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randy robertson Send email
Sep 9, 2020

Junk Products Poor Service

I understand why Sears is out of business, I bought a Kenmore refrigerator and extended warranty. We had the refrigerator
r worked on 6 times in two years each time it was the same problem. (JUNK) Every time I called the Sears company it was a minimum hold of 1 hour. The refrigerator was a lemon from day one they finally said it was not covered by the extended warranty and would not send a service man back. Then comes the hassle of a refund on the balance of the warranty still haven't got it. The morale of this story is STAY AWAY from anything to do with sears and Kenmore.
pat endricks Send email
Jan 28, 2020

did not receive my ouder

made order through
did not receive what i ordered
called 10 times
emailed same or more
everytime i talk to these people they lie and try to tell you the same thing we need 72 hours, we are sending the sender an email, we cannot do anything all a bunch of bs
it has been 7 days since i complained and receiving same pass the buck crap
I want a complete refund and anyone who is reading this i suggest that you do not buy from them at all
my order #903195415
gwerbi Send email
Dec 14, 2019

Replacing an obvious "lemon" appliance

I have used Kenmore products for 25+ years with no problems. I purchased a 2016 refrigerator. About 16 months later the ice maker had to be repaired. Summer of 2019 the compressor goes out. 2 weeks for that repair. 2 months later the evaporator "supposedly" goes out. 7 weeks later the evaporator is replaced and still not working, technician comes out again and says its not the evaporator but the compressor, again. A 2016 refrigerator should not be having these issues, especially a Kenmore. Sears is refusing to replace it. It must have 4 failures in 1 year inorder for them to replace. 2 months without my refrigerator is totally unacceptable. Sears should have better customer service, and should not hold on to the ridiculous rule of 4 failures in 1 year. There are lemon laws and when their appliance malfunctions as many times as this has, it should be labeled a lemon and be replace. Very disappointed in Sears and if this is the way they treat their customers it is no wonder their company is in trouble. Replace my refrigerator.
Mathis5 Send email
Nov 11, 2019

Service Tech No Show

On October 31, 2019, an appointment was scheduled for our Kenmore refrigerator to be service, services scheduled for the November 13, 2019. I called back shortly after to schedule an appointment for our Whirlpool washer & dryer which this appointment was scheduled for November 8, 2019, at this time I explained to the customer service rep that we has an appointment for our refrigerator to be serviced on November 8, and could the refrigerator service date be changed from the 13th to the 8th, after a brief wait I was told “YES” “it would not be a problem and the service had been changed”. I asked is the time could be narrow down to when to the expect the service tech to arrival, “I was told to call the morning of the service to get an estimated arrival time”. Approximately 08:15 the morning of the 8th I made call to confirm an estimated arrival time, “I was told to expect the technician to arrive between 10:30 AM and 12:30 PM”. Approximately 12:55 PM, I call back to determine the status of the arrival of the tech. I was on hold for 38 minutes, once a person answer the call it took an additional ten minutes to be told that the technician was still scheduled to arrive at my home and that they should arrive between 2:00 and 3:00PM: At this time I asked if the tech for the refrigerator was still scheduled to arrive, to my surprise I was told the tech was not scheduled to come out until November 13th”, my call was transferred to another customer service rep after another 5 to 10 minutes hold the rep stated, according to our records your appointment for the refrigerator is not until the 13th”, I asked to change the appointment to the 18th, the appointment was rescheduled. The service TECHICIAN never arrive for scheduled appointment for the washer & dryer. VERY disappointing needless and entire day off without pay an inconvenience and in considered to the customer.

Today is Monday, November 11, 2019, we have not received any communication to why there was an no show.

As a valued customer of Sears for 10 plus years we expected to hear from you with an explanation and apology etc. This type of unprofessional service is unacceptable and we hope that it is be dealt with immediately.

We expect the servicing of our washer & dryer to be reschedule at no cost for the inconvenience and lost wages for November 8, 2019.

Our expectation: all three appliances services on the same day

NOTE: The expectation to be available for 8 hours is unrealistic especially after the NO SHOW on November 8.

