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dave44 Send email
Dec 7, 2021


The pharmacy will not answer our send my pharmacy records after they say they would
KingEdward Send email
Nov 13, 2021


advertising God is a woman
KingEdward Send email
Nov 13, 2021


To Advertise that GOD is a woman is totally DISGRACEFUL. The add and the product by ariana grande should be pulled off the shelves by Shoppers Drug Mart as it is most offenceive.
winns Send email
Oct 9, 2021

poor service

shopped at SDM Danforth rd and Eglinton ; got $40 in frozen food line up ; one ahead of me.
line was 8 deep so cashier called for backup.
Backup arrived and began teaching 3 customers from behind how to use self checkout .
She asked me and I said no thanks the self checkout program isn t easy to use.
After 3 customers she walked away and as I was tsill waiting now about 12 minutes I walked away.
The order was left in line
Rexall thanks you waybne
Kristan Ritchie Send email
Mar 20, 2021

Not allowing mask exempt entry

I am exempt from wearing a mask. I may look healthy, but my airway causes great issues. Tried entering Shoppers but a staff member was guarding the entrance. She asked if I have a mask - I responded that due to a medical reason, I am unable to wear one. She didn't believe me and refused me entrance.

I had to get something specific so next day I saw nobody guarding the door so jumped in. Darn, same staff sees me so she and the cashier team up, following me and both talking very negatively about me. I told them that I need something. Went and grabbed 3 things (took 3 minutes) while both are beside dare I kill everyone in my path.

I told them that I am 100% healthy and they are protected by their masks. Took my items to self checkout (not a chance would they process my stuff) and cashed myself out. Both behind me (at a safe distance) constantly talking about 'the situation.' I turned to leave and they both moved further back.
So disgusted with their ignorance. If they have a mask, they are safe from my 'air' - why wear a mask if you believe it won't protect you from non-mask wearers. I will never go back to this store. I found alternative drug stores in my area. Hopefully these companies hire well educated/trained staff. If not...Hello Amazon.
cimini55 Send email
Dec 7, 2020

shoppera drug mart saving card dec 6

on the flyer on dec 6 2020 if you spend $75 you get a saving card of $20...when the cashier total thebill it came to $81.65 asked for the saving card and she said no saving false advertising a big company like that.. it was a line up.
the date was is dec6 time optimum card608559 14298 2506.
Im a client
reference# 66317743 0019150710

It was on the flyer...false ADVERTISING//

My receipt was 91.73
store 4000 hwy7 woodbridge ont 905-851-2199
SoniaF Send email
Oct 26, 2020

Flu shot

After submitting my registration to the on line service that asks that it be done in order to receive a flu shot. I waited six days to finally find a Shoppers location that even had the flu vaccine available. I readied myself per instructions and proceeded to the location. There was only one person in front that received theirs and no other person other than my husband in line for the shot. Then we are told that they are only providing the flu shot for persons 65 or older at this time. No where on the site does it mention that, or I would not have wasted my time. I am 50 and my husband 54 by the way. Now my credentials will be expiring and I would need to re-submit my questionnaire. This clearly suggests to me that there is a shortage of the vaccine. However, not knowing my personal information for example if I am caring for an elderly parent, or if I may have immune compromised health reasons why I should protect myself and receive the flu shot. By the way, my husband who is a front line responder who also happens to have a condition that makes him susceptible to the influenza as well as covid. I think that it is absolutely ridiculous that the government tells us to go out and get your flu shot and then we are faced with nothing but obstacles and issues. Also, I should mention, as soon as the vaccine was available we both attempted to make appointments at our physicians office only to both be told that both had run out. In short, if the policy is that persons 65 and older are being prioritized at Shoppers locations, that should be mentioned in the web site. I was under the impression it was first come first serve. The location is 55 Front Street in Orillia Ontario.
ashjes12 Send email
Jul 27, 2020

