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linda lewis Send email
Jul 20, 2020

unauthorised money from account

£15 has been taken out of my father's bank account

the details are; 18th may 08007319935 CH

15th June 08007319935 CH

17th July 08007319935 CH

Monika Matusiak Send email
May 26, 2020


I just discovered that I'd been paying £10.00 per month to via my credit card. I have noticed it in the past but thought this payment was for a purchase via Amazon. Then I discovered that £10.00 had been deducted from my account for the past years!
I want all my subscription payments paid in full.I haven't used your scheme you have to refund you.
I did not singed for anything and you have to refound eveerything you tooked from my acc.
Sandy Penny Send email
Mar 18, 2020

WLYshopping discounts

They are debiting my account with £15 per month and i have been trying to get it cancelled and refunded for 9 months. Today, i held on the telephone for 34 minutes on a holding loop. Outrageous scam.
Sandy Penny Send email
Mar 18, 2020

direct debits

My account is being debited £15 per month. Three attempts in the past nine months have failed to cancel the debits. Today, i held on the telephone for 34 minutes just to be told "we will be with your shortly" Outrageous scam.
meg Send email
Nov 25, 2019


Hi I made a claim and it went in my favour you were going to refund my money I got three payments of £10 then I was supposed to get 64 payments of £10.I still haven't received these yet and it said 3-5 working days this was over a week ago.My name is Mark Gallagher of 20 Scarborough rise Breadsall Derby DE21-4DG
HildaL Send email
May 14, 2019

I just discovered that I'd been paying £10.00 per month to via my credit card. I have noticed it in the past but thought this payment was for a purchase via Amazon. Then I discovered that £10.00 had been deducted from my account for the past 64 months! Stupid I know for not noticing. Anyhow I called them and asked why had they been taking £10.00 per month and was told that I must have signed up for this, when I purchased something from Argos. I very rarely shop at Argos so know I would not sign up for such a scheme. I was promised that the 3 payments I queried would be refunded, and if I wanted to go back further I would have to email them. I done this on Thursday last week and believe it or not I've just had all the payments repaid - £640.00! This was done by £10.00 x 64 payments. So for anyone out there do call this company and tell them you want all of your subscription payments paid in full. I think provided you haven't used their scheme they have to refund you.
SUES22 Send email
Apr 12, 2019


I started Online banking, after a few day playing around with it finding my way around I noticed a transaction out of my account, as I have been on the sick from work for a few months & was issued with a new card in feb which I hadn't acctived, I noticed my debit card in the name of WLY*SHOPPERDISC.C had been used, started going through all my bank statements only to find these transactions has been coming out of my account since Dec 2013,made feel so angry with myself for not noticing £10 every month coming out of my account for over 6 yrs, I've had 3 card in that time, being a debit card transaction I haven't noticed as I hardly ever use cash, If it had been a Direct Debit or a Standing Order I would I've noticed this, I couldn't cancel it online so I went straight down to the bank for them to do it, and blow me hasn't it come out of my account again today that makes the total amount £640, I will be taken action over this, I've never signed up to anything, and if I haD where is my discount card! or vouchers! because I've never received any over the yrs (HAS ANYONE ELSE) please let me know.
Suzanne Moat Send email
Apr 12, 2019

money taken without my permission from WLY*SHOPPERSDISC.C

I feel a right fool I've had £10 taken out of my bank account since Dec 2013, I've only noticed because I have just gone onto, Online Banking,This transaction from WLY*SHOPPERSDISC.C has been taken from my Debit Card, because I haven't used cash for yrs only my card and it being a debit card transaction it didn't jump out at me, the only reason I noticed was because I was issued with a new card in and I hadn't used it and I've been on the sick from work for quite a few months,I couldn't understand how I my account had been debited from the card, with having just signed up with online banking I was able to go through all my bank statements, to my shock its gone back 6yrs, went straight down to the bank as I haven't been able to stop it myself, only to find yet again money has gone out of my account again today,I have never signed up to anything they have taken up to date £640 out of my account I've had no emails with vouchers or in the post if I have been signed up for discounts where is my card Where is it I will be taken this further
[email protected] Send email
Dec 24, 2018

Money taken from my debit card

Im extremetelly irritated. I have been deducted £10 since at least 2011 ( I cannot see previous bank statements- have to go to the bank in person for that- ). I did not realise that before when I read my statements because beside I dont normally put much attention to them, my main language is spanish and did not click in my brain that shopperdisc was short for shopper discount and I always though it was a cashmachine because I ussually get £10 from them. I though honestly and stupidly this was a from cash machine.
frankylow Send email
Jul 12, 2018

Unauthorised deductions

Thank you for cancelling the subscription to which I have no knowledge of signing and to which you have no records
After discovering that this has been going on for over a year, I am quite irritated as I do not have record or prove that I have given my authorization to join your club or signed any contract for it, nor I have evidence of any benefit or advantage from yours monthly withdrawal .
I am therefore asking for a full refund for all the unauthorized withdrawal failing that , I will pursue my claim with the Fraud Office and the office of Trading Standard .
Kathy Fyfe Send email
Apr 30, 2018

£10. Taken off my acount. 3 times

Please I want my Money you have taken from me. [email protected]
Squid Send email
Nov 3, 2017