To accommodate the needs of the customer, it would be greatly appreciative if both services were done on the same day (washer & dryer) services done at no cost to the customer, we would also appreciate if the service tech would give us a 30-minute call window prior the arrival time
Corei Send email
Jul 12, 2019

Garage door opener

Sears Customer service is bad. No one knows how to do their job. I was on hold for over an hour that phone automatically disconnected. You keep sending my parts to the wrong address. Updated my contact information with each person I spoke with. My garage door opener has not worked since I purchased it. Sears has sent out replacement parts several times already. You would think that the parts you sent several times already is not the issue. I have to get into my car drive to the other side of town in Hope's of catching the UPS driver to get my parts that keep going to the wrong address. I WILL NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM SEARS OR ITS AFFILIATES AGAIN. I was told by the trouble shooter on the phone my springs were bad. Called the garage door company that installed it paid a service charge and nothing was wrong. They refuse to reimburse me for their mistakes. I have garage that I can not use due to a nonfunctional garage door opener.
Corei Send email
Jul 12, 2019

Customer Service

I have been waiting over a month for my garage door opener to to repaired. The garage door opener has not worked since I purchased it
brand new from Sears.They refuse to replace it, some how in their thoughts it's cheaper or more logical to continue sending out replacement parts that clearly is not the issue. They have my wrong contact information in the system that it took me several people, multiple times and it is still not correct. Sears repair customer service is horrible I was on hold over an hour that the phone hung up. When I called back each service rep. has to transfer you because no one can do the job. I will not purchase anything else from Sears or their Affiliates again.
bouqfla Send email
Oct 3, 2018

Kenmore Elite Washing Machine

I have a Kenmore Elite washing machine that has rusted all around the bleach dispenser area. I do not even use bleach. There are hundreds of people that have posted this problem online without getting a response or solution to the problem that obviously should have been recalled and fixed by Sears. I have called numerous times, have been disconnected, sent to various departments, told that I had to pay a diagnostic fee of $125 etc. When you read the number of complaints about the exact same problem, why would it be necessary to have someone come out and diagnose a problem that is widespread and should be fixed by Sears. It really disgusts me that people will pay thousands of dollars for appliances yet do not stand by their product. Take responsibility for a faulty washing machine in this case and fix it.
sue204b Send email
Sep 30, 2018

told leak non existing

On Friday 9/28/18 I had an appointment for a service man to come out between 8-12. First the man came at 12:10 which wasn't in the time frame. I had to make arrangements with my daughter's schedule for her to be here for the man. I was working and my daughter called to tell me that it was going to cost a little over $400 and then let man speak to me. He told me that it was going to be something like $425 or $429 and change forget exact amount. I asked if the $99 was applied to that (because that's what I was told when scheduling the appoinment) he said yes it would be. I was told that the problem was probably stuff caught in the hose that brought water to dispenser because that's where the leak is. I was told if that's cleaned out it would probably solve the problem instead of spending all that money unless I wanted to spend that much. Of course I said no if that fixes the problem why would i spend that much money. He told me it was up to me so I told him i considering this as a recomendation so I went with that because it wasn't leaking while I was speaking with him. So because he said that i was under the assumption that he had cleaned the hoses out because it supposedly wasn't leaking. When I got home it was indeed still leaking and I was so mad. I called right away and was told that I had to wait and call the next day Saturday because the report hadn't been in yet. I had to work all day Saturday and called this morning Sunday with the complaint and I did reschedule the appointment again making it very inconvenient because I work everyday and I again had to have my daughter check her schedule to see if she could again meet with another man. This had made it so inconvenient trying to make sure someone will be here for the repairman. This if you ask me is not customer service by any stretch of the imagination.
Fuckyousears Send email
Aug 9, 2018

People and their company policy suck.

