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conceptsken Send email
Mar 20, 2022


My first Sears Kenmore fridge was still on extended warranty, after parts being on back order and many complaints about having no fridge.
They decided to sell me a new Kenmore Elite at a reduced cost of $869, that was 5 months ago.
Part of the deal was this one would be delivered with no warranty.
On 3-15-2022 I found a huge body of water in my kitchen, turns out this part cracked and let water on the floor.
Well here I am again, this part is on back order.

Best thing would be for someone to shut them down for good.

Stuck here on back order again.
sumrzz Send email
Jan 11, 2022

Horrible experience

DON'T ORDER A PART FROM SearsPartsDirect dot com
I always give people the benefit of the doubt and go with the flow with patience. Not so much SearsPartsDirect dot com.

So we have an LG dryer that has a glass front. That glass mysteriously shattered and so I had to find a replacement door. The only place that supposedly has them in stock is SearsPartsDirect dot com

Monday January 10th, I find the part, I order through their chat and everything is confirmed and good. Today January 11th, I received notice that my order has been cancelled and cancelled by the customer which I NEVER CANCELLED. I immediately go back on chat direct and explain to them the situation and also said that now "this is your problem you need to make the deal good on shipping". She said she would re-order it and try and expedite it.

So I wait for confirmation. And nothing. I contact Chat again with another person and they tell me that the "ordered has been cancelled" with no notes and not notification on my end via email. It then asked them to connect me to telephone number to discuss this directly because I've had enough of this. They give me a number that connects to the same country (assumably) where the chat originates, sounds like India, a huge call center location for SearsPartsDirect.

I asked the guy (James, which we know that's not his real name) if he could connect me to someone in the states I can talk to resolve this issue and he said I'm sorry but all calls come here. So I explain to him fully about what was going on and then he transfers me to another agent Samia. I start over and explain to Samia about what is going on and she says she'll check on it. Now after a half hour, no notification and no update.

At this point I'm furious and now doing my part in letting the world know about my experience with SearsPartsDirect dot com.
glmouras Send email
Apr 8, 2020

Back Order

Like many other people, I also ordered a part their web site said was "in stock", but two days later, I checked on my order, and it was "back ordered". So, it seems that maybe this company doesn't actually "stock" anything. They just take your order and pass it on to their vendors. When I found out it had been back ordered, I immediately got on their chat and cancelled the order since my refrigerator was down and I could not wait to see how long it was going to take them to get the part. They assured me that the order would be cancelled. The next day, I ordered the part elsewhere, but in the process I discovered that Sears had already charged my credit card, even though the part hadn't even been located or shipped! I got back on their chat and they assured me that the order would be cancelled, and that I would receive a full refund.

One day later, I got an email telling me that since the order had already been submitted to their vendor and the vendor already has the order in process, my order cannot be cancelled. The part is going to ship anyway, even though I cancelled the order three days ago and it isn't even scheduled to ship for another day or two!

What in the world is wrong with this company? Sears used to be a good company, but this is ridiculous. I've already found the part elsewhere, it's been delivered and installed, and Sears hasn't even managed to ship the one I ordered from them, yet they've already taken my money and they can't find ANY way to stop the part from shipping? To make matters worse, their web site says I'm going to be responsible for shipping charges if I return it so I have THAT battle to look forward to. I can assure you that I will be returning this part, and will no longer be using Sears Parts Direct for my appliance part needs, and I will also be filing a dispute with my credit card company over this if I do not receive a FULL refund. I have a transcript of the chat I had with them assuring me that I will, but why should a customer have to go through this?
jimmy crack corn Send email
Apr 9, 2019

Horrible Customer Service

I placed an order for 5 o-rings 2 weeks ago, on their website it showed the item in stock. I was told it would arrive in 3 to 5 days, after 5 days I get an email telling me that the item is on back order, I call the company and speak to 2 different people that have the comprehension of a 2 year old. I had to repeat myself 3 times and I was still being told exactly what the email they sent to me said. It's horrible that Sears can't hire a call center in the US that has people that can speak English or understand English. After not getting my answer I decide to go on line to their website and go on chat with them. It was just as fustrating as talking to a live person. I was told that they would get back to me and let me know when I would get my parts. Well this morning I get an email telling me that my order has been cancelled. I wasted 2 weeks waiting for a part that they never had or could get. They said I would be refunded but I have not checked my credit card yet. I have been shopping at Sears for over 45 years, it's no wonder they are going out of business, I will never do business with Sears again and my advice is, stay away from Sears!
Lauramm2018 Send email
Sep 22, 2018

