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Consumer complaints and reviews about SEARS KENMORE ELITE OASIS

Boardmember 2 Send email
Oct 8, 2020

bleach dispenser rusting

Bleach dispenser rusted and paint peeling
bezelgirl1 Send email
Jul 14, 2019

Rusting inside

My Kenmore Elite washer is rusting inside. The rust is under the lid, near beach dispenser and all around the rim of the washer. For the price I paid to get "the best washer" this is incredible disappointing. I have had other brand washers that lasted for many years and never has there been a rust problem. It is now chipping into the washer and getting on my clothes. what are they doing about this problem? I see I am not the only one complaining.
gatorgal Send email
Apr 3, 2018

Kenmore Elite washer purchased 3/2013

My Elite washer started rusting in year 2 of buying ridiculous they didn't consider the poor paint quality around an area that specifically says "put bleach here".

In year 3 I noticed that my clothes were not clean anymore unless I put the washer in heavy soil mode and it ran longer. I wondered if my clothes are even getting wet enough as so many soils come out like they were never even wet after a wash.

Last week, which marked my year 5 anniversary of my once loved Kenmore Elite, my clothes are not even getting washed regardless of soil level. AND this godawful, horror movie, whining sound is emitting from the washer when it is in "wash" cycle. The machine sounds like it's killing my clothes, and yet they come out still dirty.

Been on hold now for 42 mins waiting to schedule a Sears Repair. They can't even work that department efficiently? Building a new house...can't imagine purchasing another appliance from Sears, ever!
gatorgal Send email
Apr 3, 2018

Kenmore Elite washer purchased 3/2013

My washer also is rusted all around the bleach container! Has been since year 2 of owning it. Use better exterior paint, Sears, or make the plastic part larger for spills and splashes of bleach.

A year ago I noticed that my clothes were never truly clean unless I put it on heavy soil mode.

Now, exactly 5 yrs to the day of purchasing this washer, the clothes won't even clean on heavy soil AND the wash cycle produces a HUGE whining sound... bone chilling! Been sitting on hold for Sears Service for 27 mins now to schedule a repair!!!!

Must be why Sears filed Ch.11 and continues to slide in CS ratings....will never buy from you again, Sears!
RSumner Send email
Nov 11, 2017

Kenmore Elite Washer Rusting

Two year old Kenmore Elite Washer is rusting around the Bleach dispenser.
Found no Sear's recommended fix documents.
Did find a number of YouTube home grown fixes that recommend:
Sanding, priming, painting and siliconing

disappointed in Sear's product
jlmiller Send email
Oct 23, 2017

paint bubbling and peeling on outside of my washer

I purchased a Kenmore Elite washer and dryer and have kept up on my Maintaince Agreement since I purchased it. I noticed what I thought was water on the front and went to wipe it off and actually it was a paint bubble and when I wiped it the enamel busted it is very soft paint meaning it is peeling . To me this is not cosmetic this is a manufacture defect in the paint. As I looked closer the whole front of the washer is peeling paint. I just renewed my agreement and have not called in as yet as it just happened . Is this going to be one of these calls where I will be held responsible? I have always taken very good care of my appliances .
Twinkiesdaddy Send email
Sep 15, 2017

Rust near bleach tray and lid

Hello, the lid near the back of my Kenmoore washing machine is rusting really bad. I have read that many people are experiencing the same issue but I am hoping you could resolve this issue. The model number is 110.28032701. I contact Sears Service Dept. and they said it would cost $99 for someone to look at it. It's obviously rust near the bleach tray and soon will cause the lid to come off or rust will go into the clothes tub. Could you please help me?
Pumpkin2017 Send email
Aug 11, 2017

Kenmore Elite Rusting 2017

Our Kenmore Elite washing machine is rusting just like those purchased by other SEARS consumers.  We have read that it is being caused by bleach.  The fact is, it is being caused by cheaply made machines.  We have had appliances for the past 50 years and never had rusting problems until we started purchasing appliances, like washing machines and dishwashers, from SEARS.  We will never buy a SEARS product again.  Consumers need to STOP PURCHASING these knowingly poorly made products to force manufacturers, like SEARS, to provide ones of higher quality.  Period.
Pumpkin2017 Send email
Aug 11, 2017