Sears doing customers wrong. Charging me twice just to have someone come to the house to look at fridge. $89 just to look at it. Like wtf. I told them to put it on hold for the labor and parts and will call them back. Not even 48hrs. They freaking told me since I denied the damn service, I have to pay another $89 to have someone come back out and do the same shit again. They never told me about the policy if you denied the services. Compare to all other company’s. They give customers time to think and continue wih the services without charging them twice. ### Sears and their stupid policy. Never buy from them again.
Rich Strassberg Send email
Jul 6, 2018


THE RIDING MOWER HAS LESS THAN TEN HOURS OF USE. I HAVE HAD FOUR HOME REPAIR APPOINTMENTSt to get it running properly. Almost immediately after using it, there was a noise. The repair tech said that all of them make that noise. It kept stalling out on turning to go up a slight grade. Sometimes, it was also difficult to start. The next tech left a note on the door, but didn’t call or ring the door bell. My wife and I were home waiting for him. Two weeks later, another tech came out and felt that the problem was the fuel system. He tried to clean the carburetor and ordered another one. It took three weeks to receive the part and another week for the next tech to come. This tech said the it didn’t look like the correct carburetor; however, he felt that it was the electrical system and ordered parts. That will be another three weeks before the tech will be back. That’s TWO MONTHS WAITING FOR REPAIRS!
I paid $500 for a home warranty repair service in addition to the $2,200 for the tractor mover! I also purchased the top self propelled Creaftsmen mower. I am 73years old and need to mow almost an acre. The warranty division wants to keep trying to fix it, while I have to wait two months and WILL NOT REPLACE IT with another mower or allow me to upgrade and pay the difference!
Elonar12 Send email
Jan 19, 2018


sears don't stand by there product,i bought a frig from sear and a extened warranty they do not stand by 11-11-2015 I bought the frig and in 2016 had to have it repaired 2 times and in 2017 8 times I had it repaired the ,service man could not fix, they would not replace ,the service man said it can not be fixed ,but sears warranty will not replace it they will not give a good reason for it they keep having you talk to someone else Name of people I talk to times I called I'm 80 and don't want anything for nothing that is the way it ii just want them to live up to there warranty they did not have a problem taken my money now I want what I paid for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gleni Send email
Nov 14, 2017

Missing order

This has been far the worst experience I ever had online shopping it was my first time buying thru Sears and I'm sure it will be my last, so I was supposed to received my order on November 4th and I didn't so I call customer service which by the way every single representative was from out of U.S.A they hardly know what's going on. I end up talking to 3 different representative and they all told me different things I'm so pissed because they still didn't solved my issue I'm still thinking where is my order? I used my free cash points and now they might end up giving a refund but what will happen with my free cash points? I was also told that I was going to receive a email from Sears in about 2 hours and I didn't receive any emails from Sears. I ask for my free cash points and a compensation for all this drama and the lady still saying she can't give me anything because if the time pass and my free cash points expires then they are gone as if it was my fault that Sears missed up my order I'm so disappointed on sears I would not recommend this store to anyone is why so many are closing really bad customer service
Crclem1 Send email
Nov 4, 2017


I bought a shed from sears online outlet store on june 6th.... I was supposed to recieve a call from sears when my product was ready for pickup. I never got that call.... After 2 weeks i called the store that i was supposed to pick up the shed from and they first apologized they never called for me to pick up the shed, then i was told that i already picked up the shed, and then i was told that it was still in transit. After 5 Months of arguing with the worst customer service center ever i went to the store that i was supposed to pick up the shed from and i was greeted at the door by a very rude employee who refused to get me a manager and said she knew who i was.... She told me my name.... I was told to call the next business day to speak with eddie..... While she told me that i couldnt get a refund on my money until they had the product.... I never got any merchandise from sears. Im so confused and dissapointed in sears. I will NEVER buy anything from sears again..... If they were giving away free lottery tickets i still wouldnt go in there. I will tell every possible soul how sears stole from me and nothing was ever done.
Dan Lentz Send email
Nov 2, 2017

Failed service agreement repairs

I'm going to do this but have little to no expectation that I will get any answer. I will make this short. You technicians have failed to fix my dryer four times now in a 5 month period and the repair reschedule lead times range from 6 to 14 days. I would think that your failures at repairs should warrant a next day or at LEAST a second day turn around. But, 6 to 14 days REALLY!!!! The Minyons you call customer service and supervisors are laughable at best. No real decision makers can be contacted in any way. Sears has no regard for any customer even lifelong customers. Mr. Eddie Lampert has no idea of what's going on and if he does then he's just waiting for his golden parachute. It's evident why your losing market share,can't compete and hopefully very soon you will disolve as a company and save people the frustration and heachs of your horrific products and disservice customer service. Litigation will be forth coming. You will not do this to anyone else....
bjyorio Send email
Oct 4, 2017