Return products

Hi there, back in March I had bought a box of hair dye for my daughter,the cosmetien was very helpful and since it was the start of covid she said we could return it no matter what,she did not say anything about the receipt. When we got home we decided it was the wrong color so since it was covid time I knew I couldn't return it just yet so I kept it in a safe place with the receipt. We went back to the store to buy another color the next day. So anyway, after a few months my daughter got her hair done professionally so when we heard all shopper stores were accepting returns I proceeded to return both my hair colors. I had one receipt but not the other but I didn't think nothing of it because of what the cosmetian had told me.I first talked to the cashier and she said I could not return the second box without a receipt and I told her I was told it was okay. I then talked to a front end manager she told me the same and I kept to my story of what I was told. Then she proceeded to give me the refund for the other product with the receipt so she scanned it and it rang up $7.99 and put it on a gift card for me, I looked at her and told her I
Paid $12.99 which was what it said clearly on my bill, she said well I can't scan the bill the bar code is very faded. I said you can read the bill very clearly it says nice and easy $12.99 ,yes but she said the same about not being able to read the bar code. I told her that's not my problem I had paid $12.99 not $7.99. I asked if she could alternate the price because I worked at zehrs as a front end manager and if we can't read the receipt we alternate the price. She proceeded not to listen so I talked to store manager and went through the whole thing again,no luck. I also know that the product without the receipt could have been put through at least to a sale price but nothing was done. Very long stay at store and nobody helped me especially during covi d time where I thought you guys would be more understanding. I am stuck with two boxes of hair dye. What can you do for me, I love shopping at your store but I have never had an experience like this. Thanks
Wade Fotherby Send email
May 4, 2019

Unfair treatment of employees.

My wife has been an employee of Shoppers Drug Mart for over 8 years in that time she worked her way up the ladder hoping one day to become a manager of a store. During that time she never missed a shift & was late only 2 or 3 times she loved her job gave the best costumer service & was well liked & respected by he peers & other employees. For the last 5 years she was a front store assistant manager at the store at University Plaza in Nanaimo B.C. & was waiting for a manager position to become available do to family reasons we moved to Saint John N.B. 6 months ago. Because of her work ethics she was able to transfer to the Shoppers store in Lansdowne Plaza 57 Lansdowne ave Saint John N.B. in the same position assistant manager so she was able to keep her benefits & seniority. The manager of the store almost from day one treated her with no respect belittling her on more that one occasion in front of other employees talking down to her all the time & making her feel so bad that within 2 months she was coming home completely stressed out hating a job the she loved up until then. She stuck with it just waiting for a position to open at another store no matter what it was so she could get away from this she devil. As a few more months went buy my wife made friends with the employees including the other assistant manager who had only been with Shoppers Drug Mart for 3 years at this store & an assistant manager for less than 6 months. Getting to know the other employees she realized that they were also treated in the same manner & none of them liked this manager at all but like most people they needed the job so they put up with it. 2 weeks ago a job posting came up for a manager position at the Shoppers store 110 Crown st. Saint john N.B. she told me about it & we thought this was a god send so she followed all of Shoppers polices that also included informing her store manager that she was applying for the job which she did. The next day my wife was talking to the other assistant manager informing her of the job posting & told her she was applying for it & the assistant manager wished her good luck in getting the job & had no intention of applying for it as part of the criteria for the position was must have at least 5 years experience in management & she only had less than 6 months. A short time later the manager secretively told the other assistant manager to apply for the job so she did my wife was informed about this from the other assistant manager at that point my wife new that there was something going on that was not right. My wife & the other assistant manager were informed the they were going to be interviewed for the job in a few days. My wife who has been with Shoppers Drug Mart for over 8 years had managing experience for more than 5 years did & passed every course the was required according to company policy did not get the job the other assistant manager that had non of the above did. this was a total stab in the back to an employee that gave her all for over 8 years of her life & so like Jody Wilson-Raybould my wife being the person the she is in good conscience being of good faith decided that she no longer wanted to work for a company the would do such a thing & deliberately showed favoritism digging the knife in even deeper over experience, superb customer service & respect resigned her position with Shoppers Drug Mart as of 2 days ago & is now seeking employment elsewhere & I backed her up 110 percent this job was very important to our family but her mental & physical health along with her dignity & self respect were far more important.
Sandy Lee Send email
Aug 5, 2018

