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Jun 8, 2020


georgyboy Send email
Oct 5, 2017

A ruse to end the call

SR had called previous time. Last night, I answered and spoke with a lady, relatively late for us, about 9:30 PM.
She rattled off a list of media organizations to insure I had no affiliation with any of them, then asked what County
we lived in and what was our zip code. Must be I wasn't someone she wanted to talk with any further, because
she then said, "Hello" a few times, pretending, I suspect, that our connection went dead.
mikejohn148 Send email
Sep 30, 2017

no reward

return the tv survey but never received the $25 dollars promised.
1ringa Send email
Jun 24, 2017

No Telemarketing OPT-OUT

This company has s plethora of complaints regarding unsolicited and repeated phone calls that appears to date back easily to 2003. They're not interested in opting you out. JUST DO NOT ANSWER THE PHONE! Block the number or let it ring.
Survey Operations Center 

Scarborough Research

12350 NW 39th Street

Coral Springs, FL 33065

Phone: 800.753.6043

[email protected]
ValPet Send email
Nov 10, 2016

I did a TV survey about a month age an was told to return it an I would receive a check in the mail for 50 DOLLARS. I di what you asked but never received the money that i was told I would get.
Can someone let mre know why.
Thank you
Valerie Petrosini
Pjvela777 Send email
May 7, 2016

They called me at 10:30 last night

This idiot calls my home phone last night claiming to be with Scarborough Research. I told him he is not allowed to call after 9, and he just started talking again so I hung up on him.
lovesurveys Send email
Feb 16, 2016

They Stand Behind Their Promises

I have nothing but nice things to say about Scarborough Research. I received a letter from them a few weeks ago and was asked a few questions, there was a dollar bill enclosed and a promise of five more dollars if I answered these questions and mailed the survey back to them. I answered their questions (which took maybe 5 minutes) mailed the survey back and received a five dollar bill ten days later. It's not too often people keep their word, but Scarborough Research did just that.
gettony Send email
Jun 26, 2015

Will Not Remove Number from List

Caller (researcher) has the authority to dial my number and invade my privacy but will tell you that he does not have the authority to remove my phone number from the database call list due to privacy concerns! Ridiculous. Horrible business practice.

There are plenty of people that will happily participate in surveys. there is no valid reason to harass and be rude to citizens that ask for their number to be removed from the call list or database.

I have read the complaints and responses from "employees." Scarborough research is a business and their product is getting completed surveys via unsolicited phone calls. The Do Not Call List should apply to research companies but it does not.

Change your corprorate policy on removing numbers from the database/call list and I will happily agree that you "research" is as valuable as you think it is.
7OK27Q Send email
Apr 20, 2015

Survey Operations

I am a Consumer working with Scarborough but when I called for details about correct mailing or mistakes I was told the ID Number was needed so I do not remember seeing these things so he could not help me so could your Company please Email me mine then I can stay in touch in case something else occur. Thank you for your time.
maryberry Send email
Mar 4, 2015

rude service

I just want to say that Scarborough Research is one of the best companies I have ever done research with. They have the nicest employees, and on top of that they compensate you with cash gifts just for giving them a couple minutes of your time. People who do not give them the chance or even hear them out are the ignorant ones and dont understand the importance of research. At first I wasn't so sure about trusting Scarborough, but after looking them up and asking one of their employees for more information they assured me they were no hoax. People, if you want the calls to stop, just do their short survey, it will not kill you to give them a couple minutes of your time. They have been in business for a very long time and they are also part of the Better Business Borough, so all you people who say are going to report them, your wasting your time. That wont change a thing because they still need to gather information within your area. Lets not forget that the employees who work there are also human beings and are only doing their jobs the way they are supposed to, so instead of screaming at them and being rude to learn, have some manners and reject them nicely. There is no need to be rude to someone who is only doing their job to the best of their abilities! I love Scarborough and I will always be willing to participate in their research, you all should too.
LESLEY Send email
Feb 12, 2015


[email protected] Send email
Jun 21, 2014

Annoyance calls from Scarborough Research

I feel so sorry for all the people who are being harassed by Scarborough Research. We received one call, said, "No," and then prevented them from annoying us again. They can dial our number till their fingers have blisters, but we will never have to hear their voices again, and y'all can do the same.