Place online order for store pick-up, was charged immediately. Did not pick up item but cancelled. Order showed "pending cancellation" for days with no refund. Called and was told would be "escalated:. 10 more days, no refund. Now Item says "picked up". DID NOT PICK UP!!!! CANCELLED, NO REFUND>


Have filed dispute with credit card and hoe to get money back...closed sears charge and will NEVER shop there again!!!
Djones194 Send email
Sep 10, 2017

Poor equipment and customer service

We brought a lawnmower with warranty 2014 SEARS CRAFTMAN and we have had to bring back to the store 9 times with no results. The lawnmower was last repaired by Sears an the filter will no longer fit and the wrong screws was placed back on to the equipment . The lawnmower will not crank. We have been giving the run around about replacing this lawnmower. They had no repairs receipts thank goodness we have ours . Stated that the outside repair company did not provide them with receipts . Now they are on a 3rd outside repair company. 9th time back at Sears an they ask us to take the lawnmower to another store thats doing rhe repairs. Store Manager Michelle Mayes could use CUSTOMER SERVICE TRAINING and I will never purchase again from Sears and will spend my social media time making sure that ALL know Sears has poor merchandise , horrible customer service and RECORDS
kuentz01 Send email
Aug 31, 2017


We bought a samsung dishwasher in june 2017. It has never worked. Have had 6 service calls, technitians state they cannot fix it. Sears will not replace it or refund our money. Do not buy anything from sears.
[email protected] Send email
Aug 17, 2017

Washing machine repair

I called to have my washing machine repaired. It's a kenmore purchased from sears. When I called for the repair, the rep talked me into the sears home warranty plan. We were in the market for a plan, and the pricing seemed good, so I purchased it. Definitely the worst mistake I've ever made. The technician came out on the initial visit to diagnose. They ordered parts and set up an appointment for the following week. The next week, another technician came out but couldn't repair it because the WRONG parts were ordered. So he put a rush order in for the correct parts. Three days later, the original tech returned with correct parts. Still didn't work. It was determined that the parts were BAD since they were REFURBISHED parts. Tech ordered new parts and specified they had to be NEW. Only problem was, she forgot to close the order out. Soooo, the rush order wound up taking a week to come in. Once they came in, I was told they couldn't get a tech out for another week. I told them surely they must be kidding. This would be the fourth visit for a simple repair, all the fault of sears. Surely their customer service would prioritize my repair. NOPE! When I asked to speak with a supervisor, I was told there was no one to talk to and they'd call me back. They even gave me a case number. One week later, still no call back! That's how Sears does customer service. It's NONEXISTENT.
whardison Send email
Aug 5, 2017