Customer Service

On Aug.04. 2018 I went shopping at the Blundell Shoppers Drug Mart. I purchased the six-packed Pepsi that was on sale for $2.49 each along with other items. However, the receipt displayed in a complicated form. So I went back to the cashier for confirmation and asked if there was an error with the price. Yet, the cashier was very impatient with us and said: " you guys are the third group of customer who asked this question, why don't you do the calculation yourself?" Then she called out her manager. Then when the manager comes out, she just said: "everything is right, you just have to do the calculation yourself." She asked the cashier for a calculator to do the calculation, however, she couldn't even get the right number herself. She then yelled at us and said: "anyway, this is how it is okay, I am very busy and I have a lot of things to do." Our family has been with Shoppers for many years, and this was the most unpleasant visit that we had. The attitude of the cashier and manager on duty were extremely upsetting.

Customer Service

Shayal Send email
Mar 28, 2018

Racist attitude towards brown people

I am very upset with the service in shoppers drug mart in Saskatoon they treated me not like a human. When I was going to buy the philosophy shower gel I was waiting for service for 20 minutes and no one even came to me they served a white girl nearby. I also went to find some glitter eyeliner and I couldn’t find the one that I wanted so I was taking the stuff out of the shelf to look for it and this young girl with blonde hair looked at me in a suspicious way so I asked about the eyeliner and she walked away to the front counter and started making the announcement on the P.A. system security scan cosmetics I was totally shocked at her and asked what are you doing she said this is my regular job then she said I am from Regina so I am not racist then she turned her back to me and made one more P.A. annocument for the manager to come to cosmetics when I kept on looking for the eyeliner the manager told me very harshly you are there to shop or leave the story and that I made the other girl working there upset they blamed me for everything I’m so sick
Of this shoppers
Moe707 Send email
Feb 28, 2018

Trolling their own FB page and rude .

I was told by the people who work in this store not to come in and use the testers . I was shocked they actually came up to me and said this. So I called the manager who never bothered calling back. Then I called head office who said this wasn't how we do business and everyone should be able to go into the store and use the products without having to purchase. NO, NO,NO that is not how this store works. After the girls in this store acting like spoiled high school children I called the owner and now I know why they act like spoiled children. The owner said they have been watching me go in and use their stuff and not pay. He actually said I go every single day which is just another lie they like to tell themselves so they can justify being assholes. Although he has NO IDEA of what I have purchased from his store his employees said I bought nothing ever. Gee my bills say I have.. But I wouldn't now ever buy anything from such a crappy bunch of people. This is a first for me ... So I put my complaint on FB and low and behold the complaint got trolled by 6 men.. Yup I said that right 6 men got on a women's beauty post and had to comment. I can't help but think now that this was actually the people from the store. So I replied to SHoppers on this and guess what? YES THEY WERE THE TROLLS ON THEIR OWN FB SITE! I guess they think if they act like assholes you will go away.. It worked well in that store why not FB.. Sadly Shoppers Drug Mart has gone to the dogs in all ways here.. They might not be able to fix stupid but I am glad no one ever goes into these stores anymore.. They really deserve that from the bottom of my heart.
Scottish lass Send email
Oct 15, 2017

Owner / pharmasist

I've dealt with the shoppers drug at mcowan and Lawrence for many years....the head pharmacist FLORA...had been unexceptionaly rude on different occasions....yesterday she went to pick up mine and hers prescriptions.....there is actually just too much to type....I need someone to call me a.s.a.p daughter and i suffer from sever anxiety...she has CAUSED US TO HAVE THEM. ..MY DAUGHTER CAME HOME YESTERDAY CRYING. ...TOOK ME TWO HOURS TO CALM HER ...WHICH GOT MY ANXIETY GOING SEEING HER IN SUCH A STATE FROM A FKN PHARMACIST WHO'S SUPPOSE TO HELP US...NOT MAKE US WORSE....SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE.
MHA4 Send email
Jul 19, 2017