Sears Parts Direct

We have an automatic renewal for our refrigerator water filter. On September 2nd, I called Sears Parts Direct and told them I needed my water filter just a little bit early because the light came on pink on the fridge. I was told that was no problem, we would have it by September 4th. One week later it had not arrived, so I called again. I was told that it was shipped out on the 4th and it would arrive in just a few days. A week after that, my husband called and they couldn't even find the order, even though they repeated back to him all of our information. He spoke with one representative, who could not give him any answers and kept putting him on hold. My husband asked to speak to a supervisor and got the run-around, big time. Finally, finally, he put my husband into the supervisor's line. After being on hold for 35 minutes, they hung up on my husband. He called back and got another representative, and when he asked for the supervisor again and explained the situation YET AGAIN, the representative hung up on him! He called back again and got someone a little better, who did finally say that the supervisor would call back. When Benji called back, I answered as my husband had to pick up our son. He had figured out the problem, the original representative put the date in for 2019 instead of 2018, but he assured me that the part was ordered and we would have it by September 20th. It is now September 21st and no part. I called Sears PartsDirect this evening and got the complete run-around yet again, I was told that the part was shipped out on the 20th, not the day I called a week earlier than that. I said I wanted some kind of compensation for all of this hassle, and they gave me $10 in points on my Sears and Kmart reward card. That's it. But oh, those points will expire in 2 weeks. I asked for a supervisor to call us back, and no one ever did. I am so fed up, I could scream. and by the way, our filter has turned red and we are drinking unfiltered water and ice. I think this is the worst customer service I have ever experienced.
kdd Send email
Sep 18, 2018

Ridiculous Customer Service

I have called 3 times to get my order, I understand that the item is on backorder. However, what I don't understand is why that is not stated on the website or why someone from your company waited at least 5 days to call and tell me the item was on backorder. Then what I have the most problem with is why when I called the first 2 times to discuss this why I was guaranteed a date of arrival for the item I ordered. Then what really takes the cake, I check my email this morning and I see that one of the walking morons that work for you cancelled my order. Never once during our conversation did I ask for the order to be cancelled. I am beyond outraged. This is ridiculous!!!! I have never been so pissed in my life about an order that I placed online. I have NEVER had so much hassle trying to get a part or resolution with an item I ordered online. I now understand why all the Sears store around me are going out of business. If this is how you treat your customers I am surprised that you have been in business as long as you have. I have talked to 3 different customer service representatives that obviously don't know how to do there job. The first call I spoke to I spoke to Danika, employee ID # 210459. The second call I spoke to Sherice, employee ID # 886706. Ms Sherice really made me made because she told me, "we will ship you the part sooner or later." What kind of customer service is this? Not very good customer service at all!!!! Then on my third call I spoke to Phillip, employee ID # 540210672, and Mui, employee ID #23246. Ms Mui said that she was head of the Escalation Department. She said that she would refund my expedited shipping that I paid to have the order on Friday (09/14). I told her that was suppose to have been done by Ms Danika. She then offered me a 10,000 points, which she said equivalates to $10 to spend at Sears anytime I want. I told her after the hassle that I have had so far what makes her think that I will ever spend another dime at Sears again the rest of my life. She then offered a $10 refund to my card. She stated that was all she was authorized to give. I told her that was not acceptable. I told her I want the item shipped to me. I want it overnight shipped at your company's expense and that she needed to give some type of compensation for the time I have put into all these phone calls and the hassle I have had. She said once the item shipped on Wednesday (09/19) that I would have it in 1 to 2 days. I told her that was not acceptable by any stretch of the means. Now fast forward to today, I checked the order and it states that my order was cancelled. So, I call three times today and asked to speak to a supervisor. The first 2 times I waited a total of 15 minutes and then was hung up on. I then talked to Vincent, employee ID # 250443. He told me that there is nothing more he can do but tell me that the item will ship and may be here by Thursday (09/20). Are you serious?!? This item when I ordered said that it was available and instock, which is apparent now that, that was a lie. I am beyond pissed at this point and will be contacting the Better Business Bureau after I am done sending you this email. I will tell all my family, friends and strangers I meet on the street to NEVER order from your company and explain the experience that I have had. I want contact from someone from Corporate office to contact me about this horrible experience that I have had. I will be waiting to hear from you and the resolution that you have come up with to rectify this situation.