Refrigerator stopped working on 7/6/17, call was placed to Sears Hometown Store in Baker, LA on 7/7/17. I was instructed to call the warranty dept and was given the telephone number. I called the service advisor instructed me to remove the lower back panel of the fridge and clean the coils by vacuming and/or using a damp towel, he also instructed me to unplug the fridge for 24 hours, all of which i did. My appointment was scheduled for 7/13/17 between 12 pm and 2 pm. The technician came was in my home for less than 15 minutes said he would be back in3 -4 days with parts and said i needed to defrost it for 24 hours. I had my husband to tell him that it had already been done (the technician literally ran out the door, my husband had to flag him down and noticed he had 5 dogs in the van). He told my husband he would bring a fan back and a door gasket. A week past and no one called or showed up. I called, left voicemessages, and texted the serviceman but got no response. On 7/22/17 i went into the Sears Hometown store where i bought the frige from and told the salesman about the problem i was having. He called the warranty dept for me and i talked with them for over an hour. The lady i spoke with continiously that because the ticket in their system was saying pending i had to contact the repiarman myself to schedule an appointment. I told her i made several attempts to contact this repairman by the name of John Beason and had been unsuccessful in doing do. She said that there was nothing else she could do. I asked to speak with a supervisor and she pretended to not understand what i was saying. I've placed numerous calls to this warranty dept and i'm done with the run around i'm getting. The saleman at the Hometown store telephoned them back and finally they gave me another service date of 8/2/17 no one called and no one showed up to my house on this day. Prior to this date on 7/24/17 the John Beason's son came out said he had the wrong parts and would have to reoreder them and it would take 7-10 business days to get them in. On 7/26/17 i received a call from the serviceman's son again
stating he had the parts and would be to my house between 12 and 2 pm, he never showed nor did he call. When i tried to call him later that day i got no answer and his voicemail had not been set up for messages. The following day on 7/27/17 John Beason himself called and asked if he could come out to repair the frige he had the parts, i said sure. Well he never showed up nor did he call. I tried calling him back left a message and up to this day have not gotten a call back. On 8/2/17 i called the warranty dept and the sears Homestore and informed them of what had happened. Spoke with Cody who said he would send an email to cooperate but that there was nothing he could really do because i didn't purchase the extended warranty remember the product is still covered under the factory warranty. Supposedly my complaint has been escalated to every warranty dept imanginable and still as of today i don't have a working refrigerator. By the way i plan to remove this fridge from my home it has began to mildew inside and smells awful. I will never purchase as much as a stick of gum from any sears store again. They have poor customer service and their warranty department is a joke. Note i did recieve a call from someone on today saying they recieve an email on my behalf and was told to schedule another appointment for a service technician to come out. He said that the soonest they could come out would be 9/5/17 i told him he must be kidding he said no but then said he told them it would be have to be sooner and said someone would be out to take a look on 8/8/17. Mind you it should not take 30 days to have any appliance repaired or replaced. Because of the condition of the fridge i'm requesting a replacement. I've alread made contact with an attorney, filed a complaint with the BBB, and lastely i will be going onto social media. This poor customer service has to stop.
maria scott Send email
Aug 3, 2017

Washer complaint

I would like to say that when purchasing our sears agreement renewal we did a trust and belief of what people say... LOL... Our washing machine has not been working for two weeks. Summary
1. Agent came out stated it was the motor, he order it when asked about the dishwasher he stated that he was not A Line Agent is what the Technicans are called now if you want duel appliances to be worked on...After begging this person he called his call center and they gave permission for him to look at the washer and then order all parts. Now the parts arrived.
2. The Technician arrives today my huband had to go to work early to get off early to be at home for this repair. The person arrives places the motor in the washer did not even wait for the washer to stop and left.... When we asked for a reciept he stated that his machine did not work and then abrutly left.... We went to place the laundry in the washer and guess what the Washer does not Work....
Out-Come we have now gone through 5/800 numbers to get people in other countries who do not care regarding the USA people and there needs and when we requested someone in the USA they all started to laugh... really. My husband’s contact# is 909-725-6368 for further discussion.
maria scott Send email
Aug 3, 2017

Washer repair gone bad....

I would like to say that when purchasing our sears agreement renewal we did a trust and belief of what people say... LOL... Our washing machine has not been working for two weeks. Summary
1. Agent came out stated it was the motor, he order it, when asked about the dishwasher he stated that he was not Line Agent is what the Technicans are called now if you want duel appliances to be worked on... this must be in the request when you call for an appointment... After begging this person he phoned his call center and they gave permission for him to look at the washer and then order all parts. Now the parts arrived.
2. The Technician arrives today my huband had to go to work early to get off early to be at home for this repair. The person arrives places the motor in the washer did not even wait for the washer to stop and left.... When we asked for a reciept he stated that his machine did not work and then abrutly left.... We went to place the laundry in the washer and guess what the Washer does not Work....
Out-Come we have now gone through 5/800 numbers to get people in other countries who do not care regarding the USA people and there needs and when we requested someone in the USA they all started to laugh... really. My husband’s contact# is 909-725-6368 for further discussion.
mommy1115 Send email
Jul 20, 2017