Prescription Refill

My mother Maria Hinds is a dialysis patient who utilizes Shoppers Drug Mart Mart frequently to fill her prescription. ( Store #1053) 232 Cannon Street East Hamilton Ontario L8L OA9

Each time she attempts to refill her prescription it is met with opposition , today Tuesday July18 2017 was no different
Her primary care nurse phoned in her prescription. Following treatment my mother called Shoppers to verify refill of prescription and delivery.

At 11:42am received call back from Shoppers citing need to verify prescription. My mother took it upon herself to contact primary care nurse to contact Shoppers.

At 2:00pm mothers calls Shoppers again to verify refill and delivery, told delivery is on route

At 6:00 pm call back Shoppers and told delivery has not been made.

Due to lack of hypertension medication mothers blood pressure was dangerously elevated which caused her to vomit all over herself

My mother is fighting for her life she should not have to fight her pharmacy

Disgusting We Deserve an Apology!!!!!!

Monica Hinds Hamilton Ontario
Drewann859123 Send email
May 4, 2017

OLG scam

Went to redeem three winning OLG tickets , signed them and handed them to the cashier, 1 Lott max free play and I paid for the encore, 1 wheel of Fortune 3 dollars and she said the 649 was a loser I heard no response from the machine and she threw it in the garbage. I asked for the ticket out of the garbage and noticed the conner had been ripped, paid for my purchase s and went to 649 Kiosk in the store, sure enough it was a two dollar winner, went back to the shoppers drug Mart and asked her to ring it through again,she did and then said she gave me the two dollars,I said how can that be when the ticket I gave rang in as a winner she gave me my two dollars and implied I had cheated her. I started thinking it was a odvious bait and switch swindle, and being a geryatrics town this woman could be racking in thousands of dollars 🤔😗
tootsie Send email
Apr 9, 2017

Followed in store

On Saturday April 8, 2017 I went to SDM located at 524 Queens St West to purchase a few items from the cosmetic department. The staff came over and asked if I needed help, I told her what I wanted. She proceeded to assisted me with getting what I needed but she then told me that she needed to put the cream on the counter (bought the same cream in several different shoppers and was never told that before). I continued shopping as she proceeded to linger behind me. I leave the area to use the bank machine and then stood back to watch if she did the same thing with any other customer (several people were present she did not ask if they needed help as she was too busy watching me). I then proceeded to the check out and asked her why she felt she needed to follow me. Her response was “that’s my job and I am sorry you feel that way". I asked to speak with her Manager. The Manager CAME OVER and I explain to him what happened. He then tells me that people in this department must keep busy. I ask if he knew how demoralize it is to have people follow you around a store, no answer. Again he was sorry I feel that way. My hope is that this is not common practice for SDM.
tootsie Send email
Apr 9, 2017


On Saturday April 8, 2017 I went to SDM located at 524 Queens St West to purchase a few items from the cosmetic department. The staff came over and asked if I needed help, I told her what I wanted. She proceeded to assisted me with getting what I needed but she then told me that she needed to put the cream on the counter (bought the same cream in several different shoppers and was never told that before). I continued shopping as she proceeded to linger behind me. I leave the area to use the bank machine and then stood back to watch if she did the same thing with any other customer (several people were present she did not ask if they needed help as she was too busy watching me). I then proceeded to the check out and asked her why she felt she needed to follow me. Her response was “that’s my job and I am sorry you feel that way". I asked to speak with her Manager. The Manager CAME OVER and I explain to him what happened. He then tells me that people in this department must keep busy. I ask if he knew how demoralize it is to have people follow you around a store, no answer. Again he was sorry I feel that way. My hope is that this is not common practice for SDM.
Kimorie Send email
Mar 17, 2017


