing, and I am fed up.
Samsung Canada Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Horrible Samsung Customer Service

Dear Samsung Customer,

As a representative of Samsung Electronics Canada, we sincerely regret the difficulties you have experienced with our product and/or services. In efforts to provide an avenue to address your concerns, we ask that you email your concerns to the following where a Customer Service Specialist will be able to review and respond to you accordingly.

We apologise for any inconvenience and we look forward to hearing from you.

Please email [email protected] with the relevant information included.

Thank you,

Samsung Electronics Canada Inc.
McLaud Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Horrible Samsung Customer Service

vIt has been 14 months and I still do not have a replacement dishwasher from Samsung. The customer service rep in Mississauga JPP refused to put me through to any supervisor and did not offer any other method to communicate with him, just a phone number. He has failed to respond to my emails and I have been told that I either have to wait until the upgraded model comes in from Korea or I can have a refund. I will be out the cost of picking up the original unit and the installation by an electrician and carpenter.

If I pick it up at Leon’s I have to pay the 170.00 for an upgrade and again pick it up and return the broken unit to them for replacement. I have spoken with 15 different people about this with no results! Very frustrating, why can’t Samsung either order the model or pay the difference to Leon’s so I can get the unit, I have been waiting months now, and have to call them every week. It is that they offer something great in the hopes that I will give up having to call week after week and going through the same explanation over and over again??

Not impressed with Samsung customer service.
The President, Barack Obama Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Not for me and not for you

I have several Samsung TVs, and they are all great. It sucks that you had a bad experience, but it doesn't mean that all their products are bad.
Ian Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Not for me and not for you

A samsung tv is not for me. To tell you the truth it really shouldn’t be for anyone. I bought a tv from them a couple years back and the thing doesn’ t even work anymore. When I called to express my frustration I was told that anything after a designated certain amount of months it is no longer their problem. This is a horrible business model. If I bought a car a couple years ago and it just stopped working we call that a lemon. Samsung is one big fruit bowl because all thier products are made from shoddy cheap engineering and parts. They set it up so that exactly when your warranty is up, it will break. The cost to fix it is almost half the cost a I paid for the thing. Why would you purposely make a defective product knowing that is won’t last? Never again will I ever deal with Samsung.

By the way, the customer service is worse than waiting at the DMV. The only thing different is that the DMV at least shows you a little courtesy and respect and doesn’t treat you like an idiot. Shoddy products and shoddy employees is all you will get when you deal with Samsung.
SamsungCarla Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Not Honoring 30 Day Trial Period


Samsung would like to invite you to contact us to talk about your concerns. If you send us your name, phone number, phone IMEI, and email address to [email protected], we will contact you to see how we can help.

Samsung Support
Percek Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Not Honoring 30 Day Trial Period

I signed up for a fancy new phone and was given a 30 day trial period which I appreciated. The phone arrived broken and after returns etc I will be lucky to have a day to try out the new equipment. I need the trial time as I live in an area with sketchy reception. I was told the trial period started the moment I signed up for the equipment vs the moment I actually had working equipment with which to try it out! Is that what some pencil pusher really thought to be the spirit of the offer? You would not believe the different reasons I was given for not granting this simple reasonable request- to start my trial once I actually had working equipment with which to try it.

One supervisor actually blamed it on a “legal contract with Samsung”. When I called Samsung, they laughed and denied this absurd fabrication of the truth. Other supervisors had other reasons. Some suggested that it was very possible to do so (and a logical request) but from a different department – and around and around I went…
Ken5569 Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Unbelievably bad customer service!

I face the poor quality problem. My 40-inch LCD purchased in 2008 has screen pixelation and is getting worse. I don't know when it will go out completely. Watching shows with "color lines" is no fun! The LCD screen is out of warranty (only 2 yrs.). I am screwed. The MYR4800 TV needs to be replaced in a little over 3 years; that is a lousy product. I will not be buying Samsung products anymore.
N8hawk Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Unbelievably bad customer service!

I wish I had found this page a few months ago. I needed an external dvd drive for my Mac since my SuperDrive is dead. I settled on one by Samsung. 1. because of the price and 2. because I thought Samsung would be a brand I could trust. Well, although the description and packaging says it is Mac compatable it will not work with my Mac. I emailed customer support and after two weeks... that's right TWO WEEKS... I get this response: "We apologize; at present we at Email support are not handling the product you have as it requires special training and expertise. We do have a dedicated support for this product. You can reach them by calling at: 1- 800-Samsung (1-800-726-7864) anyday. They are available 24/7"
I have yet to try the 1-800 # because I don't have the time to spend (ie. hours) to be put on hold so that someone MIGHT help me out.
Feb 23, 2012

Unbelievably bad customer service!

we should stop buying SAMSUG products because it looks this is the company policy to neglect customers so we neglect SAMSUNG . immagine until now i can not reach away to complain to the mother company. what is this???????????
nabeel saad
First Time Visitor Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Unbelievably bad customer service!

Truly "Unbelievably bad customer service!"

I bought many appliances from SAMSUNG but when my AC compressor malfunctioned while it is still under 5 years warranty they never showed any kind of support. They just took away my AC and never returned it back since more than 1 month. I tried to call again and again, but each time I call customer service, they just update my complaint and promise to call back, but they never called me back. Only one time they called after I have escalated the issue to regional office and that was last week, but they only called to promise me to solve the issue, however, until now nothing positive was reported from their side.

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