Sears Washing Machine Rusts 2017

Our Elite washing machine is rusting just like those purchased by other SEARS consumers.  We have read that it is being caused by bleach.  The fact is, it is being caused by cheaply made machines.  We have had appliances for the past 50 years and never had rusting problems until we started purchasing appliances, like washing machines and dishwashers, from SEARS.  We will never buy a SEARS product again.  Consumers need to STOP PURCHASING these knowingly poorly made products to force manufacturers, like SEARS, to provide ones of higher quality.  Period.
jhatakv Send email
Feb 3, 2017

rusting and F1 code

I also have a Kenmore Oasis Elite that has extensive rust around bleach dispenser and bottom of the lid. Every-time I start the machine gets F1 code and also in between the rinse cycle. It is very frustrating to stop and start several times before you can start the machine to get ride of F1 code. Previous model has recall for the board, and says that my model is new and has new board still the same problem. sears needs to recall this serial number washers too
febreze Send email
Jan 28, 2017

kenmore elite washer/rusting

my kenmore elite washer is rusting away. It is rusting on the underside of the top around the rim, at the hinges of the lid and around the bleach cup. what is being done by the company to correct this?
KathyO Send email
Dec 13, 2016

Kenmore Elite Oasis Washer Rusting Out

My Kenmore Elite Oasis washing machine is literally rusting from the inside out. I recently had a repair person out to replace the suspension and was shocked when he took off the back of the machine. Piles of rusty metal were in the bottom of the machine, around the bottom lip, and under the machine. I also have extensive rust damage to my flooring under the machine. I vacuumed the rust out and knocked off whatever was hanging onto the cabinet. Two months after my repair, I am now finding chunks of rusted metal and porcelain in the tub of the washer. I am also seeing metal decay around the rim of the entire machine. I just checked my extended Sears Protection Agreement and have discovered that rust and corrosion are not a covered item under the terms of the contract. I wonder why? Would it be because they know that these items are rust buckets? I would never have expected that a washing machine would literally rust like this. I believe that this machine was manufactured by Whirlpool, for Sears Kenmore. I imagine that Whirlpool machine owners might be experiencing similar results. Perhaps manufacturing these things overseas has something to do with it? I never had these kinds of problems with my appliances when they were manufactured in the United States.
sonja marie Send email
Nov 7, 2016


My Kenmore washer is also rusting around the bleach is bubbling,the rust is eating my machine. We all can't be wrong..something needs to be done to fix the problem. Come on Kenmore...step up and do the right thing.
ALoeffler Send email
Oct 14, 2016

Rusting Bleach Dispenser

I bought the Kenmore Elite top-load HD washer in 2013 brand new from Sears. Within 1 year I noticed rust around the bleach dispenser. I never use actual bleach, instead I use cleaning strength white vinegar. About six months ago I had a problem with the spin feature, there was a part that is plastic and it broke. I had called Sears for repair and was talked into purchasing their appliance warranty for $39.95 a month for one year - it is supposed to cover every appliance in my house. I finally decided to call and have the rusting bleach dispenser issue addressed and on the phone when I made the appointment, I explained quite clearly what the problem is. I received an appointment date for the following week. Since I work during the day, I made arrangements for a friend to drive over to be at the house when the repairman came. An hour before the 4-hour window, I received a call from the repairman to let me know he was going to be there at 1 or 130 and then he asked me to clarify the problem. When I told him that the bleach dispenser had fallen out of its place because the washer had rusted, he told me corrosion is not covered under the warranty. I am so disappointed. No wonder Sears is going out of business. The amount of money I spent on the warranty and the initial repair $60 deductible, I could have purchased a new washer. I just couldn't believe a 3 year old washer would fall apart like it has. I will opt into any class action against Sears for their shoddy merchandise. My days of shopping with Sears are over.
lesing Send email
Sep 12, 2016


I say let's file class action suit against Kenmore
Sheri Send email
Feb 19, 2016

Rust peeling enamel bleach dispenser

Kenmore elite washing machine rust and enamel bubbling around bleach dispenser. Is there a fix for this?
desireehowery Send email
Dec 25, 2015

kenmore oasis washer f1 error code

My washer consistently displays the f1 error code. I have attempted to resolve this a number of times to no avail. I am very upset as this is a fairly new machine and quite expensive. Has anyone else had this problem? I am out of warranty.
Jeff.legore Send email
Nov 25, 2015

Bleach dispenser RUSTING

We have a Kenmore Elite washer that is less than 1-1/2 years old(!!) is rusting around the plastic liner of the bleach dispenser. This washer cost way too much money to have such an issue! Our previous Kenmore was almost 30 yrs old and the tub didn't start rusting until it was 25 yrs old.
What are our options?
[email protected] Send email
Nov 16, 2015