On March 14th/2017, I asked at the Shoppers Pharmacy for Tylenol 1...which I pick up every two weeks (for arthritic pain), and have for several years. They know me there; they know I'm a nurse. I was told they would no longer give those and when I asked the reason, the pharmacist (Olena), within full hearing of other customers, said "did you know you have an abnormal liver test?" (an elevated ALT)....first I said yes, my family doc also knows, I have had focal nodular hyperplasia (found on ultrasound over 25 years ago) and how did she know? She looked it up before I even came in, and I know that, while my doc can look up any results on me without my permission, pharmacists must ask your permission. So, I am left with out my pain meds, which I NEVER overuse, ever), embarrassed and humiliated. I am moving my prescriptions to another pharmacy, and will send this also to the Shoppers Pharmacy in Meadowlark Mall, here in Edmonton. Pharmacists have begun to think they are doctors; they are NOT.

Thank you.
Kim Hanson
8735-165 Street
Edmonton, Alberta
[email protected]
Cherryneebin Send email
Nov 27, 2016

Racial Profiling

I am first nations and I look even more first nations then my sisters. I went to Shoppers Drug mart on Tuesday to purchase some Tilapia fish to BBQ. The shoppers drug mart was located in Northgate mall in Regina and the women working there who is around 50 years old and has short dark blonde hair which is going grey and is thin asked me do you want to buy something in a rude way. I couldn't find the fish and so I went to look for some cereal for my flatmates and she followed me there and looked angry and walked away. Then she made an announcement on the pa system for her co worker to come to the aise that I was in and her co worker a short Chinese woman came and also started following me. I was so sick of their behavior and then went to cosmetics to find some nail polish as I wanted to make many purchases to prove to them first nations people do not steal and I could not believe that the same woman made another announcement saying security cameras on cosmetics. Her co worker also started coming there and rearranged the make up. The women with short blonde hair who is around 50 years old is very rude and racist. When I came home and researched this problem I saw that CBC marketplace had done something similar and it looked like the same woman I am sure. Shoppers drug mart has to fire her or no one will shop there and I am not even more sure Regina is not a place I want to bring up my children as my bf is black so they will suffer a lot here.
adam321 Send email
May 27, 2016

Insensitive customer service

This has happened to me twice at Shoppers Drug Mart locations on Lacewood Drive and Joseph Howe Drive in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The person at the checkout counter put in a "Senior's Discount" assuming that I was over 55 years old. The problem is that neither am I over 55 nor do I look over 55! It is very demeaning and insulting to me. The staff don't even have the basic sensitivity in such issues. If I was a senior, it would be my prerogative to ask for the discount. The staff should not be making a judgement by looking at me. I am extremely dissatisfied with this behaviour and they have made me feel very uncomfortable in stepping into their store again. I would like to know how to take this issue forward either with an ombudsman or as a Human Rights complaint.
ConcernedCitized Send email
May 19, 2016

Irresponsible Business

I was at the post office at the Jane/Finch Shoppers on April 19, 2016. Took me 10-15 minutes to pick up a letter with an initial line-up of 2 people growing 3-4 times long when I left. A female postal staff was chatting with another female just outside the counter, laughing & joking, etc.during this entire time when the line -up grew & there was only 1 female staff working. I asked this socializing staff when I left " Do you come here to work or socialize?" & if she was "on break", etc. She & her guest were getting annoying & asked who I was. I told her if she was not on break, there was a long line-up for service. They asked me again in an agitated manner. "Who are you?". I said I was talking to the manager & at least one of them said " f-k you"

I spoke with a manager named Ola shortly after about this experience. We exchanged names & tel #. I asked Ola to give me a follow-up call after he spoke with this other"manager" staff at the postal counter.

10 days passed, no call whatsoever from this Ola person. What a responsible business treating a customer for over 22 years!!