I checked Amazon, and for less than $40, you can purchase a Caller ID unit with call blocking capability. If you have Caller ID, you can plug this unit in and without any further fees, block calls. When an annoying call comes in, simply press the REJECT button, and all future attempts by them will be met by a recording of a commanding man saying that you no longer will accept their calls. No matter how often they dial, all you will hear will be a ring, maybe two, then blissful silence. Your answering machine may collect their message, but then, of course, you can delete without listening to it.

This is the simple solution that people have been hoping for that will not give your number to anyone. I like to think about the poor slob on the calling end getting my blocker every time. Hahahahahahaha!
User925617 Send email
Mar 30, 2012

Rude service

I have been working at Scarborough Research for over about three months now and I love it. I do get the few people on the other side of the phone that decide to be rude to someone just doing there job and trying to make a living. For those of you saying your on the "National do not call list" You are right that does not matter, because we don't have a list. Our computer takes area codes from your area and randomly generates phone numbers based on that. So I call disconnects, payphones and everything else. I have no idea who I am calling when I call. As for those of you who have a problem with the demographics section. We base our questions on the exact wording of the U.S census.
User923686 Send email
Mar 26, 2012

Rude service

I received a paper survey from this company in the mail today and began internet research to learn what I could about Scarborough Research. There is a line on the survey form that states: "*Please provide phone number to ensure delivery." That doesn't even make sense; the post office uses addresses and zip codes to deliver mail, not phone numbers. I've reads the 'complaints' on the first page here, and drawn my own conclusions. I believe the complaints to be valid, despite the protests of two posters who claim to be employees of said company. Their snippy attitudes, name-callings, entitlement expectations, and rudeness suggest they probably do work for SR. Maybe money is the be-all to some people, but my time, name, address, and phone number are worth ever-so-much more than a mere few bucks. A dollar a minute to pick an answer option to a loaded question? Having my personally identifiable information passed around to other companies for this company's profit? Not worth MY time. There have been statements here by people claiming to be employees that SR is providing a public service to help me and my community, and my failure to participate will put stores, newspapers, radio, and TV out of business, essentially destroying America as we know it. Wow. I have that much power? No; I'm not in the federal government. There are no TV stations within ninety miles of me, the closest radio station is 45 miles away in another county, the newspaper is apparently doing so well that our small community of fewer than 10.000 people in the whole county just got its third once-a-week newspaper, and the only 'chain' type store around is 35 miles away in another county. There is ONE grocery store in the whole county, it's locally owned and it closes promptly at 8:00 pm. Cell phone companies don't bother with putting towers here, phone companies don't bother with DSL, many people are on dial-up for internet access, and since TV transmission went digital, most people's roof-mount antennae don't get reception any longer. A few of my neighbors some miles away have satellite dish receivers. If the research truly is to improve services, then tell cable and satellite companies to make the stations offered in a menu format. I won't get a 'dish' because I'd only watch MAYBE ten stations, four of which are offered on the middle tier and three are on the upper tier; I will NOT pay upwards of $90 per month for the entertainment of maybe ten stations that aren't available during poor weather anyway, or for satellite internet connection that is equally unavailable: storms are frequent here two or three seasons per year.
To Scarborough Research:
No TV watched regularly. Internet access in past 30 days has been by driving seven miles to town to a wi-fi hotspot. I listen to music on the radio, on my CDs, and on my iPod while driving my car only (mostly, my CDs). Phone services I have or are subscribed to? None. I am a Native American/German/Irish (with no Spanish, Hispanic, Latino blood) woman over 55 years of age. There's your completed survey, for the dollar you enclosed with it. I have absolutely no reason to provide you with my name, address, or phone number because your 'dollar a minute' isn't enough money for you to haunt my life with repeated calls and more mail. I refuse to invite you into my home by mail or phone; I consider you an intruder and will treat you as such. I owe you nothing. And by the way, just because someone is over 70 doesn't mean they're 'old' any more than someone being out of work makes them 'down on their luck'. That kind of thinking is narrow-minded and prejudiced. And my feeling is that if a company calls me and I tell them NO about anything, the call is done; if it would take only 2 minutes to answer the caller's questions, I don't care if I waste 5 minutes of MY time reiterating NO MEANS NO. Lose you're entitlement attitude. When I pay the monthly bill for a phone line (land or cell), the phone is for ME ~ not for you. I don't have to answer it, I don't have to return calls when a number is left, I don't have to jump through anyone else's hoops. I don't even have to be polite, civil, or pleasant to anyone who calls me without my consent. I am not interested in assisting a company to prosper when they use bullying and tax evasion as tactics to their profit.