Order # F932466
reach2harshasharma Send email
Sep 15, 2018

Order not sent

I ordered an electronic control board for my dryer and paid for expedited delivery on Wednesday 9/12. The order did not come and neither any updates. I called the customer service in Manila Philippines, the representative cannot give me any estimate when my part will be coming, when I asked to speak with supervisor then I was told, he is busy and will call you in 1-2 hours. I got no calls, no email updates. I cal again to find out when I will get my dryer part on Saturday 9/15. I speak with grace in manilla Philipinnes, she states it’s under process and she doesn’t know when I will get the part. I asked to connect with supervisor and her answe is there none available as we are short staffed. I told her that I will file a formal complaint and then she had me speak with dave, a supervisor in the same office. He says it’s shipped out and will get in 1.5 weeks. I don’t know who to believe grace or Dave. I don’t understand that when I ordered this as priority mail why it’s shipped as regular mail and that too delayed with no status updates. My money is stuck with sears and I am very upset at this kind of customer service. Shame on you!!!
SMD Send email
Jun 11, 2018


Placed an order for 30+ replacement parts for our Kenmore Icemaker (because of course you can't just buy a new entire unit, you have to rebuild the entire thing yourself), and 4 replacement grease filters trying to patchwork repair our entire Kenmore appliances kitchen in advance of selling our house. Shocked and furious that so many parts for appliances that are only 9 years old (!) are no longer available/discontinued. May 17, 2018 placed a $700+ order for 34 separate parts. ALL of which stated they were in stock and had to place 3 separate orders because they only let you order so many items in one order. They end up shipping piece meal in SEVEN different shipments, so you have to go through the paperwork to make sure you have received all the items you ordered. Turns out they DON'T have everything in stock, and I've spent the next 3 weeks trying to cancel a backorder and get a refund for the $447 in grease filters/stove parts. Three weeks and Four phone calls, four lies later that they just need a few more days, that you can't call processing directly, that we don't know why it hasn't been canceled yet, no you can't get your money back yet. UnF**KINGBELIEVABLE. I cannot WAIT for SEARS to be completely wiped off the face of the earth. Now have to dispute the charge on my Mastercard to get my money back. LIARS and FRAUD
SMD Send email
Jun 11, 2018


Placed an order for 30+ replacement parts for our Kenmore Icemaker (because of course you can't just buy a new entire unit, you have to rebuild the entire thing yourself), and 4 replacement grease filters trying to patchwork repair our entire Kenmore appliances kitchen in advance of selling our house. Shocked and furious that so many parts for appliances that are only 9 years old (!) are no longer available/discontinued. May 17, 2018 placed a $700+ order for 34 separate parts. ALL of which stated they were in stock and had to place 3 separate orders because they only let you order so many items in one order. They end up shipping piece meal in SEVEN different shipments, so you have to go through the paperwork to make sure you have received all the items you ordered. Turns out they DON'T have everything in stock, and I've spent the next 3 weeks trying to cancel a backorder and get a refund for the $447 in grease filters/stove parts. Three weeks and Four phone calls, four lies later that they just need a few more days, that you can't call processing directly, that we don't know why it hasn't been canceled yet, no you can't get your money back yet. UnF**KINGBELIEVABLE. I cannot WAIT for SEARS to be completely wiped off the face of the earth. Now have to dispute the charge on my Mastercard to get my money back. LIARS and FRAUD.
GrapeApe Send email
Jun 11, 2018

Unethical Business Practices

I ordered 5 parts to repair my lawn equipment. These were basic maintenance items, nothing special or odd. I was told all 5 were in stock and I could get them in 2 days with expedited shipping. After 3 days, I tried to call, 45 min on hold and I was told they they are in the process of being shipped and I will get an update in 24-48 hours. 5 days after I ordered, I received an email saying that all 5 items status was no "Waiting for information from our supplier". $42 for 2 days shipping and 5 days have gone by and it hasn't even shipped yet.