Unauthorised collection of £10/month

Beware any dealings with firms connected with
I have been unaware that £10 a month has been syphoned out of my current account for 28 months since buying something from Home Essentials. I was given a free months trial and apparently if I didn't cancel it the shopperdiscount firm would deduct £10 per month from account. Like many others I can't believe I missed this for so long but having spoken to them on the free 0800 number listed on the internet site they have offered a full refund and cancelled the membership. Remains to be seen if the money appears back in the account it was taken from. This is a widespread con trick and needs exposing more fully.
Enya Send email
Oct 26, 2017

Theft off my card

I recently found out, shopadisc has been taking £10 .00 per mth from my credit card. Since what for it 4/12/2013. I was given no to contact which I did. I was informed I gave info to Argos for this, when I purchased a product. No I did. They assured me they wd e-mail a claim form & wd b fully reimbused as never used, never even knew I had it...
Today 26/10-- Spoke to Brian. Same speech. Awaiting e-mail form
UnderCover Send email
Oct 6, 2017

Unauthorised Debits

My husband has discovered that a company identifying itself as SHOPPERS DISCOUNT ( has been debiting his bank account WITHOUT his knowledge,consent or permission.I Googled the company and was both shocked and horrified to learn that an account had been created using my name,address and my husband's Debit card details.My husband has notified his bank of the unauthorised debits and requested formal action to be undertaken to recover all monies collected by SHOPPERS DISCOUNT.I have shared this matter with all on Facebook and Twitter. SHOPPERS DISCOUNT BEWARE! YOU HAVE BEEN EXPOSED!

Mrs. D. S.
Tom Watson Send email
Sep 10, 2017

Money taken from my account

Shopoerdisc have been taking £10 a month from our it hour our permission account for at least 12 months cannot believe we missed it
alanpw Send email
Sep 3, 2017


It appears I am a victim of the same scam with £15 pcm being taken from my Barclaycard credit card for I don't know how long; I can only track back 1 year on line and it is all of that time. I don't know how this was started and line others in this complaint stream have no paperwork whatsoever to justify it.
Hermit Send email
May 31, 2017

Unauthorised bank charges

Turns out shopper disc have been fleecing me out of £10 a month since Dec 2015. Only noticed it going out of my account online, phoned the bank who are now contesting last 120 days which apparently is as far back as they can go and stated to contact company to challenge previous charges. Have never had any form of written or verbal correspondence from them, phoned them up and lol there computer systems are down. Fills my with great confidence over any possible refund of what's been taken without consent over a 17 month period
Gildamart79 Send email
May 25, 2017

un authorized subcription fee

Just notice that this company is taking £10 each month from my bank account since august 2013 which Im not sure what it is for. I am not using this service because I'm not even aware what is this for and have not even received any email from them about it. I have not given my bank account details but I don't know how they manage to take money every month from my account. I need them to stop getting money from me but I don't know how to cancel and would like to have my money back for all those time they charging me for service that I don't even know exist.
Asia Send email
May 22, 2017

Shopper disc

Hi I also was charged 3x0.10 £ and 1x29.50 £ from my account . Basically I never use this portal so will like to get refund soonest is possible.
Tegan Send email
Apr 30, 2017

Stolen from my account

Shopper disc have been taking 10pence from my account over a period of time and today took £29.50. This was not authorised from me I want my money refunded I have reported you to the fraud team. I see I am not alone with this there are countless others.
mary12 Send email
Apr 29, 2017

unauthorised money from bank

I have noticed this month that" Disc*my discount codes" London hastaken money from my account BoS three times 10p and then one for £29.50 and i do not no what for. I do not even know this company, it only says on bank statement Retailors. Yours Mary
Jaejoon Lee Send email
Apr 24, 2017

Taking money from my account without my permission

I do not understand why you take my money from my account monthly without my permission.
You have taken my money (£15) per month since May 2015.
It means that you have taken totally £360 from my account for 2 years.
I ask you to make refund my money.
After checking it, send my your answer.
Susan Edgerton Send email
Mar 9, 2017

Susan Edgerton £10.00 per month

Since April 2011 I have had £10.00 per month taken from my account ,starting with HSBC then Santander as we swapped banks. I have never been given any membership number for this and did not know anything about it until this week. I have never received any paperwork ,emails or documentation of any kind to do with this.
It has been taken out on different days ie. 3rd or 4th or the 14th of the month I have now managed to access all of my statements and have proof of the fraudulent payments.
When I rang the company the first time the male I spoke to said I must have inadvertently pressed a wrong button on a computer one day. I'm in my 60s so I'm not as bright as I once was.
I look forward to hearing from you and receiving my money back in the region of £700!!!!
Lauren Elliot Send email
Feb 6, 2017

Fraudulent charges

It appears SHOPPERDISCOUNT ( has been charging me a monthly fee of GBP 8 for absolutely nothing!
I had a direct debit set up with my American Express account so I have been paying these criminals on a monthly basis.
I have no idea how they got my credit card details or how/why American Express would still bill me given the outrage over these fraudsters.
I have cancelled my direct debit but does anyone know how I can try and claim these funds back?
Has anyone had any success doing so?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
davews Send email
Jan 19, 2017

taking money from my account

Follow on from previous message.
Shoppers disc have emailed me to say they are refunding the full amount within 5 working days,so a result.Did mention in my email to them about Action Fraud etc etc.Apparently i bought something online with Argos,and was offered a £15 money off voucher.BUT i put my payment details in only to pay for the Argos product but it seems they use your details to sign you up for a monthly fee.

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