If SR won't give their employees the ability to remove phone numbers at the request of the person called, and demands to collect/capture your phone number and/or email address to remove you from their system, they have no respect or value for those people called ~ or their employees. By their own policies, Scarborough Research is NOT a reputable company.
AvodahKat Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Rude service

I just want to say that I have been receiving repeated (2-3x/wk) & rude phone calls for the last month+ all through Christmas at all hours of the night & day, much like the original complaint on here. I have told them I do NOT want to participate as I don't read/get the newspaper, have cable nor listen to the radio - nor do I want any of those services. I have asked repeatedly to be removed from their lists (the # I call for their customer service SPECIFICALLY says they can remove your # off their system), I have brought up the Federal Do-Not-Call thing, etc. These people are RUDE, persistent and literally won't take no for an answer. I have warned them not to call or they would be reported to the BBB & that I would seek harassment charges against them with the police. They are calling for me personally by my NICKNAME. Also the initial phone call they stated that they WERE able to call me specifically back at a specific # & time, which means they DO specifically call people!!!
Reading the above comments by DONBAT is EXACTLY why we say these people are rude, obnoxious & relentless. Donbat you have repeatedly called various people on here liars & story-tellers, etc. You should think about who everyone really thinks the liar is (aka Scarborough Research & it's employees). Donbat BTW do your own research! says this (despite your claims of having no NY base for your company!):
Headquarters Scarborough Research
770 Broadway New York, NY 10003
Phone: 646.654.8400 Fax: 646.654.8450
I found this after a simple Google search for your company & clicking the 'contact us' link. Donbat you also claim that since those media companies supposedly "NEED" our info to improve their company that we are basically REQUIRED to give feedback. WRONG a NEED is NOT what those companies have - they WANT something, which we consumers are in no way obligated to give.
BSBSBS Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Rude service

Use of the telephone as an interactive medium for promotion or promotion response; also known as teleselling. Telemarketing, a response vehicle, includes receiving orders, inquiries, and donation pledges in response to print and broadcast advertising, catalogs, and direct-mail promotions, and also receiving customer inquiries and complaints. Incoming telephone callers are usually given access to an in-wats number but may also call collect or call at their own expense. Outbound telemarketing is used to follow-up on inquiries, to sell products or services, to clarify or upgrade an order, or to gather information about consumers or other aspects of the market.

Unlike other promotion mediums, outbound telemarketing calls interrupt the consumer by demanding immediate attention and are not identifiable as a promotion before the consumer is interrupted. Therefore, telemarketers must be particularly careful not to antagonize the consumer. For example, calls should not be made at inconvenient hours such as dinnertime or early morning. A carefully written script should be utilized by every caller to get the most value from the time and money spent on each call and to avoid angering or annoying the person receiving the call. Some elaborate calling scripts include answers to every objection a prospective buyer might mention. In contrast, a few telemarketers have utilized a prerecorded message rather than a "live" caller; the consumer can respond to the recording by pressing numbers on a touch-tone telephone dial. Telephone numbers can be dialed at random by a computer that relays the call to an operator when a contact is made. Calls are frequently made to preselected individuals such as current or prior customers or likely prospects selected from a rented list.