Another phone call to try an cancel the order. Seemed to go smooth (other than another 45 min on hold). I was told I would receive confirmation of the cancellation in 48-72 hours. So I order the parts off Amazon and received them in 2 days. BUT, 3 days later, I get an email saying that my order cannot be canceled because they are in the process of being shipped! So I call again to see why (only 1/2 hour on hold this time), no answer, they can't even give me a tracking number. So they still have not shipped, but I cannot cancel.

In the end, it took them over 2 months to finally deliver the parts that I no longer needed or wanted. It was literally 1 1/2 months after I was was told that I couldn't cancel becasue my parts were in the process of being shipped.

Avoid Sears PartsDirect at all costs.
mad at sears Send email
Apr 18, 2018

Sears Parts Direct

I ordered a part for a GE dryer online on 4/12/18. The part was listed as in stock, and available for expedited shipping. I paid $45 to have the part shipped via 2-day expedited shipping. The order confirmation that I received via email said that the expected delivery date was 4/14/18. The only reason I ordered through this company was because they were listing the part as in stock and with quick delivery (my washer and dryer were unusable while waiting for this replacement part, and it had been 10 days at this point.

The part did not arrive on 4/14, so I checked the order status online, and there was no update. I chatted with the support team, and was told that there was a problem with the order that they were going to resolve within 24-48 hours. On Tuesday the 17th (60 hours later), I called them on the phone, and was told that the part was backordered with the manufacturer, and they would speak with them and send me an email with the expected ship and delivery date by the end of the day. I then called the manufacturer, GE, and they told me that the part was in stock and ready to ship.

Confused, I then called Sears Parts Direct again to ask why they were saying that the part was backordered when that was not the case at all. They told me that they were escalating the issue, and promised again to contact me by the end of the day with a tracking number for the shipment. This of course did not happen.

On the night of the 17th, I started another chat session, and the support rep provided no information at all--just that there was no information on when the order would ship. I looked online for user reviews of this company and, without exception, they were rated 1 of 5 stars on several different consumer based review websites. Many of the reviews had the same story--part was listed as in stock, did not ship after expedited charges were paid, little to no assistance provided by the support team.

On the morning of 4/18 I decided that I would be persistent and determined to find someone at the company who would at least try to help me. My first 2 phone calls were either disconnected or put on indefinite hold. On the 3rd attempt I asked to speak with a manager and waited for several minutes.

While on hold I again called GE and they told me that the part was available, in stock.

Still on hold, I then started another chat with their team, and was again told that the part was backordered, so I informed them that I had just spoken with the manufacturer, and this was not the case. I asked the person on the chat to get his or her manager involved, because I was tired of being lied to. Their response was to provide me with a feedback link.

The manager I had been waiting to speak with finally came on the line, and said his name was Andrew, and that he could not help me. After a long back and forth where he went from excuse to excuse, and telling me nonsense (all with an implied effort to get me to hang up), he promised no real help at all. He then said that the call was being recorded, and senior management was going to listen to the call, so I related all of the borderline fraudulent treatment I had received, so that the "upper management" could hear the story. He then told me that I could expect an email by FRIDAY (3 days later) with more information. I asked him again for his name and he said it was Kyrie (not Andrew).

It is now obvious that there is no intention to help. In reading other online reviews (none of which--0 of them, are positive), it is quite apparent that this is a common practice for them--list a part as in stock in order to get the business, "backorder" the part, process payment, including expedited shipping charges, and then delay as long as possible, telling the customer that they need to wait "2-3 days" or "24-48 hours" or something like that. I am starting to suspect that I may never receive the part.

I wish now that I had read the online reviews before ordering, but Sears is (used to be) a large and reputable company, so I had no reason to suspect fraudulent, unprofessional treatment like this.
Tcsal Send email
Apr 10, 2018


DO NOT ORDER FROM SEARS PARTS DIRECT! I ordered parts for my dishwasher that were suppose to be shipped within in two weeks. Two months later, I finally received 1/2 off the order which didn't help because we needed all the parts for repairs. I called numerous times and would be put on hold for very long periods, only to be told they would be shipped soon or they were still backordered but would follow up as to when I could expect them. Of course they never followed up as promised. 3 months later I had to cancel the order because they still didn't have an answer for me as to when they could ship them. They credited me for the part that wasn't shipped less the entire coupon they offered which was for the entire order not just for the part they didn't send me! This made the part they did ship me cost more than I could have ordered elsewhere. This company clearly doesn't care about their customers.
mdavis4 Send email
Jul 31, 2017