Rust and F! error / Reiss

To whom it may concern,
I purchased my Kenmore Elite Oasis in 2008
I would like to share with you that I have always used Kenmore/Sears products for years.
This product unfortunately has been a disappointment.
This washing machine was great for a short while
but the bearings went out and I paid heavily for that fix.
Now like a lot of other consumers I have a rust problem and an F! problem.
They say my F! error isn't part of the recall Model # 110 28032701 Serial # CW 2270798
Why not....if you have a recall for that computer part? I can't be the only one with this problem....
To fix will cost me at least $300 plus
I never call or complained but as search thru the internet I see other unsatisfied customers that are dealing with the same issues.
Isn't there something Kenmore can do to at least meet me half way with the costs for both F1 error and a new piece where I have rust.
This was suppose to be a great machine and now is a money gobbler.
I would appreciate any correspondence or advice.
My number is 8050 490-4527
Thank you,
Mrs. Josephine Reiss
fkeller2010 Send email
Oct 13, 2015

rust and peeling enamel

It is funny that you mention the 90 day warranty, when every one is having issues with the peeling and rusting 6 months to a year after the warranty is over. Mine has been rusting since the second year I owned it, it is not 6 years old and is getting worse if there is no part to replace this the other option is to take it apart and clean and re enamel the inner ring of the top lid. this is time consuming and most people do not have the ability to do this. They also should not have to this is an issue with this washer and needs to be addressed by sears them selves to take care of this problem.....I keep ending up with rust flakes and enamel flakes in my laundry......Kenmore elite Oasis ht top loading washer
deischer Send email
Mar 29, 2015

Kenmore Elite Rusty Washing Machine

My Kenmore Elite washing machine is a little over 3 years old and is rusty in two areas- the hinge to close the lid as well as all around the detergent dispenser. Upon calling Sears, I was told I do not have warranty coverage and even if I did it would not cover rust. The rep told me I probably did not take care of the machine properly I told her that was not the case. I have clothes that are being ruined due to this rust issue. I believe this is a known issue and Kenmore should acknowledge this defect and replace/repair the rusted areas at no cost to the customer.
freda Send email
Jan 10, 2015

kenmore elite rusting

My washer has almost rusted apart. I feel that a class action suit needs to be filed against them so they will finally do something about this costly machine.
I need to hear from someone or the next person they do hear from will be thousands of consumers....
randerson26 Send email
Mar 26, 2014

Kenmore elite 29278

I called the service depart at sears in regard to the rust that appeared after one year of use and owning my brand new set. They said it wasn't covered. I called today and now there is a service flash for it. I am waiting to hear back. Its so inconvenient. I use my washer sparingly small loads and a little bit of bleach. They made it sound like I contributed to why it was rusty. Very frustrating. The washer was $1200! I have taken very well care of it. This is a recall to me. I hope they fix this.
tracyham1 Send email
Apr 3, 2013

rust, water leaking, very loud noise, ul code, washer won't finish cycle

We purchased the kenmore elite oasis washer and matching dryer ( graphite black color ) in 2007. We also puchased the service agreement. The service records will reflect some or all of the repairs and issues we have experienced with these appliances. The dryer door catch fell out and after all the repair and part replacement (s) we gave up and accepted the door would require monitoring each time it is opened and closed. The washer has been repaired under the service agreement a few times too. Currently the washer leaks water, makes an extremely loud noise during the enitre spin cycle, also gives a code ul, makes another terrible loud noise, stops, doesn't complete cycle, is rusting at different places, the control button selectors do not respond on certain locations. The last time we had a repair from sears under the service agreement the experience was terrible and streched out over a long period of time. The repair man scratched the paint on the lid of the washer. My husband saw it happen. Later at the end of the repair call I saw the scratches and asked the repair man. He became very angry and said that "I" had gotten paint on it from painting the room and scratched it before he got there !!!!! My husband heard the repair man raise his voice to me and told him to leave immediately. I called and reported what occured and the supervisor returned to our home and offered to replace the washer lid. I declined because it was an astetic issue and I preferred the original lid. Eventually the repair parts were shipped to our home and the service repair call was completed. We are aware of the recall and issues. I have made several attempts to contact sears. I am always given the run around, transferred, evevtually just disconnected by phone. These appliances were very attractive and efficient before the issues started. I hope this email will get us some help and satisfaction. Thank you in advance for your attention.
sandralw72 Send email
Mar 24, 2013

rusting elite oasis washer

My washer will be 5 years old in April of this year 2013. March 22, 2013 part of the enamel fell in the tub. After reading everything on the internet I find this is an on going problem with the Sears Kenmore Elite Oasis Washers. Can anyone tell me if a class action law suit has been filed?

Sandra Williams

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