Telemarketing is used heavily by business-to-business marketers to identify qualified leads, avoiding travel and other costs associated with personal sales calls. One telemarketing call can cost four times as much as a direct-mail piece but can generate as much as two to six times the response. The success of a telemarketing program is measured in terms of contacts made (reaching the right person), attempts made (calls that do not reach the right person, busy signals, or no-answers), and conversions (completed sales, surveys, etc.).
MegThoughts Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Rude service

I was sent a letter from them with $1 in it and a 5 question survery. I was told that if I completed and returned it, they would send me $5. I did, it was already postmarked. I received $5 within 2 weeks. It has been a positive experience for me this far, and I plan to return their phone call for another survey. That has been my experience to this point.
Soldierboy2 Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Rude service

I worked as a tech for a telemarketing firm. Their owner truly believed that simply because people had a telephone, he was entitled to randomly dial them and interrupt their lives. NONE of the people who work in that industry have any justification for imposing themselves on others this way. To say, "If only your husband had properly answered our questions, he wouldn't have had to hang up on us so many times" show such a complete lack of reasoning and consideration, it should be illegal. Having a phone is NOT an invitation to be harassed (and it is harassment) not once, and certainly not repeatedly. I do hope that someday telemarketers can find gainful employment.
Nottalking Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Rude service

@donbat - there is a privacy issue here. I don't answer ANY questions from ANYONE because of my job. Until I looked up your company online I thought you were just trying to get confidential personal information from me. I will NOT answer questions such as income, gender, race, or any other private information. It's none of your business. And I am NOT calling an 800 number to be put in yet ANOTHER database with perhaps even more personal information. lf I call you, that puts me in a different category than an anonymous randomly generated phone number. Think about who you are calling - maybe it is someone whose privacy is very very important for any number of reasons.
Nottalking Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Rude service

@jethro210 - is this just another way for the govt to get all our information to use against us?
Jethro210 Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Rude service

Ok just wanted to let you guys know Scarborough is a great company. I have worked for them for about 18 months now. If we call you and you do not want to take the survey write down the 800# and call you number will be removed from the data base and no more calls easy as that. It takes maybe 20 seconds, which is longer than it takes you to get online and complain about the calls. We do pay people for their time generally $5-10 for the phone survey with the potential for more money in follow-up email surveys. It really takes only about 15 minutes at most and that is if you read alot of newspapers and such. Most of the time I would say about 8 minutes. These surveys really help out the local economy in your area. They bring in advertising dollars to the local papers, which as we all know are struggling now-a-days. This surveys are used to decide in which cities should new products be released or tested in. I am sorry if you have ever had a bad experience with an interviewer. Most people who do not wish to be called simply say dont call me and hang up, for the consumers privacy non-management staff doesnt have access to the numbers hence the reason we ask you to call the 800#, just hanging up or talking over someone calling you will not help. Then when you are called again you are upset and say "i told you not to call back " then hang up again. When we call a house we are looking for the person who had the most recent birthday, if that person is never identified because you keep hanging up the calls will continue based on a dialing algorithm that determine when to call you by the previous results of the call and the time of day or night. I want to say thank you to everyone that takes the time to do the survey. Most of us at Scarborough are students or retirees and you are not only helping yourselves but us too.
George Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Rude service

I would like to file a complaint about a Company called Scarborough Research. They called me numerous times at all hours of the day or night and even left a message on my answering machine! These people are very rude and won't take no for an answer. I was told that my phone number can not be taken off their list. I do not wish to take their survey and most of all I do not want them to call me again. If they were polite I wouldn't have a problem, but they are aggressive and rude. I do not think I have to explain myself after I say no thank you! The Company information follows:
Scarborough Research
4801 NW Loop 410
San Antonio, TX 78229-5347
(210) 522-9215
This is what I found on their web site : "call 1-800-753-6043 or to E-mail our Web site, to verify that it is really you asking for the change". I guess I will have to call them to let them know that I do not wish to be called again!!!
Notatelemarketer Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Rude service