I decided to purchase a dryer for my parents and after doing some shopping, ended up at Sears. I found the matching dryer for the washer they had recently bought and asked about financing options since the sale was ending that day. The associate, Chad, told me about layaway. I disclosed that I had never done layaway before and asked if there were any fees. Nope.($5 layaway fee and $15 cancellation fee). Told that I would be sent a check to reimburse me if I don't pay, essentially cancel by not paying. (THERE'S A FEE FOR THAT). Was told I could take home same day of payment fulfillment. (Actually 7 day wait). Was told I would have it delivered. (Aparently I opted out of that). The tag said 478 after a 10% sale. (Was charged $526 AFTER sale applied). Was told they would price match if I found a cheaper price while it's on layaway. (Nope! Only one price adjustment per item, 10% sale was that "adjustment"). Was concerned about all of this after reading the receipt while looking for an online option to pay for the dryer. So, I call the store. 4 calls later, no answer and the last two times the phone gave a busy tone, aka off the hook. So, called customer service. Spoke with a lovely young lady who informed me that there were additional parts I SHOULD have been told about and prompted me to contact the manager of the store rather than deal with that associate again. Decided to call customer service to see if I can cancel the layaway and get my money back, and had the RUDEST girl "helping" me. She first blamed ME... THE CUSTOMER for not knowing about the layaway process. I let her know that I did in fact ask if there were any fees or important things I should know about. She informed me that the price is different in store than on online, which confused me because the online price matched the sticker in store. I asked why there would be a sticker on a product that would be less than what I would pay and was told I should have asked. Still, it was my fault. Rather than being empathetic, offering to help in ANY way, or letting me speak to a manager, she HUNG UP on me. I am FURIOUS with the lack of professionalism in customer service and decietfulness used to make a sale. Sears DESERVES to go out of business and I pray that no one I know EVER has to deal with the people employed at Sears.
Revdoug Send email
Jun 22, 2017

Auto Care Customer Service

I actually have 2 complaints concerning my experience with Sears tire services. First, the Sears Auto website has terrible navigation to find tire prices that includes any extra fees for installation. The Sears site is selling Uniroyal Tiger Paw 215 65 17's on the Sears for $78 ea. I added 4 tires to my cart and the price was $355 and the tires were in stock. However the website would not let me enter extra options such as Lifetime Ballance. So I called our Sears store in Greenville, SC and the auto tech said I needed to come to Sears in order to get a full price. I was very frustrated because most other tire center websites are user friendly and will give total "out the door" price quotes. So I went to Sears at lunch today to get a full quote. I waited with 2 other customers (who were ahead of me) for over 15 minutes and no service tech came to help us. This experience has left me very aggravated. I want you to know that I found a competitor to price match the Sears tires with a lifetime balance warranty and with no hassle. I also want you to know that you have now lost a loyal customer. I will never buy tires at Sears again.
Jabdo Send email
Jun 9, 2017

Bad customer service

Ordered appliances, on 6/5 paid for them over the phone was told I had a delivery date of 6/8 I take off work, I wait around until 1 pm still haven't received anytime frame of delivery decide to call only to be told that there was an issue with the transaction , I get that taken care of And told I'm still scheduled for delivery on 6/8,,. So I ask to be transferred to delivery to verify the Time of delivery today only to be told they don't have the items yet and it can't be delivered until 6/10 no one at sears seemed to care just like oh well take it or leave it attitude, this is what he second order in a row this has occurred where I've taken off work to not receive my delivery. Let's see if sears cares enough to respond.
mariajack Send email
Apr 22, 2017

brand new refrigerator service call

i bought a brand new samsung refrigerator in december it is April 2017 and the door does not seal shut properly so i called for a service call. They made an appointment for the next day so i took a half day off so i can be home for it and they never showed up. when i called to find out why all they could tell me is they need to reschedule and the next available appointment is 3 weeks away. All my food has gone bad. We are not talking about a vacuum cleaner here we are talking about a brand new refrigerator. i called their "consumer solutions" department and waited on hold for 48 minutes I was told that is all they can do is give me an appointment 3 weeks away. RIDICULOUS!! i spent all day on the phone trying to get a sooner appointment without any luck. the worst department i have ever dealt with in my entire life is the CONSUMER RELATIONS DEPARTMENT!! The rep said they don't have supervisors they are the highest customer service department so they are supervisors!! WOW! Is SEARS really for real? next step trying to file a formal complaint against the CONSUMER RELATIONS DEPARTMENT and for sure will NEVER purchase anything at SEARS again!! BRAND NEW REFRIGERATOR WITH AN EXTENDED WARRANTY - NO ONE SHOWS UP TO THE SERVICE CALL THEY MADE AND THEN THEY TELL ME BEST APPOINTMENT IS 3 WEEKS AWAY!!!

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