Sears Parts Store at 7353 NW L 410

I tried to reach this Sears Parts store to find out if they had some parts I needed for a refrigerator and riding mower. I call the telephone number multiple days over a week (210) 523-3469. The phone is allowed to ring until it finally disconnects then if you call back it is "busy." I finally visited the store to see if they had the parts, but was so upset that I did not purchase anything and left. I asked the cashier why I couldn't reach them by telephone and she answered they did not have to answer the phone because the manager told them to deal with in-store customers. I asked who is the manager and she would not give me a name and she did not have on a name tag either. When I stopped by a Sears store looking for the parts and asked about the Parts store, the clerk told me that they have the same problem trying to reach the store by telephone and that it is not staff with enough people to even answer their calls?!? This was terrible customer service and I want to report it if it is not Sears policy. If it is Sears policy, I will be sure to make anyone aware and refrain from any business with Sears.
My name is Marlon Davis and my contact information is by email ([email protected])
charlesellis Send email
Feb 17, 2017

unlocking my sears parts direct account

log in to my sears parts direct account. Password or log in incorrect. I keyed on forgot password. e-mail to reset password came. I reset my password and still cannot log in my account. Tried several times. No luck, so I called the phone no. on the web page. I was redirected to other individuals 7 times. seven different individuals. How is this possible? Is sears parts direct a different company from sears? I may never visit sears again. My time is more valuable that to spend and hour talking to seven different people. I do no know if the problem is resolved. What has happened to sears. you are driving customers away.
teedoff Send email
Mar 14, 2013

Sales Clerk ORDEREDa WRONG Part

I walked into the Sears home Central to try to order a water filter for my Frigidare Refrigerator Ice maker , No Custmers in the store other than myselfand my daughter.I had to wait over 20 minutes for the Employee behind the counter to finish his training lessons for another employee on the Computer. Two other employees just standing around that apperared to careless about a potential sale.
Finally I gave him the model number and serial number's asked to see if there was a filter of some kind. He looked it up and I
told him I thought I located it, so where about would it be. I told him I pulled the panel off the front of the frig. and he agreed that
was probably it. He turned the screen around and showed me a drawing that appeared like a tootsie roll object...he asked !
"Does it look like this" Yes maybe ? He answered" this is the only filter it shows". So,I paid for it with my debit card and said you
will receive it my mail and gave me the receipt.
I left to go to A 1 appliance a few miles away to get another part for my daughter frig., Which Sears did not have. they told her it was on backorder and No Telling how long it would be. A1 Appliance had the part she needed and it would be there the next day.
Since I was there I asked him to look up a water filter for my Refrigerator, which I just ordered and Paid for. I gave him the part
number from my invoice, he told me it didn't have a water filter and the part SEARS ordered was a filter for my freon.
I Immediately called sears back and told them to cancel the order because they order the wrong part.The lady, that answered told me there was NO way that could be done... it had been less than 30 minutes. Feeling very upset and RIPPED OFF, they told me I would have to wait for the part to come in then they would refund the part only and I would have to eat the shipping COST !
That really pissed me off at this time because the lady got on the phone and call the warehouse and they had NOT even received
the order yet.
I understand if I waited hours or even a day, but less than 30 minutes. I am sorry, but I really feel that SOME one could have
canceled my order within 30 minutes of the sale and refunded my DEBIT card !
***After going back to the store, I asked for the Store Manager, she came out and told me the same thing.**
Absoulutely, NO way to Cancel your Order, it's all done electronically !
Being a very UNhappy customer, I told them I would NEVER to business with their parts deptment AGAIN ! ! !
The store manager and 2 other employees JUST LAUGHED at me ! ! !
I couldn't help but noticing the young man that ordered my WRONG part had HOLES in his earlobes, maybe the holes
affected his brain. If he would have told me that my Refrigerator didn't have a water filter, I would NOT have gone thru all that stress. What's happening to OUR workforce??? Nobody seems to care anymore !

7353 NW Loop 410
4:00 pm

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