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Chadsigg Send email
Sep 28, 2022

Do not rent from this company

Rented a vehicle from Sicily by Car via Eurocar. Leaving the Milan airport the manual transmission would not go into gear easily. After 15 min drive on the highway and approaching our hotel the clutch went out. I’m an experienced manual transmission driver and my driving did not cause the clutch to go out. We’ll after waiting two hours for road side assistance and then another 2 hours to get a new vehicle we were finally on to our vacation with a half day wasted. Now fast forward a month when we got a notification from the company they were charging our credit card $1400 for a burned clutch. After disputing the claim, which they quickly denied we are out the $1400+. Just research this company and you’ll find several other same situations and complaints. Spend a lit more money and use a reputable company.
Albert Dawidek Send email
Jul 9, 2018


Please sign petition
Albert Dawidek Send email
Jul 9, 2018


Please sign petition

We received a bill from Sicilyby Car for Euro 1,103.25 in damages . We dispute these charges in full on the grounds that the vehicle was damaged before we received it.
As outlined in our statement, the driver had extensive experience driving manual vehicles . On vehicle pick-up he expressed concerns to SicilybyCar staff that the clutch was not engaging properly. This was before even leaving the parking garage. The staff promptly dismissed these concerns and mocked the customer. All three passengers can attest to the driver expressing these concerns at that time.

On departing the parking garage at Fiumicino Airport, the vehicle was driven exclusively on highways en route to Florence. Approximately 200 km into the trip there was a traffic slowdown on a hill. Once traffic moved the driver noted that, as had been the case at the Fiumicino Airport parking garage, the 2nd gear would not engage properly. We were actually left in an extremely dangerous situation by this defect while attempting to merge into highspeed traffic. Therefore, we shortly pulled over and called for roadside assistance. (have to pay for taxi from own packet)
Any further damage which the driver may have caused was a direct results of this pre-existing damage and the extremely dangerous situation to which it exposed us.
micky500 Send email
Apr 20, 2018

Car Rental

Car was rented from Sicily by Car and broke down. The company are now trying to charge over €1600 for recovery and repair of the vehicle.

Please reply to [email protected]
adrian surdu Send email
Jan 24, 2018

Fraud with credit card

From 8-12 july 2017 I rented a car from Sicily by Car in Bari Airport. On 24 January 2018 they charged my credit card with 73.20 Euro without any explication. I reported this transaction as FRAUD with credit card. I blocked my card.
Lita Liepa Send email
Jan 18, 2018

steal a money

Dont rent car from company Sicily by Car after traveling around Italy in october 2017, they take money from my acount without any explanation. 3x 73,20eur, i blocked a bank card how can i get money back i dont have idea.
Ben B Send email
Jan 15, 2018

Charges with no proof


Hi Ben,

Thank you for getting in touch about your booking with Sicily By Car in Milan, reference number 579952751, that finished on 2017-08-14 16:30:00.

The figure you mentioned is Sicily By Car's fee for dealing with a traffic or parking fine.

When tickets or fines are issued, the rental company have to tell the autorities who was responsible for the car at the time. Sicily By Car charge an administration fee to cover this.

Meanwhile, the actual fine will also be on its way to you. It can take up to 12 months to arrive and it will come with instructions on how to pay it.

We cannot investigate this further on your behalf due to the UK's Data Protection Act 1998, which protects your privacy. But you can contact Sicily By Car to find out more. Here's the phone number you need: +390258581048.

We look forward to getting you on the road again soon. Customer Service Team is part of The Priceline Group, the world leader in online travel & related services.

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Manos Papadakis Send email
Jan 9, 2018

Fraudulent act- Unathorised transaction with my card

I rented a car from Bologna Airport and two weeks after my return Sicily by Car charged me for external dents which have not been caused by me. It was unfortunate that my return flight was early in the morning so I dropped off the carkey. Therefore, they lterally claimed anything they liked! In addition:

They did not follow the standard pickup procedure: No person was present to show us to the car, but we were only given the car keys and had to look for it ourselves
They provided as evidence photographs that were not time-stamped (so no way to assert when the damages were caused)
The surroundings and car's position in their photos did not correlate with the position we left the car.
They did not release the deposit money in time (it took 2 months) and never replied timely to my continuous emails.
They were trying to vindicate for not buying their extra 'Car Protection Plus' package.

I would avoid Sicily by Car by any means and warn against any future customers.
vansagnew Send email
Jan 2, 2018

multe fine

Rented a good value basic car from these guys I September, have used them before. Was a pain to get to the location but worth it for the saving. November I get a charge in my card for €73.20 and no notice from the car rental company that it was a fine or anything. Chasing the money through my card company. Bloody nuisance.
anna1212 Send email
Dec 15, 2017

Sicily by car THE SAME

A new victim of their sick "working stealing" system: my credit card was charged of 322 euros without stating the reason for the charge or informing me about it!!!
I'm italian and I feel ashamed because of them!!
fcechi Send email
Nov 3, 2017

Over charged by Sicily by Car

We hired a car from Milan Malpensa airport and two months later they charged us for 73.20 EUR and we haven't been informed what the fee is for. If anyone has any advice, please let me know.