Current employee, I would love to tell you all how I do my job... 1st let's get this straight I HAVE NO WAY WHAT SO EVER to remove your number and I have no control over how many times your number gets called, I'm just sittin in a chair smiling and dialing. However I can see how many times your number has been called and what if any remarks have been made by others who already called, like f/mni= female/male said not interested, f/mhu= female/male answered but hung up, puhu= someone picked up the phone then hung w/o saying "Hello", nhhmcb= non household member said call back, and the list goes on... all these things help me determine how I'm going to approach this call. If I see that we have only called a few times than of course I'm gonna try my damnedest to convince you or whom ever it is I need to speak with to do the survey!! That's my job!! But if I see we have called numerous times and the comment box reads " mcb, fhu, mni, fni, puhu, " than chances are when I call and the voice on the other end says, " I'm not interested, please take my number off the list." I might try to explain there is no "list" for me to remove you from but usually this is what I say, "Sir/Ma'am, I am unable to make those types of data changes from my computer, however I can give you our 800# to call so you can have your number removed from our database or I can even give you our web address where you can have your number removed as well, whichever one you prefer", "just let me know when you're you're ready to write it down" and without hesitation I give them the information, say thank you and have a good day and hung up!!! That's how I do it and I know that's how most people I hear around me do it as well.

Now with all of that being said, I can tell you that 90% of the time I get hung up on before I am even able to say a word about how to get your number removed. Usually after someone answers and here's my name and that I'm call from Scarborough, it's "Take my number of your list" and they slam the phone in my ear. At which point I code the call as a "refusal" enter f/mhu in the comment box and move on to my next call. I don't take it personal because I know that even though you didn't want to help out and do the survey someone else will and I get paid regardless of how rude and/or ignorant people are. I am more than willing to give you the information you need to stop the calls as long as your willing to listen for 30seconds and understand I am REQUIRED to say things a certain way. I mean I don't want anyone feeling like they're being harassed and do you honestly think I WANT to talk to someone who feels that way... NO!!! I want to talk to people who understand that (A): I'm just doing my job and (B): understand the value of market research.

Now one other thing I'd like to explain is how we get the numbers we call and this is how it was explained to me when I started with the company and this is also exactly how I explain it to people that ask, "How did you get my number to begin with"... Our computer system takes the area code in the area we are trying to survey, along with the exchange(s) for that area and then the last four digits of the number is randomly generated, therefore we get all types of numbers, i.e.; banks, doctors office's, stores, pay phones and residences(that ends my explanation to the person on the phone). We code out the numbers that are of no use to us but once we've established that the number we've called is in fact a residence then of course it gets stored in our database. And just a tidbit on the Federal Do Not Call List, that was set up for telemarketers, NOT market research, even the government understand how important market research is for our society.

Maybe that's why most of you get mad about these calls, you don't understand the importance of market research. Think about this, there isn't one thing you buy as a consumer that wasn't brought to you without the help of market research. The car you buy, the computer you own, the clothes you wear, the food you eat... you saw a commercial on whatever station you were watching, heard an ad on the radio, saw a sales flyer in your local paper, radio and TV stations and newspapers all NEED to know who's watching, reading and listening, when and how often so they can bring you the products and services you NEED and WANT. So just think about that next time you get a call from someone wanting to do a survey with/for you. But maybe, just maybe you could also keep in mind that there is an actual PERSON on the other end of the line as well and they don't have a crystal ball to see that it's a bad time for you, that you're trying to help you kids with homework or that your loved one just passed away and you're not having a good day, we are just simply doing our job and would be happy to call back when it is a better time and you wouldn't mind helping out.

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