"At Shoppers Drug Mart, we promise to provide superior customer service that goes beyond your expectations every time" that's what Shoppers people told me or most other complaining persons in standard written reply. Spoppers would have been getting zero complaints if Shoppers could achieve anywhere close to this impossible ideal that ALL businesses in this world are trying with no success. Shoppers should have been getting compliments instead of whatever number of complaints they are getting every hour. So BE SERIOUS & REALISTIC. It seems to me that Shoppers & the Jane/Finch Shoppers store do best in dragging & ignoring complaining/concerning customers & protecting each other, even lying employee
[email protected] Send email
Apr 5, 2016


I am a mother of 3 sons. As we are currently trying to potty train our last we decided to not spend a killing on diapers and try your brand. Needless to say that was the biggest mistake. I have been waking up EVERY night to a screaming 2 year old covered in pee. I am sick and tried of this crap. As a mother of young kids I have enough laundry on a daily basis these cheap diapers have just been adding more thats not needed. I'll spend the extra in the morning to buy pampers.
Becky Goodale Send email
Mar 10, 2016

Life Brand Diapers-Shoppers

I finally got hold of customer service who informed me this was their first complaint with their Life Brand Diapers. Really!!! The poor little babies that are forced to wear a product that is so inferior to the name brands. Obviously it is the poor people that are using these. They are not absorbent and do not hold the urine well so the babies get very raw butts. It is wrong. I know Shoppers argue that there is a money back guarantee but this does not put diapers on their baby as the option is to spend double on diapers to get a better quality. Some people rely on food banks and I guarantee they are not handing out Pampers or Huggies. We can make excuses, or place blame but it is the little babies bottoms that suffer.
leahbabineauxo Send email
Dec 20, 2015

Customer service

Hi I was recently I was in the shoppers on dundas street in woodstock and had a few questions regarding what I was buying, I approached a female who works in the make up section and she was not only not helpful or even trying to help, but she was absolutely disgustingly snotty and rude, but she literally walked away from me before even trying to help. I feel as if every other employee that works as cashiers are nothing but pleasant but every single female that works in make up on afternoons are not pleasant and are not doing their jobs right. If you work in customer service you should be approchable and not completly rude and look as if you hate your job. I truly think you guys need to reavaluate who you guys have working in this department especially since they are the first faces you see when you walk into your company. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
Nelly-Marlene Send email
Aug 26, 2014

Rude and Nasty.

At this Shoppers Drug Mart- 1533 Jane Street, Toronto Ontario, M9N 2R2. On Thursday August 14 th 2014 my husband delivered my prescriptions to the pharmacy, he gave them to a young black employee( woman). One of my prescriptions was filled that day. The other prescriptions went missing. My Doctor is in Brampton (for twenty eight years) I make a special trip to go there. I am physically challenged, I am diabetic and suffer from depression. I called in to fill my depression medication and was told by a very RUDE, ANGRY and HOSTILE Pharmacist- JULIA SLINEN that my prescriptions were not logged in the computer. I told her my husband brought the prescriptions to the pharmacy on August 14 th 2014. This woman knows us, she is usually RUDE and SARCASTIC towards us for unknown reasons. I insisted that it had to be logged in the computer. I have been filling my Prescriptions at the store for more than eight years and this has never happened before. The Head Pharmarcist is Namoh Cho, a very pleasant and helpful person. I shop at this store at least twice a month. Julia Slinen insinuated that my husband did not drop off my prescriptions that day she said "how do you know he dropped them off?". She was so offensive I was shocked! I call my husband and he called her back, she shouted him out on the phone did not even ask who he was or what he was calling about! This woman knows us well and she IS ALWAYS RUDE! Julia Slinen should not be treating customers like this. I have never offended her. I called my Doctor yesterday to find out if they got the fax from Julia Slinen since Sunday August 24 th 2014 the secretary said she will check with the doctor- Dr. Donald Jamieson. The drug I need is prozac/ fluoxetine- for my depression. I was not offered a few pills to get me through until my prescriiption is phoned in by my doctor. PLEASE PLEASE have Julia Slinen spoken to about her lack of proper customer service skills. By tomorrow I will crash into my depressive moods because I have no medication. I live alone and I am very distressed about this whole situation. I am hoping you will contact me AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Thank you for reading my complaint.

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