Thank you,
damnitaly Send email
Oct 26, 2017


Same scenario. Visit Italy in July, September 25th -74 euros taken from my bank account. In their policy they are stating that they would contact you if any additional charges will occur. But nobody did. I wrote a complain. Bank blocked my card and advice go to the police. If they wont provide me with any legal evidence i will let police deal with them!! Never ever go to Italy again!!
Martin Cvilink Send email
Sep 27, 2017

Unauthorized charge of 73 € w/o explanation

Car rental Sicily by Car charged my credit card 73 € without any documents and notice, more than 2 months after car return. Before they charged me twice car insurance, the first time a part of an online reservation, the second time by car pickup. They told me at the desk I should claim later online charge. Later they answered to my complaint that both insurances were activated by the pickup and I can´t claim it anymore.
mpreisero Send email
Sep 11, 2017

Harrassed and Bullied by Agent

I Arrive in Olbia after a 12 hour trip. There was 61 people ahead of me and had no choice to wait hours. When I finally reached the agent, I told me he would not honor my lease because I didn't have an international drivers license. After a few minutes of a conversation that became heated he physically tried to remove me from the line and told me this company does not like to rent to Americans. He started yelling at me and threatened to call the police. I was forced to rent from another company. The original rental was done by Rentalcars .com that gave me very little support. The two thing I learned was NOT TO EVER US THIS FRAUDELANT COMPANY SICILY BY CAR AND TO PAY JUST A LITTLE MORE AND RENT THROUGH MY MEMBERSHOP COMPANY HERTZ. THIS IS THE SECOND INCINDENT WITHIN TWO WEEKS WHERE A FAMILY MEMBER ALSO HAD AN ISSUED WITH BOTH OF THESE COMPANIES.
Rashed hamad Send email
Aug 21, 2017

61 € extra charge

I rented it a car from Sicily by car in Rome and dropped it in Milan in 23rd March 2017. In 21st July 2017 i recieve sms from my bank that the company try to deduct 61 Euro from my credit card more than 3 times. But fortunately I have already cancelled my card before they deduct the amount.
dtonucci Send email
Jun 13, 2017

fraudulant claim for car damage

on the 4th June 9:30am We arrived to return our hire car to bergamo airport. There was no-one to check the car with us and we returned the keys to the in airport sicily by car desk. The car had no damage. On the 13th of July I recieved a recorded delivery claim for £900 euro for damage to the car and photos taken at 12:30pm.
I had not damaged the car and this is a fraudulent claim.
Sicily by car are running a scam here for tourists hiring cars.
Teby Send email
Jun 3, 2017

extra charge

This company charged a plus of 61 euros two months after our trip of 16 days throug Italy.As I can see there are many people making the same denounce in this forum against Sicily by car
Teby Send email
Jun 2, 2017


As I can see we are victims of the same fraude commited by the same Company,Sicily by car.Two months later we recieved a credit card Visa charge of 61 euros with no reasons.We will pay the charge to VISA and denounce them to the Italian Embassy at Argentina country where we live.
Yzabel Send email
May 30, 2017

61 eur

Dupa 2 luni mi s-a retinut suma de 61 de eur dupa cardul de credit cu care am inchiriat masina de la firma Sicily by car din aerorortul Bergamo-italia-, fara nici o notificare pe e-mail sau telefon, fara detalii despre suma retinuta, fara explicatii. NU foositi SICILY BY CAR !!!!
fastfredd Send email
May 19, 2017


1. I purchased a Puguot in September 9 through 29, 2016 that did not have a full tank of gasoline upon purchase.
2. Upon departing on September 30, 2016, I filled up the Pugot tank more than when I had purchased the vehicle on arrival.
3. I told the lady at the desk what had happened, and she state to me not to worry about it. I receive a bill of $65.69 on my credit card that I receive on May 17,2017.
4. This is not right, and I feel it is a ripoff. What if this is done to everyone that rents a car at the Brindisi, Italy Airport?
anarebelo Send email
Jan 9, 2017

Fraudulent charge by Autoeuropa multi fines

In may 2016 I was in Italy and rented a car from Sicily by car at the airport of Pisa. 3 days later we returned the car without having any problem. The 28th November 2016 I was surprised with 4 payments of € 61 on my credit card, all with the same date and the same company: AUTOEUROPA MULTI FINES PALERMO IT.
I was forced to immediately cancel the card.
I did not purchase any product or service from this company nor received any notice or Bill.
As there are many other cases identical to mine reported on the internet, I believe that this is a scam that should be denounced and locked.

Thank you
ddaghsta Send email
Nov 26, 2016

Fraudulent Charges and Poor Customer Service

Ive decided to post an official complaint beucase I've tried reaching out to Sicily By Car call centre numerous times with no help whatsoever. I've also submitted a request for help online and also have not heard back from anyone (over a week I've been waiting). I'm not how you handle customer service but so far I have not been able to receive any support.

I rented a car from your company originally in Verona the drop off was said to be in Palermo while I had the car unfortunately it was vandalized no problem I had to return the original car and get a replacement car for the remainder of the time the replacement car I picked up in Perugia. When I was there they charged my card a general amount for what was to be replaced on the damaged car I was told that I was going to receive an official invoice and official summary of the assessment of the damage I have not received anything and it's been almost 3 weeks since that occurred.

Then I call your customer service and I ask for support they say they can't do anything , so I call Verona Verona says they can't do anything and to call Palermo I called Palermo they say they can't do anything. I keep going in circles and I'm not getting any answers. Throughout all of this I was considering extending my rental and I was told that I have to pay a refuelling fee for the first car because it was returned without the tank being full. how and why would I fill the tank of a car that was damage that I won't be using? Of course I'm going to fill up the tank of the replacement car; so why would I have to pay to fill up two cars when I'm only using one. That's the first issue the second issue is when I tried to get an answer for that no one would give me a straight answer Verona said no you have to deal with that with the Palermo then I call your customer service which was another horrible experience when I'm asking for answers the rep just kept pushing back and not giving me information then finally he said I'll submit an email inquiring about the damages to the car which I still have not received any information on and the refuelling charge. That was on Saturday November 12. Then I asked to speak to a supervisor because I'm not getting any answers and he says no your customer service rep said no I cannot speak to a supervisor and why do I need to speak to one. I'm not getting any answers from your rep and I also can't speak to a supervisor? What kind of company is this?

So here I am 2 weeks after I got a replacement car and still have not received any answers any information and not sure how to proceed. I need this information for my insurance. I've checked my credit card and I have $1000 charge on my card from your company. Do you normally handle things by charging customers account and not telling anybody any of these things? Every interaction that has happened I have not been informed of anything. I've maybe had to call in to your customer service and your locations 10+ times and I still have not received an answer I haven't received any information and I'm on the verge of going home and I still don't have anything that I need.

it's been almost a month now since this has occurred. I emailed them multiple times I still have had no response they actually deny that there's a charge on my credit card when I can physically see it the charge on my credit card is almost double what it should be based on their own contract. when I call and or email to get an answer I just keep getting a roundabout answer.

Beware of this company and its employees because they are shady and untrustworthy and will rip you off if they have the opportunity.

I'm going to do my best to put this all over social media to make sure that everybody is aware of how this company is run.
A.Nadeem Send email
Apr 12, 2016


I'm very disappointed and annoyed with this service.
I paid for full insurance protection in the UK Prebooking.
At Marco polo airport, after waiting 50 minutes I was told I had to pay £144 for full insurance protection policy and the money I paid in UK meant nothing to them. Me and my husband had no choice but to pay them for our family saftey.
Today I have discovered they have taken £181.03
From the credit card. I want all my money back. Please advise me what to do next.
If the worst comes to worst I will go back to marco polo airport and demand my money back.
eiredubh Send email
Aug 8, 2014

fradulent charges

Hi, i rented a car at Comiso airpot in sicily on 17th of july 2014 through, the car was supplied by sicilybycar spa. when i went to the rental window i was told that i had to pay a 900euro deposit as a block on a credit card or else pay for extra insurance, i chose the block, i was then brought out to check the car, which i did with the agent, we both agreed the car had 2 dents to the body work and had 3/4 full petrol tank, i signed for the car and drove off.

During my 7 day holiday in Sicily i drove aprox 250km with no problems or incidents, i returned the car on the 24th of july at 18.00pm instead of 20.00pm as i had stated in booking , so a few hours early.

The agent we had booked with came out to the car with me and checked the car and we both agreed everything was fine, and was being returned in the same condition as when rented, he unblocked the credit card and charged for the 7 day rental as agreed through

On the following monday we checked our credit card balance on line and there was 2 charges on it for 555euro and 75euro, i rang and wanted to know what the charges were for as the car had been left back in the same condtion as when rented, after 6 days of emailing and phone calls to New Zealand where are based i was told the following.

The charges to your credit card are for , a burnt out clutch, damage to the windscreen, damage to the keys, damage to the tyres, damage to the roof, underbody damage and for contaminated fuel,.

I cannot belive that sicilybycar could even come up with such a list of damage to a car in 7 days, i wonder how i managed to drive the car back to the airport with the list of damage that they have supplied, there was nothing wrong with the car, it was returned in the same condtion it was rented.

I am from Ireland and have been driving for over thirty years and have never burned out a clutch, i have owned over 12 cars in that period, evrey on a manual car, maybe the burned out clutch lie is aimed at American tourists who normally drive automatic cars but most people in europe drive manual cars as i do.

So in conclusion, beware if you are going to Sicily and renting a car you will most likely end up dealing with sicilybycar spa. and will be RIPPED OFF.

My case is now with the European ombudsman, and i will not rest till i get my money back.

Thanks for reading and beware of Sicilybycar

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